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[Lee Eunsaem as Kim Hyein]

[Kim Yerim as Baek Jenna] [Lee Jonghyuk as Seo Doeon]

[You Junghoo as Lee Somang] [Han Dasol as Oh Sieun]

[Jang Sungyoon as Kim Haein]

[Park Siwoo as Min Yulhee] [Jang Deoksoo as Park Woojin]

[Bitch and Rich]

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while I'm

keeping it civil.

Who was the one who reported about...

the school bullying?


You don't want to confess?

You don't want to answer?


Hey, where are you going?

Where is Seo Doeon going?

Stop it!

You guys are the ones who are bullying other students for no reason.

What exactly did we do wrong?

You startled me, damn!


Are you confessing that you were the informant right now?

You sure are gutsy.

-Watch how I... -I'm leaving.



I haven't caught the informant yet.

Even if I had to drink all the water in the swimming pool,

I'd wanted to find the informant and teach him a lesson. Damn it!


Don't just stay silent.

Are you really not going to comply?

Then you should drink the water.


Since you couldn't catch the informant.



Aren't you going to get in the water?


Damn it.

And you.

You asked what you did wrong, right?

Do you really not know?

It's wrong to be born into a family like yours.

[Bitch and Rich]


-Wow, that's awesome. -How pretty.

Look at this.

I really wanted this.


Where is this place?

The photos look great.

Oh... The lights in my kitchen are perfect for selfies.


How much did you get this pair of Mary Jane shoes for?

I really want one from this brand.

This is around...

900,000 or 800,000 won?

Aren't the prices of shoes from this brand

usually over 1 million won?


Oh... is that so?

I'm confused.

By the way,

why did you only upload photos of them on Instagram?

You could have worn or brought them to school at least once.

There's a girl in my major

who's very pretty

and has a great figure.

Since she's attending our school, she must have gotten good grades too.

All the clothes and shoes she wears are branded,

so I think her family must be rich too.

At her age, it's shocking even if she drove an Avante,

but she actually drives a Mercedes,

so it's pretty clear.

But she said that

ever since she was born,

she has never asked her parents for allowance,

and that she has been working to earn her allowance since she was a kid.

Actually, I have something to confess.

Ever since I was born,

I've never asked my parents for allowance.

I've been earning all my allowance through part-time jobs,

like tutoring middle school students that I know,

and working at convenience stores.

Wow, really?


Then what about all the branded stuff you've uploaded on your Instagram?

That's why I asked her about

how she had the money to buy those branded clothes and the Mercedes.

And how did she respond?

Isn't it natural for parents to provide food and accommodation for their child?

As for the car,

my dad is just lending it to me till I'm able to afford my own.

Everything else

is handled with the allowance that I earn on my own.

That's how she responded.

Basic food and accommodation

are provided by my parents, obviously.


everything else

is handled with the allowance that I earn on my own.

Wow, that's awesome.


I don't want to bring the stuff my parents bought for me

to school to show off.


since they're all expensive stuff,

there's high risks of losing them.


Her response is only baffling to you and me.

She's really popular in our school.

Even though she has good looks, good grades, a good figure, and a good family background,

she's still earning her own allowance. She's really a golden child.

Hyein, you're amazing.

In addition, you also get good grades.

You're really a golden child

that's usually only found on the internet.

Hey, then you should post more often on Instagram.

If you get more than 10,000 followers,

you'll receive a lot of advertisements and sponsorships.

Then you probably won't need additional promotions.

[Beautiful shoes will take me to a good place, right? #brandedshoes]

How much can you make from Instagram advertisements?

You can probably earn 3 to 4 million won a month.

That's what my friends say.

An executed purpose is a transaction

in which the time and energy spent

on the execution are balanced against the resulting assets,

and the ideal case is one

in which the former approximates

to zero and the latter to infinity.

Who's the student sleeping in the back?

Can the student in front of her please wake her up?

Why are you not waking her up?

She's Baek Jenna,

the only child of Hanmyung Group.

If she's the only child of Hanmyung Group,

does that mean she can sleep in class as she pleases?

Get up now.


What's this?

I don't intervene when students

have bad grades or when their grades drop.

But it's a different matter when it comes to their attitudes in class.

I've heard that all the students in this school are competent,

but as students,

you should still follow the basic etiquette.

An executed purpose is a transaction

in which the time and energy spent

on the execution are balanced against the resulting assets,

and the ideal case is one in which the former

approximates to zero

and the latter to infinity.

Do you know?

Your pronunciation is really bad.

I heard you're new here.

You're a part-time teacher who doesn't even meet the basic requirements of the job.

How dare you mention the basics in front of me?

You should know your place.

By the way, Madam,

the tutor is here.

It'll take a long time before Nayeon gets back.

She's been here early these days.

She said she's here early to prepare for the class.

Hello, Auntie.

It must not be easy teaching Nayeon.

I should ask our housekeeper to take good care of you.

It's okay. It's my job.

It's not okay.

Please take good care of Ms. Sunjoo

so that she won't be inconvenienced.

[Kim Hyein]


If I want to get Instagram advertisements,

my follower count has to surge.

But since I'm always posting similar content,

the level of response is always similar.

What are you doing there?

Oh... well...

I was going to the bathroom,

but I got curious, so I was just looking around.

Still, you can't do this.

If you enter someone else's room when the owner's not there,

misunderstandings might arise.

Yes, I understand.

What is this?


So this is the school uniform of that prestigious school.

Excuse me.




is Nayeon's high school uniform, right?

Why is it already here?


That uniform requires


fabric, and has to be sewn stitch by stitch,

so an appointment has to be booked beforehand.

I'm sure the appointment was booked a year ago

at Gangnam's most famous store,

since our madam is impatient.

She sure is something.

What if Nayeon fails the high school entrance exam?

That's impossible. So much money has already been spent.

Anyway, that precious uniform was delivered here by a limousine yesterday.

Make sure to not cause any damage and hang it properly.




Our school uniform

is nothing compared to this.

What should my caption be?

I should post this one.


[Tried on the famous Cheongdam International High's uniform!!!
Should I take this chance and just transfer there?
#CheongdamInternationalHigh #SchoolUniformSelfie]

[Tried on the famous Cheongdam International High's uniform!!!
Should I take this chance and just transfer there?
#CheongdamInternationalHigh #SchoolUniformSelfie]

I envy you,

Kang Nayeon.

I'm home.

What the heck?

Why is she back so early?

You're home early.

Where's Mom?

She just left for a gathering not too long ago.

That's great.

Where's the school uniform that was delivered yesterday?

I need to update my Instagram.

Go check the walk-in closet.


Oh no.

Gosh, why are the buttons so stiff?

What the heck? It's not there.


Auntie's like a crazy goldfish.

Why did she say the school uniform's in the walk-in closet?

Gosh, it's not in my room too. Where is it?

Damn it.


Please leave.

What's that sound?

Ms. Sunjoo?

Cheongdam International High is indeed on another level]

Where did you get your hair done? It really suits you]

Why can't our school uniform be like that too...]

Your house looks so nice]

[Thank you for the presents!
Aren't all those shopping bags of luxury brands?
The wealthy are indeed different, I feel inferior
Is that your closet? I can only get a glimpse but your clothes look classy
It seems like you usually dress modestly, that's how really rich people dress~
When will my friends give me presents like those?
Hyein, you look so happy~ It must be really nice to get nice presents~
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[Walk-in closet]

Is she crazy?

Ms. Sunjoo... wait,

I should call you Ms. Hyein...

Wait, I don't even have to address you with a title.

Since you're only two years older than me?

I'll just call you Sis then?

I didn't do all that out of ill intentions,

I swear.

I don't care about your intentions.

Fabricating your academic background is a fraud, right?

My mom will definitely sue you if she finds out.

As for Madam,

I'll tell her I need to quit because of personal issues.

Please don't tell your mom, okay?

On account of our friendship,





Oh my, thank you.

Thank you, Nayeon.

You're the kindest middle school student I know.


I will definitely repay you in the future.

Um... I didn't say I'd let you off.


Like you said,

I won't tell my mom.


you should repay me for your mistake.

Do you have Samsung Pay?

It's 2,800 won.

-Use this one. -Okay.

The payment is complete.

-Don't forget to take your card. -Good bye.

Did you finish the math homework?


[Year 3 Class 3 Kang Nayeon]


Why is middle school homework so hard these days?

I don't think I learned this when I was in middle school.

Come on, can you do it properly?

Like this, highlighting and whatnots.

Do you know how meticulous that brat Kang Nayeon is

when she checks the work?

Then why did you do such a crazy thing?


I can't make sense of this no matter how I think about it.

That pet phrase of yours:

"If things go well, I'll be an office worker.

If things don't, I'll still be a civil servant."

Isn't that your goal for the future?

Why did you pretend to be the only child of a rich family?

I must have temporarily lost my mind.


At first, I just didn't want to be humiliated.

It's unfair enough to be born into a poor family.

I don't need the additional humiliation from my peers.

I didn't want to go crazy.

But after...

doing it many times and getting the hang of it,

it felt quite nice.



Since it's a dream that will never come true in this life,

one probably would like to enjoy it even if it's just on social media.

You're great at making it sound like it's someone else's business.

What? Isn't that why I'm being punished like this now?

Is this a punishment?

This trivial middle school homework?


should be grateful that you offended

someone kind like Nayeon.


Who's kind?

Among all the middle school students that I know,

that brat Kang Nayeon

is the most malicious,

evil, and wicked


Hey, isn't this cute?

-What do you think? -It's pretty.

-Is it cute? -Yeah.


Sis, horizontally...

one more.

Sis, how can you take a picture of me with my eyes closed?

Here, let's do it like this.

Girls, move aside for a minute.

Let's continue.

Buy me another one.

Ms. Sunjoo.

Thanks for your hard work today.

What is it?

Is there anything else you want to order me to do?

You've become a professional.

Please take care of this too.

[Year 3 Class 3 Shin Hanul]

[Year 3 Class 3 Han Jisoo]

[Year 3 Class 7 Yang Haeun]

What's this?

You even want me to do your friends' homework?

Hey. This won't do.

Is it safe for you to speak so loudly?

My mom is in the living room directly beside us.

My exams are coming up.

But because of you, I haven't had the time to study.

Do you know how important the academic report for the second year of high school is?


Are you the only one taking exams?

I'm taking my high school entrance exam next week too.

After I finish the school interview,

our tutoring will be over anyway.


Since this is the last time, I'll excuse it.


Be honest. You want it too, don't you?

I heard there's a good restaurant over there.

I knew it. Try looking for it.

Really. I think that's the only one.

Hey, someone's calling you.


[Kang Nayeon]

-Hello— -Why did it take so long for you to pick up?

I told you I'm taking my midterm exams today.

I left my interview script at home.

[Screening Interview]

Hey, you should've packed something important

like that in your bag beforehand.

I don't care.

Please get it for me now.

Did you try calling your mom?

Or your driver or housekeeper...

My mom isn't picking up, Auntie's on leave,

and the driver wouldn't understand what I'm saying.

I can never go for interviews without my scripts.

What should I do now?

[Screening Interview]

But my exams are starting soon too.

If I screw up my interview and fail to get into Cheongdam International High,

I'll just die.

I'll also tell my mom

all the lies that you've told.

Hurry up.

If it's at 8 a.m...

This is not it.

Found it.

Trust me, she'll come since I was the one who asked her to.

Last time, she came to carry our things during our shopping trip, remember?

How does she not have any pride?

If she really brings the script, it'd be amazing.

But will she really come just because you asked her to?

If she doesn't come,

she'll be screwed.

If I tell on her,

with my mom's temper, she'd make such a scene.

But you've went a bit far by screwing with her

on the day of her midterm exams.

I heard she's from a poor family.

She should at least make it to a good college.

It's her fault for being born into a family like that.

Thanks to me,

she'll now get a tour of Cheongdam International High.

She's here.

Teacher, I'm here!

See? I told you.

She'll come if I ask her to.

Kang Nayeon, your high school lackey is really capable.

Didn't you say this was urgent?

Oh, right.

Thank you for your hard work.

By the way,

I'm going to be really sad when our tutoring ends.

I had so much fun because of you.

Am I the only one who's sad about it?

I'll tell my mom to make sure

to give you a big bonus.

Well then,

it's time for my interview. Good bye.

Girls, let's go.

It's over already?

What a pity. It was fun.

Hurry up.

If something happened, you should tell me about it!

You can't retake the exam since it was your fault.

I know you value your academic reports. Why did you skip school for no reason?

And on the day of the exams!

I heard she's born into a poor family.

She should at least make it to a good college.

If you're born into a poor family,

there's a limit to how far hard work can get you to.

-It's unfair enough to be born into a poor family... -You need to live according to your circumstances...

-Are you really born into a poor family? -Because I didn't want to go crazy.

-You're shameless... -Especially...

The poor?

Gosh, why is nothing going my way?

Excuse me...

Do you want to use this?

It's fine.

Your name is similar to mine.


Thank you.

[I'm sorry. I'm from a low-income family.]

Do you think we fucking like being born into poor families?

Dream is not to think only in mind.

Rather, it's to feel with your heart,

to write with your hand,

and to do with your feet.

If a prestigious private school like Cheongdam International High

accepts me as a student,

I'll be able to fulfill my dream

and become a talent that can represent Korea...

[Screening Interview]

Who's that?


Kim Hyein?

Screw your dreams.

You need to work on your character first.

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