Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 11 - Careful What You Wish For - full transcript

After an EMT is shot and killed, Danny and Baez work to determine who is behind a chain of ambulance robberies; Frank defends New York's homeless community after the mayor puts a new law in place.

Two-Nine David,

you have a 10-54...
unconscious male

in front of the Bitterman
Housing Complex.

show Two-Nine Sergeant responding.

Your Cowboys got crushed
last night.

For the love of God,
Reagan, don't bring that up.

He's been sulking all day.

I wasn't sulking.

The caller said they found
the body in the courtyard?

Looks like the caller
didn't stick around.

I think he's still breathing.


- Quick, over here.
- Get down.


Stay down.

Come on.
Stick with me, okay?

Central, Two-Nine Sergeant.
10-13, 10-13.

- I got an EMT shot. Shots fired
- Wayne...

at the Bitterman Complex.

Mary's waiting for you.
The kids are waiting for you.

You've got to get home,
okay, Wayne?

They're waiting for you
at home.

Come on.
Stick with me, okay?

Katrina, your shoulder.

Katrina, you're hit.
Wayne, stick with me.

Wayne, Wayne,
we got to get you home, okay?

We're gonna
get you home.

ADA Reagan,
what's your recommendation

- on a plea to the charge?
- Your Honor,

although drug possession
is a nonviolent crime,

Mr. Siriani has many priors.

His actions
demonstrate that

he is a threat
to the community,

and significant jail time
is necessary.

The court hears
your recommendation, Counselor.

- Thank you.
- But we will be rejecting it.

Your Honor?

This court believes
in rehabilitation

over incarceration.

I'm sending this case
to drug treatment court,

so Mr. Siriani may have
a chance at the former.

- Rehab, Your Honor?
- Yes.

But he has assault
on his record.

You've already made
your argument, ADA Reagan.

Now you have my ruling.
That'll be all.

Do you really think rehab is appropriate,
Judge Harvey?

You know, I'd forgotten what
it was like working with you

for one precious moment.

Well, I haven't,
and you never would have let him walk

as an ADA.

I'm not a prosecutor anymore,
as you may have noticed.

But if you were,
you would have pushed for

a much harsher sentence
than I did.

Times have changed.

Addiction is an illness,
rehab the appropriate response.

But not with a history
of violence.

He'll be locked
in a 24-hour clinic.

He should be
locked up in jail.

Look, just because
we worked together

doesn't mean you get to
come in here and strong-arm me.

I'm just trying
to understand

how you just let
a violent offender walk.

I chose the bench, Erin.

From what I understand,
you could have, too,

but you didn't.

What is that supposed to mean?

It means
I'm the judge here.

And it's my judgment
that matters, not yours.

Now, I'm sorry, but I have
more important cases

than this one to attend to.



Hey. You okay, boss?

Yeah, I'm fine.

What are you guys
doing here?

We caught a, uh, EMT homicide
recently ourselves.

- You think there's a connection?
- Same M.O.

There's been a pattern
of ambulances

getting baited and hit recently.

What for?

- That's an elaborate way to score drugs.
- Well, they're not using 'em.

They're selling 'em.
There's a lot of money

in the back of them buses.

Well, I got a good look at
the guy who was playing dead.

We can sit down with a sketch
artist when you're ready.

Okay, I'm ready.

You're ready?
You sure?

Yeah, look,
I didn't know Wayne that well,

but I've seen him save
more than one life.

So whoever did this,
I want to get 'em.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Look, we appreciate
your help, okay,

but we got it from here.

Look, yeah, I know
the lay of the land,

- so I can help.
- You could've fooled me.

You just almost
got yourself shot.

Why don't you just fall back?
I'm fine, Danny.

Black, one sugar.

Thank you.

Mr. Mayor.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Frank.

Sit, sit.

So... it was a nice

Very nice.

But just the calm
before the storm,

as it turns out.

Hey, it's 44 degrees
and sunny outside.

This holiday season,
year to year,

hotel occupancies are
down seven percent,

and overall tourist revenue
is down ten percent.

Well... I'm not really
much of a finance guy.

Well, the holidays are
supposed to be a time

of joy and cheer...
and cash flow.

And optimism.

Especially optimism.
Crime rates were down.

Petty crime was up.

Ass-grabbing Elmos
in Times Square... up.

Assaults by homeless
zombies... up.

And we are proactive,
but we can't be everywhere.

Which means, in practice,
that you're reactive,

already behind the curve.

It's not a curve, Mr. Mayor.

It's eight million-plus citizens
who aren't always upstanding.

- Then manage it.
- I do manage it.

Within bounds?

Within the law.


I'm changing
the vagrancy laws.

Mr. Mayor...

you can't just change
the law.

Watch me.

Watch you what?

Vagrancy Enforcement 332.10
stipulates that the police

can forcibly remove
a homeless person

from the street when
the temperature drops

below 32 degrees.
For their safety.

The agency that sets
that threshold

answers to the mayor.

And the new threshold?

49 degrees.


I'm taking the cuffs off you
so you can

take 'em off
your men and women.

So it's just a cattle drive.

It's a sweep that every
honest taxpayer in this city

is going to applaud you for.

And it starts tomorrow night.

Excuse me, you expect me
to mount an operation

of this scale...

Yes. And with all your
lights and sirens.

I'd like to see it
on the news at 11:00.

Just say it loud.

"There's a new sheriff in town."

there's a new mayor in town.

The sheriff's been here
a while.

I'll take it
under consideration.


All due consideration.

Frank, I'm giving you
the tools you've always wanted.

All I'm asking in return
is that you use them.

Copy that.

And I'd remind you
what we agreed to

when we last met.

What you say goes.
Copy that, too.

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Season 10 Episode 11

Episode Title :"Careful What You Wish For"


Detective Reagan,
my partner Detective Baez.

Jamie's brother?

Yeah, that one.

I owe him big-time.

I'll be sure to let him know.

How's she doing?

She's in shock.

But still found it in her
to tell me how your brother

saved her life;
she's grateful, so am I.

Good. Well, we're just gonna
ask her a few questions.

Oh, no, no, no.
Not now.

We need to get the story
while it's fresh in her head.

Do you mind?

What the hell are you doing?

Imagine one of you saw
the other get killed.

Do you think you'd
want to relive that

in front of a total stranger
right after?

I don't know, but if somebody
killed my partner,

I'd be willing to swallow
whatever pill I had to

to find the son of a bitch
who did it.

I'm pretty sure she'd be willing
to do the same for her partner.

With all due respect,
would you step aside, please?

And you didn't see anyone else

besides the perp
pretending to be dead?

No. Just him.

And then
there were gunshots.

And... after that, it's all a blur.

Okay. Thank you
for your time.

Just one last question.

Why is it that you have
your captain guarding the door?

Uh, Captain Higgins is
a little overprotective


He's like a father figure.

Sounds like a healthy
work relationship.

Or maybe he just didn't
want us to see you

for some reason.

What do you mean?

Well, it takes a certain
expertise to access

the back of one
of those ambulances.

Which means,
in all likelihood,

- an EMT was involved.
- Higgins?

I mean,
he would never...

Then why didn't he want
us to talk to you?

He's a good guy.

I mean, he's made
mistakes, but...

What mistakes?

I don't know.

Never mind.

Is there something we should
know about Captain Higgins

that you're not telling us?

No. Nothing.

And I'm not saying
anything else without a lawyer.



Restaurants and
hipster shopping.

Tribeca but not Chinatown?

They sweep their own sidewalks.
I got to hand it to the mayor.

This is a pretty smart grid
if you want to make New York

look like a college campus
on parents weekend.

Long Island City.

A minute ago, there was nothing
there but rats and hookers.

Now it's waterfront condos
and voting millennials.

You know what's not on here?
Our area.

Police headquarters, City Hall.

No one stays, eats
or clubs here.

"Goes clubbing here."

- Right.
- Hey, guys,

guess what.

This is great news.

For who?
The Chamber of Commerce?

The I Heart New York chairwoman?

For us. Boss, our guys walking
the beat are gonna love this.

I don't know one of 'em,
it don't burn their tail

that they got to dance around
all those human land mines.

But tomorrow night?
What's the big rush?

Ten years we've been
waiting for the mayor

to say "take the gloves off."

I would not
call that a rush.

But New York isn't the same city
it was ten years ago.

Which is exactly why I asked him
to let me hold this policy up

against the new landscape.

And he denied you?

More like, if I even considered
taking a second glance,

I'd be denying him.

We start this sweep
all of a sudden,

it's gonna look like payback.

So make sure
it doesn't look like that.

It's not that easy.

You can't handle it?

Of course he can.

This may be at cost to our standing
in the community.

the hobo community?

No one says hobo

Well, we will have
to handle the blowback

because we are going
to execute this operation,

because it is exactly
the kind of promise

that got him elected
by a landslide.

In that sense, we are
giving the people what they want.

And not for nothing, boss,

the mayor's giving our cops
what theywant.

That, too.


This doesn't make any sense.

I mean, you remember

what Judge Harvey
was like as an ADA.

We used to call her
the Iron Maiden.

Yeah, she took no prisoners.

She was scary.

She always pushed
for the maximum sentence.

Really scary.

Second scariest ADA
I ever worked with.

- Maybe she's playing politics?
- How?

Changing her tune
now that she's a public figure.

No jail time

for any crime
that could be spun as petty.

- Doesn't make sense.
- I know.

That's what's bothering me.
None of this makes sense.

It's so clear that
Siriani should be kept off the streets.

Yeah, uh,
about that.


Well, he's back on 'em.

Skipped out of rehab last night,
uh, he's been M.I.A. since.

He didn't even last
a day?

We're gonna find out
what happened

and where he might
be going next.

Erin, we can't go
after every drug user

every time they relapse.

Come on.
Let it go.

So, I read online that
I get a $500 incentive

'cause I recruited this guy.

Uh, w-we get a $500 incentive,
considering all accounts

and credit cards
are officially combined.

That's right.

So I'll just print this out
for you to sign

and we'll be
on our way.


How are you ever gonna be able
to buy me a secret gift?

Guess I can't.

Oh, no.

I think
I need to cancel this.

Or you could just
not go digging for it.

We both know
that's not an option.

Hey, what, um,
what's this other account?

Oh, that's just some
old savings account.

I-It's nothing, really.

A hundred grand?

That's not nothing.

Why wouldn't
you tell me about that?

I-It's not really mine.

Whose is it?

My dad's.

I already gave their
descriptions to the police.

Their descriptions?

So it wasn't just
Siriani who escaped?

No, he recruited another user.
Harris Hicks.

It's a shame, really.

Who's Harris Hicks?

A young patient
who was showing signs of recovery.

The courts
don't understand.

When you dump a hard-core user
like Siriani into the tank,

it pollutes the rest
of the water.

You have any idea of
where they were headed?

I left that job
to the cops.

Little busy here
with my own job.

So busy you let him escape
on the first day.

We knew
Siriani was a flight risk,

but with all the patients
we've had thrown at us,

we couldn't keep
a close enough eye.

You knew he was a risk
from his record?

That, and we were warned.

- By who?
- Someone from the courthouse called.

Don't remember who exactly.

Thank you.


You were right.
There was an attempted

armed robbery
at St. Irene's Hospital.

Two perps attempted to steal,
uh, drugs at gunpoint.

They both got away

And one of the descriptions

matches Siriani?

Yeah. And they're both
still at large.

Captain Higgins.

Not again.

- Good to see you, too.
- What do you want?

We want to take a look
at your personnel logs.


We're looking for patterns
in ambulance deployment.

And the personnel logs?
Why would you need those?

Captain, this isn't
Twenty Questions.

You think
an EMT's involved?

Oh, you two have got
a sense of humor.

Actually, we don't have
a sense of humor.

Not when a New York City
cop almost got killed.

Almost got killed.

It's EMTs who are dying out there,
let me remind you.

Yeah, actually, we're gonna need
to see your personal files, too.

What, you think
I'm involved?

Are you?

Cops aren't the only ones with
a sense of loyalty, you know.

We'd never set each other up.

I'd never set up
one of my guys.

Good. Then you shouldn't have a
problem giving us what we want.

Not a chance.

Sound like obstructing to you?

- Sure does.
- It's not,

unless you got
a subpoena.

Oh, actually, now that you
mention it, uh... I do.

Got a load of
whites in the dryer,

the sheets need changing,

and don't forget
to change the duvet.

Oh, that's my least
favorite job.

That is everyone's
least favorite job.

Sarge, you still interested
in working

that, uh, tour Saturday?

Uh, yes.
Thank you, Marisol.

You're working
weekends now?

Yeah, just the one, for now.

Why? We hardly see
each other as it is.

Well, I had a ten-year plan
to pay off my student loan debt,

but that's when
I was a bachelor.

And now that we might
want a family,

I'm gonna cut that
in half.

So what, we're not gonna see
each other for five years?

No, I'm just taking on
a little more,

get us a little closer
to that goal.

Well, I can help.

No, this is not your debt,
Eddie. It's mine.

- What's yours is mine now.
- Yeah, but not this.

I mean, you didn't go
to three years of law school

to not make
a lawyer's salary.

Well, if you'd become a lawyer,
you never would've met me.

Harvard education: $300,000.

A lifetime with you: priceless.


I got about a third
of it left, yeah.

We could, we could use
the money from my dad.

No, Eddie...

W-We don't know that it's dirty.

Based on the fact
that you haven't used it,

I think that you think
it is.

Okay, I admit
I don't trust my dad.

And certainly not his money.

But this is our future
we're talking about here.

Okay, but what about the future
of those people whose lives

were affected
by your father's schemes?

I mean, maybe that money
belongs to them.

Oh, I'm sure they've
been taken care of.

Did the government claw back

money for their reparations?

Claw back?
I-I don't know.

Look, I've got this
under control.

Don't worry about it,

A homeless man died
in custody last night

during the sweep
in Williamsburg.


Cause of death?

M.E. ruled it a heart attack.

Any evidence, that our guys
were rough with him?

but it doesn't matter.

The fact that they were forcing
him to a shelter is enough.

But he was clearly
in bad health to begin with.

But he was
also a beloved fixture

on Bedford Street
for years.

They're gonna say the NYPD
caused his death.

Yes, I can handle
the fallout.



If you put it out there
that we're just making good

on one of the mayor's
campaign promises,

that's not handling it,
that's passing the buck.

You're good.

No, I've just known you
for a long time.

Well, how, then?

Well, I-I'm sure some
of our guys got scuffed up,

maybe stuck
with needles.

Concede there were injuries
on both sides.

I don't have that information.

Well, Sid does.
Where's Sid?

He's out checking
on some of the precincts

that carried out
the operation.

I'm sure
he'll be back soon.

Okay, when he gets back,
download his war stories

from the sweep
and use it to shore up our side.

Why are you so certain
he's gonna have war stories?

It's Sid.
He's gonna have stories

that make our cops
look like heroes.

Are they gonna be true?

I hope so.

So you didn't recognize
anybody in the lineup?

I think I'd remember the guy who
tried to lure me to my death.

Fair enough. All right, well,
thanks for coming down.

Well, can I help you
with something else?

No. I appreciate all
you've done so far. It's good.

Sure? Seems like
you could use the help.

What is that supposed
to mean?

Well, that lineup was
kind of a Hail Mary.

Well, we have other avenues
we're pursuing, you know.

You still looking at
the EMTs?

- Who told you that?
- Higgins.

He called me, thanked me and
cursed you in the same breath.

Higgins, huh?
Okay, good.

Well, now, he just shot up to
the top of my list of suspects.

Always guilty until proven

- innocent in your book.
- What, you don't find it

suspicious that
Higgins is trying

to derail
my investigation?

He said he was gonna
comply with the subpoena.

We'll see about that.

I just don't think he's capable
of something like this.

And I didn't ask you
what you think.

- Now, thanks for coming down.
- Hey, Danny, come on.

I was there.
I know the players.

Mm-hmm. I think you know
the players a little too good.

Maybe you're getting a little
close to this, huh?

When's that
ever stopped you?

Well, since when
do you want to be like me?

Would you stop trying
to protect me and let me help.

Come on.

Excuse me.

- I'm looking for Mr. Wallace.
- Who's asking?

- You know, it'll just be a sec.
- Excuse me.

You can give your case
to Elaine out front.

Oh, I don't have a case.

What now, Officer?

I'm just
here to talk to you.

We got everything in order,
as usual.

This is a personal matter.


You represented my dad,

Armin Janko.

You're Armin's daughter?

I am.

Oh, wow.

It is great
to meet you, kid.

I have heard
so much about you.

You have?

Do you know how
many hours I spent

- with your old man?
- I'm gonna go with a lot,

considering how many lawsuits
he had against him.

I could hardly get

a word in when he was bragging
about his little girl.

He didn't care about
wasting billable hours.


Please sit down.
What can I do for you, sweetheart?

Well, um...
he left me this trust.

I know.
Good man.

Well, I was wondering
if it would be possible

to go through the files
you have on him.

You want to know
if it's clean.


- Piece of advice?
- Sure.

Don't go looking for things
you don't want to find.

Judge Harvey.

ADA Reagan, I'd love to chat,

- but I have a hearing to get to.
- Siriani cut out

of rehab yesterday

with a young patient
he recruited.

They're the leading suspects
in an attempted armed robbery.

You come all this way to say,
"I told you so"?

No. For help on where
Siriani might go next.

Why would I be able
to help with that?

'Cause you grew
up together.

You were neighbors.


almost like siblings.

Has he hurt anyone?

Not yet.
He won't.

He's a good person, Erin.

He's an unstable person
with a drug problem and a gun.

A gun? No, no, no.
That doesn't make any sense.

It does to me.
He's got a history of violence.

Assault in a bar

and armed robbery
aren't exactly the same...

Come on, Cheryl,
you keep covering for this guy

and someone's gonna
end up dead.

It's-it's not like he told me
where he shot up.

Okay, what about
St. Irene's?

I mean, a hospital
isn't the first place

an addict looks to score.

A hospital is where he got
hooked in the first place.


He was a nurse.

Practiced at St. Irene's
and a few others.

A few others?

I'm gonna need a list,

starting with the ones
closest to St. Irene's.

And another thing,

I'll need a warrant.

That Higgins
is a real hothead.

And you're so
calm and cool?

Like the other side
of the pillow.


Can't believe he actually
complied with the subpoena

and sent all this
stuff over here.

Well, I get why
he wouldn't want to.

Cheated OT hours, the number
of saves his team made.

I don't see anything
that suggests

he was involved
in the robberies, though.

No, but take a look at this.

Something seems off
with Wayne and Katrina's

inventory, like
it's been doctored.

They were
stealing drugs

from their own bus?

But they were the ones
who were shot at.

- Wayne's our victim, remember?
- Yeah.

And Katrina's also been keeping
secrets from us the entire time.

I'm just saying,
maybe we got to step it up

with her, get her down here
without a lawyer.

How you gonna do that?

Could do it by tapping the
person who just saved her life.

You better do it quick.

Another bus
just got hit.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Big case?

My dad's case.


Hear me out, some of these
investments are real.

The money wasn't
necessarily "clawed back,"

although I'm not totally sure
what that even means.

It's a legal term
for forcing money away from...

But it looks like
this particular money

wasn't taken back because
it was part of a tech investment

that went really big.

Okay, well, where'd the initial
seed money come from?

I'm not exactly sure,
but my point is,

we know more than
we don't know.

Hey, look, I know
it must be hard for you

with your dad being...

Being what?

- You know.
- No, tell me.

I just mean that,

you know,
you're not like your father.

Would it be so bad
if I was?

No, of course not.
I'm just saying, you know,

you don't have to live
with his mistakes.

Was he perfect?

but nobody is as perfect
as your family.

I didn't say that.

He worked really hard.
He gave me a good life,

even though it wasn't always
inside the lines.

Eddie, we don't need
to take that money.

I'll figure it out.


If you turn the page,
you'll see your...

CCRB has called
an emergency meeting

concerning the sweep.

What, so? They call everything
an emergency.

You know what
CCRB stands for?

Civilian's Complaint
Review Board.

Cranky Crybabies Review Board.
What's their beef this time?

That we're just
moving the homeless

from the commercial districts to
the residential neighborhoods.

Which is, in fact,

When the shelters fill up,
there will always be spillover.

I need Sid.

He's unavailable.

How can he be unavailable
when I need him?

He told me to tell you
that he has

some housekeeping
to attend to.


That's what he said, sir.

You know what I think?

I think you know something
I don't know.

He's in his office.


As you were.

Wait your turn.
Carry on.

Sorry, boss,
I wasn't expecting you.


Uh, if you could give us
a minute, Captains.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

Well, I just don't want
to bother you with this.

Isn't that what I do
for a living?

We're just going over our recon
from the other night.

And how's that going?

It's going good, boss, good.

Going good.
So you got the commanders

of five different precincts here
for what, a retirement party?

No, boss.

Then don't tell me "good."

It's just that
it all happened so fast.

That's what the victim
always says.

Are our cops victims in this?

No, sir.

Then what?

May I speak freely, sir?

You better.

The guys are saying
next sweep

they want hazmat suits
and golden overtime.

These people don't want
to be moved, sir,

and they make it real difficult
on our guys.

15 minutes,
I want everyone

where they should've been
in the first place,

my conference room.


ADA Reagan.
Can I have a word with Siriani?

So, where'd you ditch
the gun?

What gun?

The gun you used on the other
hospital that you tried to rob.

No, that wasn't my idea.
I didn't even know he had a gun.

You're gonna
tell me that

you didn't orchestrate
this whole thing?

I didn't, I swear.

Then why are we standing

at another hospital
you worked for?

Because he made me
bring him.

Harris Hicks?

He figured a way
to escape the facility,

and he said he'd get me out, too,
if, if I helped him score.

Then why isn't he here?

Well, he saw the cops
and he took off.

I-I shouldn't have said

Wait, did you give him
another target?

Shouldn't have said anything.
I shouldn't have...

Mark, where is he going?
Other than the hospitals,

I don't know
where to score drugs,

but I knew where we could get
money for 'em.

Mark, where did you send him?

She only ever tried
to help me.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- I'm so sorry.
- Guys!

- Get a hold of her?
- No, she's not picking up.

You got here fast.

Well, I knew
if I didn't, uh,

you'd be the first one
through the door.

Wait here.


Put the gun down, Judge.

Cheryl, you okay?

- He just came at me, I just...
- Okay.

All right, okay, okay.

Give me your weapon.


- Description matches Hicks.
- Who?

Siriani's accomplice
from the clinic.

He gave Hicks your address.

No, but I-I was just
trying to help.

- Why...
- I know, I know, I know.

It's okay, it's okay.

This way.

I really don't think
this is a good idea.

We need your help,

so that nobody else
ends up like Wayne.

I've already told you
everything I know.

Like how you were
stealing drugs

from your own ambulance?

We saw
your doctored logs.

That's why you told Higgins to
keep us out of the hospital, right?

No, I just wanted privacy.

I mean, to move on
from all this. Please.

I know, Katrina.
I want to move on, too.

But none of us
can move on

until we know
who the hell did this.

he's got a wife and kids.

Don't you think
they'd want to know

more than anyone else
who did this?

If they ever found out...
Found out what, Katrina?


Did Wayne have something to do
with these robberies?


Wayne got involved
with some bad people.

Helped them
set up ambulances and...

gave them the technical
expertise to rob them.

In exchange for a profit?


And you were innocent
in all of this?

No, I tried to get him to stop,

but he kept saying
just one more...

Until somebody got killed.

It was an accident.

After that other EMT died,

Wayne wanted out, but...

he knew too much.

It made him a loose end, and...

- I... Oh, God...
- Now what?

You're afraid that
you're a loose end, too?

They saw me.

They know
I was his partner.

Nothing's gonna
happen to you.

But you need to tell us
how these buses are getting hit.


Katrina said the call
would come in before rush hour.

You got somewhere
you're supposed to be?

Yeah, I was gonna
try to catch Eddie.

- Talk to her for a sec.
- Mm.

Trouble in paradise?

- It's fine.
- Mm-hmm.


You don't even know
what happened.

- Doesn't matter. Apologize.
- He's right.


There's a head
injury at 3100 Graham Avenue.

Female, approximately
75 years of age.

So, Wayne...

patched into the dispatch?

Yeah, sent the fattest lambs
to the slaughter.

And taught these thugs
how to use it, too.

I, uh...

I appreciate you getting
to the bottom of this.

We appreciate your help,

There is
an unconscious male,

side of Bedford
housing projects,

approximately 21 years of age,
lying on the pavement.

Caller states male does not
appear to be breathing.

- Got it? It's go time.
- Yeah.

Don't move!


Hands up!

Keep 'em up.
Keep 'em up.

You set us up.

Yeah. You know
what they call that?

Taste of
your own medicine.

You're damn right.

And... one other thing

before we...

Kick the elephant
further down the road?

If you are unhappy

or uncomfortable with
any of your security detail,

please come to me directly.

In terms of?

Any private activity
you enjoy

that you might enjoy less
with cops around.

It's been a while
since I got high.

And if I were to partake,
it would be an edible.

But thank you.

Hey, just making the offer.

What else did your
research on me turn up?

That you believe
one of the keys to your success

is understanding
how delivery systems need to work,


you misread
our homeless problem that way.

How so?

Well, you were asking
my cops,

who were trained
to uphold the law,

to go around the law
and round up innocent civilians.

49 degrees.

Is a loophole you snapped
your fingers and got.

One that worked.

Only at a glance.

Look, people got the homeless
off the street,

but then the shelters
backed up,

and they got the homeless
on otherstreets.

We're working on that.

Well, good. But until
there's a plan in place,

the cart is
still before the horse.

At least there's a cart
and a horse out there now.

Look, Mr. Mayor,
people didn't vote

to have vagrants on their block
shipped off to their neighbors.

Maybe some
restaurateurs did,

but we got
a whole lot more regular folk

than we do restaurateurs.

You about done?

No. I'm not done.

There is one more
important aspect to consider.

We've trained a couple
of generations of cops now

in the importance
of community policing.

Mass roundups
without valid charges

goes against that training.

All this because one poor
homeless guy had a heart attack?

Oh, come on, Mr. Mayor.

If you found rodent droppings

in one of your markets,
would you think

you only had one rodent?

Then how come...?


Deputy Commissioner Moore
is very adept

at moving incidents
and timelines around

to make them look isolated
and disconnected.

He likes 18-year-old Finnerty's,

if you're in a thankful mood.

How bad?

Well, could've been worse.

Let's avoid worse.

I can't let these streets turn
into a flophouse after dark.

Nobody wants that.

I don't want that.

Let us give you a plan.

Why now?
You've been top cop for years.

With bosses
who've always pushed back.

You hear "no" enough,
eventually you save your breath.


Mr. Mayor,
this feels different.


I've taken up enough
of your time.

Whatever plan you've got,
I need it yesterday.


And, Frank...

don't do a little jig
in the elevator.

I know what a massage
feels like.

Copy that, boss.

Thanks for getting
the groceries.


I shouldn't have said
that stuff about your dad.

You mean calling him
a crook?

I didn't say that

But that's
what you meant.

And it's true.

But I'm the only one
that's allowed to say that.

Of course.

I'm sorry.


And I do need
your help.

You saying you're
gonna take the money?

I guess I am.

St. Jamie
taking dirty money.

Potentially dirty.

- Hmm.
- But the thing is,

I already gave
half of it away.

To who?

Found a family, the Parkers,
they lost a big chunk

of their savings
when your dad...

Stole it from them.


I haven't given it
to 'em yet, but...

I thought
if we agreed...

Their oldest
is starting college,

and I thought we could make
a discreet scholarship.

Claw the money
back ourselves.

You got it.

We use the other half?

Call it a compromise?

One condition.

What's that?

I'm working Saturdays,



Joint accounts? Really?

Yeah, really.

What's up with the "really"?

I just never
got that.

Especially if both spouses
are working.

Linda and I never
had a joint account.

Well, that just sounds like
a lot of extra paperwork.

Yeah, and it saves
a lot of extra headaches

when you have to constantly ask
the other spouse,

"Do you mind if I splurge
on this, honey?"

- To each his own.
- Right.

Blink if you're
being manipulated.


Hey, it was
a mutual decision, all right?

Not sharing your bank account
with your wife?

I never even considered that
an option.

Me, either.

Well, plenty of
people don't.

Most divorce lawyers will tell you
that joint finances

is better for
the marriage.

Keeps everyone honest.

but then you can't hide

all your
extracurricular activities.

You're a real Cupid these days,
aren't you?

- Just being a realist.
- Venmo,

PayPal, Apple Pay...

Those are the new
checking accounts.

Why would you want
to juggle a bunch

of old bank statements
on top of that?

- Because... cash.
- Yeah.

On its way out. Sorry.

Eventually someone
says that about everything.

I don't buy it.

People rarely

carry cash anymore.

- I do.
- Me, too.

Me, three.

I love cash.

I love the numbers
in my savings account.

Gee. Even I don't have
one of those anymore.

Well, I do,
and I still have the statements

from when I first opened it.

What? It's like a timeline
of my life in bucks.

You know, truth be told,
cash was an effective weapon

when I was a cop.

Amen to that.

How was cash
a weapon?

Well, not to leave this table,
but back in the day,

if you needed some information
from someone,

you could pull out
your shield,

or you could pull out
your nightstick,

or maybe even your weapon
on occasion,

but most effective...
You pulled out your $20 bill.

And you can take that
to the bank.


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