Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 5 - A Night on the Town - full transcript

Danny tries to juggle investigating a case with trying to have a romantic weekend with Linda. Meanwhile, Jamie goes deep undercover into a crime family.

I'm dropping the boys over at
Henry and Frank's around 6:00,

- Right.
- and then cabbing it to the hotel.

What do you mean you're
cabbing it, babe?

You going to cab it all the way
from Bay Ridge?

I'll have both our suitcases.

Babe, but it's from Bay Ridge
all the way into the city.

That's a very expensive
cab ride, honey.

The whole weekend is
free of charge, Danny.

No, the room, the food
and the show are free of charge.

But you've got your incidentals,
honey, and they add up.

You really want your wife schlepping
two suitcases on the subway?

No. I want my wife to be relaxed...

all weekend long.

So we can make sweet, sweet love.

Now that's more like it.
Love you.

Love you more.
Love you most.

Don't forget this.
It's supposed to shower.

Babe, there's not a cloud in the sky.

Trust your wife.

Thermos. It's on the roof.

All right.

I'm taking Lizzie's shift tonight

so I won't be home till 8:00 or so.

Bring something for supper.

If you get kibble for the cat.
Do you need some money?

- No, I've got work today.
- Timmy Kelly's cousin came through?

It looks that way.

Text you later.

Love you.

(thunder rumbling)

How does this sound?

Museum of Natural History,

then the Intrepid, then dinner,
then tickets to a Broadway show

I can't remember the name of,

but my ticket guy says
is the hottest show in town?

What about nap time?

The boys are too old
for naps, Francis.

I meant for us.


Oh, hey, you home for dinner?

Erin and Nicky want
to cook for everybody.

Reagan, you decent?

Depends who you ask.

The cell you were issued when
you went undercover at the bar,

they wanted to reassign it,

but there's voice mail for you on it.

Five messages the last couple of days

from a Noble Santino,
something like that.

Sanfino. Yeah.

The guy O.D.'d. I called a bus,
took him to the hospital.

Yeah, you want to call him back?

I want to think about it.

Can I hold on to it?

Sign it out in the log.

Let me know when you're done with it.

You got it, Sarge.

Heads up, everybody.

That's our bump up ahead...
the green Explorer.

(horn honking)

Here we go.
(horn honks in response)

Okay, everybody, brace yourself.
(phone ringing)

(woman screaming)

Is everyone all right?

(groans) MAN:
What the hell's the matter with you?!

You just stopped for no reason!
You hit me!

The middle of the street!


Yeah, I'd like to report an accident.

Somebody call an ambulance!

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Blue Bloods
Season 2, Episode 5 "A Night On The Town"

I'm not sure. We just called him Scotty,
you know. Scotty.

- Yeah.
- On account of he was Scottish?

Yeah, with the accent.

Right, except it was
an Irish accent. Huh?

His name was Liam Keogh.
He was from Dublin, Ireland.

I thought he was Scottish.
Yeah, I'm sure you did.

And how long has this guy

been hired on to your painting crew?

I don't know... recently.

I can barely stand.
I really got to see a medic.

Go on, get out of my face.

Make sure you get good I.D. on him.

All right, same story from
all the guys in the Explorer.

Yeah, of course.

- Yeah, is this what it looks like?
- Well, we got a painting crew

with not a drop of paint
on their shoes,

and we got half a soccer team
on their way to a game

without a ball or a single
pair of cleats in sight.

And we've got one that
rear-ended the other,

and not an inch of a skid mark.

Yeah, it looks a lot more like
a date than an accident.


(man groaning)
Look at this performance.

Oh, my arm is killing me!

Bravo. Bravo.

(loud groan)


How it works is, they then
get seen by the clinic

who set up the bogus
accident in the first place.

The clinic pays the victims

a little something
for their troubles,

while at the same time,
bilking Medicaid

out of tens of thousands of
dollars for every phony claim.

The thing is this time,
it just happened to go bad.

Oh, Liam.

Tess, did Liam ever say
anything about this to you?

Did he ever come home
flush with cash...

you know, the kind of cash

he couldn't make from a day's work?

There was this clinic he went to,

every couple weeks, to sell blood.

He was some rare type.
They paid him pretty good.

JACKIE: And they recruited
him for the big show.

You got a name,
would he have a card at home?

No. I had to go get him once.

He was too dizzy after he gave.

It's on Delancey.

Hygienic Medical,
something like that.

Okay, thank you.

We're sorry for your loss.

Thanks a lot.

(phone ringing)


(laughing) Oh, I had just about
given up on you.

Who's this?

Only a guy owes you his life.

Jimmy, how are you, man?

Hey, I'm hanging in there.
How about you?

Long story short, just got out
of 30 days in rehab.

But it's like the whole world's
in high-def.

Where are you?

I'm gonna lose you.

All right, real quick,
reason I called...

I want you to come out to dinner
on Saturday night.

We've got a new chef
at my restaurant,

we're doing a soft opening,
big dinner,

friends and family.

- Uh, tomorrow?
- Yeah, I've been trying you all week, man.

Thing is, I've got a thing.
So move the thing.

Look, I want to say thank you,
and so does my family.

All right, look,
I'll see what I can do.


All right.

DANNY: I'll say it again,
Dr. Roth...

Liam Keogh is not covered by
doctor-patient confidentiality.

He's not a patient, he's a corpse.

Which is a tragedy that neither I

nor any of my staff had a hand in.

Why don't you let us
take a look at his records.

The moment I see your subpoena.

Oh, so you really want to play
hide and go seek with me?

No, Detective, I want
to get back to work.

I've got lawyers for this==
good ones and lots of them.

I suggest you contact them...
my secretary

will be happy to...
give me the runaround.

Like you're doing.

You see my waiting room.

I treat the left-behind, the
fallen through the cracks,

the uninsured.

In what kind of world

is an honest healer on
the top of the suspect list?

Do I get a lollipop with that story?

Good day, Detective.

Any luck?

No, they're so
tight-lipped around here

I think they're on the verge of
a major medical breakthrough.

Oh, yeah, the cure for low cash-flow.

Be sure to wear your neck brace
at all times, Mrs. Alvarez,

especially out of the house,
where someone might see you.


See you soon.

Okay. Thanks.

Excuse me.

My G.G.'s.

Did you get the Shark Week DVD?

All cued up in the sun room.
Oh, boy, let's go.

I'll be... with you you in a minute.

I can't tell you how much I
appreciate you taking the boys.

The pleasure's all mine,
believe you me.

- Where's Frank?
- He's in with Jamie having a father-son.

Okay, then, a few things you
need to know about the boys.

First of all, Sean won't
eat anything green.

You got to watch him with that.

Have you talked to OCCB?

No, I want to talk to you first.

I have no interest in breaking
my own chain of command.

I know that.
This is vet to rookie.


(sighs deeply)

What do you want to do?

Part of me...

turn back the clock,

never meet that guy undercover
in that bar in the first place,

never take him to the hospital
when he O.D.'d,

never take his phone call.

Not an option.

I want to step up...

...but my stomach goes in knots.

You scared or anxious?

Well, both, I think.

Comes with.

- But what's that make me if I don't?
- If you mean chicken,

that's a playground taunt.

Any particular call to duty

has to be measured against

what you truly believe
you're ready for and capable of.

Going undercover

to hang with mobsters is
serious business.

In anybody's book.

It's supposed to be brown on top.

This looks more like a spray-on tan.

I would put it back in,

turn the oven up to 450, and maybe

grab the takeout menus
from the drawer on the left.


Aren't you supposed to be in
some fancy hotel indulging

your every whim?

Yeah, well, Danny caught a case.

And I had to school the tribal elders

on the boys' routine.

How did that go?

How do you think?

Henry looked at me like I was
some kind of tiger mom.


I'm gonna go say hey to the boys.

You guys are way overdue
for this weekend.

I know.

And yet I'm not sure why.

We used to plan a "dirty weekend"

every month or so; time out to be

boyfriend and girlfriend,

you know, keep

that whole thing going.

It's been a while.

A little rusty?

It's just... I mean, can you
really put aside kids

and the money worries
and the job, on cue,

after all this time?

Well, I hear it's just like
riding a unicycle.


(keypad beeping)

(phone line ringing)

This is Noble.
You know the drill.

Hey, Noble, Jimmy.

I moved that thing around.

I'd love to join you tomorrow night.

Leave me a message
with the when and where.



"Or what"?

"Or what" is I call
your parole officer

and I ask if you practicing
without a license

at a Medicaid mill is
a violation of your parole,

that's what.

What do you think
the answer's gonna be?

Okay, yeah, they set it up.

Of course, no one was
supposed to die.

Well, somebody did die.

But you're never
gonna find a paper trail.

They got, like, a dozen of these

all with a legit side.

These guys are smart.

Well, I have you.

And you're gonna record
a conversation

between you and Dr. Roth.

And you're gonna get him to
give you some little nugget

or at least to say
that he knew about this in advance.

And that makes me smarter.

You know, I should've just
done the full nickel

the first time you busted me.

Now it's like I'm your
snitch for life.

Will you give me a break?

If it wasn't for
the kindness of my heart

you'd be in Bedford Women's
right now,

scamming for Nicorette.

Yeah, well, I quit smoking.

Do you think I'm joking?

I got a dead guy and I want
to know who's responsible.

Now you are gonna get me something

that I can use on tape

from Dr. Roth.

You do that, you'll bank
some serious good will with me.

Now call him.




What is it, exactly,

you think you're gonna accomplish

with this physical
therapy scam anyway?

You're not gonna make any real money

doing that, are you?

Visiting nurse service.

All I need is a couple of rich gimps.

You hear about these guys falling

for their nursie all the time.

You are a real piece of work.

(phone rings)


Dr. Roth.

Go ahead, answer it.

You know, I've never had
a Jewish guy.

It's kind of on my bucket list.

Answer the phone.

Hola, Glenn. (chuckles)

Thanks for calling me back.

Yes, your offer for dinner.

Um, are you free tonight?

Great. Um, let's say

Cask 24 on Metropolitan at 8:30.

No, no, I'm already here.

Okay, see you then.


Now, was that so difficult?

Of course not.

He's been trying to get in my pants

since the minute he set eyes on me.

DANNY: I know I said
I wouldn't be late,

but they were just a couple of
kids fresh off the boat, honey.

I don't know.

She reminded me of you.
Who knows?

Different circumstances,
they could've been us.

How were they us, Danny?

I don't get it.

I mean, we were both born in America,

and you didn't get yourself
killed in a fake accident.

I don't know.
They were Irish, okay?

You know what I mean, honey.

I know what you meant,

and I love that you care, I do.

It's just, right now,
I don't give a rat's...

Half-hour tops.


Did you eat yet?

No, and I'm starving.

Listen, Danny...

don't blow this, okay?

I'm begging you.

I won't, I won't.

Dr. Roth, where are you going?

You see that young lady I was with?

Rosalita! Hey!


Hey, pretty girl around five-five,

she go out that door?

Couple of minutes ago.

Was she with anyone?

Nah, she was by herself.

Damn it!


Oh, that's so good.

I was up till 3:00 skip-tracing
her all over town.

Oh, yeah, right there.
You got anything?

Her phone had nothing
outgoing or incoming

after 9:30 last night.

Ooh! Danny!

All right. You know what? Her,
um, her CI registration form's

probably got two other working
aliases on it. Why don't you see

if there's any cell phones
registered in those names?

Yeah, I'm pulling them up now.
All right, what else?

One second, babe.

LINDA: Oh, that feels good.
Right there.

Oh, right there! Oh!

Well, it's gonna be tough

getting to Roth
without her help.


Special Frauds has had charges
against him

dropped twice on account of the way

his lawyers have him set up.

You know, nothing goes
straight back to him.


Danny, could you get off the phone

for a little bit of take it in
the other room, please?

One second, honey.
Okay, get dumps on

Roth's phone, see what pops up.

Maybe he might have made her
a better offer.

If he did, he'll probably
check in with her.

Yeah, okay.

All right.
That feels good.


In couples massage,
we encourage couples

to talk to one another only.


You're very tense here.

(inhales sharply)
You think?

Okay, the tickets were in your...

...inside left breast pocket
where I always keep tickets.

You look in all your coats?

Even ones I don't wear.

Raincoat, maybe?
I'll remember.

Just give me a minute.

Hey, Erin took that course
at John Jay to help witnesses

with their recall.
Let's get her over here.

We'll have backup in

the immediate area,

but we can't get a ghost in
there with you.

You're on your own once
you're at the location.

This kit contains a valid
driver's license

for Jimmy Riordan and two
working credit cards.

We'll be taking your photos down
from all the NYPD databases

and putting up a substitution.

Uh, Lieutenant, so we're clear,

I'm just getting my feet wet here,

I'm not committing
to a career undercover.

And though it's highly unlikely,

if you find yourself in a
situation where

a crime is being committed
or about to be,

you're to steer clear
of any interference.

So just play dumb?

No, there's a difference.

You can take information in,
you just can't

actively participate in
the course of events.

Do you understand?


Philip Sanfino, that's your guy.

Don't get taken in
by the "Uncle Philly" act.

He's a sociopath in a Brioni suit.

But if you can make
a favorable impression

in the kind of intimate
family gathering this

reads like, then you've jumped
us over a lot of quicksand.

Got it.

Eyes wide open.


Good luck.

Yes, they'd be in an envelope.

A small envelope.

It has advertising on it...
a credit card, I think.

Yes. So now you're taking
the envelope

out of your pocket.

Try to visualize the room,

the other objects

as you're placing the envelope down.

Am I supposed to be seeing something?

Take your time.

All I can see are those little
white dots you see

when you close your eyes.

(clears throat)

Let's try this again.

(Noble laughs)

You took the train?

Hey. I would've picked you up, man.

No problem.
How are ya?

Good... in my new ride.

Ooh, nice.

You like it?
It's yours.

Okay, but I'm gonna
trade it in for something

slightly less top-gun orthodontist.

Oh, look at that!

It started with the car.

Yeah, I was kidding
about the car, but look,

let me be serious for a second,
and just don't interrupt me

because I suck at being serious.

Got it.

Thank you...

for saving my life.

You're welcome.

Okay, you're done.

Okay, good.

♪ I've told the truth ♪

♪ I didn't come to fool you ♪

♪ And even though
it all went wrong ♪

♪ I'll stand before
the Lord of Song ♪

♪ With nothing on my tongue
but "Hallelujah" ♪

It's my sister Bianca.

Don't want what you can't have.

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah. ♪

(song ends)

Come on, sing something
from Mamma Mia!


Jimmy Riordan.

Thanks for saving my
brother's life, I guess.


That was really, really good.

That was really, really not.
You don't have to suck up to me,

I don't have any juice around here.

Whoa. Sorry.

And if anyone yells
for Mamma Mia! or "Volare""

I am walking off stage,
I swear to God.

We'll make an announcement.

Thank you.
No problem.


Don't take it personally.

It's her time of the month
every day of the month, lately.

Angie, due Sambuca?

Uno, grazie.

You can still drink.

Yeah. It wasn't Sambuca
that put me in the hospital.

But I am doing the 12 steps.

And step nine is what we
are doing here tonight.

Making amends.

In person, if possible.

So that's why I'm here.

You, I needed to thank.

That guy who sold me the bad mash,

I need to make amends with him, too.

But... different.

He's coming here tonight?

You got a problem with that?


I'm not sure where we're meeting up.

But I am not asking
you to get involved.

Okay? I know you don't
have a beef with him.

Got a beef with anybody who

puts a friend of mine
in the hospital.

Then you'll enjoy the show.


Why aren't we going to the play?

Well, the lesson there is,

never hide anything
like tickets so well

even you can't find them.

So what else about restaurants
should we know

besides no mayo on pastrami?

You can order lobster
at a steakhouse,

but never order steak
at a lobster shack.

And never the chili in
a fast-food chain, ever.

And you should learn to cook
a couple of things for yourself,

because there'll be
a few years between

eating in a restaurant
on your parents' dime

and when you'll be able
to afford it on your own.

- When does that happen?
- After high school.

What do we cook?
Sandwiches, mostly.

But you should know how to
make dinner for a girl.

- Really?
- Really.

Linguini with garlic and oil,

a simple salad, good bread.

How long are we going to be too
poor to eat in a restaurant?

Well, you won't be poor,
exactly, but you'll be paying

for everything that used to come
free, so you'll feel strapped.

That sounds kind of scary.
Not really.

But always remember this,

if a month comes when you can
make rent or the car payment,

but not both, make the car
payment, because you can

live in your car, but you
can't drive your house.

And no matter how great a deal
it sounds, never buy anything

from someone who's out of breath.

Who's for dessert?

- I am.
- Eat your vegetables first.

What are we doing next?

A little live-bait night
fishing on the pier,

followed by a private screening
of a great American Western,

sodas and popcorn included.

I thought so.

Excuse us a sec.

Sure, Uncle Philly.

Come on.

So Riordan, huh?

How do you spell that?


You got any family, Jimmy?

Uh, no, I'm single.
No, no, no.

Family you come from.

Oh. Uh, my father,
my brother, my sister.

Your mother?

She passed away.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

I miss her every day.

There's one thing I don't get.

You take Noble to the hospital,
you get him checked in...

yet you don't wait around
for someone to get there.

Not sure I understand the question.

What was the hurry?

No hurry.

I just thought, an overdose,
they'd probably notify the cops.

The cops want to question me,

do I know this, did I see that?




- Come inside.
- Right.

(clears throat)

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Thank you, thank you.

Good evening.
Welcome, everyone.

Before my beautiful niece

Bianca serenades us,
I wanted to introduce

a very, very special guest.

Jimmy, here, is the Good Samaritan

who we have to thank for Noble
being alive to host us tonight.

(applause, cheering)


Jimmy, from the bottom
of all our hearts,

molto grazie.



Thank you.

Prego, Signor Sanfino.


Pretty good for a Mick, huh?

(all laughing)

(soft piano music playing)

So, you know the Farleys
from the next block over?

- They listed their house for $499,000.
- They'll never get it.

Though, it'd be nice
for us if they did.


(cell phone buzzing)

Go ahead, Danny, get it.

Go, Jack.

All right, Tara has one of

Rosalita's alias cells triangulated.

She's at, uh, 29th and Madison.

There's a hotel on
the southeast corner,

probably your location.

Roth's tracking from Forest Hills

and towards the 59th Street bridge.

All right.
Can you stay with it?

I told you, it's my mom's
birthday. I can't stand her up.

Of course.

Look, I got my laptop
at the hotel, okay?

Just zip everything over to me there.

All right. Sorry, partner.

Don't say sorry.

Come on, it's your mom's birthday.

Tell her happy birthday
from me and Linda.


The theater's on 44th, between

Broadway and 8th.

You're a pal.

South side of the street. Yeah.

Okay, I'll see you there.

So Lisa's going to meet me there.

Which means you're off
the hook for the show.

I hope you understand, Linda.

It is what it is.

♪ I heard there was ♪

♪ A secret chord ♪

♪ David played,
and it pleased the Lord ♪

(phone buzzes)
♪ But you don't really care ♪

Hey, there.

♪ For music, do you? ♪

Yeah. Yeah.
No, just, uh...

just take him to the place
that we talked about.

And listen to me:
I do not want a scratch on him

till I get there.

Uh, around 10:00.


♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Hallelujah...
hallelujah ♪


Is she as good as any one of
those American Idols or what?


♪ Hallelujah... ♪

Look, Linda...

I always love you.

I don't always show it.

Tonight I can't show it
the way you deserve, but I do.

You know, when I married you,

I knew I would have to share you
with the job on some nights.


I'm just sad that tonight
is one of those nights.

Me, too.

Because you look amazing
in that dress.

It's a little short, but...
I actually kind of like that.

It is short.

And I'm not wearing any underwear.


All right. So there's a party
at Tabu, and then I got a table

for the late show at the Blue Note.

Then I'm in.
I call shotgun.

No, no, no!

Girls cannot call
shotgun in a Porsche.

Come on, I don't mind.

You are such a jerk.

Come on.

What are you doing?

All right.

Wait here.

'Cause I asked you to.

Then can Jimmy wait with me?

If he wants.

It won't be long.

I get shotgun, then.

Let's go, Jimmy.

Be back in a minute.


You look like crap.

I'm so sorry, man.

Please, let me make it up to you.

Oh. Yeah.

- You're gonna.
- Please.

Yeah, because of you,

I spent two nights in the hospital,

and then got sent up
for 30 days in rehab.

I got that stuff from my
usual guy. I had no idea...

Because of you, my life didn't just

fall off the rails, man.

I-It went down the embankment,

through the orphanage, and
into the gas tanks. I mean...

I ought to kill you.

- Please...
- But...

step nine of the 12 steps

instructs us to make amends.

So... let's you and
me make amends, huh?



It's on me.


Come on.

Come on, Richie, down the hatch now!

Come on!

Richie, come on!

Oh. Do it.

(grunts) Okay, okay, fine.
Do you want to know

what my friends here really
wanted to do with you?


Take your medicine then, buddy.

Come on. Go! Go!



All right.

Okay, okay.

Take it easy, huh?

What's in it?

Oh, it's, uh, crystal meth.

And some smack to,
uh, counter the meth.

And a heaping helping of
pure LSD so the whole thing

will be a lasting memory.

How we doing, Rich?



Over here.

What are you doing here?

I told you I got this.

I don't work on your timetable,

you work on mine, you understand?

Now light up.

I told you, I quit.

And I'm assuming you told Roth

you were going for a smoke, right?

So you better smell of smoke
when you go back upstairs.

What the hell happened
to you last night?

Glenn got a call,
I think, about the accident.

So he had to book.

What the hell does that mean?

I didn't feel like dealing with you,

- so I slipped out the back.
- Why?

I like the guy, okay?

I needed a little more time
to think this through.

Oh, you like the guy,
so you screw me over instead.

Glenn and his family
lost all their money to Madoff.

You think I give a rat's ass

what that scumbag lost to Madoff?

So he's got a story.

And he's attractive and he's Jewish,

so I decided to sleep with him.

Where's my evidence?

I can't screw the guy
before I do the guy.

It's got to be the other way around.

I got a code, too.

Okay, here's the deal, Rosalita.

You're gonna get me a tape
in the morning

or your ass will be
in Rikers by lunch.

You follow me?

Don't test me again.

Cool your jets.

Don't test me again.

I will bury you.

Where do you want me to drop it?

Drop it at the Dandridge hotel
at the front desk.

Cop can afford the Dandridge?

The wife and I won
a romantic weekend together.

So what are you doing here?

That's a good question.

I got this.


You better.

Now, be a good boy and
take your medicine.


Come on. Come on!


(pants, chokes)





Are those bats?!


(both screaming)


Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm yanking your chain, dude.

Come on.



All right.



Just gonna leave him here?

Cut him.


Cut him loose.

Come on.



LINDA: You dropping by
or you staying?

I'm staying.

How was the show?

Really good.

You missed it.


Sorry about, uh, you know,
messing things up tonight.

Whatever, Danny.

Will you put on SNL?

I hear Alec Baldwin's hosting.


I brought dessert.

So did I.

(The Magnificent Seven theme
playing over TV)

Think they had fun?

Of course they did.

I can remember you
and Grandpa took me

for a night on the town
when I was about their age.

We went to see Spartacus
at the old Rivoli

and had dinner at Jack Dempsey's.

I've still got the picture
somewhere of you and the champ.

You were ten.

And the two of them
had advice for me.

Oh, yeah.

And it always ended with,

"But don't tell your mother
I said that."

I know where the tickets are.



If you ever got tickets to a musical,

it would've been for Mom,
not yourself.

So you would've put them
where she kept her treasures.

The wooden box over the fridge.



Very impressed.

Grandpa, you got them tickets
to The Book of Mormon?

What? It's a Broadway musical

about some American missionaries
in Africa.

Okay, well, I've seen it;
it's not for kids.

You dodged a bullet.

I think that's a little overstated.

Oh, well, that depends

on your appetite for explaining jokes

about Jesus, AIDS,

the finer points of
the female anatomy

to your grandsons.



(knock on door)


And how was your stay, Dr. Roth?

Just perfect, thank you.

Here's a copy of your bill.

Do you need any help with
luggage or transportation?

We have his ride right here.

What are you doing here?

Glenn Roth, you're under arrest

for criminally negligent homicide

in the death of Liam Keogh.

Ah, this is ridiculous.

(handcuffs click)

I want my lawyer.

Well, you're gonna
need a new one of those.

We're arresting your lawyer, too.

You're gonna regret this, Detective.

Not as much as you.

We'll get his bags.


Mom! Dad!


You guys behave?

They were angels.

Yeah, right.
No kidding.

Dad, you have to see
The Magnificent Seven.

It's the best movie ever.
Magnificent Seven...

I already saw that movie
when I was your age.

And I saw it with the same
two old cowboys as you.

Where's Dad?

He's with Jamie, in the living room.

All right.

Dinner in 15.
All right.

It was pretty brutal.

Guy's okay?

Yeah, he's in
King's General... stable.

I guess the apple doesn't fall
far from the family tree.

That's the thing, though.

Isn't the wise guy way like,
"You put one of ours

in the hospital, we put
one of yours in the morgue"?

Noble didn't do that.

What are you getting at?

Just that this was more
"an eye for an eye."

Biblical, not gangster.

Still pretty damn sadistic.

All right,

so what are you gonna do about it?

Only thing I can do.
Wait for OCCB to put me back in.

You still have a choice.
You can still walk away.

Not if I want to really contribute.


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