Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 16 - The First 100 Days - full transcript

Frank and Garrett try to convince Mayor Chase to work better with others to properly run the city; Danny and Baez try to track down the person who vandalized several NYPD vehicles with ...

I mean, seriously,

have you ever seen so many,
uh, whatchamacallits?

Precious Moments.

Those little statues
all over the place.

That's what they're called.
Precious Moments?

They're, like, a
really big thing...

with cat ladies and my mother.



Hey, there, pretty girl. Hi.

You sure?

Uh, positive.

Think he wants us to follow him.

Okay, Lassie. Hey.

Oh, I seriously cannot believe
that we are doing this.

Ten to one we're being
punk'd by Sector Charlie.


(man shouting indistinctly)
WOMAN: Just let me go!

You're not going anywhere!

Let me go!
How many times I got to tell you?

Yo! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey! Hey! Hey, hey, hey!
Break it off.

Break it-- Step away.
Yo, yo. All good. All good.

Hey, what-what's going on?

WITTEN: Back away.
MAN: We're just having a discussion, man.

WOMAN: Discussion?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

You ever had a discussion before? Yo.
He hit me.

Get this dog away from me. Get
this dog away from me right now.


Cuff him.


This is all we got?

We're standing in front
of a police precinct,

and this is all we got?

Yeah, I'm telling you,
that's all we got.

Well... Well,
it's unacceptable.

Why are you getting so hot?

What do you mean?
The guy spray-painted

my car!
Our car.

You're gonna split hairs with me now.
I'm just saying.

Well, I'm just saying
we look like idiots.

I mean, we look
like the dopey cops

in the Smokey and
the Bandit movies.

Relax. It's probably just
some kid vandalizing.

I'm sure no one
will even notice.

Love the new
paint job, Reagan.

Looking good, Danny Boy.

You see that? We're

Not we. You.

Your car, remember?

Way to look after
your partner, partner.

Don't even say it.

It was Kennedy.

Pretty sure it was Roosevelt.

Which one?

Franklin D.

No. JFK. 100%.
(door opens)

Google it. Morning, sir.
FRANK: Morning.

Maybe you can help settle this.

Which president coined the term
"first hundred days"?

I say JFK.

FDR gave an address
in July of 1933.

Since then it's
been the benchmark.

Thank you.

This about the Times?

We've held them off
for about as long

as we're gonna get away with.

The mayor's office
has been hounding me 24-7.

This hounding in
reference to anything

about my wanting more cops?

No, it's about you
talking to the Times

about his first 100 days,
in a positive way.

Then let them howl.

I prefer "mutually
beneficial exchange."

It's the only language he knows.

I'm not quite sure
how to communicate that.

Well, then, I will. Tomorrow.

Okay, let's not get
ahead of ourselves.

This Times hundred-day thing,
when's it run?

Next weekend.
The cover of the magazine.

Then get it done today
or step off it.

(cell phone ringing)

Well, what do you know?

I used to have a daughter
named Nicky

who looked just like you.

Hi, Mom. I know it's been
a while since I called.

Almost a week.

You know, in the real world,

that's not actually
a very long time.

Oh, really? Well, when you carry
another living being

inside of you for nine months,

then you can tell me that.

Actually, wait, don't.

Wait, that's not why
you're calling.

Tell me that's not
why you're calling.

Relax, Mom.

I'm not pregnant.
I just called to say hi.

Well, you just made my day.

You look tired.
Long day?

Thank you. Yes.

You should come out here
and visit.

Do some California dreaming
with me.

I should.

But you won't.

Well, you should see my desk.

(call waiting beeping) Ugh, I'm so sorry,
that's my boss on the other line.

I'll call you right back, okay?
Wait. Wait, Nick. Nick...


(tires screech)
(horn honks)

♪ Blue Bloods 10x16 ♪
The First 100 Days
Original Air Date on March 13, 2020

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♪ ♪

(sirens approaching)
(police radio chatter)

Feeling okay?


Feeling lightheaded,

No. I told you I'm fine.

I'm just gonna
check your pupils.

Can you look at
my face for me?

(indistinct chatter)

Would you look at
this pretty girl!

Handsome man.

I mean, does nobody here
understand basic biology?

He's a boy.
A very good boy.

He really did all that?
Led you right to the bad guy?

I gotta admit,
it was pretty cool.

But no tags on him?

No one in the neighborhood seems
to have ever seen him before.

He's got to belong
to somebody.

Who's got to belong
to somebody?


Whoa, is this the hero
everybody's talking about?

Easiest collar we ever made.

It was amazing.

That's great.
Any luck finding his owner?

Um, we-we looked
in our sector,

and we checked
the adjoining sectors,

and-and nothing.

Well, if he's as impressive
as you say he is,

then he's probably not a stray.

That's what I say.

He's got to belong
to somebody.

All right, well, I'll check
with Animal Control,

our K-9 unit, any other
law enforcement agencies

that I can think of.

Oh, um... but, well, what if he
doesn't belong to any of them?

Oh, whoa.

Don't worry, we'll find
his owner. Come on, bud.

(whining quietly)

Aw, TARU got nothing.

Yeah? You were gone a long time
to come back with nothing.

That's 'cause I was riding them.
You know, I was trying to

get them to, like, zoom in,

telescope, get a close-up.

Any useable frame
of the perp's face.

Okay what?

What are you thinking?

I'm thinking you were flirting
with the TARU girl

you think is so cute.

Somebody's jealous.

Someone's wishful thinking.


Take a look at this.

Earlier today,
a hooded tagger

defaced a slew of NYPD cop cars
in Lower Manhattan.

This is the second instance
in two days

where NYPD vehicles
have been tagged.

Both times a hooded graffiti
artist got away

without being caught.


Well, maybe now you can
get over yourself.

What are you talking about?
Well, it's obvious

it was nothing personal.

Whoever did this has a beef
with NYPD in general.

Maybe now we can move on.

No, maybe we can't move on.

Okay? Let's go.

Are you serious?

He graffitied our car!

Your car.


Your last name is
actually "Power"?

Kind of on the nose, no?

Never mind. Shall we?


3,000 new cops.
That's what he wants.

That's the price?

Uh, prices you pay, we earn.

This is more like
everybody's better off.

And if he says no,
then everybody's worse off?

I wouldn't put it that way.

That's exactly how
you'll put it.

He wants this.

Your guy needs his support.

Or the Times just
runs the profile

without your guy's two cents.

His opinion is worth a whole
lot more than two cents.

He works for the mayor.

He polls higher in every metric.

We're not giving you
3,000 new cops.

Sure you are.
We're not.

Then thank you for stopping by.

You've been in that chair
too long.

So has your boss.

Says so himself once a week.

Final answer, no.

You don't have that power,

We do have the power to ensure
our guy saves face.

Maybe you do.
My guy kind of likes

bloody noses and busted lips.

I'm thinking of giving
this one to Jessica.

What do you think?

Think she's ready?

I do, yeah.

She's gonna need some help on
the investigative side, but...

I'll lend a hand.

Thank you.

How about you?

How about me what?

Are you gonna answer me?

I've asked you twice

why you seem out of it.

Both times you act like
you got cotton in your ears.

Nothing, it's just--

It's just not my
best morning, that's all.

Mm. Gotcha.

You got what?
You know, one time

I got my load on, I peed in the
hamper instead of the toilet.

Thank you for that completely
unnecessary and incredibly

vivid mental imagery.
I'm just saying,

uh, we've all done stupid
and embarrassing stuff

after having a few.

I'm not hung over, Anthony.
Then what?

Really, it's nothing.

Okay, so you will take care
of this with Jessica, right?

Consider it done.

Got to be kidding me.
I'm afraid not, Detective.

Well, look around.

There's half dozen
surveillance cameras out here.

No, I want to know

how this guy slips in here,
despite all these cameras

and throws up all
over our RMPs,

and nobody sees
a single thing.

He already said.
All the cameras picked him up.

Yeah, but they didn't
pick up his face!

I mean, how is
that even possible?

Guy's smart.

No, he's not smart.

He's lucky, but he's not smart.

Danny, obviously, he clocked
all these cameras here,

just like you did. He just
remembered not to say "cheese."

You know what
he's doing, right?

He's giving us the finger
in broad daylight

for the entire city to see,
that's what he's doing.

Maybe it's just a prank.

He bombed all of our cars
in our own yard!

Is there any of the footage
of him getting dropped off

from a car,
an Uber, a taxi?

Nothing. He appears on foot.

On foot? How does
someone get here on foot?


There's an "A" and a "C"
and an "E"

that way about six blocks.

That's how he got here.
Let's go.

But all in all, you like him.

I like him for a boss.

So far.

Then my advice is, let's keep
the good times rolling.

Do the interview,
give him your positive review.

We'll fight for cops
on other fronts.

Such as?

Police unions,
the City Council.

The elected officials
in underserved districts.

We'll pin him in from all sides.

So hide behind blowhards?

Not at all.

And after these other fronts
carve out their share?

You'll still have more cops.

Hopefully, at or near
the numbers you wanted.

But realistically,
a half dozen crossing guards

and some hug-a-cop-today PSAs.

Oh, you got to think positively.

What are you afraid of?

That maybe our mayor
doesn't have the Achilles heel

I thought he did.

So? What's his weak spot?

Come on. Everybody has one.

What's yours?

Okay, hold on.

No, no.
You're just improvising one.

So, the advice you are giving me
is to just back off?

No, my advice to you
is, wait a bit,

maybe the next hundred days.

See what we see.

I need more cops
a hundred days ago.

Just like

I told you, he took the subway.

Now who's the genius?

I never said
he was a genius.

I'm not talking about him.
I'm saying I'm the genius.

Well, before you accept
your Mensa certificate,

let me remind you
that while we do have his face,

it ain't popping in
our facial recognition software.

Yes, that was a setback.


What is this?
His MetroCard

swipe was at 12:30.

The MetroCard was purchased
with a credit card

belonging to one Charles Morrow.

Wow. I'm actually impressed.

Mensa, Mensa, Mensa.

So, what's his story?
He in our system?

No, and I don't know.

Ah, I'm a little less impressed.

Yeah, but it's our guy.

Uh-- Not a single prior?
How is that even possible?

No, and it gets
a little more confusing,

because he's an honor student
at NYU with a GPA of 5.0.

But he is our guy.

So this honor student
is our cop-hating vandal?

How do you explain that?

That, uh, I can't explain.

Mensa, Mensa, Mensa.


Do you remember when I said this
smelled like a revenge thing?

No, I remember
that's what I said.

And I said I agree.

No, your exact words were,

"Don't get carried
away, Reagan."

He said, she said.

Can I get to the point, please?


So, this kid's name,
Charles Morrow,

it sounded familiar.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.

So I thought, well,
maybe we collared him before,

but he doesn't have any priors.


Do you remember
this case from last year?

Yeah, 58 shots.



So that guy back then
is our guy's brother?

With a rap sheet
six blocks long.

So it is a revenge case.
Like I said from the beginning.

No, like I said
from the beginning.

Mensa, Mensa, Mensa.

May I help you?

Ma'am, I'm-I'm sorry,
may I help you?

Oh, sorry.

Um, I'm here to see Jack.

Do you have an appointment?

I'm his wife-- uh, ex-wife.


Do you want to go see
if he has a minute?

Right. Yes. Of course.

(door opens)

Erin, hi.

Come on in.

Nice to see you.

(door closes)

You look great.

Have a seat.

Something wrong?

You've got
that "something

weighing heavily on my mind but
I don't want to say it" look.

You hurt me.



You hurt me.

Erin, I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

What-- Y-You know.

I honestly don't.

I've been denying it
for so long and...

keeping it from you
since day one, but more so,

just denying it from myself.

Are you having some kind of

out-of-body experience
or something?

It's the truth.

H-How, how am I supposed
to respond to this?

You're not.

I need 3,000 more cops.

Yeah, you said that.

And then I said,
"I can't afford it."

You can't not afford it.

Tell that to the teacher's
union, the Housing Authority,

all the other agencies
coming with their hands out.

Yeah, you call 911,
you're not looking for a teacher

or affordable housing.

Answer's still no.

You realize I could just try
to pin you in from other fronts.

City council, elected officials
from underserved districts...

You could, but you won't.

They'd all want their taste.

By the time you got your share,

you could maybe
afford a ham sandwich.

(laughs softly)

That's exactly
what I told Garrett.

Let's kick it down the road.

Take another look
in the next fiscal year.

Or I could just trash-talk you
to the Times.

Sticks and stones.

To the extent you would have
no choice but to fire me.

So that's on the table?

Mr. Mayor,
everything's on the table.


That, too.

As they say,
change is the only constant.

But not all change
has equal weight.

Let's take a moment.

I have overseen a record drop
in crime, decade to decade.

My polling favorables beat the
hell out of yours all day long.

You running for something?

Just for my job.

And change may be a constant,
but its effect runs the gamut.

That's some pedestal
you've built up for yourself.


You know,
a lot of my old friends

are selling their homes
and moving to Florida.

Old houses,

ranches, split ranches,
California ranches.

And what's surprising
is a lot of them,

they're not just
ugly old houses anymore.

T-They're called
"mid-century modern" now.

And all of a sudden,
they're irreplaceable.

And that's you? Irreplaceable?


But you might want
to think twice

before you just go
and tear me down.

Everything I said is true.

I just got here
and the front desk

said that you needed
to see me right away.


Oh, he did not do this.

Oh, he did.

Why are you such a bad boy?

Needless to say, he's not
a law enforcement animal.

Well, maybe, he...

Guy came through here, said
he recognized your furry friend,

that he used to belong
to a gangbanger named Duquann.

Why used to?

Apparently, Mutt--
that is his given name--

was too much
of a goody-goody.

He was always giving up

the gang's positions
instead of playing watchdog.

See? Oh, I knew you were
a good boy.

Yes, I did.
Yes, I did.

I knew you
were a good boy.

That's my good boy.

You're a good dog.

Jamie. Let's take him home
with us.

Are you kidding me?

Why not?


This is just a little mess.

Good boy, didn't I?
I knew you were a good boy.

Good boy.

This is the police,
open up now!

This is the police,

open up now!

Everything's okay.

(banging on door)
Listen to me, Charles.

I spoke to the landlord,

he told me he hasn't
seen anyone leave,

so I know you're in there!

Now open the door
before I knock it down!

Open the damn door!

I don't believe
he's home.

Where is he?

Oh, I-I do not
very much know.

Did you see him leave?

Well, how could you know that

he's not home
if you didn't see him leave?


You little son of a bitch,
I know you're in there,

and I'm gonna...
(kicks door)

Sorry for
the inconvenience, folks.

Sorry for the trouble, folks.

Little piece of crap's
in there, I'm telling you.

I know it.

Uh, I'm not so
sure about that.

I'm gonna kill him.

I'm gonna kill him.

(knocking on door)
Not now, Anthony.

Anthony, not...

Hi, Mom. (chuckles)

What are you doing here?

Are you kidding me?


God, you smell good. Did
you always smell this good?

I just got
off a red eye.

I'm all sweaty and
gross. I stink.

Stink of heaven.

You're only slightly biased.

Look at you.
What are you doing here?

Well, I knew you'd be
too busy to visit me,

so I decided to
come see you.

He called you.


Your father.

He did not.

Of course he did.

He really didn't,
but... why would he...

I got in a car accident
the other day.


It was a little fender bender.

I was treated and released
by medical professionals.

I am fine.

It's no big deal.

So let's just not even
mention it again.

Do you have time
for something to eat?

Yeah. Sure.

Listen to me,
you son of a bitch,

I spoke to the landlord,

he told me
he hasn't seen anyone leave,

so I know you're in there!
(all laughing)

Now open the door
before I knock it down!

You know, they're right.

The camera does
add five pounds.

(all laughing)
More like ten.

(all laughing)

Hey, what's so funny?

No, Danny, you don't want
any part of this.

Want any part of what?
DANNY: It's the police, open up now!

I'm gonna find you,
you son of a bitch!

(others laughing)

(musical accompaniment)

(laughter continues)

...door before I knock it...

knock it down!

Trust me,
this is a good thing, okay?

Then why is my
tummy turning?

I told you, I got a buddy
in the K-9 unit.

Maybe they could use him.

Oh, his ears are back.

That's bad. That
means he's worried.

Well, maybe it's 'cause
you're putting off

really bad vibes.

I'm getting
really bad vibes.

we're not even there yet.

Jamie, look at him.

He knows. He wants
to be with us.

Honey, please, come on,
don't do this.

Right back atcha.

Look, I think he's great too,
but we cannot keep this dog.

Why not?

(dog barking)

(car horn honks)

(tires screeching)
This dog is nuts!

He's just eccentric!

He's fast as hell
is what he is.

(both panting)

(dog barking)

Police, don't move!
Hands where we can see 'em!

Police! Police!

Hands where I can see them!

Don't move!

Well, I don't suppose
this is yours.

(continues barking)

Turn around. Hands
behind your back.

I told you he
was a good boy.

This dog's not going anywhere.

Good boy.

We really need to know
where your friend is.

He's not friend to me.

He's just man on other side
of wall.

Well, you were
very protective

of the man on the
other side of the wall

when we were here
the other day.

Because you bang on doors
like pots and pans.

You also knew
that he wasn't home.

What does this mean
you are saying?

My partner means...
DANNY: What I mean

is, what exactly
is your relationship

with your neighbor?

What relationship?
I am married woman.

You do not put disrespect on me.
BAEZ: No, he doesn't mean

anything by it.
No disrespect.

I promise,
Mrs. Sayeed.

He is wild boar, this man.

Yes, he is just under
a lot of pressure right now.

Unfortunately, your neighbor

has really been
pushing his buttons.

Charles is a good person.

So you do know him?

Know him? Yes.
Relationship, no.


I should not be talking
about man on other side of wall.

You speak to husband.

You just said
he was a good person.

What makes you so sure?

I have three children.

Sometimes I'm very tired.

He does babysitting.

Well, does husband know man on
the other side of the wall

is babysitting for you?

You are out of the bounds.


We know about
what happened

to Charles' brother.

Did he ever say anything
to you about that?

Very upset.

How upset?

Hate police.
Want revenge.

You have any reason to believe
that Charles is dangerous?

I pray each night he is not.

You think that's bad?

I was the first on a crime scene
where the power had gone out

in the building.

I was scoping around
with my flashlight,


I felt a very weird squish
under my foot.

What kind of squish?

The kind that your foot makes
when it steps on an eyeball.

Oh, my God!


Ugh! Wait,

did you actually
step on an eyeball?


Welcome back, kiddo.


Did you miss us?

Can we stop?

Stop what?

This endless accounting

of all the horrible,
awful things

that go on in the world.


Come on.

It just seems like

this is all we do
at family dinners.

Pass the potatoes
and bad karma.

And how exactly is it
that we're passing bad karma?

I don't know, Danny. I guess
I'm just not in the mood

to hear about
your double homicide in Harlem,

or the 11-year-old
that Jamie collared,

or the eyeball
that Eddie stepped on...

...the latest credible threat
from ISIS

that you received
from Washington,

and I'm sure
you don't want to hear

about the four-year-old
with cigarette burns

up and down her back
like tic-tac-toe,

and her mother,
who swears she just doesn't know

how they got there.


I just...


Everyone here's
been in your shoes.

You wearing my heels again?


it's just a long week.
I'm fine.

Or you will be.
It's okay.

JANKO: Most days I come home from work
a blubbering mess.

I don't even bother (phone ringing)
to wear mascara anymore.

I don't either.

(mild chuckling)

Sorry, I got to go.

My armed robbery Vic.

With no arms,

one eyeball and, uh, measles.

(phone continues ringing)


Is policeman who bangs on doors
like pots and pans, no?

Oh, it's you.

I have very big problem.

I need very much help.

Oh, now you need my help.

Okay, what's the problem?

I just get very bad text
from man on other side of wall.

Charles Morrow?

He tell me the policemen
come into the building.

He too scared
to go into his apartment,

so he go into mine.

He what?

It is bad.

I am at my sister's house
with my husband and family.

Husband found out,
this is very not good.

Okay, but if you're not home,

how did he get into
your apartment?

I told you.
He babysits.

He knows where spare key.

Here's what you're gonna do.

You're gonna stay
right where you are,

and whatever you do,
do not go home.

Okay? I'm gonna head over there

and see
what the hell's going on.

Come on, Charles, open the door!

This is your last warning!

You don't open it
now, we're coming in!

Hit it.

Let's go!
Go, go, go!

Take left!
Move it! Let's go!

Move! Move! Move!
Bedroom clear!

Kitchen clear!


What do you mean, "clear"?
Where the hell is he?

here's nobody here, Detective.

Son of a bitch.
He must be on the move.

He must have run out the window.
Come on!

Let's go! He's on the run!


Surprise. Come on.

On your feet.

Too bad you didn't have
a peephole camera

to record that, huh?

What the hell is wrong with you?

Sometimes I'm out of the bounds.

Let's go.

You're really gonna keep him?

After we collared
the purse snatcher,

Jamie looked at me and he said,

"We are not getting rid
of this dog."

Yeah, I didn't say
we were keeping him, either.

He means at our apartment.

We are keeping him, but not...

But he's gonna live
here at the precinct.

Which means

he's really all of our dog.

One hundred percent.

Yeah, and that means
everyone here

is gonna be
cleaning up after him.

Which means we should
all get a vote

on what his name is gonna be.

Oh, I hadn't even given thought

about what his name
was gonna be.

We did.


You got to be kidding me.

(Janko gasps, laughs)

I love it.
Oh, it's perfect.

Hey. Hey, yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


My brother was a good person.

I believe that.

You do?

Well, I didn't know him.

I believe you believe that.

He didn't deserve to die.

Let me tell you something
I've learned

in the couple of decades
on the job-- and you're young,

but you're starting
to see for yourself already.

Life is hard.

And it gets harder every
time you make a bad choice.

More bad choices you make,
the more they stack up.

And let me tell you something,

your brother's stack
was really high.

And you might think it
didn't have to end this way,

but it was never gonna be
a happy ending.

He came out of the box that way.

Always in trouble.

And you came out different.

But yet here you are,
collared for vandalism,

graffiti, trespassing.

Am I in a lot of trouble?

Well, that depends.

Depends which stack you're
gonna keep piling up.

You have a new stack,
which, I got to tell you,

is piling up pretty quick.

Or you can go back
to your old pile,

which is stacked
really high.

Good grades and great

I'm sorry.

I actually believe that you are.

So, what happens next?

You go in the system.

As a first-time offender
with a good track record,

you'll probably get off easy.

After that, it's up to you.

Thank you.

You really want to thank me,
you'll lose the word "pig"

from your vocabulary.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Everybody have what they need?

If you mean liquids, yes.

You are quick.

He's quick.

The other day,
when you said that everything

you said was true,
that was a lie.

Hey, any lies he tells come from
me, and I didn't give him any.

Mr. Mayor, to my knowledge,
everything I said is true.

Less than 20% of housing
inventory in the suburbs

where your cop pals live is
considered mid-century modern.

You took it literally
and looked it up?

I looked it up.


at his request.

Look, I, uh, am very sorry
you felt misled.

I was only trying to make
a point. Anything else?

Anything else what?

Anything else you want
to label me with lying about?




I can find money
for a thousand cops.

Even that's gonna cost me with
a dozen other city agencies,

especially the FDNY.

It's the best I can do.



Thank you.

You heard right, right?

A third of what you requested.

Any help will do.
I appreciate it.

That's it?

Uh, no threats to resign,

or to trash me in the Times?


So if I had said
a thousand cops from the top,

you would have been agreeable?

I might have been,
but you didn't offer

one single cop from the top.

Holy hell.
Are you really this good?

Is he?

So, the Times?

I sat down with them yesterday.

Before you knew what I'd do?

Well, me tearing down
the new mayor

wasn't gonna do
a lick of good for anybody.

But you said...

I said I could.

Big difference
between could and would.

So thank you. Shall we?

I'll show you out.

I'm right behind you.

Mr. Mayor.

One more true thing?

I will only ever come to you
in need or in service.

I won't exaggerate the need

nor try to service
any personal agenda.

You have my word.


next hundred days, maybe
you want to keep that in mind?



Jack? Uh...

Don't worry, I didn't, uh,
I didn't hijack dinner.

Nicky is still joining.

I wasn't worried.

I could see you having visions
of the two of us

as pawns in a bad
Parent Trap plot.

Okay, so maybe
slightly concerned.

I asked her to run
a quick errand for me

so that I could, I could just
have a second alone with you.

Look, Jack, about
the other day, I...

Thank you

for saying all of that.

Thank you?
You said

what I have wanted to say.

What I should have said
a long time ago.

I know that I hurt you.

And I could bore you
with all of the whys,

but we both know
that you are

a better lawyer than me,

and so you would poke a thousand
holes into my argument,

so let's just cut
to my summation.

I am sorry.

Oh, Jack.

I had a scare

the other day,

and it made me look at my life.

And you were all over it.

And the hurt part
was just a tiny chapter

in the whole story.

NICKY (sighs):

So, it's absolutely
pouring out there.

You really needed gum
that badly, Dad?

I'm s-- Uh, sorry, sweetie.

It, uh, probably
could have waited.

Now he tells me.

So, what looks good?


This looks good.

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