Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 8 - Friends in High Places - full transcript

Henry and Danny butt heads over a case involving a man who is volatile toward his wife; Frank is caught in the middle of an ongoing battle between the NYPD and FDNY; Erin ponders a life-changing opportunity.

Mrs. Davis?

Uh, yes.

Detective Reagan.

I understand you had an incident
with your ex-husband?

Warren and I are separated.

I served him with divorce papers
this morning.

Okay. So what happened?

Uh, he came over, um,
screaming, crying.

I probably shouldn't
have let him in,

but I thought I could reason
with him.

Did he put his hands on you?

No. No, no, um...

But he said there's no way

he'd ever let me
tear our family apart.

I see.

You didn't have
to call the police, Mom.

This is our son, Andrew.
Dad was just upset.

Doesn't give him the right
to threaten you guys.

I gotta go.

It's gotta be tough on him.

It is.

I wish it didn't have to be
this way.

Yeah, I understand.
Um, I also understand

that, uh,
Children's Services assigned

an investigative consultant
to your case, is that right?

Uh, yes.

He's been incredibly supportive.


This is him now.

Morning, Detective.

Hey, that fits
the description

of the vehicle wanted
in connection

with the double homicide
in the Bronx last night.

Good eye.
Run the plate.

Brandon Phelps.

Registration expired
two months ago.

Let's go.

expired, Brandon.

So write me a ticket
and let me get out of here.

Do me a favor,
lower this rear window.

Now put your hands back
on the wheel, please.

What've we got
here, Brandon?

- No idea what that is.
- We're gonna need

to search the vehicle.

Step out of the car.


Let's go.

Put your hands
on the car.

.38 caliber revolver.

What was the caliber gun used
in those shootings last night?

.38-- Put your hands
behind your back.

What a coincidence.
I didn't shoot nobody.

Guess we'll find out.

Good eye, Janko.

Real good eye.

Let's go.

Okay. How did it start?

As a typical noise complaint.

Restaurant manager said
he asked the group in question

to quiet down repeatedly
before calling 911.

And there were calls
from the neighbors

about what had spilled out
onto the sidewalk.

So a pretty
rowdy group

that was really
getting out of hand.

But also chock-full
of FDNY brass.

Responding officers did not have
that information.

And when did our guys ascertain
that information?

No way to know that,

Maybe when they pulled up
and clocked the FDNY badges

and plates on the vehicles
in front of the restaurant?

Could be.

Was exactly.

Point being, our guys
did not arrive on the scene

with any intent other
than to quell the disturbance.

Yet, somehow,

they managed
to arrest Stan Rourke.

Well, yeah.

Yeah, well,
that's pretty resourceful,

I'll give us that.

Turning a noise complaint
about a retirement racket

into collaring
the FDNY commissioner.

Boss, all the eyewitnesses said
the exact same thing.

Our guy was appealing
to Commissioner Rourke

who responded by laying hands
on our guy.

Watch out, Sid, there's
an elephant in the room.

"Our" guys, "their" guys.

This has been going on
as long as I've been a cop.

Again, boss,
our guys didn't start this.

No, but it just might be

our guys poured gasoline on it.

A.D.A. Erin Reagan.

Thanks so much for coming up.

Pleasure meeting you, Mr. Mayor.


Mr. Mayor-elect.

How about just Peter?



So, congratulations.

Yeah, thanks.

I liked a lot of what you
had to say on the campaign.

Some of which was true...

and some of which
was a combination

of pandering
and wishful thinking.

And which was which?

Doesn't matter, I got the job.

So now all of it has to be true.


Which is why I've asked you up.


Nah. It's all good.

I don't like your boss's bent.

I didn't know
my boss had a bent.

He thinks accused criminals

and their victims
both have equal rights.

They don't have equal rights.

They are both protected
under the law.

Yes, and rightly so.

But he gets lost in the weeds.

I don't think your office
has the trust that it should.

The people's trust?

That's our customer.

That's who we serve.

Well, we serve the law,

That, too.

But don't forget the customer.

I'd like to support your run
for Manhattan district attorney.

I don't have a run.

You do now, if you want.

With the mayor's backing.

The mayor-elect.

In a month and a half, mayor.

By a landslide.

You're gonna get a call
from Sam Terhune.

He's been with me since day one.

Have the coffee, hear him out,
share your concerns.

Well, my first concern is that
I am loyal to my office,

and you're asking me to...

Stay loyal to your office.

Mr. Chatwal is not the office.

He's just the guy sitting
in it for now.

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Friends in High Places
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I didn't even know
you were working

with Child Services,

Their high-risk caseload's
gone through the roof.

Well, it's pretty
smart of ACS

to reach out to retired
cops, I'll say that much.

Well, they need the help,
I got the time.


So, this Davis guy,
you met him?

Does he pose any threat
to his wife and kid?

Warren's a decent guy.

Decent guy?

He just did eight months
in state prison.

He ran a nursing home in Queens.

He got hooked on pain meds,

and then he started stealing
the pills from the residents.

Not for nothing, that doesn't
exactly sound like a decent guy.

He made a mistake,
he paid for it.

Now he's fighting
to keep his family alive.

Sounds like that
ship already sailed.

You know where
I can find him?

Yeah. Warren's parole officer
got him a job in a drug rehab.

Great. Give me the address,

and I'll drop you off at home
on my way to see him.

Fat chance.

I'm working this case
same as you.



So I go
to this joker's apartment.

Turns out he's not
just dating the victim,

he's dating
her sister, too.


And the sister, oh,
she's got a full-face tattoo

of the Pope and Mother Teresa
riding a Harley.

Yeah. Got it.

You haven't heard
a word I said.

What's going on with you?


I met with Mayor-elect Chase
this morning.

He wants to support me in a run
for the D.A.'s office.

Shut the front door.

I know.

And what'd you tell him?

Well, I didn't say much
of anything.

Well, including "no"?
I listened, mostly.

Yeah, but no "no."
There are a hundred reasons

why this is a bad idea.

Yeah. And one good one.

'Cause you'd be a kick-ass D.A.

Thank you.

But if I put my hat in the ring,

this whole office
will go upside down.

The boss is gonna come after you
with both barrels.

Well, I can handle him.
Problem is,

he's gonna force everyone
in the building to choose sides.

Yeah, well, you have
a hell of a lot more friends

around here than he does.

But do I have what it takes
to beat him?

Only one way to find out.

Yeah. The hard way.

Hey. Nice work out
there this morning.

- Thanks, Sarge. - Oh, thanks.
- That gun

you got out of that car
looks good for the murder weapon

used in that double homicide
up in the Bronx.

That's great news.
Phelps gets charged

for the murders,
could be a commendation in it

for both of you.

Just happy to take a mutt
like that off the street.





We got a bad guy.

What could be the matter?

Thank you, Lieutenant.

You're gonna pay for this,
you son of a bitch.

No, I'm not.

Your guys targeted my racket
to bust our balls!

They responded
to a noise complaint.

Instead of dialing it down,
you chose to get belligerent.

That's not how it went down.

That's exactly how it went down.

Oh, you can't whitewash this,
Frank-- my guys have

the whole thing
on their phones, you know.

Yeah, I saw 'em.
You laid hands on my cop.

I stuck my finger in his chest.

You jabbed your finger
in his chest repeatedly.

To make a point!

They had every right
to haul you in.

Because you license your guys
to harass us.

The hell I do.
Oh, come on, Frank,

your guys stick it to my guys
every chance they get.

NYPD can't stand
that we get all the glory.

Oh, while we grind it out
and do our job.

Your guys targeted me.

That's the fact.

My guys responded by the book.

That's... the fact.

I am the commissioner
of the FDNY.

Which is why you weren't cuffed
when we hauled you in here.

Cut the crap, Stan.

Summons for harassment.

You're free to go.

You haven't heard
the last of this, Frank.

You were supposed to call me
before reaching out to Karen.

I know.
It's just the, uh...

divorce papers, uh,

they caught me off guard.

Doesn't give you a right
to threaten your family.

You're right.
I lost my head.

You staying clean?

Warren's P.O. says
he's been the model parolee.

Well, I'm sure his soon-to-be
ex-wife would say different.

Well, I put Karen through a lot.

I don't blame her
if she gives up on me.

So why the meltdown today?


I can live
with losing my marriage,

but not my son--
he means everything to me.

You gonna tell
my parole officer?

What do you think?

No one got hurt.


I won't tell him this time.

But no more shenanigans.

You've got my word.

Thank you.

What was that?
What was what?

You guys were
acting all chummy.

You acted like more of a
social worker than a cop.

I'm not here as a cop.
My job is to get

the best possible outcome
for this family.

Well, my job is
to enforce the law.

You've gone over
that arrest report

a dozen times.

Troy asks the suspect
to lower the rear window,

and there was a single vial
right there on the seat.


No drugs on him
or anywhere else in the car.

Again, so?

So it's pretty convenient.

Drug dealers have been known
to carry drugs, Jamie.

In plain view on the back seat?

So he was careless.

And we did find a gun
that killed two people.

So there's that.

When Troy reached in the car, he
turned so that his body camera

faced away from the vehicle.

Are you sure
you didn't see anything?

I saw Troy reaching in the back
and pulling out a vial,

and that gave us cause
to search a vehicle

that had a gun under the seat

that was used
in a double homicide.

That's all you saw?

With these two eyes, yes.

Okay, pretend
it's two years ago.

You and I are still riding
together as partners,

both of us on that scene.

What else might one of us
have noticed?

If Troy played fast
and loose with this,

it's gonna come out.

Because if I can't get
to the bottom of it,

I have to make a phone call.

Whoa, you're gonna call IAB?

If I suspect
a collar is bad, Eddie,

it is my job to call IAB.

Even if it
lets a perp walk?

And jams me up in the process?

You'll be just fine.
And so will

the perp.

Fine and dandy
out on the street.

I can't look the other way
on this.

You arenot
going to take him, okay?

Calm down, for God's sake.
I did everything

I was supposed to do!
Calm down, Warren.

Hey! Hey, hey! Settle down!
Why are you doing this?

Settle down!

Shut your mouth and settle down.

- Please...
- What the hell

is going on here?

Karen got a job offer in L.A.

She told Andrew,
who texted his dad.

I'm sorry, Warren.

I didn't want you
to find out like this.

You're not taking my son!

Hey! Hey!

Dad! Please! Don't hurt him.
It's okay. Nobody's gonna hurt him.

Let me talk to him.
No, no.

We're done talking.
Get him out of here.

Get him out of here.
Come on.

It's okay, Andy. It's okay.

It's okay.

It's okay, Andy.
It's okay, Andy.

I gave you a break,

but you just couldn't leave
well enough alone, could you?

I needed to talk to Karen.

You call that talking?

Look, you have to put yourself
in my place.

She's trying to drag my son
across the country.

Well, even if a judge allows that,
you-you get yourself a lawyer,

you work out a custody situation
that you can live with.

I'm a convicted felon.

What kind of custody deal
am I gonna get?

I don't know. But that's
the least of your worries now.

Do you think they're
gonna send me back to jail?

Well, you sure as hell
would deserve it.

What's going on?

Got Warren's
desk appearance ticket.

That mutt deserves
to stay locked up

until his parole
violation hearing.

He's an ex-con

with a drug problem who
threatened his family, and now

he just bought himself
an order of protection.

He screwed up.

Now he's trying
to set things right.

Okay, but you can't go ballistic
every time you get a bad break.

Look who's talking.

This guy is not a perp.

He's trying to save his family.

Cut him loose.

You take one step out of line,
I'm gonna be there,

and I'm gonna bust your ass!

Thank you.

The arresting officer,
Bruce Zarrelli,

is an 11-year veteran

with a clean and
solid record.

There you go.

Except for being named
in a complaint

a couple of years back
in a brawl

between NYPD officers
and firefighters

that broke out in
the emergency room

where they were being treated
at St. Luke's.

What are the chances?

Of what?

another run-in with the FDNY
out of 35,000 cops?

Zarrelli also coaches
youth hockey

for the Police Sports League's

He gives back. See?


And plays as a defenseman
for the NYPD's hockey squad.


In three of the last five

annual hockey games,

he's been ejected
for misconduct.

For fighting.

It's hockey;
it's a contact sport.

This supports Rourke's claim
that he was singled out.

Rourke laid on hands,
not our guy.

The collar was solid.

That's not how it's
gonna read in the papers.

Any way you slice it,
Rourke still messed up.

Any way you slice it, so did we.

Mayor Chase and I
only met yesterday.

He thought it went well.

He gave a review?

You confirmed his opinion of you

based on our research,
that's all.

- Oh.
- If it seems like he flies

by the seat of his pants,
he doesn't.

No, I...

He just finds it useful
to give that impression.

I haven't made a decision.

It's been a day.
I'd hope not.


So why am I here?

Because Peter Chase thinks
you'd make a great D.A.,

and I've been in the room
since day one.

What is day one, by the way?
First store he opened.

While he was cutting
the ribbon out front,

I was out back still duking
it out with the Teamsters boss.

And your research on me,
what does it say?

Top of the waves?

A lot of positives
with one big unknown.

What is that?

Do you want it and how badly.

I don't know that yet.

I knew that

from the moment we shook hands.

Do you have any advice for me?

What kind?

What kinds are there?
It boils down

to what you want to hear
and what you need to hear.


What I need to hear.

I'm a car guy.

Family and friends, they come
to me when it's that time.

One thing I always tell them...


Never buy the first year
of a new model's production.

Wait at least
until the second cycle.

I've got a car I like.


You've got a good job
and one you excel in.

Peter Chase as mayor
is still a month and a half

from the showroom floor.

You'd be buying into something

no one's had the chance
to even drive around the block.

You're in early.

Got a call from IAB.

I figured you would.

They're investigating
the Phelps collar.

I'm getting called in.

Like I said, just
tell the truth.

The truth is

that a really bad guy's
off the streets.

But that's the
result, Eddie.

The question is
how it went down.

I don't want
to jam anybody up.

I get that. But
if the evidence

that allowed Troy to search
that car was planted...

I don't know that it was,
and neither do you.

You don't know,
but you have doubts.

What I have is
my partner's back.

Just like I had yours.

The difference is I
never crossed the line.

Kenneth Troy is a good cop.
Even good cops screw up.

So we're just gonna
let him hang out to dry?

If Troy broke the law, then
he needs to answer for that,

same as the alleged
shooter that you collared.

Well, no, it's not the same.

Phelps is a murderer.

And Troy has given his life
to this department.

You're right.
It's not the same.

Troy's worse.

Well, how do you figure that?

Because he took an oath.

Because when you put on the
uniform, you ask the public

to entrust you with
upholding the law,

so you should know better.

The same goes for anyone
who covers for him.

Detective Reagan,
what are you doing here?

I could ask you
the same thing.

You do realize
you're in violation

of the order of
protection, correct?

No, no, no. I got a message
from Karen at work,

and she asked me
to come over.

I'm sure she did.

I'm serious.
You got to believe me.

Doesn't matter what I believe.

You're under arrest. Let's go.

Hands against the car.

What are you...?
Just go.

Right now!

Turn around.

Stay right here.

Let me guess. You just happened
to be in the neighborhood?

Warren texted me,
said Karen wanted to meet.

I called Karen,
she knew nothing about it.

Yeah, sounds like
your boy made it up.

Or someone sent a fake message

so he'd violate
his order of protection.

Well, that sounds like something

you'd probably do
back in your glory days.

More than once.

But setting people up
is the kind of thing

you can get busted for.

Is that a threat?

You take him in based
on a fixed setup?

It's a promise.


But if he kills his wife,
it's on you.

Get the hell out of here. Now!

Stay away.


About an hour
and a half ago.

Apparently, both our guys and
their guys started jawboning

at each other, but the
bosses on scene got ahold

before anything physical

And we can assume
that the cell phones were out

and that the jawboning'll be
all bleeps on the 5:00 news.

I got nothing but bleeps
for this right now.

But they were able

to secure the scene together
without any real incident?


Yeah. This time.

Look, walk down the street,

and ask anyone the name
of the police commissioner

and the fire commissioner,
what do you get?

"Frank Reagan,"

and, "I don't know."

Exactly. Look,
I'd have a chip

on my shoulder, too, if I was
"Commissioner I Don't Know."

So would any of you.
So what?

Well, Lieutenant, we are going

to do something about this thing
with our guys and their guys

before it spills out
onto the street.

Okay, but what about our guy?
Our hockey player?

Yeah. We gonna just let him
hang out to dry?

This tradition--

I know the rank and file likes
to play it on both sides--

but I got nothing for it.

So... what?

We ask him
to take one for the team.

You've been

with IAB before.

Yeah, but not with my
partner's career on the line.

You should be worried
about your own career here.

I have you to
thank for that.

I did my job, Eddie.

And it could cost me mine.

IAB is looking
at Troy, not you.

Like that matters.
Of course it matters.

Really? I tell IAB the truth--
I didn't see anything--

and Troy still goes down,
I come out smelling like a rat.

Maybe to a few knuckleheads.

Troy has been in that
precinct for 12 years, Jamie.

If he loses his shield,
they're gonna blame that on me.

I did not create
the situation, Eddie.

I did not plant that evidence.

You just called IAB.



Is everything all right?

Yeah, just...
work stuff.

Work stuff about
you running for D.A.?

How did you find out?

Hey, I know guys who know guys.

I thought it was
supposed to be confidential.

Well, by normal
standards, it is,

but one guy knew one
other guy who knew.

I wanted to come
to you with it right away.

But you didn't.

I just felt like
it was a decision

I should make on my own.

And I respect that.

I've wanted this my whole life.

Actually, you wanted
to be a jockey

till you were nine years old.

Well, I was already
five-seven by then.

And allergic to horses.

Okay, I have wanted this
my entire adult life.

And it's past time
that Manhattan has a female D.A.

Well, I think
you'd make a great one.

Nothing to do with gender.

Thank you.


Something to think about.

It is

definitely gonna
turn up the heat around here.

I thought you and I have done
a good job

checking our guns at the door
since I became bureau chief.


but there is the rest
of the family.

What do you mean?

Well, they've lived
in the public eye

for as long as I can remember,

but you choose to stand

for public office.

The scrutiny will go
through the roof. I know.

Look, it's your decision,

as it should be.

We'll support what you do.


- District attorney.
- Oh! - All right, Erin.

Look at you.
I appreciate the support,

but I haven't made
a decision yet.

Well, what the heck
are you waiting for?

It's a job
you were born to do.


Be nice to have a friend
to cops in that office.

For once.

It's a complicated
decision for all of us.

What do you mean,
all of us?


a lot of hard
questions get asked,

and the answers get checked
and double-checked.

Folks sticking their noses
where they don't belong.

And nothing's out of bounds,
and I mean nothing.

Yeah, but we've all dealt
with the press before.

It's not the press.
They're at least visible.

It's the opposition research,

stuff on any
and all of us

that can just surface
out of nowhere.

So, you're telling me
that the Russians

are gonna be making
stuff up about me online?

I doubt it, but before
I make a decision,

I would like to know
that you guys are all on board.

- 100%.
Yeah. - Yeah.

- Of course.
- Yeah.

On board.
And if there's

anything I should know,

anything that could
raise a red flag,

now would be the time.

You mean like my dad
being a convicted felon?

Well, that's already
out in the open.

Could it hurt you?

I doubt it.

And that's on him, not on you.


I got accused
of roughing up a clown

who doused some cops with water,
which made all the news.

Well, that guy only got half
of what he had coming to him.

And again, it's known.


Cat got your tongue?

I'm thinking.

This may take a while.

Well, you all know

I may have stepped on the line
once or twice in my career.

And Dillinger robbed a bank
one or two times.

Hey, I'll stack Danny's record

against any detective
on the job.

Thank you, Dad.

And I have a clear conscience
about it,

so I say you should go for it.

Grandpa, anything I should know?

I'll take the Fifth.


Does a fake I.D. count?


I think you're okay.

Hopefully, yours is better
than your dad's.

- What? - Oh.
- Yeah. What was

the name on that thing?
"Marion Morrison."



It's John Wayne's name
in real life.


That's sad.

And if those are the only

skeletons in the
closet, you know what?

I'd say you're good to go.


- Yes.
- Good to go.

Do it.
Thank you, everyone.

Pass the potatoes, Marion.

Well, Gramps,

I sure hope your boy Davis
is behaving himself.

I'll take his behavior
over yours.

Wait for me in the car.

Do you mind telling me
what happened to Henry Reagan?

'Cause this bleeding heart
I've been riding

around with the last few days--
I have no idea who he is.

Domestic violence cases
are loaded with landmines.


You got to walk softly.

Well, I know that, Gramps.

That's exactly my point.

You know, this isn't
my first rodeo.

Problem is, you're acting like
the bull and not the rider.

But if this guy Davis
goes off on his wife,

he could do serious damage.

He's never hurt
anyone in his life.

But if he goes
back to jail,

it'll do some real damage
to his son.

Well, I think he should have
thought about that

before he became a junkie.

Look, Gramps,

I became a cop in
the first place because of you

and the stories you told
about the old days

when cops didn't look
over their shoulders,

and they did
what they had to do.

Watching you work this case
makes me wish

I'd kept those stories
to myself.

Well, if that's how you feel,

I'll ride solo on the Davis case
from here on in.

I'll do the same.

Detective Reagan?

This is all my fault.

What-what happened?
What's your fault?

I went to pick up Andrew
from soccer practice,

and his coach said that
Warren had already taken him.

Taken him where?
I don't know.

And I've been calling
their cell phones,

and neither one of them
is picking up.

Well, didn't the teachers know
about the order of protection?

Well, with everything going on,
I didn't have a chance.

I can't believe
this is happening.

Wait a minute. Wait.
It's not your fault, okay?

What I need you to do
is take a breath.

All right? I'm gonna have this
officer take your complaint.

I promise you I'll find him.

Go ahead.
Right this way.

You heard?

You know,

if he was locked up
like I wanted him to be,

this would never
have happened.

And he wouldn't keep
acting like a perp

if you didn't keep
treating him like one.

So you're
saying this is my fault?

What I'm saying is this guy
is not who you think he is.

I don't give a damn who he is.

I got to go find this guy

a-and the son that
he just kidnapped!

I know where they are.

Well, do you plan on telling me?

Oh, I thought
we were going solo.

Oh, my God, Gramps.

You drive.


Ever go as Beyoncé
for Halloween?


Uh, no.

Run around topless

at Burning Man?
Anything like that?

No, I like to wear clothes
in public.

It's kind of my thing.

Your ex-husband have any beefs
he's been waiting to air?

We've aired them all, so no.

Daughter Nicky, any skeletons?

Not that I know of.
This is all about

what you do know of.

You can't prevent surprises.

You can only anticipate them.


A run for anything these days
is like a daily colonoscopy.

But the model I made
from researching you

is the best kind.

Between your personal conduct

and the record of service
in your family,

there are offsets for almost any
situation that could rear up.

That's good.

Depends on
what you're looking for.

What does that mean?

Means if you're looking
at the scrutiny

as an excuse
not to pursue the office,

the scrutiny ain't much of one.

Who said I was looking
for an excuse?

Isn't that
what you're doing here?

You wanted
to see me, Sarge?


How you holding up?

You mean
the IAB dog and pony?

Yeah. It's no problem.

How long you been
on the job now?

19 years.

That's a damn good run.

You should be proud.

Thank you, sir.

Some guys,

they don't know
when to hang it up.

You don't seem like
that kind of guy.

I guess.

The job takes its toll.

I've heard of seasoned cops
throwing procedure

out the window
to take down a perp.

Oh, yeah?

Yeah, and jamming up
their partners in the process.

Look, I... I don't know
what Janko told you,

but I didn't do anything wrong.

Janko didn't tell me anything.

She didn't need to.

A cadet could look at that
collar and know something

wasn't right.
Yeah, but IAB's

still got to prove it, right?
And if they do,

your partner catches the blame.

Sarge, chances are
Phelps killed two people.


Probably more before that.

Now he's off the street.

Which doesn't justify
what you did.

And IAB's gonna
take your shield for it.

But there's a way out.

What is that?

You put your papers in. Today.

No way. No way.

I'm not quitting.
Suit yourself.

But if you go down for this,
they'll take your pension.

You walk on your own,
you can keep it.

And your reputation.

All right, can I have some time
to think about this?

You got the time it takes
to get to that door.

All right, I'll...

put my papers in
by the end of the day.

Those the two
you're looking for?

Yeah, that's them.

How'd you know
he'd bring him here?

Warren told me that the best
memory he had of his old man

was coming to the Garden

and he was sorry that he
never brought Andrew.

Guess you were right about
all that touchy-feely stuff.

Go figure.

You want me to pull
'em from their seats?

You're the cop.


Let 'em enjoy
the game.

I'll call the mom
and let her know the kid's okay.

But do you think you could
score us a couple of seats

so we can keep
an eye on 'em?

No problem.

Sometimes there
is no bad guy.

I should've listened to you.

I'm... sorry I didn't.

Talk's cheap.

Two dogs,

fries and a
beer, right?

Don't forget the Red Vines.



Hey yourself.

Troy put in his papers today.

Yeah. So I hear.

Lets me off the hook
in a big way.

Yeah, you caught a nice break.

How'd you do it?

What are you talking about?

I just laid out the facts.

Troy made his own decision.

And likely saved my career
in the process.

Thanks to you.

Yeah, well,
I put you in the fire,

so least I could do
was pull you back out.

Mm. It was a tough situation
all around.

99 times out of 100,

I go by the book.

I make that call to IAB.
I know.

Well, but the trouble is you're
the one time that I shouldn't.

You did what you thought
was right.

Yeah, but that's
not good enough.

Not when it comes to you.

I messed up.

I'm sorry.

In the end,

you had my back,
like you always do.

We knew working together
was not gonna be easy.

Yeah, but family comes first.

You come first.

I never doubted that.

Um, I-I have...


I really was in
the neighborhood.

Had a meeting with the D.A.

How'd that go?

Oh, I don't think he likes me.

What makes you say that?

He did that thing they do

where they compare an
entrepreneur in elected office

to calling an auto mechanic
to do your hip replacement.

You know, I'm not
a professional politician.

He said that?

In so many words.

So, not in those words--

just close enough
that you could bend it that way?


My wife Vanessa and our boys,
Gavin and Julian.

Beautiful family.

Second wife.

Married 15 years.

Made all my mistakes
first time around.

And you're telling me that why?

My interest in you

is purely collegial
and will never be anything but.

It's important, in this climate,

to get that out in the open.

Plus, it's the truth.

I believe you.

Good. You should.

I don't have a decision.

I don't have a deadline.

I'm gonna wait
until after you're sworn in.

If I did have a deadline,

that would be past it.

Are either
of the other two prosecutors

that you've approached aware
that you're playing the field?

That hasn't come up in any
of my conversations,

including the one
I had with you.

How do you know?

I know guys who know guys.

Course you do.

So let's be really clear.

I like you for this,

and I'm guessing
you've rehearsed

a D.A.'s version of an
Oscar acceptance speech

in front of a mirror
more than once.

The people I believe in,

I don't pave the way.

I throw as many obstacles
as I can in the way,

see if they got
what I think they do.


See you.

I hope.

Uh, I'd like to thank everyone
for coming out.

Always happy to celebrate
my birthday

with my fellow FDNY brothers

and sisters.

Let's hope the judge
goes easy on me.

Sláinte mhaith.

Sláinte mhaith.

- Oh, boy, look who just walked in.
- Oh, it's that guy.

What does he want?

Sorry to crash your party.

Sorry to say I'm
getting used to it.

This is Officer Bruce Zarrelli.

Yeah. We've met.


Commissioner Rourke,

I overreacted the other night,

and I'm sorry.

Please accept my apologies.

The D.A.'s dropping
the harassment charges.

You can ignore the summons.

You had a hand in that?

It was the right call.

I'm sorry you felt disrespected
by my people.

I should've kept my cool.

Happy birthday.

Should I get the Bomb Squad
to open this?

Commissioner's courtesy card,
with his cell phone number.

If you need him,
give him a call.


Thank you, Frank.

You're welcome.

Just don't share it

with all these guys.

I don't want to get woken up
ten times a night.


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