Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 11, Episode 5 - Spilling Secrets - full transcript

Eddie and her partner, Officer Rachel Witten, are heralded for their bravery for stopping an active shooter, until a civilian comes forward to accuse them of faking the incident as part of a government conspiracy.

And the e-file authorization,
sign and date.

See? Virtually painless.

Same thing your
mom always said.

She also used to say
that your dad and you

were her favorite clients.

None of that "procrastinating
till April 14th" crap.

Those are mine.


Till next year, then.

I'm not sure
you should wait till then.

Wait for what?

Whatever the bad news is.

When I was studying to be a CPA,

my mom would always take me
to client meetings,

get the feel for it.

I always used to get the willies
coming to yours.


I was always like,
"Do I have a joint in my bag

"or an unpaid ticket
in the glove box?

Because he'll know."

Okay. Full immunity.

Melissa, it's pretty hard
to get off the 14th floor

without my say-so.


When my mom passed away,
I went through all the files

to get up to speed
with my new clients,

including your father's.


He had her making
monthly payments to someone.

Her files only go back

12 years, but I get the feeling
it's been even longer than that.

Any notation in her accounting?

Uh, no charitable deductions,
no nothing.

Just cash disbursements.

Only cash?



Nice place.

Yeah, unfortunately, this'll
probably go on the market

if we're here.

What do you got?Ted Bradley, 58.

Runs a big ad agency
that comes up with names

for new pharmaceuticals.

Lipetra, Thunderlax,
whatever those things are.

Downstairs neighbors heard a
commotion and they called it in.

Well, that'll get the job done.

And a wallet and
a Rolex Daytona

just out here in the open?

I'm not feeling
this is a robbery.

Maybe the perp didn't want
to take anything traceable.


$10,000 currency band,

minus the currency.

Guess that's not traceable.

TED JR.: Get your hands off me!MEYERS: Hey, hey, hey...

This is a crime scene.
You cannot enter.

Okay? Hey!
Knock it off now!

GERALD: This is my family home!TED JR.: Oh, the hell it is.

GERALD: What are
you talking about?Hey, hey!

Who the hell are you two?

I-I'm Ted Bradley's son.So am I.

Well, first things first.
What brought you two here?

I couldn't reach him.

He and I were
supposed to have lunch.

What's going on?

He's dead.


Oh, my God.

We're very sorry.

You thought
he cut you off again,

so you killed him.What? No.

No. There--

This is your guy right here.

Whoa, whoa. Hey!

Come on.


Get them out of here. Come on.

Ugh. This homework
is gonna kill me.

"Foldable cell membrane"?

Are you kidding?It's so boring.

No, I was actually
kind of hoping

that you would explain it
to me.

Shut up, you're smart.

So maybe we could hang out
later and you could help me?

Son of a bitch.

What does "ACAB" mean?

"All cops are bastards."Seriously?

Yeah, it's-it's a thing.


Maybe the janitor has something
that'll clean it off.

Did he sleep over?Yeah, but on the couch.

You got more self-control
than me.

I might have spent a little
time on the couch with him.


And on the coffee table.

Let me see that again.[laughs]: Excuse me?

You're happily married.

You can look at the menu
even though

you've already ordered,
you know.


It's over there.

10-13. We got shots fired
at 2904 2nd Avenue.

Possible active shooter.

Send a bus
and additional units forthwith.

Copy, U29-Charlie.

Yeah. We're going in, Central.

He came back.

Who did?

He got fired,

but he came back.Okay.

Keep pressure on this.

[glass shatters in distance]

I get what I'm owed
or all of you die!

Do you hear me? Pay me my money!

Jerry, we paid you. We...

Police! Don't move!

Okay. Okay.Yeah.



[both panting]

You okay?Yeah.

Is he dead?


I'm Ted's real son.

Then that dick's mom over there
broke up our family.

Well, he says your dad
cut you off.

Because he convinced him to.

Look, my Dad would buy
whatever he was selling.

Uh, his family was screwed up
way before my parents met.

His mom was a total alcoholic.

Well, if he hates yours,
why kill his dad and not her?

She died last year.
Uterine cancer.

And you know what he did?

He called me on the phone
and laughed.

It's called karma.
Same way he says it's only right

he got named Junior.

I mean, look at him over there.

He's so smug.

And you think,
since you were firstborn,

that you should've gotten that?

And yet I got nothing.

Dad gave Gerald everything.

Time and money,
and it went right up his nose

or into his arm.

Every chance he had in life,
he blew.

So you think he killed
your father for the money?

He'd gotten it into his head
he'd been cut out of the will.

Must've snapped.

I've made some mistakes,
but I loved my father.

Do you have any idea why

he might've had
so much cash on him?

Ask Junior.

He'd be the one
who put him up to it.

I'll do that.

The guy must've shot her first
thing he walked in the door.

Let's get you checked out, okay?

Let's go.
Why? I'm fine.

Eddie, I did what I had to do.

What we trained to do.


Which one of you took him out?

Uh, she did.

Thank you for saving us.



Mr. Bradley is dead?


Did you know him well?

Well, only in that I've been his
banker for the last few years.

Well, is there anything
you can tell us about him?

Oh, he was a sweet guy,
very old-fashioned.

You know, didn't like ATMs.

Liked the interaction
with real people.

Did he make
any large withdrawals recently?

Yes. He came in yesterday.

He said he needed
a hundred thousand.

So I suggested a cashier's
check, but he wanted cash.

You know, he wouldn't
even let our guard

deliver it to his house.

We'll need to see
your security camera footage.Sure.

Uh, he show any signs
of depression lately?

You see any of that?

Oh, I don't know.

It was just
a retail relationship, but...


His wife passed away last year.

And have you met
those two sons of his?

Did they bank here, also?

Oh, they're in every other week.

One will come in
with Mr. Bradley to add his name

to his dad's accounts
or change his PIN,

and then the other shows up
to change it back.

Then everyone just starts
yelling and screaming.

Did it ever get physical?

Uh, only verbal,
but they'd even go after him.

You know,
"You're a terrible dad,

you love him more than me,"
et cetera, et cetera.

That's why I tried
to be sweet to him.


Did either one of them seem
capable of hurting him

or murder?


I just work in a bank.

but you've seen them interact

and it hasn't always
been pleasant.

He was a good man

with two ungrateful brats
for children.

That's all I know.

Well, thank you for your help.

Mm.[phone ringing and buzzing]

Not that she was much help.

Well, she tried.


Yeah, Sean's dad.

They wrote what?

What you doing?Studying.

Studying, huh?


What you studying?



What you hiding?




How'd you find out?

Janitor told the principal,

principal called me.

Principal also let me know

that you not reporting

is just as big a violation
of the honor code

as the bullying itself.

So now I'm in trouble?

I didn't say that.
I spoke to the principal.

You're not in trouble.

It's no big deal.

All your family members

being referred to as "bastard"

is not a big deal to you?

I don't take the bait,

they don't get what they want,

and they just move on.


are you sure
this is just some kid

who's a troll?

Who else would it be?

You remember that woman,
the social studies teacher

who went after Nicky
a few years ago?

A teacher?

The certified cop hater

who was a cop hater long before

it became everyone's
favorite hobby to hate cops?

That one?


Do me a favor and don't say
nothing to her, okay?

Dad, no.

Just gonna suss her out,
that's all.

No, you're not.

You know, I happen to be
a pretty good detective.

Yeah. But this is my business.

So you're gonna butt out.

[utensil stirring]

Go on, say it.


Oh, I know.
Something smells delicious.

Damn straight.


One of my few regrets

is that I learned how
to really cook so late in life.

I bet you I could've saved

over a million bucks in takeout,
you add it all up.

Saved for what?

What do you mean?

Well, somebody talks
about savings,

they usually have
a goal in mind.

Do I need a lawyer?


It's just a question, Pop.


I remember how to lead a perp.

What the hell
are you looking for?


Melissa came to my office today.


That's privileged information.

What is?

What do you mean, what is?

Well, all I said was,
she came to my office.

That's not
privileged information.

This ends right now.

This is my business
and mine only.

Which I respect...

Then show it.

You think

I'm some old coot
that's being scammed.

That's where
this is going, right?

The only place it's going is
you flying off the handle.

This is none of your business.

Back off!

I mean it.


[indistinct chatter]

Did you notice that lady
giving us the eyeball?

Couple that was just in here
did it, too.

Duh, you're
in the papers.

Nobody reads papers anymore.Yeah, they do.

You're NYPD's shero.

Get used to it.

Hey, Murray,
we'll take the check.

Uh, no can do.

Can't accept
a meal on the arm.

No, sorry, but the last two
customers bought your lunches.

[quietly chanting]:
Shero, shero.

Feels too good to stop,
doesn't it?

Excuse me?

The outfits, the badges.

You may have people fooled
but not me.

What are you talking about?

[scoffs] It's a setup.

That phony shooter,
you fake cops...

Sorry, are you
seriously saying...?

They're being paid
by the government

to keep you all scared.

But it's crap!

Nothing happened yesterday

and they're liars!

They're crisis actors!

Hey, pal!
What are you doing?

You need to calm down, sir.

You can't shut me up!

Nobody died yesterday!

The only thing that died
was the truth, and I know it!

[patrons screaming]

Watch out!

"Crisis actors"?


Next up, disciplinary
action on Officer Viviano.

Brian Viviano out of the 6-4.

Citizen filmed him
asleep in his patrol car.

Viviano says
he has a seizure disorder--

which, by never
reporting it,

is an infraction all by itself.

So, was he asleep
or having a seizure?

He was asleep.

He says the seizure disorder
makes him doze off.

So, what, narcolepsy?Well, he says no.

So the medication
is what made him sleepy.

That-that gets into
medical privacy territory.

Okay. Don't want to do that.

Um, just find out

if the guy was sleeping off
a hangover.


That is the list for...

One more thing.


I don't know whether
this is out of line or not.

Frankly... [laughs]

I'm a little embarrassed
about it, but...

I was hoping you all could
share something with me.



How close were you to your dads
in their later years?


Can't say.

Well, me and my old man
weren't that tight.

Even till the day he died,

I'd call and he'd be like,
"How's your money holding up?

How's your car running?
Here's your mom."

Like he didn't really want
to get into things with you?

Uh, I knew he loved me,
in his way, you know.

I took it as a sign of respect.

Like, you know,
"I'm not gonna pry."

I wish mine had some of that.

I got the overly involved,
touchy-feely model,

what's now called
helicopter parenting.

Even today,

he sends clippings
from the local paper,

showing me how their
PD spokesman talks to the press.

I was his princess.

I could do no wrong,

and even when I did do wrong,

it was the fault
of the boyfriend

or the crowd that I was with.

That clears up a lot.

Henry got a beef with you, boss?

Good guess.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Oh, my dad needs
at least one beef a day.

Makes him feel vital and alive.

Being his roommate,

that puts me
in the starting rotation.

So wait it out till
he lands on the next one.

Well, I would love to, but I...

I-I think I got to push back
on this one.

Tough spot any way you cut it.


Can I ask one more favor,

between the three of you?

Could you find out
the son of a bitch

that rents that P.O. box?

The really crazy part

is you telling your
Dad to butt out.

Oh, tell me about it.He hammer you?

Kind of the opposite,

Yeah, he-he got up,
took his beer,

and went up to his room
for the rest of the night.

Wow. I-I would have gotten
a ten-hour lecture.

Then transferred
to military school.


Whoever it was,
they forgot

all about me.

Good news.

See you after
phys ed.

Son of a bitch.

Well, I appreciate
your honesty.

Don't even bother.

Killer has to be Gerald.


Yeah. Drug collars,
failed rehabs.

He even broke into the apartment
next door to his old man

a month ago,
looking for cash.

Yeah, well,
Ted Jr.'s ex-girlfriend

says he's a grade A creep.

I mean, yes,
he's more successful,

yes, his dad hired him
to work at his company,

but he still has
a hell of a temper.

A couple of months ago,
he assaulted a delivery guy

for bringing
the wrong order.

You suggesting they pulled some
kind of Menendez brothers move?

No. They hate each other.

Yeah, they do hate each other,
don't they?


Never mind. Nothing.
It's a bad idea.

And that's stopped you... when?

[sighs] Okay.

What if
we bring them down here

and let them go
toe-to-toe again?

And not tell 'em
the other one's here?

Nah, we'll just light a fuse
and watch it burn.

Hey. You ID'd

our EDP?Prints on the front door

says his name is
David Bowles.

In the system because of a DWI
a few years back.

So, do I collar him?

It's the pizza guy that got cut.

He said to follow your lead.

No, he's just delusional.
Locking him up won't help.

More delusional than you know.

You change your mind, call me.

Hey, Witten.

You're not gonna believe this.

You went down the
rabbit hole, too?

What rabbit hole?Oh, on YouTube.

I looked up "crisis actors."

You won't believe the amount
of crazy that's out there.

Our shooter, Sandy Hook,

These conspiracy nuts are
convinced that it's all fake.

Part of some psyops, false
flag government operation.

Okay, well, it gets crazier.

The guy who called us
crisis actors

is the father
of the girl who died.

I mean, me and Jamie
used to fight all the time,

but never
like these two.

They say it's because
of the old man,


it's just an excuse.

We didn't need
an excuse, did we?

Nope. We used to fight
just for fun.

You two fought for fun?

Well, yeah.

Roughhousing, more like it,
but, you know,

with fists and teeth.

Hockey sticks.Yeah,

and lawn darts.Ah.

Wonder why it is that Jack
and I never fought like that.

Excuse me, I babysat,

and I distinctly
remember you and Jack

jousting with
the fireplace tools

and me having
to throw away a certain rug.

Talking about the rug
that Linda said

she threw away because
you spilled red wine on it?

I did, after Sean's
head split open.

[gasps]DANNY: What kind of babysitter
lets a kid's head

get split open, doesn't even
tell the father about it?

[soft laughter]SEAN:
We gave her

our allowance to stay quiet.

Oh, you bribed the babysitter?
That's a sweet move.

Why am I not surprised?

Dad used to just let us
battle it out,

and then Joe would
take on the winner.

Whoa, wait. Dad encouraged it.

He was the referee.

Guess you were lucky Dad
didn't have any other siblings

so you didn't have to break up
all these fights, huh, Pop?

Lucky with him?

Not the word I'd use.

Blessed, that's the word.Ha.

But sometimes
too stubborn to see it.

Anyone else need a sweater
for the cold chill

between these two?Right here.

We're fine.

The hell we are.

Or we will be.

You guys want to tell us
what's going on?

Ask him,

and if he says,
"Mind your own business,"

ask him again
and again and again.

Pop, that is not
exactly how it went.

That is exactly how it went.

Something you two
want to talk about?

I'm fine.

I'm fine.

Apparently, it's all fine.

It seems fine.

You gonna do this all night?

Actually, I'm
almost finished.

Pop, I am truly sorry.

I didn't mean to pry.

Actions speak louder than words.

Alex Van Helt.

Reactions speak louder
than words.

Your point?

Well, I don't get it.

The department said
it was a good shoot.

So, case closed, then and now.

Except for what?

Except that to this day,
I don't know if it was true.

My partner saw a gun.

They never found it.

And you doubt
your partner's word?

No. He thought Van Helt
had a gun,

but I was the one
who initiated the stop.

And from that,
I put a guy into a wheelchair

for the rest of his life.


you do know that Van Helt died
nine years ago, don't you?

Someone keeps opening
that P.O. box.

His wife, his kids.

I don't know.

Someone who needs money.

And if it gets out
that the former PC

is giving cash to the victim

of what he considers
a questionable shooting?

It will never get out.

I hope you're right.

And don't wind me up with that

"This will reflect badly
on the department" crap.

I won't.

Lucky for you
if you're one of the few

that don't carry any regrets.

That's not true. Of course I do.

Yeah, but if you do,

you can put them into a box.

You're good at that. I'm not.

I'm not good at it.

I just do it.

I've already answered
your questions, Detective.

I know, but our investigating
has led to some more questions

that we need answering.Right this way.

BOTH: What is he doing here?Whoa.

Sorry, I didn't realize

you two were in here.

No, no problem at all. Uh...

Why don't you sit down,
we'll make it a party?

No, not with this loser.

Oh, and you're such a winner?

Okay, time-out.
Look, you, sit down.

Let's talk.


I'll tell you what we can do.

You two hash it out,

and whoever
can convince us

that they didn't do it can walk.

How about that?

I want my attorney.

Yeah, same here.

[clears throat]

How about you write
some numbers down,

and we'll give them a call?

Yeah. I mean, it's probably
gonna take a while,

but we'll wait.

And in the meantime,
I sit in here with him?

He killed my dad!

He was my dad, too.

At least get one thing right
for once in your life.

He was our father.

Oh, what are you gonna do,
cry now?

You know,
you've spent your whole life

acting like me and my mom
didn't exist.

Oh, I knew damn well
you existed.

How could I not?

Everything was
"Poor Gerald this,

poor Gerald that."
It's like I've had

a sickly five-year-old brother
I never wanted.

What kind of a dick
deletes a guy's number

from his own father's phone?

They sound a lot like my kids.

What are you talking about?
I never deleted your number.

How come he never
answered my texts?

He texted with you constantly.

Every time I was
with him last year,

it was, "Bing, bing, bing."

No, no, that's what happened
when you knew he was with me.

Hey, wait-wait a minute.

Did either of you
actually see the texts

or who he was texting with?


No, but who else would Dad

have been texting with?

I mean, guys his age
only text with his kids.

Otherwise they talk
on the phone.

That's actually a good question.

I have his phone
sitting in an evidence bag.

I was about to take it
down to CCS

and have them go through it.

Yeah, why don't we save them
the trouble?

I just don't think
this is a good idea.

I just want to talk to him.

The guy lost his daughter.

Hasn't he suffered enough?

By disrespecting
his daughter's death?

Disrespecting what I had to do?

Rachel, I know it's crazy,

e-especially him saying
that we were complicit

in some big lie, but he doesn't
actually believe it.

Says who?

I talked to the cops who
did the next of kin notification

and they said that Mr. Bowles
totally melted down.

He screamed that Alyssa
couldn't be dead,

that she'd been in Montauk
the weekend before

and that she just hadn't
come home yet.


And then I went online and I saw
those conspiracy trolls

bragging about
how they'd found his number.

They started bombarding him
with all that psyop crap.

They-they went
after the victim's dad?

It's what they do.

They find someone vulnerable
and they pounce.

And he believed it because...

Facing the truth
about his daughter's death

would completely destroy him.

What do we do now?

Ms. Wilson.


Hi, I've never had your class,
but my name is Sean...

Sean Reagan. I know who you are.

I know you're not exactly
the biggest fan of my family.

Is there a question here, Sean?

Someone wrote "ACAB"
all over my locker.

So I heard.

It's a high school.

Where the main office

has everyone's
locker combinations on file.

And I imagine

that the teachers
would have access.

Excuse me?

You know what ACAB means, right?

All cops are bastards.

Which you agree with, right?

You're putting words
in my mouth.

They're your words.
It's what you teach.

Used to teach.

Last summer,

looting broke out
in my neighborhood.

First I thought, "Yes, oh,
the revolution is finally here."

And then they...

They weren't protesters.

I know what a protest
looks like.

They started torching
the cars on my block.

And I watched the cops put
their lives on the line

to stop the violence.

I-I'm not saying
they're all angels...

But they're not all
the devil either.

Not that night, not on my block.


it wasn't me who wrote that.

But someone did.

And somehow they got
my locker combination.

Any friends hang out
while you open your locker?

Why do you ask that?

In case you haven't noticed,

the world's turned upside down.

[indistinct chatter]

Hello, ladies.

Hey, Sean.

[chatter continues]

Where is she?There she is.

I hope you found out
who killed Mr. Bradley.

We did, it just took a while.
Hands behind your back.

What?We're making a withdrawal.

And you're it.

What are you talking about?

Gaslighting an old man
that his kids were out

to drain his accounts
so he better start

hoarding large chunks
of cash at home?

Then he takes a hundred
grand out of the bank,

you follow him home
and pay him a surprise visit.

No, I-I didn't do that.

except you, okay?

We saw the app
you had him download,

we read all the text messages
between you guys.

What do you say, partner?

Jury takes about an hour
to convict?

I give 'em 30 minutes.
Let's go.

You know, I was the only
good person in his life.

He would have wanted me
to have that money!

You're probably right.

I don't deserve this!

And he didn't deserve
a knife in the back.

Hey, were you in Montauk?
Did you see this girl there?

Hey, excuse me, excuse me.

My daughter was supposed
to come home last week,

but she must've missed her bus.
Have you seen her?

No. Sorry, sir.H-Have you seen
this girl before?

No, sorry.She was in Montauk last week.

He's been showing up every day.

I told him to leave, but
he keeps coming back.

He's in a bad place.

But you'll arrest him, right?

Sir?I mean, he's harassing people.

Don't worry,
we'll take care of it.

She's my daughter. She was
supposed to be home last week.


Thank you.

Excuse me, have...? Oh.

It's you two.

Mr. Bowles,
we're here to help you.


By disappearing me
because I'm on to you?

They're imposters. If anything
happens to me, they did it.

Look, Alyssa is not coming
off of one of these buses.

Yes, she is.

No, she isn't.

She got back last week,

just like she planned,

and then she went to her job

the very next day.

Why do you keep lying?

We were there.
We tried to help her.

My daughter just isn't back
from her weekend trip.

When she gets back,
I'm gonna find her.

We've had some
problems lately.

Stupid disagreements that...

You-you can't let those be
your last words.

That's why I have to find her.

And we know where she is.

Yeah, come on.

We'll take you there.

So the lady at the bank
killed him?

Yes. She confessed to it.

After throwing a
tantrum, of course.

I can't believe it.Yeah, 'cause you were

too busy blaming me.

Same thing you
were doing to me.

Listen, you-you stuck-up
son of a bitch.

All right.
Can you two just stop, please?

All right?

He didn't do it
and he didn't do it.

End of discussion.

Seriously, look,
I didn't know your old man.

Okay? But I know fathers,
I know sons, I know families.

Now, if you're gonna take

any positive out of this,
take away

the fact that you're family.

Okay, you're all you got now,
for better or worse,

so figure it out.

Buy you a drink?

Really? Alcohol?

Forget it.

Just say yes.

Come on, your problems

are bigger than
his drinking problem.

No offense.

How about O'Keefe's?

It's the first place
Dad ever bought me one.

Yeah. Me, too.
Booth in the back.


There you go.
All right, knock yourselves out.

But not with your fists.

Why didn't you wait
for me to walk home?

And the way you blew
by me in the hall.

You got something
against my friends?

Yeah, the one with "ACAB"
written on her notebook.


Why'd you give her
my locker combo?

I didn't.

Principal will figure it out.

You're going to the principal?

You tell me.

Those girls--

Cindy and Amanda and Corrine.

We all started hanging online

and became friends.

But when they found out I also
hang with you, they went off.

How the police are pigs.

You just threw them a bone.

I haven't made a lot
of girlfriends

since I moved here.

I just, I didn't
want to lose them.

It sounds so stupid
saying it. Sean...

You're never gonna
forgive me, are you?

Piece of advice
I heard constantly

growing up in a family of cops?


Everybody makes mistakes.

See you later.

For now.

Take a seat.

[door closes]

Worked things out with my dad.

Thanks for what you said.
It helped me.

That's great to hear, boss.

You don't want to let
those things drag out.

Yeah, well,
the long and short of it:

he's not the kind of man
who could

store his regrets in a box.

He actively worries
how his actions

affect the other person.

And it got me wondering.


I've had a few.

But then again,
too few to mention?

Sid... [chuckles]

you miss
being in the rank and file.

No, boss.

That wasn't a question.

Every sad sack and sideways cop

whose problem lands
on this office,

your first instinct is
to erect a statue for the guy.

You love 'em all,
and the more warts the better.


you are a talented detective

and those talents
are seldom used up here.

It's kind of like
you're an ace pilot

and you're stuck working in
the air traffic control tower.

And you, my friend,

you'd make a lot more money
and get a lot less grief

in the private sector.

You know it and I know it.


if any of you would like
a glowing recommendation

for a new job...

...I will recommend
you gladly,


with no questions asked

and with nothing
but gratitude...

for all that you have given me.

Thank you, sir.

But I'm staying.

I'm good right where I am.

Me, too.

But with a raise.

[soft laughter]

Give him an inch...

If I thought I was holding
any of you back,

I would always regret that.

And I would never be able
to put that regret in a box.

[soft chatter]

[door closes]




I'm so sorry
I couldn't protect you.

But come on.

It's time to go home.

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