Between (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Who's the Boss? - full transcript

The survivors in Pretty Lake collect the dead and hope to have the quarantine lifted; Adam meets a man with a mysterious past; Wiley seeks hush money.

Previously, on Between...

[newscaster] It's been confirmed that the
disease is accelerating in Pretty Lake

as the death toll
mounts to over 300.

[Ronnie] There's a fence around
the town. Know what that means?

It's a quarantine.

Dad, who cares?

We're all gonna be dead
soon enough anyway.

No one under 22
years old has died.

[engine revving]

My client will make the final
payment after the family receives

possession of the baby.

I said, get in the cell.

It's a boy.

[baby crying] And it's
alive and kicking.

But for how long?

[alarm blaring]


[computer beeping]


[indistinct chatter]

[girl] Hey, give me that!

- Do you have any chicken?
- Fish is all we have.

When you getting more?

I don't know, maybe when
the fence comes down.

For nothing.

[man] Hey, no, no pushing, come on.
You want it, get in line.

[Kevin] Hi, Sarah.
Hey, Jeremy.

Two hamburgers.

Who's looking after you?

Girl at the church.


But we heard some big kids
talking about free hamburgers.

I'm sorry, but we ran out
a couple hours ago.

You want something else?

No, I told my sister there
wouldn't be any hamburgers.

It was just kids lying to us.

But there was.
You're just a bit too late.

Yeah, sure.

[Kevin] Next.
[girl] Can I have a drink, please?

- Here.
- Thanks.

- [man] Look out!
- [loud crash]

[girl screams]

- [crowd muttering]
- [Kevin] Move!

Get out of the way.
What happened?

I pushed on the brakes,
but the car just wouldn't stop.

I don't understand.

The car's supposed to stop,
not go faster.



[crying continues]

[Melissa shushing]



Planning on going outside today?

Not sure.

I could use some help with the kids.

I warned you not to start
an orphanage, Mother Teresa.

Come on, Wiley. It's been, like,
four days, you've barely moved.

You won't eat.

Okay, I get it, the world sucks right now,
but you can't just check out.

You could at least name your son.

[scoffs] You do it.
I don't care!

You were raised better than this.

No, I wasn't!

And isn't it a comfort that
Mom and Dad aren't around to see

what a disappointment
their daughter turned out to be?


Yeah, it is.


Have you seen Lana?

I tried calling her on her cellular phone,
but I just got her voice mail.

So I said,
"Hi. It's me, Amanda.

Your sister. I miss you."

Do you think that she got that message?

I don't know.
Nobody's seen her since Sunday.

She's been gone for four days.

That's a lot of days!

Especially if she doesn't have underwear!

Does she have underwear?

Amanda, stop!
I don't know where she is, okay?

And I don't know if she has underwear.

It's important to have underwear.
Mom always said that to me.

Amanda, let it go.


Letting it go.

Sarah, where's your brother, Jeremy?

He died.

From the virus?

No, he got runned over.

[sighs deeply]


[cell phone vibrating]

[computer beeping]

[children clamoring]

[Ms. Symonds] Could everyone listen up?

Please, this will go faster
if everyone will just be quiet.

Everybody, be quiet!

- [yelling] Shut up!
- [clamoring stops]

Thank you, Felix.

We've just been sent this message.

Citizens of Pretty Lake,

right now we have confirmed reports
that no one over 22 is left alive.

We do not think that anyone still living
in Pretty Lake has anything to fear.

In the meantime, the most
important thing that needs to be done

is to gather all of the bodies
and burn them.

Full instructions will be posted
on the town's website.

I understand this is an awful and
dreadful thing we ask you to do,

but once the bodies have been burned,

we hope that we will be able
to lift the quarantine.

The world is praying with you
through your unimaginable loss.

We have witnessed
your heart-wrenching photos,

and heard your cries for help.

Know that we as a nation
are doing everything in our power

to bring your plight to an end.

Thank you for your cooperation.

[crowd murmuring]

I guess we're starting a bonfire.

Wonder if we have
any marshmallows left.

[children playing]

[children clamoring]

[boy 1] Give it to me!

[girl 1] I want the balloon!

[girl 2] Hey! That's my teddy bear!

[boy 2] Yay, sandwiches!

[children cheering]

[Melissa chuckles]

- Hey, where's your brother?
- He died.

[gasps softly]

I love you, Mom.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

[Mark shouting] Hello!


Is anyone out there?

Is anyone out there?


You sure about this?

Yep. The kids at the church need food.


[Kevin] Chuck,

at this rate we'll be lucky if they
lift the quarantine by Christmas.

Listen up!

We get everybody over the age of 12
helping with these bodies.

Let's go!

I like it when you're in charge.

[Amanda] Lana?



- Anyone find Lana yet?
- No, not that I've heard.

Maybe she got out
before the fence went up.

- Yeah, maybe.
- All right.


Help me grab some of this stuff, Franny?


What's Ronnie doing coming
out of the Marshalls' place?

- Let's forget about Ronnie.
- No, we're gonna deal with this right now.

- Gord, no!
- Ronnie!



Any reason for you to be
in the Marshalls' place?

They're dead, okay?

The government's just gonna
take their stuff away anyways.

So I'm just getting a head start.
No one loses.

It doesn't work that way, Ronnie,
and you know that.

These people have family.

Relatives with a rightful
claim to that stuff.

- You can't just take it.
- Don't touch it!

Looks like you made a little trip
to the pharmacy too, huh?

Come on, Ronnie,
people might need those drugs.

I don't think so.

Back up.

Take it easy, Ronnie.
Use your head.

Just back off, Gord.

- Let him go, Gord. This isn't worth it!
- It's okay.

Hey, what the hell's going on here?

Ronnie here thinks
he can steal from people.

Apparently, he's not
the only one who thinks that.

All of you, just back up.

- Back up!
- [Felix] Don't shoot.

Hey, hey, just take the stuff
and get out of here.

Are you serious?
He stole from people, from the pharmacy.

Yeah, well, I don't wanna get
shot by this idiot, Gord.

Hey! Just so you know,
I didn't do anything wrong.

I only took stuff from dead people,
they don't need it.

Yeah, and then you threatened
to shoot me when I tried to stop you.

I still might.

Pack the bag.

Okay. Okay.


You and I need to talk.

[sighs deeply]

[door opens]

You scared me.

Sorry. I haven't heard
from you in a few hours.

Didn't you get my texts?

No, I've been too busy looking into
the deaths, trying to find something.

Shouldn't you be helping with the bodies?

And the sooner it's done,
the sooner the fence can come down.

Ms. Symonds, what if the fence
isn't coming down?

When I tried to escape,
they wanted to kill me.

Not stop me.
Kill me.

So what are you saying?

If the government
thought this thing was over,

why wouldn't they send in guys
with hazmat suits to give us a hand?

Last time I checked,
no one around here

has the skill set to deal
with mass cremation.

- [Ms. Symonds] So what's your plan?
- I don't have one.

I've been up half the night
surfing chat rooms,

trying to see if anyone knows anything.

Why hasn't it killed anyone under 22?

If I had to guess...
'cause we're younger, healthier?

But precisely 22?

My uncle was the area's medical officer.

I thought there might be records
on his computer that point to a solution.


I haven't found anything worth mentioning.

Except that he had a hidden life
as a cross-dresser.


No. But I did check.

[laughs softly]

[Gord sighs]

Honestly, I didn't even know that
your family owned the grocery store, too.

I figured it belonged to
a chain or something.

Look, Gord, I'm gonna
let it go this time, but next time...

Next time what?
It was a mistake, I apologized.

Doesn't change the fact that there
were kids that needed food and supplies.

Were you ever gonna open it up?

Just make sure you clear it with me first.


[Gord sighs]

I'm not gonna stand here
and watch this town fall apart.

Once we burn the bodies,

if no one else dies,
they will lift the quarantine.

We just have to...

We just have to keep things from
going to pieces a little bit longer.

If Ronnie screws up again,

I'm gonna get some of the boys over there
and talk to the Creekers.

No offense, but things
will get ugly real quick

if they see half
the hockey team out there.

Let me talk to his brother, Pat.

He's not a bad guy.
He'll keep Ronnie in line.



Now I never did understand...

why'd you quit the Dukes?

My dad didn't give me a choice.
He never was one for sports.

Besides, I was needed on the farm.

You were the best winger I ever saw.

Glory days.

[panting] Chuck!
You have to see this.

We went to Andrea's house
to look for Lana and saw it.

Why would anyone do this?

My guess, it's easier
to get the ring off.

Who do you think it was?

Think? No, I know who it was.
It was Ronnie. Come on, let's go.

- You have to let me out.
- [Ellen] I'm leaving.

There's enough food here
to last you a few weeks.

The authorities know where you are.

What you're doing is wrong.

I was told under no circumstances
to let you out.

Then my death will be on your hands.

[scoffs] You're a murderer.

I only killed my father because I had to.

Because if I didn't,
he would've killed my mom.

[chuckles softly]
Where have I heard that one before?

- [slams bars]
- Check my records!

I don't think you're in
any position to be yelling at me.

Just check them! Please!

- [cartoons playing on TV]
- [Franny] You're gonna guess, okay?

I want you to play this one.

So we'll just put
that one over here, okay?

Your sister is a natural with kids.

Seems like you may have some skills
in that department yourself.

Are you okay?

Hey, it's all right.

[crying] No.

No, it's not because
Jeremy wouldn't be dead

if I had just been paying attention.

Hey, Mel,
it's not your fault.

There are too many kids.

We should've gotten you help sooner.

It's gonna be all right.

Do you really think so?


Yeah, I have to.

[computer beeping]

[computer chimes]


Hello, Art Carey.

[Wiley] Are you talking
to your computer again?

Most of my conversations these days
are one way.

You haven't answered my texts in days.


So who's "Art Carey"?

I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.

He's got a Level 5
government clearance.

Had no ties to Pretty Lake
until three months ago.

Doesn't sound like much of a lead.

No, probably not.

But he's the only person I've found that
might have a clue as to what's going on.

Well, you know...

if he does know something,
he would've left.

And if he didn't,
he'd be dead, right?


- Everyone's dead.
- [typing]

I've got his address here.

I'll go to his place tomorrow
and see what I can find.

Are you okay?

Do you know why your dad left?


[voice breaking] If he had a good reason,
would that make it any better?

Will you lie with me?


[indistinct radio chatter]


Get away from there.

Please, I'm just looking
for something that's mine.

Yours? This is my dad's office.
Nothing of yours is in here.

Okay. Then I'm just gonna go, okay?

No, please.

[sighs] Don't go.

Then put the knife down.

You won't hurt me?

No, I won't hurt you.

[inhales sharply]

You okay?

[Tracey sighs]

What are you doing?

Grandma's clothes aren't
any good to us anymore.

Probably just bring them to a clothing bin
or something downtown.

Who do you think's
gonna pick them up?

Damn it, it's Chuck.

You'll stay here
if you know what's good for you.

Pat? We have company!

Yeah. Sure.

[Chuck] We just want a word with Ronnie.

[Pat] Listen, Chuck,
if I were you,

I'd get back in that car
before something happens

that both of us regret.

Your brother's a psychopath, Pat.

He cut off Mrs. Marshall's finger
just to get a ring.

And you saw him do this?

Well, we have witnesses,
says he went inside the house.

That's right.

That still doesn't prove he did anything.

Oh, come on, Pat.
You and I both know he did it.

You know what,
your brother is one sick...

[Kevin] Hey!

[Tracey] Stay back!

[Pat] Who do you think you are,
coming here like this?

You'd walk over your own
dead mother's body to get ahead.

So don't you talk to me
about my brother.

You never worked for
a damn thing in your life.

Your family may own half of Pretty Lake,

you don't own this piece of it.

So stop taking the law into your own hands
and get the hell out of here.

Unless, of course,
you wanna pay the price.

I'm not the law.
I never pretended to be.

But it's not right what he did
and you know it.

You wouldn't know the difference
between right and wrong

if it sat on your rich face.

Well, beats being a redneck.

Let's go.

You gonna let him get away with that?

Did you cut off her finger
and steal that ring?

What do you think?

[Wiley sighs]

What are you looking for?

The combination for the safe.

You're never gonna find it.

- You know the combination?
- Maybe.


Come on, Nate,
I'm not feeling so great.

If you know the combination,
just give it to me.

Why should I?

Your father and I made a deal.

He died before
he could keep his end of it.

There's an envelope
with my name on it in the safe.

That's all I want.

[safe beeping]

[Wiley groans softly]

You were right. There...

Oh, no.

If you guys are collecting bodies,
I could use some help.

The quarantine's almost over.

At least that's what
everybody's saying on Facebook.

And the kids that have
actually been to the fence

say there's less soldiers guarding it.

- [Amanda screaming]
- [knife clatters]

- [whimpering]
- What... What happened?

I was making a burger and fries.

Okay. Amanda...

you can't cook anything, okay?
I told you that already.

I thought if I made fries and a burger,
Lana would come home.

They are her favorite!

Look, it doesn't work like that, okay?

Lana's not coming home
because she's hungry.

She might.

[Gord] Hello?

Hello, you okay?


[keys jingling faintly]

[footsteps approaching]

[lock opening]

It's your lucky day.

First one in a long time.

[inhales] I had a change of heart.
I looked at your file.


Maybe I had you pegged wrong all along.

Maybe you're not so bad.

[Ellen groans]

[cocks gun]

One good turn deserves another.

[Adam] Guys, I really don't think
I'm gonna be able to help you.

- I don't even watch CSI.
- You're the smartest guy we know.

[Chuck shuddering]


- You just found her like this?
- Yeah. I didn't move her.

Adam, take a look.


Okay. I don't know.

You know as well as I do
that it looks like she shot herself.

But why? Why?

- [Adam] Wait.
- What?

That could be evidence.

Right, right. Sorry.

[Gord grunts]

Whoa. Hey, look at this.

The footprints.
There should just be hers, right?

Well, maybe someone
found her before we did.

Look at them though,
they've torn up the ground a bit.

Like there was a struggle.

You think someone did this to her?

I don't know.
Some things don't add up.

Maybe I don't have any idea
what I'm talking about.

I don't wanna leave her here
until the quarantine's lifted.

But if it's a crime scene,
we can't just move her.

[camera clicking]

What are you doing?

This might help investigators
when the time comes.

And we'll hold on to the gun.

All right.

Chuck, you don't have to do that yourself.

No, I got it.


[Ronnie] I'm glad we're doing this here.
This is where they belong.

[Pat] People are saying
terrorists might be behind this.

[Tracey] I heard that, too.

But why just us?

Wouldn't they take out
all of North America?

[Ronnie] Who knows?
Maybe they will.


[door closing]

Hi, Chuck.
You wanna make spaghetti?

Um... can you sit down for a second?



Because every time I sit down,
someone dies.


Where's Lana?

Can you sit down?



[cell phone vibrating]

- Hello?
- [Judy] Franny?

Aunt Judy!

How are you?

It's so hard to get calls
into Pretty Lake.

Are you okay?

Yeah, you know...

Oh, Frances, it won't always be
this awful, I promise.

We're all in such shock.
I can't imagine how you're feeling.

Once the quarantine...
Just know that...

- Wait. No. Wait!
- Can to help. We're praying for...

[line disconnects]


[indistinct chatter]

[Gord] Okay, buddy,
just give it to me straight.

[Adam] Chuck's sister was murdered.

[Gord sighs] Well, why didn't
you say anything to Chuck?

You think I want him
running around accusing everyone?

- It's going to get ugly quick.
- Yeah, you're right.

Well, tonight,
we'll burn the bodies.

Tomorrow, we'll let
the police deal with it.


Oh, shit.
The grocery store's on fire.

[Gord sighs]

[fire extinguisher hissing]

Amanda, you were the last one here.

Are you sure you didn't see anything?

No. But...

But what?

I mean, did you see anybody around?
A car? A truck?

I think so.
It was an old truck.

[Felix] Ronnie and Pat's pick-up.

They almost burned the store down.
It's about time they learned a lesson.

I agree, but first we need to finish
gathering the bodies and get them burned.

Let's wait till tomorrow morning
when the fence is down

and then we'll report it
to the authorities.

Hey, if Pat and Ronnie did this,
they'll get their day.


[door knob rattles]

Minister Miller and Art Carey...

Where are you?

Have you seen Adam?

No, I actually haven't.

[gasps weakly]

[Adam] Come on, Art Carey.


Before we get started,
maybe we should just... bow our heads,

say a prayer for the ones
who haven't survived...

who've gone too soon.

Our mothers and fathers,
brothers and sisters.

We never expected to be here.

And, uh, for some of you,

you're the last ones
left in your families.

But just know that
once we get through this night...

although things will never
be the same again,

we will get through this.

Got ya.

[Wiley whimpering]

[Wiley coughing]


[Chuck in distance]
Everybody, time to get started.



Come on.

Somebody, please,
help me!

Come on.

Wiley, we've gotta get out of here.