Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Lonely Hearts Club - full transcript

Grandpa Henry is approached by a fellow ex-NYPD-officer to consider the joining security firm Ajax Corporation, which is after police outsourcing contracts. To catch a serial 'escort' killer, Danny grudgingly guards partner Jackie, who insists on volunteering as bait since she physically resembles all victims.

I just thought you might care
I have homework, that's all.

I have all the confidence
in the world

that you will finish it
between now and then.


Help yourself,
by all means.

- Hi, Pop.
- Hi.

Oh, um...
two orchestra seats

to the Met's Don Giovanni,
as promised.

Thank you.

I hope it wasn't
too much trouble.

No, not at all.

Stage manager's
an old friend of mine.

Sure you wouldn't want
to scalp those?

'Cause we'd completely
understand if you did.

I'm sorry, but it's like you're
trying to brainwash me

not to want to be a cop.

Oh, yeah, dragging you
to museums, to the opera,

concerts-- I should
be arrested for child abuse.

What do you think?

Should kids be force-fed
ancient culture?

Only in the case of Sinatra's
music and Billy Wilder's films.

Thank you.

Not helping.

She knows that I'm joking.

Though you may be
the only parent

ever in history

to push their kid into the arts.

Yeah, as opposed to dodging
bullets for the rest of her life?

You are simplifying
this family's

decades of public service

for dramatic
effect, right?

Just to be clear...

There's my girls.

Francicis, Police Sports League
meeting tomorrow--

don't make me show
up empty-handed.

Check's on the hall table.

Expecting many teams this year?

Just fantastic.
Best field yet.

Thanks to you.

Even if I do say so myself.

I'm more than just...

a great cook, you know.

Dad, I know you can hear
this conversation

from the other room, so you
want to weigh in for me?

Roast looks perfect.

Mmm! Mmm!


I was beginning to think
you stood me up.

I'm glad you didn't.

I... was
a little nervous.

Would you mind
turning around?

No problem.

But if you need a hand,

I can be a real
good little helper.

So, what do you think?

Let me show you
how helpful I can be.


talking, please.





Yeah, I mean,

I... I've seen her before,

but I never caught her
name or... her real name.

Oh, so hookers are a regular
part of the clientele here?

Hey, I don't pick
who rents a room here.

- I'm not the police.
- Well, you could've fooled me.

So let's get this straight.

Nobody reported anything.

No guests said that
anything happened

out of the ordinary last night.
- No. No. They never do.

I mean, I saw some towels
that must've fallen off

a housekeeping cart, but...

- Towels?
- Yeah.

You stick around.

Great news--
our only witness is a towel.


And she's a Jane Doe; no I.D.

Either she travels light,

or the guy that killed her
took it as a trophy.

What am I smelling here?

It's disinfectant.
He scrubbed her clean.

So no DNA, huh?
Well, it wouldn't have mattered.

There's no evidence
of a sexual encounter.

What are we thinking,
this guy hires a hooker

to kill her
and then give her a bath?

Yeah, maybe
he wanted an audience

while he took care of himself.

- What's with the puncture wound?
- Well, a tox screen will tell us

what's in
her system.

Nothing good.

All right, he scoured her;
scour this room.

Find something.

Blue Bloods 2x07
Lonely Hearts Club
Original Air Date on November 11, 2011

You can call these
your cuts to the bone,

but they still fall short of the
mayor's cost- reduction targets.

Of course they
do, Garrett.

He brags we're on track for
record lows in violent crime.

How can I do that
with fewer resources?

The answer to that is--
the spirit of shared sacrifice.

That's not an answer;
that's P.R. boiler plate.

No, that's the phrase
that you're gonna preface

every sentence with

for the
foreseeable future.

"In the spirit of shared
sacrifice, with some reductions

"in training and support,
the next class of cadets

can be full strength."

So we keep our numbers high

by sacrificing their training--
that's ass-backwards.

"In the spirit
of shared sacrifice,

"we should consider outsourcing
one of the civilian divisions,

traffic enforcement,
school safety..."

Hey, I got a good
shared sacrifice--

how about we outsource
911 to Bangalore?

All right, Frank, you don't
have to be sarcastic--


And how are you gonna
make my day worse, Baker?

You have a request for a meeting
from Sandy Klemmer

of the United Patrolmen's

Let's put off the UPA for now.

No can do, Frank.

He'll go right
to the press

saying you won't deal
with the union.

And what's your share
of the sacrifice, Garrett,

besides loyalty?


I'll tell them
we'll let them know.

Hey, any luck finding
our Jane Doe's prints

in the system?
- Nope. I mean, she had no priors.

She's either new to the
game, or she's lucky.

Until she was unlucky.

I mean,
the only prints that match

is on the TV remote control,

so maybe she was

watching Jersey Shore,
waiting for her john.

Yeah, or maybe he had her watch
some smut before he killed her.

Either way it's sad.

Or maybe it was neither.

Look at this, Jack.

Hotel records show she accessed
the Internet from her room.

She used the TV to log in
to her e-mail account.

So her last words
were in cyberspace?

Yeah. Let's find out
what they were.

This place isn't cold
and impersonal at all.

No, I have no doubt
I'll fall right in love

with Expressionist art.

Nicky, please.

Okay, this does it.

I should definitely
become a cop.

What? Why?

Artists are obviously
seriously disturbed people.

Grandpa's gonna need
all the help he can get

to take care of the EDP calls

coming in from these guys.
- EDP?

Emotionally Disturbed Person.

Yeah, I know what I means;
I just can't believe you do.

I mean, this has
to be a cry for help.

It was...


I don't mean
to intrude, but...

that's a very
insightful observation.


The artist was suffering

from depression at the time.

This period of her work is
fraught with darkness.

It's reflected in
the media she chose,

the colors,

even the abandoned looseness
of the brush strokes, as if...

it didn't matter
where they landed.

Uh, and that one.

- Mm.
- She knew

she was in trouble, but...
she refused to get help.

She was afraid if she got
better, it would ruin her work.

And then something she never
expected to happen happened.


She fell in love.

Which, to be fair,
brought with it

its own set
of torments.


if Patrick hadn't come along

and given her the courage
to accept help...

I don't know what
might have happened.

How do you know all this?

It's all written
on this little card.


I met Holly the artist
when I was evaluating some

of her early work
for one of my clients.

I spent a lot of time
at her studio in Red Hook.

Uh, I could... I could
take you there sometime.


Jacob Krystal.

Erin Reagan.



Nice to meet you both.

Concessions there.

The Police Sports League
table across the way.

Will you be
providing signage?

You'll have it tomorrow.

Now, reserve this section
for deep pockets.

Maybe if they're next
to the cheerleaders,

it'll put them in a giving spirit.

Oh, and make sure that the
diamond's squared away, okay?

Okay, you got it.

Okay. Thanks.


You're still
bossing people around?

Well, I have to leave the house
to get anybody to listen to me.

- How are you, Rick?
- Good.

Almost makes me
miss the days

I had you down the hall
as deputy chief.

Well, you were the P.C.-- they
paid me to listen to you.

Not enough, I might add.

How come I haven't seen you

at any of the
league events lately?

I had to back off
on the good deeds.

I went back to work.

What, they're rehiring
washed-up cops?

Where do I stand in line?

Oh, you're not busy enough
with the league,

other charities, all that
quality time with your family?

Oh, yeah, it's great.

Yeah, I know, I know.

the outfit is called
Ajax Incorporated.

Private security consultants.

And the people who run it
value experience.

I'm not really looking.

Just drop on by.

Here you go.

Take it easy.

Come on, come on,
come on, hurry up!

Okay, hold on,
just one more minute here.

All right, tell me the
truth-- you hack into

your girlfriend's e-mails
when she's not looking,

and she has no idea.

Uh, I don't...
I don't have a girlfriend.


Okay, uh, here we are.

Your Jane Doe's log-in name
is Bella-Ball,

and her real name
is Stacy Fryman.

Looks like she
liked to cook.

She subscribed to a bunch
of different cooking Web sites here...

Yeah, a regular aspiring chef.

Chicken scaparella,

baked spaghetti,

mango-pepper marinade.

You know, you might want to jot
some of these recipes down.

Seriously. Single guys love
a girl that can cook, you know.

I use my oven as a dresser.

Look at that.

$600 for a pair of shoes.

Brian Atwood shoes.

Don't judge
what you can't understand.

Hey, hey, here's
something right here.

She did a money
transfer to a Web site

for a ad.

All right,
let's see it.

- Okay, here she is.
- All right.

This is where
her johns found her.

We gotta dump this cell phone
and see who she spoke to.

Hey, Sarge.

Hey. M.E.'s preliminary report
is in.

Puncture wound
on the neck delivered an opioid

called etorphine
into your victim's system.

It knocked her out.
Then she was smothered.

That's a pretty specific M.O.

That's what I thought,
so I queried VICAP.

Two months ago, Emily Parker,
a hooker from Garden City,

died the same way.

Last month,
Aly Garcia in Jersey.

Son of a bitch is on a roll.

I met Stacy here
after she saw one of our flyers.

She started volunteering

and helped us reap
and sow our vegetables.

Right, and then
she left here,

and went and did
a different kind of hoe-ing?

She said it was good money.

She was saving up
for culinary school.

Right, so that makes it okay?

I didn't say that.

I'm guessing she didn't tell you

that she was an escort?

Well, it's not the kind of thing

you tell a guy
you just started dating.


I was on her computer
making a new flyer,

and she hadn't logged out
of this website, Kiss-The-Apple?

So what? You saw the ad,
and you thought what?

I'm gonna talk to her about it?
I forgave her?

I'm gonna tell her my feelings?

Or did I kill her?
Is that what you're getting at?

Yeah, did you kill her?
No, I didn't kill her.

This was Emily
with her brother.

Long time ago.

Must still be difficult
for you to talk about it.

I lost my daughter long before
she was murdered, Detective.

But the Lord helped me
make peace with that.

So, thank you for your concern.

You can ask me
whatever you like.

Of course.

Um, well, we're thinking

your daughter may be the
first victim in a series.

A series?

- Yes, ma'am.
- How many?

- Three that we know of.
- Oh.

The last
just happened.

What those families
must be going through.

Do you mind if sit down?


Ms. Parker, sometimes
the first victim--

it's very important, um,

because it may have been
someone she knows.

There may be a connection.

Mm, my daughter knew
a lot of people.

All you had to do was pay her.

I know that sounds harsh,
but it was very difficult,

learning what
she had been doing.


I raised my daughter
to believe in God.

I raised her to have values.

Did your daughter ever mention

anyone acting unusual?

Anything in particular she might
have said to you to...?

Mm, no, she hadn't talked to me
in months.

No, when the police
told me what happened,

I wasn't even surprised.

Imagine that.

Getting the news
that any parent would fear,

and only being surprised
that it hadn't happened sooner.

Thank you.

The Mangan deposition's
been pushed to 5:00,

and the Slattery meeting
is set for early next week.

Okay, great.

Oh, um, and this came for you.

Uh, it has been scanned.

It's not a bomb.





"The artist wanted Nicky
to have this

"as a reminder to be open

"to new possibilities.

While she's thinking that over,
have dinner with..."


Well, if you won't have dinner
with him, I will.

The victim in Long Island
and the one in Jersey--

they both had ads up
on the same Web site.

You got anything
from the families?

Nope. These girls didn't
exactly come home

bragging about the new friends
they'd met,

if they even came home at all.

Girl from New Jersey's family
kept tabs on her

by checking on her ad.

That's how they knew
she was alive?

- Yeah.
- God.

All right, we got the,
uh, phone records in here.

There's no overlapping
incoming numbers.

No. This killer was smart.

He used his cell phone once,
and then ditched it.

What about
the aspiring chef's boyfriend?

He story check out?

Yeah, he has a strong alibi.

Seems he really loves her,
call girl and all.

Well, I guess there's someone
out there for everyone.

Yeah, yeah. Guess so.

Don't say it.

I already know.

We got nothing.

No, I wasn't gonna say that.

These girls resemble
anyone you know?

Commissioner, Mr. Klemmer
from the U.P.A.

You're 15 minutes late.

The highway's jammed.

So we have 15 minutes left.

So, let's get to it.

Here's what I've told Collective
Bargaining is off the table:

pension, benefits,
overtime, vacation,

and any attempt
at outsourcing.

And what's on the table?

A wage freeze
for the next fiscal year.

One year.

That's it?

I'm not gonna let the city
balance its books

on the backs of my men.

Your men?

As the elected president

of the United
Patrolmen's Asso...

Your men?

Frank, stand with me,
and I'll stand with you.

Or what?

Or what?!

Come on Commissioner,
you know the drill.

What drill is that, Sandy?

The one where the union asks
for the whole store

just to get a ham sandwich?

The city pushes back hard--

we're talking demonstrations,

town hall meetings,
and who knows.

Maybe even an outbreak
of the Blue Flu.

You're threatening me
with a sickout?

I'm not threatening you, Frank.

We're on the same side.

I'm just telling you
like it is.

Thanks for stopping by.

Can you guys manage to get
any work done around here?

Quite a bit.

It's an honor to meet
you, Commissioner.

It's been quite
a few years

since I've been
the commissioner.

Well, you helped
turn this city around.

People haven't

Has Rick here filled you in
on what we do?


Enough to reel him in
from Brooklyn.

R train. No problem.

He rode it every day
when he was P.C.

Boots on the ground--
there's no substitute.

Rick tells me you might be open
to a consulting position.

Consulting with whom about what?

We have commercial clients

we provide
security services for.

Uh, employee vetting,

corporate counterespionage.

We're training police forces

three Caribbean countries
and Eastern Europe.

And, uh,

with the recession here at home,

there are opportunities
to help local departments

with some of their...
nonessential functions.

I'm not sure there are
any nonessential functions--

21st century policing, Henry.

Well, maybe you haven't noticed,

but I'm kind of
a 20th century guy.

With four decades' experience
and a wealth of connections.

We know all about you.

If there's
anything else

you want to know about us...

just ask.

I do not see what
the problem is here.

Running a decoy's
our best option.

Not using you
as the bait, Jackie.

Look, look at those girls,
look at me-- he has a type.

I'm his type.
I'm a serial killer's type.

We're not talking about
a dating site, Jackie.

We're talking about a guy
who's killed three women!

Lighten up, Reagan;
I was kidding.

All right, listen,
she has worked vice, Reagan.

Come on, Sarge. Look, with
all due respect, busting creeps

from Queens while they're
chasing quickies

is a little bit different

than what we're
talking about here.

Jackie, someone else
can do this--

you don't have to do it.

I know I don't have to do
this; I to do this.


Because they're just girls
trying to find their way.

And what?
They made some mistakes.

"Some mistakes."
I'd say that's

putting it mildly, Jackie.

You know what, Reagan?

Not everybody grows up
in a great house in Bay Ridge

with a loving family
to fall back on.

What does that mean?

No, seriously, what
the hell does that mean?

Look, I was in high school.

I was a... I was a screwup.

I was fighting with my mom,

fighting with
everyone around me,

skipping school, and
I decided I don't need this,

I'm out of here.

And I went,
I took off,

I ran off to Boston.

And when I returned home,

the locks were changed,
and I was out on my own.

But somehow, I made it here.

It takes one mistake
to change your life.

Let's hope this mistake
doesn't change our lives, okay?

I want two detectives
backing us up.

I want TARU to wire
that entire hotel,

and you do not leave my sight
for one second.


All right, you got authorization
to run for a month.

Thank you.

Let's see the picture.

Say hello
to Michelle.

Tell me I can't do it.

I didn't say you couldn't do it.

I said you shouldn't do it.

Since I know he
won't do it himself,

I just want to take a sec
to toast Pop on his new job.

Wait-- how come
I don't know about this?

- At least I'm not the only one.
- Yeah, Pop,

you want to tell
us something?

There's nothing to announce.

I'm just considering.

What are you considering,

There's a private security firm
called Ajax

that have been
stocking their pond

with old farts from the NYPD.

I met with them.

Can you still cook
Sunday dinner?

Of course I can.

That's wonderful news, Henry,
they're lucky to have you.

Well, we'll see.

So, Nicky,
how did you like the opera?

More than I thought I would--

a lot more
than Expressionist art,

I can tell you that.

It's about exposure,
not judgment.

You just liked it 'cause you got
exposed to that cute guy.

Oh, hey, hold on, whoa.
That's enough, Nicky.

Not enough for me,
come on.

He was a nice guy
who was trying

to explain
the artistic process

to a certain obtuse niece
of yours,

and that's the end
of the story.

So I understand that you are
slammed with the unions.

Yeah, the last time
Sandy Klemmer wore a uniform

was Cub Scouts.

Oh, easy, Francis.

Well, he won't budge
on anything, Pop,

and our side's getting pressured
to farm out nonessential duties. It's...

Guys at the precinct are
talking about cutbacks.

Is that last hired,
first fired?

I don't think you got to worry
about losing your job, kid.

The last thing either side wants

is another lawyer
running the streets.


I'm just saying...

What-- you're
just saying...?

That I'm just saying.

So they really thinking
about laying people off?

What's wrong?

I figured you'd like having
me around the house more.

I could finally get
to that storm window

you've been
wanting me to fix.


I'm just playing.

Come on, this happens
all the time.

Budget issue comes up,
everyone panics,

it all turns out
to be no big deal.

Yeah, the bigger deal is,
you're letting Jackie act

as bait in this little
sting operation of yours.

Hold on.

First of all,
it's not my sting operation.

Second of all, I don't want
Jackie to be the bait.

Oh, it's okay for Jamie
to go undercover

with an organized
crime family,

but if the female detective--
that would be...

Did I say that?

Yeah, you said something...

Who said what?

Jackie's going undercover,

and Linda suddenly thinks
she's Gloria Steinem, I guess.

Listen, Jackie
can handle herself--

that's all I'm saying.

I didn't say
she couldn't.


Wow, family of cops
leaving their door open.

Hey, speak
of the devil.


that's me.

- You ready?
- Hey, Jackie. Wow.

Yeah, hi.

I'll get my stuff.


So let me guess,
the Great Defender is worried.

Yeah, what do you think?

- Yeah.
- Hey, good luck out there.

This undercover thing
I'm doing--

it's scary.

I'm always worried
I'm gonna slip up

and, uh, act like the real me.

Right, well, maybe the real you

is a little less criminal
than the real me.

No, I'm, I'm gonna be
fine, thank you.

There's cops
all around,

there's sound, video.

It'll be fine, thanks.

Good. All right.

So you, uh, wearing
the appropriate outfit?

Oh, yeah, well, there you go.

- Nice.
- Yeah.

Yeah, the calls
just came flooding right in

as soon as her ad went up.

Right, I guess I take that
as a compliment.

All right, I'll wait outside.

Hey, you, eyes up.

Love you, love you.

- Love you more.
- Love you most.

Let's see her.

Cut it out, Reagan.

What're you doing?

Sorry, Jack.

All right,
video is clear in here.

Let's test your mic.

All right,
you two in the other room,

your monitors up?

All good-- we see
the room and the hall.


Turn off the phones, remember.

And, uh, this is
my emergency signal, by the way.

That's brilliant, Jack, except
it's not going to get that far.

The minute that creep comes in

and says sex for money,
we're gonna bust in there,

bust him, and search him
for hypodermics.

You got it?

Meanwhile, where am I putting
this with this outfit?

Listen to me, just because
this guy is not into women

sexually does not mean he's not
going to get close to you.

- You understand?
- Got it.

No, you stay alert.

Got it, Reagan, relax.

Is that a john?

All right,
incoming, come on.


You'll do.

Klemmer's on the radio.

Want to have a listen?

What's he talking about?

Two guesses.



Call-in show?

Yeah, WNYC.

Got the number?

Don't kid a kidder.

Frank, that's not a good idea.

Then why bring it up?

There's no profit
in escalating this

until we get a firm agenda

as to concessions.


Baker, call Klemmer's office
and arrange a meeting

right away.

Another night of sleaze
and desperation.

Ugh, doused
with too much cologne.

What, do you people bathe in it?

Well, you know, Jack,
you wanted to spend your nights

with the lowlifes,
and this is what happens.

You don't get to see the best
the male species has to offer.

Yeah, what else is new?

All right, we got a customer...

who looks
a little familiar.

Zoom in on that.

Familiar how?

Oh, hold on.

Okay, Jackie,
it's Congressman Albom.

Get out of here.
The family values guy?

Yes, yes, yes, the guy
who was campaigning

with his wife and
daughters by his side.

Listen to me.

We got to make this
quick and painless, okay?

You get him in, he propositions,
we frisk him,

and we send him on his way.

- Come on.
- No, come on nothing, Jackie,

we're not here to collar
a politician, okay?

If we do, it's front page news

and this whole sting goes
out the window.

This is one guy
we should collar.

Not if he's not
the killer, okay?

We're not here to bust
some perverted congressman.

If he's not the serial killer,

we get him in
and we get him out.




You certainly
don't disappoint.

Tough day
at the office?

I don't need the small
talk, if you don't mind.

This is nice.

Is it silk?

What are you playing at, Jackie?

You are handsome.

Really handsome.

You should be on TV.

You are on TV.

That's right, I knew
I recognized you.

Jackie, st...

Y-You're that, um,
the, uh, the, uh, oh, oh,

the, the car salesman!

Right? Who does
those commercials.

- Yeah, you got me.
- Ooh, I am lucky, lucky.

You know what?

I think, um, I think
I've changed my mind.


No, I didn't mean
to insult you.

You look more like
a movie star, or a president.

How about a president?

Evening, Congressman.

This is not
what it looks like.

I'm sure it isn't.

Turn around. Put your arms
up in the air, sir.

- What?
- Put your arms up in the air

before we charge you with
patronizing a prostitute.

And you don't want us to release
the videos to the press, do you?

No needles.

Go on, get out of here.

Consider this your lucky night.

Say hi to the wife and kids
for me.

Will you stop it?

He's a schmuck.

He is.

Well, you are
a New York District Attorney,

so, yes, I may have
certain assumptions.

Okay, well, I can take it.

Uh... well, you're serious,

You probably take
a rather dim,

albeit realistic,
view of human nature.

- Well, if you saw...
- I wasn't done.

I'm sure it doesn't hurt

your case closure rate

that you're also beautiful,
witty, urbane, beautiful...


Well, obvious flattery aside,
it is nice to share a dinner

with someone who's
not talking about

the burglary rate
in Bensonhurst

or the virtues of
a nine-millimeter

versus a .38-caliber.

Like every other
man in your life?


You're well-dressed,
well-read, well-traveled.

I don't think those have ever
sounded more like accusations.

No, no, no.

Not at all.

- Sandy.
- Hey.

Thanks for making the time.

And I'm on time.

Thanks for that, too.

Look, if we got off on the
wrong foot the other day...

- We'll take a mulligan.
- I'm game if you are.


Mr. Klemmer, these are officers
from Harbor, Transit, Housing,

Mounted, Patrol,

Crime Scene,

Emergency Service, Aviation,
Evidence, and Transportation.

All members

of your rank and file.

Take your seats.

I just thought it would
be a good idea

for you to hear from your men

about what to cut
and not to cut.

I'm all ears.

Please sit down.

Oh, and by the way...

not a single one of them

even has the slightest case
of sniffles.

So we won't be talking about
"blue flu," now or ever.

I hope that was informative.

You hope it was coercive.

Look, neither of us
want cuts,

but there will be cuts,

so let's work together
to find which ones

cause the least amount
of bleeding.

Mm. Well, I'm not giving in
to outsourcing.

I'm not asking you to.

Well, a former P.C.
who's close to you,

has hired on with Ajax,
from what I hear.

And they're
counting on that

to make their offer
even more attractive.

Not interested.
You have my word.


Coming in, Jack.


So you my date?


The guy's an hour late.

Mm! Rude.

Looks like he's a no-show,

so I told the guys
to shut it down.



Look, I, um...
I wanted to say sorry

for being a pain in the neck.



You know, my kid
brother's out working

with these Mob guys

I don't usually sleep
too good at night.


I worry about my family
and the people I care about.

Which includes you, in case
that wasn't obvious.

Thank you.

I guess, as you know, I...

I've just been on my own
for so long that...

Look, I need you
to have my back; I do.

I just... You don't have
to protect me, you know?

There's a difference.

I know.

I've lost a lot of partners

for a lot of different
reasons, Jack.

I just don't want to lose you.

You're not going to lose me.

You ready?

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.


I'll wait in the car.

Uh, Michelle?

Uh, look, I got
a headache, okay?

Just take it home.

But... we had a date.

Look, kid, go home.

Get a nice girl
in the neighborhood and...

and you just-- you don't
want this, okay?

Hey, hey, hey. Oh...

Come on...

Look, Jack, I hate to be
overbearing and overprotective,

but can you hurry your ass up
please, and get down here,

so I can get home?
Thank you.

She's beautiful.

Yeah, she looks even more like
Emily than in her pictures.

She does.

It's going to be okay.

We'll take you away from
this life of sin.

He'll welcome you back.

You don't need
to be frightened.


I'm a...


I'm a cop.

Oh, no. You don't need to lie
anymore, my dear.

I'm a cop.

My purse.



Hey, can you do me a favor

and walk me up to your
housekeepers on the 12th floor?

They left at 5:00.

What do you mean
they left at 5:00?

I just saw a cart
up on the 12th floor.

I don't know what to tell you,
man-- they left at 5:00.

Oh, you guys typically
let your housekeepers

leave their carts out at night,

so people can just steal
soap and towels and what...


Dial 911.
Dial 911 right now!

Listen to me.

You don't understand.
We saved them.

I'm not a prostitute.

I'm a cop.

There has to be some reason
that you're here tonight.

I don't need
to be saved, okay?

This is a test, Mother.

He's testing our faith.

Right, right, right.

I don't know!

If we let her go,
she will stop us.

We'll go to jail.
Don't... No...!

Don't you see?

We have so much more
to accomplish!

You know that!

Please, you don't
want to shoot me.

- No!
- Come on!

Oh, no! Not my son!

Jackie, Jackie,
are you okay?

I'm okay. I'm okay.

You killed your own daughter.

You killed
your own daughter.

Hey, hey, hey.
Come here, come here.

Thank you...
I got you.

I got you.
I got you.

I got you.
It's okay. Hey...

You're all right.
You're all right.

Hang on.
Hang on, Jack.

This is Detective Reagan.

We need a bus.

We have a 10-13.

Evening, Pop.



Make me one?

Happy to.


When does the union
get your budget?

On their desk tomorrow morning,
along with everyone else's.

You know,
the mayor's office sent over

some proposals for outsourcing.

Is that so?


Turns out one of them was
the company you met with.


That's the one.

I called them today and told
them I wasn't interested.

Corporate life's not for me.


I would have had to spend
a fortune on new suits

just to walk into
that office of theirs.

And the commute--

ever been on the R train
during the rush hour?

Not if I could help it.

And they way they were going on

about how indispensible
I would be, blah, blah, blah.

It was embarrassing.

But true.

Don't you start.

And you would have been
missed around here.

Thank you, son.