Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 11, Episode 6 - The New Normal - full transcript

Frank deals with a police captain who's losing his grip over his precinct; Danny faces backlash after a tough call he made in the field; Erin weighs the consequences of a dangerous criminal's release under new bail laws. Watch Full HD Movies & TV Shows
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The numbers are moving
in the right direction.

Definitely, and at a nice clip.

Index crimes are down
almost across the board.

And five days in a row
without someone

getting pushed
onto the subway tracks.


What, boss?
Just pointing out...

All positive.

I was half-waiting for one of
you to compliment me on my tie.

The 5-1 in the Bronx.

Reported crimes are up,
arrests are down

for three months running.

Things are tough up there.

Things are tough all over.

Nobody gets a pass.

Captain Butler is one of the
best younger COs we got.

Good, then he should be able
to take whatever I throw at him.

You mean, you want him up here?


Bad idea.


It negates the purpose
of CompStat, for one thing.


Tosses the peer review model.

Reverts to one-on-one,
vertical confrontation.

In English?

Old school, not in a good way.

Gee, I appreciate the input.

But I kind of miss
the good old days

of called on the carpet,
come to Jesus moments.

Get him up here.

How'’s your morning going?Good.

Well, hold on to that
feeling, 'cause, uh,

William Maloney'’s arraignment
is scheduled for today.

Don'’t tell me there's
a delay to that arraignment.

I will tell you that Judge
Kramer may release him.

Do you know what
she'’s gonna set bail at?

Released on his
own recognizance.

R.O.R-- are you kidding me?

Kramer'’s giving a real

broad reading
of the new bail guidelines.

And she'’s using
a repeat offender

like Maloney as her test case?

Test case or loss leader.

I know.


You wanted to see us?

Yeah, I got
an assignment for you.

You guys heard
of Violence Interrupters?

Uh, civilians mediating
conflicts on the street, right?

Oh, like using ex-bangers
to prevent gang shootings?

They'’re extending the concept
to crisis intervention teams,

which include social workers
and family therapists.

What'’s that got
to do with us?

City council'’s launching
a pilot program,

taking these folks
on ride-alongs.

We respond to jobs with
a civilian on board?

A civilian trained
to de-escalate calls

before they turn violent.

Even active crime scenes?

Yes, but your tours
would be limited

to emotionally disturbed persons
and domestic disputes.

Those can be some
of our most dangerous calls.Yeah, I know it.

But maybe not so much if we have
a trained mediator involved.

Something actually good for cops
came out of the city council?

Will wonders never cease?
All right.

How many cops pushed back?

Pushed back?

When you told them
about this ride-along?

You know, before you asked us?

This is your wife asking.

A couple,
and then I kicked myself

for not turning
to you two guys first.


I am so sorry I'’m late.

Claire, no problem.I drove in from Larchmont.

There was an accident on 95.

Uh, Officers Janko...

and Witten?
This is Witten.

I am Claire Gilmore.

I hear we'’re partners.

Have they been briefed?



okay, let'’s go do
some good out there.

Joker sets up a meet
and doesn'’t even show.

He'’s a snitch, Danny.
They live on snitch time.

Yeah, well, Ennis and Lee
said he was okay.

Yeah, well, they'’ve been
a little distracted lately

with IAB

Perp resisted arrest.

And wound up in the E.R.

Doesn'’t mean Ennis and Lee
crossed the line.

Maybe, but we both know
it wouldn'’t be the first time.

Yeah, and we both know that
jams like Ennis and Lee'’s

never come clear-cut.

All units, 10-85 forthwith.

Officer needs assistance,
corner of Holland and 15th.

We're close.
Let's take it.

5-4 detectives responding.

If you refuse
the breathalyzer,

I got to take you in.I told you.

I haven'’t been drinking.

All right, man, that's it.

Come on, hands behind your back.

Come on...I haven't been drinking.

Come on.

I haven't been drinking, man!I understand.

I just need you
to put your hands

behind your back. Come on. Hey!I haven't been drinking, man.

Police, don't move!

Drop the gun
and get on the ground

right now!

I can't go to jail!

Drop the gun!

I know you'’re just
doing your job.

But I got to go.

I put out a Finest Messageon the suspect,

one Warren Pratt.Good.

We got his address already,
so we'll pick him up quick.




He posed no immediate threat
when we arrived on the scene.

He was holding a cop'’s gun.

Yeah, by the barrel.

He wasn't pointing it
at me or anyone else.

I can'’t shoot the guy
over a shoving match.

How you feeling, Wendell?

I'’ll live.

Can we give you a lift?

Man, how could you
just let this guy go?

We got his address, okay?

We'll get him
and we'll get your gun back.

I heard you were a cop'’s cop.

A guy you could
trust in the street.

you didn't hear wrong,
okay, but not for nothing,

you did escalate the situation

when you drew your weapon
on the guy.

Pratt assaulted me.

And stole my weapon
and then you just let him go.

That'’s what happened.

Yes, the new bail laws
have caused a circus.

Yeah, one that makes usthe clowns.

In the past nine years,we'’ve charged him

with armed robbery,rape, attempted kidnapping.

But this time,
it'’s just assault two.

So under the new laws the
judge will likely release him.

Yeah, and if she does, there'’sno telling what kind of damage

he'’ll do prior to the trial.

And what would you
like me to do about that?

I think a general call fromthe acting D.A. to the judge

about the new bail lawswould go a long way.

Yeah, a long way at looking
like I'’m leaning on her.

Look, this officehas a responsibility

to protect the public.

You lead this office.

Look, if you want
to fight Maloney'’s release,

go to his arraignment.

But any blowback lands on you.

Have a seat.

Dewar's and milk.

Yeah. How did you...

Guido Van'’s retirement racket.

I had the bartender'’s eyes
and rounded up orders.


Some people put a name
with a face,

I put a face with a drink.

Dewar's and milk.


Hazard of the job.

Captain Butler,
do you know why you'’re here?

My numbers are down.

Tough real estate up there.

Yes, sir.

But that'’s no excuse.

No, it'’s not.

But I will hear your explanation

if you have one that works.

Gang activity has been on the
rise the past several months.

You have the resources you need.

Yes, sir.

We have to be more aggressive.

Your numbers tell me your cops

are looking the other way.

Being more aggressive
in a climate

where issuing a summons
for jaywalking

brings charges
of police brutality, sir.

The Patrol Guide wasn'’t written

with a particular climate
in mind.

And you'’re an NYPD Captain,

not a weatherman.

I'’ve also lost
two of my veteran sergeants

in the past five months.

That'’s put a dent
in my chain of command.

Then fix it.

I assure you, sir,
I am trying my best.

Try succeeding.

Yes, sir.

I can'’t give passes
for your climate or your dents.

You need
to re-establish discipline

and effectiveness immediately.


Yes, sir.

That is all.

Defense requests that
my client be released

on his own recognizance.

May I be heard, Your Honor?

Ms. Reagan?

The people oppose

R.O.R. and request
that Your Honor set bail.

Based on what?

The defendant's lengthy
criminal record, for starters.

The new bail laws don'’t
allow me to take into account

the danger to the community
if the defendant is released.

According to the police report,

the defendant threatened
retribution against his victim,

Ms. Rizzo.You got to be kidding me.

Zip it, Mr. Maloney.

The revised bail laws

apply here.

Yes, but on assault 2,

the court has
discretion to set bail.

I was referring
to the spirit of those laws,

which are about
more than crowded jails.

They're about fairness.

Mr. Maloney,

if I set bail at $20,000,
could you pay that?

Not a chance.

But a wealthy defendant charged

with the exact same crime
would be home the same day.

That's not equal justice,
Ms. Reagan.

And what about justice
for Ms. Rizzo?

She fears for her life
should he be out on the street.

A temporary order
of protection will be issued.

Now, I see Mr. Maloney
has a parole hold

from a previous case?

We're in the process of
clearing that, Your Honor.

Once you do, your client
will be released from custody.

Your Honor, if I may...

We're done here.

So that's when I realized

I just didn't
want to be a lawyer.

Social work is where
my heart is, you know?


I just, I want
to make a difference,

and be impactful.

We like impactful.

But, you know, just know
some of these cases

can be a-a little challenging.

I wrote my thesis
on the exigencies

of emergency response.

2-9 crisis intervention car,

you have a 10-52,
possible domestic dispute.

3417 23rd Street,
apartment 3-Bravo.

That's us.

Showtime, Claire.

Did you just take
a picture of the radio?

That's my first call.

It's total scrapbook.


His name is Donald!

I asked him to turn it down.

He has a mood disorder,

and his meds don't always work.

Hi, Donald!

I'm Officer Janko,

this is Officer Witten.

Hey, um,

we're gonna turn down
the music so we can talk,


Do you mind if I give it a try?

Heck, go for it.
But be careful.


I'm Claire.

I love this song.
What is it?

"Losing in the End"
by-by Dying Regret.

Song like this, you
really got to crank it.

Am I right?

You should try these.

Oh, trust me,

the sound is amazing.

That's amazing, right?

Wanted to see me, boss?

Come in, close the door.

What happened
this morning?

I didn't shoot a man.

And you just let him go?

I played it
by the book, boss.

He wasn't a threat.

If I'd shot him,
he'd probably be dead

and I'd be looking
at charges right now.

You still might be.

What are you talking about?

Officer Wendell is
accusing you of malfeasance.

That's a load of crap, boss.

Come on, I mean,
he lost his gun,

h-he let the situation
get out of hand.

Tell it to Internal Affairs.

So you saw Pratt take Officer
Wendell's gun and assault him?

No, I saw Pratt
pick up Officer Wendell's gun

from the ground
and flee with it.

You ask me, he was trying
to keep from getting shot.

There's been a spike in officers
failing to perform their duty.

Well, this wasn't that.

Were you afraid
you and your partner

would be set upon by bystanders
if you shot Pratt?

You mean, like,
attacked by bystanders?

No, I wasn't afraid of that.

Were you concerned about public
safety if you opened fire?

I knew my target.
I had a clean shot.

So why didn't you take it?

Because deadly physical force
can only be used

to protect me or a third party

from serious
physical injury or death.

That's why.We know

the force guidelines, Detective.

Could have fooled me.

Pratt had a cop's gun.

Which he held
in a nonthreatening manner.

He wasn't gonna use it.

You don't know that.I do know that.
You weren't there.

I was. I saw the look
in that man's eyes.

He was afraid.

If I felt threatened

in any way,
or if anyone was in harm,

Pratt would've left the scene
in a body bag.

Not his car.Yeah.

He left in his car
and he's still at large.

Well, it's a good thing
Officer Wendell got his ID,

so now we know who he is
and where he lives.

He'll turn up.

What do you think Detectives
Ennis and Lee would've done?

What the hell do Ennis and Lee
have to do with this?

They're in your squad. They got
jammed up for excessive force.

So that's what
you're suggesting?

That I let Pratt go to avoid
getting jammed up by IAB?

Did you?No, I didn't, and if I did,

it didn't work out
very well, now, did it?

Look, the bottom line is,

if I shot Pratt
it would've been an execution!

That's it.

End of story.
In fact, end of discussion.

Sit down. We're not
done, Detective.

Well, I'm done.

Heard your visit to the
arraignments didn't go too well.

Judge Kramer was not
persuaded to set bail.

Kramer made
a fair point.

Most folks awaiting trial
in Rikers are there

because they can't afford
to buy their way out.

Maloney is a dangerous felon

that she is putting
right back on the street.

With an order of protection
and a court date.

Which a law-abiding citizen
would respect,

and he is anything but.

You did everything you could
to keep him in the system.

Not yet.What's that mean?

Just as long as Maloney
is in custody,

I have a fighting chance
to keep him there.

What chance?

You probably don't want to know.

I probably don't.

When I told him
to kill the music,

the look on his face--
I thought he was gonna kill me.

The first step is to
make it clear to him

that you pose
no physical threat.

But we went pretty easy.Yeah.

Your tone is nonthreatening,
but your uniforms?

Not so much.

Well, we're kind of
stuck with them.

Donald's mom said

that he has been hospitalized

for violent episodes,
which probably means

he's been restrained.

By cops

and hospital workers
in uniforms.

And the negative association...

What are we
supposed to do,

show up in sweats and Uggs?

You can compensate
for the uniform.

When you tried

to turn down
Donald's music,

you threatened his autonomy.

But when you asked
if he wanted headphones...

I preserved
his sense of control,

which allowed
for a positive resolution.

These people don't
act out on purpose.

You know, mental illness
is a medical illness.

Problem is we're not doctors.

I have so much respect
for what you guys do.

But sometimes a gun and a badge

can make a bad situation
even worse.

There'd better be a damn good
reason for this meeting.

As you know, my office opposes
Mr. Maloney's release.

You want me to die in here.

What I want is assurance,

should you be released,
that you won't seek revenge

against your girlfriend.


Judge issued an order
of protection,

so why are we here?

As Ms. Rizzo was giving
her statement to police,

your client reportedly screamed,
"You're dead.

"I'll cut your
lying throat,

you dirty little bitch."

Heat of the moment.Your client

assaulted his then-girlfriend

after she revealed
multiple infidelities.

She always was a whore.According to
her statement,

she told you
she slept

with eight other men
during your relationship.


Nine other men,
including your brother.

He was drunk.

My client foreswears

vengeance against Ms. Rizzo.

What will you do, Mr. Maloney,

should you encounter Ms. Rizzo
on the street?

Don't answer that.You really want to know?

I really do.


Sit down.

What will you do, William?

I'll wish her the very best.

You think I'm gonna
hand you what you need

to keep me in jail?

And I wish you
the very best, too.


Finished up my recon on 5-1.

That's why I'm here.

It ain't good.

The numbers tell me that, Sid.

Well, what's behind
the numbers is worse.

Guys up there
are sitting in their radio cars,

sitting on their hands.

And you know this
but their CO doesn't?

I assume so.


Boss, Butler is a great cop,

but someone in his command
is covering for the deadbeats.

Or maybe Butler's a great cop
the way Joe Montana's

a great quarterback.


Was great.

He have the respect
of his officers?

Far as I know.

How far is that?

Well, they got nothing
but appreciation.

He shows respect for his people
by delegating authority.

It's good for the morale.


That's a school of leadership.

It might not be
yours or mine, but...

It's also a way of saying
the guy's not around a lot.

Well, I'm not getting that
from what I'm hearing.

Well, maybe you're not
listening for it.

How long has he been
the great delegator?

I don't have that metric.

I'm guessing it's about
the same amount of time

that his numbers
have been cratering.

You want me to give
the 5-1 a colonoscopy?


I'll take it from here.

I'd rather transfer
to Sanitation

than work for the rat squad.

IAB's got a job to do,
same as us.

Come on. I mean, they
actually think I let Pratt go,

a guy who posed no threat
to me or anyone else,

just to avoid a-a
excessive force complaint?

Come on.And no one would have
blamed you if you did.

But I didn't.

It was a no-win
situation, Danny.

Uh, which is another
way of you saying

that you think
I got it wrong.


IAB's ready for you.

Have fun.

You know, there was a homicide

a couple of blocks away
from the scene.

Please don't tell me

the shooter matches
Pratt's description.

You got it.

It wasn't a stunt.

Actually, it was a failed stunt.

I tried to find out
if Mr. Maloney intended

to intimidate the key witness
of his trial.

By painting him as a
cuckold to his face.

By asking him questions entirely
based on the police report.

Maloney's attorney
filed a complaint against you

for attempting to
entrap her client.

That is a joke.
She agreed to the meeting.

To attempt to put an end
to your harassment.

Mr. Maloney threatened
Ms. Rizzo's life.

I merely tried to find out
if he intended to do so.

What is it about this case

that's got you so loaded
for bear?

It's not... what, it's whom.


The elderly couple

that he robbed
and left for dead,

the underaged girl
that he assaulted in the Bronx,

the mother of three
that he ripped from the car.

We cannot try him
for his whole history.

We can only try him
for assault 2.

Do you understand that?

I do.

But it's not the same
as accepting it.

Then, she sits across
from this troubled kid

and just connects with him.

That's great.Any other given day,
that call would end

with ESU dragging
that kid out in cuffs

and restraints.

What's funny?

Maybe just try not to drink
the whole vat of the Kool-Aid?

That's not what this is.

It was one call, Eddie.

But on that one
call, it worked.

Still, one call.

You're skeptical.

I'm always skeptical.

Except when it comes
to my love for you.

Fight fair.

I didn't know we were fighting.

We're talking
about something very important.



I'm rooting for her
and for the program.

Mm.But the truth is

it reads a little "woke" to me,

and I'm just prepared
for blowback.

That's all."Woke" just means "innovative"
most of the time.

Some of the time.

And sometimes
it's like commandments

coming down
from the moral high ground.

some of the time it's
"get on the bandwagon or else"?

What I think--

there's blowback
when cops use their weapons

and it's-it's deemed
a bad shooting.

That doesn't mean cops
shouldn't carry their weapons.

Have I told you lately
how much I love you?


Great pot roast,

Something's different.

New marinade.



In your hand or on the roast?


You're not gonna bust me
for eating this, are you?

Oh, I don't need
another reason to bust you.

Hey, Sean,
how's that SAT prep going?

Can we not go there today,

Why? What's up?

Long story.

No. "I'm not taking the test

'cause I ain't going to college"

is a short story,

not a long story.

And it has an unhappy
ending for you.


Is that true, Sean?

I said that
I haven't decided yet.

First I heard of that.And if his mother

was alive, it'd be
the last you heard of it.

If not college, what?

Maybe I take a year off,

weigh my options.The options
aren't gonna

weigh much at all
if you don't go to college.

You know you can still
take the test

and decide on college later.

That's what Nicky said.

Nicky, who went to college.

Nicky, who is also super smart.

Like Aunt Erin

and Uncle Jamie.

You guys aced the SAT.

Technically, Erin aced it
the second time she took it.

Oh, but who's keeping score?

Well, I did lousy

on the SATs, and I still got
into a pretty decent school.

And then you dropped out.

How do you even know that?

Well, do as I say,
not as I did.

All I'm saying is that

just because you
don't go to college

doesn't automatically
make you some loser.

Gee. Thanks.

Yeah, what a relief.

You guys are my role models.

You didn't go to college, and...

you guys ended up doing great.

My parents
couldn't afford college.

Yeah, and I did okay

despite skipping college,
not because I skipped college.

A little wisdom, if it helps?

"You are not obligated
to complete the work,

but neither are you free
to abandon it."

Teddy Roosevelt?

The Talmud, actually.

And, look,
whatever you decide to do,

as long as it is
thoroughly considered,

we'll support you, right?





I'm weighing my options.

How you holding up?

Been better.

Come. Sit.

Guess you were expecting
to have a conversation, huh?

Tell me something
I don't know.

Cop pulls a guy over,

approaches the guy
in his car.

Both of them have the same fear
in the back of their minds--

am I gonna
come out of this alive?

We've all been there.Yeah.

Which leads to the fear
in the back of my mind.

Approached the guy
with a gun.

I knew the instant I did,
he wasn't a threat.

He wasn't gonna hurt me.

I let him go.


what's the fear
in the back of your mind?

That this guy
might have killed someone

with a cop's gun
after I let him go.

Oh, Danny. Oh, Danny.Gramps,

there was a homicide.

My guy fits the description
of the shooter.

I heard.

Well, then now you know
the fear in the back of my mind.

But we don't shoot suspects
because of what they might do.

I know, Gramps.
I know.

I drew my weapon
many times.

I fired when
I had to.

But I never once regretted
the times I didn't.

I do not regret
not shooting that man, Gramps.

But what if he committed
that murder and I let him go?

Then that's on him.

So, I met with my command staff.

We came up with a game plan.

Must have been glad to see you.


Well, you can only
delegate so much

before they forget
who their actual boss is.

Or so I'm told.

I've never been one
for sitting behind a desk, sir.

I like to be
out in the community.

The one you serve in the Bronx

or the one you're moving to
in Westchester?

I didn't want to say anything

until the final offer
came through.

New Castle Chief of Police.
Nice ring to it.

Yes, sir.

The schools are great,
and my wife Emily is...

she's excited to raise the kids
outside the city.Hey,

I understand.

I do.

Lieutenant General
Lloyd Fredendall--

You ever heard of him?

No, sir.

Can't say as I have.

Well, he was famous

for leading his men to the worst
U.S. defeat in World War II,

the Battle of Kasserine Pass
in North Africa.


Turns out Eisenhower
paid a secret visit

to Fredendall's HQ.

Found an utterly
confused environment

lacking in preparation,

dedication, motivation.

You're saying that's the 5-1?

He also learned...

that Fredendall had been
spending a lot of his free time

designing a bulletproof Cadillac

just like the one
Ike had been issued.


that may have been
the final straw.

At any rate,

Fredendall was out on his ass.

Look, Commissioner...

this last year
we've all been through--

my precinct's like a war zone.

Well, I'd watch that.

The punishment for desertion
during wartime is death.

I meant metaphorically.


Well, you're dead-on.

This last year has been
like life during wartime.

For this department.

For the city we serve.

And you commanded

a fort in the Bronx

and abandoned your duties there.

With all due respect,

I don't have to take this.

You might want to double-check
that Chappaqua offer.

They called you?

I called them.

You're gonna
destroy my career, sir?

You did that yourself.



you gonna ask me?

Ask you what?

How my interview went with IAB.

No. That's supposed
to be kept confidential,

especially from the guy
you might be burying.

I didn't bury you, Danny.

But you still
don't stand by my call.

I don't know what
I would have done in your shoes,

but I know you,

and if you stand by your call,
then I stand by you.


IAB called.

Said you've been cleared.

I'm glad it worked out for you.

Appreciate it, boss.

That's great.

What do you know.

Got a tip on the homicide
they like Pratt for.

Take a ride?

Long time no see, baby.


I thought you were in jail.

No boyfriend to carry your bags?

You got plenty to choose from?Look,

I am sorry I called the cops.

I thought
you were gonna kill me.

I never got the chance.

Which is why we have
unfinished business.

Just like you and me,
right, William?

You guys following me?

Guessing you don't have
a carry permit for this.

Under federal law, these
guys can charge you

as a felon
in possession of a weapon.

That will cost you
a good ten years.

And, William...

I wish you the very best.

What are you doing here?

Been monitoring your calls.

I'm just here to observe
for my report.

Let's hit it.

Mrs. Turner?

You okay?

Donald's psychiatrist

he return to the hospital.

Did he hit you, ma'am?

He didn't mean to.

Let me talk to him.Hey. Protocol says

NYPD leads on violent calls.

I've already established
a rapport with him.

Let me try and talk him down.

Okay, give it a shot.

Hi, Donald.

Are you okay?

It hurts.

That looks like it hurts.


You take this,

wrap that
around your hand.

This'll stop the bleeding.


Really good, Donald.


He needs to drop
the weapon, Claire.

Hey, Donald,

I know you don't want
to go back to the hospital.

I'll go with you.You're a liar!

I'm not...You're lying! Aah!

Can we do that?

Can we go together,
you and me?

I will make sure you are okay.

Hey, hey! Let her go!

Right now!Drop your weapon!

Don't shoot him! Please!
He doesn't know what he's doing!

Let her go right now, Donald!He's just scared.

All right, all right,
everybody just calm down.

All right?
Calm down.

We're gonna lower our weapons,
all right?

We're lowering our weapons.

And I just need you
to do the same thing.

All right,
drop the weapon

and let her go, okay?


Hey, Donald.

Hey, uh, Thumpermagazine?

I had an ex-boyfriend
who's crazy about...

It's okay.

Hey, you're okay,

all right?
You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be
okay, all right?

Calm down, okay?

You're gonna be all right.

You okay?

One of ours has a weapon
to their throat,

there's a good chance
the guy holding it

doesn't walk out of here alive.

And today he will
because of you.

I understand William Maloney
is in federal custody.

That's right.

Good outcome.

I agree.

How he got there troubles me.

We took a hunch

that he would violate
the order of protection.

He's been known
to carry a gun.

Feds were happy to cooperate.But the point is

I told you to walk away.

I tried.

Couldn't pull it off.

You were my top competition
for this job.

So when you asked me

to take on a sitting judge...

You thought I was trying
to sabotage you.

Seen it before.

I don't work that way.

I see that now.

You're some kind
of true believer.

If you mean in the mission
of this office, then... yes.

Which is admirable,
until it crosses the line.

I'm sorry if you feel that

I disrespected your authority.

I'm not big
on non-apology apologies.

I am sorry.

I'm glad Maloney's
off the street.

But we're not bounty hunters.

We're attorneys.

Remember that.

What you working on?

Uh, crisis intervention
team report.

Can I read it?

Come on.

It says you did good work.

So did you.

Put that in there.

Rachel, Claire and I
were talking about ways

that we can do things
different next time and...

I don't think there's gonna
be a next time, Eddie.

What are you talking about?Think city council's

gonna pull the plug
on the program.

Why?Besides the fact

that your ride-along
almost got killed today?

But she didn't.

Yes, the
program can be improved,

but I learned more about
how to handle EDPs from Claire

than I did from all
of my NYPD training combined.

Having someone
like her on a call

can save lives.

I agree with you.

City council's
not gonna see it that way.

Then you have to change
their minds with that report.

You want to help me with that?

Did you use the word "woke"
anywhere in there?




Hold up a second.
Who's this?

It's Reuben Ramsey-- we
like him for the open homicide.

Roughly same height and
weight as Warren Pratt.

You process him.

You come with me.

What's going on, boss?

Well, you know Pratt
turned himself in today, right?

No. What'd he say?

That he'd only speak to you.

I'm Detective Reagan.


take care of my parents.

I'm all they got.

When the officer
tried to arrest me,

I lost it.

You could have got killed.

But I didn't.

'Cause of you.

I'm ready to answer
for what I did.

I'll take your statement.

I just want a fair shot.

I know I'll get that with you.

You will.

Sit down, Sid.

You torpedoed Butler.

That the word they're using?


You want me to shut that down?

Not at all.

If anything, play it up.


What do you think, Sid?

About Butler?

How do you see it?

Well, he certainly
had some penalty coming.

But not being
blown out of the water.

Not my call.

And if it was?

Pretty harsh, icing his new job.

Exactly right.

He was sacrificed.

Sacrificed to what?

To... confirm
the fears and doubts

of the men and women in our army

who are thinking
about deserting.

He's the head on a pike.

Boss, all due respect,
putting in your papers

isn't the same as deserting.

Of course it isn't.

It's your right.

But right now...

the city that we love
is crippled,

as sure as if we had been
under attack

for the last year.

The city we love...

needs us here.

So, make 'em think twice
about leaving?

At least twice.

Then make a choice
to stick it out.

Or else.

Boss, that's... that's
some hardball you're playing.

Like he said,

"Do what you can
with what you have

where you are."

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