Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 18 - Hide in Plain Sight - full transcript

Danny and Baez are faced with tracking down a drug dealer after two young models are found dead from overdoses; Eddie and Jamie team up to determine who the mastermind is behind a robbery.

These are engineered to
block out any outside noise

and the sound quality is great.

- How much?
- Marked down for $299.

- Yo, hands up.
- Hold up, hold up!

G-Go to headphones, go to headphones.

- Come on, come on.
- Move, move, move, move.

Come on, come on.

Go, go fast!

Come on, come on, yo, get it all, man!

- Come on.
- Let's go, let's go.

Yes, ma'am. We're on it.

Fire started on the first floor.

It's a three-bedroom apartment.

It's under renovation. About 3:30 a.m.


Family of four.

They were home at the time.
The landlord got them out,

but the grandfather's at St.
Benjamin's for smoke inhalation.

Cause of fire?

Fire marshal says it's an arson.

There are traces of an accelerant

on an outlet that the
fire originated from.

All right, check with CSU,
see if they lifted

- any other forensic evidence.
- Okay.

And be sure to push them daily

if you want any results
by the end of the year.

It's April.


I can't tell you how honored I am,

to have you showing me
the ropes like this.

Well, take all the time you need

to get it right and you'll do just fine.

Keep your judgements to yourself.

Never share them until they become facts.

Especially to the press.

- This is Mr. McCormick.
- He's the landlord.

He lives upstairs.

This is A.D.A. Erin Reagan.

This is the man who saved the family.

I just did what I could.

We're gonna need to ask you
some routine questions

down at the precinct.

No problem. I'll grab my coat.

Gonna go back to the
precinct with the detectives,

see what this guy's got to say to them.

Okay, good. What?

The grandpa just died from his injuries.

Okay, so arson just became murder.

Sir, don't-don't touch that, please.

Ma'am, if you could
wait just a little bit longer,

we'd like to get a statement from you.

I'm gonna call in Crime Scene.

Let's gather everyone
out front and tape it off.

When the two females entered our ER,
we didn't think the cases

were connected at first,
until we had found evidence

of high doses of, uh, amphetamines

in both their systems.

Any signs of habitual usage?

No, but one of the nurses
recognized them.

Said they were Audrey Leon and
Leah Rooney, well-known models.

Models doing speed?
Like that never happens.

Yeah, I know, but this was
straight Benzedrine.

Wait, straight Benze-what?

A drug for those with severe
Parkinson's or epilepsy.

But to anyone else,

it's a massive overload to the systems.

So these kids using this as
some kind of party drug nowadays?

It'll keep you awake like any stimulant,

but it's also an excellent
tool for weight loss.

Where would they get
their hands on this drug?

I don't know.

I've never seen this strand used before.

Well, any other hospitals
reporting these types

- of overdoses?
- No, not yet.

Hey, but the day's young, huh?

The patient said one last thing
before she lost consciousness.

What's that?

"We were poisoned."

I wouldn't ask you to look into it

if I wasn't totally confident
of the outcome.

Then why ask me?

A priest's word that
another priest is innocent

of predatory behavior
needs supporting evidence.

Yeah, but you're not just
a priest, Your Eminence.

But it's the men in my position
who've had the heaviest hand

in moving the rotten apples
to other barrels.

So, the strength of my word
in these matters is diluted.

Why are you so certain he's so innocent?

And don't lord your office over me.

You want an investigation,
Kevin, we do it my way.

The cop way.

I taught him in the seminary.

I ordained him. I know him.


I-I've been doing this
most of my adult life.

And you get so you can tell
the difference between the ones

who enter the priesthood to
fulfill themselves and the ones

who are just looking for a place
to hide from themselves.

The accuser?

Anonymous to us.

But the lawyer's
a well-known ambulance chaser.

And the payouts are famously huge.

And in the legitimate cases,
never enough.

But there's also a concurrent complaint

about his relationship
with a... an 11-year-old boy.

A Sebastian Loomis.

You'll abide by my findings?


Even if I unscrew the cap on this thing

and it smells to high heaven?



No, sir, you can't be back here.

Sir, I'm sorry. You can't go in there.

Sir, I have to ask you to leave.

Someone needs to tell me what the hell

- is going on.
- Sure.

We'll take it from here.
Detective Reagan.

My partner, Detective Baez.

D-Detectives? What happened?

That's what we're here to figure out.

Who are you two?

I'm Jules Sarina, this is Samson James.

Yeah, I know.

- $300 T-shirts.
- Ah.

And what's your connection to the girls?

They're models for our line.

And how'd you track them down here?

Well, when they didn't post
on social media from last night

and they didn't show up
to a shoot this morning,

we knew something was up.

You always track down your employees

on social media when they show up late?

Well, these two are MVPs.

Where's Leah?

She passed away this morning.



Overdose. Benzedrine.

So, not your everyday nose candy.

You two have any idea

how these girls could've gotten
their hands on such a drug?

- No.
- You?


What is your relationship to the girls?

I look after them.

- Look after them?
- They're young girls

from small towns in the bright
lights of the big city.

I'm like their den mother.

How about you? You look
after the girls as well?

No, my relationship
is strictly professional.

How about your other
relationships? They professional?

Yes, of course.

And please stop trying to rattle us.

Believe it or not,
this is a huge personal loss

to both of us.

We may not have been

their family,
but we are still their family.

Were family, sadly to say.

Yes. Were.

Now, if you'll excuse me,

I'd like to make contact
with their parents.

Actually, we'd like
to make the notification.

And then you can call them.

Hang on... Sarge!


- This is Mia Martinez.
- She was at the door

when the perps entered.

But like I said, I didn't see much.

We're hearing the looters
are between 13 and 18.

Can you confirm that?

- Well, what'd you expect?
- Excuse me?

Teachers have been on strike
for what, three weeks now?

You're saying that they committed
a robbery to fill their free time?

Idle hands lead to no good.

Especially for these kinds of kids.

What kind of kids is that?

Just disadvantaged kids, the
kind fell through the cracks,

same as it ever was.

You got all that from them running by?

I'm a social worker.
I can see it in an instant.

Right, so you can tell us what
they looked like. Gender? Race?

Mixed, I guess.

- I got out as soon as I could.
- Why?

You ever been ran at
by a mob of teenagers?

What did you see?

Bunch of kids never had a chance
running past me.

Thank you.

A.D.A. Wilson, can you
comment on the fire?

You'll have to speak with the
fire marshal about the arson.

Uh... Oh, it's been ruled arson?

I... Uh...

Is the building owner being charged?

No. Dan McCormick is a hero.

So you're suggesting
the family started the fire?


I specifically told her
not to talk to the press,

and the first chance she gets,
she compromises the case.

Looks like she was ambushed.

The D.A. wants her fired.

Is that what you're gonna do?

I don't know.

Baker's not at her post.

She's out of the office this morning,

but I had her clear your schedule first.

- You did?
- Yes.

- We waiting on Garrett?
- No. Just us.

Everything okay?

I want you to look into that.

Ay, ay, ay.

There a problem?

Well, boss, I know
we don't talk about it much,

but I'm a Catholic.

So am I.

Not every Sunday, but a lot
of Sundays for a lot of years.


So I'm-I'm uncomfortable
looking into a priest.

So am I.

Could you maybe
choose an atheist for this?

Robbie Dupont over at SVU?
He's a big-time atheist.

You're also white, Irish and male.

Would you feel uncomfortable

investigating another white Irish male?

- Well, no, but...
- Then cut it out.

The archbishop asked me
and I am giving it to you.

Well, what's the outcome
we're looking for?

The truth. The whole truth.

And nothing but?

If the accusations

appear to have merit,
we will investigate further.

If they do not,
we need to muscle a lawyer

to step away from
a clearly fraudulent claim.

Who's the lawyer?

Uh, works out of Yonkers.

It's in there.

Ambulance chaser?


Or maybe just a noble crusader
for victims' rights.

Go see what's what.

And Sid?

This stays between us.

Copy that, boss.

A.D.A. Wilson. Do you want her?

I'm confused.

Word is Detective Abetemarco's
looking into my case.

At my request. And it's not your
case like those are your shoes.

- Talking to the press like that?
- Way out of line.

Uh, I was blindsided. I didn't... I...

Hence the phrase
"No comment at this time."

You gave away information
on a preliminary investigation.

Okay, so I can't, but you can?

Excuse me?

Uh, 2009, Brown v. The City of New York.

You called out to the press

for the whereabouts of Brown's sister.

Who was a person of interest
and in the wind.

Who turned out to be a dead end.

Totally different. And is that
where your bar is set?

"Maybe it's a dead end,
but, hey, I got on TV"?

It worked for you.

What exactly are you implying?

I'm just trying to follow your lead.

Of all the attorneys in this building,

you're the one who
I can learn the most from.

Well, maybe you should learn that we work

for the people of New York City.

That it's our job to find
justice for victims,

not muddy the waters.

I'm not trying to muddy any waters.

You're out of your league here.

Sorry, but I'm feeling really undermined.

Professionally and personally.

Well, your feelings
don't really factor in.

You're off the case.

Mr. James?

What are you doing here?

We came to look for you.

It's called "Anonymous," you know?

Couple hours before

two young girls overdosed,
you were photographed

walking out of a nightclub
with one on each arm.

What are you implying?

I'm implying that you know
more than you're telling us.

'Cause if you really cared

about those girls
the way you say you did,

you'd know what they were taking.

And you'd know who supplied them with it.

I put them in a cab and I went home.

Who's their dealer?

I don't know.

They knew exactly what to grab.

Must have got out with
upwards of $50,000.

How did a bunch of kids organize this?

It's actually kind of impressive, right?

Wait a sec. Is this Mia?

Yeah. What's she...

She's yelling at them.
Almost like she knows them.

She ain't calling 911.

What is this?

A lady with a story full of holes.

The accelerant was acetone.

Nail polish remover?

Which, as you know,
is sold at every drug store everywhere.

It was thrown into the outlet and ignited

to look like an electrical fire.



So, who are our suspects?

Someone who had access to the apartment.

Uh, apparently, there were
no signs of forced entry

and no open windows.

Who had access?

The contractor and the landlord.

Dan McCormick, our professed hero?

Apparently, he's in the red and, uh,

stands to make a bundle from insurance.

You think he did it?

My best guess?

He's either covering his ass
with whoever was responsible...

Or our white knight

is both our arsonist and our firefighter.


So you never left the store.

Why would you tell us that you did?

And you're yelling at these kids

like you're their mother.

Because you know them, don't you?

You work with them?


If you think you're protecting them,
you're not.

You don't know what some
of these kids been through.

This isn't about
what they've been through,

this is about what
they did in that store.

No, it's about what's been done to them,
by the system.

All right. I want the names of the kids

that you were yelling at.

Hi. Just curious how the case is going.

You ever track down who set that fire?

Yep. Followed the trail
right to Dan McCormick.

Dan McCormick is a hero.

- Only 'cause you called him one.
- He started that fire.

That's why he was able
to save them so quickly.

- I had it all wrong.
- No wonder she's so pissed at me.

Not to mention that you
specifically disregarded

her instructions
not to talk to the press.

How do I fix this?

I don't want to get in the middle.

Everyone warned me that she is...

What, a bitch?

I was gonna say "tough."

I like to call it having high standards,

which you did not live up to.

I made a mistake. I get it.

I don't think you do.

She was supposed to fire you today.

Yeah, a-and the only reason
you're still here is because,

for whatever reason,
she decided to give you another chance.

I didn't know that.

Yeah, well, now you do.

What can I do?

First of all, you're gonna
have to admit to your mistake.

With me, it usually comes
with a bottle of good whiskey,

but that's gonna look
too familiar on you.

Maybe there's something else she likes?

I mean, I don't know.
Get her some chocolate

from her favorite store,
the Brooklyn Chocolate Room.

She likes salted caramel.

Got it.

And maybe write her an apology letter.

That way you can say what you mean

without getting all tongue-tied

'cause of the truly terrifying
looks she shoots

when she's not happy with you.

Okay. Anything else?


Three more people died last night

because of this bad batch.
That's five total!

Now you need to start
being straight with us.

Three more?

- And counting.
- So what's it gonna be?

You want more blood on your
hands or are you gonna work with us?

I'll tell you whatever you want to know.

Start by giving us
the name of the dealer.

What makes you so sure I know it?

You're the den mother.
You said so yourself.

That doesn't mean I know
who they got their drugs from.

Well, then, you know somebody who knows.

Come on. A-A boyfriend,

a personal trainer, somebody.

Let me ask you a question first.

You don't ask us the questions.
We're asking you questions.

There are lives on the line here.

If I give you a name,

do you swear to leave me alone
going forward?

Well, I'll put it to you this way:

if you have a name and
you don't give it to us,

we're gonna make your
life hell going forward.

- How's that sound?
- Danny...

No, a 15-year-old girl
is the latest victim.

Okay? We need to find this guy!

Scooter Smith.

I have his contact in my phone in my bag.


So, there isn't a shred of
evidence that Father Kennelly

is guilty of predatory behavior

with young males now or in the past.

I knew it.


...he does have
a very unusual relationship

with the 11-year-old Sebastian Loomis.

You just said...

It's not that.

We believe Father Kennelly
may be the boy's father.

And the mother?

Works at the parish rectory,

as she did in his two previous parishes.

Is there evidence that there's
anything less than consensual?


But we haven't interviewed
either the mother or the father.

The boy attends the parish school,

is an altar boy at church

and spends a lot of time with his father,

which is what raised the eyebrows.

Couldn't you just have told me

that he's innocent of what I asked?

Is that what you really wanted, Kevin?

You always go above and beyond.

What are you gonna do?

The community will be crushed, but...

there's nothing else I can do.

You're sending him away?

You don't give me a choice.

I don't?

The information.

Hey, we don't have all the information.

We have enough.

Not for a decision like this, you don't.

You have a visitor, Father.

Commissioner Reagan.

Sorry to, uh, just show up like this.

Not at all. I, uh...

Please, sit.


I'm good.

Thank you.

Angelique, please join us.

I'm a little confused.

How do you know her name?

I know her name.

I know her son's name, too.

I know.

You understand?


Look, I'm not a cop, strictly speaking.

A police commissioner
cannot be a sworn member

of the department.

And I'm not here because
I think you broke the law.

Our law, anyway.

I understand.

But I was a cop.

I was a detective for a long time,

which means I sat on your side

of the confessional for years.

Which means I've got
a pretty good instinct

for knowing when
I'm getting the whole story...

...and when I'm not.


I betrayed my vows for a short period

12 years ago.

What's that mean, you betrayed
your vows for a short period?

I had a brief sexual
relationship with Angelique.



If anything, it was my doing.

- Angelique...
- My fault.

We agreed we had to separate our lives.

I returned to Dominica, where I realized

I was pregnant with Sebastian.

Couple years went by,

and I had the idea
Father should meet him.

It was a mistake.

Not to me.

We never had relations again.


...everyone thinks the vow of celibacy,

of no sex, is the biggest hurdle.

And for a time, when you're young, it is.

But there's a bigger hurdle
that you couldn't know about

when you were young.

Watching a dad shoot hoops with his boy.

The goofy standing ovation
at his daughter's recital.

Never knowing that blessing.

That was... is...

for me, insurmountable.

I could only imagine.

Did you really think no one
would ever figure it out?

Think it? No.

Not really.

Prayed for it, yes.

May I ask who sent you?

Someone who cares about you.

We'll need a phone number for your mom.

- Why?
- She'll need to come in.

We haven't seen our mom...

- Man, shut up!
- Hey, bro, chill.

You gonna call Child Services?

Should I call Child Services?

- No.
- Your dad around?

He's at work, in North Carolina.

We would like to speak to an adult.

I am an adult. I'm 18.

Okay, then you can come with me.

- Let's go.
- Wait.

Can my brother come, too?

He's a juvenile.

I won't talk without him.

Then you better start talking. Come on.

Scooter Smith.

They found two kilos in coffee cans

in the freezer in your apartment.

That's real weight.

Yeah, laugh it up.

That all we've found so far.

It's not mine.


I hope you're good
at your job, Counsellor.

You should play ball.

What do you want?

Those two girls buy the drugs themselves?

Audrey and Leah.
Or was there a go-between?

Who and who?

Audrey Leon and Leah Rooney.
The two victims.

No, no, I never heard of them, I swear.

Then who bought the drugs?

- The lady.
- What lady?

The lady. The one that
called me with the heads-up.

That we were on our way?

Jules Sarina?


She know we picked you up?

She'll figure because
she can't get a hold of me.

Okay. Give me a sec.

- Sit on that one.
- You got it.

Son of a bitch.

Hey, it was Jules.

So she's probably on the move.

If she knows we know,
she's definitely on the move.


- Hi.
- I'm not sure

if it's important at all,
but Dan McCormick thought

that the family wasn't home
at the time of the fire.

They were supposed to be
away that weekend.

How do you know that?

When I was still on the case,
I interviewed his secretary,

and I gave her my card.

She just reached out to me.

I let her know I'm not
on the case anymore,

and I referred her to you.

Okay, I'll follow up. Thank you.

Okay, um, here is her number.

And I... wrote you a letter.

A letter?

Saying how sorry I am
for totally screwing up.

Uh, I'm the first person in my family

to graduate college,

never mind become a lawyer,

and my parents are really proud.

So if I had been fired, um...

Just... Thank you for
giving me another chance.

I won't let you down again.

And you don't know anyone else
who was involved?


You neither?

How many times we gotta say it?

No more times. That's it.

- That's it?
- Yeah.

Now you both go into the system.

- Together?
- No. Adult, juvie.

Ask you one last thing, though.

What'd you guys get for
those Leicas that you lifted?

I didn't lift no...

- What?
- Leicas.


Got you on tape toting more
than $30,000 worth of Leicas

- out of there.
- Oh, no.

I don't think they knew
what they had, Sarge.

30 grand?!

On the street?

No, on the street, more like eight.

Seven, eight each.

Last chance, you guys.

Somebody give you a shopping list?

- Yeah. And the layout of the store.
- Man, shut up!

Nah, bro, I'm not about to
let us take the fall for her.

For who?

It was Mia.

From the community center?

Bitch gave us $100 on eight grand.

You want to pay her back?

I got this.

We catch a break?

You tell us everything you know,
and I will talk to the D.A.

- Okay.
- Okay.

All right.

So McCormick had motive and opportunity.

Well, I need evidence.

Yeah, well,
there were cameras on the first floor

which probably recorded
whoever went into the apartment

- to start the fire.
- That's great.

Yeah, but supposedly,
the system wasn't operational

because they were upgrading it.

That's convenient.

Yeah. And the upgrade
coincides with Wilson

dropping the bomb
that the fire was arson.

McCormick knows we got nothing.

Maybe not.

What do you mean?

It means I have an idea,
but that would require you

being a really good actor.

Yeah, well, good luck with that.

I'm telling you it's a waste of time.

She's in the wind.

You want to sign off

on paperwork says we
didn't check her residence?

I'm just saying...

Her cell phone still pings from home.

Well, maybe she's smart
enough to leave it at home,

because if she is on the run,

she knows that's the only way
we could track her.

Ms. Sarina?

Ms. Sarina,
it's Detectives Reagan and Baez!

She's still warm... get her down.

Come on. Cut her.

Cut her.

Get a bus, get a bus!

Thank you for coming in.

I don't know why I'm here.

I've already answered all your questions.

Well, the thing is, we
got some new information.

Detectives found security footage

of you entering the apartment.

- No, there's no security footage.
- I told you already...

Well, the security footage we have

are not from your cameras.

I don't know what you're talking about.

This was in the Martins' apartment.

Know what it is?

A clock?

It's a nanny cam.

Pretending to be a clock.

You see, the Martins
were supposed to go away

this weekend,
so they set up a hidden camera

to keep an eye on the renovations.

And it picked you up
throwing a flammable liquid

into the electrical socket,
and igniting it.

So... can keep lying to us

or you can come clean and
tell us what really happened.

I wouldn't intentionally hurt someone.

You thought they were
gonna be out of town

when you lit the fire.

I swear to you... I didn't know.

As soon as I realized they were home,

I ran in to get them.

I'm so sorry.

Anthony said you wanted to see me?

Dan McCormick was in the red.

Thought that he was better off
with the insurance money,

so when he thought the Martin family

was supposed to be out of town,

he lit the place to save a buck.

Solid motive, but a little
less heroic, wouldn't you say?


We arrested him

on arson and felony murder.

Does that sound about right to you?


Your information about McCormick

wanting to make sure everyone
was out of town that weekend

actually helped us break the story.

I'm glad I could do something right.


Your letter was sincere,

unsparing and appreciated.

I am glad...

Never put yourself
in a position where you have

to write one like that again.

- Okay.
- You can't write regrets

to the survivor of a crime
the perp walked on

because of your mistakes.

And you can't write "I'm sorry"

to the person who was
wrongfully imprisoned

because of your mistakes.

I've tried both.

No one wants to hear it.

Get it right the first time

or find another line of work.

There are no mulligans here.

- Okay.
- And take

Anthony's advice on etiquette
with a grain of salt.

Thank you, Ms. Reagan.

The arraignment is in 20 minutes.

Would you like to come?

I would be honored.

Try not to look surprised at anything.

It broadcasts that you're a rookie.

I'll go get my coat.

You invited her to the arraignment,
didn't you?

I think these are yours.

Oh, thanks.

You have anything to say for yourself?


Anthony, you had her get
your favorite chocolates.

Well, you weren't gonna eat them anyway.

You're such a shyster.

Yeah, and you're a pushover.

Don't tell anyone.

Pretty good... you want one?


So I forgave her.


Just like that?

No, not just like that.

I raked her over the coals,
and then I forgave her.

- Good for you.
- You got a problem with forgiveness?

Only that it's overrated.

Whoa, remind me not to cross him.

Don't cross him.

Thank you.

"To err is human, to forgive, divine."

And it's also important to be careful

about who and what and when you forgive.

I'm not saying not to forgive.

It's just... most people
ask for forgiveness

because they can't forgive themselves,

so they go looking
for some phony affirmation

that somebody knows they meant well.

So what's the case?

What are you talking about?

What's the case that's
got you feeling so cynical?

Hey, you threw this hand grenade.

There was a woman who supplied bad drugs

to two young girls who worked for her.

They both OD'd and died and...

she lied and tried to hide her actions.

Well, yeah, that's pretty unforgivable.

I'll give you that.

But we don't have to worry
about forgiving her now,

'cause she killed herself.

She... couldn't forgive herself

and didn't want to waste
everyone's time asking them to,

so she did what she did.

Funny thing is as cowardly as it is,

I kind of respect her for it.

Whoa, Danny.

That's a hard line.

I wasn't expecting to feel
this way about it, Gramps,

but it is what it is.

Yes, and you're forgiven for it.

That's not what I was asking for, Dad.

I know that.

I forgive you, too, Dad.

Well, thanks.

Is there something you
should be forgiven for?

- No, I'm good.
- You sure?

Can't a guy just be nice?

I suppose.

Because I though the
might tell me the truth

in a way that he would
not or could not with you.

That's pretty presumptuous of you.

Oh, come on, Kevin!

The rank and file don't talk to a you

or a me with total honesty.

Goes with the stars,
the big hats, whatever.

We're not meant to be
shoulders to cry on.

Yes... but don't forget

you came to me out of concern

for this particular priest.

Concern for his welfare.

Yes, so?

So... don't lose that in the confusion.

I bet he's still the fine
priest you thought he was.

Well, thank you for pointing that out.

But I'm afraid there's no confusion.

I don't have choices here.

So you're moving him.


Now, don't get mad...

Then don't continue with the thought.

Father Kennelly has a son.

And he has a relationship with that son.

Yes, and if he wants to
continue with that relationship

in this manner,
he can leave the priesthood.

You got a big surplus of good priests?

You look the other way on a good cop

who breaks one of your house rules?


But I weigh it against his
value to the people we serve.

And I wish I had that latitude.

I really do.

But unlike with you,
the buck doesn't stop here.

I understand.

Young priest out in White stone
this past May,

I was giving him his last rites.

He died too young.

And he confessed.

He said, "You know what
we priests talk about

"when we get together?


"And not as in, 'aren't we blessed

that we can't have families.'"

But you know the deal when you sign up.

It's not like it's in the fine print.

You're a good friend, Frank.

I'll be thanking you
with every toss and turn

of my sleepless nights.

May God bless you, Kevin.