Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Moonlighting - full transcript

Danny accompanies a dangerous ex-mobster who is helping him find bodies on cold cases in exchange for leniency for his son on grand theft auto. Meanwhile, Jamie works undercover in a boiler room operation, looking for a secret about the Sanfino family.

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Jacob Krystal.

Erin Reagan.


Nice to meet you both.

Maybe you can explain to me why
you were following me this morning.

Detective DeLeon.

And, you're not the one
I was watching.


I'm in charge of investigating
art thefts

from galleries, museums--

we believe that Mr. Krystal

is responsible for a
number of major hauls,

both here and abroad.

Suppose somebody
stole this locket,

and I got it
back for you.

Would you consider me the thief?

How did you get it back?

Would that really be
the question you'd ask?


Pop had a scare with his heart

that seems to have kicked a hole
in the wall.

I've been wide awake
at 4:00 in the morning

five nights in a row.

I worry about all of them.

I'm old enough
and wise enough to know

there's not a damn thing
I can do,

but that just doesn't cut it
in the middle of the night.

They gave me pills over
there you could sleep

through the night on the
Coney Island express.

I got plenty more,
you want some.

I think I'll just stick
to warm milk and whiskey.

Well, they busted him for it,

but Donald Rumsfeld
had it right.

That whole notion
of known unknowns.

Yeah, that's what shakes you
awake at 4:00 in the morning.

Well, I got plenty of unknowns.

As always.

(clears throat)

Could I ask you one favor, boss?


That's a title my dad can
tell his friends about.

I guess the term "fixer"
doesn't quite cut it.

Don't get me wrong.

I'm not complaining.

When my pop was commissioner,

he had a head of Confidential
Investigations Squad.

That work for you?

Yes, sir.

Whatever you find,

for my eyes only.

(clears throat)
Order of priority?

The Internal Affairs leaks,

ticket-fixing rumors
in the two-seven,

Jamie's risk assessment

regarding Noble Sanfino
and his family--

and Erin.

Her situation
with Jacob Krystal.

Right away.


It's not that I don't
trust you. It's just...

Look, would you lay 30 grand
down in cash

on a car that you couldn't
even lay your eyes on?

Oh, come on. My hands are tied,
my friend, all right?

The car's still being prepped
in the shop, and...

and insurance

prohibit me
from bringing out the car...

Look, just have somebody
bring the car around.

What do you say? Come on.
I just want to kiss it hello.

Oh, you're killing me, Dan.
You're killing me.

Look, the car is yours,
but at this price,

I gotta stick to
the terms, all right?

delivery, VIN,

title not included--
boom... end of story.


That's the end of our story.

All right, all right, all right.



All right, let me check one
thing, I'll be right back.

All right, stay put,
have a cookie.

Yeah, okay.

(cell phone blipping)

Siwicki, Tommy.
This guy you vouched for--

give me a description.

Eh, about, uh,
five-ten, 160 or so,

brown hair,

and-- what do you call it--
a-a widow's peak?

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
that's h.

Uh, all right, thanks.

Good boy.

Whoo! Come to Papa!

She's a beauty, huh?

Look at this.

Thank you.
You're welcome.

Go, go, go, go, go.

DANNY: Put your hands
against the car, please.

Turn around.

(siren wailing)


Put your hands on the car!
Come on.

Spread your legs.

(sirens wailing)

(tires screeching)

Tommy Barrone,
you are under arrest

for grand larceny auto

and criminal possession
of stolen property.

I need some cuffs.

Anyone got cuffs?

You got the spiel down?

In my sleep.

All right, now, they're bound
to have a few little curlicues

of their own,

but all boiler rooms
boil down to this:

you're selling stocks
in companies that don't exist,

or they're penny stocks

that you're flogging off
as the next Apple.

Right, it's all snake oil,
but it's $20 million worth

of snake oil to the
Sanfinos and the Cavazzeres.

What's the big get?

You need to get a thumb drive
into their system

and download
any transaction activity.

Now, there's bound
to be a partition

where they have
the whales

that they're really churning.

If you can get to that,
we are gold.

Noble told me to talk
to a guy named Tesla.

Johnny Tesla.


He runs the shop.

He's a made guy
in the Cavazzere family

and he's also
a real bad-ass,

so when you get
that download,

you start planning
your exit strategy.


Like, I don't know,
the commute's too far,

you got another job offer,


The bottom line--
you're not going

for employee-of-the-month

All right, look,

I got backup in the area,
but when you're in that shop,

you're on your own,
so be careful.

I'll be in touch.


would you please tell Mr. Tommy
Barrone what he has won?

All right.

Well, it's not going
to be the trip

that you've been dreaming of
for him.

What are you talking about?

His lawyers cut a deal.

Reduced charges

in exchange for his cooperation
in a couple cold-case homicides.

Tommy Barrone Jr.
is going to give up

two murders so he can walk
on car theft charges?

No, not him-- Tommy Barrone Sr.

He's serving
five consecutive life sentences

for contract murders
up in Sing Sing,

so he's giving us
a couple oldies but goodies

to cut his kid a break.

You know, not for nothing,

but this little operation burned
a lot of informants,

not to mention hundreds
of man hours.

For which you will notch
a couple homicides

on your bedpost
without even breaking a sweat.

I will? How so?

Our investigators have
debriefed him, but the cases are

six and eight years old,
and Barrone is a little off

on the exact locations of where
the bodies were discovered.

Okay, so what does this have
to do with me?

So, for the confessions
to be admissible in court,

he needs to give us
the exact locations

of where the bodies
were found

as contained
in the original police reports,

so I need you to hold his hand

on a little walk
down memory lane.

No, you need me to take Tommy
Barrone Sr. on a drive-around?

Yeah, that's the plan.

Well, how do I do that
without breaking a sweat?

Well, you're going
to have your partner.

Barrone will be in
handcuffs and leg irons.

Yeah, and he's gonna be a guy in
a backseat with nothing to lose.

I'm gonna be the guy
in the front seat

with everything to lose.

I don't know about you,
but that makes me sweat.

Sync by Alex1969

Dr. Grossman, when I tell you
this stock is going to 20,

I'm biting my lip
on the real target.

John-- may I call you John?
Branatech is about to explode.

After the bell,
this FDA thing comes out,

you can say good-bye
to eight bucks a share.

Okay, Mr. Egbert,
can you hold on just one second?

A colleague of mine is
handing me an update just now.


First name.

Steve-- I'm back, Steve,
and this is news to me.

You're getting it in real time

just like I am.

Branatech has just announced
that the protocol

for their anti-Alzheimer's drug
has just...

My home phone number?

Sure, but I'm at the office.

Okay, why don't you have
your mommy come pick you up?

I can't, she's dead.

It's a figure of speech.

Why'd you hang up my call?

They ask for your home number,
you're done.

I had him
in the palm of my hand.

You had nothing--
that's what you had.

You told Sanfino
you'd done this before.

I have.

So why do I feel
like I'm babysitting?

I need this job.

Next number on your lead sheet.

Just dial it.

I closed on

You got to admit,
it's a start.

Yeah, your commission goes
to me, you know.


I break you in, I get
your first ten milkshakes.

Noble didn't say
anything about--

Yeah, well,
what Noble doesn't know

could fill the Meadowlands,
all right?

You don't like it,
you can stay home.


My brother told me
he got you in here.

Can't tell you how
disappointed I am.

Nice to see you, too.

I figured you for some
kind of professional,

not working in
this monkey house.

What are you doing here?

Letting you take me
out for a drink.

All right.
All right.

(phone ringing)


Erin Reagan.

Jacob Krystal.

I need you to meet me.

That is not a good idea.

How? Emotionally,
logistically, legally?

All of the above.

I want to prove to you
that I am who I say I am.

Well, can you prove that
you did not steal that painting?

I can't prove a negative--

no-- but I did not take
anything from that museum.

Will you meet me?

I can't. Not tonight.

Then I'll be in touch.

You and Tesla,

Seriously in that, yes,
I dated him a little.

Nothing serious in
how much I liked it.

What's with the face?

No face.

Yeah, a face,

like you disapprove
I dated Johnny Tesla.

It's none of my business.

Sure as hell isn't.

I don't see a ring.

You the kind that
takes it off?

You mean, am I married?




Friends with benefits?

What's up with you?

Just answer the question.

None of your business.

What if I want to make it
my business?

Line forms to the right.


BIANCA: So not even
"Happy birthday"?


I mean, if you want
to do happy birthday.

Okay, you'll sing
happy birthday?

(both chuckle)

You talk a big game.

Makes you wonder
what you really got.


Johnny, what...?

Shut up, Bianca,
just shut up!

What are you, stalking me?

Yeah, you wish.

I wish?!
What's the matter with you?

You might want
to check your neck, Riordan.

She's a real vampire.

Why don't we all
just walk away here?

That's a good idea.


Up yours, Johnny!




Sam Croft.

How are ya?

I'm good, Danny.
Back in the bosom, huh?

Yeah, how's Linda
and the boys?

Eh, you know, Linda's good.
Pain in the neck as usual.

The boys are growing up
too fast; life is good.

All right.

Hey, Gramps.
Thank you.

Sam, refill?

Henry, you're on the mend.

I don't want you waiting on me,
okay? That's an order.

My house, my bar.

I'm good for now. Thank you.

So, is my dad keeping
you busy already?

I'm wrapping him up easy.

What do you got going on?

I got a take-out order
day after tomorrow.

I got to take this lifer for
a drive and see if I can I.D.

the location of
these bodies he dumped.

Of course, he says he can't
tell us by memory, so we're

gonna canvass the neighborhood,
see if we can find 'em.

Otherwise, his confession's

certainly not gonna
hold up in court.

Who's your guy?

Tommy Barrone, Sr.

Out of Sing-Sing?

What, you know him?

Not personally,
but I remember his trial.

Half the jurors had
to be removed

from the courtroom during
his testimony

because they got sick
to their stomach.

Guy's as brutal as they come.


Jackie supposed to ride
along with us?

That's the plan as of now.

Well, the guy hasn't been within
20 yards of a woman in years.

That could complicate things.

Yeah, I think you're right.

Sam, I'd like you
to ride shotgun.

That okay with you?

It's fine by me.

Be like rookies all over again.

Better not be.
It ain't rookie duty.

Hi, hi, hi!

Hi, Sam!

There she is.

Hot, fresh, and delicious.

Plus I brought pizza.

I'll help you out with that.


And Nicky's... what now?

15 going on 30.

How are you making out?

Hanging in there.

Can I ask you a favor?

Yeah, sure.

I know that you're Dad's fixer.

It wasn't a question.

Can you separate fact
from fiction on this guy?

Everything I know, I wrote down.

Yeah, if I can.

Can you keep it between us?

I don't really want
my dad involved.

I work for him.

I know.

So maybe on your own time,
as a favor to an old friend?


...coming out!

Hey, fellas-- Tommy Barrone.

Tommy Barrone, Detective Reagan,
Detective Croft.

Nice day for
a drive, huh?

That goes for any day
for you.

Man's got a point.

Tommy, as you know,
I'll be escorting you

to two locations in
Brooklyn and Queens

for you to give us the exact
details of the homicides

you're cooperating on.
Is that your understanding?

Anything for my boy.

Great. We'll be taking notes on
any and all details you provide.

At the end of our trip you will
be asked to verify

those notes as accurate.

Do you understand?

Phenomenal. Let's go.

I got one question.

I figure this a minimum
five, six hours?

I'm gonna need to use the
facilities at some point.

Yeah, so?

So you two guys
gonna draw straws

as to gets to hold the johnson?

Get in.

Scoot over. All the way.

Yes, sir!

And he sits across from me

and he never takes his eyes
off me.

I'm sure I'll find an opening,
but so far it's a no-go.

There's a USB port, yes?

Yeah, but they're from, like,
five years ago.

I might need some time
to download a database.

Well, buy it somehow.

And Detective...

Noble's sister showed up.

I met her before.
We had a drink.

And this concerns me how?

Well, she's pretty hot
and she knows it,

and it's gonna look weird if
just blow her off, you know?

And then she'd go, you know,
"What's wrong with this guy?

Is he married or gay or what?"

She starts snooping around
and opens up a can of worms.

If a picture turns up
on Google or...

Reagan, the only thing I want
you inserting into another thing

is a thumb drive
into a computer,

That's not what I'm saying.

But if I just freeze her out,
it's gonna raise questions.

Only Apple sells itself,
and we ain't selling Apple.

I ever tell you about the guy
wanted me to whack his wife?

You never told us anything.

We just picked you up
an hour ago.

Right, sorry.

Anyway, this individual contacts
me, he's taken out insurance

on his wife, wants me
to show up on Riverside Drive

on such and such a night...
All due respect, Tommy.

We're about to pull up
on the intersection

of Greenpoint
and Henry.

Yeah, right. We're looking
for a '50s kind of diner

just past a sanitation depot.

You mean, like that the diner
up there, ahead on the right?

Yeah, that's it. Make a right.
Hold on.

There should be a vacant lot
middle of that block.

That's what we're looking for.

Manhattan South Detectives

requesting 10-85,
no emergency,

one additional unit re: backup.

Front of 123 Diamond Street.
Thank you.

Seriously? You guys must think
I'm some kind of Harry Houdini.

No, we just happen to think
you're a sociopath

who wouldn't hesitate
to take out two cops,

if he thought it meant he had
a chance to make a run for it.

Yes, we wear
our suspicions on our sleeves.

Hey, I wear my suspicion
on my face.

I never had anything
to do with killing cops.

You can look that up.

If we could look up
every hit you ever made,

we wouldn't be driving around
doing all this rigmarole.

All right, point taken.

But on my mother's grave,
99% of the jobs I did,

you both would call
"public service," believe me.

Yeah, I'm sure we would.

He was still alive in the trunk
when I got here from Huntington.

I got him out of the car,
put a couple in his head

on the ground,
right about here.

Right here, huh?

Maybe a bullet went right
through they might've found.

Oh, they found it, all right.

Now for the grand prize,

we need to know what caliber
the rounds you put in his head

and whereabouts they would
have found the body.

Always a .45 for me,

and I put him in a Dumpster
was over there.

Right over there.

The diner must've
been using it,

'cause it stunk
of old souvlaki.

Sound about right?

That's right.

There you go.

You passed
with flying colors.


I gotta pee.

Too bad. Let's go.

We gotta eat, right?

There's a restaurant,
right over there

about six blocks,
La Dolce Notte.

Best veal parm
you ever had.

Really? I love veal parm.

I'm gonna have
to remember that.

Take the wife one night.
What's wrong with today?

What's wrong with today
is you suggested it.

What do you think,
we're stupid enough

to go showing up over there

and wait for some
of your friends

to jump out out on us?
Forget about it.

You think
too much of me.

Take it as a compliment.
Yeah, right.

No, no, Ron, does your wife call
you every time

she spots a deal
at the, uh...?

I'm not saying it's
the same thing, just that--

(dial tone)

Ron? Ron?

Sounds like Ron closed you.

It's not the way
it's supposed to work.

How long you been doing Bianca?

I'm not doing Bianca.

Hey, Jimmy!

Johnny, how is my man
making out, huh?

How well do you know this child?

Uh, well enough
to send him to you. Why?

'Cause I just want to know

if he's another toy of Bianca's
I got saddled with

before she moves on and I've
wasted a week on training him.

What is he talking about?

I'll tell you what
I'm talking abo--

No, no, no, I'm asking him.

She came by, we had a drink...

We sucked face outside
of Skyrockets...

It just happened.

It just, it just,
it just happened.

No, no, see, that,
that just happened!

You get back to work!

You and Bianca would've taken

a little more thought
first, right?

Noble, I'm sorry,
I didn't think that...

Exactly, exactly,
you didn't think.

You didn't think to say
something to me?

Noble, how would you feel if...?

Would it be okay if,
would it mess things up if? No?

I'm sorry.


she's my sister;
I know how she can get, but...

Jimmy, can you do me a favor
and go grab a coffee?

'Cause Johnny and I got

a couple things
that we gotta talk about.

All right.

So this guy...

calls back
a few days later.

Wants me to off
the wife and his two kids

who are gonna be in
the car with her.

You're kidding me.

Nope, a wife.

Now we all know
that could be

a complicated relationship,
but your own kids? Thanks.

You do it?

Course I didn't.

What I was gonna do
was take him out,

do his family a favor.


I got called out on a couple
jobs in the Midwest.


So whatever
happened to this guy?

You remember a woman
and her two kids got killed

when a garbage truck went
out of control on Riverside,

crushed their car,

about five years ago?

They closed it as an accident?

That was that?

You want the guy
who did the hit?

Yeah, I want to know.

What's the catch?

Maybe you could arrange for me
to meet up with my boy.

I'd like to give him
a kiss and a hug

without that Plexiglas
in between.


It's the last chance
I'll ever get.

It's not a negotiation.

Come on.

It's almost Christmas.

What, I look like
Santa Claus to you?

Gentlemen, allow me
to welcome you

to One Police Plaza.

(translates in Japanese)

And I am honored
that the mayor thought

to have me give you
a personal tour.

(translating in Japanese)

(cell phone ringing)

Excuse me one minute.

(speaks Japanese)

(speaking Japanese)


Both sources are highly
credible, Commissioner,

and they both say
the same thing--

there's no doubt that
Jacob Krystal is involved,

but that he's smarter than
the people trying to catch him.

And there's no evidence.

So far.

So far, yeah.

But still,
no outstanding warrants

or restricted entry

to other countries.


Innocent till proven guilty.

Yeah, as they say.

Thanks, Sam.


Mind your head.

Slide all the way over.

There you go.

Go ahead.

(horn honks)

(car door closes)

Hey, you notice that Toyota
go by back at the lot?

Every third car
in this borough

is a silver
late-model Toyota.

You saying I'm paranoid?

I got the plates for both--
they're different cars.

Come on.
You ready to roll?


Here you go.
Thank you.

If anyone's watching,

it's not going to matter
how fast you're walking.


You said you had proof.

What's the proof?

When I met you, I told you
I was an art appraiser.

Yes, but you left
some things out.

A work of art can be appraised

for market value,
authenticity, condition...


And provenance.

Who is the rightful owner
of the piece?

That's my area of expertise.

And I'm not a thief.

Well, a lot of people
think you are.

Are you one of them?

Does it really matter
what I think?


You're a born cynic,
and I like a challenge.

What is this?

You had me followed?
What? No.

What-what do you see?

Look, the only case
this stuff supports

is the one he's making
for himself,

which, by definition,
is just half the story.

But he's never been charged,
much less convicted,

in any of those heists.

Look at this.

It's a copy of the INTERPOL
memo identifying him

only as the appraiser
that called attention

to the provenance of
the stolen painting.

That's it.

Yeah, but this
Scotland Yard workup

could support a pretty strong
conspiracy theory.

That they never gathered
any evidence to act on.


What did Sam Croft find out?

Sam never came up with anything
more than what we got here.

I had a feeling that you
had gotten to him first.

Yes, I did.

Look, even if he's
telling the truth,

there is no such thing
as a Robin Hood defense,

so at least it's conspiracy.

Did he send you
this stuff,

or did he hand it to you?

I saw him earlier.

Erin, I don't have to tell you,

if you're questioned--
No, you don't, Dad.

If a detective
wants to question me,

I'll give him everything I got,
which is nothing.

You know, when you look at me,
do you still see a wild child,

or do you see a 36-year-old
woman, mother and lawyer?

That's a trick question.

But both.

I didn't appreciate it
when you used to snoop around

on me when I was sowing my oats,

but at least, then,
I could understand it.

But now?


Why you turning?
I told you further up,

off Jackson.

Don't worry about it.

We're getting an oil change?


Christmas might be coming
a little early for you.

Tell me about Riverside.

They brought in the driver
of the garbage truck.

He told them
he was epileptic.

Doctor's reports and everything.

Told them
he had a seizure,

lost control
of the vehicle.

Guy was no more epileptic
than I am.

He was the hitter.

Okay. What's the proof on that?

Track down the doctor who
diagnosed him with the epilepsy.

And what's the doctor
going to tell me?

Nothing-- he doesn't exist,

except on a letterhead
out of a post office box

in Staten Island.

Now, can I see my boy?

Let's go.

Hello, Junior.

Was a beautiful car, Junior.

Sure would have been
nice to keep it.

But I'm sure the guy
you stole it from

is happy to have it back.

Do me a favor--

keep your hands where I
can see them at all times.

Let's go.


Let me look at you.

Hey, Dad.

You take care
of yourself.

You hear me?

I love you.

Love you, too.

No, he was on the...

Hey, Vincent.

Give us a minute?


See you later.


You gotta understand
something, okay?

Look, Tesla--
he's like...

when you were kids, the
friend that you'd find

going through your
sister's underwear drawer

when he said he was
getting a soda.

Okay? And then
he grows up,

and he gets his shot
with her, and...


Bam, he got shot down.

Got it.

But you might want to show
him a little bit of respect,

if you want to make
some money around here.

Oh, and Jimmy,
you make a move,

just check with me, okay?

I'm the guy with the map.

(cell phone buzzing)



I'm here with your brother.

Lucky you.

I got my appetite back.

Yeah, well, I don't think it's
such a good idea that we--

If this is about Tesla,
he doesn't own me.

Look, let's just
forget it, okay?

Timing's bad for me.


You got it.

Okay, hey, don't
get me wrong--

I'm not trying to
tell you what to do.

You... you know
that, right?

It's not like...

I'm going out for a smoke.

Break's over.

Come here.

Just hang in there, okay?

Let's do something
this weekend.

All right, those are my notes.

Sam's going to read them
out to you.

You got it.

Could we go for one drink
before you put me back?

No, we can't go for one drink
before we put you back.

One beer.

Sam's going to
read you my notes.

If you hear anything
that doesn't jive

with what you said, you
call it out, we'll fix it.


But one beer.

Ted, this is Jimmy Riordan
at Cardicott Capital.

Yes, absolutely.

I believe you spoke
to an associate of mine

last week about an opportunity
in Branatech.

Yeah, can I have a few more
moments of your time right now?

Okay, I'll call back
in an hour, then.

Everything cool?

I don't know-- you tell me.

I'm cool.

Something wrong with your computer?

Why were you feeling it up
just then?

What are you talking about?

You waiting
for walk-in business?

Get on the phone.

Second body was in
the cargo hold

of a motor coach,
not of a school bus.

Oh, okay.

My mistake.
Sam, you mind fixing that?

Yeah. Done.

we all in agreement now?

Signed, sealed, delivered.

(engine revving,
tires squealing)

Hang on, guys. We got company.

Hold on!

Damn it!

(tires squealing)

Get down! Stay down!

Danny, look out!

Go! Go!

(horn blaring)

Call for backup!

10-13, shots fired.
We need backup, forthwith!

We're at the underpass
of Bruckner and Fifth.


You okay?

You're not hit?

You sure?

Okay, good.

Ow! God...!

I take you to see your kid,
and that's how you pay me back?

You can't blame
a guy for trying.

Hey, Riordan.
Wait up.

I said wait up.

I got a date in the city,
and no, not with Bianca.

Yeah, I think you got something
doesn't belong to you.

What are you talking about?

I think you ripped a copy
of the client list.

Maybe you don't like it here

but you don't want to
leave empty-handed.

You're talking crap.


Empty your pockets.

All right.
I'm going to frisk you.

The hell you are.


You're outside the building.

Got a right to search you.



Come on, come on...


What do you got, huh?

What do you got?

Well, lucky you.


He's all yours.

Oh, one last thing.

For what it's worth...
I'm sorry.

Ah, it's not worth anything.

You would've tried, too.

I probably wouldn't have.

But when'd you get the idea?

Was it when you got me to
take you to see your son?

Did you whisper
something in his ear?

That was just
a father-son thing.

Come on-- you didn't
signal him, nothing?

This was set up days ago.

They were Albanians, by the way.

Only ones crazy enough
to take on cops.

Do yourself a favor:

watch out for the Albanians.

Thanks for the tip.

I'll see you around, Tommy.

It's okay, boys.

I had it coming.

What happened?

What are you doing here?

Not taking no for an answer.

Who did this?


About me?

Not that he said.

We got to get
you to a hospital.

Jimmy, you gotta
see a doctor.

I asked you to
stay away, Bianca.

Don't argue with me!

So then just stay away.
Stop it!

I mean it.

Good-bye, Bianca.

I'm just saying, next time I
deliver you a bird in the hand,

don't send me out
to go beat the bushes.

We got two closed homicides
out of it, maybe even three,

if we find that
garbage truck driver.

Yeah, but you're forgetting, we
almost had another homicide: me.

Guess I owe you an apology.

Or at least a good
bottle of Scotch.

I'm sorry you were
put in harm's way

for something I asked you to do.

You see?
Now, was that so difficult?

Yes... because the worse
I feel about something,

the less I'm able
to admit to it.

That's my kid sister.

Thank you.

Do you think Nicky can
hang out after dinner?

I have an appointment in town.

I can pick her up right after.


How about if I just keep
Nicky for the night?

If memory serves,

sometimes teenagers need a night
off from their parents, too.

I'll just drop her at school
on my way to work.

I think she'd like that.

Done, then?

Thank you.


How's the other guy look?

Other two guys.

There were two?

Yep. They look
even cooler than me.

And he didn't
cough up the evidence.

It's a gift.

I don't understand.

Did he have to
swallow something?

(all chuckling)

Yeah, it was the...
secret code.

I'll explain later.
Really? You did?

Yeah. Apparently,
Uncle Jamie's been famous

for swallowing things
since he was a kid.


Like the, uh, Liberty head dimes
from my coin collection.


Guess where we found those.

Ugh. Uncle Jamie?

Mm-hmm. It's okay, though.

Once I boiled them,
they were shiny and new.


Come on, cut it out.
It hurts when I laugh.

Of course.

We're sorry.


My confirmation locket...


It was so gross.

Come on. I'm begging you.



When he swallowed the key
to the liquor cabinet...

(all laughing)
...that was pretty serious.

Mom never did wear those
pearl earrings again.


(all laughing hysterically)

Ms. Reagan...


Care to fill me in?

Well, turns out
he stood us both up.

I just got word that
he flew out of Washington

a couple hours ago.

To where?


So you were right,
and I was--

Right, also.

In that we still don't have
enough to flat-out arrest him.

But we must be getting closer,

for him to, uh, suddenly
flee the country.

Well, some guys are
like that, you know?

You get too close,
and they just...

If you hear from him...

You'll be the first to know.

Well, thank you, Ms. Reagan.

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