Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 5 - The Price You Pay - full transcript

Frank works to vindicate a detective accused of excessive force; Danny and Baez track down the killer responsible for the death of a rapper's bodyguard; Jamie is skeptical about a relationship between Espinoza and a rookie officer.

(crowd chatter, screaming,
cameras clicking)

(lively music playing)

Good to be back?

Almost like the old days, huh?

Right? Remember
that spot uptown?


(crowd screaming)


(engine revving)

No! No! No, no!

Stay with me!

Allen, please! No!

No! No, no, no, no!

(siren wails and whoops)

What do we got?
Drive-by shooting.

Witnesses said it looks
like tonight's headliner,

Cameron Gooding,
was the intended target,

but his driver
got hit instead.

Cameron Gooding?

Cameron Gooding?

You two?

What, you're the only two
detectives in all of New York?

Right place,
right time.

Unlike your driver,

My friend.

You sure
he wasn't the target?

No way.

He was always the good guy.

Always got us home
at the end of every night.

No, them bullets
were for me.

Any idea who would
want you dead?

Could be anyone.

Maybe it was Playa Boy Shine.

He called Playa Boy Shine out

on his most recent album.

We made amends.

What about after your scandal
broke? Any threats then?


Maybe you might want
to stop playing coy with us

so we can figure out
who the hell it was

that killed
your supposed friend.

Don't you say another word!
Well, maybe

you should say a word
and stop holding out!

Allen was a good guy!
He didn't deserve this!

It's all my fault.

That should be me!

That should be me.

Thank you again for agreeing

to be a part
of our panel.

Of course. Any time.

A.D.A. Reagan, do
you have a minute?

Oh, sure. You have
some more policy suggestions

you want me to pass on
to the D.A.?

Sorry. I know I can
be a little...


No worries.

You remind me a lot of myself
when I used to go here.

Ramona Lewis.

- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

Yeah, I studied a
lot of your cases.

Your career at the D.A.'s office
is something I aspire to.

Well, we should talk about
you coming in for an interview.

Uh, actually, I had a
different kind of favor.

My best friend was murdered
a couple months ago.

Oh. I'm sorry. Here in New York?

She got involved with this cult
led by this guy Daniel Shapiro.

And she killed herself
shortly after.

I thought you said
she was murdered.

Might as well have been.

Shapiro convinced her
to take her own life.

And your office tried to
charge him with manslaughter.

Tried and failed.

Well, if it's already
been investigated,

there's not much
I can do to help.

Then who knows how many
more lives he's gonna ruin.

Please, A.D.A. Reagan,
just review the case.

Her name was Yelena Page.

I'll look into it.

No promises.

(distant siren,
indistinct chatter)

- Sergeant?
- Boss.

How's the apartment?

Feels more like home
every day, sir, thank you.

Good. Means a lot.

I wanted to talk to you
about a rookie

I assigned to your squad
last week-- Sarah Brooks.

Yeah, came in with a
chip on her shoulder,

but we'll make a
good cop of her yet.

I don't doubt it.

Um, I see she's already earned
herself a command discipline.

Yeah, I visited her on post
to scratch her memo book,

but she said she'd
forgotten it in her locker.


Little harsh, isn't it?

Attention to detail
is the heart of good policing.

Don't start with the
platitudes, Reagan.

It was her first
week on patrol.

I'm a little confused, boss.

You've always wanted me
to run a tight ship.

Yes, but there is such a
thing as too firm a hand.

Don't see how this was too firm.
It's all by the book.

I wanted your side,
and I have it,

but I'm ripping up the rip.

CROWD (chanting):
End police violence now!

All right, folks,
let's give them some space.

Guys, I'm just trying
to get my kids to school.

Thank you. Thank you.
MAN: Get McKenzie off the force!

Please, let us
get through.

Excuse me. Excuse me.
GIRL: Daddy!

You should be
ashamed of yourself!

Guys, please, please!

Racist cops!
All right, all right.

GIRL (on TV):

Leave my kids alone!

End police violence now!
End police violence now!

End police violence now!

End police violence now!
End police vi...

It's been like this
since yesterday.

This ain't right.

GARRETT: Someone found
his home address.

What's patrol doing?

Everything they can,
which isn't a lot.

And what's that mean?

Means you can't
use much force

defending a cop accused
of excessive force.

Operative word-- "accused."

Which used to
mean something.

"Accused" has been
replaced with "convicted"

down in ye olde
public square.

What happened? Did you eat
your Wheaties this morning?

I just think that things have
gotten out of hand.

Thank you.

Welcome to our world.

Pardon me, Sid,
but I'm usually

the voice of reason
in your world.

But when IAB,
the Bronx D.A.

and the Civilian
Complaint Review Board

all find no evidence
of criminality

on Detective McKenzie's part...

The potato keeps getting passed

until they find someone
who will.

GARRETT: And they've done
exactly that.

NYPD Administrative Judge
John Bradshaw informs us...

His ruling on the McKenzie case.

But that's good, right?
He's our guy.

He says

McKenzie's actions may have

violated department guidelines.

Why the hell
would he say that?

One doesn't always make
one's bones

by going along
with the establishment.

People tend to change
when the spotlight's on them,

and he just grabbed it.

You think

our own guy
would hammer McKenzie?

If our own guy
is now maybe his own guy.


♪ Blue Bloods 10x05 ♪
The Price You Pay
Original Air Date on October 25, 2019

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♪ ♪

A.D.A. Flynn really dropped
the ball on this Shapiro case.

- What'd you find?
- A real botch job.

It's like he opened the
milk, took one bad whiff,

put it back in the fridge.

Guess it's a good thing
he's no longer with us.

I'll say. He missed allegations
of a pyramid scheme,

dropped domestic
violence complaints,

missing persons reports
from worried parents.

You're saying Shapiro's
been kidnapping these girls?

They usually turn up a couple of
weeks later, refusing to talk.

I mean, it's all
very spooky.

You speak to anyone
in his cult?

Yeah, I-I poked around their
little co-op in Brooklyn,

but they clammed up
when they realized who I was.

You know, Ramona was right.

We really failed her friend.

Want to go after this guy?

Yeah. But we're gonna need

to get someone
in his circle to talk.

I think I got just the
person for the job.

(indistinct crowd chatter)

(indistinct chatter)


Expecting that 49 later today,

Yes, sir, I'll get
it right to you.

There a question
go with that look?

No, sir.


What's up?

We're looking for Pia Toledo.
That's what's up.

Who's looking?

Well, I'm Mister Rogers,

and this is my neighborhood,

so answer
the question.

Where's Pia Toledo?

Pia Toledo?
Who the hell are you?

I'm Detectives Reagan.
This is Detective Baez.

And you can wait outside.

What's with the muscle?

You worried about
some sort of retribution?

I don't know about that shooting
if that's why you're here.


Gooding allegedly
assaulted you.

And from what we heard,
your career pretty much ended

after the scandal broke.

Yeah, I got blacklisted.

Labeled as one of those girls
sleeps her way to the top.

Nice world we live in, huh?

But that doesn't mean
I tried to kill him.

We went through his phone
and found

you'd sent him a slew
of threats-- death threats.

You've never heard of hyperbole?
A rapper's bread and butter?

Okay. Where were you
two nights ago at 11:30 p.m.?

Asleep... in this room.

And is there anyone
who can verify that for you?

Wouldn't you like to know.

The hotel's got
cameras, don't they?

Yeah, and we plan
on taking a look at them.

In the meantime, you worked

with Dead Dove Records
for a long time.

Can you think of anyone else
in Cameron Gooding's universe

who might want to see him dead?

Most of those players left.

Why is that?

After his business partner
went to prison,

Gooding ran Dead Dove Records
right into the ground.

You're saying
the record label is broke?

Yep, and so is he.

Word is, he owes all
sorts of unsavory types.

Like who?
I don't know.

But I'm telling you,
the king is dead.

Figuratively speaking.

I know you've been
undercover before,

but this ain't
a one-time op.

We want you to go deep.

I'm ready.

Are you? I mean,
you're ready to adapt,

to improvise,

to stay in character even
if there's a gun to your head?

Well, I think so.
You see,

if you hesitate like that,
you'll be made in a second.

Lucky for you,
you got me to teach you.

They used to call me
"the Chameleon."

This is Ramona Lewis.

She brought the case to Erin,
and Yelena Page,

her best friend
who offed herself,

thanks to this guy--
Daniel Shapiro, the ringleader.

He runs a supposed
wellness group

based upstate and in Brooklyn.

We've identified a girl
we think is a weak link.

We'd like you to go undercover
and get her to open up.

Is Shapiro dangerous?

We think so. There's been,
uh, several disappearances

around him.

Evidence suggests
he maintains control

over these girls through
violence and sexual coercion.

Gifts that he may very well try
to share with you.

Still think you're up to this?

I'm ready.

(siren wails in distance)

We noticed you...
(indistinct chatter)

One second.

Do you mind?

As I was saying,

we noticed you haven't canceled
any of your tour dates yet.

Why not?

I'm not about to
be intimidated.

Or maybe you're just
so strapped for cash,

you can't afford
to take a day off?

What are you talking about?
Dead Dove's

headphone line tanked.

You've had a mass exodus
of young artists.

And your penthouse is listed for
half the normal asking price.

And this just, coincidentally,

happens to be
your first tour since '09.

So what?
You're keeping

the label afloat out
of your pocket,

and you're about to go down
with the ship.

It's nothing I can't handle
with a little bit of hustle.


Like you used to do
on the street?

What's that supposed to mean?
You know,

like you did in your past life,
before you were a star.

The stuff you rap about.

Guns, drugs, money.

So you think I'm dealing, huh?

Come on. Give me a break.

Maybe dealing with the dealers.

DANNY: Well, we know
about the large

sums of cash
you've been depositing.

I sold a couple of my cars.

So what, okay?

Now I got to get back to work.


how many of your friends
got to die

before you come clean with us?

Or maybe you really didn't care
that much about Allen after all.

We're trying to help you here.

Just tell us who you owe.

Guy that runs the block
that I came up on.

Damien Ross.

But I can swear to you,
he wouldn't do this.

And I can swear to you,
we probably have

a few outstanding warrants
on this Damien Ross.

(door closes)



Mind if I join you?

Everything good at home?

Well, aside from her working
nights and me days, yeah.


Oh, my.

Run something past you, Dad?


Say you had
a higher-up

who you thought was maybe
using his position to...

get over with a rookie.

An attractive female rookie?

Yeah. And you get
the strong impression

that he expected you
to look the other way.

Espinoza never struck
me as the type.

Didn't say it was him.

No, you didn't.

Our apartment,
Espinoza was the one

who signed the lease over to us.

Said no strings attached.

And now you're feeling strings.

The last couple days,

he tore up a rip
that I gave her,

and I saw the two of 'em
come into work in the morning.


In his car.

Well, no crime in that.


But something's off.

And on account of the
apartment, you owe him one.

Guy's been nothing
but good to me.

But if he's using his authority
to seduce a young cop,

I can't just look the other way.


Not in this day and age.

On the other hand...


It's just us here, Dad.


it was me who asked IAB to
investigate Detective McKenzie.

I mean, there were
legit complaints.

He wasn't spotless.

But absolutely no evidence
of excessive force.

Doesn't seem to matter.

The way the public's
gone after him,

y-you'd think
he killed somebody.

Yeah, tell me about it.

And now a judge is inserting
himself in the process.


He's one of our own.
You tell me.

Either to make a name
for himself

or to clear the detective
once and for all.

Yeah, but even if he clears him,

you think the crowds
chanting "racist" are gonna stop

because a cop says
a fellow cop isn't one?

So there is
no "once and for all"?

No. The outcome of
the investigation won't matter.

Once it started,
he was tried, convicted

and executed
in the court of public opinion.

Think I should skip IAB?

If you ask for Espinoza
to be investigated and it leaks,

as it may,

it won't matter
if IAB turns up nothing.

♪ ♪

Take those beads off.
You look like Miss Cleo.

Wait, don't they wear
this kind of stuff?

Too on the nose.

Lose 'em.

- Mm.
- Good.

Now, you remember
your U.C. name?

Jess Maitland,
transplant of Wisconsin.

Father went to jail.

Ran away from
my domineering mother, which,

by the way,
a little close to home.

Lends you authenticity.

Plus, it'll help you
stay in character

if there's a gun to your head.

Gee, thanks.

Establish trust first,

then ask about Shapiro.

Got it.

B-But don't be too direct.


But don't be too shy,
either. Be personable.

You seem more nervous than I am.

Well, you bet I'm nervous.
I'm not about to have a Reagan

get made and killed
on my watch.

These girls, they seem harmless.

Ever hear of Charles Manson?

More or less.
Yeah, well,

he had a bunch of brainwashed
girls around him, too.

And they murdered for sport.

Oh. Right.

If something goes wrong,

it's just you out there.

I hope you're as ready
as you think you are.

I am.

Go get 'em.

(door opens, chimes tinkle)

I'm sorry.


could you help me?

I'm-I'm kind of new to all this.

Of course, dear.

What are you looking for?

Well, I was told that
the-the crystals have certain,

um, properties.

Amethyst is good for
psychic practitioners.

Malachite to connect
to the heart chakra.


...for healing a bad romance.

Depends on what
you're looking for.

I'm not sure, exactly.

You seem a little nervous.

I am, kinda.

It's okay, dear.
This is a safe space.


Jess. Nice to meet you.

Are you new in town?

That obvious, huh?
(chuckles softly)

I came...

I came here for a fresh start.

Let me guess.

(inhales deeply)


It's family issues,
isn't it?


A deeper pain.

I could tell...

by your energy.

Hey, do you Th-think
you could help me?

You didn't come here
for the crystals, did you?

You came because you heard
that we help people like you.

I hope so.

A lot of people come here
with a bad past.

We take them in,

give 'em the community
they were always missing.

Heal old wounds.

That sounds nice.

We're having
a small gathering tomorrow.

Be my plus-one.

Oh, I don't know.

I promise you,

it will be worth it.


Damien Ross.

Outstanding warrants
for drug possession,

weapons possession
and felony assault.

How'd you know where to find me?

Little birdie told us.

Yeah, well,
that birdie's dead.

Well, it won't be by your hand.

Like my partner said,
we got a whole buffet

of charges against you.

Don't care.

- Hmm.
- So many, it's hard to know

which to dig into first.

Still don't care.

Well, how about if we
put murder on the table?

Care now?


I hate this dialect of perp.

Gives me such a headache.

Yeah. Translates
to "give me the max sentence."

Look, I ain't saying anything
without one.

I heard you
the first time.

But, just between us,
what was it?

Did you get tired of waiting
for Cameron to pay you back?

You wanted to reacquaint
him with street justice?

I guess you're right.
Let's go talk to the D.A.

Look, look. Wait. You-you think
I tried to off Gooding?

That sound like English to you?

Couldn't be.

Why would I try to kill Gooding?

Ah, he speaks English,

but he doesn't
understand English.

You tried to kill Gooding

because he owes you money.
That's why.

Exactly why I'd want him alive.

Fame and talent like that,
he's the surest bet I ever made.

Then why you sending muscle
to his place?

I call it
protecting our investment.

Or intimidation?

Look, I swear.

We worship Gooding
on the corner.

I'd never take a shot at him.

Someone did.

Well, it wasn't me.

If I took him out,
it'd be me the next day.

And if I knew who tried this,

you can bet they wouldn't be
around no more, neither.

Look, that's the truth,

(copy machine whirs)

Judge ruled
on Detective McKenzie.

He's recommending termination.

The judge just made his bones.

Recommending to who?


I get the potato.

Well, what's he basing it on?

"The preponderance
of credible evidence."

Evidence which no one else
seemed to think

merited a suspension.

I'm not gonna ask.
Ask what?

What he's gonna do.

Well, that part's easy.

It is?

We're gonna stand
behind our people,

same as we always do.

It's not the same.

Look, if I cave on this,

One PP caves with me.

When I choose
to leave this place,

it's gonna be
by walking out that door,

not picking my way
through a pile of rubble.

Not sure that's gonna
play on Broadway.

You're right, Garrett.
It isn't the same.

It is ten times more important
than when I took this office,

before the airwaves and the
Internet became the courtroom

and the public
became judge and jury.


An officer come in?

Not today.


2-9 Sergeant to Central.

Can you raise patrol post 16 on
the air and ascertain her 10-7?

Officer is missing from
her designated meal location

at this time.

Disregard, Central.

The officer in question
has been accounted for.

Officer Brooks,
where the hell were you?

I decided midafternoon pizza
wasn't such a good idea,

and this place
has killer salads.

You should've called
it in if you were gonna

change your meal location.
Yeah, it was just

down the block. I didn't think
that was such a big deal.

I could've thought you were
involved in a police action.

(chuckles): Geez, take it easy,
Sarge. It's just a salad.

10-2 the house. You just got
yourself another one.

A rip? You mean like last time?

10-2 the house-- now.


(siren whooping)

Tell me this
is some sort of joke.

Officer Brooks wasn't present
at her reported meal location.

She was 50 feet away.

She still should've
called it in.

She could've been in trouble.

You've got something
against her?

No, sir.

Then you've got
something against me.

I don't follow, boss.
You didn't like

the fact that I tossed your rip,

wanted to find a way
to give her another one.

No, that's not it at all.
What, then?

She's entitled,
and it's only a matter of time

before that chip
on her shoulder puts her

or someone else in danger.
I put her on your squad

so that you could teach
her, not toss the book

at her every time
she breathes funny.

I'm ripping this one up, too.

You sure that's the only reason
that you put her on my squad?

Excuse me?

You've never thrown out
one of my CDs before.

And now you've done it twice.

What exactly are you implying?

I'm not implying anything.
I'm just pointing out a fact.

Here's a fact:
you question me on this again,

and it won't be
a rookie getting the rip.

You hear me?

Loud and clear.

My father wasn't arrested,
but he left me, too.

I struggled with it
for a long time.

After I met Daniel,
everything changed.

Daniel Shapiro, right?

What's he like?

He's great.

A brilliant mind
and the most open heart.

He founded this group

to share them both.

I heard he had some trouble
with his ex-girlfriend.

You're talking about
Yelena Page?

Yelena had a lot of bad energy.

The whole case against him
is because people just

don't understand what it is
that we do here.

What is it that you do
do here?


Why, we help each
other heal, of course.

(laughs softly)


this is Daniel Shapiro.

A pleasure.

I see you've already met Ruby,
the gem of us all.


Where are you from, Jess?

Midwest girl,
born and raised.

Jess lost her father, too.
He went to prison

when she was young.

I'm sorry to hear that.
What for?

He was running a Ponzi scheme.

I thought you said
that it was domestic violence.

It was, the first time.

It sounds complicated.

Daniel runs a meditation retreat
at our farm upstate.

There's one coming up,
if you're interested.

I'll think about it.

We'd love to have you.

I'm sure there's so much
we could learn from each other.


WOMAN: It's so nice to see
you again, Tracy.

Ah, our other newcomer.

If you'll excuse me.

Who's that girl?


She's been coming
around the shop lately.

Something off about
her, if you ask me.

(door opens)

Detective McKenzie.



Sit down, please.

Okay, first of all,
I'm so sorry about all this.

I can take it.
My family, not so much.

Nobody should have
to go through this.

All due respect, boss,

your initial notification to IAB
is what kicked this all off.

Well, as I think you know,

we have a policy
for pursuing due diligence.

Well, this judge is the one
who should be investigated.

Well, I can't do that.

It would look like
I'm strong-arming him.

But he's just playing
to the peanut gallery

and exaggerating my record.

And any cop with a great career

is bound to have
a few complaints on his sheet.

Nothing I've done deserves this.

What? You agree with him?

Good God, no.

I'm rejecting his recommendation
for termination.

I'm announcing that at a press
conference tomorrow morning.

That's it?

Passing the buck,
that's all that is.

All due respect.

None taken.

You got to shut this down,
once and for all.

Shout it out loud
t-to city hall,

to the A.G. up in Albany,

to the civil courts judges:
no more going after this guy.

I can't do that, Detective.

Well, you're
the police commissioner.

Who can speak out
for this office

but this office only.

I haven't been able
to get my kids to school.

And yesterday, my wife
had a bottle thrown at her.

Look, you want police escorts,
you got them.

Who wants to live like that?

And my children seeing me on TV,

every step I take
like a perp walk?

They used to look at me
like I was their hero.

I didn't dismiss you, Detective.

I'm sorry, Commissioner,

but I won't put my family
through this any longer.

Let's give the public
what it wants.

And what's that?

Me, gone.

(sets shield on desk)

You walk away,
you're letting them win.

They already have.




And you're sure it was Ramona?
I double-checked

the picture you showed me.

Well, maybe she went down
there to dig for dirt

after I blew her off
at the panel, but...

You told her
that you'd look into it.

I told her, "No promises,"

but maybe she just heard, "No."

The phone is dead.

Roommate hasn't seen her
since Friday.

She failed to show up for class
this morning,

which, apparently,
is unlike her.

Family hear anything?

Ruby was
already suspicious of her.

Probably didn't take
Shapiro long to figure out

she was Yelena's roommate.

And where are you going?

I'm gonna go look
for this Ruby girl.

Come on. Not again.

we're running out of time.

Erin, we got this.

We're gonna find her.

I promise.

♪ ♪

(door opens, chimes tinkle)


Wait. What's going on?

Tell her, Eddie.

Eddie? You're not Jess?

We need to know where we
can find Daniel Shapiro.

I don't understand.
You're a cop?



Why are you guys
always going after him?

There's a girl missing.
You know her as Tracy.

She was last seen
with Shapiro.

That doesn't mean
that he did anything.

Look, we don't have
time for games.

Where the hell is he?

He wouldn't do anything
to her. I swear.


I know this is hard,

but you need to listen.

You lied to me.

Everything you said was a lie.

No, no.
Everything Shapiro does

is to lie to take advantage
of vulnerable women.

Including you.

I don't believe you.

Ruby, we got to find this girl

before something
really bad happens to her.

JANKO: All right,
either you're

gonna help us,
or I'm gonna throw you in jail.

You got me?

♪ ♪

Ruby. What are
you doing here?

I wanted to bring Jess by.

I thought that you
could talk to her

about the upcoming retreat.

I told you I didn't
want to be bothered.


(clears throat softly)

Why don't you take a seat.


I just need a
moment with Ruby.

It's okay.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(hinges squeak)

WOMAN (muffled):


Anthony. Anthony,
can you hear me?

(muffled sobbing)

I think I found her.


Anthony, hello?


Who are you talking to, Jess?


Hands off me!

(both grunting)

Don't fight me! Police!

(yells, groans)

Hands where I can see them.

Put your hands
where I can see them now!


Don't move.

Ruby, I got this. Stay back.

Janko, you all right?

I'm fine. I think
Ramona's in there.

Roll over now.


(muffled sobbing)


Police. Everything's okay.

Everything's okay.

Hey. Hey.

It's okay. It's okay.
We got you.

We got you, okay?

Ramona. Ramona, we got you.
We got you, okay?

I got you.

We got you. We got you.

We got you. Okay.

So, Ross's alibi checked out.

- For the murder, anyway.
- Mm-hmm.

What are you looking at?

Surveillance footage of Pia's
hotel, night of the shooting.

BAEZ: But we put her on
the back burner.

She was in by 9:00 p.m.

and not out again
until the next morning.

Except she wasn't
the only person

who slept there that night.

Her bodyguard?

Ky Bishop.

And he didn't sleep
in his own room.

They're sleeping together?
Looks like.

Here he is slipping out of
the back door of the hotel

at 11:00 p.m.,

and here is him
not returning to the hotel

until 4:00 a.m.

Fits the timeline
of the shooting.

Sure as hell does.
You think Pia sent him

to do her dirty work?

Or he caught
feelings for her

and tried to avenge her
honor with Gooding somehow.

Sounds like a real love story.

Well, the love story
just took another twist.

Ky Bishop was just added
as a backstage guest

for Cameron Gooding's show

What time does it start?


(knock on door)

They're ready for you.

(indistinct chatter)

Let's do this.

He's on his way.


There he is!
Here he comes.


Don't move! Police!
I'll take that.

MAN: No, no, no.
He's got it, he's got it.

You're expecting
someone else maybe?

Get him out of here.

Who the hell is that?

That's Pia Toledo's
bodyguard or lover.

She sent him?

No. No, apparently
she didn't have any idea.

He wanted to avenge her?

Such a stupid reason
for Allen to die.


Look, if you want,
we can give you an escort home.

Guys, get onstage.

My whole life,

people have paid
for my mistakes.

But no one ever died for one.

I'm dedicating
the show tonight to Allen.

You're still going on?

Hell, yeah.

And you two
are coming out with me

so I can thank you
in front of everybody.

Well, we-we...
No, we appreciate that,

but we can't.
We have paperwork to do.

You sure?

You could help me open up.

I know you know all the lyrics.

(Danny sighs)

In another lifetime.

(cheering and applause)

So, when do you leave?

Day after tomorrow.
I hear the rent's

even higher in San Francisco
than it is here.

Is that even possible?

What are you
complaining about?

You got the hookup
from your CO.

NICKY: I'll be living in one of
the economically challenged

I'm helping, so rent

will be manageable.

You know which one yet?

The start-up's putting me up
while I sort out

a place to stay.
ERIN: I'm hoping it will be

near public transportation.

I would think so.
DANNY: Which is what,

exactly, in San Francisco?

One of those, uh,
Rice-A-Roni cable cars?

Do you have any friends there?

a couple from school,
but it'll be an adjustment.

A big adjustment.

I mean, you have to
find a new bagel shop.

New pizza parlor.

And bacon, egg and cheese
on a roll.

I hear they close

the bars early, too.

HENRY: What?

I was 22 once.

NICKY: Okay.

I get it, guys.
It's not New York.

Nicky, I think what
everybody's trying to say

is congratulations
on landing a new job.

(overlapping agreement)

No small feat these days.

Well, thank you.
What if you don't like it?

Then she will move back and
live with her dear old mom

till the end of her days.
(Frank chuckles)

You'd hate that
more than I would.


Hey, Francis and I

get along fine.

Don't we?


JANKO: So, now that it's

actually happening,
are you more nervous or excited?

Honestly, it's hard to say.

When I was in Boston,
I'd walk the streets

to keep my mind and my feet
moving. Made me less homesick.

I didn't miss New York

'cause I never left,

which is the secret to
my long and happy life.


I missed New York so much,

we had Nathan's hot dogs
shipped all the way to Fallujah.

I think, for me,
it was calling my mom

maybe every other day.

Oh. Subtle.

A stack of Mad magazines
at summer camp.

You got bored sometimes.


Yeah, I always

traveled with two gloves
and a ball.

It was easy to scare up
a game of catch.

Took me home to my own backyard.

What about you, Nicky?

Is organizing a Sunday potluck
too on the nose?


Wow, I sense the makings
of a new tradition.

DANNY: Yeah.

Sure, come right in.

Since day one, you've been
protecting Officer Brooks,

giving her special treatment.
Be very careful

what you say next, Reagan.

You got a relationship with her,
one that's not

strictly professional.

More careful than that.

You went to IAB?


Look, Reagan,
I'm not sure what it is

you think
you know...

Officer Brooks's father was FDNY
and died on 9/11.

He was also the best man
at your wedding.

You conducted
your own investigation?

I was afraid I'd turn up
something worse.

Sarah came up rough,
made a few bad decisions.

I convinced her to take the
test, figured it would--

hoped that it would help
straighten her out.

Then you requested she be
put here, under your command.

Under yours. I put her
on your squad because I knew

you would be the best person
to get through to her.

Why haven't you let me
do my job?

If you're too harsh,
she'll cut and run.

Then we drag her back here
kicking and screaming.

But you're doing her no favors,

letting her off the hook
every time.

I guess I've got
a soft spot for her.

All the more reason I should be
the one making the decisions.

You're really growing
into those stripes, aren't you?

That mean I can get back
to work?

Why are you still standing here?

I miss anything?

I've always been able to count
on hockey to distract me.

Moves so fast.

Meaning it's not
working tonight?

Did you try to talk him
out of it?

I'm the guy who started
his troubles.

You can't be both arsonist
and firefighter.

Notifying IAB was
the right thing to do. You...

The complaints had
to be investigated.

I'm not so sure.

It was by the book, Dad.

What good's the book
if no one else is reading it?

You don't mean that.

Your doubts about your boss
could've been passed up to IAB,

by the book.

But you didn't.

Because you see what I see.

No, I just took a breath.


You hit the brakes
because you're a smart guy

in a careless time
when certain accusations,

by their very nature,
carry a penalty

the instant that accusation
is even whispered.

Whether it has merit or not

becomes utterly
beside the point.

I'm glad I hit the brakes.

So am I,

and so is your boss,
I'm sure, but...

going forward,
how the hell do we do our jobs?

By learning from our mistakes,
like always.

You remember The Man Who Shot
Liberty Valance?

Old movie?


This reporter's about to go
to press with a story

based largely on bunk,

and this other guy,
he challenges him.

So the reporter says,
"This is the West, sir.

When the legend becomes fact,
print the legend."

So, like, forget
about the real facts?

We got a version
of that going on.

So, what do we do?

I don't know.

I don't know.

But I do care.

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