Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Cricket's Shoes/Feud Fight - full transcript

When Cricket gets sick, his family steps in to fulfill his commitments for the day. Chip Whistler shows up at the farmers' market in an attempt to steal business from the Greens.

[theme music playing]

One, two!
One, two, three, four!

♪ La la la la la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

[chicken squawks]

Hmm, ahh!

You got a fever all right.

That's what happens

when you share your
popsicle with the dog.

How dare you, Dad.

Phoenix is our steadfast

She deserves a treat
now and then.

[Phoenix] Hmmm.

-Family, you heeded my call.
-We're here, brother.

Quick, tell us
what you want

before you give us
the plague.

Family, as you know,

today I am unable to perform
my normal duties

due to this accursed sickness.

You must go in my stead.

-Well of course, son.
-We'd do anything to help.

Tilly, I need you to work
my shift at the café.

I'll be the best Cricket
I can be.

Good luck, sweet sister.

Now, Gramma,
I beckon you.

You must hang out
with Remy.

Who's that?

He's my best friend.

You know, glasses,
wears a sweater vest.

He's standing
right behind you.

Hi, Mrs. Green!

Aww him?!
That boy's no fun!

He's softer
than creamed corn.

I love creamed corn!

Today's going to be
so much fun!

We're going to spend
the whole day together.

Oh, joy.

Dad, come closer.

What is it, my boy?

I saved the most
important task for you.

I promised a bunch of kids

I would go
to the dog park...

Yes, yes.

And run around with my pants
full of hotdogs and baloney.


But then the dogs
would try to bite you.

Exactly. Bleh!

Why on earth would
you promise to do that?

I don't know.

-This is ridiculous!

I'm not doing it, Cricket.

But Dad you have to go.

I promised!

[sighs] Fine.

I'll go to the dog park,
but only to tell those kids

not to encourage
such weird behavior.

I am definitely not shoving
hotdogs in my pants, hm?


Atta girl!

Hello, gorgeous.

Keep rockin' that smile.

Good morning, Gloria.

Where's Cricket?

I am Cricket!

And there's no way
to prove otherwise.

Well that sounds
like a minefield.

Anyway, Ms. Cho, the owner,
is giving employee evaluations.

And she is really
heard to please.



Despite that, she's made me
employee of the month

for two months straight.

And now I'm gunning
for three.

Nothing like a little
corporate validation

to keep you going.

So far, it looks like
I got this in the bag.

So don't mess this
up for me.

Don't worry, Gloria.

I'll be a better Cricket
than even Cricket can be!

Well, here we are...

Trampoline Zone!


I've always wanted
to come here.

Well, why didn't you?

I guess I was
a little intimidated,

but Cricket said
he'd help me through it.

Eh, spoonfeeding you
isn't exactly

my idea of a good time.

Go one, creamed corn,
you'll be fine.



I could really use
a jumping buddy.

-Would you want to--

You know,
in a situation like this,

Cricket usually helps push me
out of my comfort zone.

Oh, you need
a little push?

-Here ya go!


Oh-- Oh no!

Have fun now.
Or whatever.

Go fetal, Remy.
Protect your core.

[dogs growling]

I don't see him anywhere.

I knew he'd chicken out.
What a wimp.

Uh, excuse me kids.

Oh hey,
it's Cricket's dad!

Mr. Green,
have you seen Cricket?

He's home sick.
And that run he promised

isn't happening today,
tomorrow, or ever.

What a letdown.

I was gonna film it on
my phone and everything!

[Cat phone]
Kawaii neko no denwa! Meow!

What? I'm sorry kids
but I'm just not

a supporter of shenanigans.

Which one of you
put Cricket up to this anyway?

None of us.
He wanted to do it.

He did?
Why would he wanna do that?

That's what it is.

That's not even an answer.

Look, the run isn't happening.

Yes it is!

I am Cricket Green!

And sick or not,
I'm gonna do that run!

-There it is.

Hello, Ms. Cho.

I brought you
your favorite tea,

which I hope you'll keep in
mind when making your decision.

Anyway, which headshot
do you think I should use

for my employee-of-the-month

Or patriotic?


Mike? Your order's ready!

I've got your 3D latte foam
caricature right here.

It looks just like me!

Have a nice day!
Oh hey, Gloria!

I finished all the chores
on your list.

What should I do now?

I dunno, just do everything
on the list again!

Now back
to these headshots.

Is this one too flirty?

Is that even possible?


♪ Cleanin' the counter ♪


[satisfied groan]


Uh... I hope this
doesn't cause problems.


I can't believe it.

I've won that award
every month

since the real Cricket
started working here.

I was a winner for once.

It's kind of all I had.

Poor Gloria.

I guess I haven't been
the best Cricket I can be.

Wait! I know just how
to fix this!

Guh, even the bathroom's
got trampolines in it.


[Remy] Mrs. Green, help!

Remy, what're you
doin' up there?

I can't do
this without Cricket!

Ugh! I don't know what Cricket
sees in this kid.

Hang on, creamed corn!

Gramma's comin'!

Okay, doggies!
Here comes Cricky!

[Bill] Cricket, stop!

Help me understand, son.

Why is this so dang
important to you?

It's just who I am!

I told these kids
I'd do a thing,

and now I gotta
do the thing!

[sighs] There's no way
I can talk you outta this?

[coughs] No.

Cricket, I don't always
understand you,

but you're trying to follow
through on a promise

and that I understand.

Dad, what are you doing?

This is a one-time deal.



Okay, Dad,
all you gotta do

is make it to
the flagpole and back.

Think you can do it?

Heh. Heh-heh-heh.


This is for Cricket Green!


-[Cricket] Go get 'em, Dad!
-[Kids] Whoa!

Terp, terp.


[groans] Yeah!

Huh? Aah!

I'm doing it!

Okay girl, we're here!

Everyone said a
two-hundred-pound dog

was too much pup
for a little guy like me,

but I sure showed--

Whoa, no!



He's not gonna make it.

He's my dad.
He'll make it.

I'm not gonna make it.
I'm not gonna make it!

[Bill screaming]

I made it?
I actually made it!


They've gone mad
with meat fever!


Whoa! Mrs. Green?

You're here to save me?

I'm taking pity on you.

Time to learn how to bounce.

-Now, c'mon, creamed corn!

[Remy] Okay--whoaaa!

Lead with your feet!

You gotta time your jumps...
like this!

Yeah, okay!

Follow my lead!

Uhhh wahhh!

Aaah! Hmphh!

-Geez, kid, you okay?
-Yeah, this is great.

Well, I'm impressed.
You're resilient.

I respect that.

Now, there's one
last thing I wanna do,

but I can't do it
without a buddy!

A jumping buddy?

-Hee-hee, whee!
-[Gramma] Death from above!


Oh my gosh,
that was so awesome!

Can we go again?!

Uh... no,
let's get outta here.


Y'know, Remy,
I think I finally get

why Cricket likes you.

You're pretty fun
to hang out with.

When you're with a Green
you're in for a wild time!

[Bill] Ma! Remy! Run!

-Run for your lives!
-[growling, barking]

Too wild!
Too wild!

No, Ms. Cho,
you can't leave yet.

I deserve to be
employee of the month.

Please hear me out.

Attention, everybody!

My name is Cricket Green!

And I don't think
about the consequences
of my actions!


I don't care
about health codes

or personal space!

-Aw, come on.
-What the heck?

And I like to dance!

♪ Bingo bingo bang-go ♪

♪ I don't give a dango. ♪



This is not what Big Coffee
stands for.

Apologies for
the disturbance, everyone!

If your food or beverage
was tampered with,

we will happily replace it!


Ah, it's good to be back.

But I don't get it, Tilly.
You had it all!

Why'd you give it up?

I realized Cricket's job
isn't to be a good employee.

It's to make you
look better by comparison!

Huh, that's kind of
a harsh thing to learn
about yourself,

but I guess I appreciate
Cricket a little more.

-Then my job here is done.
-No it's not.

You still have three hours
left on your shift.

This is what Cricket
would've wanted.





We're surrounded!

[dog howling]

She's here to save us!

[barking, growling]


[Remy] Yay! Phoenix!

Mis-ter Green!
Mis-ter Green!

I filmed the whole thing!

It's got ten thousand likes!

It's a gif!
It's a meme!

The internet loves it!
Oh wait, they hate it.

It's over.
But I still like it!

You did pretty good
on that run, Dad.

Thanks, son. It was
actually kind of a rush.


I think I understand you a
little better now, Cricket!

We all do!

A little too well
if you ask me.

Thanks, family.

You're all
real good eggs.




I am the tomato-nator.

The red destroyer.

And I.

Will. Not.


[Bill] Ah!

Nice day for
the farmers' market!

Our tomatoes are gonna
fly off the shelves.

Especially with my expert
marketing techniques!

No one can resist
the allure of a sign.

And I came up
with the tomato prices.

We're gonna be rich.

No, sweetie!

We're not one of those corporate
stores that gouges people.

That's the whole point
of the farmer's market.

To have a place
for the little guys.

I didn't come here
for all this tomato talk!

I came here to find
a pepper so hot

it'll be worthy
of my 10 Alarm Chili.

I'd be happy to show you
where the pepper farmers--

We're leavin' now!

Oh! All right, Ma!

You two stay outta trouble!

And take care of the booth!

You got it, big guy!

I shall defend the booth
with my life if I have to!

I will strike down any foes
who dare cross our path!

Well, look who's
minding the booth.

Chip Whistler?!

That's right, green beans.
It's me, Chip Whistler!

Manager of Wholesome Foods
Grocery Store

and modern Renaissance man.

Last time I saw you,
didn't you chip your tooth

Uh, yeah, thanks to you..

But a quick trip
to the dentist,

and these babies
are as good as new.

Good ol' composite resin.

-A dentistry miracle.

What are you doing at the
farmers' market anyway?

I'm here with Wholesome Foods'
brand-new "market booth"...

and I just wanted to come around
and see my competish.

What? Wholesome Foods
is a grocery store.

He can't sell here.

Huh, that's weird.
'Cause I already am.

That's business, kid.
Nothing personal.

Well, kind of is.
Smell ya later.

Grrr. Tilly, we have
to stop Chip!

Papa told us not to
get into any trouble!

Tilly, Dad told us
to protect the booth!

The farmer's market
is for the little guy.

We need to take him down
before he takes us down.

You make a solid argument.

I'm in. But we have
to do this smart.

I'll get into character.

Ah the pepper district.

If you want to find
a hot pepper,

this is where you find it.

Hush yer mouth!
Target acquired.

Free sample?
Free spicy pepper sample?

Gimme that!

You call this spicy?!
You're fired!

[chuckles] Don't worry,
she can't fire you!

At least
I don't think she can.

-Sample some scorchers?
-Mmm, mediocre.

-Hottest peppers on the market.
-Baby food.

-These will burn you right up.

You gotta be kiddin' me.

Isn't there anyone out here
who can bring the heat?!

Did somebody call
for heeeeeeat?

-What the--
-I'm goin' with him.

Step right up
to Wholesome Foods!

And don't worry,

There's plenty of room back here
for all of your money!

Oh thank goodness!

[Cricket] Attention Wholesome
Foods customers!

Put down your wads of cash!

I come bearing terrible news!

Wholesome Foods produce
is haunted!

So head on over
to Green Family Farms!

We're not haunted!

-[mimicking ghost]

Beware! Bewaaa-- Oof!

Thank you.

[Tilly] I am the ghost
of Mrs. Wholesome!

I've come back
to teach you

the true meaning
of Christmas...

and also to haunt your food!

Haunted. Haunted.

You're really haunted.

Clearly this is a little girl
wearing a bed sheet!

I can't eat haunted food.

My nutritionist would kill me.

Are you kidding me?
She doesn't even have eyeholes!

All right, Cricket.
You wanna play like that, huh?

Come, come. I'll take you
to the real pepper market!

I'm not so sure
about this, Ma.

Don't dawdle, Billy boy!

I'm home, sweeties!

Welcome to my piquant
pepper palace!

Looks like we've
got a discount

on the curly goblin
feet peppers!

I think these wailing jalapenos
are calling out for you!

Those are some of my
special super spicy boys!

Go ahead and try one.

Hmph. A tingle.

Is that the best
you have to offer?

You holdin' out on me, boy?

Where are you hiding
the good stuff?

[gasps] Finally,
a worthy palate.

I have just the thing.

Step right up!
We've got tomatoes for everyone.

Folks, Wholesome Foods
has just partnered up

with Japanese yuru-chara icon,

Dance, Tomato-san, dance!


Ladies and gentlemen, wait!
If you don't buy
our tomatoes,

my poor sister won't be able
to afford her accordion lessons!

How will I ever learn
to polka?


you're fired!

All right, kid,
that's enough.

Let's talk this through!

What's there to talk about

besides getting you
out of this farmers' market?!

-You greasy snake.
-Rat boy!

-Two-faced goblin!

Overalls... kid?

Shallow jerk face, cool-guy
wannabe, no-good swindler!!


-Uh, uh, umm... That's it.
-What ya doin', Chip?

Calling your mama?

I'm calling in Protocol C!

And the "C" stands...
for coupons.





[All] Coupons!!!

[chuckling] I think I'll set up
another booth...

and another!

I won't stop until this whole
farmers' market

is Wholesome Foods!

If you want a war, Chip,
then you've got one!

So you want to try my most
powerful pepper, do you?

Just say the magic words:
Schmibitty beeeee!

Hotter than
seven thousand suns...

The sultan pepper!

Even looking at it is enough to
make a lesser man's eyes water!

He's right!

It truly is
the spiciest pepper!


Oh, No!

No one's ever eaten
the whole thing!

Someone call a mouth doctor!

Aw geez, I'm going
to have to move cities again.



My word...

You are more than
a follower of the heat.

You are the heat incarnate!

Here! Take my whole supply
of sultan peppers.

I bestow them unto you.

Heck yeah!

Cricket, are we on
the same page here?

Is this still about
protecting papa's booth?

Of course. The best defense,
is a good offense.

Don't worry, Tilly,
we'll get 'em.

Farmers of the market.

Wholesome Foods is trying
to take us little guys down.

But this is our turf!

That small boy's
gotta point!

-We should do something!
-Something drastic!

-Money, please.
-Here comes my cash!

Wholesome Foods
is the armpit

and we are the deodorant!

-Rally the troops.
-Yes, sir.

His army is mobilizing
as we speak.

Now is the time...

To rise!

If you think you scare me,

then you've got
another thing coming!

Oh, this is not going
to end well.

-[bell tolls]

Grrrr... Get him!

[war cries]





Didn't hit me doesn't count!

That so counts!!

You were meant
for better things.


I am the tomato-nator.

The red destroyer.

And I.
Will. Not. Stop!

Cricket, stop.
What are you doing?

You've become caught
in a petty cycle

of revenge and

You're right...

and I need to break out of it
by defeating Chip!

No! That's not it!

You can only break the cycle
by deciding enough is enough.

But Tilly, we have to save
the farmer's market.

The little guys
depend on it!

Cricket, look!

This pointless fighting
isn't saving the market.

It's destroying it!



I can't afford...
dry cleaning.


[gasps] Our booth.

Tilly, you're right.
I've gone too far.

Where are you going?

I'm going to make this right.

Get me more tomatoes!

[Cricket] Chip Whistler!

Chip, I don't like you
and you don't like me.

But this fighting
can't go on.


We need to set aside
our pride

before both our businesses
are destroyed.

Will you join me?


No tricks, no tomatoes
behind your back?

No, sir,
only my honest hand.

[deep voice]


Ha-ha, sucker!
Chip doesn't settle!


What what!!
That's right, baby!

Chip! Chip!
Chip! Chip!

Come on, everybody,
why aren't you chanting?

You just decimated
an unarmed child!

You were so young!

Wow, what a jerk.

No way we're shopping
at Wholesome Foods anymore!

Yeah, we quit!
Come on, fellas.

Where are you all going?

I won!


did I...
do a good?

Yup, you did
a real good, brother.

What in the world?

Did you kids start a war
without your Gramma?

Sorry, Gramma.

Hey there!

I got hit in the mouth
with one of your tomatoes,

and they were delicious!

Do you have any left?

Well, sure!

But what the heck
happened to you?

[Chip] Chip happened!


Chip, your worst nightmare,

[chuckles] Smart trick, kid,
turning everyone against me!

But Chip sees
right through you!

And I've still got
some tricks of my own!

[maniacal chuckle]

Good luck selling food
with bites taken out of them!


You better leave before
I decide to get nasty!


Oh, you thought you could
hide some from me?!

No wait, stop--
Oh what the heck.


Oh. No.

Hot. Hot.


My tooth!
My tooth!

I guess that means he'll
have to revenge us again.

Don't worry,
we'll be ready.

The Greens never forget.

Oh, that Chip Whistler.

♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ Lost a bet
and got bit by 100 flies ♪

♪ I fell out
a big old tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
and scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ I got chased by dogs ♪

♪ Bit by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my leg ♪

♪ Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
since 7 to 10:00 ♪

♪ And tomorrow,
I'll do it all again. ♪