Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Innocence - full transcript

Erin reopens an 18-year-old rape case, in which Frank was the arresting officer. Meanwhile, Danny and Jackie investigate the murder of three teenagers in a park, who seemed to have been killed for no reason.

I got ya. I got one more
for you-- two more for you.

Oh, wow, okay.


Where do you find a dog
with no legs?

I don't know, man.

Exactly where
you left him. Right?

Yeah, right.
That's pretty funny.

Hey, Erin.

That better not be
a new case for me.

Worse. A 440 appeal
based on DNA.

Convict named Miles Thomas
convinced some team

of do-gooder lawyers that
he was unjustly convicted.

- Aren't they all?
- Exactly.

Rosselini wants you
to take care of it.

I'm starting the Reyes trial.

I'm in the middle
of motion practice.

Why me?

- He told me you'd ask that.
- And?

He said that once you read
the file, you'd know.

The mayor wants to speak
to you about security

for the president's
visit next week.

We also got a request from
the French mission to the U.N.

They want to award you
the Legion of Honor medal.

For what?

Apparently, you gave them some
advice about Paris subway crime.

It would be an insult
to decline.

I'll decline anyway.

Compstats for
this month.

Robbery down seven
percent, murder down 12.

Now, that's something
to celebrate.

Hey, bean pole.

My court appearance
got canceled.

Any interest in greasy burgers
and vanilla shakes?

Oh, I'd love to, but I need
to take a rain check.

I'm swamped.

At least you're putting away
more bad guys.

Uh, not exactly.

I got this appeal from a convict
named Miles Thomas.

He's been in prison
for 18 years for rape.

Yeah, and I'm sure Miles Thomas
says he didn't do it.

He does swear
that he's innocent.

Says the victim made a mistake.

Cue the bleeding heart.

Wants a DNA test.

The sample was too small
to be tested back then.

Or you could just ask
the arresting officer,

and I'm sure the arresting
officer will tell you

that Miles Thomas
is full of crap.

Yeah, well, that won't be hard.

Frank Reagan.


Oh, hey, you all know why

Cinderella was thrown off
the team?


'Cause she ran away
from the ball.

You're so not funny.

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Original Air Date on October 14, 2011

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Darren Gorski and Alex Kasper,
both 17-- dead at the scene.

EMS transported the other vic,
Christina Ruiz, also 17.

What's her condition?

Circling the drain.

All right, did
anybody see anything?

Not that an initial
canvass has turned up.

Great. You know what,
let's re-canvass, okay?

And expand the perimeter, and
let's get somebody down here

to take down the plates on all
these vehicles, all right?

All right.

Danny, I got
Darren Gorski's aunt,

Mrs. Holmes.

My sister can't talk right now.

This is unbelievable.

- Her only child.
- We're really sorry.

Why don't we go over
here and talk, all right?

What happens now?

He's still lying there.

When the investigators
are done,

he'll be moved to
the medical examiners.

Now, do you have any
idea what the kids

were doing here
in the park?

Playing basketball.

They like to play.

What about the girl?
Did you know her?

She was Darren's girlfriend.

The three of them are
friends since pre-K.

Do you know if any of them had
a problem with anyone or...?

These were good kids--

all three of them.

How good?

My nephew just got
a scholarship to Fordham.

He wanted to be an architect.

We never really know
what our kids are up to.

Darren was never in trouble.

None of them were.

I'm just trying to figure out
what happened, okay?

They were playing basketball.

Let me take her.

For what it's worth,

a few of the locals
said nobody saw anything,

as people stay away
from this end of the park.

It's a drug hot spot.

Of course. All right, thanks.

The mayor wants to know why

you turned down the honorary
from the French Embassy.

I got two dead kids in
a playground shooting,

and the mayor wants
to know that.

Danny caught the case.
You want to give him a call?

I didn't think so.

I'll tell the mayor you had
a scheduling conflict.

Scheduling conflict?

Take a little more pride
in our lame excuses, will ya?

Bad time to stop by?

Never a bad time
to see my daughter.

- Hey, Garrett.
- Should I stay?

Yes, please.

It's about
an old case of yours.

Miles Thomas.

He was picked up in
the neighborhood after a rape.

He had priors
for burglary.

The victim positively
I.D.'d him in a lineup...

Elizabeth Fox-- sexual assault,

two broken ribs
and a crushed cheekbone.

- Good memory.
- Hard to forget.

What about Miles Thomas?

His lawyers have petitioned
to reopen the case.

They want to get a DNA test
that they couldn't do back then.

If this Thomas isn't a match,

does it land back
in Frank's lap?

He was the arresting officer.

Garrett, I don't think we need
to be putting out fires

that haven't started.

Thanks for the
heads up, Counselor.

How about dinner?

Hey, hey, unless someone invites
you in, you're not coming in.

Who's going to invite
me in, the thief?

I want my laptop back.
Son of a bitch.

- I will burn this place down.
- Dial it down.

You called the cops?

Yeah, I called the cops.

What's going on here?

Crazy here won't take a hike.

There's a thief in there.
He stole my laptop!

Okay, okay, well,
how do you know?

There, right there.

My laptop sends
out a signal.

See? The signal
goes to my map app.

See? Right there. The green dot
is on this building.

Let me see that.

- This really works?
- Of course it works.

We just have to go in there,
see who's got a new laptop...

No, not we.

Unless this computer here is
attached to a suicide bomber,

we take the complaint, and then
you go on your merry way.

It's a crime right here.

- No, not right here.
- Are you blind?

The green dot is accurate
to within about 200 feet.

Your laptop could be
in this building

or over there
or over there.

200 feet? You sure?

Come on, I'll take
your complaint.

- All right, buddy.
- It's your problem now.


Yeah, all
right, thanks.

Well, we won't be speaking to
Christina Ruiz any time soon.

They just put her in
a medically-induced coma.

Oh, well, I ran her
and her friends before.

Seems like she's the only
one with a record.

Six months ago
for possession.


Well, see, maybe they're
not angels after all.

Whoa, whoa, it was
only a few joints.

Could be just

Maybe so. Let's see
who their playmates are.

All right, drug arrests
in the park.

Let's see.

Drug dealer with the most priors
is Xavier Sardina.

Nice name.
Let's go pay him a visit.


Mr. Sardina.

Who is it?

Package for you.


We need to ask you
a few questions.


Hold it!


Come here.
Come here.

All we wanted to do

was ask you
a few questions, moron.

Okay, okay!

"Okay" nothing.
It's too late.

No, really, what
do you want to know?

Oh, come on,
down at that station.

And after that,
we're going to charge you

with possession
with intent to sell.

And approximate value
of the item?


I used remote access to put
a message on the screen.

You can do that, huh?


I said, "Hey, scum sucker,

I'm going to track you down
and kill you."

You're talking to
two police officers

about threatening
to kill someone?

It's rhetoric.

Rhetoric-- I'm not familiar
with the vernacular.

Send another message.

Tell him you really need
the computer back.

You're willing to pay $500 cash,
no questions asked.

I'm not paying him
for my own computer.

If he agrees to meet you,
we'll be there, we'll bust him.

I like the way this man thinks.

Call the precinct tomorrow.

You couldn't just fill out
the 61 and be done with him?

Get this guy.

Come on, Sarge,
it'll be fun.


Hey, Gramps.



That smells good.

I'm working on
my specialty.

He says everything's
his specialty.

It's your mom's favorite.

Shepherd's pie.

To be honest, I never get
the ingredients exactly right.

There's something missing.

Yeah, her.

So, Mom, Melissa and her sister
invited me into the city

to go to dinner at this cool
new restaurant Monday night.

Yeah, Monday night
is a school night.

But we have off Tuesday
for a professional day.

So can I go?

And what time do you expect
to be coming back home?

Like, 11:00.

10:00, latest.

Please, Mom.

Yeah, I don't know if I want you
riding the subway that late.

Why not?

I bet Grandpa let you ride the
subway when you were my age.

I can neither confirm nor deny
that allegation.



Hell, I was on a destroyer
in the Pacific

when I wasn't much older
than you.

Thanks, Gramps.

So I can go?



I got to text Melissa.

She had a very convincing
closing argument.

Yeah, it must run in the family.


the DNA test came back.


It does not match Miles Thomas.

He didn't do it.

I heard about those kids
who got shot, man.

Wish I'd have been there.


I been taking capoeira.
It's, like, Brazilian karate.

I would have stepped in
with, like, a chop.

Okay, back it up, Batman.

You saying you weren't there?

I was at home.

With my mom watching Judge Judy.

Do you know these kids?

- Yeah.
- Are they customers?

No. They don't smoke, they don't
party, they don't even drink.

H-Hold on. Are you sure?

We know this girl took
a marijuana collar.

Christina Ruiz?

Yeah, but that was bogus.

What, you think we haven't heard
that ten million times?

The weed wasn't even hers.

Her boyfriend shoved it
in her backpack

when he saw the cops coming!

Her boyfriend,

this guy,
Darren Gorski?

Yeah. I've heard
he's a gangbanger.

We got a hit on the DNA
from the rape.

Matches this guy,

Justin Armel.

He's got convictions
for assault

and criminal possession
of a controlled substance.

He spent five years
in Greenhaven.

Released 2004.

Miles Thomas.

They could be brothers.


That's why your victim got
the I.D. wrong.


no one can blame you.


Where is Justin Armel?

On the street.

But we can't charge him

with a 18-year-old rape

Because it was
a five-year statute

of limitations back then,

but if he raped once
and got away with it,

he probably raped again.

Okay, but there are

no open cases pointing to him.

Maybe it wasn't reported.

You said you wanted to get out
from behind a desk, Detective.

I want you to put
a magnifying glass

on this man's life--

jobs, places of residence,
any woman who quit or moved

to get away from him.
- Tall order.

I want him.

Thanks for meeting me
here, Elizabeth.

The idea of the Commissioner
coming to your office...

Forgive me, Commissioner,
I really...

Frank, please.


It's not your fault.

But I can't say that seeing you
again brings back fond memories.

I wouldn't think so.


Miles Thomas getting
an early release?

I mean, why else would you have
asked to meet me?

It looks that way, yes.

Hmm. For what, good behavior?

Elizabeth, there's been
a terrible mistake.

They did an updated
DNA test on the rape kit,

and it wasn't a match
for Miles Thomas.

What are you saying?

It was a match for another man.

In appearance,
they could be brothers.

I got the wrong man?

- No.
- Are you sure?

We got the wrong man.

And... yes,
the evidence is solid.

18 years it took
to get it right?

What about the other man,
the one it does match?

Doing everything we can
to investigate...

Yeah, it's gonna take another
18 years, Frank?

I wish I had an easy answer.

Oh, my God, Frank.

Copy that. Made my day.

Your friend with
the stolen computer--

he just got a text back
from the perp.

He's gonna sell it
back to him tomorrow

in Washington Square Park
at 2:00 p.m.

We gonna be there?

In plain clothes.


Not great?

Well, at least we get

some fresh air, you know?

All right, well,
I've been to the Gang Squad.

Seems they never heard
of Darren Gorski.

And I've been through every

gang roster and surveillance
photo in the neighborhood.


Look at these guys.

So busy being stupid
it's a wonder

they could find time
to get arrested.

I don't know. Running out
of motive here, Danny.

Yeah, yeah, here we go,
here we go.

They're all perfect
little angels, right?

I mean, come on, Jack.

How do we investigate
the case then?

What are we gonna do,
we gonna canvass heaven?

Why does it seem like
it bothers you so much

that these kids
may actually be good kids?

It's not that, Jack.

It's just years of experience
speaking to me.

Well, my years of experience say

that sometimes bad things happen
to good people.

Fair enough.

Okay, let's get back to Gorski.

If Gorski's in a gang,
then they're probably gonna have

a presence at the funeral,

Because the gangs
always show up.

Yes, there is a candlelight
vigil held for him

in the park tonight.

Great. TARU will be there
with their cameras,

and we'll pick up some candles
on the way.

Mr. Thomas, I'm Erin Reagan.

You can call me Miles.

I'm the ADA handling
your case.

When do I get out?

As soon as the judge
is convinced

that you were wrongly convicted.

What? You saw the DNA test.

There was other evidence.

We need to explain

why we made a mistake,
why the jury made a mistake.

You were picked up near
the scene of the rape.

You had a very confusing story

as to where you had been
that night.

I was 20!

I was drunk.

I didn't remember
where I'd been.

But I remembered
that I didn't rape anyone.

Do you know this man?

This is what happened?

I'm doing this guy's time
in here?

So... what's he been doing
out there?

We're looking into that.

You're looking into that.

I should track him down,
get him to tell me.

This guy has my life!

There are programs to help you
when you get out.

Do you have a time machine,
Ms. Reagan?

Not exactly a hotbed
of gang activity.

No. I don't know, Jack.

What don't you know?

I don't know how three kids
get shot for no reason.

Danny, sometimes, you know,
there is no reason.

I know. Maybe I'm just hoping
there is a reason this time.

I got no motive,
no suspects.

We may as well open a phone book
and pick a name.

Let's go pay our respects.

Excuse me.

Excuse us, please.
Excuse us.

I don't see anything here

to indicate Gorski
was in a gang, Jack.

Hold on. Who's this?

"I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me"?

Phone book might have
just gotten a little smaller.

You saw the
rape victim?

I felt she deserved
to learn the news

from a person,
not a paper.

And that person had to be you?

I try to save my DCPI
for the tough assignments.

He was 20 years old.

Do you remember being 20,

Supposedly, your whole life
is in front of you.

All I could see was fog.

20, I was walking a beat
in Bed-Stuy,

the Watergate hearings
were on every TV

and Joe was still in diapers.

If I'm Miles Thomas,

Joe was a rookie cop
by the time I got out.

But you're not Miles Thomas,
and this isn't your fault.

If you're gonna go there,
I'm not your guy.

You should walk in
the other man's shoes sometime.

Keeps you humble.

I get all the humility
I need, Frank.

I work for you.

This is nice
to be treated.

Can I get some whip cream,

Sure, sweetie.

Honey, your
phone's ringing.

Can you get it?
It's probably just Melissa.

Just tell her
I'll meet her out front.

Who are Peter and Liam?

Why are you reading my texts?

Well, it's hard to miss
when the phone's in my hand.

You told me you were meeting
Melissa and her sister.

Is her sister's name
Peter or Liam?

Her sister is gonna be there.

It's a group.

A group with boys.

They do exist.

Boys I don't know.

Mom, you're

I don't think so.

This is about
those kids

that were shot in
the park, isn't it?

Every time something
like that happens,

you get more
strict with me.

Hey, I get more strict

when you don't tell me
the truth.

Mom, I'm 15.
Why can't you just trust me?

I want you to be honest with me.

Is this some kind
of double date?

It's not a date.

And you do know Peter and Liam.

You met them at my recital.

You know what?
It doesn't matter.

Forget it. I won't go.

Hey, what's going on, sis?

Take you up on
those greasy burgers

and vanilla shakes?

Something must be
really bothering you

if you're in the mood
for grease and fat.

The teenage years.


Ah, you know, they can't all
be perfect like we were.

You sure that's all
that's bothering you?

I'm not getting any hits on
this rapist, Justin Armel.

Okay, well, you know,

guys like that
eventually slip up.

Well, I don't think
I have "eventually""

I know Dad doesn't.

He keeps telling
everybody he's fine,

but he is taking this hard.

We've seen Dad get
through a lot worse than this.

I know.

Just wish I wasn't the one

who has to keep giving
him all the bad news.

I don't even know what
to say to him anymore.

I hear you.

Guess who is on his way over
to my office with his lawyer.

- Who?
- Justin Armel.

Good. Well, maybe you can
get him to confess.

Hey, you got me to confess
to things as kids

that I didn't even do.

Oh, you didn't do?

Hey... come on.

I was the good son.

Oh, right.

- Can you fast-forward?
- Yes.

Right there.

Right there.
All right, zoom in on that.

It's a girl.

Th-That's the girl from the...

the Gang Squad
surveillance photos.

Stacy. Stacy Vaughn.

Well, happy news.

Imagine that.

Ooh, we got more good news.

What is it?
Christina Ruiz just woke up.

It's harassment,
plain and simple.

There's been cops knocking
on my neighbors' doors,

on my bosses'

You know, people
are going to start

to get a bad idea on me.

Like what,
Mr. Armel?

That you're a vicious rapist
who ought to be behind bars?

You see?

You are admitting
a vendetta here, Ms. Reagan.

You're practically begging
for a lawsuit.

- Ugh.
- The law is very clear on this.

Okay? He can't be charged
with the rape of Elizabeth Fox.

Can't be charged,
not didn't do it.

How does it feel
to be defending a rapist?

She lies.

They all lie.


I'm putting
you on notice.

One more phone call,
one more detective

questioning his friends,
going to his job,

sitting outside his apartment,
I'm filing papers.

Okay, good luck with that.

Baker, have you found
anyone yet?

I'm sorry.

I really didn't
see anything.

It all happened so fast.

It's okay.

We know it's going
to take some time

for it to all come
back, Christina.

I mean, you don't remember
seeing the shooter at all?


I... I fell down, and...
and I...

I might have seen his shoes.

Uh, I-I don't remember.

Okay, well, do you remember

what you were doing
before it happened?

Uh, we were hanging out.

Shooting baskets.

Alex was doing

a fake victory dance,
running around the court.

Then he told a joke.

What kind of joke?

A... a dumb one.

Uh, his-his family
is from Croatia,

and when they came here,
he learned how to speak English

by memorizing jokes.

He said, "Why was Cinderella
thrown off the team?

Because she ran away
from the ball."

Uh, Darren and I
started laughing.

Uh, and-and then...
and then it happened.

When can I see Alex and Darren?

How are they?

You know what, uh,
for right now,

I think it's best
you just get some rest, okay?

Whose idea was
the orange hat?

Makes him easier to find.

Why not just paint
a green dot on him?

- Guess that's a go.
- Hey. Hey.

Hey! Police!

Whoa! Hey!

Watch it!

Hands behind your back.

You got him. You got him.

We have to establish

- Hey, we have to establish ownership.
- I got it. I got it.

Hey, uh, what do we
got here, huh?

I just found that.

Nice. Yeah.

Ah, look at this, kid.

What are those?

Point spreads, over-and-unders.

Are you a bookie, Mr. Dexter?

- Is that why you needed this back?
- It's not mine.

It matches the serial numbers
that you gave us.

No, I told you,
I just found that.

I'm returning it
for the reward.

My computer's navy blue;
that one's royal blue.

Yeah? You--

possession of stolen property,
and you--

promoting gambling.

Turn around. Two felonies.

Marone. Our boss is
going to love this, kid.

Let's go.

This looks great, Grandpa.

Yeah, I tried a new baste.

A secret ingredient.

Why does that
make me worried?

There was no one around
to stop me.

Been a busy week.

Yeah, that's
what I heard.

Holding up okay, Dad?

Oh, I try to think of what
I could have done differently,

but that's a dead end.

I can't undo what's done.

I can't get Mr. Thomas
those 18 years back.

All I can do is accept
what comes to me,

and for me, or any of us
who do what we do,

that's a tall order.

Glad you asked.

Eyewitness testimony
has put a lot of people away,

but it's notoriously

Small comfort.

Do you think there are a lot

of innocent people
in prison?

I know one guilty person
who's not in prison--

the actual rapist.

Yeah, well, at least you
know who the bad guy is.

I'm deep into this
park shooting,

and I keep running
into dead ends.

And then, on top of that,
everybody tells me

the victims were just
innocent little kids.

Maybe they were.

Well, if they were,

that's the scary
part, Nicky.


Because, then it's just
a senseless shooting.

But you still will catch
all the bad guys, right?

I hope so.

Boys, what do you
call it when you get

your rods and bait and
go down to the pier?

That's not
a very tough question.


That's right, Sean--
fishing, not catching.


On good days, we catch some,
but not every day.

But every day,
we keep going back.

Okay, could we please just
talk about something else?

I'm trying to get my mom

to let me go into
the city on my own.

- On the subway?
- At night.

Thank God I have a couple years

before I have
to worry about that.

Please. You guys are
just way overprotective.

Hey, after this week,

there's not a person
at this table

who thinks they could ever
be too overprotective.

"I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me"?

I didn't shoot them.

What are you
sorry about, Stacy?

Nothing. I was just
sorry they got shot.

Really? "Forgive me"?
Forgive you for what?


Nothing. Okay.

You know what? Um...
Gang Squad tells us

that you have a boyfriend
named John-John.


Stacy, did he have
something to do with this?

Think you feel pretty bad
about what happened, Stacy.

Is that because
you bumped into his mom

on your way to
the memorial?


Come on, take it.

I said take
the picture.

Do you know that he was
his mother's only child?

Is that why you
feel so bad?

Somebody with a conscience
wrote that note, Stacy.

You have a

Somebody with no
conscience did this.


I didn't know
he was going to do it.

We were at the park
just getting high.

I saw those kids.

I said to John-John,
"Check out those geeks."

And he walked over to them,
and he shot them.


I don't know.

He has a very short fuse

All he would say
was that they deserved it.

Thank you for
meeting me, Ms. Sloan.

I have to get back
to work pretty soon.

What's this about?

You went to a hospital
back in January.

You told them
you had been raped.

I, uh, took it back,
said I made a mistake.

There was a man working odd jobs
in your building at the time.

His name is Justin Armel.

I, uh... I-I don't know him.

Are you sure, Ms. Sloan?

You're not the first woman
he's raped.

I didn't say he raped me.

We can put him in jail
if you press charges.

I, uh, I made a mistake
coming here.

I'm sorry I wasted your time.

He'll do it again.

You know he will.

He raped before, but he was
out free when he raped me?

Is that what you're saying?

But this time,
you'll put him away?

This time, he won't come back?

Yes, I promise.

He said he'd kill me
if I talked.

And I believed him,

'cause he beat the crap
out of me when he said it.

I'm sorry.

She won't do it.

She was our best shot.

We have nothing.

I understand.

Dad, you okay?

I'm fine, sweetie.

You don't
have to carry

the weight of this
on your shoulders.

If we finesse it, the press
might not even pick up on it.

Have a seat, John-John.


Actually, why don't you stand.

This guy is nuts.

Yeah, he gets pissed off
when people shoot people.

Well, I didn't shoot anybody.

Yeah, you did.

We got an eyewitness.

You're all done, stupid.

Yeah, right.

Yeah, that is right.

We just want to know
why you did it.

What was it?

You go psycho or something?

Come on, just-just tell us

what happened, okay?

That way, you can still have
time to get a psych defense.

I'm not crazy.

So you had a reason.


Well, what was it?

We hear they deserved it.

What'd they do?

What'd they do, John-John?


What, they call you names
or something?

Oh, they did, huh?

What'd they call you?

They call you ugly?

They call you dumb?


Come on, you can talk to me.

I understand.

When was in high school,
the kids--

they called me names, too.

You know what they called me?


It drove me nuts.

Something to do
with respect, huh?

Some people don't get respect.

You get it, don't you?

Yeah, you get respect.

I understand.

See, when I was in high school,
there was this one kid

who just would not stop
calling me Stumpy.

You know what I'm talking about,
don't you? Yeah.

You know what I did to him?

I smashed his face
into the toilet.

What'd they call you, John-John?


Then why'd you do it?

She said, "Why'd you do it?"

You don't want
to talk to me?


Like I said, we got a witness.

Your girlfriend.

You spoken to her lately?

'Cause we have.

She had a whole lot to say
about you, John-John.

Either way,
you're going to prison.

Th-They-They were
laughing at me.

They were laughing?


So you shot them?

Like, n-nobody, uh,
laughs at me!


Why was Cinderella
thrown off the team?


Because she ran away
from the ball.

- You stupid son of a bitch!
- Danny! Danny!

It was a joke!

They weren't laughing at you,
they were laughing at a joke!

Danny, let's go! Out!

- It was a joke!
- Out, out!


He killed the kids
for nothing, Jackie.

- I know.
- You were right.

He killed them
for nothing.

Okay, calm down.

Stay right here.
I'll take the statement.

Good afternoon.

Thanks for coming.

First of all,
in the case of Miles Thomas,

clearly mistakes were made by
the district attorney's office,

compounded by the jury
that convicted him.

As the arresting officer
in the case,

I take full responsibility
for my part

in this miscarriage of justice.

I am... deeply sorry.

Commissioner, how do you
feel about your role

in sending an innocent man
to prison?

How do I feel?


Did you just get here?

if Miles Thomas is innocent,

what's being done to bring
the real rapist to justice?

Edward Hale once said,
"I am only one, but I am one.

"I cannot do everything,
but I can do something.

"And I will not let
what I cannot do

interfere with what I can do."

Can you be more specific?


The case is now back in
the hands of the court.

Uh, I'm happy to announce that
we do have a suspect in custody

for the park shootings.

Mr. Armel.

You know who I am?


The police

That's right.
Shake my hand.

Hello, Commissioner!

Hi, how are you?

I'm watching you, Mr. Armel.

As are the 35,000 cops
who work for me.

Every move you make,

we got your back.


So you decided to let her go,
after all?

Well, I had to let her know
I trust her.

Mm. That why we're
sitting here watching her?

Well, we're not
going to tell her that.


You think she's gonna find
out that we're spying on her?

Nah. She's not
the suspicious type.

Though I am.

So I ran all her friends.

They're clean.

What'd Dad think if he saw us
doing this right now?


Do you remember
Benny Allegretti?

Yeah, I remember-- how do you...

Your first date.

Me and Dad--
we followed you the whole night.

Of course, that was after
Grandpa ran his entire family

through BCI to make sure
there were no criminal ties.

You're kidding.

No. You went to see
Sleepless in Seattle.

He sprung for popcorn
and a soda.

You sat on the right,
he sat on the left.

He put his right arm
over your shoulder...

Okay, okay, okay, stop.
Just move the car.

What? It was 20 years ago.
Just move it.

What are you getting
so sensitive for?

- It was 20 years ago!
- It's creepy!


No, what's creepy is him
trying to kiss you good night.

Right on the front stoop.

♪ ♪

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