Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 17 - The Puzzle Palace - full transcript

Erin and Anthony trust a sociopath who claims he has evidence to convict a murderer; Frank faces backlash from his department when he suspends an officer for violent behavior; Danny and Baez try to arrest a notorious gangster.

It's not your fault

he's walking.

Uh, you had no time to prepare.

The D.A. should know you can't
rush a case like this.

That's not gonna make
a difference

to the families
of those victims.

We'll get Costa
on something else.

Yeah. The next
double homicide he commits?

Well, hopefully not that.

(knocking on door)

I have Dr. Dornan to see you.

Sorry to hear about
Michael Costa.

He's already giving me
grief counseling.

I may have something better.

I've been consulting on
a related trial in your bureau.

Donnie Hassett's.

Wasn't he one

- of Costa's guys?
- ERIN: Yeah,

But he fell out of favor
15 years ago?

Still, he's not gonna
roll on him.

He wants to now.

And why is that?

Hassett's case has
been held up for two years

while he tries to build
an insanity defense.

That's two years
on Rikers Island,

and he just watched
his old boss walk free.

So now he's admitting
to faking insanity?

He's shifting his tactics.

What did he say to you, exactly?

That he can link Costa to
a couple murders from years ago.

Even knows where the
bodies are buried.

And you believe him?

My evaluation stands.

He's a sociopath.

Lying is like breathing to him.

But it's your call if you want
to hear what he has to say.

- POLLY: Thief.
- DERICK: Mrs. Riley, please calm down.

You're a thief. Where is it?

Where is my necklace?

Ma'am, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

- Everything okay?
- No,

Everything's not okay.

This plumber came into my
apartment and stole my necklace.

No, my name's Derick.
I'm the building super.

Whatever. Wait till
my husband gets home.

I'm sorry to bother
you, Officer Janko.

I'll clear this up.

You're an officer?

Good. Arrest that man.

Is it possible
you just misplaced it?

No. It was stolen
right out of my safe.

- Someone broke into your safe?
- Yes.

I found it wide open.

Could you have given
the combination to anyone?


But someone must have...

I think you're
a little confused, ma'am.

You know what? I'm sure
you just misplaced it,

like Officer Janko said.

Do you want us to help you look?


(door slams)

Just out of curiosity,

how many people you think your
client's killed in his lifetime?

Mr. Wilks has, of course,
never killed anyone, Detectives.

Except for Elliott Greene.

Including Elliott Greene.

- Mm-hmm.
- BAEZ: We have your client on camera,

With Greene,
moments before he died.

An unhappy coincidence.

An unhappy coincidence that
Greene had his skull bashed in?

He was a junkie.

When I saw him,
he was half dead already.

Right. So it was drugs did this
to Elliot Greene, huh?

He was high, took a bad fall.


nothing to do with my client.

Exactly how is it that
you even sleep at night?

Just fine. I represent an honest
citizen who's been unjustly...

You represent
a dishonest scumbag

who has blood on his hands.

Okay, we'll see who's smiling
when the M.E. comes back

and rules this a homicide
and your client gets put away.

For life.

Now that'll be a bad fall.

(door closes)

(siren wailing)

(indistinct chatter)

JEFF: All right,
you guys know the deal.

Get your hands
out of your pockets.

- But we didn't do anything.
- Get your hands out of your pockets!

Let's go, let's go.
Come on, guys.

- Get up against the fence.
- This is harassment.

Are you seeing this?
Are you recording this?

Man, look at this.
It's an illegal search.

Hey! I'm not gonna
do nothing, man...

(overlapping shouting)

Hey, get off! Aah!

Are you seeing this?

- Hey!
- I'm not gonna do nothing, man. Get off!

- This is ridiculous!
- Turn that thing off. Turn that off. Turn it off!

Put it away!
Put your phone down.

And you suspended him for this?

I did.

For doing his job.

Oh, here we go.

The men already don't
like it one bit.

When they see this, you're gonna
have a mutiny on your hands.

Which is why I asked you
up here, Johnny,

to help me settle it.

The men won't just lie down.

I don't expect them to.

What I do expect
is discipline in the ranks.

Our ranks. Yours and mine.

Jeff's a good cop
who the media's now gone after

with no context.

And your suspension gives them
the stamp of approval.

The suspension is
according to procedure.

Or it's you covering
your own ass.

That's what the rank and file
are saying.

You're quoting them exactly,
are you?

Look, the media calls you out

This was part of a larger
pattern of your tactics

under the new mayor,

a reversion to the so-called
dark days of stop-and-frisk.

I care about my cops,
not the media.

But by suspending this officer,
you just dump it on him.

That's what's out there.

I'm just warning you.

Warn or threaten?

The suspended officer's

a union delegate
who carries weight

among the cops in his own right.

I got it on good authority he's
organizing a bout of blue flu

in response to his suspension.

So, threaten it is.

It's not coming from me, Frank.

No, just your union.

You're not seeing it.

There's a cancer
in this department.

There's a cancer
in my department?

What's the offer?

Reinstate him.

In exchange for?

The respect
of the rank and file.

I have the deepest respect
for the rank and file.

Are you doubting that?

You need to hear him out.

I thought his head was gonna
burst into flames there

for a second.

You suppose it might have
something to do

with me suspending his son?

♪ ♪

Is that the Greene autopsy?


Then what?

A sick joke.

Accidental death caused
by acute intoxication

due to the combined effects of
heroin, fentanyl and cocaine.

Okay, but you don't get
a caved-in skull like that

from an overdose.

The stairs he fell down,
just like Jackson claimed.

Who the hell did the autopsy?


Megan Carson?

I know. If it
had been Reed

or Keller, different story...

Carson doesn't make mistakes.

Not usually.

Jackson's gonna walk
with this report.

I know.

(clears throat)



We don't mean any disrespect,
but we're wondering

if it's possible
that you might have

made a mistake with the, uh,
Elliott Greene manner of death.

Absolutely not.

He had a lethal cocktail
of drugs in his system.

And then he fell
down some stairs?

That was the source
of the cranial trauma.

Sounds convenient.

Not for him. He's dead.

We mean, convenient for the guy
that killed him.

Uh, Jackson Wilks.

I don't know about all that.

BAEZ: Well, let us
tell you.

He's a hit man
who is out on the streets.

I'm sorry. Are you accusing me
of something?

No, we just want to make sure
we have the whole story. That...

You do,

right there in that file.

I'm sorry that I can't help,
but this wasn't a homicide.

You're not even gonna review it?

I am a little busy,
as you can see.

Yeah, so are we, trying to keep
Wilks off the street

before someone else is killed.

DANNY: Okay, let's all
just take it easy.

We're all on the same team here.

Are we?

Yes. And, uh,
the M.E. has spoken, so...

Donnie Hassett,
this is Detective Abetemarco.

I'm A.D.A. Erin Reagan,
if you remember.

How could I possibly forget?

It's funny.
Last time we met,

you could barely string
a sentence together.

That was a very
stressful period.

Right. And you are no longer
pleading insanity.

Uh, Mr. Hassett would like
to make a deal instead.

He knows where Costa

has at least one body buried.

And you can directly
connect it to Costa?

That's right.

In exchange for?

Engineering my release.

I already served two years
for a simple assault.

That put a guy in a simple coma.

And why should we trust you?

You've already lied to us once,
about being insane.

I'm gonna be completely honest
with you

going forward, A.D.A. Reagan.

Oh, well, if you say so.


I know how your doctor
labelled me. A sociopath.

Do you know what that is?
By definition?

A dangerous nutjob,
by definition.

Very good at lying, very bad
at empathy, no conscience.

Which describes a lot of
criminals. That's true.

But also a lot of highly
functional people in Washington,

Wall Street, Hollywood.

You're in Rikers.

That puts you
in the first group.

- Your preconceptions are... No, no, no. Mike.
- No...

HASSETT: Your preconceptions
are exactly

why I'm gonna offer you a piece
of evidence on the house.

This should be good.

- Mm-hmm.
- I'll give you the location

Of a gun he used
in an execution 15 years ago.

And then maybe we can
have a serious talk.

Erin, he's sending us
on a goose chase here.

I'm telling the truth,
whether you believe me or not.

- I had extra!
- NEWSMAN: 36 hours of steady rainfall

Have left many homes
in the metro area

knee-deep in floodwaters...

Thought maybe
you might want some?

Snickerdoodles, you said?

Put them there on the table.

No injuries were reported.

Damage to homes and property

is pegged at $3 million.

Cleanup is expected to take
at least two days.

That's a lovely family
you have here.

(newsman continues)

Is that your-your husband?


Does he live here?

Damn thing never works.

(TV turns off)

Did you ever find the
necklace you were missing?

That's not all I'm missing.

More jewelry,


my father's old watch.

That plumber stole it all.

May I look at the safe?

It's in the closet.

Over there.


Yeah, it's empty.

Of course it is.
It was all stolen.

Where's the remote?

Where is it?

I appreciate the opportunity

to give my side
to your investigation.

And we appreciate
your cooperation.

Officer Lyons.

Commissioner Reagan.

So, where are we at?

Where we're at is
our investigation corroborated

exactly what we saw in the video

and heard
in the eyewitness testimony.

Namely, that your
actions were not in line

with the mission, vision
or values of this department.

Surprise, surprise.

You are accountable
for your actions, Officer Lyons.

When no one else
is accountable for theirs?

Just who isn't?

I was following orders
from my C.O.

Your C.O. ordered you
to tune the guy up?

Not in so many words.

In what words, then?

"Put the fear of God in 'em."


he got his ass fried
at CompStat last week.

So like C.O.s do,

he came home to the house
and kicked the dog,

and us beat cops, we're the dog.

Did you fry his ass
at CompStat last week?

There's a sharp rise
in street-level drug trafficking

in the precinct.

So grilled maybe, but not fried.

Whatever it was,
my C.O. came back hot.

And told his cops
to chuck the Patrol Guide?


(chuckles) No. It d...
It don't work that way.

Well, please,
in what way does it work?

I don't work at the Puzzle
Palace, so I don't know...

Ah. The Puzzle Palace.

One PP was nicknamed that
long before I was here.

So I don't know what gold
tells brass.

What I do know
is the guys in blue

don't have the white shirt
immunity that you all do.

You talk the talk,
but we got to walk the walk.

You need to be careful,
Officer Lyons.

And you need to know this:
the truth.

The truth according
to one pissed-off cop?

Ask that when we show up on your
doorstep in force next week.

Ask all the other cops who take
the beatings from the media

and the crap from the citizens

to keep One PP
smelling like roses.

I would remind you
I was on the ground, too.

And we answered to One PP, also.

How long ago?
Was it even the same back then?

No. It was different.

Sir, my family is NYPD, too.

It's in my blood, too.

And to me, that means if I see
something wrong, I call it out.

And you called it out
by manhandling a civilian

on our streets.

The suspension stands.

- Thanks.
- DANNY: You're kidding me. Yep.

All right.
Thank you so much.

- Yeah.
- What's going on?

I'm gonna dump you
back at the squad

and go pay Megan
another visit myself.

Just you, huh?

Yeah, I got a hunch
about something.


What does that mean?

Oh, come on, Danny. You
two have been flirting

for the better
part of a year now.

What are you talking about?

It doesn't take a detective.

I'm serious. What?

Well, why did you defend
her at the morgue, then?

I didn't defend her
at the morgue.

She should've reviewed that
autopsy no questions asked,

You know that.

I agree with you, 100%.

- You do?
- Yes, I do.

I noticed how she was.

I mean, she's usually cold like
the bodies she keeps company.

This time she was nervous,
she was aloof.

But I had to get
hard evidence first.

So, who was on the phone?

Her boss.
She wasn't even supposed to work

the day the vic came in,

but for some reason,
she showed up anyway,

and specifically
requested that autopsy.

You think maybe
Wilks got to her?

That's what I'm gonna find out.

Captain Sims, congratulations.

Yours has been voted
the grungiest precinct

in Manhattan North.


Well done.

You making any progress
on the graffiti problem?

Yes, sir,
we've made real strides.

Oh, good. That's good.
I'm glad to hear that.


would you say it's
been eradicated?

Pretty much, sir.
We've made several arrests.

Several arrests? Wow.

So, there mustn't be
any graffiti left at all.

Well, I wouldn't
say none, sir...

- You wouldn't say?
- But there's not much left.

Not much left?
You know, that's wonderful.

Turn around, Captain.

Look at that.

That look like not much?

That look like not much left
to you?

Because to me, it looks like

your whole borough
is doused in paint.

- We're making progress.
- Not enough!

And the next time you're here,

if it's not cleaned up, it's
gonna be your last time here.

Dismissed. Go home.



You okay, Captain?

- As you were.
- Sorry, sir.

Rough time in there?

Oh, no, sir.

Something I ate for breakfast.

(laughs softly)

Carry on.

Thank you, sir.

Boss, you were there.

We don't use kid gloves,

but the reviews are all built
on support for our guys.

I wasn't there
for Captain Sims' review.

Was that supportive?

Sims needed the screws turned.

But yes, it was supportive.

I walked on him
just out of there.

He was chugging antacids
and white as a sheet.

Well, maybe it was
something he ate.

Yeah, well...

I know it's not the first time
someone's been beat up

by CompStat, but this time,
something stuck with me.

Garrett, you heard of
"white shirt immunity"?

Only in passing.

It's the gap between
white shirts and blue shirts.

The gap between our officers
and their superiors.

Higher-ups seem immune
to discipline.

So you heard it.

Well, I hear a lot of things,
but it doesn't mean

I give them all
the same credence.

Sims wears a white shirt.
I didn't show him any immunity.

I'm talking about
real consequences, Sid,

not just a dressing down.

Well, boss, I can't go around
firing brass.

No one is suggesting you should.

So what's wrong with me holding
C.O.s like Sims accountable?

Absolutely nothing, as long
as they don't take it out

on the guys in their house.

Now you sound
like Johnny Lyons' boy.

- Not really, but, you know...
- Look, I know the media

Went after him, but he made the
mistake, not his C.O., not Sid.

And if he has a point?

You're gonna put that on me?

No. On me.

Every year, there's a cadre
of disgruntled officers.

And why?

Boss, they're ungrateful.

Or maybe I've been here too long
and I'm just out of touch.

You've been at One PP
a long time,

but you are not out of touch.

Our jobs are different
than they were back in the day.

But at some point,
did I stop being a cop

and turn into a CEO of cops?

You can't h...

Uh, that's a tough one, boss.
I don't know.

I don't think that's a question

that either one of us can answer
to your satisfaction.

I got to give it to you.

We found the gun,
right where you said.

Do you trust me now?

No. You know all good
lies start with the truth.

Your loss.

Look, we'll play ball...
You have my word...

But we're not guaranteeing
anything without a body.

My word is good.
You can ask around.

I'm coming with you.

That's a good one.

I've been nothing but honest
with you two.

I've given you a chip,
I deserve one in turn.

I'm coming with you to the body
or it's no deal.

Okay, then. No deal.

Is he right?

Probably. And smart, too.


But I really want Costa.

- Erin...
- And probably for the first time

In your life,
you're the lesser of two evils.

Gee, thanks.

Counsel all right with this?


Erin, there's no way
we're trusting this guy.

You got a gun, don't you?

Come on, you can't be serious...

So do I, and he does not.
So I think we're good.

Hey, what are you
still doing here?


- Hey, Eddie, wake up. Wake up.
- (grunts softly)

- Hey.
- What?

You're late for your double.

What? Oh, crap.

What are you doing,
sleeping on the couch?

I must've dozed off.

Did you make cookies?

Yeah. I, uh, brought them
to Mrs. Riley.

She seemed like she needed
her spirits lifted.

I thought we talked about

you not burning the candle
at both ends.

I couldn't help it.

Yeah, I get it. I, uh,

I asked Espinoza about her,

because his mom
used to live here,

and he says that ever since
she got divorced,

she's had one of these outbursts

once a year.

She's divorced?

Yeah. Is that really surprising?

She made it seem like
her husband's still around.

Not for the past
seven years, apparently.

That's strange.

Sounds to me like
maybe she's got dementia.

Maybe someone is
taking advantage of it.

Or she misplaced her things
all by herself.

We should figure out which.

- Ah!
- Go.

I love you.

Bye. Love you.

Just you?


I went to your office first.

They said you didn't
come in today.

Where's your partner?

She had to stay behind,

do some paperwork
with the squad.


Besides, if she came along,
it would make it

official police business.

And it's not?

Not exactly.

I was hoping that you
and I could have a talk.

Just us.

You know, Megan, it seems like

you might be mixed up in
something that you shouldn't be.

Like what?

You tell me.

It's obvious that you're scared.

I'm not.


Then how come you won't
even look me in the eye?

Did Jackson Wilks get to you?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Yes, you do. Hey.

This guy's a professional

It's what he does.

And he does not leave
loose ends, and right now

that is exactly what you are.

I can protect you, Megan, but
you gotta come clean with me.

Did he get to you or not?

(door closes)

(clears throat)

So, uh, what's this all about?

Yeah, is everything okay?

Why does it have to be
about something?

Can't we just have
a guys' night?

Well, we can, it's just "guys'
night" for us usually means

there's something
to talk about, kinda like

when I show up on Thursday
with a roast.

Ulterior motives.

I got 36,000 men and women
who work for me,

so 36,000 who are hardwired
to tell me

exactly what they think
I want to hear.

Except the ones coming down
with the blue flu.


No one from my squad's

but it sounds like
the union's got numbers.

And I hear they're growing.

Yeah. So here's the deal.

Am I seen as deaf, dumb
and blind, or all three?


It's not you personally, Dad.

Well, Jamie, the buck
does stop here.

It's not all 36,000
that have a problem.

Okay, thank you.
But the ones who do.


Some cops feel like orders
come down from on high

that don't factor in how
they play on the street.

And they contradict

other orders that come
down from One PP.

JAMIE: There's a sense
that some orders boil down to

"get this done now," not
"get this done, here's how."

- Right.
- HENRY: Things get lost in translation.

They always did.

And even with all
the modern technology,

it's still humans that
pass the word along.

Bottom line,

there's a feeling that

One PP wants us
to do the dirty jobs

while keeping our hands
clean at the same time,

which is basically impossible.

And we never had any
of the political interference

that you do.

City Hall didn't care how
the sausages got made.

So what's one thing
I'm doing wrong?

Well, I mean, if we
had to pick just one...

That is a hard choice.
That's a hard choice.


Just start with one.

Thinking you can be clearly
understood by one and all.

Worrying what the rank and file
really think about you.

They don't know the person,
they-they just know the boss.

Not using the rumblings in
the ranks to your advantage.

How so?

Think of it as the divide
between the players

and the coaching staff.

Sometimes hating the coaches
brings the team together

in ways you couldn't foresee.

Yeah. Maybe.

Or you play the divide,
trust rides the bench,

and the team falls
even farther behind.

Hi, Mrs. Riley.
I-I made you some cookies.

Can I come in?

I just had some extra,
thought you might like some.

Oatmeal raisin barely
count as cookies.

Put 'em over there.

I heard you might be missing
some belongings.


This morning, my sapphire ring
went missing

right from off my finger.


Well, when was the...
The last time that you had it?

Before my husband came over.

I don't mean to be rude,
but aren't you divorced?

Divorced? What are you
talking about?

Where's your wedding ring?

That plumber stole
my wedding ring.

Do you have anyone,
any family that looks after you?

I told you, my husband.

You don't have a husband,
Mrs. Riley.

You haven't had one
for seven years.

Oh, really?

Then who does all this
belong to?

Five cases.
Three assaults, two homicides.

Wilks has walked on all of them.

She is good, I'll give her that.

It's easy, when the truth
is on your side.

Except you don't have
the truth on your side.

This is the truth.

Greene's real autopsy.

Ruled a homicide.

The M.E. changed
the manner of death?


Because you threatened
her personally.

Is that what she said?

We're asking the questions here.

Now, it's obvious this
took a lot of planning.

And it's even more obvious
that Jackson Wilks isn't

both the brains
and the muscle here.

I'm sorry, where was
the question?

You're not just his lawyer,
are you?

You help him with this little
boutique murder operation.

That pretty M.E.
talked to you, huh?

That's too bad.

Is that another threat?

Of course not.

- 'Cause you're not gonna touch her.
- You're right.

I'm not.

You know if anything
happens to her,

you may just have
an accident yourself.


So we're playing the same game.

I'm not playing any game.

Do yourself a favor.

Tell us where we can
find Jackson Wilks.

I think I'll make
my phone call instead.

Suit yourself.

So a piece of string
walks into a bar

and says to the bartender,
"Give me a beer."

The bartender says,
"We don't serve pieces of..."

Hey, John Riley.

Uh-oh, five-o.

Only kidding, Officer.
That'd be me.

What can I do you for?

You celebrating something?


Being old.

Doesn't give you the right
to break the law.

What law is that, Officer?

Grand larceny.

If this is coming from Polly,

she's out of her mind.

I tracked down a couple
of her missing items

to some local pawn shops,

where you sold 'em.

You don't know what it was like
being with her.

She took years off my life.

It doesn't give you the right
to steal from her.

- And were you having her do your laundry?
- Look, it's not like

I hurt anyone.

She doesn't even know
what's going on.

That makes it even worse.

Have you met her?

Yes, I have.

Then you already know what
a terrible person she is.

That's what a life

of being a monster gets you.

You die alone.

No one deserves that.

You gonna arrest me?


You're gonna help me track down

every last one of Polly's
belongings that you sold.

Okay, Officer, you got it.

And then I'm gonna arrest you.

What? No.

Let's go.

(dog barking)

This turns out to be a joyride,

I'm gonna tune you up.

I know what you think of me,
but I'm not evil.

Yeah, just a violent offender.

It's over this way.

(ship horn blows)

You know, the assault I'm in on

is self-defense,
believe it or not.

Never actually gone looking
to kill somebody.

Unlike Costa.

(dog barking)

This is one of his
old stash houses.

Over here.


♪ ♪

Right here.



Open it up.


You're kidding.

HASSETT: The dates on the
newspaper will corroborate

the timeline of the murder.

Believe me now?

(car alarm beeps)

(engine starts)

(engine starts)

(indistinct chatter)

♪ ♪


Stay down.

(tires screech, siren wailing)

You know, the problem with
following people...

Sometimes you follow them
right into a trap.

Hey. You okay?



Get this piece of crap
out of here.

Hey. It's okay by you,

I'm gonna head back
to the precinct

and get started
on some paperwork.

What do you mean? Why?

It's okay.

Hey. You okay?

I am now.

Not many people would be
as cool as you

after doing what you
just did, so thanks.

(exhales) Do you ever get
used to this kind of stuff?

You ever get used
to cutting bodies open

and poking around
inside of them?

You gonna be okay
getting yourself home?

Be better if you drove me.

I can. As long as you're okay
with the fact

that I'm probably gonna
give you a hard time

about lying to the police
and helping a murderer.

Which is technically
a crime and, uh,

pretty much the worst thing
you can do, in my book.

I'm sorry.

I know you are, Megan.
I know.

I'm okay to drive myself.


Mahjong! (laughs)


Again? She's good!

(overlapping chatter)

- Hey.
- Jamie.

What's going on?

Uh, Mrs. Riley came down

with some friends from upstairs,

teaching me how to play Mahjong.

I'm actually pretty good.

Ah. Is this what you
do when I'm at work?

Um, why aren't you there,
by the way?

Espinoza. He's taking me
and Witten off midnights

and putting us on day tours.

We won't be on the
same day tour, but...

- That's great. We'll have our nights together again.
- Mm-hmm.

Seems like you talked to
Espinoza about a little bit more

than just Mrs. Riley,
didn't you?

I might have mentioned
that the nights

- were getting to you, but...
- Mm.

I can fight my own battles.

I know that.

But thank you for fighting
this one for me,

because I felt like I was losing
it, chasing after her ghosts.

Actually, it-it wasn't ghosts.

It was her ex-husband.

- What do you mean?
- Y... He was taking advantage

Of her dementia,
stealing from her.

You were right all along.

- You're kidding.
- Nope.

I arrested him earlier today.

(indistinct chatter)

I know Mrs. Riley is not the
nicest person in the world,

but I feel bad for her.

Me, too.

You want to join us?
We need some new blood,

and she's on a rampage
that cannot be stopped.

I'll see what I can do.

- All right.
- (chuckles)

- Well, hello, ladies.
- (overlapping greetings)

What a treat.

Is it time for a new game?

The body has been identified
as a rival of Costa's.

So we still have
a lot of work to do,

but... looks like
we got him.

And my client's sentence?

Detective Abetemarco says
he shouldn't be released

under any circumstances.

And what do you say?

You kept your word.
I'll keep mine.

So I'm to be released?

I'll let the judge know
I'm offering misdemeanor

with time served.

Thank you, Erin. Is it
okay if I call you that?

- No.
- Maybe when this is all over, we can see each other.

Oh, we will be seeing
a lot of each other.

I will be watching
your every move,

and the second you slip up,

I will have you off the street

before you even know
what hit you.

You got me?

I got you.

(indistinct chatter)

Yeah, I know.



As you were.


I hope you aren't here
to try to stop us.

Oh, I think we both know
it's too late for that.

You're here by yourself?

Just me.


May I?

Hey, Bob.


Relax, Officer Tyson,
I ain't handing out rips today.


This whole thing is tainted

by what you think you stand

to gain personally, having
your suspension overturned.

Well, I got to tell you.

That ain't gonna happen.

That's not what this is.

That said, I think you have

some legitimate points,

and I have some
legitimate concerns, so...

So? You're here to do what?

You can't change the system.
You are the system.

Change can't come from within?

From within the Puzzle Palace?

I don't see how.


I don't think I share
that pessimism.

So you're gonna start holding
the white shirts accountable?

If an officer like yourself
faces discipline

for carrying out a direct order
from their superior,

the superior shares

The pressure
will still be there.

Their orders will become
"suggestions" we can't refuse.

And follow-up
on CompStat sessions

will be enhanced to ensure
accountability for blue shirts

and white shirt.


What about you?


Where's your accountability?

(chuckling): Well...
pretty much the only guy

who can hold me to
the fire is the mayor.

But why I'm here?

To give you all
that opportunity.

We can't stand divided.

So have at it.
Give me your worst.

Throw your eggs
and rotten tomatoes,

and let's see if something
sticks on all of us.


I have another one.

But if you don't want
to hear it, I won't say it.

Of course he does.

Maybe he's had enough
gripes for the week.

Oh, that's okay. Bring it on.

DANNY: All right.

Well, currently,
if a detective wants to work

one of his vacation weeks
for double overtime,

they have to do it in uniform,

doing a security detail
outside One PP.

That's not fair.

I thought we were talking about
beat cop beefs,

not detective beefs.

We are, but I'm just saying

detectives want to do
real detective work,

in the squad room.

- You know?
- Noted.

Thank you.

I have a beat cop beef.

Maybe we should
change the subject.

Ah. Come on, I can take it.

Okay. Couple times a year,
we have to qualify

at the firing range
at Rodman's Neck.

Oh, the lines.

Hours, sometimes.

It's like trying to find parking
at Jones Beach

- on Fourth of July.
- JANKO: Except without the reward

Of beach time.

Maybe some kind of
online sign-up

where you could reserve a spot.

I'll look into it.
Thank you.

Did you hear any beefs
that surprised you?

Well, not actually a beef,

more like a request
to bring back something

from way back when.
Blood Days.

(chuckling): What?


Those sound either
incredibly cool

or incredibly brutal.

It's neither.

What are Blood Days, and
should I alert the ACLU?

HENRY: If an officer gave blood,

he got the rest of that day
and the next two days off

at full pay.


So what'd you say?

Well, that I'd look into it

if they agreed to be in uniform

when they donated,
so that the community could see

all the good we do.
Two birds, one stone.

- Nice.
- Yeah.

Which brings us to you, Sean.

A lot of the cops I met with
come from cop families.

Jeff Lyons' family
goes back generations,

like ours. So...

Does ours end with me?

Yeah. 'Cause sadly,
it's kind of obvious

that Jack is not heading
in that direction, so...

And Nicky clearly is not.

Well, Sean?

Can you take Blood Days
every week?

Nope. Twice a year.

Hmm. Sort that out
and we'll talk about it.

(all chuckling)

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