Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 10, Episode 10 - Bones to Pick - full transcript

After a woman's body is found at a men's-only club, Danny and Baez investigate if her death was an accident; Frank hears about an illegal affair between the chief of Internal Affairs and the spouse of another member of law enforcement.

This is ridiculous.

- I agree.
- Absolutely ridiculous.

- So what are we gonna do about it?
- Absolutely nothing.

- And why is that?
- You know why, Anthony.

This is the new law.

No bail for designated crimes.

He's a burglar.
He busted

right through their window.

Good to see you too,

Burglary being
a designated crime.

Cutting a lowlife
like that?

That's the real crime.

Yeah, maybe next time,
I hit your mama's house, Slim.

Come on, come on, come on,
come on. He's just trying

- to bait you. Take a breath.
- Come on. 20 bucks

if you got the stones
to come over here and say it.

- Come here!
- Anthony!

Take a breath.
Will you get him

- out of here?
- Hey, you see

what I'm talking about?

I mean, a mope like that
belongs behind bars.

State legislature says no bail,
plain and simple.

We have no choice
but to abide.

Yeah, well,
I'm having a real hard time

- making that fly for me.
- Okay.

But you said it yourself.
He's a lowlife.

He's gonna do something else,
and we'll get him on that.

A-And the next time
he climbs in through some window

to take the place
and there's an old lady there

and he hurts her, then
what's gonna happen?

The law is the law,
even if it sucks.

And where are we
this afternoon?

The latest intel
is pretty much in line

with what you were thinking.

No better?

Any worse?

Well, we don't have all the pieces yet,
so no way to tell.

They outside?

Let's have 'em.

We, uh,
have an allegation.

One of our chiefs,
conduct unbecoming.

Which chief?

Hundred to one it's Fitzgerald.

- All due respect...
- It's not Fitz.

- Then who?
- We'll get to that.

Can you tell us the nature
of this unbecoming conduct?

An extramarital affair
while on duty.

Oh, boy.

Possibly using
a department vehicle.

The stones on this guy.

It is a guy, right?

- Yes.
- Did I miss something?

Isn't this Internal Affairs'

Internal Affairs will not be
handling this investigation.

They're not?

Why not? This is precisely
their purview.

I know that.

Chief of IAB
is the one stepping out.

Spotless Holmes?

I did not see that coming.

Nobody did,

and IAB can't know
a thing,

has to be handled

This house.

- So what bureau?
- No bureau.

Retail. I need two people
I can trust to do the job

without burning
the house down.

Give me a couple names,
and I'll have 'em up here first thing.

He's talking about us, Sid.

Good morning,
good morning.

Hey. Good morning?

I know it's technically
not the morning,

but it is the beginning
of the day.

Beginning of your day,
end of my day.

Aw, what's the matter?
Why are you such a crankypants?

- I'm sorry.
- Well,

good news is
your tour's over.

Go home, get some sleep.

That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.

Go home
and sleep for days.

You deserve it.
I'm gonna get going

'cause roll call
is about to start.

- Oh, right.
- See you for brunch?

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Be safe out there.
- Okay, bye.

Oh, I had something
for you, um...

You know what?

Forget about it.
It's, uh...

What is it, Edit?

Um, it's just
a couple of things.

I made you a...


A "honey do" list?

A what?

"Honey, do this.
Honey, do that,"

a "honey do" list.

That's a thing?
I didn't know that was a thing.

Oh, it's a thing.

Oh, Jamie, I...

It's fine. No. Enough.
"Honey do" roll call.


Hey, what do we got?

The concierge said she
stumbled in out of the rain,

slipped on the marble
and opened her head.

She stumbled in?

Says she was
three sheets.

Three sheets, huh?
All right. Thanks.

- You were working the desk?
- Yes, officer.

Detectives, Reagan, Baez.

Apologies, Detectives.
Yes, I was behind the desk.

Where he's worked steadfastly
for the last 38 years.

You are?
Brooks Hammond,

Detective. My good friend,
Frick Abbott.

What happened to Frack?

Uh, let me guess,
you two work here?

No, we're members
of the club.

What about her?
She a member, too?


That would be

Impossible, why?

Because she's a woman.


There are no women
allowed on the premises.

Excuse me?

there's one here now.


Season 10 Episode 10

Episode Title : "Bones to Pick"


This is The Manhattan
Bones Club.

It's the oldest private
club in the city,

with a very
rich history.

- Mm.
- Six former Presidents

- have been members.
- So you... - So,

when we elect
a female president,

you'll offer her

- Thought so.
- You told the officer

that you witnessed
the deceased stumbling?

Uh, she appeared
to have been overserved.

- You mean she was drunk?
- Yes.

And you two observed
the same thing?

We were in the parlor.

The parlor?

Is that where you
get your hair done?

The card room upstairs.

We were having a
drink, playing cards.

Any chance she showed up
to join the party?

there are no female members.

Is it possible that, since
there are no female members,

that the deceased was a guest

of one of the privileged
male members?


No? You sure?

So then you
won't mind us

taking a look at any
surveillance footage you have?

There are no cameras
in the club.

And if we take a look through
your cell phones, we're not

gonna find any text messages
between you and the deceased?

No, not at all.
We are not even allowed

to bring cell phones
to the club.

We leave them at home
before coming.

I know it makes us
sound stuffy

and a bit out of touch,
but it's simply an attempt

to preserve a sense
of tradition.

So, just to be clear,

neither of you were familiar
or knew the deceased?

That's correct,

So she just breezed in,

slipped in her heels,
and cracked open

her skull on your
200-year-old marble floor?

Like I said, we were upstairs.

In the parlor?

And you observed
the same thing?

Yes, Detective.

We're gonna need all your
contact information

and anything
you can remember,

reach out
and give us a call.

I pull a quarter ounce
out of his back pocket

and the guy says
to me that it's...

Thank you.
And, um, and he goes,

"Oh, those aren't
my-my pants,"

and I said, "Well,
you're wearing 'em,"

and so he insists

that they're his
roommate's pants.

My boss says,

"Well, go over to the apartment,
ask the roommate."

- You're kidding.
- So I go pull the guy

out of bed
at the apartment.

So I go, "Dude,
those your pants?"

And he looks at me like

I'm smoking dust,
and he just

shakes his head,
and he gets right back to bed.

That's a good one.

You really cannot
make that stuff up.

So how about you?
How was your morning?

Oh, I got
a-a full eight hours.

I can't remember
the last time that happened.

And I got in a run.

Honey, that's great.

Oh, God.

Oh, God, what?



No, you said "honey."

Okay, so?

I forgot to do
your honey do list.

Oh, no, seriously?

I'm sorry.

It's fine.

No, but what?

F... Well, Freud would say

that we never really ever
just forget something.

It's our subconscious
speaking up for us.

You think I forgot to do
your honey do list on purpose?

No. I think that
your subconscious

forgot to do my list because,

well, it didn't like being told
what to do by a woman.


Where in the world
is this coming from?


you're the one that called it
a "honey do" list.

Imagine that.

Enough to turn her entire world
upside down.

Enough then to also
cause her to slip and fall

and crack her head open
on a marble floor?

Especially with
the amount of booze

- she had in the mix as well.
- There you go.

So the official cause of death
is an overdose?

The blunt force trauma
to her head is what killed her.

So it's not an OD?

No, but she was high
as a kite.

Okay, which is consistent
with what the doorman said.



He said he saw her come
stumbling in, slip and fall.

The blow to her head,

that was definitely
from the marble floor?

All I can say is that
the injury was caused

by the blunt force trauma,
not the object that caused it.

So someone could have
delivered that blow to her head?

It's possible.

But not likely.

What is going on
with you two?

My partner
is getting soft in his old age.

No, my
partner is letting

her personal
political leanings

get in the way of
her proper judgment.

Come on, Danny.
You know something doesn't smell right.

No, what I know is the same thing
you always tell me:

a jury doesn't care about
my personal gut instinct...

They care about the facts.

What do you think?

Did she slip, fall
and hit her head?

Or did someone kill her?

That is the best part
about my job...

I don't think.
I just present my findings.

And your findings are?

Cause Undetermined
Pending Police Investigation.


- You do realize

that helps us, like, zero?

I do.

It's a CUPPI.

It's a real honor,
you know that?

What, sharing my Pringles?

No, being handpicked by the
boss for this assignment.

Yeah, it is.
You know how many other cops

he could've called
on for this?


Yeah. Exactly.

But he didn't.

He picked me.




You ever step out
on Sheila?

You kidding?

The woman's patron saint
is Lorena Bobbitt.

You're a knucklehead,
you know that?

Better a knucklehead
than a cliché.

What's that supposed to mean?

My first week on the job,

I was riding
with this old hairbag,

and he says to me,
"There's two things you can do

"to take the edge off.

"The first is to drink.

The second is to get
a girl on the side."

Then he turns to me,
looks me in the eye and he goes,

"The smart ones

end up in AA."

That's super depressing.

What about you
and Brian, huh?

Still living
in paradise?

I think so.

You think so?

Best part of being a cop is
almost nothing gets past you.

Worst part is
your guard is always up.

Your guard is up
in regard with him?

It's gonna be
after working this.

I get it. It's hard
not take it home.

Another reason to choose
to drink instead of the goomah.

Okay. Here they come.

There he is.

Spotless Holmes,
as promised.


the otherwoman.

Yeah. Of course I did.

Do I really look like someone

who-who would forget
to eat dinner?

Spaghetti and white clam sauce.

No, Ma, of course
it wasn't as good as yours.

I'm always careful.

Come on, stop.

I swear on Pop,
may he rest in peace,

that I will be careful.

All right, you happy now?

Yeah, look, Ma, I-I
got to, I got to run.

No, it's nothing.
Nothing's happening.

I promise,

I'm not doing
anything dangerous.

Now what was that you
said about my mother?

Aw, come on, Slim.

What, you're not
happy to see me?

Turn around,
you piece of garbage.

You got the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say may be used
against you in a court of law.

Come on.
Come on, Thurgood.

Here you go.Thanks.

- Ta-da.
- What is this?

Well, the guys made a Castle
run, so I got you some.

- You did?
- Yep.

I love White Castle.

I know you do.

By the way, something big
just happened to come up.

Triple homicide uptown.

We're still
working thiscase.

Well, I mean, we're
crossing T's and dotting I's

on this case.

But they could
really use our help uptown.

You game?

This cheeseburger's
a bribe, isn't it?

Absolutely not.

Wow. Did your voice
just go high on that?

Come on, Baez.
You heard the M.E.

The-the, the case
is a CUPPI.

Which means
we have no reason to believe

it's anything other than
what the eyewitness says it is.

An unfortunate accident.

How many times do
we follow your gut?

Okay, fine.
I'll work with you on this.

But you got to give me
something more than the fact

that you don't like these people

because they don't allow women
into the club.


How many people do you
know in this day and age

that leave their house
without a cell phone?

You heard
Frick and Frack.

They didn't bring
their cell phones

because they're not allowed
in the club.

I'm talking about
the deceased.

She didn't have
a cell phone on her, either?

She didn't just stumble
in off the street.

She knew exactly
where she was going,

and that she couldn't bring
her cell phone with her.


TARU's got a
discreet way to run her mug

through the facial
recognition software.


Well, her identity.
We should know who she is.

Sid's right. We should
be able to verify her identity.

But Abigail,
you already know who she is.

What's going on?

Ay... how long we been?

You know her?

Lorraine Burch.

We used to work together
in the 2-2.

She's on the job?

Retired to the private sector.

Now she works for a law firm.

Why didn't you tell
me on the day?

Not my place.

So she's not a cop anymore.

Makes things simpler.

Actually, no.

Why "no"?

Only oneof ours
is involved, not two.

Lorraine has been married to
Inspector Jack Burch. For years.

Okay. Of all our chiefs,

Burch of

- is the one who's...
- Is utterly indispensable.

This entire city
needs him on his game

every hour that God sends.

Okay, this is enough
of a pickle without...

You're right.

There are people
who could replace him.

- There are always people...
- Only they work

for Mossad or MI-5
and have never set foot in this building.

What if
they're separated?

Getting divorced?

For all we know,
Burch has a girl of his own.

For all we know,
a job that stressful,

he may tether his sanity
to a happy home life.

I'll just shut up
from here on in.

No, you got a point.

We need more information.

We need all the information
we can get.

Detective Reagan.
My partner, Detective Baez.

We need to speak
with Albert Becker.

My husband?
Right here, Colleen I got it.

Is everything okay?

Just fine.
Nothing to worry about.

What are you doing here?

You're not gonna
invite us in?

It's not that.
My wife is the nervous type.

Police show up unannounced,
she starts to worry.

Your wife has nothing
to worry about.

We just wanted to ask you
a few questions

about the testimony
you gave to us yesterday.

- Testimony?
- Mm-hm. The statement you made?

You know, the woman
stumbled into the club,

lost her footing,

and cracked open her head
on the marble.

Yes, what about it?

Well, we're wondering if there's
anything you wanted to add,

or anything you might've
forgotten about what happened.

No. I don't think so.

- Or subtract anything?
- Subtract?

It's just that it's
really important

that we get clarity because
whatever we put down today

will serve as the permanent
record. You understand?

Any adjustments you make
moving forward

will be viewed
as contradictory statements.


Is everything okay?

Everything's fine, Colleen.
I'll be right in.

You do understand
the consequences for lying

to police officers,
don't you, Albert?


Tampering with evidence?

Albert! What in the world
have you gotten into?

Colleen, please.

Mr. Becker,

perhaps you should retain
a lawyer.

A lawyer?

- Albert, what is going on here?
- Colleen,

go inside.

I have to go. May I go?

Yes, Albert.
Go inside.

Think we got him
on the ropes.

And now we're gonna

let the wife deliver
the knockout punch for us.

Can't wait.

- Top of the morning to you!
- Mary and Joseph,

you want to give me a coronary?

I'm sorry, did
I surprise you?

Yeah, you did.
Lurking behind the cabinet

like some kind of lurker.

You mean stalking.
I think that's the word

you're looking for.

Yeah. Exactly.
Like some kind of stalker.

Like what you did to
Thurgood last night.

Did you think
you were really gonna go

Charles Bronson on me,
and I wouldn't find out about it?

I did not go Charles Bronson.

You camped out in his
neighborhood, staked him out,

and then pounced on him the
second he tried to do something.

Yeah, which took him
all of 20 minutes.

Proof positive
he's the animal I said he was.

And for all
that trouble,

you arrested him on
attempted grand larceny?

A misdemeanor?

So, he's gonna be cut
loose this afternoon,

just like he was
the other day.

That's not the point.

No, it's not.

The point is, what you did

was waste this
department's resources.

You do it again,
and I won't sign off

on your overtime.

You think
I care about overtime?

No, I don't. I know
what you care about, Anthony.

And I'm with you.
But you have to understand

you work for this office,
and when you work,

it has to be in line
with its principles.

What the hell is that
supposed to mean?

It means what you did was not
in the spirit of the law.

Even if
you despise the law,

you still need to respect it.

Yeah, well, the way I see it,

my job is to protect
the people of this city.

Not again. Promise.

I swear on Pop's grave,
may he rest in peace.

- Anthony.
- Kidding.

I'm kidding, I'm joking.

Dry cleaning.

The, uh, framed pictures
from the art store.

Spare keys you were
asking about.

And I talked
to the super about

that back burner
that's been out.

He's gonna fix it
this weekend.



Someone's been busy.

Tell Freud he can go
tell it on the mountain.

Except for you did
just prove his point.

All right, here we go.

You know what,
don't worry about it.

Thank you very much,
I really appreciate all this.

Oh, no, no.
I want to... I want to hear

- how I proved his point.
- Well, you know what,

- I'm late for roll call, so...
- No.

Over my dead body.
Come on.

You know... Okay, fine.

Someone might look
at all this

and say that
you're overcompensating.


Th-This is great.

So if I don't do the list,
I'm a misogynist,

but when I do do the list,

then I'm overcompensating?

- Which one is it?
- Both.

It can't be both.

Sure it can,
because it's both.

- How?
- How?

Because you went so far
out of your way

to do all this stuff,
to prove that I was wrong

that you were uncomfortable
taking direction from a woman,

you just proved
I was right.

You're officially insane.

I'm insane?
Why don't you think about it?

A part of you
must have thought

that I was right
in the first place,

or you wouldn't have worked
so hard to do all this stuff

to prove I was wrong.
I, honestly,

I can't even think
straight anymore. I'm...

Oh, okay, well, good...
The good news...

The good news is that

none of this is your fault.

So you get to go home,
get some rest.

I'm gonna go to work.

Wait, whose fault is it?

Your father, your grandfather,
and a little bit Danny.



Hey, buddy, how you doing?

- Frick Abbot!
- How was school?

Hey, remember us?

Detectives, can I help you?

Actually, you can.
Thank you for offering.

Right. Sure.

Wesley, go hang out
with Gregory, okay?

Okay. I'll be right there.

This will just
take a second.

You know, actually,
this is my kid's school.

Can we... Can we do this
another time?

It sure is.

All-boys school?

Look, I'm with my son.
Can we meet later?

Like my partner said,
it'll just take a few minutes.

Okay. Uh,
but if you can, be quick.

Okay. We were wondering why
Albert Becker called you

this morning right after
we spoke to him.

- What?
- Yeah.

I-I don't know.

You were on the phone
with him for five minutes.

Uh... It must have been
pretty urgent.

I mean, he literally
wasted no time in calling you.

Something tells me you two don't
shoot the breeze very often.

What'd you two talk about?

- Dad?
- I-I'll be right there.

Can we please
do this another time?

It's a simple question.

You answer it,
we'll be on our way.

Okay, I don't like
the way this is going.

I don't like the way this feels.

How's it feel, Frick?

You know what?

I would like to speak
to my attorney.

That's your prerogative.

Wesley, let's go.

You gonna dig that out
of the garbage, or am I?

I'll do it.

Good morning, Colleen.

I can't talk to you.

Is that what
your husband said?

He didn't have to.

I'm smart enough
to figure that out on my own.

Smart enough to make him
call Frick Abbott

to get out of this mess, too.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Sure you do.

Just like you know
everything that goes on

at that Bones Club,
but without your husband

ever having to say a word.

I think I left the oven on.

Have a nice day.

This is Frick Abbott's
coffee cup

with his fingerprints
all over it.

Same fingerprints that were
found on the deceased's ankles.

I don't know what that means.

It means your husband
just bought himself

a one-way ticket
to the grand jury.

She said everything was
great with her marriage.

And you bought it?

She actually said that?

Well, not in so many words,
but she spoke about the future

the way you do when
you're happily married.

And how's that?

I'm curious what
that sounds like.

She got him a new set
of golf clubs for Christmas.

They found a house
at Point Lookout for a steal,

his blood pressure's
under control.

Wow. Don't you think
it would be useful

for me to talk to Lorraine?

As what?

As a rightly concerned
third party

with a big stake
in the outcome.

No.I asked her.

And I'm telling you that could
blow up in your face.

I can't answer that.

- As a police matter.
- It's not gonna play

as a police matter to her,

except maybe as intimidation,

and we're not that kind
of police.

I'm not interested
in persuading her

one way or the other.

I simply want
to give her the opportunity

to soft-land this situation
with her husband,

who just happens to be

one of this city's
most valuable assets.

Boss, maybe it's best
you just deal with Chief Holmes.

Show him the pics,
pull his stars,

and let the chips fall
where they may.

- And open another can of worms.
- You don't know that.

Rumors fly through
this department

faster than
a high school cafeteria.

The question of the day
is gonna be,

"What did Holmes do
to lose his stars?"

You can't just let
the chief of IAB

get away with
something like that.

- What message does that send?
- Sid's right.

whoever tipped this thing

in the first place is watching.

Which brings us back
to Lorraine Burch.

I can say she has nothing
but respect for this department.

And shows it door-to-door.

And that she'd want
to protect this department.

Here's the thing.

She hasn't committed
a crime.

Her private life is not
your police business.

You saying it is
won't make it so.

I disagree.

Three against one.

So be it.

Colleen, you home?

In here, Albert.

Colleen, what are you doing?

Don't worry,
she didn't say a word.

Albert, you need
to talk to them.

I've already said enough.

Please, leave my home.

We'll leave.
And you're coming with us.

To the grand jury.

We found Frick Abbott's
fingerprints on the deceased.

You told us
nobody touched her.

You said she fell and
hit her head. Remember?

We subpoenaed
your phone records

after we left here
the other day.

He was your first phone call.

Talking to Frick to get
your stories straight?

Is that the plan, Albert?

Albert, I know you.
You're a good man.

I know you would
never harm anyone.

Whatever happened,
it's time to tell the police.

We already have you for
perjury, Albert.

It's starting to look like
tampering with evidence

and accessory to murder.

Oh, my God.

Be the first one to talk to us.

I guarantee you
one of them will.

Come on, we're trying
to help you out here, Albert.

You really think those rich guys
are gonna have your back?

Albert, please,
tell them what happened.

Well, that was a very
merry Christmas party.

Very merry.

You okay?
You're not saying much.

My father, my grandfather,
and a little bit Danny.

What is that, a riddle?

What, like, they all walk
into a bar or something?

That's what you said to me.
Or did you forget?

Oh, that.

Yeah, that.

Well, I shouldn't
have said that.

I'm... I didn't mean it,

and I'm... It wasn't nice.

Not nice?

I don't even know
what it means.

I don't know what a lot of the stuff
you say these days means.

It's just I don't like
that we are just

two ships passing
in the night every night.

So this is you
picking a fight?

- No, this is me getting worried.
- About what?

Do you realize that
we are the only couple

in your entire family?

That's not true.

Yes. Your dad,
your grandpa,

your brother,
they're all widowers.

And your sister is divorced.

Okay, but they all
were married.

Like a hundred years ago.

Eddie, what's your point?

It's just I don't...

Everybody in your family
is good on their own.

And they're all really good
at being alone.

And I worry.

I don't want that.

I want to be your teammate.

This is all because I called it
a "honey do" list, isn't it?


And I'm the crazy one?

I know. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

No. I am.

And I know just
how to make it up to you.


By giving you this.

A honey do list?

You realize number three
is illegal in some states?

Not in New York City.

Oh, my God.

When the members wish to
partake in mixed company,

they send me on an errand
to the pantry or the stock room.

You mean when they want to bring
girls into the club.

They pull
you off the desk

so you can look
the other way?


Did you see the deceased
enter the club?

I did not.

And you didn't observe her
slip and fall?


When did you first see her?

After Frick and Brooks
carried her down the stairs

and placed her on the marble
floor of the foyer.

And was she still alive then?


She was dead.

Got any rules against
moving dead bodies around

in your fancy
Bones Club?

Or how about a rule against

tampering with
physical evidence, hmm?



It wasn't me.

It was Frick.

Hmm. Okay, Frack.

gonna write that down,

every single word of that.

Have a seat.

Ah, let me guess,

you're moonlighting
as Santa Claus?

Come on, Slim, why the hell
you always sweating me?

You know, I'm not sure.

Maybe because your material
is so stale.

You know, I'm "Slim"

because I ain't slim.
I mean, seriously?

This is entrapment, bro.
You can't keep doing this.

But then maybe again
it's because you're a lowlife

that belongs
behind bars,

and not only can I do it,
I'm gonna keep on doing it.

You scumbag.

Any more smart
remarks, Thurgood?


Detective Abetemarco?


- What are you doing here?
- What do you mean, what am I doing here?

I got a call that
you were shot.

Oh, yeah, that.

"Oh, yeah, that?"

No biggie.
Everything's fine.

What do you, what do you mean
everything's fine?

Come on, you really think, uh,
I'd let a couple of bullets

get to me?

They bounce right off me.
I'm a superhero.

What the hell
are you talking about?

I'm kidding. It was my vest.
It saved my life.

Yeah, one just missed my heart.

There but for the grace of God.

So you're okay?

Except for a couple of black and
blues that'll blow your mind.

Are they bigger than this one?

- Ow!
- Or this one?

What's that?
What the hell is wrong with you?

- What the hell were you doing?
- Why are you doing...

I told you to stay away
from there.

- I told you to stand down.
- I'm sorry.

You're sorry.
Am I crazy?

- Giving me a heart attack.
- I'm sorry.


I'm sorry.


Chief Holmes.

Got a second?

P.C. wants to chat.

The affair ends now.

If there are loose ends,
use all your skills to tie them up,

like it never happened.

Um, then what?

Neither did this conversation.


Where you going,


You, get your ass
in the car and stay there.

- What's wrong, Brooks?
- You look surprised to see me.

Hi, Brooks.

Oh, no.

Did I mess up?

Are girls not allowed
on the plane?

Look, I was just heading out of
town on a quick business trip.

Says here you're off
to the Maldives.

Yeah, one of the few countries

without an extradition treaty
with the U.S.

- What a coincidence.
- And there's no return date.

- Look, I can explain.
- You know, if I didn't know better,

Brooks, I'd swear you were
trying to skip town.

Which doesn't really make sense
since you're hardly in trouble.

It was Frick that killed
that poor girl by accident,

that's what you told us, right?

Yes, and it's true.

And we believed you.

That is, until we went
to pick up Frick and, well,

he shared a little
surprise with us.

See, Frick was a bad boy,
he snuck his cell phone

into the club the night
you killed your date.

- Wait a second.
- And it's a good thing he did

'cause he played a little
recording of you telling him

how you accidentally
killed that girl

and that you needed his help to
bring her dead body downstairs.

We played it for
the district attorney's office

this morning.

They'd like a word
with you.

That's another way of saying
you're under arrest.

Don't worry,
there won't be

any girls in your cell,
only men,

just the way you like it.


Yes, Baker?

Unless there's anything
you need,

we're taking off
for the weekend.


Have a good one.
See you on Monday.

A good weekend
in the dark?

- I think I have a right to know.
- I'm good.

- Sid.
- Hold on.

A want is not a right.

Okay, I want to know,

in case she reaches out,
off all the sudden shuffling.

What sudden shuffling?

Well, Chief Holmes
losing his stars?

Not on my watch.

Wait, he isn't?

Well, see, the IAB Chief and I

had a brief discussion,

and he is losing her number,
and that is all,

and everybody is agreeing that
none of this ever happened.

So a cover-up?

I prefer to think of it
as reverse engineering.

What about the cop who blew the
whistle? Is he in on it, too?

I don't think so.

And his initial complaint
didn't bear fruit,

so, hopefully,

if he doubles back,
he doesn't find anything.


I took your advice,
I did not talk to Lorraine.


See, it appeared to me
the only thing to do was,

essentially, to do nothing,

and hope
nobody was the wiser.

I can't pretend
we have an equal say in here.

I do have the last word.

I sometimes question
your advice,

but I never dismiss it.

Please try and remember that.

- Will do.
- Yes, sir.

Copy that.

And three against one
is never fair.

So from now on,

one of you suck it up
and side with me.

Bless us, Oh Lord,
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive
from thy bounty

through Christ
our Lord. Amen.

- Amen.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- Pass the beans, please.
- Ham! Ham!

- Ham! Ham!
- Right now, please.

Oh, Francis.

Hold on, hold on. Hold on.

What do you say
we try that again?

What do you think, Pop?


Did I mess up?
Did I forget something?

- No.
- No,

nobody messed up,

nobody forgot anything.

What's going on?

It was rushed.

Isn't it always?

Well, yeah, see, today
is different.

Oh, I get it.

Get what?

Uh, I get it, too.
You get it?

It's that time,
isn't it?

What time?
I don't get it.

16 years at this table
and you still don't get it?

Oh! I got it.

- I got it.
- Thank you, numbnuts.

I still don't got it.

♪ It's that time of year ♪

♪ It's beginning to look
a lot like Christmas ♪

♪ Everywhere you go... ♪

- Ah! Okay, Christmas.
- Yes.


And during the Christmas season,

we like to try to add a little
more grace to our grace.

Ah. What's that mean?

Jamie, do the honors.

In the name of the Father
and the Son

and the Holy Spirit.

Bless us, Oh Lord
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive
from thy bounty through Christ

- our Lord. Amen.
- Amen.

- Now ham!
- Yeah.

Give me those beans.

I need potatoes,

Hey, merry early Christmas,

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

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