Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 11, Episode 1 - Episode #11.1 - full transcript

Madeline Gleason
from Forest Hills.

Looks like Madeline Gleason
put up one hell of a fight.

She was 25
years old.

When I was 25, I was
living in Alphabet City

with some musclehead
named Dario.


What do we have here?

apparent suffocation,

defensive wounds on her hands.

Looks like she was dressed
for a date, possibly

knew her killer.

Witness called it in.

Well, if you end up
running any lineups, just...

We haven't even started yet.

I'm just saying if you do,

then make sure
to run a double blind.

You can't run it yourself.

This isn't our first rodeo,
you know, Counselor.

Okay, I'm just reminding you

'cause the D.A.'s been
on my ass about it.

Oh, well, just because
the D.A.'s been on your ass,

doesn't mean you got
to be on my ass.

Yeah, it kind of does.

I'm not talking to you!

Knock it off, okay?

I'm not having
a discussion with you about it.

Well, you're the one
that came down here,

started the discussion.

We're trying to do our jobs.

Just saying do it by the book,

and we won't have a problem.

But now I do have
a problem-- you.

You, too.



You're now riding
with Miller, okay?

Officer Janko,
Officer Witten.

I need you to respond
to the M.E.'s office.

Got a frequent flyer,

to burn the place down.


Well, they misplaced her
father's body.

So what's
the complaint?

She's threatening the employees.
Threw a boot at one of them

when they told her
to come back later.

Oh, gee, thanks,
that sounds like a joy.

I'll get the car.

I'll get us
some fresh batteries.

Hey, did you hear that your dad
has a hearing coming up?

His lawyers filed a request
for compassionate release.

"Compassionate release,"
based on what?

He's over 65,
served more than half

his sentence,
has diabetes.

Hey, wait a second.

Why do you know
any of that?

He called last night.

Said that he would love it if
you would come to the hearing.

Yeah, said that he thought

He called you?

he had a better shot
going through me.

That you probably wouldn't
want to talk to him.

He's right,
I don't want to talk to him.

And I do not want
to go to his hearing.

Lastly the mayor said
he knows how busy you are,

and that you won't need
to attend tonight's reception.

"Won't need" or "should not"?

Couldn't say, sir.

If you could say?

I get the impression
he's keeping

police business at arm's length.

Tell me about it.

Welcome back

to the Manhattan Morning Show.

We've been speaking with City
Council Speaker Regina Thomas.

Uh, thanks for being
with us today.

My pleasure, Jim.

You mentioned the NYPD

and the decidedly anti-cop
sentiment that has taken hold

as a result
of the widely publicized

police brutality cases
around the country.

You need to listen to this.

Bluefish running
in Sheepshead Bay?


But this isn't
about any of that.

This is about taking
legislative action.

And a repurposing

from top to bottom

of the NYPD and their resources.

Okay, well,
that-that brings us back

to the "starting where" part.

So, uh, do we defund or retrain?

To get him to retrain
would be like getting him

to cop to the fact
that there is systemic racism

and oppression
within his ranks...

What's so important that...?


...that's geared
towards people of color.

Mm-hmm. Okay, so defund, then?


Now, you know there are those

who are gonna say, "Well, who's
gonna respond to my 911 call?"


Not her, you can bet on that.

All right, well,
let's take some calls

for City Council Speaker
Regina Thomas.

Ronnie from Brooklyn.

Thank you for taking my call.

Last week I witnessed
cops breaking up

a group of kids just
peacefully breakdancing

outside the Barclay--

wailing on them
with nightsticks and Tasers.

At least a couple of them were
bleeding when the cops left.

Is he kidding me?


Ronnie, I want
to thank you for your call.

I can't tell you how many
of these calls I get a day.

Too many.

And I'm starting to think
that Commissioner Reagan

and his goon squad

need to step back

and get on the right side
of history for once.

Turn it off.

We're gonna have
to offer a rebuttal.

We'd just be answering the
question, "Are you still beating

your puppy, and if not,
when did you stop?"

You just want to let it stand?

Silence isn't
exactly golden here.

You know something I don't know?

Hardly ever.

That caller sounded like
he was selling something.

He said it was
by the Barclays Center.

I'll check in with the 7-4
and see what's what.

What if it's
what the caller said?

We'll deal with it.

What if it's not?

We'll deal with that, too.

Just don't ask me how right now.

Are you kidding me?
Are you kid...?

I'm not filling out anything!

I told you...

You're trying to get rid of
me and you can go to hell

'cause I ain't moving!

Hey, hey, what seems
to be the problem?

They lost my dad's body!

And I will not

We didn't lose it.

be pushed around.

I told her

she needs to come back,
but she's refusing to leave

and she's upsetting
the other people

that are coming here to identify
their loved ones.

Well, lucky for them they
didn't lose their loved ones!

They have them
identified already!

You can't stay here.
You have to leave.

Make me, pig!

That can be arranged.

Hey, we know you're very upset.

The nursing home
where he lives said he was sent

to St. Benjamin's,
and St. Benjamin's said

he died and they sent him here.

And this bitch here

is telling me
she doesn't know where he is!

First of all,
you got to calm down.

And then you got
to watch your language.

What you gonna do, arrest me?

Pepper spray me?

I'm recording you right now.

This is the third time
we've been called.

Because nobody is listening!

You've had two warnings already.

So either you leave
right now,

or you're under arrest
for disorderly conduct.

Screw you!

Phone down, let's go.

Turn around,
hands behind your back.

No. Other hand.

Hey, Wit-Witten, hang on.
Come on.

What's your name?


All right.

I'll tell you what,

I'm gonna f-find out what
happened to your dad's body,

but you have got
to leave here right now.

I'll leave.

But you've got one day
before I'm back here.

No, no, no, no,

why is it that
when someone like me

is good at their job, people say
they're difficult to work with?

Well, it's why we're here
right now, isn't it?

Because you decided
to follow a lead

without consulting
me first

and before we've
notified next of kin.

Okay, it's a lead.

I mean, that's
why you follow it.

You got to strike
while the iron is hot.

Hotheaded is more like it.

Very funny.

Detectives Reagan

and Baez.

Did something happen?

No, ma'am, actually
we're wondering if you

could, uh, answer
some questions

about a case
we're working.

Do you recognize
this young woman?

Madeline Gleason?

No, should I?

We have reason to believe
she may have visited or been

in contact with
someone in this home

at some point
within the past few days.

I don't recognize her, sorry.

You live here alone?

No, my son Harold
lives with me,

but he's not here right now.

He didn't come
home yesterday.

And he didn't call
or tell you where he was?

He's been acting kind
of strange lately.

Strange how?

I don't know, just spending

a lot of time in the basement.

Do you mind if we take
a look around inside?

Okay, I guess.

Excuse me.

The door to the basement
is down the hallway.

Right over here?


I'll take a look.

You don't think something

could've happened to Harold,
do you?

No, does he often
disappear like this?

No, not often.

He hasn't disappeared
like this since last summer.


Can I get you guys anything?
Cup of coffee?

No, we're good, thanks.

Did you find anything?



You okay?
What the hell happened?

Someone pushed me from behind.

Hold on one second.

Hey, open the door!

Okay, it's okay, come here.

Where are you hurt?

My knee.

Just call an 85.

Come on! There's no service.


Listen, hey, I
have to move you.

No! No!

Somebody comes
through that door,

it's gonna be a
problem for us, okay?

No, Danny, just leave me.

It's okay.

It's gonna hurt,
it's gonna hurt.



I left a message
for Danny and Maria.

Neither one of them
called me back.

Detective Raines
from Nassau County PD.

Hey, Luke, how
are you doing?

Erin, this is
Luke Raines.

Hi. Erin Reagan.

Luke was one of the best
detectives I've ever

worked with,
until he decided to...

leave for greener pastures
on Long Island.

Yeah, well, it turns out
greener pastures

are not without

which is why I'm here.

What can we do for you?

You had a D.O.A. this morning?

Uh, Madeline Gleason.

I'm handling two homicides
from last summer

with the same M.O. as Gleason.

Victims are early-to-mid 20s,
suffocated with a bag

and found along the shoreline.

So you're thinking
this is a serial killer?

That's what we believe.

Nassau crime lab confirmed
that DNA found

on the victims match, but the
suspect isn't in the system.

Have you talked to, uh,
Detectives Reagan and Baez?

I tried, but neither of them
got back to me.

How many victims?

Two from Long Island,

the victim from this morning,

and possibly
a Nassau County detective.

Possibly a detective?
I don't understand.

She was assigned to the case
before me.

She just went missing.

And you think...

the same suspect is responsible?

We don't know for sure,

but she was investigating
one of the homicides

when she dropped off the radar.

I'm all over it. Let's go, Luke.

Eddie. Hey. Where's your arrest?

Well, she agreed to leave.

Wait, wait, wait.

You agreed to help locate
the body, didn't you?

We are not social
workers, Eddie.

Well, sometimes
it's the same thing.

The M.E.'s office
says she threatened to
burn down the building.

What if she makes good on that
and you could have prevented it?

I will prevent it
by helping her.

Hold on. Call this number.

She's a criminalist
in the M.E.'s office.

She always helps me out.

She cute?

She's 60.

Well, I'm gonna be 60 someday.

And I'll still have
the hots for you.

Hey, are you okay?
You seem a little distracted.

Erin called.

Danny and Baez haven't responded
to their radios

or their phones
since this morning.

Well, hey, I'm sure they
just got wrapped up in a case.

Yeah. I'm sure you're right.

I'll call you soon as I hear.

Go find your dead body.

Okay. Thanks.


Hey, Loo.

I'm about to take
that lost time.

The C.O. of the 7-4 said
it didn't happen.

None of it?

Two radio cars responded
to excessive noise complaints.

They issued warnings.

Not even a summons?


they just handled it.

You've got that...

look like, "Pick me, pick me."

The morning show invited you
to come on

to respond to Speaker Thomas.

Well, that's very nice of them.

So it's a yes?

That's a no.

Why not?
Give 'em our side.

My gut tells me I'd just be
playing Whac-A-Mole

with the caller,
and I don't want to play that.

She's here.

Who's here?

Speaker Thomas.

Who called who?

Hey. She called us.

Let's have her.

Okay, Frank, uh...

please be careful.

Okay, I will
carefully ascertain

whether I need to build
a fire, start a fire,

or put a fire out, okay?

Nice to see you,
Madam Speaker.

Thank you.
Nice to see you, Garrett.


Please have a seat.

Thank you.

Listen, I... may have gone
a little overboard today.

I don't want you
to think I'm trying

to start a fight with you.

Hey, we're good.

We are?


The truth is,
I enjoy fighting with you.

But, Regina, what exactly
are we fighting about this time?

and you're not gonna like this--

the NYPD being on trial.

Well, because you're
putting it on trial.

And, by the way,
everyone is entitled

to a vigorous defense,
even my people.

Do you really not see
what's going on here?

I do.

Every single cop is being
painted with the same brush.

And when anyone

in my rank and file
conducts themself in a way

that is not worthy
of the uniform,

they get dealt with.

Every cop is wearing
the same uniform,

so if you get stopped
walking while Black,

how do you know which one
is walking up on you?

Okay, how's a cop to know
what he's walking up on?

See, that fuse gets lit
both ways.

At least we can agree on that.

I need you
to get your cops in check.

Fine, as long as we can keep
the criminals in check.

You got a way to do both?

You have criminals
in your ranks.


Regina, you need to get
your head out of your ass.

Don't talk to me like that.


Look, that caller set you up.

It never happened.

According to your officers.

Okay, give me evidence

and I'm all over it.

I need you and your people

to stand down.

Me and my people
are paid to stand up.

Yes, well, you, then,
need to stand up for everyone.

There are no fences left
to sit on.

I don't know.

So, how'd it go?

Not my finest hour.

I'm gonna take
your gun, okay?

: Okay.

I'm gonna put it right here.

Anybody comes through that door
and doesn't identify themself,

you put one in 'em, okay?

See if we can get
out of here.

Did you tell the boss where
we were going before we left?

No. Did you tell the boss where
we were going before we left?

No, because you usually do that.

You think this is my fault?

No, I don't think
it's your fault.

I turned my back for one second.

I-I didn't say
it was your fault.

I knew we should have tracked
her family down first,

but you insisted...

Hey. Listen to me.

I'm gonna get us
out of here, okay?
I promise.

Right. Yeah,
you always say that.

And I always do.



neither one of us knew this
was gonna happen, all right?

Why are you so mad at me?


Are you kidding me?

You get mad

whenever anyone questions you
or doubts you,

like with Erin this morning.

You're mad at me
because of my sister?

No, I'm not mad. I'm...

I'm hurt.

I'm in pain. I'm scared
that something terrible

is gonna happen to me,
and I'm never gonna get to do

the things that I want to do,

the-the things that you seem
to take for granted.

And what would I take
for granted?


that's what I was thinking about
when I watched you with Erin

this morning.

You know, you just have
this perfect family,

and you don't
even realize it

half the time.

My family's far from perfect.

Yeah, well,

they're there for you,
and they love you.

That's pretty perfect.

I honestly wish I could trade
places with you right now, I do.

I guess that Reagan luck
never runs out, huh?

It ran out on Linda.

And it ran out

on my brother Joe, so I guess
it does happen sometimes.

I'm gonna get us
the hell out of here.

Did you find something?


I didn't find anything at all.

If you don't like the answers
you're getting,

check your premises.

Which ones?

That cops are part
of the problem

and not part of the solution.

Frank, good cops
can be part of the solution.

But when you have a bad cop,
it would be nice if you

could step out,
or someone like
you step out,

and say, "Hey, this is not great
behavior from our department."

I don't shy away
from doing that.

Well, you know,

a little empathy
could go a long way

to help things deescalate.

On both sides.

Uh, Regina...

I came here to try to rewind
and start over.

We've always had
a pretty good relationship.

Yeah, it's a transactional one,

but, I mean,
it's nothing personal.

Okay, have it your way.

It's not my way; it's a fact.

The fact is, this city
is dividing into two camps

who are just shouting
past each other.


you've got to get your guys
to deescalate.

I think you do, too.


Just 'cause you say something
doesn't make it so.

Tell me you're not pretending
you don't know

that your guys step
over the line.

I have a well-documented history
of firing the ones who do.

Well, you should share that
with people of color.

I don't... think
they're gonna listen to me.

Well, they're not
gonna listen to me,

'cause I always take up
your side.

The only time
I can get your attention

is if I'm screaming at you

or screaming about your cops.

You're so sure of your sight.

Your heroes and villains are...

so clear to you.

Well, God save us from
your vision if you're right.

TARU located
Danny's vehicle.

Unfortunately they left
the radio in the car.

Maybe they hopped out
to interview a witness

or to follow up on a lead.
Who knows?

All right, hey, listen, we're
doing a door-to-door search.

Okay? Two blocks
in every direction,

log every address we hit.

Let's go.

You got it, Sarge.


You heard him.

Let's go, let's go.


What are you doing here?

getting a chance

to help look.

Yeah, we can add one more.
That'd be great.

Uh, Anthony,
this is Joe Hill.

He's my, um...

Family friend.

I'm not looking
to be on the clock.

Just want to help out.

Anthony Abetemarco.
I work with Erin.

She told me about you.

I'm a, uh, family friend, too.

Let's hit it.


He's in there.

Let's hear it.

Short and sweet, like you asked.

"To: Mayor Peter H. Chase..."

I know that part.

"Dear Mayor Chase,
please accept this letter

"as notice of my resignation

"as commissioner of the
New York Police Department,

"effective at noon on the
last Friday of this month.

Sincerely, Francis X. Reagan."


Resignation letters
don't have a P.S.

This one does.

"I take this action
with a heavy heart

"and a full measure of regret.

"It has always been clear
to me that the person

"holding this
office must protect

"our citizens and,
with the same vigilance,

the men and women
of this department."

"But lately... that has become
an impossible balancing act.

To serve one is
to betray the other."

"In regret,

"I have always held
that a willingness to speak

"the unpopular
or inconvenient truth

was essential
to effective leadership."

"This city,

and especially this department,
deserve no less."


Thank you.

My pleasure.

The truth is,
I didn't log in our location

because I was... distracted.

I just, I just kept
thinking about that girl.

The vic?

No, the-the 25-year-old me,

living in Alphabet City
with the musclehead boyfriend.

What about her?

She was promoted to detective
third grade that year.

And, and musclehead
didn't show up.

No one from my family
showed up.

I'm sorry.

I-I didn't realize.

It doesn't matter.

The landlady said
I'd find you here.

She should mind
her own business.

Do you mind if I sit?

It's a free country.

This is a nice place
to hang out.

Been coming here
since I was a kid.

That's Hell's Gate Bridge.

I remember asking my dad why
we lived near the gates of hell.

He said they're also
the gates out of hell.

We located your dad's body.

It's about time.

Someone in the
M.E.'s office

had switched his first name
with his last name,

and that's why they were having
trouble finding his records.

Someone's gonna pay
for that mistake.

It was an innocent mistake.

There are no innocent mistakes.
So, where is he?

He's buried in potter's field

on Hart's Island.

That is where
they bury people

when they're unclaimed.

People no one cares about,
people with no family,

people you just want
to sweep under the rug.

You need to understand that
at the time of your dad's death,

there were hundreds
of deaths a day.

I want him moved.

But I want to see
where he's buried first.

Well, I'm not sure that they're
taking visitors right now.

They can put your loved one
in a mass grave

without telling you,
but you can't go visit?

I'll find out.

Can't let you fall asleep, okay?
You hit your head.

Got to keep you awake.

I'm trying.

I know.

You know, when I was
younger, I was, um...

...I was the jokester
in my family.

I would never think
of you like that.

After my brother died, I...

...I made a promise that I'd
never let my guard down again.

Always be first
in and last out.

Somehow that's led to me
being known as a hothead.

Costed me every partner
I've ever had.

Except you.

I love you, Danny.

I love you, too.



Hi, I'm Sergeant Reagan

and this is Detective Hill.


Can we ask you some questions?


Down here!

Have you seen
either of these two people?

No. Sorry.

How about, uh, this woman?


Did something happen to them?

They're missing.

You heard or seen

anything unusual?

Nothing I'm not used to,
but I'll keep an eye out.

Any word?


Brought you coffee.

Thank you.

You'd be
the first call I'd make.

Right. How you holding up?


My challenge these days
is figuring out

which fire to put out first.

Anything I can do?

No, I'm good.


You never buy my poker face.
How's that?

Mom taught me well.

Yeah, well, she also left me
the owner's manual for you.

What's on your mind?

Who said anything
was on my mind?

Long way to come for coffee.

We had words.

And not just "good morning"?

Well, I saw him
at a crime scene

and I said something
that triggered him,

and the next thing you knew,

we were just going at each other
for no reason.

So? You guys battle
all the time.

You always work it out.

But what if I can't this time?

What if my last words
were just...?

Erin, if it turned out
your last words to me

were "Dad, you're
so full of crap,"

do you really think my last
thought of you would be,

"For 109 years,
she thought I was full of crap?"

109 years?

Eh, that's the plan.

Clean living.

You are full of crap.

Well, I am and I'm not.

He knows you love and respect
and value him.

No string of words
is gonna change that.

And... there's no sense
in rehearsing a tragedy.

And, look, it's Danny.

He's a slippery one.

So let's put our money on him.


We got a whole team
of detectives,

and I'll call you
as soon as we have them.

We're very close.

No, don't come in.

Love you, too.

You're not a great liar.

Probably why I'm a cop
and not a lawyer.

I really looked up to him.

Guess that's a perk
of having siblings.

It's kind of weird
because you remind me of him.

I don't know
the first thing about him.

He had a wicked sense of humor.

And he was a adrenaline
junkie. He loved motorcycles,

Jet Skis, roller coasters.

This must be tough for you.

I keep thinking that,
uh, it's unusual

that Danny would leave
a crime scene in such a hurry.

Yeah. Uh...

It must be something important

if he didn't have time
to phone it in. Yeah.


Uh, where are we at

on talking to the two witnesses?

I talked to the
victim's girlfriend.

The vic was talking to a guy
at the bar most of the night.

We're looking through
the security footage now

to see if we can get

a screen grab.

Didn't the uniform
at the scene

say that there was a pocketbook?

Yeah. We took a voucher
for evidence.

Can I see the case file?

I want to take a look
at the contents of the bag.

What are you looking for?

I just figure if, uh,
the vic was talking

to a guy at the bar all night,
then maybe he gave her

a phone number or a
business card. The address

on this one's 9208 156th Avenue.

Where the car is.

Exactly. Check it out?

Yeah, let's go.

Hey. Police! Open up!

Anybody home?

Anybody home?


Ma'am? Hey, you okay?

There's a woman right there.
She's just not responding.

Hey, Joe, listen.

You hear that?


Get on the air.
Have ESU respond.

5-4 task force detective

requesting ESU respond
to this location.

Police! Anybody here?






Ma'am, police.

5-4 task force detective.

10-13 at this location.

Down here!





Hey, Danny!

Danny, is that you?


Hey! I hear him.

Stand back.
I'm opening this door.


Danny, you all right?
You guys all right?

She needs a bus.


Hey, EMT! Down here, downstairs.

Come on!

Hey, you all right?

Is she all right?
Are you okay?


You all right?



Some people will do anything
to get some time off, huh?

Good to see you, too.
How's my sister?

Well, she's a Reagan,
so, thanks to you,

the last 24 hours has been
a living hell for me.

Well, there's
one positive in all this.


You talk to the M.E.?

Yeah. The homeowner
Susan Roberts--

looks like she was suffocated.

M.E. says she was killed
about three hours ago.

Great. You know,
we got a serial killer here.

I saw the photos.


and Nassau County's got a
couple of similar vics, too.

We got to go through that place

with a fine-tooth comb, okay?

I want to get
this son of a bitch.



Hey. Glad you're okay.

Thank you.

I-I got to go see

Baez at the hospital,
all right?

Make sure
this gets done right.

Don't worry. I'm on it.

Come on, I'll drive you.

Hey, we're locking the house
down, all right? I don't want

anybody in there
who doesn't need to be, okay?

Yes, sir.

Hey, Joe, uh,
you want to help at the scene?

No, I think
I should get back to my team.

Yeah. Right, okay.
Thanks for your help.

You got it. Yeah.

Hey, Joe. Uh...

You coming to family dinner
on Sunday?

I can't. I have plans.

Thank you.

Okay. I'll see you.

I haven't seen this long a queue

of listeners
calling in since...

I don't know when.

I hope you're ready,

Well, Jim, you give
the people what they want,

and they come out for it.

So, bring on the pitchforks
and torches.

You're gonna be fine.

It's a good thing
we're on the radio.

Thank you, Regina.
That's very reassuring.

Muriel from Queens,
you're on the air.

What plans do you have

to earn back
the community trust

of police officers?

What am I supposed to say
to my children

when they see those videos?

How am I supposed to tell...?

I heard they use prisoners
to dig these big, mass graves

'cause it's okay to take
advantage of poor people.

City thinks it can do that
'cause they don't have to answer

to anybody, but they'll
be answering to me.

This would be the spot.

You know, I really am sorry

for your loss.

Last time I saw
my dad, we fought.

I told him I was
dropping out of college

to move to Florida
with my boyfriend.

He said, "He's a loser,

and he's gonna drag you down."

Yeah, Dad, you were right.

I know

I didn't listen to you.

He loved the water.

He'd like looking
over at Manhattan.

It's the only time in his life

he could afford
this kind of view.

Really is pretty.

But growing up,

my dad always coached
my basketball team,

and he'd say a prayer
before every game.

Dear God,

today is game day,
and I place myself

in your loving hands.

Help me to be a good sport.

I pray that I don't
seek individual glory

or accolades

but that I play
for your glory

and for the good
of my team.



He never missed a game.

That really is a nice prayer.

Thank you.

For everything.

You're welcome.

Um, I'm gonna give you
some time alone, okay?

Hi. This is Eddie Janko.

Could you get a message
to my dad

that I will be at his hearing?


Caesar salad,
as requested by Pops.


I also requested

deep-fried Oreo cookies.

I don't see them
anywhere on the table.





Here they are.

Hey, you made it.

You guys all remember
my partner Maria Baez.


Hey, Maria.


Thank you, Commissioner.

Uh, Frank at this table, please.

Hey, Maria. How
you feeling?

A little better every day.

Well, you deserve
a medal, you ask me.

Oh, no. It's nothing serious.

Well, not for the boo-boo,
for partnering with my brother.


I think you should
collect hazard pay

for putting up
with this one.

Give me a break.
Don't believe her.

I'm sure the whole time we
were locked in that basement,

she was worried out of her
mind and feeling terrible

for being a pain in my ass.

No, I didn't.

Tell the truth. Dad, she
was worried, wasn't she?

Oh, I can neither confirm
nor deny.


They're always at it, these two.

I will concede there's

one thing that Danny
is better at than me,

and that is being a pain
in the ass.


Tough crowd.

Oh, we haven't even gotten
to grace yet.

Hey, you're a rookie.
We'll go easy on you.

Well, this all looks so nice.
I can't remember the last time

I was at a Sunday dinner
like this.

I can't remember

the last time I wasn't.

Oh, God.

Always the wise guy.


Thank you for inviting me.

We're the lucky ones.

Yes, we are.

Yeah, not every day
we get to break bread

with the only partner that
Danny's been able to hold on to.

A concept that you two
have taken to a whole new level.

Oh, I see being captured
for a day

didn't slow your comebacks time.

That's right.

Well, I, for one,

am grateful
to have you both with us.


I don't know about you guys,

but I am starving.


Well, I kind of thought
Danny might want to say grace.


Bless us, oh, Lord,

and these, thy gifts,
which we are

about to receive
from thy bounty.

Through Christ, our Lord, amen.

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