Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 6 - Glass Houses - full transcript

Frank is conflicted about how to deal with a former cop's gripe about his pension; Jamie helps a friend deal with illicit picture of his daughter on the internet; Anthony confronts the ...

Excuse me. Excuse me.

Excuse me.
I need to see Sergeant Reagan.

- He expecting you?
- No. I'm Connor O'Brien.

- I'm his Chevy mechanic.
- I'm sorry. His what?

- Could you please just ask...?
- Hold on.

Hey, Connor, come on back.

- I'm real sorry to bother you.
- No. What's the matter?

What's going on?



And this.

- And this.
- And this is?

My daughter Caitlin.

You're certain?

There's no face on any of these.

That birthmark, that tattoo.


She's been a mess.

She wouldn't tell me
what was up,

so I looked through
her browser history.

I thought maybe
she was being bullied,

but then I found this.

"Revenge porn" they call it.

- I looked it up.
- All right, take it easy. Take it easy.

You need to get
these taken down.

That's not what I do,
but I'll refer you

- to the right department.
- No, no, no.

- We need to keep this on the down-low. Please.
- Okay.

Okay, take it easy. Just...

Take it easy, all right?

Officer, can I get a glass
of water, please?

Hey, buddy. How was school?

- Fine.
- You hungry?


Hey, weren't you supposed
to get your results back

from the NYPD exam today?


Earth to Sam.

Hey! I was on the final boss.

I'm your final boss.

You get the results?

- Yeah.
- And?

I didn't pass.

Really? Why?

Guess I didn't get
enough answers right.

So you're gonna be
a wise guy, too, now?

Look, I'm sorry, okay?

You could take it again.
I'll work with you.

I can't take that test again.

Yes, you can.

You agreed to this.

You mean you agreed.

Hey, don't you put this
back on me.

You said you wanted to be a cop.

Now you can't just quit
'cause the going gets tough.

Yeah? And what if I do?

Those are my rules,

and as far as I can see,
this is still myhouse.


former Officer Rick Austin.

Lost his thumb and index finger

on his shooting hand in 2015,
his first year on the job.

So, in the line of duty?

Yeah. He was attacked with
a machete on the Lexington line.

So heroOfficer Austin?

Yeah, he got,
three-quarters disability,

so, about 30K a year.

In 2017, he started...

posting motivational
videos on YouTube,

which led to speaking tours and
bookings at corporate retreats.

You know something?

I got all sorts of people

who handle this kind of stuff
for me.

I'm not really sure
what my role is in this.

His spiel is "Every
man for himself."

How you've got to
reject all the family

and teamwork aspect
of workplace culture.

Using his experience
with the NYPD

as the, like...

What's that called?

A cautionary tale.
How the NYPD broke all

its promises of solidarity and
security and just spit him out.

He wears the uniform
and uses our logos for his show.

Well, maybe I'm just
in a generous mood,

but I think we're big enough

to absorb this poor guy's beef.

He made almost six
figures last year

while still drawing
a full pension.

So our hero's double-dipping?

Which is why this is
landing on your desk.

If the bean counters
pull his pension,

you are Commissioner
Ebenezer Scrooge.

And he's got a
great big megaphone.

So do I.

You don't want to get into this.

Then why the hell
did you bring it to me?

The bean counters made us.

Are you scared
of bean counters, too?

They want to pull his pension
by lunchtime.

We thought
you should be in on it.

Anybody come around here

regularly? A boyfriend maybe?


Not in the five years
Jane Miller's lived here?

I know. I always
wondered, too. Nice girl.

Pretty, too.

What about family and friends?

She didn't list
a contact number.

And no one came
looking for her? No. A package came.

I knew she'd be up here,
but she didn't answer,

so... All right.

We got it from here.

It's quite the setup?

Yeah. Fancy place.

Take it easy.

We don't have a warrant.

And she doesn't
have a heartbeat.

Not to mention, she has no
family or friends, so...

Come on.

Take a quick peek.

There's got to be hundreds here.

From who?

Green Haven
Correctional Facility.


Seems like Jane does
have a lot of friends.

They're all in prison.


Hey. New coffeemaker came.
I test-drove it.

I feel like I could run
a marathon right now.

You got a second? Yeah. What's up?

In here.

Have a seat.

Don't freak out.


What am I looking at?

A revenge porn site.
One of about ten

that I found these pictures on.

Slow day at the office?

Friend of mine's daughter.

Did you send it up
to Computer Crime?

No. He asked me to handle it.

Jamie, you are
in no position to... I know that.

Does he know who posted it?

She hasn't said much.

Think you can get her to talk?

What, 'cause I
went through this?

That make me some kind of guru?

'Cause she's way more likely

to open up to you
than me or her dad.

Does Dad realize that
these are selfies? I don't know.

I didn't bring it up to him.
He's kind of a wreck.

I don't know, Jamie.

Even if she did send 'em first,
she didn't send 'em here.

You got me into this.

You want me to take the lead?

Are we in your office?

Do you worry about the PR
implications before you speak?

When appropriate.

My interrogation skills
could be put

to good use here, boss.

All set.



Lieutenant Gormley,

DCPI Moore.

Sit down, please.

It seems
there is a misunderstanding

about how our pensions work.

I appreciate this opportunity
to clear it up.

Well, I read the paperwork,

but I'm missing two fingers
on my good hand,

and the pension doesn't even
begin to cover that, so...

Well, I see your logic,
but the fact remains...

It's pennies?

30 grand a year, untaxed,
is hardly pennies.

I got three kids
and-and limited prospects

on account of the disfigurement
that I suffered

as an NYPD officer
in the line of duty.



Got the right claw,
so I have to wear the glove.

And I get a lifetime
of Michael Jackson jokes.

I promise, we're on your side.

That'd be a first.

Listen, we could've just

turned you in to the IRS.

I put my life on the line
for this job.

Which is why
you are sitting here

and not in front of the IRS.

I need that money.

I deserve the money.

Well, you can say that
all you want,

but it won't change
the way it works.

Here's the deal.

You can continue
to make a great living

by criticizing this department.

We'll defend your right
to do that.

Even overlook the unlicenseduse
of our logos and signage.

I deserve that money.

So long as you declare your
income against your pension.


I decided to join the NYPD

when I saw you speak
at my Iona graduation.

Do you want to know
what you said?

That the NYPD is a brotherhood.

That we take care of each other,

that we don't give up
on each other.

You're stealing
from our pension fund!

I wouldn't call that

I accept a pension
that I was promised,

it's far less than I deserve.
Well, that's how it works!

You want to take my money,
you're gonna have to serve me,

because I'm not going down
without a fight.

That went well.

Jane Miller did pro bono work
for some of the inmates here.

Or that's what she
claimed to be doing.

Take it you weren't much
of a fan?

She paraded around here
in her little skirt suits,

playing lawyer.

She wasn't fooling me.

What do you think she was doing?

Eating up the attention.

Anyone's attention
in particular?

She had a thing for Winston
Hill. Made that very clear.

How so? Jane believed

Winston was special, innocent.

He was like her cause.

Okay, well, we're gonna need
to speak to this Winston Hill.

Can't do that here.

You're denying us access?

Winston was released last week

on account of Jane Miller's
gaming the system, you ask me.

Thank you. I just...

I don't know where to start.

How about
you introduce me to Caitlin?

Of course. Caitlin,
someone to see you!

- Caitlin!
- Coming!

Hi, I'm Eddie.

You the cop?

I'm just here as a friend.

Who's here to help us
wake up from this nightmare.

Hey, could I get a glass
of water?

Sure. Thanks.

About ten minutes from now?



I had a guy post naked pictures

of me on the Internet.

The hardest part, for me,

was accepting
that it wasn't my fault.

This isn't your fault, either.

You probably sent those

to someone that you trusted.

Maybe loved, even.

Yeah, well, live and learn.

Bad breakup? Yeah.

I broke up with him
a few weeks ago,

so I guess some payback is,

you know, expected.

Well, this is more
than just payback.

This is a crime.

I don't want to escalate it.

I don't care what my dad wants.

You don't want those
pictures taken down?

Of course I do.

But not if it's gonna get Luis
all busted in the process.

Luis is the ex? Yeah.

But you can't take this
any further.

I can't? Why not?

'Cause, I...

'Cause it'll come out
that I sent the pics

to Luis in the first place,

and my dad'll have
a heart attack.

For real.

Look, I'm begging you,

just let it slide.

Hey. I just got
a very angry call

from our friends at DCAS.


About one of my investigators

who went down there
flashing his shield,

looking for intel on
an official city exam.

Just wanted to see
Sam's test results.

I wanted to know why
he didn't pass

so I can see what he needs
to work on for next time.

It steps on a line,
Anthony, and you know it.

It's perfectly normal
to want to know

what's going on
so I can help him.

The normal thing to do
would have been

to ask Sam what Sam
needs to work on,

not a state office.

He wouldn't talk to me.

So you just gave up.

No, I went to find out what I could.

Are you really gonna lecture me

about trying to
help out family? No, but...

And foster family
is still family.

So don't say it's not. I wouldn't.

So, when is he gonna
take the test?

That's the other thing.

He said he's not.

What now?

Let me in there!

Please, I just want to talk to
him, that's all. Just let me in!

I just need to talk to him.
What the hell's going on?

That guy was trying
to get inside the halfway house.

Caused a scene when
he was turned away.

Please! I'm serious! Hey.

Hey, hey, hey, hey! I'm not leaving

until I see that bastard! Hey!

You need to settle down, now!

Who the hell are you?

I'm Detective Reagan.
Who the hell are you?

Richard Lockhart.

I need to speak with that man.

What man?

Winston Hill. Get in line.

You still looking into him?

No, we haven't even started yet.

Why, what's it to you?

Winston Hill killed my daughter.

You're Jane Miller's father?

No, I'm Leah Lockhart's father.

Winston Hill murdered
my daughter six years ago.

And now he's free, living here!

Drop the flashlight.

You sure they're not
gonna let him in?

I said drop the flashlight, now!

Look, I feel for Mr. Lockhart.

All right, it's hard for me
to see him like that again,

like back in the trial.

But I don't want
no more trouble. DANNY: Why?

'Cause you murdered
his daughter?

No, I didn't.

The court saw that,
and they let me free.

On a technicality.

I was innocent from the jump.

We're not here
about Mr. Lockhart.

We want to talk
about Jane Miller.

What about her?

What was your relationship?

She's my lawyer.

She volunteered
to take my appeal.

When was the last time
you saw her?

My last court day.

- I guess...
- You guess?

You don't remember
being in her apartment

last Monday night?

No, no, I wasn't.

Where were you?

I was right here.

With who?

Whoever else was here.
What's this about?

Something happen to Jane?

Jane Miller is dead.


She was gunned down
in her apartment.


No, no!

You're gonna have to try
a little bit harder

than that, Mr. Hill.

You think I did it.

Hey, I'm home.


Come on, pal.

Open the door.

I'm coming in.

Well, he was only
on the job for a year,

so yeah, he drew
the lowest pension rate:

of a rookie's salary.

Hang on a sec.


"Beloved author."

There are a million
beloved authors.

What kind of clue is that?

Any letters?

Last letter, "N."

Toni Morrison.

She wrote a great book
called Beloved.

So, the guy is making
a nice pile

as some kind of
motivational speaker,

but he's still drawing
his full pension.

Drawing it
with two fingers missing.

Well, yeah, but I still
gotta turn him in.

And get called Scrooge?

That's what Garrett said.

Well, Garrett's right.

Look, a cop says he can
barely move his arms

because of his injuries,

gets photographed on
the first tee at Bethpage,

everyone gets that.

But this guy is not that guy.

The bean counters say
I have to claw his pension back.

They work for you.

I make this exception,
I'm an insurance adjuster

the rest of my time there.

They'll come out
of the woodwork.

You don't, you're Scrooge.

Gee... thanks, Pop.

Good talk.

I feel so much better now.

You're welcome.

And how about Sandra Jones?

Her story checks out.

So we're on the
right track here?

That's for you to decide.

How's it going with Sam?

It isn't. He ran away.

He just ran away?

He left a note,
thanking me for everything.

And did you try to find him?

I made a couple calls,
and then I stopped.


He knows where to find me.

If he wants to come back home,
he's got a key.

So that's just it?

For right now it is. Just like that?

We're Trial Bureau,
not Family Court.

So shall we?

- Luis Rosas.
- Yeah.

Sergeant Reagan, NYPD.
You got a minute?

Yes. For what?

I want to ask you some questions
about Caitlin O'Brien.

Is she okay?

She's not in the hospital
or anything.

Some compromising photos of her

made their way onto
the Internet.

You know anything about that?

No, I don't.

But she did send you
some photos?

Yeah. We were hooking up,
and then we weren't.

She sent me some nudes.

Before or after
she broke up with you?

Broke up with me?
She tell you that?

Told my partner that, yeah.

No. I called it off.

She's a nice girl
and all, but...

a little too intense for me.

So maybe that's why
you posted the photos?

Get rid of her once and for all?
No, no.

As soon as she sent me
those photos, I deleted them.

What was the hurry? Are you kidding me?

She's barely 16 and it's 2019.

So would you be willing to
submit your phone to us

for review? Your computer, too?

You want to look
through my phone?

You say you got nothing to hide.

You know what?

I don't. Here.

You can follow me home, too,

take my computer.

I'll just do my homework
on the house one.

Look, Sergeant, really,
I got nothing to hide.

I'll let you know if we need it.

Thank you.


You're killing him, you know that?

Yeah. He was fine before me,

which was, like,
99% of his life.

You gave him purpose.
Everybody needs purpose.

I don't.

Everybody. Especially you.

I'm good.

You're good? What's good?

Just breathing, walking around?
Is that where your bar is set?

I'm good setting my own bar.

I don't want to be no cop.

I don't think he cares
if you become a cop.

I think he just wants you
to follow through

with your commitments.

- His commitments.
- Okay.

Just... just call him,
talk to him.

Maybe there's a middle ground.

Ms. Reagan,

I appreciate what you're doing.

And I really appreciate
everything Anthony tried to do,

but let's get real.

I think this is pretty real.

Real stupid.

You're running away from the one
person who wants to help you.

This was never real.

Me and him, father and son, really?

A black street kid and a white cop?

You paint us like a, like
a stray cat and a bulldog,

like this is some kind
of old Disney movie.

Those aren't real.

Officer Russell.

Lieutenant Gormley? Yeah.

You got a second? Yes, sir.

Here. Thanks.

2015, you were partnered
with an Officer Rick Austin?

Yes, sir. Until his injury
and subsequent retirement.

Right. Can you tell me
what happened

on the night of March 9th
of that year?

It's all been
well-documented, sir.

Yeah, but I'd like
to hear it from you.

The night of.

Again, I'm down verbatim
in the paperwork.

I said... I'd like
to hear it from you.

It's been four years,
so could I review the paperwork?


Am I under oath here?

You're answering
a higher-up's questions.

Way higher up.

Anything useful?

Nothing on Winston yet.

Why are you so sure
Winston's our guy?

Well, not for nothing,
but he's accused

of murdering
two different women.

I'd say the odds
are pretty good.

Yeah, the first one's
not our case.

That doesn't make it irrelevant.

Hold on.

Look at this.

What, like, a community service?

More like a dating service

disguised as a community
service. Look at this.

"Jane Miller, age 33,

looking to meet a man
who knows what he wants."

Why not eharmony
or one of those?

You know what they say
about dating an inmate.

They're always
where they said they were.


Look at this.

Winston had a profile? Yeah.

And he messaged Jane

six months before
she even took his case.

They were involved?

Unless she refers

to all of her clients as "baby,"

I'd say they were
definitely involved.

Why wouldn't Winston
just mention that?

Go ahead, say it. Say what?

"Right again, Reagan."

So why didn't you mention
that the two of you

were in a relationship?

We broke up.

Who broke up with who? That don't matter.

I'll decide what matters.

It was mutual.

It's never mutual,

and you still haven't
answered the question.

Why didn't you mention that you
two were in a relationship?!

I... I knew it would make me a suspect.

All right, the-the cops didn't
believe me the last time,

and they tricked me
into that confession.

So you figured you'd lie
your way out of it this time?

I was scared.

Of course.

Though I'm not sure
what you'd be scared of.

I mean, dating is not illegal.


You were scared
because murder's illegal.

I didn't kill her!

Sit tight.

Look it, he's gonna crack.

Okay? I know it.

I don't think so. What do you mean?

Hate mail.
I got these from Green Haven.

Apparently, the Lockharts
have sent threats

to Winston's cell almost daily.

Well, of course they hate the
guy. He murdered their daughter.

They think he did.

Regardless, I'd hate him, too.

They didn't just send
letters to Winston.

What are you talking about?

Richard Lockhart sent this
to Jane Miller

after she won Winston's appeal.

"You've put my wife and I
through hell,

"which is exactly
where I intend to put you.

Sincerely, Richard Lockhart."

It's explicit.

Yeah, okay, it's explicit.

And it could also

just be a figure of speech.

Hey. I don't think Luis Rosas
posted those pictures.

Me, either.

Based on?

Talking to Caitlin.

She told you that?

Not in so many words.

Then, in what words?

So, if someone posts

explicit photos of you

and puts them on the Internet,
you want that person dead.

And her vibe was more like

a mom going,
"He's such a nice boy."

Then why give us Luis's name
to begin with?

That's what I'm
trying to figure out.

Maybe we should just send
this to Computer Crime

like you wanted
and end this thing.

No, no, no.
I think you were right.

I don't think we should risk
sending some kid to jail

until we know
what actually happened.

Okay. Did Luis

say anything about
his relationship with Caitlin?

Just that she was
too intense for him

and that's why
he broke up with her.

And she said she dumped him.

Sorry, I had to dot a couple
of I's. You ready for this?

Ready for what? Don't kill
the messenger.

I talked to Austin's
old partner.

By talk, I mean I made him talk.

"On the night of March 9, 2015,
Machete Guy, Manuel Escobar,

"was apprehended

"on the southbound subway
platform at 59th and Lex.

Two officers received
lacerations in the struggle."

One of them Rick Austin?

"At the same time,

"rookie Officer Rick Austin
and his partner

"were staking out
on the platform

"on 51st and Lexington,

as part of the team
trying to nab Machete Guy."

Wait, if Austin wasn't
on scene, then how...

"Austin hid in the electrical
closet for his stakeout.

"He tripped in the dark,

"and the foiled-wrapped
sausage and peppers hero

"he bought for a snack
came in contact

with an exposed breaker socket,
vaporizing two of his fingers."

My, my.

And they took him
to the same hospital

as the other wounded cops.

- Bingo.
- And somebody...

got the bright idea to save this officer...

and this department
from the humiliation.

And by the time Mayor
stopped by Austin's room

to call him a hero
and take a picture with him,

this thing was written in stone.

You know, you're the PC's
daughter, so any cop

is gonna make like it's his
pleasure to drive you around

looking for a runaway kid.

You realize that, right?

And I still have friends

in a lot of the houses,
to answer your question.

I was trying to help a friend
with a family matter.

Yeah, well, it steps on a line.

I see your point.

And I appreciate the sentiment,
I really do.

But this is my family matter.

And single parents
need help sometimes.

Yeah, and if they do,
they can ask for it.

You know, you went through a lot
of tough stretches with Nicky.

Did you ever see me, waylay her

on the street for a talking-to?

You're absolutely right
and I apologize.

Anyway, how was he?

Ten toes, ten fingers,
if that's what you mean.

He's a tough kid.

Well, thanks for hearing me out.

Did he say that
he wouldn't take the test

or couldn't?

I honestly don't know.

And of all the things I don't
get about the young people,

that's the one
I don't get the most.

I'm with you for once.

For once?

It's not like she meant

for the pictures to go public.

Yeah, but the fact
is, she's the one

that put the pictures
out there in the first place.

Yeah. And if she hadn't,

there wouldn't be any pictures
of her out there.

Back in the day,
the girl next door

wanted to show everyone her
assets, they did it in Playboy.

Yeah, but she wasn't really
the girl next door

unless you were living
next to a modeling agency.

Beg to differ.

"Girls of the Big Ten,"
actual students.

Dad looked that one up.

I guess so.

Well, a guy falls
in love with a girl,

and he finds out that she has
nude photos of her out there

in the world for
everyone to see.

That guy took a
punch in the gut.


Especially if it's, like,
his first big love or something.

That sucks for both of them.

Thing I don't understand
is why are people so willing

to give up their privacy?

Maybe she has
a different definition

of privacy than you do.

Well, what's more private
than naked pictures of yourself?


There's this girl at school,
she's sexted, like, 20 guys.

Nude selfies, too.

Her dad hits her.

You're saying she does it
because her dad hits her?


if anybody finds out
that her dad hits her,

that's what she would
be really mortified by.

The pictures are, like, her way
of getting back at her father.


And you know this how? She talks to me.

Before you ask,

no, I haven't looked
at the pictures.

Maybe that's why
she talks to you.

Guy who wrote,
Hundred Years of Solitude...

Gabriel García Márquez.

Thank you.

He said,
"Everyone has three lives:

a public one, a private one,
and a secret one."

I always thought that should be
taught at the Academy.

Useful for cops
looking for motive.

Or for the victim

in your complaint.

Or for understanding
your friend.

Or maybe we should go back
to just locking the doors

and pulling down the blinds.

Hey, Sam.


Do me one favor. If I can.

I'm not here to try to make you
come back, I promise.

Open this to anywhere,
read me a paragraph.

Sports recap, anything you like.

'Cause you won't or
'cause you can't?

I can read part of it,
it-it just takes me forever.

Look, we can get help for that.

But you got to want it.

I know I'm supposed
to, I just...

I got enough things
that I fail at.

Can I get back to my boys?

Sure. Can I get my keys back?


Look, I want to be
a good father...

Good foster dad to you,
but forcing it on you

isn't gonna make me one.

All I know to say is that,

if you need my help...

you know where to find me.


So, what happens now?

We're gonna ask Computer Crime

to trace the IP, in which case,

it could get bumped up
to a felony. Thank you.

What exactly does that mean?

Prison time, most likely.

How much depends
on what the D.A. charges.

For who?

For Luis, for one.

We're not letting this go,
Caitlin. I told you...

Dad, please.

That isn't fair. Why isn't it fair?

It just isn't.

If you know something else,

we strongly suggest
you share it.

Yeah, as is, we can
still help you.

If this goes any further...

He's got it coming to him.

What he did to you...

What I did to me.


I posted the pictures, Dad.


Why did you do that?

Because he broke my heart.

I wanted to get him back.

By letting the world
see you naked?

By letting the world think
he was that kind of guy.

So you wanted to ruin his life?: No, no.

I just wanted him
to feel alone, too.

I swear, I didn't mean
for it to get this big.

I thought he would get grounded
or suspended, not go to jail.

You lied to everyone!

And youwent to the police,
and here we are.

Do I need to get a lawyer?

I think we can handle this
outside of court.


Yeah, you just need to agree
to a couple things:

counseling, for one.

- Anything.
- And...

you need to set this straight
with Luis.

And everyone who thinks
he did this to you.

Got that?

Mr. O'Brien?

Your daughter hasn't been
this vulnerable

since the day she was born.

Your instinct in

going to Sergeant Reagan
was to protect her.

She needs that protection
from you,

now more than ever.

Richard should be back
any minute.

You really don't need
to wait on us like this.

It's the least I could do.

I hope you're able
to get justice

for our Leah.

The detectives are getting
close to making an arrest.

- You mean nailing Winston Hill?
- No.

It wasn't Winston who
killed your daughter.

Mrs. Lockhart, where is your husband?

Mrs. Lockhart.

Your husband, where is he?

He said he was gonna finish
what you all couldn't.



Let's go.



You don't want to do this.

You don't know anything
about what I want.

Yes, I do.

I know you already
made one big mistake

when you killed Jane Miller.

Now they may see it as an
extreme emotional disturbance.

But you do it again,
that's your life.

He can't just run free!

Winston didn't do it.


He didn't.

Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Come on.

Hands against the car. Come on.


Go ahead. It's your turn now.

My turn for what?

Say it.

You were right.

It doesn't feel so good
this time.

No, it doesn't.

I go on eight minutes
past the hour, thank you.

It's not really
a good time, sir.

No time like the present,
Officer Sparky.

Ring a bell?

They really call you that?

Yeah, the douchebags did.

So, here's the deal, Sparky.

If I expose you,

a whole bunch of smart people

in my department,
not to mention some in city hall

and one of our best hospitals,

they all look like clowns.

So there's that.

Plus, you were actually injured

in the line of duty,

although by
a sausage and pepper hero,

so there's that.


You keep the secret,
you keep your pension.

As long as you deduct
your earnings against it.


If you spill the beans...

all bets are off.

And we pursue fraud charges.

And... as of right now,

you stop talking down the NYPD
in your act.

Wait... hold on, I'm about to go on.

I... I can't change the whole thing

in the next two minutes.

Hey, you improvised your way
out of an assault by a sandwich.

I have faith in you.

The biggest scam you're running

is that the NYPD
doesn't take care of its own.

You have been the beneficiary
of more solidarity,

more protection, more loyalty,

from our brotherhood of blue

than any officer
I have ever known.

You realize that?


put it like that, yeah.

So thank you for your service.

And cut the crap.

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