Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 12 - Where the Truth Lies - full transcript

A widow blames Frank for her husband's recent suicide; Eddie has a gut feeling about a murder; a desperate Luis Delgado wants protection for his sons.


Keeping it in the family today, huh?

- Ha, ha.
- What you got?

Vic is Katherine Webster,
41 years of age, D.O.A.

Looks like she was assaulted,
blunt force trauma.

Her husband and her daughter
were at home at the time.

They see anything?

They heard a noise
at 4:00 a.m., they got up

and allegedly saw the perp
jump out the window.


They give a description?

Male, 30s, wearing jeans and a hoodie.

No further details.

You the homicide A.D.A.?

A.D.A. Reagan.

Detective Reggie Hotchkiss.

Murder weapon recovered?

No murder weapon found, no signs

of forced entry.

- And I was talking to the neighbors...
- I'll take it

from here, Officer.

Why don't you go outside,
sit on the family.

No forced entry,
but we got an open window.

Anybody see or hear anything?

No, but we're canvassing
the neighborhood.

M.E. is on the way.

Make sure to get statements

from the other neighbors on the floor.
And the doorman.

- Already on it.
- And the family?

Are across the hall.

Mr. Webster, Amanda,

this is Assistant District
Attorney Erin Reagan

and Investigator Anthony Abetemarco

from the D.A.'s office.

We're very sorry for your loss.

- You see the guy?
- Just his back.

If you're up for it,
we'll have someone bring you

to the precinct
so you can give a statement.

Thank you.

Can you handle that?

Yeah, I can handle that.

Hey, hold on.

Uh, could you take them?

You can come with me.

You okay?

Oh, I'm used to detectives
being territorial.

No offense.

No, I mean...

I don't know, you seem like
you doubt... Webster's story.


Something you want to share with us?


Those two are lying through their teeth.

So what does he want to talk to me for?

As it is, this is highly unusual...

a suspect in DEA custody

refusing to talk to anyone but you?

Well, why are you entertaining him?

Because he said if he didn't talk to you,

and only you, alone,
he's not gonna testify

against the Sangriento cartel.

And we need him to make our case.

When's he scheduled to testify?

Day after tomorrow, so
do what you need to do

to make sure he sings
like a bird on the stand.

Nobody's gonna make that guy do anything.

Locked up and still
causing problems, huh?

It's the only thing I'm good at.

How you doing?

Never thought I'd consider
ramen noodles to be a delicacy.

But I brought this on myself.

My kids didn't.

I've been checking in on them.

I know.

I got a message.

- From who?
- Doesn't matter.

The cartel's threatening to kill them.

Did you tell the DEA about it?


I need you to make sure my boys are safe.

What makes you think I'm the guy to help?

Family's like your kryptonite.

And these boys are
the only family I have left.

Hey. What'd he say?

I'll tell you later.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- How are you, Sarge?
- Martin. Roll call's about to start.

I'll be there.




Officer down!

I don't know how you do it.

The consoling. I-I wouldn't
know what to say.

You say as little as possible.

You're there to represent...

...all of us.

Rosemary, this is Commissioner...

I know who he is.

Mrs. Martin, I'm so sorry. I...

Don't. Don't you dare
tell me how sorry you are.


It's okay.

How many officers have to die

before someone tells the truth,

- that no one has their backs anymore?
- Rosemary, please.

My husband is dead because of you.

So save your damn condolences.


- Where's your brother?
- The principal's getting him.

Carlos brought you to school today?

He dropped me off and then he walked

around the corner to his entrance.

Carlos Delgado, is he here?

I'm afraid he didn't make it to school.



How'd that interview go?

They didn't see much,
nothing we could use,

but two apartments were burglarized

in that building last night.

And you think they're related?

Perp has a history of assault.

What makes you think
they're hiding something?

The way they avoided eye contact,

the way Amanda pulled away from her dad.

The demeanor, the physicality.

It could all be explained by the trauma

of seeing her mother murdered.

Or because they are hiding something.

Okay. I'm gonna need
something more concrete

than just a gut instinct.

Sure. Right. 'Cause I'm not a detective.

So I should just walk away.

- I didn't say that.
- You didn't have to.

Thank you, Baker.

Well, it's not often I get to have

my entire God squad in the same room.


Officer Martin is number 11,

which means our ranks have had
more suicides in the last year

than line-of-duty fatalities.

Help me.


I think we should classify suicides

as line-of-duty fatalities.


No, Frank, they're not.

Then, what?

Not even collateral damages, no.

Well, then help me understand.

And don't hold back.

You weren't asked up here to
spare my feelings or blow smoke.

Well, the job can weigh
on a man, that's natural,

but to cause that man
to take his own life,

he's not in his right mind.

That's not the job's fault.

But the perquisites that used
to alleviate the pressures

of the job have largely disappeared.

The respect for the police
was one of the perks.

Was. But an anti-cop culture
has taken hold,

and not just in our city.

There's a lot of hate
directed at our cops.

Hate is something I can't control, Imam.

But it's harder to hate up close.

We need to keep working
on schooling the public

about what our officers
deal with on a daily basis.

And getting rid of the stigma
for when they ask for help.

Yeah, but you're asking guys to
ask for help who see themselves

as the guys who are doing the saving.

Then we reeducate them.
This is all about outreach.

On a retail level.

Well, that's hard to do with 35,000 cops.

But with God's help, not impossible.

Thank you, gentlemen.

I look forward to your recommendations.

And if you need more resources,
my door is open.

You think you've got
some kind of special privilege

'cause I'm a Catholic?

You know what I think?

Rosemary Martin got to you.

Every time I lose an officer,
it gets to me, Father.

People in pain say a lot
of things they don't mean.

Can't you do better than that, Walter?

Frank, there were other
complications in his life.

Like what?

I'm not at liberty to say.

Oh, so you want me to blame myself.

You're gonna blame yourself,

and you're gonna
carry it around with you.

Don't get all holy on me, Walter.

There's nothing anyone could have done.

And that's it?

You know the stress of this
job better than anyone.

The terrible stuff we see
on a daily basis.

You add into that the anti-cop sentiment

and daily access to guns.

I refuse to believe it's impossible

to prevent another suicide.

We've prevented dozens of suicides.

And one is still too many.

Always will be.



I wanted to come by
and see how you're doing,

and let you know that you're not alone.

And, you know, maybe,

you thought of something that
you didn't think of before.

Like what?

Well, maybe you didn't see someone

climbing out of that window.

What are you doing?

Amanda, go sit in the car.

What do you think you're
doing showing up here?

We're both on the same team.

My daughter's been through enough.

Don't come near her again.

We checked every plate on the block?

Every one in a three-block radius.

TARU's going through
security footage right now.

What about Carlos's phone?

It last pinged in Washington Heights.

- Hey, Reagan.
- Yeah?

We got video.

We got a plate?

Came back stolen. Put out an alarm,

run it through license plate readers.

You guys always make it a habit

of keeping secrets
during active investigations?

Delgado asked us not to say anything

until he knew his kids
were safe. Okay? Relax.

And look how that turned out.

- Who told Delgado not to testify?
- I don't know.

Could have fooled me. You could have said

Delgado told you his sons were in danger.

He's about to testify against
one of the biggest drug cartels

in North America.

It didn't occur to you that
his kids could be in danger?

It didn't occur to you before
they went after your wife.

- Did it?
- Hey!

What is wrong with you?

Guys, Patrol has the car.

Washington Heights.

Corner of Riverside and 166th.

Great. Let's go.

The person that called it in around?

Not a soul here when we rolled up.

Anybody else in the vehicle?

No. We called it in
as soon as we got here.

Is that blood?


Get CSU down here forthwith.

We got any bodies inside?




Help me.

Carlos? Where are you?

If my dad testifies,

they said they're gonna kill me.

No, Carlos, nobody's gonna
kill you, okay?

But you got to tell me where you are.

Do you have any idea where you are?

Give Delgado the message.


Ms. Reagan?

Yes. What can I do for you?

For starters, if you have
questions for my daughter,

you should go through me.

- Oh, I...
- And don't have cops

sitting on my home, violating my privacy.

I'm sorry, I don't understand
what you're talking about.

You had an officer confront Amanda

about her mother's murder
right outside my home.

I think you might be mistaken.

U-Um, did this officer
identify themselves?

Officer Edit Janko.

The one that was at my apartment.

If it happens again, I'm filing
an order of protection.

And according to Rosemary Martin,

the current rash of police suicides

can be attributed to the current
NYPD commissioner Frank Reagan.

"He doesn't stand up for his cops.

"He's not doing enough
to prevent suicides

"among the rank and file.

They have no support system."

End quote.

Everyone will see that for what it is:

a grieving widow lashing out
at an easy target.

She also retained
a lawyer who sent a letter

to the Legal Bureau demanding
access to the results

of our investigation
into her husband's death.


Releasing the results
would certainly put an end

to her blaming you for
her husband's death.

That's not really the point.

Apparently, Officer Martin

went out one night,

off duty, hooked up with a pro.

So? He's no angel.

Who was also a grifter who
took his watch and credit cards

and took photographs.

Explicit photos of Officer Martin

in compromising positions.

I'm not gonna look at that.

Compromising positions
is a pretty vague term.

Well, it's blackmail.

The "Or else" being she was
gonna go to the department

and his wife with the photos.

The investigation
determined that this was

the main contributing factor
in his suicide.

There's no way
she knows any of this stuff.

She wouldn't be skewering you
in the media

if she knew the real truth.


So, what are you gonna do, boss?

I need to see her.

Just send the results of the
investigation to her lawyer.

She's a police widow.
She deserves a face-to-face.

From what I heard of your last encounter,

- I strongly advise against that.
- I agree.

It's my job.

It's the hardest part of it,

but it's also
the most important part of it.

And no matter how she feels about me,

she gets a pass.

My shoulders will just have
to be broad enough

to take some of the weight off of hers.


Eddie, did you speak to Amanda Webster

about her mother's death

while off duty?

Yes, I did.

What are you doing?

I am making sure a 16-year-old girl

doesn't get railroaded into lying.

And what if she was the one who did it?

I don't know.
Maybe she would've confessed.

You're not a trained investigator.

When we were partners,
you and I would always

follow up when we thought
something wasn't right.

But this is a murder charge,
and you speaking

to Amanda Webster on your own
complicates things.

Mr. Webster already complained that
his daughter was being harassed.

Since when is asking questions

They got spooked,
they're not cooperating.

Because they're hiding something.

Guilty or innocent,

this girl is crying out for help.

I get it. You think you saw something...

- I know I saw something.
- I cannot make a case based

on gut instincts.

I need facts, I need evidence.

And I would be saying this to Jamie,

I'd be saying it to Danny,
I'd be saying it to any Reagan.

- I...
- But, see, I'm not a Reagan.

What are you talking about?

I'm one of you, but I am not like you.

I didn't grow up with a dad
who is a paragon of virtue,

who breaks bread with me every Sunday.

I bring something different to the table.

I don't have good instincts

because I'm a cop.

I have good instincts
'cause my dad is a criminal.

And so I felt compelled to help you

because I see something in this girl...

I see something you can't see.

You can't tell Delgado
his son is missing.

- He doesn't know?
- No.

Are you kidding me?

If he knows the cartel has
Carlos, he won't testify.

So you expect us to lie
to the guy about his own kids?

Without Delgado, we don't
have enough to convict.

Did you get my boys?

Got 'em both.
Put 'em in protective custody.

They're going into witness protection.

That's the only way to make sure
they're both safe.

And after you testify,
we'll get you transferred

to another prison that's near them

so we can arrange visits.

This true?

Mateo is in a secure location.

But Carlos never made it to school.

What the hell is wrong with you?


Wait, wait!

- Get off of him!
- Come on!

Take it easy.

Who gave you the message they
were coming after your boys?


Look, we got about two seconds
before they yank us out of here.

Now give us a name
so we can help find your son.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Bring him back to his cell!

Hey. What'd he say to you?

He said he wasn't gonna testify

until we found his son.

Happy now?


How's it going?

Well, somehow I've become
the bad guy with Eddie.

She thinks Jamie and I
are working against her.

I can understand that.

You can understand that why?

E-Eh, you're a tough bunch, you Reagans.

You always play offense.

That is not true.

Yes, it is.

And to be honest, I
wouldn't want to be her

at that Sunday dinner
table with you guys.

Because why?

Because she's the low man
on the totem pole.

She's the lowest-ranking member
of the department,

and frankly, the lowest-ranking
member of the Reagan family.

What are you talking about?

She married in.

She's literally
the only outsider at that table.

Well, I didn't think of that.

And, listen, you guys are great.

You're all great at your jobs,

uh, you're confident a-and you kick ass,

and it's hard to compete.

Is that what you came here to say?

No. I came here to tell you
that Mrs. Webster

was having an affair
with her husband's best friend.

Wow. So you think he did it?

Were not sure yet,

but, uh, sure gives Mr. Webster motive.


Have a seat.

I invited him to come.

Someone dies, we automatically
look for a reason.

Something, or someone, to blame.

I know who to blame.

I've been at this a long time,
and I know that it's never

one thing or one person or one reason

that causes someone
to take their own life.

Okay, then, Father, give me the list.

My husband is the 11th cop
to commit suicide this year.

What are you doing about it?

Everything I can.

You know what it's like
to tell a ten-year-old

that his father ate his gun?

He asked why.

What do I tell him?

My husband was a good husband,
a good father

and a damn good cop,
and he didn't deserve this.

My son doesn't deserve this.

Of course he doesn't.

I didn't come here for sympathy.

My lawyer requested the results
of the NYPD investigation

into my husband's death.

I'm aware.

Will that be forthcoming?

I'm afraid not.


What are you trying to hide?

I can tell you that by all accounts,

your husband was
an exceptional police officer

with a stellar record.

I know that.

I want access
to your internal investigation.

Mrs. Martin... are looking for a reason
to explain this tragedy.

I am afraid that you
will never find a reason

good enough to explain it.

You go to hell.

All I'm saying, Francis,
yes he is he should've thought

about his son
before he pulled the trigger.

It's a complicated issue.

A permanent solution
for a temporary problem.

Isn't that the saying?

I mean, I just don't understand.

Like, why do so many cops
kill themselves anyway?

The stress of the job.

It's easy access to a gun.

The cumulative trauma of the job.

And too proud to ask for help.

Most days, you're faced
with the worst of humankind

and the most vulnerable victims.

Sorry, I'm late.


I'll warm up your dinner.

No, it's okay, Gramps. I'll have dessert.


How many hours you been on duty?

- Don't know.
- 22 straight.

You're not gonna be any help to anyone

if you try to function like that.

I know,

but I, but I got a ticking
clock, you know? A kidnapping.

- Okay.
- Funny how

he was your sworn enemy,

and now here you are trying to help him.

He lost his wife.


Enemy of my enemy is my friend, right?

Sometimes you think someone's your friend

and then it turns out they're not.

You want to expand on that?

Can we talk about this later?

Why don't you and Erin
talk about this later

and let me know what you come up with?

That seems to be
how it works in this family.

W-What did I miss?

It seems like Eddie's mad at
Aunt Erin and Uncle Jamie for...


- Easy, Sean.
- What?

Are we just supposed to
pretend that we don't notice

the Arctic chill coming
from that side of the table?

Just a misunderstanding, all right?

Yes, I didn't understand
that I'm not entitled to have

an opinion about any significant
crimes that happen on my watch.

What you're supposed to do
is follow proper protocol.

Oh, right, like all of you guys do?

She has a point there.

You don't know anything about this,

and you think
you can put in your two cents?

Well, I get the gist.
You have some thoughts

on a case that's going
on, and your husband

and your sister-in-law want
you to just back off. Right?

- Pretty much.
- Danny, you're out of line.

Maybe so, Gramps, but I've made a career

out of following my gut,

despite people telling me to back off.

So don't back off.

Go with your gut.

It's all we got.

Emmanuel Garcia spoke
with Jose Flores last week

- while he was incarcerated.
- Uh-huh.

One call for six minutes,
another for four.

Well, what's this Flores's deal?

The Feds say he's a hit man
for Mano Sangriento.

- Of course.
- I have a recording of the call.

- Good, we'll...
- What the hell are you two doing?

- What?
- You put in a request

for phone records of an inmate
at the same facility as Delgado?

- So?
- So, that means

Delgado gave you a name.

Emmanuel Garcia?

You're withholding information.
You said...

You asked us to lie
to a father about his son.

No, I asked you to help
get Delgado to testify.

Yeah, that's because
all you give a damn about

is Delgado's testimony.

You're damn right, because I can
save hundreds of lives

if I nail the Clam.

Well, we're trying to save one life.

The life of a little boy.

That's what we care about.

Officer Janko, you got a minute?

We're bringing in a collar.

Gomez can process the arrest.

Come with me.

I thought there were a few
things that we should talk about.

I hope you're not looking for an apology,

'cause there isn't one coming.

- Eddie.
- I mean, I don't care who I piss off.

I'm always gonna go the extra mile

if I think someone's lying.

- Eddie.
- Are you done?

Yeah, I'm done. Can I go to work?


Eh, there might be something

in the water at that Reagan house.

I'm telling you.

What-what are you talking about, Anthony?

Uh, you can't go back to work
because Erin requested

to use you on this case.


I'm going to reinterview Amanda
Webster, and I thought it would

be worth it to have you there,
because you're right.

You do see things differently,

and I thought we could use that.


I'll see you outside.

I really stepped in that, didn't I?

- No kidding.
- You could've stopped me.

I tried.


You tell Delgado if he opens his mouth,

his sons are gonna suffer
a long, slow, painful death.

You got that?

Where's Delgado's son?

- I don't know.
- You delivered the threat.

You know where he is.

Hey, I'm just the messenger, man.

- Messenger for who?
- Kiss my ass.

You know, I got a better idea.

How about you kiss my ass instead?

That's my wife!

Settle down. You don't
want her to go into labor.

Get those cuffs off.

Your wife was pulled over
for a broken taillight.

The cop that pulled her over
found a gun in her car.

I told you it's not mine.

So, she's gonna be sent
down to central booking,

strip-searched and maybe
some time tomorrow,

- she'll be arraigned.
- Actually, the gun was fully loaded,

so she's not making bail any time soon.

Unless of course, you're
willing to cooperate,

in which case, maybe we might
be able to work something out

and she can go home.

What do you say, tough guy?

Okay, your wife will have
your baby in jail. Let's go.

No! Okay, all right.

All right.

Look, all I know is that
Carlos is being held upstate.

- Where?
- At a cabin. They got, like,

400 acres up there, okay?

Is Delgado's son still alive?


- Go! Go!
- Go! Go! Go!

Move it! Let's go!



- Dogs have a scent!
- Let's go.

Go, go! Move out!

Move, move, move, move!

Go, go, go!



Police. Turn your head away.

It's okay. It's okay.

We're gonna get you
out of here, all right?

He's all right. He's okay.
Let's get him a bus.

Where's my dad?

We wanted to speak to you
without your father.

Everything you say to us will stay here.

Well, I don't have anything to say.

Well, then just listen.

I see you...

when your dad's around,
you-you hang back.

You don't look at him.

You kind of move away from him.

- No, I don't.
- I recognize it

'cause it's something
I used to do with my own dad.

What do you mean?

My dad was a criminal.

I didn't want anybody to know.

And so I would cover for him
and I would make

excuses for him.

Right? Because I thought
that if I did that,

if I pretended everything was okay,

then everything would be.

And what happened?

My dad went to jail.

And from that point on,
I-I made my own choices,

and I made a promise to myself
that I would always do

whatever I thought was right.

I decided it didn't matter who he was,

it doesn't define who I am.

Is that why you're a cop?

That's why I'm a cop.

I know... I know what
you're feeling right now.

I know what you're feeling, okay?

But lying about your mom's murder...

is gonna haunt you forever...

...if what you're telling us isn't true.

It's not true.


So there wasn't an intruder?


So what happened?

They were fighting...

...'cause my dad found out
that my mom cheated on him,

and he-he lost it.

He-he pushed her really hard,
and then she slammed her head.

But I-I swear he didn't mean to kill her.

It was an accident. I'm so sorry.

I didn't want to lie.

You did good.

The Feds want to change my identity,

put me in witness protection.


Well, you better change
your wardrobe, too.

You're gonna stick out like a sore thumb

you show up dressed like that
in east cupcake.

Maybe I should change my name
to "Danny Reagan."

I hear he's a badass.

But in actuality, he's a family guy,

a widower,

who just wants to raise his two boys.

Me, too.

You got to spend
some time with your boys.

Y-Yeah. Uh...

Yeah, I did.

I don't know how to thank you.

You can...

...thank me by getting on that stand...

...and putting away the sons of bitches

who did this to our families.

Will do.

Delgado, you're up.


So Mr. Webster retained a lawyer,

but it looks like he's gonna cooperate,

save, uh, Amanda from having to testify.

That's the least he can do,

considering he had her lie for him.

It really was something
watching you open up to her,

getting her to confess.

Well, glad I could help.

All those things you said
about your dad...

Are all true.

Yeah, I didn't, I didn't know.

Well, how could you?
I never talked about it.

Listen, I-I know that
I complicated things for you...

No, you-you had good instincts.

No, but I went about it all wrong

and I came on way too strong.

What, like a Reagan?

What I meant when I made that
comment about not being a Reagan

is... sometimes I'm sitting
at that dinner table

and I look around

and... I don't know...
you're all just so...


You say whatever you're thinking,

and you put it all out there.

And that's great.

I-I just was brought up
the complete opposite,

and sometimes I-I hold back.

Well, you didn't this time.

Because this time
I was looking in a mirror, Erin.

Amanda Webster was me.

Well, because of you,
we were able to save her

from living a lie,
and that's-that's a win.

You know, not if I alienated you.

It's gonna take a lot more
than that to alienate me.


I think we should stick together.

There's way too much testosterone

at that family dinner, don't you think?

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.

And may the souls
of the faithful departed,

through the mercy
of our Lord Jesus Christ,

rest in peace.



When I look out at all of you,
I immediately think of Tommy.

I thought he looked so handsome
in his uniform.

I've always been proud
to be a cop's wife,

but when Tommy took his life last week,

I won't lie,
that I blamed the department,

the commissioner, the job, myself,

and anyone else I could think of

for leaving me alone, and our son Travis

without a father.

I've spent a ton of time wondering

what went through Tommy's head
before he pulled the trigger,

and I don't know the answer.

I wish he'd known

that we would do anything
in this world to help him.

I wish he'd thought about asking

for help from us or from one of you

or from one of the department
programs that are out there.

It takes courage
to stand up to our enemies,

but it takes just as much courage

to stand up to our weaknesses.


if any of you ever feel like life

is more than you can handle,
reach out to someone for help.

How's she doing?

She's doing just fine.

You think it's helping?

I think it is.

I don't know.

I'm still not sure it was a good idea.

It was a good idea.

Although, I'm not so sure
she would've come

if she knew you were behind it.

Well, whatever it takes.

You never told her what you know.

No, I did not.

I better get back in there.

Frank, maybe you should
heed your own advice

and avail yourself of one of our programs

to share what's weighing on you.

I got my own program for that, Walter.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

My family's dinner table.