Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 9 - Grave Errors - full transcript

Erin disagrees with a psychiatric consultant's diagnosis of a nanny accused of abuse; Eddie confronts her boss; Frank is forced to make staffing changes he is skeptical about; a woman claims she heard someone plotting a murder.

Uh-oh, she's
got that bounce.

Do I need to call HR?

No, I mean the bounce of a cop
who just put away a bad guy.

After a hell of a long day
in court.

Got a lady here

saying she needs
to report a murder.

All right. Thanks, Meyers.

Detective Reagan,

my partner Detective Baez.

And you are?

Uh, Roxy Smith.

So who got murdered,
Ms. Smith?

I don't know.

I-I mean, they
haven't been yet,

I don't think.

Sorry, all this
has me creeped out.

And us confused.

I tend bar at a place
on Avenue B, The Clasp.

Last night,
I overheard

one of our regulars, Joe,

saying he'd pay
to have someone killed.

Like, serious money.

I'm familiar
with The Clasp.

It's half barflies, half
college students, all drunk.

Including all of the bartenders.


I had a couple shots.

And if we know anything,

it's that drunk people say
drunk things.

But this Joe guy's
sick in the head.

And a crap tipper.

Not that that matters.

Apparently, it does.

people who hurt other people
should be stopped.

Sit tight.

I don't know. This
whole thing seems thin.

Yea-- (exhales)

You know, the second collar
I ever had in my career

was a guy
named Frank Blake.

Did security
at The Clasp.

He, uh, threw out
some kids.

One of them mouthed off.

He snapped.

Jammed a pool cue
into the kid's eye.

Killed him on the spot.

So, what does
that mean?

Means I'm gonna
have to, uh...

make another appearance.

You know,

it's called "quitting time"
for a reason.

Great. Thanks.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Come on. Four nights in a row?

Even the bad guys
sleep sometimes.

And yet cases still don't
magically get themselves ready

for court.

Anything I
can help with?


Explain to me again
why we hired Alice Dornan

as our psychiatric consultant.

'Cause she's a
top-notch shrink.

Who's now saying

that Martina Volo,

the nanny that abused
that little girl,

is not competent to stand trial.

Well, maybe she's right.

Or maybe she's the one
who's out of her mind.

Why? Because you don't like
her diagnosis?

Martina Volo
is competent and guilty--

no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Look, I'm the last guy
to defend an insanity plea,

but Dornan's got scads
of forensic experience

and knows a lot more about
this stuff than me or you.

Fine. Then call her and tell her
to be here tomorrow

at 10:00 a.m. sharp.

Erin, it's late.
She's not in.

Then leave a message.

Because I want to hear
this expert opinion of hers

in person.

Where-where are you going?

Where you just said.

You just missed the turn.

Traffic that way sucks.

Westbound lanes are
under construction.

So you're Google Maps now?

I do have some experience
with streets in this sector.

And when you're my driver,
you go the way I tell you to.

You got it?


So, what house were you in
before you came to the 2-9?

Also when driving me...

quiet is better.

There he is.

Mr. Mayor-Elect.

Just "Peter," Commissioner.

Then just "Frank."


on your election.

Thank you.

I got to say, none
of the mayors I served under

got the kind of margin you got.

Meaning, does he think
he has a mandate?

Just a fact.

I think we ran a smart campaign.

But it'd be dumb to take
the credit for a tidal change.

I just caught the wave.

Here we are.

And where is that?

Word is you don't enter a room

without knowing
why you've been invited.

I heard rumors
you want me to stay on.

I do.

When I like
what somebody's doing,

I want 'em to keep doing it.

And when you don't?

You and I
will talk.

Not through channels,
not through the press.

Bucking a City Hall tradition
that goes way back.

I had sit-downs
with all the former mayors.

Mayor Poole told me a story--

you taking him on a ride-along,

pointing out guys
clearly packing weapons

who you couldn't bust
on account of his policies.

I think it brought him conflict
at the time.

I walked away thinking
that's just plain wrong.

I want the NYPD to reinstate
Stop, Question and Frisk.

Hey, at least
you got the term right.

That hardly ever happens.



still employ a version of that.

A watered-down one.

Bring it back to 100 proof.

There's also a law on the books
that's been dry-docked,


Vagrancy enforcement.

Tourism's a $44 billion
business in this city.

But not if Tex, Sven and Hideki
are afraid to leave the hotel.

And put the homeless where?

I'll redirect funding
to more shelters.

You hit the ground running.

(chuckles): There's
a lot of ground to cover.

(grunts softly)


what's the ask?

Word is you never enter a room
without one.

I want you to make
a personnel change.

I have a couple
of recommendations

for your new DCPI.

Garrett Moore
is supremely fit for the job.

He's smart, quick on his feet,

well-liked by the press
and all the city agencies.

And that is a bad thing how?

He needs to be liked.

He basks in being liked.

He's a Labrador retriever,

and you're gonna need
a pit bull.

I want to take
this city back,

and your guys are my Marines.

There's gonna be pushback
that Garrett's gonna cave under.

And you know I'm right,

as sure as you're sitting here.

♪ Blue Bloods 10x09 ♪
Grave Errors
Original Air Date on November 22, 2019

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♪ ♪

Really? The whole tour?

Oh, every turn I made,

where I suggested
we take our meal.


Even the way I radioed Central,
she criticized.

I thought she'd
warm up to you.

Mm. Apparently,
she only has two settings,

cold and colder.

Want me to talk to her?

That is exactly
what I do not want.

I can be very charming.
And I am a big girl,

and I can fight my own battles.

I shouldn't have even told you.

Why? Why not?
That's what husbands are for.

When you're on the clock,
you're just another sergeant.

Okay. Well, I'm a sergeant
who doesn't like other sergeants

running roughshod
all over his people.

Especially the hottest
patrol officer in the...

history of hot patrol officers.

Even after an eight-hour tour

in a stinky car
with a person that hates me?

Oh, I meant Jenkins.
He's very clean.

Oh. Go back to work.

Hey, listen, get some sleep.
Don't worry about McNichols.

The more she gets to know
the real Eddie Janko,

the more she'll fall in love
with her like the rest of us.


Love you.
Be safe.

Have a seat, Dr. Dornan.

Thank you.

So, you claim

that Martina Volo was crazy

when she smacked around
the little girl in her care.

"Crazy" isn't a word I use.

Are you aware
that even

the defense's shrink
is not arguing

that she was
mentally incompetent?

Their opinion
doesn't change mine.

But it's your opinion
that this office should just...

give up?

My job is to evaluate
the defendant,

not make legal recommendations.

Well, thank God for that.

What Ms. Reagan
means is...

No, I can speak
for myself, Anthony.

The facts of this case
are very clear, Doctor.

She beat up
a six-year-old little girl

and then walked
to the nearest police station

and gave a complete confession.

When I interviewed her,
she exhibited signs

of disorganized speech
and delusions

of reference

consistent with schizophrenia.

And now you just want
to set her free.

Being remanded
to a psychiatric institution

is hardly being set free.

Do you have children,
Dr. Dornan?

Am I on trial here?

No, you're not on trial,
nor will this office

be needing your help
in the future.

Ms. Reagan,

I've made similar evaluations

and you've never...
Have a nice day. Thank you.

Erin, I-I'm sorry,

but what the...
Thank you for bringing her down.

Tough day?


What makes you
say that?

Decades of experience
reading my son.

Well, I met
with the new mayor today.

He want to replace you?

Go figure.
He wants me to stay on.

But he wants me
to replace my right hand.

What's he got against Garrett?

Doesn't think he's tough enough
to handle the flak.

Then let him hire
his own flak guy.

Well, his plan,
if and when carried out,

is gonna bring a lot
of heat to us.

And it ain't gonna be
just a bunch of deputy mayors

rousting the homeless
or frisking the shifty.

It's gonna be us.

Garrett can be as
slippery as they come.

Did you tell Chase that?

Not in so many words, but yeah.

There's a question

behind the question here.

What do you mean?

Think. Think.


I think he sees me as useful.

That's usually a good sign.

But, uh, wait.

He wants to reinstate
some policies and laws

that are gonna be very unpopular
with some people.

He might find it useful
just to point to me and say,

"If you don't like it,
talk to him."

And are they policies and
laws that you want to enforce?

Within reason,
and for the right reasons.

Oh. That's slippery.

Maybe you should
be your own DCPI.

Well, what I mean is,

as long as it doesn't
adversely affect our citizens

in service to our tourists.

Is that's what's driving him?
All that "I Love New York" crap?

Some. I don't know how much.

What do you want to do?

I do not mind being useful.

But not just in service
to someone else's ends.


(indistinct chatter)

One more over here.

Thank you, Roxy.

And, uh, one more
for my friend here.

What are you drinking
there, buddy?


You know, make mine
a whiskey, too.

Place is jumping
as usual, huh?

As usual?

Never seen you before.

Come in all the time
when I'm not in the can.

Buddy Mullane.

Joe what?

Joe None-Of-Your-Business.

Think your brother-in-law
was in my unit--

Larry Get-Outta-My-Face.

Unit, huh?

You military?
Former Marine.

Till the bastards
threw me in the brig.

Some knucklehead forgot
that he owed me a few bucks,

so I bounced his head
off a curb a few times.

The world is full
of double-crossers.


There's nothing
like sweet payback.

Thank you.
Joe Kiernan.


You ever do time, Joe?

I'm smarter than that.

Hmm. So you're
saying I'm dumb?

I just mean,

when I got a score
to settle, I farm it out.

Well, when I have a score
to settle, I handle it myself.

How you doing on cash, Buddy?

Oh, everybody needs cash.

Well, maybe I got a job for you.

What's the job?

A job.

Oh. Someone crossed you?

Like you don't even know.

Here's your next play.

(women shouting)

MAN: Get off of her!
(glass breaks)

Oh, here we go.

Look at that.

Hey, where you going, Joe?

Maybe some other time.

Thought you needed my help.
281 East Snyder in Flatbush.

Come by tomorrow, we'll talk.

MAN: Break it up!
Break it up!

Did he tell you?

Not yet, but I got
my hooks in him.

If you're going to be lurking
in my office,

the least you can do
is let me know.

Saves me the trouble of looking
all over the floor for you.

You know, I get it.

There's something calming
about the view from here.

What are you calming yourself

Change, I guess.

Change is supposed
to be constant.

But not around here.

Until today?

I have an offer that
I don't think I can pass up.


So this isn't a conversation?

It's news...

that I wanted
to share first with you.


Must be a hell of an offer.

Head of Institutional

Development for Duke University.

Travel to Europe, Asia,

preach the gospel

that the athletics powerhouse is
also an academic one.


They've come at you before, no?

Colleges have, but not Duke.

And not like this.



Thank you.

Tell me something.

Does the timing strike you
as, oh...


How so?

Well, we got a new mayor
coming in, résumés going out.

Let's be clear. This came to me.
I wasn't looking.

Okay, okay.
I'm just... thinking out loud.

I don't think colleges track
our City Hall transitions.

The timing's just...

is what it is.

I will be very sorry
to see you go.

That goes without saying.

But I appreciate you saying it.

And I'll help
with my replacement, of course.

I'll need it.

We can talk timelines...
another time.


on with our day?


(indistinct chatter)

Hey, Joe! You ready
to rock and roll or what?

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Not here, not here.

You know what I
don't need from you?

Bunch of smart-ass comments.

Hey, hey, relax.

Well, the job--
who is it?


At The Clasp?

Me and her used to be together.
I noticed you didn't

say two words to her last night.

'Cause she broke up with me
for no reason.

Now I got to watch her flirt

with every jerk
who walks through the bar.

How much?

Ten large.

I'll take half up front.

That's doable.

I got a guy
in Jersey doing

a chemical cleanup
on an EPA site.

I'll bat her over the head,
throw her in a vat.


You want the money,
you do it my way.

I got a piece of land

in Washingtonville
I'm gonna build a place on.

Take her up there,
put one between her eyes,

dig a grave and cover her up.

You want me to dig a grave?

Yeah. A deep one.

Okay. I'll need a few days.

Thought you said
you came to rock and roll.

You ever dig a grave?

Well, hurry it up,

'cause every day I got to see
this bitch is one day too many.

(phone vibrates)

Hey, I just sent you
the contract for the new shrink.

Can you arrange for him to meet
with Martina Volo immediately?

So Dornan's really out?

Yeah. You thought I was joking?

Erin, sit.


You heard me.

Just humor me.


I think I know what's going on.

Is there something going on?

Yeah. With you.

The-the long hours, the marching
around pissed at the world.

I'm fine.
I'm just saying.

It-It's okay
to feel a little lost.

About what?

the only thing
you ever wanted was to be D.A.

Then, when you finally
get the chance,

you decide
it's not what you wanted.

No, I just put a pin in that...
And this

whatever-it-is with Jack.

And Nicky

moving across the country,

so no more morning coffee
with your best friend

and no more dinners

to make when
she gets home.

I have no idea
what you're saying.

I'm saying, I get it.

A little midlife crisis happens
to all of us.

Oh. Okay, all right.

Why don't we just hire you
as the shrink?

You know, the-the floor
dropped out for me

when I left the NYPD,
my marriage went kaput.

Hell, I-I'm still heartbroken
over not seeing Sophia

every day, and she
just lives in Jersey.

Okay. Can we get back
to work, please?

And thank you for this,
whatever this was.


(McNichols speaking quietly)

All right.
All right, be safe, okay?


Just in time.

Keep that straight, will ya?

Oh, yeah, my hair is...

It's a little puffy tonight.


Geez, how many sugars
did you put in there?


You have a problem with me?


You've hated my guts
ever since I came on midnights.

And now, you make me
your driver.

You're imagining things.

No, I'm seeing what's
right in front of me.

You think I'm a zero?

Is that it?
Am... am I a bad cop?

No, you're pretty solid.

You do talk too much.

I can never figure out

where the heck
you're driving me,

but I'm not gonna ding you
for your last name.


I mean your
married name.


That's all I'm gonna say.

No, w-wait.

What does that mean?

Jamie do something to you?

Not your husband.

My father-in-law?

Yeah, try "fraud."

And a hypocrite.

You can't be serious.

Frank Reagan
sits up there at One PP,

spouting about how all of us
should be so happy

to be part of the NYPD family.

He could give a rat's ass
about any family but his own.

Especially not mine.


drop the charm offensive

and let's go.

Joe said I was his girlfriend?

Or ex-- enough to want
you dead either way.

We went out maybe twice.

First time wasn't even a date.

We just kept drinking
after closing time.

And went home

And it was fun.

Viagra's a hell of a drug.

Then, I found out
he lives with a girl

and I told him to go to hell,
and still,

he comes in and
stink-eyes me

whenever I so much
as talk to another guy.

It's like you said,
sick in the head.

Yeah, so now
you arrest him, right?

Not till we have more.

You guys said you recorded him.

But a judge
could still

toss it saying it's just words.

But we still have to
go through with it.

Not all the way.

We fake your death,

take a picture, show him,

convince him it's real,
get the payment.

Is he serious?

And right.

What are we eating, exactly?

Oh, it's meant
to be chicken parm.

You've had chicken parm
a million times.

I don't recall it
being so resilient.

JANKO: It's very good.

My compliments
to the chef.

Thank you.
You made this?

First Sunday dinner
all by myself.

It's delicious, Sean.

DANNY: Yeah.
You might've got the piece

that was meant for me--

He's a little
upset 'cause

we're having a disagreement
about upping his allowance.

Call it cost of
living adjustments.

Try bankrolling
a kid in San Francisco.

Well, I think he should get
whatever he wants.

Uh-huh, you two wait till
you start popping them out.

See how tight
your wallet gets then.


What about you, Francis?

Always live within your means.

And you can live in your car,
but you can't drive your house,

so budget accordingly.

No, no. I meant
your review of dinner.

Five stars, Sean.

But you've hardly had a bite.

Take it back.

Six stars, okay?


You okay?


you know, the usual.

Any developments
in the usual front?

Download you later, Pop, okay?


JANKO: Is there
a family code

I'm missing?

I figure it out,
I'll let you know.



There may be some personnel
changes in my office.

But it's confidential...

until it isn't.

Oh, well, that really
clears things up.


...I think I'm realizing
something about myself.

I hate change.

You want the things

that you like to stay
the way that they are?

Yeah, but worse.

I am willing to give up
trying to change the things

I don't like in order
to keep the ones I do.

I've seen you change like
the seasons my whole life.

Well, I thought it would
make me a better person.

But I'm kind of done with that,
truth be told.

Being a better person?

Uh, maybe this is
as good as it gets.

You could do worse.

A compliment.

There's a saying
I always hang onto.

"Everything comes to pass,
nothing comes to stay."

Yeah, I heard that one.

Who said that?

I'm not sure--
some wise old soul.

Yeah, I looked it up.

It's from one of those
'70s self-help books

by a guy never heard from
before or since.

But, hey, if it works for you.


You're really fun today, Dad.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure
I pulled a rib out

from laughing so hard.


Okay, thank you very much.

Thank you.

Listen, I get it.

Like, it-it really sucks
when somebody leaves,

especially somebody
that you, like,

actually like,
or-or used to.

Thank you.

Where's this
coming from?

Well, if I get more allowance--
hear me out--

I could go visit
Jack at college.

I save up a little bit more,
I can go visit Nicky.

DANNY: Mm-hmm.
That's very sweet.

Watch it, he's getting better.

I ain't buying it.

It's the truth.
Pass the salad.

Nice try.

It was worth a try.

(Erin laughs)
(Danny groans)


Come in.

(door creaks open)

Patrick, you're early...

Firing me once wasn't enough?

Look, just hear me out.

The Brooklyn D.A. already called
to say I won't be consulting

for them anymore, either--
thanks for that.

That wasn't me, Doc.

And sometimes the other
offices hear things...

And now I'm paying the price.

Look, I'm here because...

I was way out of line
the other day.

Yes, you were.

It's just that a case
involving a nanny

who hurt a little child,
just feels like

it should be a slam dunk.

Unless the facts
dictate otherwise.

Doc, you render opinions.

Based on medical
and psychiatric facts.

The same mix of art and science
you practice in your profession.

Fair enough.

So, you stand by
what you said?

I'll admit I didn't at first.


Ever since I was
brutally mugged last year,

I've wanted revenge
on every violent person I see.

Part of me agrees
with you completely.

Wants to see Martina Volo
thrown down a deep, dark hole.

But once I realized

where that was coming from...

You ignored that part
and did your job.


This is a one-off.


I am making this exception

because I think
I can shed some light

where it's needed.

I appreciate it.

Long story short,

Sergeant McNichols likely thinks

that the commissioner
ruined her marriage.


Two years ago,
McNichols' ex-husband

was accused by a partner
of taking free meals

and kickback money from a store

in their sector.

And abusive behavior

towards citizens
and fellow cops alike.

Husband's a jerk, too?


Except when IAB
interviewed the partner,

he suddenly recanted everything.

Said it was "a big

Ah, he got to him.

Probably, so the commissioner
didn't let it go.

Well, why not?

Because he hates bullies.

So, he was able
to discipline him on a couple

smaller offenses--
stealing time, leaving early.


But those habits
didn't go away.

They eventually cost him the job

and, I guess, his marriage.

She blames the commissioner?


Nice not having
this conversation with you,


Okay, um, timeline was...

I was gonna look for you.

And then Baker said
you were already

in my office and then
you had your own news.

Look for me-- why?

In my meeting
with the mayor-elect,

he asked me to replace you
with a pit bull.

And you said yes?



but I didn't say no.

Why a pit bull?

He wants to equip us to deal
with things the hard way

when the easy way doesn't work.

A latitude I've wanted
for years, I might add.

But for the rollout, you want
a wartime consigliere.

Well, he thinks so.


I don't think so.




I-I think it's a very good idea
to give your new boss

a gimme at the start.



Okay, I may be on thin ice here,

but bear with me, please?

It surprise you at all,

when you got
that big offer from Duke?

It's not like I'm an unknown.

I've had offers
from NYU, Notre Dame...

I know,

I know, I know,

and well, well-deserved.

But not from Duke.

All I'm saying is

were you surprised?

Yes, but pleasantly-- why?

Well, I know

you like to know

all there is to know.

I'm hoping that's the case here.


The advice
to Woodward and Bernstein?

♪ ♪

And with that, the
makeup and stage blood.

Got a camera, too,
if you want it.

No. I'll take the picture
with my own phone.

And once I get Joe
to make the final payment,

I'll get a picture of him
in handcuffs. Thank you.

We really gotta
do all this?

Just think of it like
Halloween and you'll be fine.

Where's your partner?

She's keeping an eye on Joe at
The Clasp till we're finished.

Now let's go kill you.

Come on.

Over here.

Huh. It's so deep.

Be glad you didn't
have to dig it.

It's okay.

You're just gonna be
in there for a second.

Just long enough
for me to get

a picture of you looking
like you're dead.


Just get you ready.

Thank you, Detective.

Thank me for what?

For believing me.

Why wouldn't I believe you?

'Cause I work in a dump and...

I'm not exactly
an upstanding citizen.

Well... consider it fate.

I need you to close
your eyes, okay?

How do I look?


And perfect.

Why don't you put the flashlight
down, get everything ready.

Put this rope
around your wrists,

make it look like
you're tied up.

I'll lower you down
into the ditch.

Lay on your back and
I'll take the picture.



You called it, Reagan.

A setup every step
of the way.

Like father like daughter.

Surprised you didn't try
to kill me with a pool cue

like your old man did
that college kid.

When did you know?

When you said, "People who hurt
other people should be stopped."

Just like what you
yelled at me

at your old man's trial back
in the day, you remember?

I was ten years old.

And you took my father away.


Your father dug his own grave.

Just like you did.


What's going on?

Boss, I got to talk to you.

Not cop-to-cop.


Look, my husband...

he wants the
world to think

he's just like his father.

C-Can you get to it?

Jamie and I got in an
argument the other night.

He was pissed because some
guy I know was texting me.

And it wasn't
the first time.

I tried to calm him down,


he grabbed me by the throat.


Jamie put
his hands on you?

No, really, it
wasn't his fault.

I should have
deleted the text.

I-I shouldn't...

Janko, no,
you're not to blame.

Please. I don't want
to jam him up.

We haven't even been
married that long.

That's all
the more reason...

I just...

I want to be the wife
he needs me to be.

Okay. Hey. No.

Nothing that you do
or anybody else does

gives him the right
to put his hands on you.

Do you understand me?

Jamie having a problem,

that is not
your fault, Janko.

Take your own advice.


Your ex-husband, Steve.

He wasn't a
nice guy, was he?

You talked to
your father-in-law?

No, but I hear
Steve was abusive,

and I'm guessing he
didn't leave that at work.

You don't know
what you're talking about.

He was hitting you.

Wasn't he?

What? No.

Boss, you can hate me,

and the PC and anyone else
for what happened to you.

I know...

that sometimes that's easier
than hating the person

who really made
your life hell.


please forgive yourself.

I mean, like you just said,

nothing you did
made it okay

for him to do
what he did to you.


I should've known
that you were lying

when you said that Jamie
put his hands on you.

But everything I just
said about you is true.

I'll shut up now, like
you always wanted me to.

(engine starts)

Well, I'd say justice
was served.

Hopefully, Ms. Volo will
get the help she needs.

Thanks to your testimony.

Happy to help.

And when I call you
for the next case,

you won't hang up on me?

Not even if you want to
talk about anything else.



all's well
that ends well?

Yeah. I think that
the judge was surprised

when I changed the
People's recommendation

to psychiatric commitment,

but I think everyone agreed
it was the right thing to do.

I mean us.

You know... (sighs)

Anthony, you were right.

You were seeing me a lot clearer
than I was seeing myself.

We're a team.

Yeah, but I overreacted,
and I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry.

Apology accepted.

Now lunch.
Wherever you want to go.

Really? Even,
like, fancy?

Why not?

You're paying.

(elevator bell dings)

Mayor-Elect Chase.

I'm Detective Baker.

Welcome to One PP.

Nice to meet you.

Would you like
some coffee, water?

I'm good, thank you.

And here we are.


Deputy Commissioner.



I know.

This is a surprise.

I know.
I'm full of 'em today.

Would you like to sit down?

Couple things, if I may.


Guy finds out a job offer came

'cause another guy's wife heads
the Board of Trustees

at the school,
and that together,

they just donated 50 mil

for a new science building.

He does his homework.

Makes the guy think
he's gonna be working

with a whole bunch
of pissed-off people

who got passed over because
they didn't have a hook.

A hook's what we call
"influence" up here.

Makes him...
not want the job so much.

So, did you know he punched
a Sulzberger in the nose

in the Grill Room
at the Four Seasons?

I did not.

He printed a bald-faced lie

about our counterterrorism

He had it coming.

The Times printed a correction
the next day,

and an apology
the day after.

We lost the table,
but we won the war.

See, pit bulls get a bad rap.

They're actually
loving protectors

of children and family,

unless you raise 'em mean.

That loving protection
becomes throat-ripping fury

when family's threatened.

This guy just lost 80 pounds
the last year.

And it made him leaner,

but it also made him meaner,
if that's possible.

When I need to be.

Guys, okay.


Something you should know
about me.

I don't pave the way
for my people to succeed.

Yeah. You like to put obstacles
in their way

to see how they handle

Yeah, we heard.

I run, and he runs
interference for,

35,000 cops who are responsible
for the safety

and well-being
of 8.6 million citizens.

And 65 million tourists.

So we don't have time
for mind games.

We have more than we can handle

on every given day as it is.




You'd really give up
that kind of money?

You really gonna rub it in?

You'll at least meet
with my candidates?

Of course.

Garrett can always use
another hand on deck.

One last thought.

After I'm sworn in?

What I say goes.

Copy that, boss.

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