Big City Greens (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Big Deal/Forbidden Feline - full transcript

Cricket persuades the family to hit up a Thanksgiving sale for a sweet deal on a new TV. Tilly hits it off with Anoosh, the neighborhood cat.

[theme music plays]

♪ One, two
One, two, three ♪


[Tilly] Shoehorns,
dewdrops, cat hair,

light bulbs, bodybuilders,
hair nets,

magazines, Swiss cheese,
Easy Cheese,

and... rocks.

And that's the full list
of things I'm thankful for.

Wow, Tilly,
that's very... specific.

I'm just thankful
we're all here

to have a nice
Thanksgiving together.

When you get
to be my age,

the only thing
you're thankful for

is that death hasn't
come for you yet.

But when it does...

I'll be ready.

I'll tell you what
I ain't thankful for--

crummy old TVs
that don't even work.

How am I supposed
to watch the game
on this ancient thing?

Come on, Cricket. Today's
supposed to be about being
thankful for what you've got,

-not getting upset about
what you don't got.

Allow me to assist,

-Yes! Tilly, don't move!

-Hi, I'm Louis.
-What the...

This year at Price Busters,

we're celebrating Thanksgiving
with amazing savings


Appliances, furniture,
TVs, you name it.

We're busting prices
on everything!

Busting prices
on everything?

Show 'em how
it's done, Buster.

-Oh, no! Oh!
-[cash register rings]

Oh, come on, Buster,
you can do better than that.

No. No, please!

Buster? Buster!

♪ Price Busters ♪

Oh, my gosh.
This is perfect.

We can finally afford
a new TV.

We gotta go right now!

I don't know, Cricket.

I don't really want to spend
our Thanksgiving in a store.

Ah, don't worry, Dad.
We'll be in and out in no time.

It's Thanksgiving.
Who goes shopping
on Thanksgiving?

-[people clamoring]
-[man over intercom]
Welcome to Price Busters,

where we'll be busting prices
all day long.

[maniacal laughter]

-Happy Thanksgiving!

-No. No!

[all] Huh?

Sir, that is not
for sale.

Sir, I am not for sale!

That was a fun thought.
Now let's go home.

We can't give up yet.
We just got here.

Son, look around.
This place is a madhouse.

Now, let's get back to
our Thanksgiving dinner
before it spoils.

Oh, it's all fine and good
until we sit down

and go back to squinting
like bats in the daylight.

-[all] Hmm.
-Y'all, a new TV
could change our lives.

Grandma, you'll
be able to hear this TV
without your hearing horn.

Really? All right!

And, Dad, you'll see colors
you've never heard of,

like "gred" and--
muah!-- "blornge."

Hmm. Blornge
does sound nice.

All of which is presented
in glorious HD.


[dramatic music plays]

Count me in.

You see?
And we gotta go
right now.

Gotta get those deals!

Things look a bit quieter
down that way.

Now, let's go get
that TV--

-push me, Dad--

Ooh, looks like
some good deals
happened here.

Are you sure
about this, Cricket?

Of course I'm sure,

This looks like
no-man's land.

I think we're getting close!

Electronics should be
just around the corner.

[man on intercom]
Attention, shoppers.
For the next 10 minutes,

you'll find ridiculous deals
in... sporting goods!

Boy, I wouldn't want to be
in the middle of all that.

-[all gasp]

[people clamoring]

Brace yourselves!

Get off me!

They're too strong!
We can't hold them!

They're empowered by savings.
We gotta get out of here!

-We're getting separated!
Let's meet up by the TVs!

The only languages these animals
understand is fighting.

Good thing I'm fluent.

-[punches landing]
-[people groaning]

All right, who's next?




-[blow lands-
-[people groan]

Wait, wait, wait.
Okay, you can have it.

You want this toy, right?
Just take it!

Toy? Honey, I ain't
doin' it for the toy.

I'm doin' it for the sport.


Dagnabbit. I knew
coming here was a big mistake.

Savings and deals,
my foot.

I'm gonna grab Ma
and the kids

and head back home
where we belong.

Now, I think we came
from... this way?

Mister, can you
help me, please?

I want to give
this fishing pole

to my dad,
but I can't reach.

Well, sure thing,
little buddy.

On a day like today,
it's important to remember

you gotta give back
to those in ne-e-e-e-e-e...


This is a real nice pole.
For five dollars?

Are they crazy?
This is top-of-the-line stuff.

Mister, can you put it
in my little hands, please?

A lifetime guarantee?

with platinum fibers?

The fish I could catch
with this.

can you let go now?

Don't hate me, boy.

-No! Mister, wait!


Cricket said to wait up
in electronics.


Oh, dandy. There it is.

Just got to get through
this sea of angry people.

Excuse me, sir.

[maniacal roaring]

-[head squeaks]

Well, such rudeness
cannot go unpunished.

Oh, that will do



[people groaning]

Happy Thanksgiving,
you turkeys.

Oh, maybe Dad was right.

This feels like a lost cause.

The TV!

It's magnificent!

Thanksgiving is saved!
I gotta call the family.




Guys, you made it!
Wait. Who are you?

Oh, we're just a family
looking for a good deal.

-[crazed barking]

And thanks to you,
we found one.

-Happy Thanksgiving.
-[Dad] Stop right there.

I believe that's ours.

It looks like we're
in quite the conundrum.

If you want this TV,

you'll have to pry it
from my cold, dead hands.

With pleasure.





-Get off me!

Is that all you got?


Hey, guys, more TVs.

Whoa. Look at all this.

[people clamoring]

-What show is this?
-[door shuts]

Oh, that?


It's my show.

Hey, you're that guy
from the commercial.

What are you doing
working on Thanksgiving?

As the manager
of this store,

I'm forced to work
on Thanksgiving every year,

which means
no turkey dinner for Louis.

But if I'm going to suffer

because nobody can resist
a good deal,

then so will everyone else.

Attention, shoppers.

All light bulbs
are now 80% off!

[gasping, snarling]


Look at that chaos.
I love it.

All this fighting is just
a sick game to you?

Well, the Greens ain't
gonna be a part of it.

We're gettin' our TV
and gettin' out of here.

Oh, I don't
think so, boy.

They've already
succumbed to my trap!

Give me that TV!



Oh, gosh, Tilly!
She's got the face of a demon!

-I don't even recognize her.
-You're too late.

They've turned into monsters,
like everyone else.

And now it's time
for the big finale.

-[siren wails]
-Attention, shoppers.

Going on sale now,
our Thanksgiving
ultimate finale item--

a 180-inch, 40k

HD VibraColor TV,

for the special price of...

one dollar.

One dollar?
No one could resist that deal.

Exactly. Their Thanksgiving
will be ruined,

just like mine!
[maniacal laughter]

I won't let you
get away with this.

[trance-like voices]
TV... TV...

Oh, man, it's crazy out here.
I gotta find my family.

TV. T-- Huh?


Dad, Grandma, Tilly,
get down from there!

[maniacal laughter]

Nothing can save these
bargain-hunting barbarians now.

Hey, what are you doing?

Little boy,
don't you want this TV?

Very much so,
but I want my family

slightly mo-o-ore!

No. No. No-o-o!

T-- Huh?

I did it!
I ding-dang did it!

Everything's back...

to normal.

The tiny man broke
our TV! Get him!

Whoa, whoa, hold on.
I got something to say.

Go on.

Good people of Price Busters,
hear me.

Today is supposed to be about
being thankful for what you got,

not fightin'
for what you don't got.

These incredibly low,

and enticing prices
made us all forget that.

So I say we all go home
and spend Thanksgiving
the right way--

with our loved ones
and our hearts full
of gratitude.

-And that bit of wisdom is free.

Hey, everyone,
Hudkins is selling TVs
for a dang quarter!

I'm gonna buy six
of those bad boys.

Oh, boy. Yaah!

[people clamoring]

[Dad] That was
beautiful, son.

Dad, Tilly, Grandma,
you're okay!

Oh, I missed you guys.
How about we head home
and eat our dinner?

Well, we've been here
so long,

the food is definitely
spoiled by now.

-You see, airborne pathogens...

I think I know how to save
Thanksgiving dinner.
Follow me!

This pre-packaged store food

works just as well
for a Thanksgiving meal.

-Dinner is served.
-Looks great, son.

You know, I never said what
I was thankful for back home.

I'm thankful for my family
and that we're all
back to normal.

Well, Louis, it's another
Thanksgiving all alone

-in Price Busters.
-[Cricket] Hey, Louis,

want to spend
Thanksgiving with us?

That would be really nice.
Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Amen to that.
Now, let's watch
some football!



Come here, Marguerite.
Right this way.

Yes. Follow me.

I know you want
this delicious carrot.

But how about you enjoy it

with me and Saxon
at our tea party?

To entice you
even further,

I have prepared


-Would you like to--

I guess that, uh,

well, you lose some
and you lose some.

Who is this apparition?

Whose cat are you?

Oh, my.

So smooth.
So graceful.


Oh, my gosh,
you're perfect.


Thank you, universe,
for this gift.

What's your name?
Anoush, huh?

I think this could be the start
of a beautiful friendship,

I am so happy
I could sing.

♪ Could this be love... ♪

-Drop that demon spawn!

-Oh, hi, Grandma.

Your shrill voice scared away
Anoush, my new best friend.

Listen, little lady,
that cat ain't your friend.

In fact, it belongs
to my worst enemy,

a man next door
by the name of Mr. Gregorian.

Aah! Speak of the devil.

Trash for
the trash woman.

The only trash I see
around here is you,

I don't like you,
angry woman.

-I don't like like you.
-Oh, I don't like you.

Well, I don't like you.

I don't like you!

It's complicated.

He doesn't seem that--

Never see that dirty cat
again, ever.

-Yes, Grandma.
-Now, if you'll excuse me,

quilts don't make

Mr. Gregorian and Grandma
may have a feud,

but that doesn't need to affect
me and Anoush.

I think I'll go over
and talk to Mr. Gregorian.

I mean,
who could say no to...

[blowing rhythmic fanfare]


You... are not
the landlady.

Hello, my fair neighbor.
My name is Tilly Green, and--

Oh, I know you.

You live with
demon woman next door.

What do you want?

Uh... Well, actually, sir,

I am here to see
sweet Anoush.

-You see, your cat and I have...

No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No. Anoush will be
no friend of yours.

You stay away
from him.

Has Anoush been
asking about me?
I'm sure he misses me.

If I could just have
a moment to say hello...

-Hi, Anoush! How have you been?


Don't worry, Anoush.
We'll be together again soon.

I will find a way
for us to be reunited,

or my life knows no--

-Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

♪ Tuna and milk
Tuna and milk ♪

♪ Every cat loves
Some tuna and milk ♪

Well, that didn't go
as planned,

But where there's
a will, there's a way.

Hey, Tilly,
you want an ice pop?

Oh! Uh,
no thank you, Cricket.

I am busy trying to lure
the most lovely,

wonderful cat
into my life.

Oh, look!
There he is now!


Hmm? Aah!

You're trying to hang out
with Mr. Gregorian's cat?

Tilly, you've got
to be careful. That man...

is a Dracula!

You think all old men
are Draculas.

Oh, look at him.
My sweet Anoush.

Mm, I don't know, Tilly.

You'd better be careful,
'cause you've got a grandma

and a Dracula
keeping an eye on you.

You're right, brother,
which is why we must hang out...

-in secret.

Peek-a-boo, Anoush!


Oh, come on.
Give it a try.

Peek-- Aah!

-Aha! I knew it!

I told you,
stay away from my Anoush.

And you! I tell you
to stay away from girl

with teeth too big
for mouth!

Mr. Gregorian, I'm sorry.

We were just
having fun.

Goodness me!

I had no idea
you were having fun!

Wait. What was that?
Uh-huh. Mm-hmm.

Anoush say he is not having fun,
and he hate you.

What? He said that?

Wait. Cats can't talk.
You're just being mean.

Listen, little girl,

whatever this is,
it is over.

You will never see
Anoush again!


No! Anoush!

"Catio" fencing
will keep you away

from demon girl,

Well, I guess love is dead
and my life is over.


But soft! What paw
through yonder fenceth pokes?

It is my dearest,
sweetest Anoush.

Hey, Tilly,
Dad gave me two ice pops.

One's for you,
but I already licked it.

Oh, Cricket,

Mr. Gregorian is keeping
Anoush away from me.

But he just doesn't love Anoush
like I do.

I must rescue him.

It's the only way
we can be together.

[Mr. Gregorian]
All right, Anoush,

I'll be out to
the grocery store
for an hour.

You be good, now.

Fate is on the side
of love today.

-Tilly, what are you doing?
-I'm doing this with
or without you.

And I hope it's "with,"
'cause I'm gonna need a boost.


Keep your eye out
for Mr. Gregorian.

But he's a Dracula!

Don't let me down,

Be swift, be smart,

stay alive.

[grunts, panting]


Anoush? Anoush--
Oh, my gosh!

[relieved chuckle]
It's just...
It's just a photo.

Now, where is...

-Oh, this is just abstract art.


I found you!

We gotta get you
out of here.

Oh, what's taking Tilly
so long?

Nope, not gonna worry.
She can take care of herself.

Just gotta pass the time.




Whoa. Coulda died.

-Get out of my way!
-[bats screeching]

A Dracula!
[panicked shouting]


Oh, another fine pickle you've
gotten yourself into, Fred.

All right, Anoush,
we are all done packing.


Anoush, I am home.



"What is a skeleton's
favorite instrument?

A trombone."

Proof of a child!

[singsong voice]
Oh, Anoush,

where are you,

you naughty
rascal cat, you?



Where are you,
little demon?

Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

You can't hide forever.

-Aha! Huh?

All right, little girl.

I've had enough.
Where are you?



kitty, kitty, kitty.

Your favorite hiding place.

Maybe your new friend
is hiding with you.

[screams, groans]


Stupid closet full of hobbies
I never pursue.

Anoush isn't here.
Little girl isn't here.

They must really
be gone.


Whew! Let's take you home,

[ Mr. Gregorian sobbing]

I love Anoush so much.

How will I live
without him?

Aw. That's sad.

Well, time to go.

Anoush, you made
my life complete.

Nadine is gone.

My friends are gone.

Anoush was all I had left.



-Huh? What?

Anoushie? How?

-Oh, I missed you so much,

my wonderful,
perfect angel.

I'm sorry, Mr. G.
I almost took Anoush away

from someone who loves him
as much as I do.

I know what it's like
to have

and lose such love.

I couldn't possibly do that
to someone else.

Oh, what a saint you are.

Now get out
before I call police.

That's fair.

-Goodbye, Anoush.
-[sad meow]

[exasperated sigh]
What's that, Anoush?

Okay, I'll take down
the catio fence

so you can visit little girl
once in a while,

but only because you asked.

He said that?

Wait. Cats can't talk.

Aw, you're just being nice!

I cannot help
what Anoush wants.

Just, please, no breaking
and entering from now on.

No promises.

More tea, Saxon?

-Well, hello.

-So glad you could
make it, Anoush.


-Hi, Mr. G.
-Hello, little girl.

-I don't like you.
-Well, I don't like you.


Oh, I guess everything
is back to normal.

Isn't this nice, Cricket?

Look, I'm sorry
I abandoned you earlier,

but if you're gonna fancy me up,
at least let me pick the dress!

♪ I got sweat in my eyes ♪

♪ I lost a bet and got bit
By a hundred flies ♪

♪ And I fell out
A big, old tree ♪

♪ Hit every branch
And scraped up both my knees ♪

♪ A got chased by a dog
Bit by a frog ♪

♪ Got a rash on my legs
Dropped a dozen eggs ♪

♪ I got splinters
At seven and 10 ♪

♪ And tomorrow
I'll do it all again ♪