Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 7 - Higher Standards - full transcript

Jamie and Frank oppose each other's viewpoints over the public's treatment of cops after rowdy teens pour water on two rookies; Danny and Baez investigate a man who prays on the elderly; Erin is forces to admit her wrongdoings.

So how's life as
an empty nester?

I miss Nicky a lot.

Remember the first time
Nicky went away without us?

Dance camp.

You did not ask to meet

to walk down
memory lane, did you?

I... I joined a charity

that takes on innocence cases.


And I'm representing a client
that's been in prison

for five years, and,
Erin, he didn't do it.

He tell you that?

He was put away for murder

based largely on an
eyewitness account,

and the witness recanted,

and the, the detective
who handled the case,

let's just say this wasn't his
first questionable conviction.

Well, doesn't sound
like a slam dunk.

Trust me, this kid
was railroaded.


Yeah, he was 20 when
he went into the system.

Okay, so why are you
coming to me?

Because you're the one
who put him away.

Leave him alone, yo. This yours?

I asked you a question.
Is this yours?

No! Why don't y'all
get out of here.

Y'all should leave me be.

Hey, back it up.
Yo, everybody, stay back!

Look, all right,
we're not gonna bring you in.

It's a summons instead.

A summons?
Take this ticket, all right?

That's what you get!

Yo, let's just go to the car.

All right?

And the officers did nothing?

That's right, put their
tail between their legs

and got into their patrol car.

They both got less than
a year on the job.

That's no excuse.
No, it's just a fact, boss.

We don't teach our officers
not to fight back.

We're not teaching
them that, boss,

but it's open season on cops.

They should've arrested the guy
on the spot.

I agree with you, boss, but you
got the media and politicians

hammering them every day

with anti-cop stuff.

It has an effect.

And anyone complicit
needs to be found,

arrested, and charged with
everything we can throw at them.

We can put out a Finest Message
to the troops.

No, call a press conference.

I'll write something up.

I know what needs to be said.

Hey, you headed home?

Did you hear what happened
to DeNoon and Malone?

Yeah, I just saw that
on my phone. They okay?

No, they came back humiliated.

- Who did it?
- C.O. put up a screen grab of the perp.

The guy wasn't arrested?

No, they did nothing.

They just got in their RMP
and left.

What do we got?

Miriam Harton, 85 years old,
was assaulted and robbed

in the vestibule as she entered
the building with groceries.

Perp came up from behind her,

pushed her to the ground
and stomped her.

Any witnesses? I wish.

Looks like she may have broken
a hip and maybe some ribs.

We should check to see
if there are any cameras...

No, I already asked.
Super's working on it.

My partner and I already
started a canvass.

Mrs. Harton.

Detective Reagan,
my partner Detective Baez.

Could you tell us about
the person who assaulted you?

He... I thought
he wanted to help.

He opened the door for me,

and then when I turned around,
he hit me.

It was a he, ma'am?

My husband will be
worried about me.

Ma'am, it's really important
that you give us a description

of the man who attacked you.
Could you?

My husband, my husband
is waiting for me

to come home with the groceries.

We need to get her checked out.
Go ahead.

Waiting for me.

Hey. I want to talk to you.

Hey, bro, hey, hey, bro,
I didn't do nothing, all right?

You throw water on two police
officers earlier today?

Hey, come on, man,
throwing water

ain't no crime.
I ain't shoot nobody.

I'm talking to you.
Man, all right, so what?

Hey, you're under arrest.

Man, you can't arrest me
for throwing water on no scum!

It's just water, my dude. Yo...

What the hell do you think
you're doing, you stupid dick?!

It's just water, right?
Hands behind your back.

Hey, bro, what?! Come on, man.

Yo, let him go!
No, he got rights!

What you taking him away for?

I will not be taking questions.

Earlier today,
two police officers

were attacked by perpetrators
who threw water at them

while they were
performing their duties.

Anyone who throws water
on police officers,

who throws objects
at police officers,

who impedes an officer's ability
to do his job,

in any form,

is breaking the law,
and that will not be tolerated.

Anyone caught doing so
will be arrested

and charged to
the fullest extent of the law.

I want to be crystal clear
about this.

I will never, never

ask my officers
to tolerate abuse.

They put their life on the line
for every citizen in this city

every day,

and assaults and abuse

against the uniform
can and will be met

by zero tolerance.

That is all.

What do you say to those people

who take the position
that it's only water?

Today it's a bucket of water,

tomorrow it's a bucket
of "who knows what."

Some might say that
the relationship between police

and residents of predominantly
minority neighborhoods

is strained and this incident is
a culmination of that breakdown.

I'm sorry, that's all
we have time for today.

Son of a bitch
could've just robbed her.

He didn't have to beat her up.

Did you zoom in?

I've been over this
with a microscope.

Well, it can't be
his first time, then.

No, that's exactly
what I was thinking.

There have been
four reported incidents

of robbery and assault
against senior citizens

in this neighborhood
in the past three months.

Same M.O.?

Same exact M.O.
The perp targets an old person,

he enters their building,
pretends to help them,

then he knocks them down

and takes all their stuff.
Any arrests?

There was one arrest:
Matthew Greer, 32 years old.

He's a delivery driver
who was arrested

for assaulting and robbing
an 85-year-old man.

He broke two of his
ribs and his jawbone.

Where's this scumbag now?

He was arrested,
but the charges were dropped,

so now he's out on the streets.

Not for long.

Let me help you with that.

Thank you.

All right, hey,
where's the money?

Where's the money? Where's the wallet?
I don't have money.

You don't have money?
I have nothing.

So you got nothing?

Damn it!

Matthew Greer?

He's not here.

Must be out on a delivery.


Matthew Greer? Detective Baez.

This is Detective Reagan.
We have some questions for you.

I'll move the truck.

No, no, it's not
about the truck.

Someone, please,

call 911!

It's Mr. Weissberg.
Stay with him.

He must've fallen.

Police. Step aside, ma'am.
Sir, you okay?

Someone pushed me. Who?

I don't know.
Was it a guy with a hat?

I don't know.

Son of a bitch.

Call an ambulance,
ma'am, right now.

Hurry up.

Hey! No. Come on.

I don't have time for this.
I'm sorry. Hey!

I'm sorry. I-I got to go.
Get him. Get him off there.

Let's go. Out of the truck.
Hey. Okay.

Come here. I didn't...

I didn't even do anything.
Come here.

You like beating up
old people, tough guy?

I didn't beat up nobody.

Really? You didn't
beat up Miriam Harton?

That was lying on the ground.
It was just lying right there.

Yeah, right beside her
where you left her.

Hands against the car.

Darnell Johnson... he was accused
of murdering Muhammad Akin,

another gang member.

So a public service homicide.

His fingerprints and his hat
were found at the scene

and a witness identified
him as the shooter.

Wait a minute,
this case is five years old.

Why are we looking at this?

Darnell is saying he's innocent.

Erin, everyone at Rikers
is saying they're innocent.

Everyone at Sing Sing,

everyone in
every jail everywhere

says they're innocent.

The witness recanted.

Yeah, but his DNA
i-is still at the scene.

How'd this case come to you?

Jack. He's working with
the Innocence Project.

I should've known.

Every time
this guy comes around,

there's trouble, every time.

I need to know that I didn't
put away an innocent person

for the last five years
of his life.

I can't just hand that off
to someone else.

And he knows that,
which is why he goes to you

instead of the proper channels.

Are you going to help me

or are you going to lecture me
on Jack Boyle?


This witness... why'd she recant?

And does Darnell,
does he have an alibi?

That's what we need to find out.

Hey, you know
what I need to find out?

Why you give Jack
the benefit of the doubt

every single time
he comes to your door.

Where were you October 30th
at 8:15 a.m.?


No, you weren't.

You recognize her?


That's funny

'cause you had her stolen
credit card in your pocket.

That's criminal possession.

I told you I found it.



St. Irene's Hospital's
on the line.

You want to take it?

I'm good.

I found that card.
Shut your mouth.

You knocked that old man down.
I did not.

Yes, you did.

You were arrested for assault
and robbery last month.

Yeah, and I got released.

Because you target old men
and you target old women

who can't positively I.D. you

because their memories aren't
so good, isn't that right?

I don't target nobody.

You don't target nobody? No.

That means you do target
somebody, dumb-dumb.

It's a double negative.


Kind of like I don't believe
you're not the perp, stupid.

I'm done answering questions.

- The hell you are...
- Danny.

Sit tight, tough guy.


Charges have changed.

What are you talking about?

Well, if we can nail
that son of a bitch,

the charge just changed
to murder.


Mrs. Harton just died
of her injuries.

I ain't shoot nobody!

Hey! You're under arrest.

Hey, yo, you cannot arrest me
for throwing water on no scum!

It's just water, my dude! Yo...

You just saw a cell phone video

that shows
Sergeant Jamison Reagan,

the youngest son of Police
Commissioner Frank Reagan,

as he throws water
on an unarmed suspect,

Renzo Williams, who is now
claiming police brutality.

I guess I was fooling myself
thinking this might not get out.

Do you want to see them
now? They're already here.


Sergeant Reagan
and Lieutenant Gormley.


I asked the lieutenant to sit in
to represent the rank and file.

Baker, please join us.

You want backup, I want backup.

Please sit down.

Not arrest me for throwing water

on no scum!

It's just water, my dude! Yo...

I know what you're gonna say,
but throwing water on him

was a less lethal way
to subdue an unruly...

I read your report. You get
an "A" for creative writing.

That's what happened,

Well, let's talk about
what really happened, Sergeant.

You went after the suspect
because you were pissed off.

Lieutenant, was my arrest
within department guidelines?


The arrest was.

Your actions were not.

would you remind us all

of the charge
the sergeant faces?

That would be "bringing undue
criticism upon the department."

Thank you.

You have effectively
changed the narrative

from cops under attack
to the opposite.

That video doesn't show
what happened right before that.

Exactly. And that's how
this usually goes down.

Which is why cops are expected
to show restraint.

There was no physical harm done.

You brought harm
to this department.

By standing up for my cops?

Is that what you think you were doing?
Those cops

walked away this morning because

they were afraid
of backlash, Commissioner.

So you created
even more backlash?

I sent a message that
it's not okay to assault cops.

It's not okay
to assault perps, either.

That's not exactly
what happened.

I stand by my actions.


your actions have brought you
a command discipline.

Are you serious?

You're dismissed.

Do you want to know what
that guy said to me beforehand?

Return to your command,

Do you even want to know?


Why'd you drop the charges
against Matthew Greer?

Charges were reduced.

Reduced? What...?

The injuries that he gave
to Mrs. Harton

are the reason she died.

That's murder.

You have evidence that
Matthew Greer did it?

'Cause I saw the
security footage.

You can't tell it's him.
Well, it's his M.O.

Without a positive I.D. from
a victim, I can only charge him

with criminal possession
of stolen property. What...

Stolen property? How about
the fact that he assaulted

an 85-year-old man,
left him with a broken jaw?

Again, do you have evidence?

I was standing outside the
building when Greer ran outside

moments after an old man
was assaulted inside.

So you saw Matthew Greer do it?

Look, I have a positive I.D.
from the victim.

No. I read the report, Danny.

That victim has dementia.

You know damn well
the defense attorney's

going to tear him and the
case apart on the stand.

Okay. What if it was Grandpa?
My God.

No, I'm serious.
What if it was Grandpa?

Danny, do you think
I want to tell you

you need more evidence?

Well, that's all you ever tell me.
Well, guess what?

It's my job,
and sometimes it sucks.

Gramps? Dropping off the meat
for Sunday dinner.

Danny boy.

Hey. How was work?

You know. Same old, same old.

Erin being a pain in my ass.

About what?


I got a perp who's robbing
and assaulting elderly people.

And, you know, I got
a victim to I.D. him,

but she doesn't think
that's enough, of course.

Why? Because she thinks

that the victim has dementia,

so she doesn't want
to put him on the stand.

Maybe she's setting up
roadblocks for a reason.

Gramps, I get

the roadblocks, and I understand
that people rob people,

but this is different.

This is a bad guy. You know?

He doesn't just take money
from these people,

h-he stomps on them
and punches them.

B-Believe me, you'd feel
the same way I do if you saw it.

I do feel the same way you do.

In fact,

it's my greatest fear.

Getting mugged again?

No. I'll take a beating
any old day.

What I'm most afraid of
is the things

that I can't fight back against,
like dementia.

You seem sharp
as a tack to me, Gramps.

Yeah, and then
one day you're not.

It's gotten to so many
of my old friends.

They don't know
their own family.

Well, if the day ever comes
where you don't recognize me,

don't know who I am,
we'll be okay.

'Cause I'll always
know who you are.

The witness might've changed
her story, but Darnell's prints

and his hat were still
at the crime scene.


Hi. Hi, Jack.

I got stuff to do.

Sit down...

I didn't, mean to interrupt.

You never do.

I just wanted to see

if I can help in any way.

I think you've done enough.

Am I missing something here?

Yeah, a stop button.

Okay, Anthony...

No, no, no.
No, let's have it, Anthony.

Because I'm actually wondering
if there's some sort

of statute of limitations
on your attitude towards me?

Well, maybe

if you stop coming to Erin
every time you had a problem.

Yeah, b... we have history.
Yeah. Right.

And you screwed up, but somehow
you still think she owes you.

Is that about right?

Okay, do we need
to do this right now?

I'll be back later.

He's just being protective.

I didn't know you needed
protection from me.

We've been going
through the case.

I spoke with Chantal, who
recanted her original testimony.

She said that
the detective told her

that Darnell was the shooter.


Well, I want to talk
to the detective.

Don't bother.

So now you gonna tell me

how to run my investigation?

No. I'm suggesting you not
interview the detective

because he is dead.

I'm not the enemy here.

I wish that this hadn't happened

as much as you do.

Well, I'm not convinced

it did happen,

because I haven't uncovered
enough to believe

beyond reasonable doubt
that Darnell is innocent.

Yeah, well, there's one person
intimately involved

with the case
who you haven't spoken to yet.

And who's that?

Darnell Johnson.

You're in exceptionally early.

As are you three.

Those perps that threw water

at our officers at the 2-9,

including the copycats
at the 15th,

have all been arrested
without incident.

The D.A.'s office charged them
with disorderly conduct,

criminal nuisance
and harassment.

All of them took a plea.


That's a copy of the press
release from the D.A.'s office.

It'll be sent out
this afternoon.

Good news. Thank you all.

Sit down.

Did you take a close look
at the video of Jamie's arrest?

Did I miss something?

Well, maybe you missed

that Jamie is not
one of the rank and file.

He's a boss.

And he sees his guys
getting assaulted and he...

And instead of using his head,

he went out on his own
to collar the guy.

I would've done
the same thing as him.

No, you would not.
Not from where you sit.

Well, only because I know
how you'd react.


And Jamie should know that
better than anyone, Sid.

That arrest sent out
a clear message.

He sent the wrong message.

Maybe you are, too.


A rip for a little bit of water,
in light of what that guy did?

Come on, boss.

We can't do what perps do.

He was resisting arrest.
I mean, this could've escalated.

Jamie could've Tasered him.

Would that have been better?

And coming up
with worse scenarios

doesn't excuse this one.

Okay. Okay.

You assured the public
and the department

that you've got our cops' back.

Maybe you ought to make sure

your son knows
you got his back, too.

Mr. Johnson, I don't know
if you remember me, but I'm...

I know who you are.


I've been reviewing your case,

and I have a few
questions for you.

Okay. I spoke to Chantal.

As you know, she recanted
her original testimony.

But your fingerprints and your
hat were found at the scene.

So? So,

during the trial
you never took the stand.

You never explained
why they were there.

They were there
because I went to see Muhammed

earlier that day.

But I didn't kill him.

What did you go see him about?

He owed me money.

Drug money?

What difference
does that make now?

I need to know everything
that happened.

I'll tell you what
you need to know.

You need to know that I've been
in this hellhole

for 1,667 days.

Because of you.

My son turns five

in a month.

And I've only met him once.

Because of you.

Why didn't you take the stand?

Why didn't you say

that you had gone to see
Muhammed earlier in the day?

Because my court-appointed
attorney told me

that if I said that, no one
would believe I didn't kill him.

You should've told the truth.

I told the truth.

You didn't believe me.

And I can tell, just by looking
at you, that you still don't.

So you can go to hell.

Can you, pass me
another slice of Key lime?

That's your third piece.

Well, I'm celebrating today,

It's the first time in my life
that I'm not taking flak

for being the hothead
of the family.

I'm not a hothead.

Says the hothead.

But don't get me wrong,

I support what you did, 100%.

Me, too.

- Cut it out.
- Right,

'cause we wouldn't
want to hear from cops

at this table

how they feel about my collar,
would we?

Your arrest wasn't the issue.

The manner of your arrest was.

Anybody want to hear
what I think about it?

Not really. Well, it's like

your broken window theory.

You know, you see somebody
doing damage to a property,

you start to think, "Okay,
nobody cares about it,"

so more people start to do
damage to the property.

Same thing with cops.

- That's a bit of a stretch.
- No, he's got a point.

Every day you hear
another story about a cop

being harassed for just doing
their job, and eventually,

it becomes accepted practice

to harass cops. Exactly right.

Not if cops arrest violators
when it happens,

within the confines of the law
and without malice.

I say

an eye for an eye.

- Makes the whole world blind.
- Exactly.

We don't have the luxury of
breaking rules to make a point.

Right, so just a different set
of rules for us. Is that it?

Exactly right.

Cops should be held

to a higher standard.

And what about D.A.s?

Should they be held
to a higher standard, too?

- Yeah.
- Really?

So, how come when a cop
makes a mistake,

they're crucified in the media,
they lose their jobs

and there's no room
for human error,

but when a D.A. makes a mistake,
nothing happens to them?

- That's right.
- You see stories all the time

about people being locked up

for years, and then it turns
out that they are innocent.

Yeah, what happens to the D.A.

in those circumstances, sis?

They apologize? No, they don't
even bother to apologize.

They just move on
with their lives.

No one moves on from
a wrongful prosecution, Danny,

and all we have are the facts,
not crystal balls.

You know, Sean,
the, broken windows theory

about cops, it also applies to
old people. Did you know that?

Yeah. See, if someone thinks

a certain group
of people is broken,

then it makes it seem like
no one cares about them,

which sends the
message that you can

violate them
without any repercussion.

You have something
you want to say to me?

I just said it.


What are you doing here?

This is for you.

What's that? Wheatgrass.

When did you get so healthy?

Not me. I got a
double shot of espresso.

But for you, I got
the most disgusting thing

I could find on the menu.

I figured you'll love it.

What are you really doing here?

The DNA results came back.

Belong to a Malcolm Scott,
known drug dealer and drug user.

He's in prison for
two other murders.

Anything else?

The gun in the two other
murders he's in for

matches the gun that
killed Muhammad Akin.

So Darnell is innocent.

Looks that way.

Do I need a lawyer?

If you need your lawyer, we'll
get your lawyer down here.

Am I being charged?

Not yet. We can talk first

and hear your side of things.


This is more of a courtesy.

What are you talking about?
We wanted

to extend you the courtesy
of letting you know

that the charges against you
will now include murder.

I never killed anyone
in my life.

You might not have meant
to kill anyone,

but you definitely
killed someone.

You're talking out your ass.

Maybe so.

But we got security camera
footage of your work truck

at the location of the murder.

We know you committed these
crimes while you were working

because you figured
that would be your alibi.

And after all, who's gonna
believe the testimony

of a bunch of frail
old people, right?

But the jury's gonna be out

on you causing the death
of a young mother.

Nuh. Nuh.

I never targeted a young person.

We believe
you didn't mean to kill her,

but you busted
into her apartment,

you knocked her on the ground,
she hit her head on the ground

and unfortunately,

she died, so that's murder.

I never went
into anyone's apartment.

Fits your M.O.

And now she's dead.


I never killed nobody.

There you go again with the
double negatives. Come on...

Stop confusing me.

Okay. How about I make it
real easy for you?

The D.A. wants to charge you
with murder.

We don't want to charge you
with murder.

That's right.

I never killed nobody.

I never killed anyone.

Right. I swear.

Good. Then how about this?

You give us a list of the people
that you did victimize,

and we'll make sure
that you're only charged

for the crimes
that you did commit.

The robberies.

And not the murder

of this young mother.




You were right.

He is smart.

A Reagan in a crisis
of conscience

always goes to one
place, and I...

I happen to know that
this is your favorite one.

How are you doing?

The truth?

If I was Darnell,

and I was separated from Nicky
for the first five years

of her life, I'm not sure
I could ever get over it.

No, you're the strongest woman
that I know.

God, I wish I was as tough
as everyone thinks I am.

You know,

you can ask for help sometimes.

What do you think
I'm doing here?

I think that you should
talk to Darnell.

The last time I spoke to him,
he told me to go to hell.

Never stopped you
from talking to me.

Erin, I will go with you.

It's my case,
it's my responsibility.

You are such a Reagan sometimes.

And you say that
like it's a bad thing.

Yeah, sometimes it is.

You know,

I even started to feel bad
that I brought this case to you.

And then I thought,
"No, this case is a gift."

Well, can I please return it?

You have been given a chance

to fix something
before it is too late.

And that is something
to be grateful for.

So, you're welcome.

I feel like I'm just
gonna go with the burger.

Are you even listening to me?-

Please don't tell me
you agree with my dad.

You're mad at your dad
because you feel

like he treats you different,
he expects more from you

and he's too righteous.

He holds all of you
to a really high moral standard.


Jamie, he challenges you
to be a better person.

And, if I'm being honest,
I kind of love that about him.

Just pick out the photos
of the people you victimized

and you won't be charged with
any crimes you didn't commit.

Or a murder you didn't commit.


That young woman
that got killed,

what was her name? Evelyn...


But I already gave you my word.

You're not gonna be charged
with her murder.


So, just assault and robbery?

You'll only be charged with
the crimes that you committed

against the people
you victimized.





And... her.

Mrs. Harton.

Are you sure about that?

Yeah. I'm sure.

I'll come find you after
he signs his confession.

I look forward to it.

Numbers are on the back.

Write down their names and what
you did to them and sign it.


Evelyn Campbell?
Your fourth grade teacher?

You know, I never
really liked Ms. Campbell.

She used to pull
on my ear a lot.

Well, that was a particularly
good bluff.

You didn't promise that he
wouldn't be charged with murder,

you promised he would
only be charged

with the crimes he did commit.

Yep. And right now,

he thinks his victim
Mrs. Harton is still alive.

Once he finishes

signing the confession,
I'll let him know she died

and... we'll charge him
with murder.


Well, you're really good
at your job, Detective Reagan.

Can I buy you a drink after work?

I can't. I've got some
broken windows to repair.


Good luck.



In my job,

99.9% of the people I prosecute

say they're innocent.

During your trial, and really,
up until quite recently,

I was convinced that
you were guilty.

Everything pointed that way.

The evidence,
Chantal's testimony.

So, yeah, you were right.

I did not believe you
when you said you were innocent.

But I do now.

I am recommending
that you be exonerated.

I plan on being

in court to set
the record straight.

Other than that,
there's really not much I can do

to make up for the lost time.

To say I'm sorry
just feels so little

in light of what
you've been through.

I just hope that somewhere
down the line, you...

find it in your heart
to forgive me.

My lawyer told me that

if I hold on to this hate
and resentment,

the rest of my life will be
just as much a prison sentence

as the last five years
have been.

I forgive you.

Thank you.

We are gonna get started

with what we call
the fast round.

The first team to shout the
correct answer gets one token.

Five tokens
gets you a free round.

Why did you pick this place?

We'll kick their butts
together, okay?

Two, Finnerty's
on the rocks, please.

Thank you.

So how'd your case go?

Great. We got the perp
to confess.

Question one.

You go ahead. I-I-I'll
sit this one out.

Well, suit yourself.

Which U.S. President had a home
called "The Hermitage"?

Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson!

That's right. Give team...

Flatfoot. Flatfoot.

Team Flatfoot a token
over there.

Not for nothing,

but I thought you were
gonna sit this round out.

Beginner's luck. Right.

Second question. In which movie

did Humphrey Bogart
play Charlie...

African Queen. That's right.

Another token for Team Flatfoot.

Maybe I'm pretty good at this after all.
You think?

You're a regular ringer, Gramps.

You were worried about me,

didn't want me to feel like
I was losing it.

Is it working?

Hell yeah.

All right.

You mind?

It's a free country.

How long you been here?

Since 4:30.

Looking for bass?

They're more active
before the light comes up.

Get any bites?

Caught a six pound striper,

but he was pretty beat up.

I know the feeling.

You're using silversides.

Always prepared.

Not for everything,
as this last week pointed out.

You knew how I'd react.

I didn't.

Yeah, you did.

Seconds before or after,

but you were gonna do
what you were gonna do,

or defend what you did.

I'm always gonna do the job
the way that I see fit.

Pop told me you'd be here.

In response to you asking?

Same situation, I might've
done the same thing.


Would have. You were a sergeant

and they were cops
in your house.

Might have.

Times were different then.

And maybe going along
with the times

isn't always the wisest thing.

I'm a sergeant
and I-I want to set an example,

climate be damned.

Same goes for me, too.

Is that why I got a two-day rip?

I have to hold you
to a higher standard.

And climate be damned.

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