Between (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Love Hurts - full transcript

A teacher who turns 22 fears she may be the next victim of the virus; Chuck punished a kid who wrecks a car; Melissa searches for Wiley and her baby.

Previously on Between...

Citizens of Pretty Lake,

we have no choice but to
continue the quarantine.

It's not over, Gord. They lied to us!

The Dukes are
patrolling the town with guns.

Someone's gonna get shot.

You got your vigilantes.

I'm just trying to keep
everybody safe around here.

You're not doing a very good job.

If the power stays out,
maybe we have a chance.

You said yourself, we could
be stuck here for years.

Adam, don't!

What the hell did you just do?

Everything, including
our kiss, was a mistake.

I was feeling sorry for you.

Maybe you're not so bad.

- Who are you?
- Santa Claus.

Chuck's sister was murdered.

Hey, look at the footprints.

I need your help. They think I killed Lana.

What I have with Chuck is good.

And I'm not gonna throw it away for you.

You were with Ronnie. I'm done with you.

Put your guns down. Put them down!

Never touch my sister again!

Every day, I am looking after your baby.

Trust me, you are not gonna
have to deal with me anymore!

You can always stay at our place.

- Why not?
- Why not?

Find the next Hemingway
in any of those papers?

Right now, I'm trying not to weep

for the future of the English language
or my ability to teach it.

These papers are awful.

Okay, Evan!
Evan, stop.

- What?
- I need to finish marking.

And besides, what if somebody walks in?

Yeah, the fallout from the scandal
will ruin both our careers.

I mean, can you imagine?

"Teachers caught in rampant PDA
during school hours."

you're well aware of the danger.

Hey, uh, what...
What day is it?

October 22nd, why?

This is... this is terrible.

It's your birthday.

I... How could I have forgotten?

It's okay.
Honestly, don't worry about it.

Oh, no, I, uh...

just remembered.

- Happy birthday.
- Evan!





Happy birthday.

It's a great breakfast.

We should have you around more often.

Uh, thanks for having me at all.
Felt like I had to do something.

Ah, thanks.

Oh, look at the little guy.


What's his name?

I haven't thought of one yet.

Morning, Ronnie.

Morning, everyone.

Sleep well?

Yeah, best one I've had in weeks.

Yeah, it's that country air.

You, uh...

feel like going hunting?

Seasons aren't open.

Yeah, well, last time I checked,
all the game wardens are dead,

communications are down,
can't go into town.

So I'm going hunting.

You'll thank me for the meat
if that quarantine isn't lifted.

Well, I've never gone hunting before.

I don't really think
I'd be useful to you.

No, you'll be fine.
Come on, it'll be fun.

Uh, I have the baby
and everything.

Tracey can watch the baby.

Uh, well, I was actually...

And suddenly you don't like babies?
Is that...

- No, it's not that. I just... I was...
- Great.

Tracey'll watch the baby.


- Really, you sure you don't mind?
- Yeah.

Yeah, no, that's fine.

- Okay.
- Awesome.

Thank you.

- Let's go.
- Okay.

- Why'd you take the kid?
- Maybe you should go stop them.

Tracey, come on, he's our brother.

She'll be fine.

You've played the blood card before.

Welcome, sir.
In the mood for a new set of wheels?

Are you sure about this?

I heard Chuck's dad almost killed Ronnie
for stealing one of his cars.

Yeah, and his dad's dead.
You think Chuck's gonna care?

Besides, Ronnie told me
they only got caught because of a tracker

and no one can track us
with communications down.

It's about time
we started to enjoy ourselves.

Get in the car.

That idiot's gonna kill someone.

That's one of the cars
from the Lotts' dealership.

Sweet car.

How fast do you think it goes?

Excellent question.

There's really only one way to find out.

You wouldn't know the difference
between right and wrong

if it sat on your rich face.

I'm not gonna stand here
and watch this town fall apart.

Are you mad at me?

Never forget, you're a Lotts.

You never worked for a damn thing.

I'm trying to keep everybody safe.

I expect great things from you.

- This is stupid.
- We will get through this.

It's not over, Gord.
They lied to us!

You're a Lotts.
Make us proud, son.


Are you okay?

Oh, uh...


- What happened?
- There was just a stray dog.

I think it was more scared of me
than I was of it.

I tried to take it in and stuff,
but it had other ideas.

- Big dog?
- Uh, actually, it...

it was a Chihuahua.

What, do you think that's funny?

Well, there's no part of that
that's not funny.

Yeah, I know.

Where have I met you before?

Chuck, we had Chemistry, English,
and Algebra together last semester.

It's Samantha.

Right, I'm sorry.
You just... you look a little different.

Look... How?

Well, I mean, it's...

Yeah, I don't remember you.
I'm... I'm so sorry.

It's okay.

Different social circles, I guess.

Wasn't there that rule in the old world

that the jocks could only talk
to the cheerleaders?

Yeah, I forgot about that.

And what about in the new world?

I guess we seem to be making the rules up
one day at a time.

All right, later, Chuck.

What do you think you're doing?

- Excuse me?
- My father owns this bar.

So technically, I own it now.

So what the hell makes you think
you can just come in here and open it?

I'm sorry, guys told me
whoever owned it died.

Who exactly told you that?

Listen, my mistake.

I'll just take my beer,
I'll put it back in the truck

and I'll be out of your way.


Maybe we can work something out.

That was a close one!

They've all been close ones!

This is the coolest thing we've ever done.

Brake, brake!

Can you...

please just stop?

And pick those up!
Thank you.

Hi, guys.

Can you maybe just go take a time out
over there for five minutes?

Hey, sweetie, hi.

Where's the baby?

I'm not sure.

Um, can you go line up?

Okay, thank you, honey.

Oh, God.


Where's all your help?

They just keep disappearing.

- Even Wiley?
- Uh...

her and I got into a fight last night...

and she took off with the baby,

and I kind of thought
she'd be back by now.

Listen, why don't you
get out of here for a bit?

See if you can find her.
Looks like you can use a break

and I'm pretty sure
I can handle this myself.

Thank you.

Thank you.


I pooped my pants.
I did.



Come on.

- Hey!
- Stop!

No point in running!

Get back here!
You guys are dead!


Ronnie has an alibi.

I'm not talking
about Ronnie.

Look familiar?

Not really.

This is Pat's baseball hat.

Suppose it is. And?

This puts Pat at the crime scene.

So, based on a mass-produced baseball hat,
you're saying that...

Pat killed Lana?

Gord, think about it this way.
Can I prove this is Pat's hat?


But does it reasonably
put him under suspicion?


For all you know, Lana liked the hat
and Ronnie stole it for her.

Ever hear of Occam's razor?

The simplest answer
is most likely the right one.

No, and that certainly
doesn't prove anything.

- But it's at least enough to...
- To what?

We don't have a court of law, Adam.

We don't even have electricity, now...

Damn it, you're the smartest
guy around here,

but you're working for a dead girl.

How about you start working
for the people left living?

Gord, if she was murdered,
then the murderer is still at large,

and we're trapped in here with him.

I think that's reason enough.

What the hell
were you guys thinking?

You're lucky you're still alive.

For a second there,
I thought we were going to die.

That was awesome!

I don't know how awesome you're gonna
think it is when Chuck hears about this.

Whatever. You guys think
you're, like, the police or something?

Keep talking, tough guy.



No, I'm supplying all the beer.
We split the profits 75-25.

My bar, my taps.

Well, I think my beer
is doing all the heavy lifting.

50-50 or no deal.

Sure... for now.

For now?

Seems to me we'd have fun renegotiating
if, you know, this all works out.

Well, I can drink to that.

Where are the kids?

They're in the church with Ms. Symonds.

Uh, you haven't seen Wiley, have you?

No, everything all right?

Yeah, I think so, but...

nobody's seen her since yesterday,
and I was worried.

- Maybe she's with Adam?
- No, no.

I was with him earlier today.
He didn't mention anything.

Where's the baby?

That's the thing,
is that she took him with her.

Any idea where she might've gone?

- No, not really. Maybe my uncle's place.
- Okay.

Franny and I will head out there.

- We'll take a look.
- You'd do that?

Of course.

Thank you.

That means a lot.

Nah, it's insane.

Well, think about it.
It's the only thing that makes sense.

No, you're not gonna convince me

it's even possible that all this
was the work of terrorists, Ronnie.


But if I do, will you drink a beer?


You're gonna lose.



So this virus is released,
or whatever it is.

And who does it kill?

Hmm? Every adult.
Everyone who's fighting age.

It's a perfect way
to take out a nation's army.

We're fighting age.

Okay, so it doesn't take out everyone
in the army, but...

just the ones
with the most experience?

So then no one would know what to do?

Okay, let's say that's true.

Why was it only released in Pretty Lake?

So that the government
could prove that they could do it.

It's stage one of their plan.


your argument is not airtight.

Ah, but it is possible?

- Yes?
- Yeah, I guess.

All right, drink.

- Yeah, okay. Sure.
- You said you would.





- Marco!
- Polo!

- What are you doing?
- Melissa!

I didn't expect to see you so soon.

How dare you bring the kids
up here to play. This is a church.

I'm so sorry.
I wasn't raised religious.

- I didn't think it'd be that big a deal.
- Well, it is a big deal.

This is a sacred place and
now it's trashed.

That's why I never brought them over here.

- Okay, we can clean it up quickly.
- Sure.

Maybe you could fix
all the wrecked Bibles at the same time?

I was just trying to keep the kids
entertained, okay?

They're going crazy
being in that room all day.

Thank you for the lesson,

but I've been doing just fine
without your advice so far.

Then they're all yours.

- So explain this to me again.
- Yeah, explain this.

Easy, Amanda. I got this.

You got this.
I should keep my mouth shut.

I should keep my mouth shut.

You think this is funny?

We thought that we'd just take it,
then return it.

Honestly, we didn't intend
to crash it. We figured...


You're not a cop.

Stop acting like one.
Let us go.

- Excuse me?
- They're not your cars.

They were your father's.

Stop pretending that somehow
you're the law around here.

Listen, kid. Right now,
for lack of a better choice, I am.

You're just a kid like the rest of us.

Just because everyone
was afraid of your dad

doesn't mean we're gonna be afraid of you.

Lucky for you, Harrison...

I'm not my dad.

I'm gonna give you two choices.
And you, as well.

You apologize and agree to do 30 hours
of community service

and we forget about this whole thing.

What's the second choice?

You still feeling tough?

Still pretending to be a cop?

Listen up.

This is what happens
when you steal.

He'll be tied up here
until he apologizes.

Then after that,
30 hours of community service.

Anybody that tries to free him
will join him, you understand?

Okay, tell your friends.

You stay here.
Make sure no one unties him.

When he breaks,
you come get me.

Just say you're sorry, Harrison.

Screw you!
I won't give him the pleasure.

Can I help you with something?


I was looking for some drugs.

What's going on?

This guy wants some drugs.

Not any kind of drugs, just drugs.

So, why'd you come to us?

Ronnie... you know.

No, what?

I'm sorry.
I should leave.

Not so fast.

Why don't you tell us
why you're really here?

Why so nervous?

Nothing, um...

this was a stupid idea.

You came for Wiley, didn't you?

Wiley's here?

Come on, don't play dumb.

Just so you know,
she came by herself.

Nobody forced her.

Can I see her?

She's out with Ronnie.

I don't think
she'll be back for a while.

Okay, um...

Can you tell her I came by?


Anything else?


Poor kid.

What are you talking about?

Can't you see
how disappointed he was

to learn that his girlfriend
was with Ronnie?

You could practically see his heart break.

At first, I could have sworn
he was gonna steal your boots.


Yeah, I saw him from the window.

He was picking up your boots,
looking them over.

I always kind of hated this place.


I always thought
my parents bought a bar

so that they could have
a free place to drink.

I think they spent more time here
than they did at home.

Were they bad drunks?

My mom could handle her liquor, but, uh...

Dad not so much.


Yeah, sometimes.

Mine, too.

- Is the bar back in business?
- Not for kids.

- Seriously?
- How old are you?


Hell, when I was 16,

I was either drunk or high half the time.
How about you?

Yeah, I partied sometimes.

So then who are we to tell these kids
that they can't have a drink?

Wouldn't that be totally hypocritical?
And besides, money's money.

Yeah, okay.

But if anybody pukes on the floor,
it's a $200 fine.

Wiley's not here.


So what do you think about Melissa?

Melissa who?

Answer the question.

She likes you.

How could you possibly know that?

She say something?

Of course not,
but it's kind of obvious.

- Seriously?
- Yeah!

Do you like her?



- Hey.
- Ms. Symonds.

You're gonna have to call me Amy now.

Okay, Amy.

Feels weird.

You'll get used to it.

Mmm, have a beer.

Can you believe
they're charging $50 a pitcher?

They're actually taking money?

What's the point?

That there's hope.
That they can actually save for a future.

Cheers to a new economy.

What's wrong?


You can tell me.

Okay, but you have to promise...

not a word to anyone.


Come on, have another.

No, I can't.
I've reached my limit.

Well, come on, you couldn't drink
when you were preggo, right?

It's time to catch up.

Wait, shh.

I think I hear something.

Is it Bigfoot?
The Sasquatch?

A Yeti?
There's nothing out there, Wiley.

Except for the stupid fence.

Hey, I have excellent hearing.

Oh, yeah?
How's your eyesight?


What, am I not good enough?

Excuse me?

You think you're better than me?

No. It's...

- No, it's not that at all.
- Well, what is it then?

Look, I'm sorry if I...
if I gave the wrong impression.

And I appreciate everything
that you've done for me, but I just...

- Just not good enough for you, right?
- No, Ronnie.


I don't know how to explain it, okay?

Can we just hunt?

Yeah, let's hunt.

We're making a killing.

When they lift the quarantine,
we'll be loaded.

How much beer do we have left?

That truck was full.

- I'd say we make a pretty good team.
- Yeah.


So, I have a question for you then.

How's that feel?

It's been a long time.

Well, then I'd say we're due for a break,
wouldn't you?


You're the boss.

I hope you're better
than my last boyfriend.

That's why in the real world they have
lawyers and courts and everything.

If you tell Chuck, Pat is dead.

It's as simple as that.

But what choice do I have?
He's killed once, he'll kill again.

At least sleep on it.

And until then?

We drink.

It's my birthday.

You're 22.




- See? He's cold. He's shaking.
- I said come get me if anything was wrong.

Look at him!
Something's wrong.


Hey, this could all be over, pal.

I just needed to teach you a lesson

so that everybody around here
wouldn't do the same stupid stuff you did.

Just apologize.

Big mistake.

We should head back into town.
I bet Wiley's already come back.

Yeah, we've run out of
logical places to look.

Wait right here.

Sure, whatever you say.


Hey, you okay?

Where's my horse?

What horse?

Last thing I remember, my...

my horse got spooked
and threw me off.


You know her?

Yeah, she went to our middle school.

I never saw you after that.

Figured you moved away.

Yeah, I remember you.

You know, for somebody
that was out of practice,

that was pretty good.

Well, you seem to have
more than enough experience

to make up for the both of us.


We got work to do.

Are you Mark?


You are?

From around here.

I mean you?
Not so much.

That a problem?

The problem is you selling to kids.

There are 12-year-olds
that are drunk off their asses here.

I didn't want to.

Stacey said to do it.
She makes the rules.

It's her bar, her way.

That didn't take you long.

I think you should get out of here.

And I think you should go to hell.

This is one of the only places
that your daddy doesn't own.

Come on, Stacey.
Selling to kids?


Listen closely.

When the quarantine gets lifted,
you can have your bar back.

But until then you've lost that right.
Do you understand?

Is this about Ronnie?

No, this is, um...
this is about you.

Can you help me out here?

I think I was pretty clear.
We shouldn't have been selling to kids.

That... that's what I said!

Lying won't help you.

And you're gonna believe
this guy over me?

Well, at this point,
I'd believe anybody but you.

Don't make the same mistake twice.

Okay, anyone under 18 isn't drinking.

- So you're not drinking.
- Aw, come on, man!

How's your leg?

You following in your dad's footsteps?

What do you mean?

Well, he all but ran Pretty Lake, right?
Now you're taking over.

You know, when the quarantine is over,
at least I'll know that I've done my part.

I'm... I'm just trying to make sure
no one gets hurt.

Well, does the noble sheriff
have time for a drink?

Or is he...
is he too busy saving the day?

Well, that depends.
Are you buying?

Yeah, right.

Hey, um, how much longer
are we planning on staying out here?

Yeah, well...

that's the thing about hunting is, uh...

the animals seem to run
on their own timeline.


Well, I'm freezing.
I cannot feel my toes.

And I really should be with my baby.

Maybe I could warm you up.

Nah, that's all right.
I'm not gonna die of frostbite.

- Come on, Wiley, stop pretending.
- Ronnie, God, seriously!

I made myself pretty clear, okay?
I'm not interested.

- Well, maybe I can make you interested.
- God, Ronnie!

Quit! Stop it!

Ronnie, stop!

- Ronnie, stop it!
- You're not better than me!


Just lay down.

- No! No!
- Okay?

- I know you want to.
- No!

- I know you do.
- Stop it!

Do it.





See that? Strike. Again.

Did you have a bowling alley
in your basement growing up?

A couple, actually.

Now let's set up the pins
so we can watch you

fail spectacularly again, Mr. Gutterball.

I'm just purposely not trying
because it's your birthday.

Aw, thanks, Adam.

You know, all things considered,

this has actually been
a really good birthday.


I've been looking for you.


Get off!
Get off of me!

I don't... don't feel...

don't feel so good.

Wake up!
Harrison, wake up!

Stay there.

Now look, I just want to talk.

I won't tell anyone
you killed Lana, okay?

I'm sure you had your reasons.

Listen, I just need you
to hear my side of the story.

Is that why you brought a gun?

Not exactly in friendly territory, Adam.
I'm just trying to protect myself.

So what's your alibi?

I found out Ronnie was going to see her.

That's why I left early.
To try and talk to her, to stop her.

Thing is, I found out
she's Ronnie's supplier.

And she was into hard stuff.

But that's the Lotts.
I mean, they think they're above the law.

But sooner or later,
Ronnie would've got arrested.

So I went down there
to put a stop to it.

When I got there, I realized...

she was trying to kill herself.

She had a gun.

I tried to stop her.

I couldn't.

I believe you.

But you don't, do you?

Come on...
what do you want me to say?

What's it matter
if I believe you or not?

There's no proof.

If you wanna kill me,
you're gonna kill me.


Just read this.

Here's your proof.


Chuck, listen.

Vince, Felix, go after him.
I'm gonna go around back.

- Chuck! Chuck!
- What?

Stop, stop.

I don't think he did it.

No, Felix told me that you said that...


She left a suicide note.
I'm sorry, Chuck.

No, no, no.
You said that there was a struggle.

- The boot prints!
- There was a struggle.

Pat tried to stop her.
I believe him.


Not now! Not now!

Harrison's passed out.
He won't wake up.

You could've killed me.

Stop, you bastard!

- Shut up!
- No!

Stop it! Everybody knows you're not
right in the head, Ronnie.

The only way you could get a girl
is to rape her!

One more word.

One more word!

You dick!

Shh, it's okay.

It's okay.


Don't touch me.

What the...

What happened?

Why didn't anyone take him down?

Chuck told us not to touch him.

- Chuck did this?
- Yeah.


Oh, quick, does anybody have any candy?

Anything. He's diabetic.

- Uh, here.
- Thank you.

Okay, come on, buddy!

Harrison, can you hear me?
Harrison, come on.

- Come on, please don't die. Harrison?
- What happened?

He went into insulin shock.

- Come on.
- I'm... I'm so sorry, I didn't know.

Maybe you should've asked
before you strung him up.

You did this?

You're damn lucky.
Harrison'll live.

Come on, Gord. He stole a car,
smashed up the windows, spit in my face.

The kids need to know
that they can't get away with this stuff.

- And killing him is the answer?
- Oh, the righteous one.

Yeah, sure, I meant to kill him.
Put that on me.

But at least I'm trying to
keep order around here, Gord.

What about you?

Nobody made you judge and jury.

Being rich...
doesn't make you right.

I don't need to take this shit.

Especially from you.

Is that what she said?

That's what I saw.
Ronnie attacked her.

Where is he?

He's with Jeff and Al.
They're keeping an eye on him for now.

Pat, what are we gonna do?

I honestly didn't think
he was wired that way.

I was never so sure.

How's Wiley?

About as good as you'd be
after something like that.


Rough day?

Yeah, you can say that.

Well, if it helps, I spoke to Ronnie.

He's truly sorry.

It doesn't.

Hey, do you mind
driving me to town?

I think I've overstayed
my welcome here.

Yeah, about that...

I can't.

Not yet.

Okay, uh, just get me close.

There's something
I need you to do for us first.

And I don't see
any way around this.

I would've bet everything I own
that Pat killed Lana.

I feel like such an idiot.

All the evidence
pointed that way.

What do you think is gonna happen?

My guess?

The Creekers come back...

looking for blood.

All bets are off if that happens.


Power is back on.

Ms. Symonds?

Ms. Symonds! Amy!


Looks like civilian life
is treating you well.

Morning, sunshine.

Is the interrogation over?

If you're gonna kill me,
can we just get it over with?

So besides this kid, Adam,

there appears to be no one else
investigating what happened?


There's a million theories,
but no one seems to know anything.

I guess everyone figured
once the power came back on,

there'd be a message or something.

Don't even think about trying anything.

I don't understand.
Why are you releasing me?

I brought you back here as a warning.

But now that you've proven to be useful,
I want you to be my eyes and ears in town.

So I'm gonna forgive you
for punching me in the face,

and I'm gonna give you
a second chance.

There's not gonna be a third.



How old are you?


No offense,
but I could've sworn you were older.

Then you'd be wrong...
and offensive.

I need intel on a kid named Adam Jones.