Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Breaking News/Cyberbullies - full transcript

When Bill grows a huge watermelon, Cricket invites the local news to see the mega melon but steals all the attention. Cricket helps his friends stand up to the cyberbullying of three online gamers known as the Cyber Knights.

[theme music playing]

One, two!
One, two, three, four!

♪ La la la la la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

[chicken squawks]

Remy, over here!
Point that camera at me!

All right, here goes!

First boy to ever juggle
a dozen eggs!

This one's
for the record books,

so do not miss it this time.

I am runnin'
outta eggs.

Okay, I'm ready!

Jugglin' egg one!

Jugglin' two eggs!

I'm goin' for three!
Can I do it?!

-Oh, hello, little guy!
-Three eggs! Remy!

-You need something?

-Hey! Are you catching this?
-Oh, I love you, too!

Remy! Aaah!

Oh. Sorry, Cricket.

I got distracted again.

At least Tilly saw it.
Right, Tilly?

Huh? Oh, sorry.
I was lookin' at a cloud.

And he was lookin' at me.

[ominous music playing]

What's the point
of doing somethin' cool
if no one sees it?

Well, sometimes it's not
all about you, Cricket.

Sometimes it's about
a dang creepy cloud

watchin' your every move.

Is it really so hard
for a guy to get

a little bit
of attention around here?

[Bill] Kids, come here!
I got somethin'
excitin' to show ya!

What's goin' on, Dad?

Is that pig doin' that weird
thing again, or--? [gasps]

[chuckles] That's
the size of a winner.

-Oh, my gosh!
-Mr. Green!

Pretty impressive, huh?


Where'd you get it?

I didn't get it.
I grew it!

With dirt and water

and my heart.

[kids] Awww!

Dad's heart melon!

I can almost
hear it beatin'.

This year, I'm goin'

for the giant watermelon prize
at the county fair.

A county fair
is a farmer's one chance

to spotlight
his accomplishments.

It sure would be
a dream to win.

-All right, Dad!
-Way to go, Papa!

Mr. Green,
that's a great dream,

and you'll be able
to dream it forever,

because there is
no county fair in Big City!


I said there is
no county fair in Big Cit...y.

Oh, gosh,
you didn't know!

I'm so sorry.
I thought everyone knew that!

No, everyone
did not know that.

All that work for nothin'.

Guess I'll just have
to take her

behind the shed
and smash her.

Poor Papa.

It ain't right.
Dad works hard.

And he deserves to be recognized
for the fruits of his labor!

It's literally
the fruit of his labor!

How can we get everyone
to see this melon?

My dad's watermelon!


[triumphant march playing]

Or we could
just call the news.

Oh, yeah.
That's a much better idea.

Didja check the radiator?

Yes, Ma.

How 'bout the engine?

Remember, that's
the big vroom vroom
that makes the car go?

-Why are you out here again?
-For funsies!

[car horn honks]

[action music playing]

Channel 11 News
reporting for duty!

And that duty is reporting.

All right, everyone set up.

And don't be afraid to move or
break something to get the shot!

What the--?!
Get the heck off my lawn!

I don't know
who you think you are, but...

Hmm. Can we get
a friendlier grandma? No?

Let's just get her
out of here.

Stay back now!
Don't you manhandle me!

-I will bite!
-What is goin' on?!

I'm Maria Media
with Channel 11 News.

We got a hot tip
about a big fruit.

You heard
about the watermelon?

We pride ourselves
on always knowing
the hottest news stories!

I just robbed a bank!

-Ha ha ha!

That's fantastic!

Though I don't know
who told you about all this.

[Cricket] I did!
Introducing the mega-melon!

Grown by my dad, Bill Green!

-Oh, son.

Pretty impressive, huh?

I can see it now:
Big man, bigger melon.


Well, let's
get this started.

Everyone set up.

This is
your big chance, Dad.

You've worked hard.

Now it's time to bask
in the spotlight.

Thanks, son.

Show 'em what ya got, Dad.

We did a good thing.

I'm here
in downtown Big City

where I found something
growing out of control.

Uh... Oh, boy.

What drove
this daredevil farmer

to prove his dominance
over nature?

Bill Green,
why did you do it?

Is this... bein'...

It sure is.

What's he doin'
with his arms?

Well, how did you
grow it so big?

I... put a seed...

in the dirt, and...

[too close to microphone]
watered it.

Oh, no, he's freezin' up!

Made sure
it got sunshine,

but not too much...

Just kept doin' that.

That... that's about it.

Are you sure
there isn't a cat

stuck in a tree somewhere
that we can cover?

He's losin' 'em!
I gotta help him!

R-Rain is good.
Saves water.

Oh, my gosh!

look at this watermelon!

It's so big.

Have you ever seen
a watermelon this big?

I bet not.
It's so amazing,

I just wanna... dance!

♪ Watermelon!
Watermelon! ♪

What are you doing?!

I'm spicin' it up
a little!

I got your back, Dad.

And, uh,
and fertilizer!

That's a melon's
best friend.

♪ Fertilizer
is a melon's friend! ♪

I take back what I said.

Keep rolling.

To keep it
from growin' lumps,
ya gotta turn it.

I keep a schedule,
ya see?

Tuesdays and Fridays...



I can't wait
to see Dad's interview!

I wonder if anything
I did made the cut?

Maybe they'll use one
of your watermelon jokes.

They were funny.

Well, bless your heart!

Mr. Green, you're
going to be famous!

Heh heh!,
Oh, I-- I won't be famous.

The watermelon will!

[gasps] I've been pinned
under this thing
for 20 minutes!

Wow. Your old man's
proudest accomplishment, on TV.

I gotta admit,
I'm a little nervous.

It'll be great!

With a little touch
of Cricket spice,

you got nothin'
to worry about.

-[news theme playing]
-It's startin'!

Live from downtown Big City,

it's Channel 11 News at 6!

Good evening.
I'm Maria Media.

Our first story
takes us downtown

where I found something
growing out of control.

Here we go!

And what I found was...
this little boy!

-Wha... ?

When we showed up to film

some other boring thing,

local funny-boy
Cricket Green

showed us the true
meaning of wacky!

Aaah! My finger's broken!

Just kiddin'.
I tricked ya, huh?

This little boy showed us

how to unleash
our inner Cricket.

I'm a talkin' dog!

[fart noises]

It's the back of my knees!

Ohhh, I made it too spicy.

Is there anything
you'd like to say
to Big City?

I'm Cricket Green,
and I'm number one!

No! They cut me off!

I was gonna say,
"I'm number one

at appreciating
this watermelon!"

On to our next story...

Did anyone even see
the watermelon?

I did! It was
in my way the whole time!

You kinda took over,

I... I don't know
what happened!

It was all a blur!

I saw the camera lens
on me, and, well...

-Ha ha ha ha!
-[claps] Cricket!

Ah! Whoa. Okay, I'm sorry,

but, I mean,
ya gotta admit,

I gave them
some really good material,

and they used it!

You can't blame me for that.

Ah, you're right, son.

You make
for pretty good television.

Hm! Dang it, Cricket,
it's not always about you!

Remy, Tilly!
Help me with this!

what are you doin'?

Don't touch that remote!

I'm gonna make things right!

Cricket, you can't just--

We're not going anywhere!

I wanna see
the next story.

[Maria] Next up,
can paper kill?

If it can, I'll be ready.

[grunting and panting]

It wasn't easy,
but we got her here.

I don't know
if this is gonna work,

but dang it,
it's the only plan I've got!

And now you know
the shocking truth about paper.

I know I'll think
twice about makin'
a paper airplane.

Maria, this isn't funny.

Well, he's got that right.

-Look out!
-Huh? Aah!

Honey, there's
a gosh dang watermelon on TV!

[woman] Zip it, Ed!

Well, melons
are coming to take
what's rightfully theirs.

Make way for mega-melon!

Unh! Attention,
citizens of Big City!

Do not attempt
to adjust your televisions!

-Cut to commercial!

-I wouldn't do that
if I were you.

your worst nightmare!

Aah ya ya ya ya!

Too much.

Y'all better listen up,

'cause I got somethin'
real important to say!

Oh, my gosh! That's
that weird funny kid
from earlier!

Yes, yes, that was me.

Oh! Can you do
your little dance?

It was so funny!

-Keep it up, kid!

No, no, no!
You don't understand!

I'm not here for me!

little doomsday boy!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

The camera loves ya, kid!
Do it again!

Aah! Stay back!
This isn't about me!

Aah! No!
My body's betrayin' me!

This boy was made
for the spotlight!

He's givin' in!

I... came here to do...

somethin'... but...

I can't remember.

All I see is me...

and they love me!

You're so talented!

You're a star!

[man] Dance for us!

We love you, Cricket!


-Huh? Who is that?

Son? [coughs]

Dad! What's wrong?

I-- I need light.

Light? But that's my light.

-Come back, Cricket!
-You're the star!

Ooh, ya sure
ya don't need, like,
water or anything else?

No. Light.



Take the spotlight, Dad!
You deserve it!

I'm growing.

I feel... aliive!

Grow, Dad! Grow!

[crew applauding]

[man] That's a funny kid
right there!

Kid, you're
ratings gold!

No! Listen up! I'm here
on a selfless mission!

I'm such
a dang charismatic fool,

I had to go and steal
the spotlight

when it should
have been on my dad,
Bill Green,

and his amazing watermelon!


He worked so hard
and asked for no kudos.

But the man deserves
his kudos.

So admire this melon.

I want all of Big City
to bask in its glory!


Wow! That Bill Green sure
knows how to grow a watermelon!

That's a prize watermelon
right there.

Zip it, Ed!

My dad grew it with dirt,
water, and love!

I did!

-He did it!

Now if everyone
would do me the favor

of placing their lips
on the TV screens.

Let's all give
the melon a biiiig kiss!



I can't believe it.

My watermelon was on TV!

[laser blasts]

We're comin' for ya,
space scum!

Yeah! You, uh, dorks!

Good one, Remy.


Squadron A,
what is your status? Over.

We're great!
Cricket and I defeated
a lot of enemies!

We got moneeyyy!

Squadron B, report!

Kiki here!
We're officially
space millionaires!

Benny here!

Does wealth
justify the killing?

Weezie here,
and you know how it is.

Weezie, my man!

You're the best.

I can't see
any more baddies on my radar.

-Good job, everyon-- Oh.

Hold on! Three unknown
crafts approaching!

Oh. You don't suppose...?

I hope its not--

-Oh, noooooo!
-Oh, no.

Huh? What?
Hope it's not who?

They're comin'
from behind you!

Greetings, idiots!

Ha ha! They got li'l hats
on their ships!

Oh, no... it's them!

The meanest online bullies
that ever lived!

That's right!
We are the Cyber Knights!

-The cyber-what-now?
-Just do what they say!

We don't stand a chance
against these guys!

All right, hand over
your space coins
or get wasted!

No one do anything stupid.

Remy, just give them
the money.

I don't wanna die!
I don't wanna die!

I said hand over
the space coins!

These guys are
all whack-a-do.

What are you
gonna do, Remy?

Oh, I don't know!
I should just do it, right?

They're being
so confrontational!

Should I call
my parents?

Remy, get a hold
of yourself!

You've got to stand
your ground!

I'm sorry, Cricket.
I can't.

Remy, no, stop!
Don't do it!


[Cyber Knights laughing]

Thanks for the coin, chumps!

Now beat it!
This is our astro-turf!

Yeah, and try not to cry
too much on your way out!

[all laughing]

No pwomises.

Hmm! Know what I think?

Y'all are
a bunch of bullies!

[gasps] Cricket,
what are you doing?!

You can't talk
to them like that!

Aah! Beanbag betrayal!

-What was that?!
-How dare you defy us?!

We are the Cyber Knights,

and we demand that you
bow down to us!

I ain't bowin' down
to nobody,

and I never will.

And that is how you deal
with punks like them.

Aah! Aah!
Beanbag betrayal!

Yeah, you gotta stand
up for yourself

or people will walk
all over ya.

That's a Cricket life tip.

Also, a block of cheese
is a sometimes snack.

a Tilly life tip.

I had no idea you could just
stand up to bullies like that.


[Cyber Knights leader]
Oh, Hello, Cricket!

What the heck?
A robot bird?!

No, it's the Cyber Knights
in real life!

That's right!

We're here to give you
one more chance

to bow down to us!

See, Remy, this is
exactly what I'm
talkin' about.

I've said it once,
and I'll say it again!

I'll never bow down to you!

Ha ha ha! We have ways
of making you comply.

For starters,
we'll hack your email!

I don't have an email.

Oh. Well, we'll
hack your smartphone!

-Don't got a smartphone.
-Your laptop!

Don't got a laptop.

Your handheld tablet!

Oh, no!
Not my handheld tablet!

[laughs] Just kiddin'.

Don't got one of those,

I can't believe it.

This guy has
no electronics.

Face it, cyber-weenies,

looks like you can't
touch ol' Cricket Green!

[leader] Ahh!

Perhaps we'll have
to try a different strategy.

[phone ringing]

they hacked my phone!

Enjoy your trip, Remy.

Huh? Trip?

-[horn honks]
-Hello, there!

I'm from the kid-friendly
rideshare app Goober!

I'm here
for Remy Remington?

Oh, no!
There's been a mistake.

I have
to cancel the ride.

Well, if you cancel,

I'll have
to demote you a star.

Not my perfect
five-star rating!

just do what they ask

before this gets
out of hand!

off to the airport!

Hurry, Cricket!

Remy, no!

Dang you, Cyber Knights!

-Hey, where'd you go?
-[blood curdling scream]

That was Kiki!

Oh, my gosh!
What have they done?!

Kiki! Did those jerks
throw you in the trash?

No, I put myself
in the trash.

What-- What are you
talkin' about?

I was just playing
my Bintendo Twist,

when that drone came and--

deleted all my saved data!

[both gasp]

That's horrible!

I have nothing now,

and it's all
your fault, Cricket.

Why did you have
to upset them?

Why, Cricket?!

Uh... well... don't worry,
I'm gonna make things right!

Cricket! Look!

They're headed for the park!

Let's go!


Hey, Weezie!
Can I have a turn?

Yeah. Do life.



Whee! Whoa!



-[Weezie grunts]
-Oh, no!

[leader laughing]

Hey! Cut that out!


What's going on?!

I had Vasquez pick me up
from the airport,

and then I found Kiki
laying in the middle
of the road!

No games,
no will to live.

You've gotta give up,
Cricket! Let them win!

Will you bow down now,

You only pick on people

from behind
all those fancy gizmos!

Why not do it to my face!

Oh! You want
to experience pain

from our true forms,
do you?!

-'Sup, losers?

-[all gasp]
-The Cyber Knights!

Oh, kinda thought they'd have,
like, swords or somethin'.

Well, here we are Cricket.
Do your worst.

I speak for all of us
when I say

that we aren't afraid
to stand up to you!

But, uh--
Where'd everyone go?!

Oh. Well, everyone is hiding

and being too afraid
to stand up to the bullies.


Aah! [grunts]

I'm okay!

C'mon, guys! What's
the matter with you?

We need
to stick together

and stand up to
these bullies as a team!

No way! You might not
have anything to lose,

but they'll keep torturing us
for the rest of our lives.

We are slaves
to the cycle.

It ain't easy
being Weezie.

Oh, man,
that's rough.
I'm so sorry.

It's okay, Weezie.

Let's go home
and change all our passwords.

Well, I'm gonna fight
for all of us,

even if you guys don't
want to fight for yourselves!

Remy! You've still
got my back, right, bud?

I'm-- I'm sorry, Cricket.

I don't want
any more trouble.

If you just do
what they say,

they won't bother us

But that's why we
have to stand up to them.

They're bein' super mean
for no reason!

I'm not gonna let them
walk all over us.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I don't know
what to do anymore!

Remy, wait!

Wait, Remy, wait!

Remy, don't go!

Aw, come on, Remy!


Yeah, c'mon back, Remy!
Come on!

Remy, wait! Remyyyy!


Oh, no, Remy, c'mon!

Remy, wait! Remyyyy!

Uhp, he's gone.

Uh, hello! What happened
to standing up to us, huh?

Or are you all talk?

What do you say we finish
this with a duel?

If I win, you leave me
and all my friends alone.

If I lose,
I bow down to you.

But I choose the weapons.

Squirt guns,
water balloons, snowballs?

'Cause if its snowballs,
we're gonna have
to wait till winter.

Uh, drones, obviously!

Dang it. Probably
shoulda seen that comin'.

Fine! Drones it is!

So what're we waitin' for?

Actually, my sunscreen's
wearing off.

Uh, yeah,
my mega anime torrent just
finished downloading, so...


We'll finish this
tomorrow at dawn!

See you then, loser!

[all laughing]

Cricket, what're you doin'?

You don't have a drone!

I'll think
of somethin', Tilly.

I just don't get it.

I know I'm doin'
the right thing,

but since folks
are gettin' hurt,

it feels
like the wrong thing!

Oh, brother, I wish
I could lend a machete

to your moral thicket.

Thanks, Tilly.
Now if you'll excuse me,

I have a lonely battle
to prepare for.

[dramatic music playing]

[wind whistling]

This is gonna be
a walk in the park.

[all laughing]

I get it.

You brought your drone,

and I brought mine!

What the heck is that?

Ha! You think you can
beat us with a kite?

Let's duel!


[all laughing]

[Cricket, battle cry]

[Cyber Knights laughing]

Isn't that nice, sweetie?

Kids just playin' around.

[Cyber Knights]
Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!

[grunting] Hyah!

[Cyber Knight #2]
Can't dodge our attacks forever!


[both] Oh, no!

Our beautiful drones!

Respawn, you fool!

Ha ha! Gotcha!

Oh, you don't got nothin'!

Oh, cranberries!

Aah! Yaah! Oh, no!
My kite!

Face it! You lost!

Now bow down
to the Cyber Knights!


Then you leave me
with no choice
but to destr--

Huh? What the?!

What is this?


Guys! You're here!

Yeah, Tilly told us
what you were planning.

You were right, Cricket.

We don't want to run away
for the rest of our lives.

It is what it is.

Yeah. What Weezie said.

Let's end this, brother.

Yeah! Together!

Grrr! I don't care
how many of you there are!

You'll never
take down my drone!

Never! Never! Neverrrr!


You're taking
down my drone!

[kids cheering]

deal the final blow!

With pleasure!

Oh, no.



Kids just bein' kids.


Hey! Good game,
but you lost.

So take your drones
and leave us alones!


Okay, whatever!

[all] Huh?

What is happening?!

Man, I think
the batteries died.

You mean we gotta walk?

[all groaning]

Well, that's just sad.

Hey, thanks for encouraging us
to stand up for ourselves.

Sorry we
almost bailed on you.

Well, I'm sorry things
got so out of hand

and all y'all's
Internets almost died.

Also, thanks for comin'
to save me.

Hey, where'd Benny go?

[Benny laughing]

I've taken out
one bully,

time to take down
the rest!

Ha! Claaassic Benny.

♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet and got
Bit by a hundred flies ♪

♪ I fell out a big ol' tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
And scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by a dog ♪

♪ Bit by a frog
Got a rash on my leg ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
At seven and ten ♪

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪