Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Black and Blue - full transcript

Jamie is lightly hurt and sergeant Anthony Renzulli lands in hospital when they are abused, trying to respond to a fake robbery call, by burly 'security' hired by a ghetto church. Its 'reverend', Darnell Potter, is a provocative politician and a campaign friend of the new mayor. While Danny traces the fake caller and who hired him, chief Frank must resist press, public and the mayor, but financial scrutiny hands him leverage.

Look at this-- gun collar,
two weapons possessions,

two outstanding warrants.

You know, we gotta take

these transit assignments
more often, Jack.

Yeah, well, maybe
they'll think twice

before they jump the turnstile
with a pistol in their pocket.

That's right, Einstein.

Try to save yourself
two bucks,

you get two
years instead.

The NYPD crackdown
on subway fare-beaters

has once again yielded
numerous arrests

on more serious charges.

But not everyone
is singing the praises

of Commissioner Reagan's
popular program.

I'm here with the
Reverend Darnell Potter

of the Disciples
of Isaiah Church.

Reverend, this program

has gotten dozens of
guns off the street.

Isn't that hard
to argue with?

Not if the ends don't
justify the means, Jane.

I mean, this program
is oppressive.

It is offensive.

Yet another example
of Commissioner Reagan's

extreme tactics, and one
that I don't see him practicing

in the white neighborhoods.

What exactly are you saying?

I'd give my right arm

to stick my left foot
in your mouth, pal.

I'm afraid that would be
considered excessive force, Pop.

Fine, then I'll use
a sock instead.

What's he saying
about me this morning?

That you're an oppressor
and a racist.

That's all?

He's dogging it.

It's not funny, Francis.

The buck
has got to stop somewhere,

and this time,
it's on Frank Reagan's desk.

This guy's dangerous.

Only if you're
standing between him

and a television camera.

Do you think we're gonna see

this kind of chain-gang
parade in SoHo?

Hm? No.

I swear, Reagan,
sometimes I'm convinced

that God Himself
is a member

of the Fraternal
Order of Police.

- Yeah? Why's that?-
- 'Cause every once in a while

he lets a clown like this

blow a red light when
I'm right behind him.

- It's your lucky, day, Sarge.
- Yeah, I guess so.

License and

I don't care, I want it
on my desk in ten minutes!

If you don't have Stadler's
numbers on it, I don't care.

I don't care, either.

Take your time.

He's gonna be a
while, all right?

License and registration.

12 George. 10-30.

Male with a gun at 122 Lenox.

12 Sergeant op. Copy that.
Show us responding, okay?

What do you know-- it turns out
it's your lucky day, GQ.

We got a call about
a robbery in progress.

All police inquiries go through
Reverend Potter's office.

Show us your hands, please.

That's a sanctuary up there.

Yeah? Not for a man with a gun.
Now, step aside.

There's no firearms
permitted inside.

That's exactly the way we feel.
Step aside. Now.

Back up, I said.
Back up.

We have two officers
approaching now.

Over here.

All right, that's
far enough.

Right there.

You were told

this is a house
of worship.

- Step aside right now.
- Man, you're not getting in.

We're not screwing
around anymore.

Now, make a hole.

Get your hands off him!


Sarge, you okay?

You all right?


Hey, back up!
Back up!

Stay back!

10-85, forthwith!

Uh, 122 Lenox.

I need a bus.

What's going on?

Officers in distress,
a few blocks away.

All right, take them.
Jack, we gotta go.

Take them.

- Watch out!
- Excuse me.

Move aside!
Step back!

Let go!

I got you, Sarge.
This way.

What the hell's going on?

Back up! Hey, kid!

- Danny...
- What happened?

He's hurt.
A bus is on the way.

Whoa! Hey! Back off!
Hey! I said back up!

- This is a church!
- Hey!

Come here... come here...
What are you doing, huh?

Put your hands on
a police officer, huh?

Better watch your back, pig!

Hey! Back it up!

10-13. We need more units.

We got a situation here.

I said back up!

♪ Blue Bloods 2x06 ♪
Black and Blue
Original Air Date on November 4, 2011

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How's he doing?

- Hey.
- He'll live.

Yeah, he caught a lot worse
than that in fifth grade,

banging around for the
basketball under the basket.

- Intentional foul.
- Eh, it was

fair and square, kid;
I'm just going for the ball.

How's the sergeant?

They don't know yet.
How are you?

I'm fine.
It's not as bad as it looks.

The guy that pushed
you down the stairs--

you see him over there?

No. No, they must still

be in the building.
Hey, J.

You get a good look at him?

Yeah, it was
a big guy,

uh, with an earring,
and a skinny guy.

Caught him with a backhand
when I was going down.

Well, the guy you collared in
the car may know who they are.

We better get them
out of here, though,

before they launch a rescue.
- Yeah, all right.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

Are you sure you're all right?

Yeah. I just feel stupid
walking into something

like that, you know?

There was supposed to be
a robbery, but I don't know.

Whoa, hey, somebody says there's
a guy with a gun, you go in.

- Yeah, I know.
- Kid, I know I bust your chops

about Harvard
and all that stuff,

but listen to me-- what
you did today was true blue.

I understand.

- I'll see you later.
- All right.

Sergeant Renzulli
sustained a concussion,

Officer Reagan just some
minor cuts and bruises,

so far as we know.

- Is the scene secure?
- In process.

It's a commercial building, but
Reverend Potter's church rents

an old theatre on
the second floor

for their sanctuary.

...police officers
and members of the church.

Now, details are sketchy,
but apparently

the fight broke out
when the police officers

were denied entry
in the building...

It's on the sensitive
locations list.

Communications should
have relayed that

to the responding officers.

And look, I know the guy
that runs this place

is a thorn in your side...

You give him too much credit--
He's just a camera hog.

But the church does
a lot of good.

Yeah, they tossed some drug
dealers out of the neighborhood.

Well, now they've tossed
two police officers

down a flight of stairs.

Please don't tell me
we're heading out there.

What, and make his day?

Not if I can help it.

The police don't
know what to do,

because the church members
will not budge.

Thank you.


Well, if it isn't
Larry Skolnick.

You missed me.
I'm touched.

So, how's private practice
treating you?


Heard you had a big tax evasion
case-- lot of press.

Ka-ching, ka-ching.

It paid for the new condo.

45th floor, river view.

You should come check it out.

Yeah... ugh, heights
make me dizzy.

Oh, even better.

There's a great little Italian
place on the ground floor.

- You'd love it.
- Thank you, Larry, but...

We could talk about
opportunities for you.

People in my firm
would jump to have you.

Yeah, I don't think
I'm quite ready

to cross over to the dark side.

What, you really enjoy
butting heads

with scuzzball drug dealers?

You think I'm going to enjoy
defending them?

Which reminds me--

my 11:00 a.m. scuzzball
should be here any moment.


He's early.

Larry Skolnick, counsel
for the scuzzball.

Commissioner, sir...
As you were.

I'm sorry, Commissioner,

but the situation's gone
from bad to worse.

Don't apologize, Ed.

I know that was the last
phone call you wanted to make.


It's a standoff.

They're over there,
we're over here.

No communication

And the peanut gallery's
getting larger by the minute.

- All the exits secured?
- Ten minutes ago.

- E.S.U.?
- Captain?

- James?
- Sir.

We can take the
building any time.

Simultaneous tactical
entry at five points.

We can have this over
before lunch.

This crowd's going
to love that.

There's Potter.

You should talk to him.

I'm right here.

Lucinda, I'm glad

you and your colleagues are here
to witness this.

A church that has rid
the community of drugs--

has run job training programs
to help the people.

And what do we get?

A sea of blue surrounding
a house of worship.

But there are
unconfirmed reports,

Reverend, that church
security guards

assaulted two police officers
answering a 911 call.

You don't think a police
response was warranted?

I have a question for you:

Do you think we'd get
this same response

if these unconfirmed
reports happened

in St. Patrick's Cathedral?
Hell, no!

Hell no is right!

And there'll be
no negotiation

until the police remove
their army of occupation.

Captain, get your men ready.

Can I get an
amen on that?


We ain't going
anywhere here.

We'll stay
right here.

Right here!

How you feeling, Sarge?

Like I fell down a flight
of stairs on my noggin.

That's funny 'cause that's
exactly what you did.

Well, what do you know?

Doc says you got
a concussion.

You got to rest up
a couple more days.


Hey, do me a favor.

Would you check
the drawer?

Make sure my watch
is still there.

My old man gave it to me
when I went on the job.

Said after the gun,

a cop's best friend is
knowing what time it is.

Smart guy, your old man.

Yeah, he was.

He would have liked you, Reagan.

He would have thought you was
a good influence on me.

Close call out there
today, Sarge.

Could have went
either way,

but it went ours.

Never look back, though, right?

That's what you taught me?

That's right, kid.

And I wish I would have met
your old man

so I could have set him straight
about one thing.

It's you
who's a good influence on me.

And you don't forget it.

All right.

The guy with the earring--
what was his name?

- Thurgood Marshall.
- And the skinny guy

was, uh,
Clarence Thomas?

- You mock us?
- Hey, you started

with the jokes, friend.
Not to mention

a police officer.

Someone pushed me from behind.

- Uh-huh.
- I tripped into you.


This whole thing was
a police provocation.

Oh, right,
so those two officers--

they just pushed themselves
down the stairs.

Is that right?

They burst
into a place of worship.

With weapons.

- For no reason.
- Except there was

a report
of an armed robbery.

What robbery?

We were praying.

It's a church.

Right, it's a church
and you were praying.

Then why did two officers
just burst in for no reason?

There are elements
in the police, huh?

Racists, provocateurs.

Let's get one thing straight.

Those cops weren't racists
and they weren't provocateurs.

So they were

and lied to.

There was no armed robbery.

Guy sees the world

through a very special set
of blinders.

Yeah, I'm
beginning to think

there was no armed
robbery at all.

Yeah, but somebody called up
and said there was one.

- Mm-hmm.
- So let's pull the 911 tape,

see if we can't figure out
who it was.

We shall not be moved!

- No!
- We must witness!

Stand tall, stand tall!

We're gonna stand
right here, y'all.

With minimum force,

- Understood.
- Once you're inside,

take special care
with any religious objects.

Wasn't a Bible that threw
two men down the stairs.

Yes, sir.


The mayor's here.


that's what I'm talking about.

How are you doing?

I'm doing good, sir,
I'm doing good.

What the hell
is he doing?


Come on back now, huh?
We'll see you.

That's what
I'm talking about.

That is what I'm
talking about.

Praise God.


Mr. Mayor.

How are we going
to defuse this?

In about 90 seconds, we are
going to enter that building

and arrest the men
who assaulted my officers.

Don't you think negotiating
would be a better idea?

Reverend Potter doesn't seem
to want to talk.

We can't negotiate
with ourselves.

Let me speak
with Reverend Potter.

You just did.

Frank, look around.

Going in would be a mistake.

Sir, sending a message
to the crowd

that assaulting
a police officer

doesn't have consequences--
that would be a mistake.

Captain, you're a go.

Go now.

No, no, no!

That's not gonna happen.

No, no!

You see what's happening?
You see this?

This is not justice!

This is not justice!
Give me your hands!

Yes, you!
Let's go, go, go!

You see what they doing
to my church!

Not on my watch!
Not on my watch!

Oh, hell, no!

This is not justice!

No! You need to
witness up here!

This is not justice!
This is a church!

Sorry, Captain.

Are you sure?

I can keep them around
while you think it over.

The guys who shoved us,
they're not here.

They must've skipped
out the back

before we secured the building.

Cut 'em loose.

There's a man with a gun--
he's robbing people

at 122 Lenox.

I just ran out of there.

He's a bad-ass.

Got a gun.

Be careful.

Doesn't mention
it's a church?

That's a funny thing.

Even funnier thing is

the call came from a pay phone
in Washington Heights.

That's nowhere near
122 Lenox.

No. So what does he do?

He runs out of
a church in Harlem,

doesn't stop till he gets
to Washington Heights?

What's wrong?
There's no pay phones

between Harlem
and Washington Heights?

No, it's a bogus call.

It's gotta be
a bogus call.

But who would want
to trick the cops

into running into
a prayer service?

I don't know.
Let's go find out.

I'm sure we can work something
out for Mr. Harten here.

Since he was found

in possession of
four kilos of heroin

and enough cocaine
to levitate Manhattan,

I think a guilty plea
will settle things nicely.

He'll plead to Criminal
Possession, Fourth Degree.

So, one Class C felony
instead of two A-1's?

He'd take the maximum.

- I... would?
- Yeah.

This is not Christmas, and I am
certainly not Santa Claus.

Well, I'll save you
the trouble of a trial.

It's no trouble.

The drugs were found
in his refrigerator.

Search warrant
was valid.

His fingerprints
were all over the wrappers.

Plus he gives you
a half-dozen dealers

who buy from him
in upper Manhattan--

Harlem to
Washington Heights.

So he'd give us the guys
who buy from him?

Names, addresses, times, places.

Yeah, I think you forgot
what we do here.

We give a deal to a little fish
who gives us a big fish,

not the other way around.

How about the people
he buys from?

What, are you nuts?

I like breathing.

Looks like we're done here.

Manhattan North Narcotics
says a guy, Otto Jackson,

runs everything that
goes on up here.

Those guys probably
all work for him.

Looks like a narcotics
convention's going on.


That's the pay phone
they made the 911 call from.

Don't they all
use their cells?

Ah, I guess so--
but they got eyes,

so maybe we can get
some citizen cooperation.

Hey! We're recruiting
for a new game show.

Whoa! Hey! Come here!

Come here...

Don't worry,
this won't take long.

It's called
Name That Tune.

We're gonna play you a tape,
you're gonna tell us

who's singing on it.
You got it?

You busting me?

Not yet.
Play the tape, Detective.

There's a man
with a gun, he's robbing people

at 122 Lenox.

I just ran out of there.

He's a bad-ass.

Got a gun.

Be careful.

Look at how fast
your heart's pumping.

I think you're ready to be
our grand prize winner.

I don't know
who that is.

- Okay, empty your pockets then.
- You ain't got no probable cause.

You know what? We'll empty
your pockets-- cuff him.

Yep. Come here.

- You got anything sharp in there?-
- Okay, okay, okay! Okay!

His name's Wendell.

He lives...
he lives over there.

First floor in the rear.


He's kind of a dummy.

Unlike yourself?

Hey, I told you
what you want.

You want your parting gift now?

Yeah, plea.
Thank you.

Let's go see

I'd appreciate it if you check
the attitude at the door, Frank.

If it's all the same to you,

I'd rather hang it
on the back of my chair.

You need to talk to Potter.

If he has names and addresses

for the men who assaulted
my officers.

Frank, the only way we're gonna
have that conversation,

is to have the larger one first.

Just try to put yourself
in his position;

see things
from his perspective.

A bunch of white cops
surrounded his church--

Stop right there.

It was a bunch of cops

surrounding his church-- white,
black, Hispanic, female.

Anyone who wants to paint my
department as being all white,

all male, all the time,
had better check their facts.

All right, Frank.

No, it's not all right.

Mr. Mayor,
I get real tired

of seeing decades of progress
in the ranks ignored

for the sake of
greasing the rhetoric.

The cops who were
assaulted were white,

the alleged perps were black--
that's all.

"Be peaceful,
be courteous,

"obey the law,
respect everyone.

"But if someone
puts his hand on you,

send him to the cemetery."

Malcolm X.

And hello to you,
too, Reverend.

This is a vital summit,

Let's try to get off
on the right foot.

Now it's a summit?

I thought the three of us
could sit down.

Okay. Fine.

Let's start with
the names of the men

who assaulted my officers.


He makes conditions?

If this is a summit,

that's the first thing
on the agenda.

We need to begin by
discussing the conditions

that underlie the tensions
in my community

your department.

Two from your community

shoved two from mine
down a flight of stairs.

Frank, please...

See what I'm
talking about?

No willingness to work together,

no interest
in building consensus.

"A genuine leader
is not a seeker of consensus

but a molder of consensus."

Martin Luther King.

I don't care if Frank Reagan
won't talk to me.

I'm just one man.

But this is an insult
to the community.

To all of us.

To all of you.

We supported Mayor Poole
in his election,

and we demand

that he remove Frank Reagan
as police commissioner.

- Reagan must go!
- Yeah.

Reagan must go!
Let 'em hear you.

Reagan must go.
Let 'em hear you.

Reagan must go!

On time now.
Reagan must go!

Let 'em hear you.
Reagan must go!

And if he won't do that,
well, then guess what?


We will remove Mayor Poole.

Somebody needs to work
on his people skills.

Nah, he's got 'em in
the palm of his hand.

Oh, you meant me.

I know Potter takes himself
way too seriously,

but that doesn't mean
you get to write him off.

He's a sideshow, Garrett.
He doesn't matter.

- No. He matters to the mayor.
- Why?

How many votes
could he possibly control?

It was a close election,
and it always will be

with a minority candidate
in this city.

Plus, there may be
personal loyalty there.

Both Potter and Poole
started out

working in the same
anti-poverty programs.

Which makes them, what, friends,
allies, strange bedfellows?

- Does it matter?
- Garrett,

I don't want to start a war
with the mayor.

Who said you were?

Say something.

We're getting a warrant

to search Potter's church
and office.

On second thought,

don't say anything.

The men we're looking for
are his people.

He's withholding

in a criminal investigation.

To recap, you're in this mess

because you invaded
Potter's church,

so your next bright idea is
to invade it again?

It will be the most polite
search in NYPD history.

I've given strict instructions
to conduct it

as if they were tossing
Mother Teresa's place.

There's a man

with a gun. He's robbing people
at 122 Lenox.

I just ran out of there.
He's a bad-ass.

Got a gun. Be careful.


I don't know.

You don't know
what, Wendell?

You don't know why
you made the call?

I don't know.

You got to know something.

I mean, you must have had
a reason to make the call.

I don't know.

Okay, let me
make it easy for you.

Do you know a guy named Otto?

Uncle Otto.

Uncle Otto?

Otto's your uncle?

Oh, okay.

Did your Uncle Otto ask you
to make the call?

You're supposed
to report crimes.

That's what
they told us in school.


Kid's lawyer's here.

What? Who called him?

Take a wild stab.

Sit tight.

Mr. Maxwell,

the attorney.

Oh, you must be Uncle Otto.

Where's my nephew,

You taking good
care of him?

Well, we're doing about as
good as we can, considering

his phony phone call
caused a riot.

Which, if true,

constitutes Falsely Reporting
an Incident

in the Third Degree.

Yeah, that's right.

- Which is a misdemeanor.
- Mm-hmm.

- Plus, he's a juvenile.
- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

And you may have noticed that
he's also mentally challenged.

Yeah, I noticed. I also noticed
that Uncle Otto is not

mentally challenged.
Is there any particular reason

you put your nephew up to this?

Now, I'm sure

my nephew hasn't said
any such crazy things.

Come on, did you make the kid
make the phony phone call

to cause problems with
Potter's church and the cops?

Can we go see Wendell now?

Go ahead.

Come on.


Have you

people no shame?

Reverend, yes.

Uh, as a practicing

I have a great and
deep sense of respect

for, uh, any
house of worship.

Then get out.

Then give us the
names of the guys

who pushed two New York
City police officers

down a flight of stairs,
and we'll gladly go.

I was prepared to discuss that
with the commissioner.

It's my understanding

the commissioner does not
negotiate police procedure.

Reverend, may we have

your assistance
in opening this locked door?

No, you may not.
This is outrageous.

All right, well, if we're gonna
have to jack the lock,

it's gonna take a minute,
and I'm sure

you want us out of here
as swiftly as possible.

My lawyer is on his way.

Actually, uh,

sorry, Reverend,
but, um...

And stop with the "Reverend."

When you say it,
it sounds...

...but the execution of this
search warrant does not

require us to wait for your
legal representation to arrive.

And you cannot imagine what
a locksmith costs these days.


got something.

Right there.

Church picnic?

A prayer retreat,

Where Harriet Tubman

and conducted
the Underground Railroad.

Helping hundreds of people
escape slavery and retreat 'em.

Sounds like a nice retreat.

- That skinny guy right there.
- Mmm-hmm.

Ah, don't touch it,

It's church property.

- This guy with the earring?
- Mmm-hmm.

That's Shawn Hunter
and Nathan Bradley.

Well, well, well,
any idea where

we might be able to find
these gentlemen, Reverend?

What's next, Frank?

You gonna send a Strip-o-Gram
to his Sunday service?

You heard from Reverend Potter.

That search warrant was executed
for legitimate purposes.

So this is nothing personal?

Have you ever really listened

to what he says
about this department?

Frank, you're gonna have
to understand Potter.

He comes from a
long tradition

of polemicists who serve
as lightning rods to simply

move the cause forward.

At the end of the day,

his vision of the Promised Land
is his own show on MSNBC.

Okay, that is harsh.

You're right. I'm sorry.


I just wanted it to be him.

I'm not sure I'm following.

I asked the Special Frauds team
at the DA's Office

to give me what they had

in ongoing investigations
involving Potter.

$1.2 million in federal funds
unaccounted for

from the West Harlem
Jobs Training Program

which Potter started
along with...

You're investigating me?

Not at all.
But the two of you go way back.

You drill down or Potter,
your name does tend to pop up.

What else
were they looking into?

Not for me to say.

Ongoing investigation.

I see.

Well, Frank,
I don't know anything.

Maybe nothing you can prove.

Potter started out
as a good guy,

no-show jobs,

odd people hanging around.

So I distanced myself.
I left those programs.

I know that.

One of those odd people

a guy named Otto Jackson?

Yeah. He and Potter
were pretty tight. Why?

Just a name comes up.

Really? In the D.A. files?

There is no ongoing
investigation, is there?

Well, I heard there was,

but you'd have
to confirm that with the D.A.

I have just been flipped
by an NYPD detective.

Former detective.

And sometimes we all need
a little push

to do the right thing.

I should fire you, Frank.

You can, but you won't,
because you're a good man.

And you...
are a pain in the ass.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Um, how'd you get that,
Uncle Jamie?

I took a flight of stairs
with the wrong end of me.

You fell?

I was pushed.

Uncle Jamie and his partner
were pushed down some stairs.


Papers made it sound like
it was 'cause you were white.

It's because he was blue.

The uniform.

What happened is there
were some black men

who thought that
the white cops

were trespassing
in their church.

Were they?

No, they weren't.
They were doing their job.

Well, that
doesn't always matter.

Shouldn't Grandpa have sent
black cops instead?

Should all your teachers be
white just

'cause you are?
And your coaches?

That would be stupid.

It's called "segregation,"
and it is dumb.

All this stuff is very
complicated, you know?

I mean, on the one hand,
you got white cops

who walk the beat
in black neighborhoods,

and you know, sometimes
they feel like

not everybody trusts 'em
just 'cause they're white.

You got black kids who
feel like a white cop's

gonna ask them just
because they're black.

It's happened a million times
in this country.

But I am an equal
opportunity cop.

I don't care what color you are,
what race you are.

You break the law,
I'm breaking your head.


Gandhi speaks.

So, how do we make
it better?

One decent person
at a time.

You put a knock on anybody
who talks trash like that.

Remember this:

white, black, blue, purple--

we're all the same color
on the inside.

And in every gospel sermon
and prayer in every church,

temple and mosque, it all
boils down to one sentence:

go out of here and treat

everybody you meet
a little better.


And pass the potatoes.

So is our mayor still on
the fence about this?

You know, I really
think he'd like

to see Reverend Potter gone,

but black on black,
he can't do it himself.

So he's gonna send in the
white police commissioner?

Can't call the fire department.
He's not on fire.

Who wants the last lamb chop?
Nobody? Okay, pass it on down.

One lamb chop coming up.

It's a beauty.

So how does the white police
commissioner get rid

of the rabble-rousing minister?

Well, you start by nailing him
for the phony 911 call,

which was only done
to give Potter

something to rant about.

Wait, he made the phony
911 call?

Technically, no.

But a drug dealer
and buddy of his did.

How do you know
they were buddies?

I don't know.
Dad dug it up.

Why would a drug dealer
do a favor for Potter?

He's the one that kicked them
out of the neighborhood.

No...supposedly he kicked them
out of the neighborhood.

You never know with
a guy like Potter.

It could have all just been
a P.R. stunt.

Especially when it comes
to this Otto guy.

Otto Jackson?

You know him?

What, is he your dealer
or something?

No, I heard his name
the other day.

Defense attorneys offer him up
as part of a plea bargain.

Great. Why don't
you take it?

Look, you get this guy
to roll on Otto--

then we can use that to flip
Otto against Potter.

I already turned him down.

My case is solid.

Plus, this lawyer is
this smug jerk

who just hits on me
all the time.

Well, you know,
you don't necessarily

have to give the client a deal.

You could, you know,
sleep with the lawyer.

Come on, sis.

You got to learn how to take one
for the team once in a while.

And the doctor says
I'm all good now.

Takes more than one flight down
to crack this thick skull.

Marie's on her way up
to get me now.

You need to have your head
examined again, Sarge.

Going home's supposed
to be the good news.

Yeah, except now I got to eat
her cooking again.

It's like dog food.

Hey. If it isn't
Humpty and Dumpty.

- Hey.
- Hey.

You're talking to a wounded
member of service here.

Nice try, Sarge.

Doc told me
your head cracked the stairs,

not the other way around.

He's funny.

Yeah, I was going to bring you
some flowers, but instead

I brought something
for you, Jamie.

- What's this?
- Well, once we got the names

of the goons
that did this to you,

TARU traced their cells.
They're holed up in in Midtown.

Since you can I.D.
them, I was wondering

if you want to come hit
their door with me.

- Yeah.
- Yeah? Good.

What do you say, Sarge?
Mind if I take the kid,

show him how the real cops work?
Go ahead, knock yourself out.

Just don't forget
what you learned.

Good night, Sarge.

Get on the ground!

Go! Go!

Easy, my man.

Get your hands up!

We got the guy
with the earring.

Come on, bring him out.

Come on,
bring him out!

Bedroom clear.
Check the back.

Kitchen clear.
Let's go.

What do you say, kid?
Second bedroom clear!

These guys look like the guys?
Yeah, that's the guys.

You gentlemen remember
this officer here?

- I want my lawyer.
- You want your lawyer?

How about we get you
a doctor instead?

What you going to do, throw us
down the stairs now?

I don't know, you threw my
kid brother down the stairs.

- What do you say?
- No, it's the wrong century.

It's a kinder, gentler NYPD.

Be glad he's
the forgiving type.

Let's go.

A message from you
at 10:00 last night.

I hope I didn't miss
a drunk dial.

I'm taking your deal, Larry.

And what happened to you
not being Santa Claus?

We have a backlog here, and I
have more serious cases, so...

No. There's something going on.

You want the deal
or not, Larry?

Sure. Done.

Your guy supplies
evidence sufficient

the half dozen dealers

including one Otto Jackson.

Done, done and doner.

All right. I'll
draw up the papers.

Does this mean you'll
come see my apartment, too?

All right.

There's the good
Reverend Potter.

You ready
to go, Otto?

That son of a bitch.

Aw, man, Harten, I swear,

I'm gonna kill him!

Hey, you do remember you're
wearing a wire, right?

I'm kidding, all right?
I'm just kidding.

Let's go over it again.

Look, man, I've been through it
with juries six times already.

I know what I'm
supposed to say.

You know it when
I say you know it.

Let's go over it again.

- I go inside the restaurant.
- Right.

- I sit down with Potter.
- Right.

Get him to talk about the 911
call-- how he asked me to do it.

And then, you know,
how he wanted to cause trouble

and get his face back
on the front pages...

Front pages again, exactly.

And you're going to keep
on talking until...?

Until he admits to it.

Right. And if you don't
get him to admit to it?

20 years in Attica.

I kind of like you, Otto.

I hope you don't
screw this up.

All right, time to go.

Bon appetit.

Is it true that you've
been caught on tape

admitting to setting up
the false 911 call?

No comment.

Who did you tell to make
the call, and why?

No comment.

Do you have any words
for the police officers...

whose lives you endangered?

- How do you explain...
- Reverend Potter...

First time that fella's
ever been speechless.

The press is having
a field day.

That recording found its way
to every media outlet in town.

How the hell
did that happen?

Good question.

- The mayor made a statement.
- One sentence,

about how Potter is having no
official or unofficial role

in his campaign
or his administration.

- Distancing himself.
- Distancing him, like, to Cleveland.

And Potter's office says
he's out on a...

Spiritual sabbatical.

You know, I heard an interview
with Bernie Williams

this morning on the radio,
as I was coming in.

Turns out he's the first guy
to win the batting title,

the Golden Glove,
and the World Series ring

all in the same year.
I know that.

-Know what he does now?
- What?

Plays guitar.

Well enough to record
on a major label.

Turns out he's been playing
almost as long

as he played baseball.

Good for him.
What's your point?

Who said I had a point?

You always have a point.

Scratch that-- you always think
you have a point.

Okay, how many times have
I heard you go on about,

you've got no talent
or taste for politics.

And I was watching

this week, and lo and behold,

you've got a talent
for politics.

Up to and including today's
little turn of events.

You won't find my fingerprints
on that leak, ever.

It's as if Bernie Williams

stepped up to the
plate as a Yankee

and instead of swinging a bat,
picked up a Stratocaster

and whipped off
the Hendrix version of

"The Star-Spangled
Banner"-- I mean...

who knew?

I think you could make
a run for mayor.


Keep that thought to yourself.


You got to admit,

Gracie Mansion would be
a nice place to retire from.

I like it just fine,
right where I am.

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