Between (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Crossing Lines - full transcript

Pretty Lake experiences a major power outage cutting out even local communications. Ronnie continues to cause trouble as the vigilantes take up guns.

Previously on Between...

Congratulations, you're an
official citizen of the quarantine zone.

We have confirmed reports
that no one over 22 is left alive.


In the meantime,
the most important thing

is to gather all of the bodies

and burn them.

I like it when you're in charge.

Once the
bodies have been burned,

we hope that we will be
able to lift the quarantine.

You could at least
name your son.

I don't care!

My client will
make the final payment

after the family receives
possession of the baby.

Are you sure
you didn't see anything?

It was an old truck.

and Pat's pick-up.

sister was murdered.

So who's "Art Carey"?

He's got a Level
5 government clearance.

There's an envelope
with my name on it in the safe.

That's all I want.

You were right. There...

Maybe you're not so bad.

Come on, Art Carey.




Citizens of Pretty Lake,
recent air quality test results

have confirmed the presence of
an unknown substance in elevated levels.

This substance, we believe,
caused the deaths.

Until those levels decrease, we have
no choice but to continue the quarantine.


Hey. How you feeling?

You saved my life.

Who would've guessed?

The school nerd is a superhero.

I think the term "geek"
is more politically correct.

What happened?

My best diagnosis,
thanks to hashtag Dr. Google,

is that you were severely dehydrated.

That, combined with
the bleeding and exhaustion,

caused you to pass out.

What's my long-term prognosis?

Death, for sure.

But hopefully not for decades.

However, as we've recently seen
in Pretty Lake,

nothing is guaranteed.

Come here.


I've been waiting two years for that.

Yeah, I know.

Seriously, am I gonna be okay?


For sure.

This is exclusive footage
obtained from those

still left inside
the quarantine area last night,

just before the government announced
Pretty Lake a no-fly zone.

Since the news broke of the quarantine,

extensive protests have erupted
outside the area and in nearby towns,

where people anxiously await
a release of all the children.

Minister Miller has stated, and I quote,

that, "Until we know the nature
of this outbreak, how it transmits,

any intervention in Pretty Lake
poses a threat to national security."

Where did you find that?

I found it in Lana's bedroom,
underneath her bed.

Let me see that, please. Here.

Look, Gord, I'm really not in the mood.
We are heading out there tonight.

So I heard.
But think it through.

You can't just go out to the Creekers
and start busting skulls.

I was supposed to go there
last night after the fire.

Okay, but you said that the authorities
were gonna take care of it

because the fences were gonna be down
and the quarantine was gonna be over.

But it's not over, Gord.
They lied to us!

But can you prove
that the Creekers are the ones

that actually set fire
to the grocery store?

I don't care about the grocery store.

Ronnie was the last person to text Lana?

He was gonna go meet her
out in the forest.

You're being a pain in the ass.

Somebody has to milk the cows.

Besides, I'll be back in...
a couple hours.

I don't wanna be on the farm by myself.
It freaks me out.

Franny, you're 12 years old.

You'll be fine.

Besides, I don't really
have much of a choice.

Yes, you do.

Don't go with that moron, Chuck,
and his Neanderthal friends.

They can beat people up
without you around.

That's exactly what I'm trying to avoid.

I'll see you soon.

So, can I leave these keys here with you?

I have 67 keys.

Every key that my dad has,
I have the same keys.

It's a different key, but it's the same.

So, then you're the perfect person
to leave these keys with.

For sure.

I already have the keys
for the supermarket,

and Chuck doesn't have
the keys for the supermarket...

Okay, so I gotta go.
And you're okay here by yourself?

Oh, yeah. My mother lets me go

wherever I want
as long as I text her my location.

Cool! So, I'll see you later.

Hello? Anybody out there?

I'm sick of being lied to.

Government promised us.

Yeah. One of the kids I sell to says this
is some sort of social experiment.

Like, they're filming all of it.

Congratulations, Ronnie.
That's the dumbest theory I've heard yet.

What was that?

I think someone's out there.


We've got the place surrounded.
Bring Ronnie out.

- What've you done now?
- What? Nothing. I was here the whole time.

All right, get in the basement.

Whatever you do, don't show your face.
I'll handle this.

Text the cousins.

Let them know
Chuck's here with some guys.

They're after Ronnie.

I think we should call this off.
Come back tomorrow morning.

Something doesn't feel right.

Put your hands in the air!

- I'm unarmed.
- Where's your brother?

Not here.

So, you wouldn't mind
if we searched inside then.

What's this all about?

Witnesses have him setting fire
to the grocery store

and the texts on Lana's phone
from Ronnie.


She's dead.

Murdered at the same place
they were supposed to meet.

Why should I believe you?

'Cause we have proof.

It's on Lana's phone
and probably on Ronnie's, too.

Right now,
we're just looking to bring Ronnie in

so he can't hurt anyone else.

What do you say, buddy?

You know, I wouldn't be out here
unless I thought this was the right call.

We give him five seconds
or we do it my way.


four, three...

It's a trap!

Get down! Get down!

Chuck, call this off!

Let's get out of here!

Let's get you to the pharmacy
to fix you up.

I'm fine.

The bullet just grazed me.

You go deal with your boys,
put the guns away,

and make sure
they don't do anything stupid.

Gord, you're bleeding, okay.
It looks bad.

It's not. And see if you can find out
why the hell nothing's working.

That's our biggest problem right now.

All right.

You could have killed someone, you idiot!

You didn't have to fire on them.
I had it under control.

Yeah, it sure looked that way.

You always have an answer for everything,
don't you, Ronnie?

As if we don't have enough trouble
without you stirring up more?

Not now, Tracey.

- Show me your phone.
- Why?

None of the phones work
ever since all the power went out.

You've still got your texts on your phone
and I wanna see them.

I'm your brother.

You're gonna take Chuck's word over mine?

You haven't denied it.

Then ask me.



Oh, my God.

Chuck told me you were here
and that you were fine.

Clearly, you're not.
What do you need me to do to help?

No offense, Mel...

but you couldn't even deliver a baby.

You're not gonna be much help here.

Shut up. I can sew.


Help me with my shirt.

The Creekers
set fire to the supermarket.

You don't think after tonight,
they won't try anything else?

Kevin and I will patrol in the pick-up
and look for anything suspicious.

It's freezing out, Chuck.

Just stay in the car.
Keep the heat on.

We'll take shifts.

Just text me if you hear or see anything.

In case you haven't noticed,
nothing works.




These radios should work
until they get the power up and running.

Check one, check two.

I know the cell towers are out,
but why aren't the radios working?

I'm telling you,

they cut off the power and communications
for a reason.

They're trying to scare us.
Shut us up.

Listen, Mr. Conspiracy Theory,

what if they really still
just don't know what it is?

But, in the meantime,
if the power stays out,

this is really the best time to do it.


Yeah, escape.

I've already been shot once trying.

Trust me, they're not letting anyone out.

Kids who've gone
to the perimeter say

there are way less guards around
ever since they electrified the fence.

If the power stays out, no cell service,
no communication...

maybe we have a chance.

Who knows how long
the power's gonna be out?

Adam, you said yourself,
we could be stuck here for years.

You ready?


Ready when you are.

You're lucky
the bullet went right through.

Ronnie's gone.

He left?

Son of a bitch.
Where'd he go?

There was another text,
after he texted Lana.


Ronnie sure knows how to pick 'em.

Stacey, don't.

What are you doing here?
This is Chuck's house, you idiot.

If he walks through that door,
I'm yelling, "Rape."

Please, Stacey, I need your help.

With what, Ronnie?
What did you do?

Nothing. They think I killed Lana.

Yeah, I know.

And you didn't warn me?

After I found it,
it was too late to text you and...

Okay, well, I didn't do it, okay?
You're my alibi.


You know damn well
why I didn't go and meet her.

Yeah, unfortunately, I do.

How are you?


Aren't the kids cold?

Yeah, they're bundled up.

I really thought the power
would've been back on by now.

Without heat, we're screwed.

Kids are saying that the military blew
the grid trying to electrify the fence.

Everything is a guess at this point.
But we got bigger problems.

- What now?
- Someone's gonna get shot.

The Dukes are patrolling the town
with guns.

Please tell me you've gone home,
Mr. Tiger.

I know, I know.
I gotta go feed you girls.


how you holding up?

What are you doing?

Trying to keep this place safe.

Looking for anything suspicious.


All I see are scared kids.

They're terrified enough as it is
with the power out,

and no way to reach the outside world.

They don't need you and your guys
walking around here with guns.

I'm not taking orders from you.

- Wake up! Wake up!
- What?

Damn it. What time is it?

We have to get back to Chuck's house
before he knows I'm gone.

That ain't gonna happen.
I need you to set the story straight.

I already told you,
I'm not gonna be your alibi.

Why not?

Because what I have with Chuck is good.

Actually, it's great.

- And I'm not gonna throw it away for you.
- Yeah.

If I remember correctly,
you're the one that came on to me.

I was drunk.

Every time? Even last night?

I'm not doing it.

Hey. We have something, okay?

I need your help.

Okay. Okay.

On one condition.
You don't bring your gun.

If Chuck sees it, he will fire first,

and I'm not getting stuck
in some crossfire.

Adam! Hey.

Check this out. Encyclopedias.

It's like the new Internet.

I've been combing through them,
and I found that

there's no real physiological change
between a 21 and a 22-year-old.

Most changes usually happen by 19 or 20,

and even then, they happen
at different ages for each person.

It's just dead end after dead end
with this thing.

Pretty much.

You prepping your next lesson plan?

Yeah. I was thinking about
starting classes again.

What's the point?

Maybe I can help in my own way.

Teach about situations like this
and how they've messed it up before.

Not repeat the same mistakes.

What are the odds on students
coming to school if they don't have to?

Do you wanna lead the charge?

I would, Ms. Symonds, but I'm leaving.

Wiley and I are gonna try and see if
there's a way out while the power's off.

I came here to see if you'd come with us.

We're under quarantine for a reason.

It wouldn't feel right.

Would you relax?

You're with me.
Nothing's gonna happen.

Yeah, I know.
I don't like this at all, okay?

I'm way too exposed.

So, is there some other way
we could do this?

Like a carrier pigeon?
Nothing works.

You'll run into Chuck eventually.

Yeah, that's exactly
what I'm worried about.

Well, you're just gonna have to trust me.

Unless you have another plan.

Any of you ladies
seen a tiger around here?

You can't go.

Yes, I can,
and I'm going to.

Pat, just think about it.

I've had all night to think about it.

They believe that
Ronnie killed Chuck's sister!

After the gunshots last night,

the last thing they're gonna wanna see
is a Creeker in town!

He's our brother, I'm going.

Don't play the blood card.
Not when dealing with Ronnie.

One thing's for sure,
he makes the rules up as he goes along.

Well, this time,
he's on the right side of them.

Look, all I know is that nothing good is
gonna come from you trying to save him.

And all I know is I won't be able
to live with myself if I don't.

I just wanna know exactly
what you're gonna say to him.

Your paranoia is freaking me out.
Stop it.

Oh, shit, there he is!

Chuck! Chuck! Help!

Ronnie's totally lost it!

I thought he was
gonna kill me or something.

- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Go back to the house okay, Stace?
- Okay.

You guys go that way.

You and I will head
towards the church!

Don't let him get away!

Come on, you stupid generator.


Easy, there.

Stay away!

No, no, no!
Stay away from them!

Leave them alone!

Those are my girls!

That's enough!

Here, um, let me help you.
I'm worried about your stitches.

I'm all right.
These propane heaters are pretty light.

Where's all the older kids?

Where's your sister?
How come she's not with the baby?

Sorry. I shouldn't have said anything.

You know, I often wonder
if one of us was adopted.

Maybe it's, uh...
postpartum or something.

We have literally been strangers
to each other our entire lives.

Uh, just make sure you keep stuff
away from that.

I'm a little worried a kid's gonna forget
and set the whole place on fire.

Yeah. We'll have to be careful.


- We'll search the orphanage.
- All right.

What's going on?

Ronnie's in town.
He attacked Stacey.

- Is she all right?
- Yeah, she's fine.

You know, we could use your help.

I would, but I gotta check on Franny.

She's been alone at the farm
since yesterday.

What's this about, Gord?

You know, you came to the Creekers' house
on your own.

And I brought you back to town.
I tried to help you out.

And what, you're just gonna leave?

- You got your vigilantes.
- What, is that why you're mad?

Because I gave out some guns
and made some decisions that you wouldn't?

You're just afraid.

Do I look afraid?

I'm just trying
to keep everybody safe around here.

You're not doing a very good job.

- Where's the baby?
- Not coming.


Wiley, I guess I just assumed
you were bringing him.

Look, it's not my baby.

As someone who's got
father-abandonment issues,

are you sure
you're making the best decision?

Adam, don't you think
this is already killing me?

I'm not a mother.
I never intended to be.

I delivered a baby, okay?
That's it.

I wish it were different, but it's not.

Anyway, whenever I see
that baby with Melissa,

there's no question
who should be looking after him.

All I'm saying is that
if there's any doubt...

There isn't.

- Vince!
- What the hell, Amanda?

Why are you back here?

You wanna have a tea party?

I almost...

Chuck know you're here?

No. I'm supposed to
meet him outside in four minutes.

Yeah, sure.

- Bye, Amanda.
- Bye, Vincent.

I can keep a secret, I told you.

Well, looks like
we're gonna win this game.

Next step, we sneak out of town.

You think you can do that?

Let's go.

Are you sure it's safe?

It's been over an hour.
There's no guards.

That's it? You're sure
the power's off on the fence now?

- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Okay.

- Would you hand me the cutters?
- Okay.

- Keep an eye open for guards.
- Okay, I'm watching.

- You see anyone?
- No.

See? It worked.
We made it through.

Let's celebrate when we're incognito
back in civilization.

We're not home free.

Hey, stop.

What? We gotta keep going.


This explains why they aren't worried
about the power going out.

I, uh... I need your help.

The last time I tried to help you,
I got shot.

I didn't want it to go that way.

I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

Just give me a ride into town?

You're going after Ronnie?

You know, Chuck's got the whole town
looking for him.

It wasn't him, Gord.

Yeah. Sure.

All right.
See for yourself.

Ronnie was with Stacey.
The texts prove it.

Get in the truck.

- Anything?
- Nope.

Have you seen my sister?

She was supposed to meet me here
about five minutes ago.

She's never late.

Saw her at the antique shop
up the block.

Yeah? Okay.


Amanda, stop hiding.
You're holding us up.



Don't move.
Don't take another step.

Ronnie's not playing fair.

Put your guns down.

Okay, put them down!

No, it's obviously a trick.

No way.

Think about everything
the government's done so far.

They've quarantined us,
they've cut off communications.

Why wouldn't they put a minefield
around this place?

Well, I'm willing to test it.

Hey, stop.

Don't test it with your life.

Adam, stop! That's my bag.



What the hell did you just do?

That had my money in it.

You had no right to do that.

No? At least we're not dead.

Maybe you might wanna tell me
where all that money came from?


I don't owe you an explanation
for anything.

Yes, you do.

I was willing to risk my life for you.

Look, you wanted out of here
more than anybody, okay?

Don't try and put this on me.

Hey, Mr. Tiger!

I'm out here.

Guys, can you please stop that now?

Seriously. How old are you?

Literally, every single day?

Sit over there, five minutes.

Put that down!

Right... What are you doing?

Sit over there, please!

Come on, Wiley.

Silent treatment is stupid.

Well, it's too bad
we can't all be geniuses like you.

That's not what I meant.

Look, everything, including our kiss,
was a mistake, okay?

You just caught me at a weak moment.
I was feeling sorry for you.

I, uh...

I didn't realize
I was taking advantage of you.

See ya.

Put your guns down.

Put them down!

- Okay, okay. Just don't hurt her!
- Ow!

I swear to God, if you hurt her,
I'll kill you!

I'm sorry!

Amanda, it's gonna be all right, okay?

I didn't mean to!

It's not your fault.

The fire just started.

I tried to stop it.

The box says to cook it for 15 minutes.

15 minutes
is one quarter of an hour.

And then it burned!

I'm sorry, Chuck.

She set the supermarket on fire.

This isn't about the supermarket.

This is about Lana.

I didn't do it, Chuck.
I didn't do any of it.

I was supposed to meet Lana
for a drug deal, but I never went.

All right, I don't have
any other choice, okay?

I don't have any other choice.

You see what you did?

This is your own damn fault
and you know it.

How about you guys give me a gun so that,
when I let Amanda go, it's a fair game?

And then we leave well enough alone.



It's okay, it's okay.

Take her to Town Hall,
and make sure she's all right.

Yeah, okay.

Back up.

Back up. Back up!

Oh, shit.

Never touch my sister again!

Hey! Hey!


Stop it! Hey! Hey!

Hey! Hey!

- Ronnie's innocent.
- No, he's not.

He attacked Amanda
right after he attacked Stacey!

I didn't attack her.
Stacey was my only way out of this.

You weren't here, okay?

You didn't want any part in this.

Show him the phone.


He was supposed to meet Lana,
but he got sidetracked.

He was with your girlfriend.

He was with Stacey all day.

Come on, let's go.
Get in the truck.


I get the shit beat out of me
for no reason, and now this is over?

Ronnie, this ends now!

Screw that.
This just started.


Chuck, put the guns back
at the police station.


You heard him.
This just started.

- This is stupid.
- Then leave.

Where the hell have you been?


that's pretty risqu?,
especially in a church.

Not now, Wiley.
Please, not now.

Yeah, I was gonna say
the same thing to you.


Yeah, whatever.
Because, clearly... you don't give a shit.

You're not the one that lifts a finger.

You're not the one
that does a damn thing for anyone.

Literally, all you do is sit around
feeling sorry for yourself.

I didn't ask you for anything.


No, you didn't,
but you sure expected it.

We are in the middle of a quarantine...
in a crisis,

and every day, all day,
I am looking after your baby,

and do I get a thanks?

No, of course not,

because Wiley is throwing herself
the biggest pity party.

And maybe she's gonna snap out of it,
but maybe she's not.

And we're the ones
that get to deal with it.

Oh, screw you, Melissa!

Trust me, you are not gonna
have to deal with me anymore!

There... all better.

- All better.
- Yeah.


Hi. Let me see.

I did not like that game.

Me neither.

Are you all right?

Are you mad at me?

For the supermarket?

It wasn't my fault.

No, no, no.
Amanda, I know.

I know. I'm not mad.

Can we go home now?


Just, um, wait outside
and I'll be right out.

Five minutes?

Four minutes and 34 seconds.

That was pretty close.

You... lied to me.

- You were with Ronnie.
- No. I don't...

I don't know what he told you,
but you can't trust him, Chuck.

You know, I was saying to myself
on the way here, I said that,

if you tell me the truth,
then I can't be with you,

but I can look after you.

What are you talking about?
I don't...

I mean...

You know...

you didn't.

- Chuck...
- I'm done with you.

Are you serious?

Yeah. You can't be trusted.

You're on your own.


Thank goodness you're okay.

Gord, I'm not good at this stuff.

What are you talking about?

Both Dad and Granddad
would be so proud of you right now.


Yes, really.

Who are you?

Santa Claus.

Christmas came early.

Wiley, you shouldn't be out here
with the baby.

Ronnie, what happened to you?

It's nothing worth talking about.

It's late.
You know, it's getting cold.

Where you off to?

Actually, I was just walking.

No destination?

Not yet.

You can always stay at our place.
Even if it's just for the night.

- Why not?
- Exactly.

Why not?

Come on, it's that way.