Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Thanksgiving - full transcript

Ayla Demir falls to her death within Jamie's reach. Her hot-tempered boyfriend Kyle Freelander's only alibi are his visiting parents. Her brother Hafiz firmly denies any suggestion of a honor crime as barbaric. Jamie discretely seeks help for his mentor's loan-shark problem. Henry Reagan's heart attack during Thanksgiving preparations ultimately only shifts the family spirit to hospital. Undercover FBI agent Anthony Deleon asks Erin's help against suitor Jacob Krystal, whom Interpol suspects for years of art robberies, for which he invokes an illegal excuse.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

You haven't answered
my question.

Have you seen it?

If it was in the
intelligence briefing,

then, yes, I saw it.


And all in all, I
think it's going to be

a beautiful Thanksgiving Day

in the greatest
city in the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

- Thank you.
- "Thank you, Commissioner."

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mr. Mayor!


Warm holiday sentiments
won't change the threat.

"Threat" is a term
with wide latitude.

I'm aware of that, Frank.

Here you go.
Happy Thanksgiving.

You a stuffing guy
or a potatoes guy?

Stuffing. What if that threat
becomes a reality?

Cornbread and sausage
or breadcrumbs and walnuts?

- Cornbread.
- Then you'll have to join us

one day, because
that is my specialty.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Thanks. You, too.

What if?

Not on my watch, sir.

Happy Thanksgiving.

- Wow.
- Now, that is some big bird.

I think it weighs
more than Sean.

Go easy
on the stuffing.

I couldn't sleep
a wink last year.

That's funny, I
remember you snoring

on the couch
like a mule.

Don't be a

Who, me?
Yeah, you.

Here, give me a hand getting
down the turkey platter.

Oh, Henry, not the platter.

I'll have you know,
this platter was a gift

to this family
from Eleanor Roosevelt.

No, allegedly, it was a gift
from Eleanor Roosevelt

to the family in Yonkers whose
yard sale you bought it at.

Just for that, I'll leave
to Erin in my will.

Promises, promises.

Is that you or me?

I don't know.


Who is it?


Jacob Nobody?

Okay, missy...

you know how you always ask
me to respect your privacy?

Well, that road goes
both ways, okay?

So if I want to take
his call, I'll take

his call; if I don't
want to take his call,

I'm not gonna
take his call.

But that's my call;
it's my decision.

But, Mom, he's...
He's what?

I know, you think he's hot.

But it's not the most important
thing in a relationship.

That's not what
I was going to say.

Hello, Erin.
It's Jacob.

Your office said you
might be on your cell,

but I guess
I missed you.

Call me when you can.

You think you
could have told me?

I was trying to.


- Hi.
- I guess this is me

returning your phone call.
- Thanks for

getting back to
me so quickly.

Are you two free
for lunch later?

- Yes.
- No.

Well, one
out of two.

It's actually a work day for me.

Then a New York lunch,
a gulp and go.

- No, I'm sorry, we can't.
- We'd love to.

Then let me drop
you, at least.

It's quite all right,
we're fine.

And we'd love to.

Victory at last.

Was there a discount
on the pumpkins?

No, the ugliest ones work
the best for pumpkin pie.

Everything okay?

Yeah, yeah. Great.

Wait until you see the crowds
at the Thanksgiving parade tomorrow.

You're gonna love
this detail, Reagan.

Yeah, why's that?

'Cause if the
wind kicks up

you could be in for
some serious fun.

One year we lost a balloon
to a nor'easter,

and we had to shoot it down.

That's not why.

Parade tour ends at 1500,

which gets me home in time
for Thanksgiving dinner.

We like to eat about 4:00.

4:00, huh?


Oh, hey, I got to
take this, all right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah, it's me.

Hey, yeah, all right.

I said all right, didn't I?

I'll have it.

Look, this isn't a good time.


- Back up.
- She fell out of the building.

I need a bus forthwith!
80th and Amsterdam.

I got nothing, Sarge.

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Original Air Date on November 18, 2011

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There's Danny now.

- Oh, boy.
- This is my least favorite job.

- Jumpers.
- Yeah.

Mine's suspicious odors.

I'll take that over
an EDP with a weapon.

I'm with Jackie. Jumpers.

What's the story here?

We saw her fall.

Did you see her fall,
or did you see where she landed?


Do we got any other
information on her?

Building manager
says her name is Ayla Demir.

22 years old.
A law student.

What about a
building manager?

Did he say if there
were any visitors?

It was a buzz-in situation.

Last time he saw her,
she was coming back

from the gym this morning.

All right, we're
gonna head upstairs.

You okay?

Yeah. Little while ago
I was thinking about pecan pie,

now I can't even think
about having an appetite.

Okay, why don't you think
about football, halftime?

I'm gonna kick your
ass in the backyard

and defend my title.

Wait, what title?
We won last year.

But I had Linda on my team
last year; that's a handicap.

Otherwise I would
have kicked your ass.

And you better not
tell her I said that.

See you.

What do you think?

Well, she
would've had

a really good view of
the parade from here.

No signs of struggle.

Maybe she looked out
and leaned over too far.

- You check upstairs?
- Yeah, it's all clear.

No suicide note?

No, not yet.

You know, it looks like
she was expecting company.


Yep, she's got a turkey,

some pies, unopened milk.
She definitely

went shopping.

All right, she got on
workout clothes.

Super says she goes
to the gym, works out.

She's having people over;
she's got fresh turkey

in the fridge.

Doesn't exactly sound
like a suicide to me.

No. Suicide victim
who works out

and goes shopping for a party?

- I don't think so.
- What's it say?

"Mom, Hafiz and Meliha,
Happy Thanksgiving.

Love, Ayla."

Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving.

No, I'm not positive.

I-I just...

He read NYPD to me.

Erin why would the NYPD have
somebody following you?

And why would Dad
not know about it?

I don't know, that's what
I'm calling you to find out.

Were you alone?

No, I was with Nicky...
and friend.

Whoa, what do you mean
you were with a friend?

You know what?

Um, forget I called.

May I come in?

Yeah, I wish you would.

Maybe you can explain to me

why you were following me
this morning.

Detective DeLeon.

And, uh, you're not
the one I was watching.

Then who?


I'm in charge of
investigating art thefts

from galleries, museums.

We believe that Mr. Krystal

is responsible for a
number of major hauls,

both here and abroad.

We got word that he entered
the New York area last month,

and, uh, we're keeping
an eye on him.

Well, if he's an art thief,
why don't you arrest him?

I wish it was that simple.

In this office,
it is that simple.

Innocent until we've
proven them guilty.

We may not have enough to move
on him yet, but he is a person

of interest in a number of
heists over the past six years.

In the six years that
you've been watching him,

all you've got
is that he's

a person of interest?

I said he was a thief,

I didn't say he was bad at it.

He pulled off his last heist
knowing we were watching him.

Maybe he's not
as good as you think.

Maybe he didn't do it.

Okay, so why are
you coming to me?

Professional courtesy.

I just thought you
might want to know.

Well, now I know.

All right.

Go easy on that butter.

Isn't that on the list

of things you're
supposed to avoid?

I don't know,
I lost that list.

if something tastes good,

I'm pretty sure I
shouldn't be eating it.

The boys are so excited
about tomorrow.

Yeah. It's always been
my favorite holiday.

No presents.

No pressure.

Just wonderful food and family.

What's not to love?

Am I supposed

to put a whole teaspoon
of vanilla in here or a half?

Use a whole.
I love vanilla.

You got it.


- Oh, let me get that.
- Mm?

So, while they're all
playing football tomorrow,

why don't you and I

have that chess rematch
you've been avoiding?

Get me out of that
football game.



Henry! Henry!

Mayor Poole, sir.

Thank you, Abigail.

Mr. Mayor.


I just got off the phone
with the FBI.

And I just talked
to Homeland Security.

What a team we make.

FBI thinks it's
a credible threat now,

an attempt
on the Lincoln Tunnel.

Actually, the terminology is
"credible but unconfirmed threat."

Isn't this what
you were waiting for?

I'm not waiting
for it, Mr. Mayor.

I'm trying to stay
out ahead of it.

I understand that, Frank, but I
think we should do something.

I've increased patrol
by a third, set up checkpoints,

deployed counterterrorism units
throughout the city,

increased bag searches
in the subway

and ordered all our
harbor launches out on patrol.

That is something.

Maybe we should close
the Lincoln Tunnel

for the day, just to be safe.

That could cause a panic

for no reason.
- Do you know

how many people come into
New York to watch the parade?

Three and a half million.

And do you
know how many

threats like this come
through my office every day?

Frank, if there's even
a possibility of a bomb...

That possibility

every second of every day.

Mr. Mayor,

you're doing your job here.

You're asking exactly
the right questions.

And your alarm is
absolutely appropriate.

But I've been doing
this for a while...

and I'm asking for your trust.

Of course you have my trust.

The last thing you want
is the last thing I want.

it's Linda Reagan.

She says it's
an urgent family matter.

What hospital?

St. Victor's.

Who is it?

Your father, sir.


You'll have to excuse me, sir.

This girl's made a lot of calls

to her family's
home phone number.

All right, so she had

a good relationship
with her parents.

Maybe we go talk to them,

and maybe they know who
she was having trouble with.

Or maybe it was the family
that had a problem with her.

Look at this text message.

"Stop shaming your family.

You know what you need to do."

It's from a cell phone registered
to her own brother,

Hafiz Demir.

You know what that sounds like?

It sounds like an honor killing.
Family doesn't approve

of the boy the girl's dating,
father or brother kills her.

Course, then there's
the new and improved

version of
honor killings, where the, uh...

Yeah, to make sure the dad and
the brother don't go to jail

they pressure her
to do the job herself.


We may be looking
at a forced suicide.

Let's go pay
this family a visit.

I don't believe it.

My daughter would never
take her own life.

Ayla was such a happy girl.

She was

cooking us
Thanksgiving dinner.

Look at her face,
look at her face.

She would never
commit suicide.

It makes no sense.

We're not sure
what happened.

We don't know
if she committed suicide.

We were hoping
that you all

could help us figure
something out here.

Excuse me.

Um, sir, I know
it's a hard time.

We just need to ask
a few questions.

We'll make it quick.

Mrs. Demir,
when's the last time

you spoke to your daughter?

Did she tell you that anything
was troubling her?

You okay?




Do you know if
your daughter

had any problems
with anyone?

Her boyfriend.

She had a boyfriend?

A man named Kurt Freelander.

Very bad guy.

Why do
you say that?

I'm a man, I know when

I see it in another man.


Yeah, um...

Your sister received

a text message.

"Stop shaming your family.

You know what you need to do."
Did you send that to her?


Ayla knew what
I thought.

But what I wanted her to do was
break up with Kurt Freelander,

not jump out of a window.

So you're saying you don't
believe in honor killings?

No. And I think
they're barbaric.

And if you really want to know
what happened to her, I suggest

Hold on...

you leave your prejudices behind
and talk to Kurt Freelander.

All right, settle down,
settle down, okay?


Excuse me.

Uh, Meliha?

I'm sorry, this
is very difficult.

I'm sure it is.

Um, your brother...

is very protective
over you and your sister.

Meliha, you want
to tell me something?

No. I've told you everything.


I'll call you as soon
as I hear more.

How is he?

They think it
was a heart attack.

Is he... is he okay?

He is for now.

And they're running tests.

He's in there.

The, uh, the doctor
said she'd update us in a...

in a couple
of minutes.

What happened?

We were in the kitchen,

we were getting
the turkey ready,

and he just...

I just...

I don't think of him
as vulnerable like that.

Hi, Pop.

What about Thanksgiving?

Right now
he's stabilized,

but one of his coronary
arteries is 90% occluded.

We'd like to do an angioplasty.

That's where we blow a balloon

in the artery,
clear out the plaque.

Your father's
a relatively healthy man.

He should do fine.

But there are risks?

He could blow a clot.

There's a less
than ten percent chance,

but a blood clot

to the heart could be...

Don't I need to sign
something for approval?

First we need a list

of all the prescription
medications he's been taking.

I don't know.

It's important
that we know that.

Many men your father's age
are on blood thinners.

It's always a concern when
doing an invasive procedure.

I'm sorry, I should know.

His pharmacist would have
all his medications on record.

Of course, um...

Fort Hamilton Chemist.

I'm gonna call
them right now.

Thank you.

Do you mind if I...

Well, are you sure

you don't want me
to come down there?

All right.

I'll call you when
I get back to the office,

but if anything changes,
will you call me?

All right, I love you, too, Dad.

Who is it?

My grandfather. They think
he just had a heart attack.

- I'm so sorry.
- They're...

they're saying that he'll
probably be all right, I just...

I mean, of all the things
I'm thinking about,

it's... Thanksgiving.

- It's his favorite holiday, and he...
- Please...

go if you need to.

No, there's nothing I can do.

And Dad has given
his orders, so...

Maybe I could just
have a cup of tea.

Excuse me.

Tea, please?

Right away.

So, I ran into a mutual friend
of ours today.

Detective DeLeon.

Art Theft Division.

Erin, I'm not a thief.

Well, that's funny,
because NYPD,

Interpol, Scotland Yard,
half a dozen

other agencies disagree.

- I am innocent.
- And I am

an assistant district attorney
for the City of New York.

Do you know
how many times a day

I hear those three words?

Tell me something, Erin.

What's the most important thing
in the world to you?

A possession,

not a person.

You're changing
the subject, Jacob.

No, I' m not.



My mother gave it to me

for my 16th birthday.

Like mother, like daughter.


She said, "When you wear this,

I will always be
close to your heart."

Suppose somebody
stole this locket,

and I got it back for you.

Would you consider
me the thief?

How did you get it back?

Would that really be
the question you'd ask?

When the Nazis invaded Europe,

they stripped
the Jews of everything.

I help in returning

what's rightfully theirs.

But I do not steal.

Linda, of course
he's gonna pull through, okay?

Look, I've seen that tough SOB

drop two perps to their knees

using nothing more than
the evil eye, all right?

It's gonna take a lot more
than a heart attack

to stop that old tank.

Trust me, I am right.

Listen, let me take care
of what I got to do here, okay,

and then I'll be right over.

I promise. Yeah.

Hey, thank you for saving
my grandpa's life, all right?

Love you more.

Thanks for coming in.

Sorry, uh, about
the circumstances.

Yeah, thanks.

Um, you and Ayla,
you two seeing each other long?

About three or
four months.

Things getting serious
with you two?


I mean, Ayla was
an amazing girl.

Really special.

Uh-huh. When was
the last time you spoke to her?

- Last night.
- In person?

No. She called me.

She was really upset.

She and her brother
had been arguing again.

They argue a lot, those two?

Ayla was East Indian.

And in the old
Bombay culture,

women are expected
to follow certain rules.

Mm-hmm, rules
about dating Western guys?

Her brother enforced
those rules.

Yeah, I bet he did.

All right, sit tight, okay?

All right.

Oh... Where were you
this morning, Kurt?


When your girlfriend died.

Radio City Music Hall.

My parents were in
from Palm Beach,

so I took them
to see the Christmas special.

And your parents
will confirm that?


Okay. So you wouldn't mind,
uh, writing down their number

for me, would you?
- No.

You know, just to confirm.

Of course.

I thought you said you
wanted to eat healthier.

I just saw a 22-year-old girl

take a swan dive
from the 17th floor.

And it reminds me
that you only live once.


I got to take this.

Get me some more sauerkraut,
more onions?

You got it.

Listen, I was
gonna call you.

Let's tone it down, okay?

We could talk about this.

That's not gonna happen...
not by tomorrow.

I'm gonna need some
more time here. Please.


What you...?
Wait, you...

You're gonna
threaten me now?

Oh, yeah? Hello?


Want to clue me in to what's
going on with you here?

I owe some money, and I ain't
got the money to pay him back.

So ask for an extension.

This guy doesn't work in a bank.


Does this have anything to do
with you flipping right

to the racing pages
whenever you take my paper?

I gamble a little.

And lately you lost?

I lost a lot.

I'm three grand
in the hole to my bookie.


I could do
without the "Phew""

So what are you gonna do?

You know,
that's the $3,000 question.


JTTF and Homeland
Security are in accord.

There's no reason to
raise the threat level

based on current intel.

- The mayor's been informed?
- Yes, sir.

Uh, Joint Terrorism Task
Force will be updating us

as necessary, but for
now, it's good news.

I'll take it
where I can get it.

Thanks, Baker.

I've gone over your father's
meds with a cardiologist.

We're good to go.

The list is complete?

Yeah, I called,
and I double-checked

at the pharmacy
as soon as the fax came in.

We'll be moving him down
to the O.R. shortly.



Dr. Durrell.

I don't know him.

Yes... he's the best.

I'm not trying
to go around anybody here.

He's done literally
thousands of these.

But you understand
what I'm asking?

Yes, I do, and
I'd be asking

the exact same question
if I were in your shoes.

He's the best?

You have my word.

All that's left is
to say a prayer.

Right now, God goes
by the name of Durrell.

We'll be as quick

as we can,
Mr. and Mrs. Freelander,

though we may,
and I emphasize the word "may,"

be looking at a murder
investigation here.


Thought we were talking
about suicide.

Well, things have changed.

Uh, did your son Kurt
not tell you about that?

Look, we can tell you

that Kurt had nothing
to do with this girl's death.

We were with him all day.


At, uh, Radio
City Music Hall?

Yes. Wonderful show.

And before that,
we had lunch,

then a walk in Central Park.

Mm-hmm. Have you ever met
Kurt's girlfriend?

Well, he's had
a few girlfriends.

Single straight

man in New York City--

we understand they're
in short supply.

But I do remember the Indian girl.

I think we met her last
time we were in town.

So, uh, let me ask you.

Is this the girl that you were
talking about? An Ayla Demir?

It wasn't that girl.

Well, who is the girl?

God, I just knew this was
all going to turn out to be

one big misunderstanding.

That's her.

That's the girl we met.

May I?

Just going to e-mail this
to myself if you don't mind.

- What for?
- Well, because

this is a picture of your son
with the victim's sister, and...

that does kind of complicate
things just a little bit, ma'am.

- Hey, good news.
- Yeah.

Daddy just texted me.

He's on his way downtown,
and he's gonna stop by.

- Oh.
- Good.

Have you eaten anything?

I'll get something later.

Pastrami sandwiches coming up.

Hi, Garrett.


Please don't ask me
how I'm doing.

I wasn't planning to.

I brought you a fresh shirt
and a dopp kit.

Thank you.

I'm like a rabbit's
foot in hospitals.

I always bring good luck.

That's good to know.

So, how you doing?

I told you not to ask me that.

How am I doing?

When my mom got sick,
my dad slept in a plastic chair

in her hospital room
for three weeks.

Only time he went home
was to cook her meals

because he didn't trust
the hospital food.

At the time,
I did not understand.

So now you do.

Good news.

The angioplasty went well.

Thank you.

Your father had
a clot that was

preventing blood flow
to his heart.

We managed
to remove the blockage,

and he's recovering nicely.

Thank you, Doctor.

Told you. Rabbit's foot.

You should be able
to see him shortly.

See, boys? It was
nothing to worry about.

Hey, Dad, buy you
a cup of coffee?

What you're telling us--
it's not possible.

Kurt's mother showed us
this photo.

This can't be.
This can't be.

What did you

do to your sister?

You stupid slut!

- Hey, hey.
- Oh, oh, whoa.

Take it easy.

Just relax.

I'm sorry.

How could you do that to her?

I didn't do anything.

It just... happened.

When I met Kurt,

he was with Ayla, and we...

And you what?!
You what?!

You don't control who
you fall in love with, Mother.

It just happens.

How could you take
your sister's boyfriend?

Did you see Ayla this morning?


You don't believe this
is a suicide, do you?

I don't know.


Did Kurt see Ayla this morning?

- Answer the question!
- Hey.

He was supposed
to talk to her today.

He was going
to tell her about us.

You mean, Kurt went
to Ayla's apartment?

When we were upstairs,
it's funny.

I was thinking about
when I broke up with Sydney.

I had no place to go,
so I just show up at the house,

and hang out with Grandpa.

We were like two single guys
just hanging out.

It's funny the things
you think about.

Something's bothering
you besides Pop.

Unlike Danny,

you never had
a very good poker face.

Yeah, that's why he was able
to blame me for everything.

What is it?

I'm talking to you as my dad,

not as the police commissioner.

I am your dad.

I know this guy on the job

who's upside down
with his bookie.

He owes him three grand.

He's a really good guy,

and I want to help him out.

This really good guy
have a name?

I'd rather not.

Help him how?

I was thinking that I could talk
to the bookie for him.

Maybe I broker
some kind of deal

for him
to pay back what he owes.

When you work undercover,
how can you know

that the bookie won't have
traveled in the same circles?

Yeah, that's probably stupid
five different ways.

At least.

Could I borrow the money
from you, then?

Make sure you get paid back.

This means that much to you?

He's like family.

ADA Reagan?

You actually

followed me here?

Oh, well, not followed.

I just found out where you were.

Well, if you don't mind,

I just found out my grandfather
pulled through...

A painting was stolen from
the Windom in the hour or so

after it
closed today.

An oil-on-panel called

The Sky at St. Alban.

I'm sorry to hear that.

It's a Jules Boché.

It was displayed
in a Polish museum until 1944,

when it disappeared
during the German occupation.

Turned up again in 2009
in a private collection,

from which it was on loan
to the Windom.

And I'm guessing
the provenance is in dispute.

- That's not the point.
- No.

It's not the point.
What exactly is the point?

Well, Jacob Krystal was
at the Windom

the day he met you,
and again this afternoon,

right up until closing.

Yeah, Detective, you're going
to need a whole lot more

than that
if you're gonna nail him.

I know.

That's why I'm here.

Will you help us?

Hot pastrami


Thank you.

When are you gonna tell Grandpa
about Thanksgiving?

I don't know.

So you know you're not
the only hero in the family.

No, your wife saved Grandpa.

- Oh, come on.
- Yeah? Imagine that.

He's not even the first
Reagan man she saved.

Who's the first?


Excuse me.

Yeah, I'm gonna have
to take mine to go, too, sis.

Got to get back
to the office.

I'll see you, Gramps.

My grandmother's recipe.

Cornbread and sausage.

That's very kind of you, sir.

Don't mention it.
How's your dad doing?

- Recovering nicely, thank you.
- Good.

I understand you've been here
at the hospital all day.

Maybe you're not aware
of the updates.

I'm aware of the updates.

Frank, with everything going on
with your father,

maybe you'd like to delegate
these decisions right now.

Is there someone you trust
to handle this tonight?

Yes. You're looking at him.

That's what
I was hoping to hear.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Happy Thanksgiving, Frank.

And to you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

It will be

when you wheel me out of here.

- You've been there all night?
- Oh, I got

so used to you snoring,
I probably wouldn't have been

able to sleep
at home without it.

Pay the bill and check me out.

Pop...'re gonna have to stay put

so the nurses
can keep an eye on you.


Never missed a Thanksgiving
dinner in my life.

I'm not about to start now.

Doctor's orders, Pop.

Get my things!

First of all, calm down.

And second of all,

you're staying put.

Excuse us.

Good morning.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Hello, Freelanders.

- On Thanksgiving?
- Well, you know,

justice knows no holiday, ma'am.

I'm sorry?

We're gonna need you all
to come with us.

What are you talking about?

- This is absurd.
- No, what's absurd is you

and your husband lying to the
police to cover up for your son.

We know he wasn't at

Radio City Music Hall.

We know you went
to Ayla's apartment.

You're looking at manslaughter,
kid. Get on your feet.

Get up.

And obstruction of justice
for you two.

It was an accident.

Shut up!
Don't say anything else.

I'm so sorry.

I went over to her apartment to
talk to her about me and Mehlia,

and she got so mad,
she started

pushing me,
and I pushed her back.


Right out the open window?

Let's go.

Come on.

Let's go.

Sorry to disturb your
Thanksgiving brunch, everyone.

Enjoy your desserts.

Uh, Commissioner?

Morning, Tony.

Yeah, good morning.

Oh, please sit down.



Want some coffee?

No, I'm good.

You were my son's
field training officer.

In many ways,

you're his mentor.

Now you're his supervisor.

Commissioner, I...?

I need your help.

I'm worried about Jamie.

He came to me,

and he wanted
to borrow some money

to pay off some gambling debts.

Pretty sizable amount.

Is that right?


On his best day, a cop needs
to have all the integrity

he can muster
when there's a pile of money

sitting on the table
after some drug bust.

How's he going
to do that

if he's in the hole three grand
to some bookie?

I'm sure, uh...

he never meant for it
to get out of hand.

So I loaned him the money.

But there wouldn't
be anything

I could do
to help him out a second time.

It's important to me

that you understand
the situation.

Yes, sir.

Would you keep a sharp eye
on him?

You have my word, sir.

Happy Thanksgiving, Tony.

And to you, too, sir.

Happy Thanksgiving.


you shouldn't be here.

I made you something.

Four years of art school,
I can still only draw in pencil.

It's beautiful.

I never meant
to put you in any danger.

Just say the word,

and you'll never see me again.

You know there are other ways
to right this wrong.

Like how? In the courts?
No offense,

but lawyers have done
as much harm to my cause

as the original thieves did.

Yeah, but what-what do you want
from me, Jacob?

A little faith.

Thought I told you to go home.

I did go home, but you made me
feel guilty, so I'm back.

Where are we going?

To the cafeteria
to get a turkey sandwich.

Whoever heard of turkey dinner
out of a vending machine?

Beggars can't be choosers,
and you're full of it.

This isn't the first
Thanksgiving dinner you missed.

I beg your pardon.

You missed 'cause of Korea,
you missed when Mom was sick.

I missed twice in the Marines.
And Danny in Fallujah.

- Erin with pneumonia.
- Shh! Shh!

Happy Thanksgiving!


- So good to see you.
- Hi.

What, are you trying to give me
another heart attack?


it ain't the Reagan dining room,
but under the circumstances...

I know we couldn't be home

this year, but that doesn't mean

a little bit of home
can't be with us.

My turkey platter.

It's nice to see you
smile again, Grandpa.


just the drugs talking.

Yeah, well...

Thanksgiving wouldn't have been
the same without you, Gramps.

Not by a long shot.

Glad you could make it, Pop.

If it's okay with you guys,

I'd like to say grace.

Heavenly Father,

on this Thanksgiving Day,

we give pause
to give thanks to you

for your many blessings.

For Linda.

For this food which we are about
to receive from your bounty.

For your love.

To Dr. Durrell.

And for all those
less fortunate

in this season of giving,
and for those who opened

their door to them,

and for the loving family
at this table.



I'm hungry.

This is the mayor's stuffing.

- Let's eat.
- Pass the rolls.

Jack and Sean, get your napkins
on your plate... your laps.

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