Bitch X Rich (2023): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

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[Lee Eunsaem as Kim Hyein]

[Kim Yerim as Baek Jenna]
[Lee Jonghyuk as Seo Doeon]

[Yoo Junghoo as Lee Somang]
[Han Dasol as Oh Sieun]

[Jang Sungyoon as Kim Haein]

[Park Siwoo as Min Yulhee]
[Jang Deoksoo as Park Woojin]

[Bitch and Rich]

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[Donor board]

So it's true.

She was lying...

[10 billion KRW and above Black Club]

[Oh Si-un, Gu Minji]

[One year ago]

[Donor board]

[Donor board]

[LK Group]

Aren't you ashamed?

How dare she come to school?


I heard her father is in jail.

Did you see that? Weren't you the first one here this morning?

-There are a lot of reporters at the front door. -Yeah.

My mom said

her family

have been famous since my mother's generation.

A bunch of psychos.

What are you looking at?

[Donor board]

What are you looking at?

What's there to see?

Turn around!

You assholes!

You're the asshole here.

We're avoiding you cause we find you dirty, seriously.

What if she makes a scene like her grandmother and father?

Let's go.

Hey, is she on drugs?

You little...


How dare you!

No matter how unstable my family is,

it's better than your family as poor as beggers.


I'm on drugs.

What about it!

Damn it!


She got slapped.

How childish.

How could this happen?


How could you do this to me?

When we were young, you said this.

We can only be friends if we are of the same level.

If that's the case, then we can't be friends now.

Your family is going bankrupt.

When I treated you well,

you accepted it all.

But why are you doing this to me now?

Forget about others, but you can't do this to me.

-It's not enough even if you spend your whole life repaying my kindness– -Repaying?

Do you know how long I've been waiting for this moment?

[Bitch and Rich]

Why isn't he picking up?

I warned you.

For the remaining time we have in school,

I won't let you go if I see you.

That's why I only went around places where there are very little people around.

I apologize if I bothered you.

I'll be more careful


Are you up to?


Why do you keep hanging out with Kim Hyein?

What Kim Hyein?

I don't know who you're talking about.

Are you kidding me?

No, I mean...

There was someone with a similar name to this before.

So, which one are you talking about?

Are you talking about

the Hyein with a Hye?

Oh Sieun.

I don't know what you're up to,

that you are acting so close and approaching

a poor girl that you won't even look at normally.

Whatever you're up to, don't even think about doing it.

If I catch you,

I'll reveal everything you did in the past–

Do you have evidence?


Because of me, your younger brother,

the precious youngest family member in Hanmyung gropu was killed. Do you have evidence for that?

You said it yourself.

You're the psycho murderer.

That was when you became the heiress to the legendary Hanmyung group

and would be my best friend for the rest of our lives.



Are we on the same level now again?


Jenna, I'm sorry.

The temporary punishment you requested to not get close to you isn't over yet.

So I can't get close to you.


I told you that you would regret it.

You betrayed your benefactor for life.

Even you don't have the guts to do anything.

When we were young, you said

we can only be friends if we are on the same level.

If that's the case, Then we can't be friends now.

Because your family is going bankrupt.


How shameless.

How dare she come here?


aren't we back on the same level now?

That's Hanmyung Group's scandal.

It's all over the internet.

I saw it. Heard he found true love.

I feel so bad for her.

She just needs money.

Her second wife took everything.

Her father is getting remarried.

She has a stepmother.

-That's a disgrace. -Really?

This class

is to avoid another heartbreaking incident.

What if we don't find it heartbreaking?

Because of us...

Someone almost died.

You're talking about the other Kim Haein, no?

[Name: Kim Hyein]

You can't make friends with just anyone.

The so-called friends aren't the friends you think they are.

Make friends with someone who's helpful to your life.

Someone like Baek Jenna.

Darn it.

Where is it?

Darn it.


I have something to ask you.

About what?

Why did you lie to me?

Do you think I won't know?



It's you.

The person who...

Who stole your shoes?

The note?


Lee Deokmin?

Crazy bitch.

Your acting is so real.

Are you a psychopath?

The hidden camera and the threatening notes

were all by you, right?

To be precise, the person who took the hidden camera is Lee Deokmin.

I know his hobbies.

Hey, this is a crime.

You're the one who started it.

What nonsense are you spouting–

The uniform you're wearing with the price of killing someone.

It looks good on you.

I don't know what you know,

but I think there's a misunderstanding.

I'm sure the chairman didn't instruct you to do something

and that there should be a condition to get you to shut up, right?

Wow. The competition among the special admission students is so strong.

Oh, our poor Haein.


-At the front door... -It wasn't me.

I was at the scene that day coincidentally.

But I don't know who that person is.


That's enough.


As long as you were there that day.

Being a witness is enough.

Anyway, I know...

who the culprit is.

It's Baek Jenna.

Where are you going?

Sit down and take this.

I have nothing to say to you right now.


How long are you going to fight for?

You are being really childish now.

If you two

come to our party, congratulations aside,

If you mess up the atmosphere,

just go out.

It's an out.

Settle before that.


I'm taking Kim Hyein to the party.


Are you crazy?

Are you trying to make me angry on purpose?

Why? Can't I?

Because my girlfriend is someone

poor again?

Let me ask you one thing.

Why do you hate Kim Haein so much?


It's you?

The person who called me out?

You're here. I thought you wouldn't come.

Are you out of your mind?

As a special admission student, how dare you call me out?

But since you came out,

it means my threat worked.


Is it true that Ms. Ha Minhee quit being a teacher

cause she's going to get married to a rich chairman?

All I did was text you.

But you came here so quickly.

Just like that chairman is your father.

-You... Where did you hear such nonsense? -Ah.

Of course, I'm the only one who knows

that the chairman is your father.

You can rest assured.


Ms. Minhee should be more careful.

The driver that drives you here everyday

came to pick her up when she worked over time.

I've seen that a few times.

How do you know my driver?

People from poor families

are very sensitive to the surroundings.

How would it be like if I wear those shoes she's wearing?

The house she lives in.

How would it be if it's my house?

The expensive car that was waiting for her...

How would it be if it's here to pick me up?

That's what I usually think.


What do you want from me?

What... I want?

Will you give it to me if I tell you?

I can't tell you yet.

There's a person called Baek Jenna.

She hates Kim Haein to the core.

You won't understand.

Baek Jenna is a scary person.

She must want to kill her.

She even got threatened herself.

Baek Jenna...


Kim Haein threatened Baek Jenna?

But how could she be the murderer?


Who are you?

I should be the one asking you that.

What are you talking about?

Are you a transfer student?

That's right. Baek Jenna isn't the murderer.

She didn't recognize me from the start.

Then why did she bother you so much

trying to get you kicked out of this school?

That's because...

That's because...


-No Oh Sieun. Firstly– -Okay.

Let's do this.

Make Baek Jenna the murderer for now.


Because you're the witness.

Just say that you saw Baek Jenna pushing her

and testify.

Are you really a psychopath?

I've been putting up with you.

You're making it look like you have a lot of conscience.

You should know your place.

Crazy bitch. You're crazy.

I'll pretend I didn't hear your request.


don't ever show up in front of me again.

I'm getting goosebumps because you pretended to be my friend.

Wait, Hyein.

I didn't ask you.

That's a threat.

What are you talking about?

Why do you think I gave that pervert Kim Deokmin a huge amount of money

to get this video?

You don't even know your situation.

You bitch...

I just have to click on this

and your video will be revealed to the whole school.

Are you okay with that too?

Look at your face.


You're so naive sometimes.

You took off your clothes for just five million won.

Why did you transfer here when you saw someone fall yourself?


Do you really like free stuff that much?

Why are you doing this to me?

What's the reason for you to do this to me?

How did I offend you?

No, it's not because of what you did.

I just wanted to ask you a small favor.

Of course I remember.

When you were a kid you smashed plates all the time.

Anyway, you have a good temper.

And even said you had hand tremors.

It's really fun to talk about the past.

You like talking about the past, you're old now.

You little...


I still like the past.

I didn't expect you to smile while chatting.


Why are you in a better condition in the hospital than at home?

I know, right? The hospital suits me it seems.

You should come here often.

Do you want me to skip classes often then?

Life is short.

You should skip school from time to time as a student.

-I'm leaving. -Why?

Forget it. It's cold, don't come out.

I'm leaving.


[VIP Ward Seo *Kyeong]

The shareholders don't like anxious situations in any way.

I'm sure they will mention about her shares during the meeting.

If you think about the future of the chairman's son that's about to be born,

I think that needs to be sorted out.

Okay. Got it.

I'll take care of it as soon as possible.

[VIP Ward Seo *Kyeong]

[Oh Sieun: You'd better promise me that favor I asked if you don't want to see your life crushed.]

What favor?

This is clearly a threat.

That's really a headache.

It's not like it's towards someone else... It's towards Baek Jenna...

[Oh Sieun: You'd better promise me that favor I asked if you don't want to see your life crushed.]

Then my life will really be ruined.

Darn it.

[Looking for informant
November 24, 0000-0300, if anyone witnessed a girl falling from Cheongdam International High, or know anything about it please report it.
Victim's family's contact: 010-1234-111
"My daughter would never commit suicide!"]

[Looking for informant
November 24, 0000-0300, if anyone witnessed a girl falling from Cheongdam International High, or know anything about it please report it.
Victim's family's contact: 010-1234-111
"My daughter would never commit suicide!"]


I already committed a crime.

I shouldn't have acted I didn't know.

I shouldn't have come to a school like this.

[Looking for an informant]

[Looking for informant
November 24, 0000-0300, if anyone witnessed a girl falling from Cheongdam International High, or know anything about it please report it.
Victim's family's contact: 010-1234-111
"My daughter would never commit suicide!"]

This is driving me crazy.

But why are you here too?

Why are you getting angry the moment you see me.

Didn't we agree on just acting like we didn't know each other.

So please just get lost.

What happened?

Be it her or me,

why do things like this happen when we're here in this school?

I just feel sorry for her.

Because I don't know my place and got too greedy so I feel guilty.

There's no need to pity her.


The dead Kim Haein

is different from you.

Could it be...

you killed...

I what?


It's not like you. Stop crying.

Just be like what you used to be.

Just grab people's hair rudely

and hit them.

You said you would grit your teeth and get through it

until we graduate.

Seeing you being so nice is making it worse.

Being nice?


Because you're an incurable lunatic. Why else would I give up?

[Oh Sieun]

By the way,

be careful of Oh Sieun.

[Oh Sieun]

Seo Doeon.

I accept your advice.

But... You have to help me with something.

Hey, Seo Doeon–


What's going on?

You two are dating in public.

Can you please make some space for us?

Why? What are you doing?

-Don't tell me... -We are young. What else can we do?

You know it. Right, baby?



Hey, Seo Doeon.

You've changed a lot.

You were so innocent before.

I'll leave now.

I'll leave right away.

You're not kidding right?

Shut up and find it quickly.

I found it.

But why won't it open?



[Kim Soyeong Kim Minjin]

I found it.

What? You found it?

Yes. But Senior, you know right?

Make sure you clean up the mess completely.

Of course.


What are you waiting for, Lee Deokmin?

Hurry up and enter the password.



Listen to me.

It's really for my personal collection. I never thought about spreading them–

You think it's okay because it's for personal collection?

You foolish punk. How could you have such thoughts?

You have to delete it completely. That's how the students will feel safe.


Hurry up and enter your cloud password.



And the last task I gave you. You have to finish it, okay?


From now on,

if you spread any of the videos,

I have your video on my phone too, you know?

Then you're dead too.


If I delete all these, you will really delete my video too, right?

You jerk.

You jerk.

-Delete it quickly. -Yes.

Yes. The crazy bitch that Baek Jenna approves of.

I, Kim Hye-in...

[Building C, P]

won't let another crazy bitch bully me.


-The chairman is still inside, right? -Yes.

Do you like it?



I didn't expect you to talk so happily.

What brings you here?

I was nearby

-So I wanted to have dinner with you. -Really?


I didn't expect Jenna to be here too.

The only daughter came to see her dad cause she misses him. What's wrong with that?

Is Mom uncomfortable because I'm here?


You too... There are so many people watching us.

It's too early to ask her to call you Mom is a little...

I don't know what Jenna told you but–

Forget it. It's normal.

I'll get going then.

Why? Are you not going to have dinner with us?

No. Don't leave. Jenna come with us too.

-Yes. -What does Jenna like to eat?

I can't interrupt your date.

Also, I'm not here to eat.

But to see Dad working.

To learn Dad's work in advance.

Aren't you going on a date?


Did it on purpose, didn't you?

When did you become a sweet daughter?


Seeing me being sweet makes you more annoyed?


In a rich family, if necessary,

blood ties are maintained by business too.

Don't you know that?

Saying that the kid in your tommy will become the eldest grandson that will inherit Hanmyung

but we don't even know if he's capable enough.

How dare he treat me as his opponent?

Besides, if he inherited half of his mother's skills,

it would be harder.

How could you talk nonsense like this?

So why did you offend me first?

Me, Baek Jenna.

Stepmother, listen carefully.

Your stepdaughter, I,

give back to other people what other people give me.

No matter who it is.

[Oh Sieun: D-5]

[Oh Sieun: D-5]
[Lee Somang: I will bring Oh Sieun's laptop over as son as possible]

Oh Sieun, just wait a little more...

You're dead. Very much so.

What is this?

What is this?

What are you doing?

Are you crazy?

-Wait. -What?

[Kim Haein]

Other than you, there are already other people who have taken off their clothes here.

[Kim Haein]

Many of them.

What kind of person

are you?

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