Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Switch - full transcript

Jimmy decides to quit the law after turning down a job at Davis & Main. Mike breaks ties with a former associate.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on "Better Call Saul..."

Why were you working against me?

You're not a real lawyer!

Now that I'm doing the job
alone, I get the full 1500.

I can get more pills.

If you're gonna be a
criminal, do your homework.

Thanks for not heading
to the Bahamas with this.

- What are you doing?
- "The right thing."

Whatever it was, did you
get it out of your system?

Yep, all gone.

(Kim) The Sandpiper case?

It's getting too big for HHM.

What are you talking about?

I'm talking about there's
an office in Santa Fe

with your name on it.

[ "Funny How Time Slips Away" plays]

♪ Well, hello, there ♪

♪ My, it's been a long, long time ♪

♪ How am I doin'? ♪

♪ Oh, I guess that I'm doin' fine ♪

[Switch clicks]

♪ It's been so long now ♪

♪ And it seems that ♪

♪ It was only yesterday ♪

♪ Gee, ain't it funny ♪

♪ How time slips away ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Gotta go now ♪

♪ Guess I'll see you around ♪

♪ Don't know when, though ♪

♪ Never know when I'll be back in town ♪

Good night, ladies. Get home safe.

See you later, Gene. Good night.

♪ But remember ♪

♪ What I tell you ♪

♪ That, in time, you're gonna pay ♪

♪ And it's surprising ♪

♪ How time slips away ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

[Clock ticking]

[Exhales sharply]

No, no, no, no!

[Grunts] God damn it!


Oh, c-come on.


Hey! Hey!



[Banging on door]








[Clock ticking]

[Indistinct radio chatter]

[Radio chatter continues]

[Dumpster lid opens, closes]

[Radio chatter continues]

[Garbage clattering]

[Dumpster lid opens, closes]

[Radio chatter continues]

[Trash bags rustling]

[Radio chatter continues]

[Dumpster lid opens, closes]

[Indistinct conversation]

KIM: Ah, here he is.

HOWARD: Oh, great.

Jimmy, right on time. Good to see you.

Hello, Howard. Hey. Hi.

James McGill, Clifford Main.

Just "Jimmy." And it's a
pleasure to meet you, Clifford.

Likewise. We know all about
your work on Sandpiper.

Well, it's a group effort.

I mean, the folks at HHM

are just knocking it out of the park.

Well, you know, the case
wouldn't exist without you.


Once you get him on your team,

you'll know why I call him "Charlie Hustle."

Jimmy, these are my associates...

Brian Archuleta and Erin Brill.

- Nice to meet you both.
- It's great to meet you.

I hate to do this,

but, um, could I borrow
Ms. Wexler for a moment?

If you will excuse us?

[Clears throat] Pardon me.


What's going on?

I just, um [clears throat]

Listen, here's the thing.

If I take this job,
does that mean the two of us...

I mean, uh...

Does it mean, uh...

What? What... What the hell is this?

If I take this job today,
with Davis and Main

[clears throat] does
that mean that you and me...

Is this... Is this gonna happen?

Jimmy, I...



One thing has absolutely
nothing to do with the other.

Nothing at all.


Of course not. Why would it?

Great. [Sighs]

Uh, sorry about that.

Listen, I just want to say
thank you, sincerely,

For your interest in me.

It's an honor to be considered,

But at this time... At this time...

Um, I'm gonna have to take
myself out of the running.


Thank you, Howard.

Uh, Jimmy?

[brakes screech]

Mike: Well, that was quick.

No charge.

Help me out here.

Did I dream it,

Or did I have $1,600,000
on my desk in cash?

No one on god's green earth
knew we had it.

We could've split it 50/50.

We could've gone home
with $800,000... each!


Your point being?

Why didn't we?

I remember you saying something
about doing the right thing.

You want to know why
I didn't take that money?

Is that what you're asking?

Yeah, that's what I'm asking.

Me, personally, I was hired to do a job.

I did it.

That's as far as it goes.


Well, I know what stopped me.

And you know what?

It's never stopping me again.

[engine revs]

[to the tune of "smoke on
the water"] ♪ mnh, mnh, mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh, mnh-mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh, mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh ♪

[tires screech, brakes squeal]

♪ mnh, mnh, mnh ♪

[engine shuts off]

♪ duh, duh, duh ♪

♪ duh, duh, duh-duh ♪


♪ mnh, mnh, mnh ♪

Chao cac co, ladies! Chao cac co!

Mrs. Nguyen, it's a beautiful day out there.

You should get out of
this place once in a while.

You know, throw a frisbee, have some fun.

I have a business to run.

Uh, no. The business is running you.

Listen to me. You'll thank me later.

[man singing in Vietnamese over radio]

Cucumber water for customer only.


[women conversing in Vietnamese]

[conversations stop]


[conversations resume]

[speaks Vietnamese]

♪ mnh mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh, mnh, mnh-mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh, mnh ♪

♪ mnh, mnh, mnh-mnh ♪

[horns honking in distance]

[vehicle approaching,
tires screech in distance]

[window motor whirs]

Hey! It's me!

[brake squeaks]

Geez. Hello?


It's me. I got a new car.

You like it?

We're not taking that to the meet.

How are we gonna get there?

I'll drive.

My car.


This business requires restraint.

That is the opposite of restraint.

But... I like it.

I mean, I'm proud of it.


Then you be proud of it on your
own time, but not with me.

I'm not getting in that.

Okay. Then... then don't.

Honestly, uh, you don't really do anything.

I've been paying you
the salary of three people

to just stand behind me.

You know? And... And these...
these last few deals...

This Nacho fella, he's been coming alone.

I mean, if he doesn't need backup men,

then, I mean, why do I need you?

I should just go alone.

I'm throwing... I'm throwing away money.

Just tossing it away.

Into the trash.

Look, you do whatever you want,

but I'm advising you...
do not go to that meet

without someone watching your back.

Yeah, well, of course you're gonna say that.

I mean, you don't want to be
out of this easy-peasy job.

Well, I'm sorry,
but this is the gravy train,

and it's leaving the station right now.

So last chance.

All aboard.

Seriously, last chance.

I'm gonna count to, say, 10, and then I'm...

All right, then.

Your services are no longer needed!

[Bird cawing]

[Engine shuts off]


No old guy?

What, did he break a hip or something?

[Chuckles] I know, right?

Yeah, no, we, uh...

We... we parted ways.

Yeah, saw things differently.

So... You know how it is.

This is interesting.

Oh, yeah. You like it?

Can I take a look?

Oh. Be my guest. Get in.

[Chuckles] Check it out.



Thank you. Get in. Feel the leather.

Yeah, it's a H2.

Brand-new off the line.

Slimmer than the H1 but longer, more height.

Yeah, it's a honey.

V-8 engine, 325 horsepower,
tri-zone climate controls.

So you can have a girl in
a bikini and another in a parka,

and they're both gonna
be comfortable. [Chuckles]

You're running around
with two girls in your S.U.V.,

you'd be really comfortable, huh?

Oh, yeah. Yes.


I'm gonna count this quick.

Do your thing. Make sure it's right.


We are good.

Uh, same as before.

Uh, still factory-sealed.

And, as always, you're
welcome to count them.

I trust you.

Great. Thank you.

See you next time.

[Door closes]

[Cellphone ringing]

[Cellphone beeps]



Uh, no. Sorry.

But... Yes, this is James McGill,

but I'm no longer a lawyer, so...

That's right... not a lawyer. Bye.

[Cellphone beeps]


So, this is what
a midlife crisis looks like?

Not midlife crisis.


Midlife clarity.

Clarity? Huh.

Clearly explain to me why you walked out

on the best job opportunity of your life.


Get in the pool, and I'll tell ya.

Get in the pool?

[Chuckling] Yeah. Come on.

Just pop in the gift shop
and buy a bathing suit...

get a one-piece, nothing fancy.

The water is perfect. It's 82 degrees.

You can order a drink.

And you got to try this crab dip.

Why are you acting like this?

I'm not acting like anything.

I just... finally decided to be me.

Everything okay, Mr. Cumpston?
Would you like another drink?

Uh, I'm good with this.

I'll tell you what, Mr. Cumpston.

If you really want to talk,
I'll be in the bar.

Not for long.

Hey, Rolando.


What do... What do you mean "quit the law"?

- [ "Buena Vista" plays in background]
- I quit it. Simple as that.

Oh, well, thanks for explaining, Jimmy.

- It's super-clear now.
- Hey, buddy?

Uh, is that a misprint right there?

It's got to be, right?

- The Zafiro Anejo?
- Yeah.

That's correct, actually, believe it or not.

Holy shit. A $50 shot of tequila?

Is it worth it? Apparently.

I mean, it's kind of a
personal-choice kind of thing.

Well, I can't die without trying
a $50 shot of tequila,

so, uh... two... dos... neat.

And, uh, we can charge that
to the room, can't we?

No, we can't. We...

I am paying.

And he will be having a shot
of your well brand,

and I'll have a glass of your house red.

We have a Cabernet, a Pinot, and a Syrah.

Whatever. Dealer's choice.

Something with alcohol.

You got it.


Jimmy... did something happen in Cicero?

Why did something have to happen in Cicero?

Because when I talked to you
about Davis & Main,

you were ready to take the job.

Now you're back, and you're
suddenly quitting the law,

cheating hotels out of expensive liquor,

wearing a weird pinkie ring?

What, are you in the Mafia now?

Asking if we have a future.

I mean, where did that come from?

I don't know. I just...

Well, Cicero has nothing to do with it.

It's my whole life.

Well, my life since Chuck
made me come to Albuquerque.

Ever since I got here,

all I've done is try to make Chuck happy,

bend over backwards to please Chuck.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck. Well, no more.

You quitting the law... isn't
that exactly what Chuck wants?

Who cares?

This is for me, okay?

I-I got into the law
for all the wrong reasons.

I'm trusting my instincts.

I think that my talents
are better spent elsewhere.

Where? Floating in somebody else's pool?

- [Scoffs]
- [Sighs]

Jimmy, you're a great lawyer.

Why give that up?

I'm not saying it didn't have its moments,

but the stuff I liked about it...

selling people, convincing people...

I don't have to be a lawyer to do that.

Besides, people tell me how they see me,

and it's not as a lawyer.

All right. Here you go.

Thank you.

Lemme know if I can get
you guys anything else, okay?

KEN: Bobby, what up, brother man?

Oh, thanks.

Short it.

Short it.

Short it. Short that shit.

That stock is useless. It's got no legs.

It's like a circus freak minus the fun.

And that one's even worse.
Who's giving you these?

Please do me a favor.

Take a pillow, put it over that stock's face

until you hear the deathbed queef.

- KEN: It's a loser.
- Okay, so...

if you're not gonna be a lawyer, then what?

Float around and wait for your
Sandpiper money to roll in?

No. That could take years.

Sandpiper has no bearing on this at all.

Yeah, it's got legs.

Okay, then, what's the plan?

To be open to the universe.

Okay, so no plan.

Just walk the Earth, like Jules
at the end of "Pulp Fiction"?

Look, whatever the universe presents,

whatever opportunity arises, I will take it.

- Whatever opportunity?
- Yeah.

Wasn't Davis & Main an opportunity?

It's a great opportunity,
and you're walking away from it.

Not him, not the guy who...

Look, shouldn't you at least try
the job before you say no?

And waste everyone's time, including my own?

Kim, I appreciate your concern,
but it's not for me.

I don't want it.

Jimmy, do you remember how long
you studied for that bar?

How hard you worked?

All that effort, you're
just gonna toss it away?

That's the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

W... The what?

The Fallacy of Sunk Cost...
It's what gamblers do.

They throw good money after bad

thinking they can turn their luck around.

It's like, "I've already spent
this much money or time...

whatever. I got to keep going!"

No, there's no reward
at the end of this game.

You are making a mistake.

I know you're making a mistake.

I've been doing the "right"
thing for all these years now,

and where has it gotten me? Nowhere.

I'm sorry. I don't...


[ "Transatlantic" plays in background]

It's not my thing.

I don't get it.

- I just don't get it.
- It's what's right for me.


Donkey balls.

Pure donkey balls, dude.

Wall Street's for suckers.

Who needs that aggravation?

If the the Oracle doesn't have to live
there, then I sure as hell don't.

I can make a million-dollar
stock trade on my laptop

sitting on a toilet.

Like Midas, shitting gold bricks
on my throne.

That's why Speigelman and Deitch
want my business so bad.

I'm a golden God.

Look, of course I remember that.
Who forgets a thing like that?

That fart had the anger of
a repressed minority community.

You fart like that in someone's face,

you're gonna give them pinkeye for life.


Good convo, bro.

Till next time, brutha-man.

- Flip side. On it.
- Come with me.

- What?
- Just come on. Trust me.

What are you gonna do?

You want to understand
what I'm talking about?

Follow my lead.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey, buddy, could you settle a bet for us?

- I what?
- Uh, sorry.

I don't want to make it sound
like I was eavesdropping,

but I kind of was.

Uh, we heard you talking about stocks.


Yeah, so, question...

if you could settle a debate
between me and my sister.

Uh, you know what?
We probably shouldn't be bothering this...

We wouldn't normally do this... Right?

but we need an expert.

This guy sounds like he knows his stuff.

Yeah, go.

Okay. Here's the question.

Uh, when it comes to the stock market,

is there, like, a financial limit

to how much a person's allowed to invest?

A limit?

No. No limit.

Knew it. Oh, even if it's an inheritance?

You know, with, like,
inheritance taxes and whatnot?

Nope. Same.

That's... Oh, fantastic. Thank you, buddy.

See? No limit. Told you
we could invest it all.

And it's a smart move, too.

Sticking it all in the bank? No.

Um, yeah. You can... invest all your money.

Just make sure you diversify.

Yeah. Diversify.

[Clicks tongue] That's... You got to...

Oh, hey, um...

What do you mean, "diversify"?

Well, diversify is...

Y-You know that saying,

"Don't put all your eggs
in one basket," right?

Same principle.

No, it makes complete sense. Thank you.

Now, if I had an idea of the
money we're talking about...

Ballpark... I could give you examples

of smart diversification.

[Sighs] Yeah, um...

Look, an uncle on our father's
side recently passed,

and he left us somewhere in the
neighborhood of $1.4 million.

And I don't mean to be greedy, but I think,

if we invest it smart now,
we could double it, triple it...

we could quadruple
the whole inheritance, right?

In my opinion?

Fortune favors the bold, man.

Now, if you guys are free
to join me for a drink,

I can give you a quick consult.

That's all right.
We were gonna do it ourselves

through one of those online
brokerage websites.

We're just gonna pick,
uh, a classic, like...

I think they're called blue-chip stocks?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can
totally do it yourself.

Shoot for the tried and true.

'Course, you might be putting
your cash in the Hindenburg,

the Andrea Doria, uh..."Corky Romano."

- [Chuckles]
- Right?

They all seemed rock-solid
beforehand, but then...

Yeah, not good.

Not good, yeah.

So, how do you know?

Well, that's where someone
like myself comes in.

Proven track record as a wealth manager.

I take calculated but aggressive risks

'cause I want to catch lightning.

And I do.

Practically a money-printing machine.

[Chuckling] That sounds good.

A money-printing machine.

Listen, there's a little booth over here.

There's some privacy.
We can talk. No obligations.

We can just... just rap
about this a little bit.

- Yeah, I guess.
- Yeah?

What do you say, sis?

Can we just talk?

Electric slide on in there.

And we'll just rap a little bit. It's no...

My name's Ken, by the way.

Uh, Viktor, with a "K."

Cool. Viktor with a "K."

And this lovely lady is?

It's... Giselle. Giselle Saint Claire.

Ah, lovely.

Please, sit. I won't bite.

So, Viktor with a "K"
and Giselle... exotic names.

JIMMY: They're Dutch.

Well, Boer, to be precise.

Our... father's side of the
family is from South Africa,

which is where uncle Humphrey passed away.

South Africa.

They grow them beautiful down there, right?

Charlize Theron. And you.

Oh. Well...

I've never actually been,
but hope to go someday.

Tell you what, by the time
I'm done with you two,

you might be taking your own private jet.


Excuse me. Hi. Uh, we are sitting here now,

so, uh, we could use a wine
list, if you get a chance...

Hey, uh, are a tequila fan?


You down for that?

You ever try Zafiro Anejo?

No, I have not, but I'm down for whatever.

Three of whatever she just said.

- You got it.
- All right.

So, stock market. A great investment.

And you're picking
the right time to jump in.

- [ "Goldigger" plays in background]
- Why do you listen to me? I'm an idiot.


And talks about his cars, talks about...

[Jimmy and Ken laugh]

- How many cars did he have?
- I don't think...


- It doesn't make sense.
- That's it, Ken.

Oh, yeah.

Compliments of the bartender.

She thought you might want a souvenir.

Oh, my God. Did we drink the entire bottle?

Not yet, we didn't.

- Boom.
- Hey, hey, cheers.

Uh, I think we're ready for the check.



No, really, it's the smart way to go.

KIM: Okay. But, so, to be clear,

you take the money directly
from our account and invest it.

- Diversify.
- Diversify it.

And then all the dividends
and all the profits

and the...what-have-you
comes back into our account.

Boom. Absolutely.

And you'll get a detailed statement

showing you how much
your money is growing...

biggest bulls of the month, et cetera.

Ken, buddy... let's do this.

Great. Right there, Viktor with a "K,"

and, Giselle, you are next.

- This is so exciting.
- Mm-hmm.

Folks, it's been a pleasure.

- Oops, I got that.
- Can't let you do it, son.

Wait. What? Ken, you are the greatest.

Thank you.
-No problem-o.

Hey, this will be the best
decision you'll ever make.

Oh, I believe it.

All right, well,
we should get out of your hair.

- Yeah.
- Oh, wait, wait.

This... is for you.

Now, that's got all my contact info.

Call me anytime with questions
or anything at all.


Bye. Call me, guys.

- Bye.
- Try and stop us.




Just wow.

[Inhales deeply]


[Exhales slowly]


What I...

Is this right?

Yes, sir, it is.

- ["Music & Wine" plays in background]
- KIM: Go, go, go, go, go!

[Both laugh]

- Zafiro Anejo!
- Shh!

He's gonna come out. [Laughs]

Oh, no.

I didn't read the fine print.

- Wait.
- Yeah!

[Both laugh]

Holy crap.

I can't b...


[Breathes deeply]



[Laughter, indistinct conversations]

[Water turns on]

Can I borrow that when you're done?

[Chuckles] No, that's gross.

H-how is it gross?

Our germs have already intermingled.

It's my toothbrush. It's different.

Why is it different?


You know, gums bleed, and there's...

there's cold sores,
all sorts of food and weir...

Let me see that. Come on.

What? No!

Come on! I'll do it right now.

- I don't care.
- I need to brush my teeth.

I don't have an extra. It's not my problem.

That's fine. I got this.

Good. I'm fine with this.

Yeah, me too.

Wait till you see what I floss with.


[Jewelry clattering]

That's a keeper.

[Chuckles] Thank you, Viktor with a "K."

Hey, wouldn't it be great
if we could do that every night?

Yes, it would.


We can't.

I know, yeah.

But I'm just saying,
if we could, it would be great.

But I know we can't.

Oh, crap. I can't be late today.

Howard is doling out assignments,

and the last one through the door

could get stuck in doc review.

You got somewhere to go?

Yeah. Uh, yeah, I got somewhere.

You good?

[Sighs] Yeah. All good.

[Door closes]

[Dog barks in distance]

[Brakes squeak]

[Engine shuts off]

[Police radio chatter]

[Barking continues]

[Knock on door]

Daniel Wormald?

I'm Officer Baker. This is Officer Saxton.

Yeah, please. Come on in.

Come in. It's over here.

See what they did?

I mean, all gone.

All of them, just...

Uh, what's all gone?

I have... I had
a baseball-card collection...

a major collection... All stolen.

Oh, sorry to hear that.

Uh, was it common knowledge
that you have baseball cards?

No, not really.

So, nobody in particular
you can think of wanting them?

No. Not that I... No.

How'd they get in?

Uh, the back door over here.

It was open when I came home for lunch.

I mean, it was locked,

but they must have jimmied it
open or something.


At what time, uh, you figure this happened?

I left for work at 8:15,
came home for lunch at 12:30,

and called you immediately.

Was anything else taken?

Cash... a fair bit. Uh, um...

How much cash?

Uh, I don't know.

You know, let's focus on
what's important here, you know?

All I really care about
are my baseball cards.

You know, I have a Topps
Mickey Mantle rookie card

that's irreplaceable.

It's a mint, 60/40, 90/10 on the reverse.

I can go on.

All my cards are in top-loaders,

but if they're taken out
and exposed to the elements,

I mean, or creased, God forbid,

I mean, you're looking at
a 9-point downgrade

in a matter of seconds.

I understand the first 48 hours

are the most important
in investigations like this,

so the more time passes,

I mean, the less likely
we are of a recovery.

So...time is of the essence here, guys.

Well, we're gonna help you out
the best we can, Mr. Wormald.


Well...they really tossed this place.

-I mean, are you sure

they weren't looking for anything else?

Like what?

I don't know.
J-Just wondering your thoughts.

I assume more baseball cards.

Did you have more baseball cards than the
ones you keep locked in that case here?

Yes, in... in back... thousands.

But these were the crown jewels over here.

You know, t-the all-star lineup.




Just trying to make sense of it.

What's to make sense of?
I mean, isn't it as simple

as the perp was looking
for more baseball cards?

Or hopped up on speed or whatever

and went nuts with the vandalism?

Yeah. I mean, that could be.


Pretty sweet Hummer parked in the driveway.

That yours?

Yeah, that's mine.

Uh, it's a lease.

Got a great deal on it.

It's very sweet.

You know, they say Arnold Schwarzenegger

is the reason that Hummers exist.

I don't know how, but that's what they say.

- No kidding.
- Yeah.


What kind of work do you do, Mr. Wormald?

Uh, I work I.T.,

uh, for a pharmaceutical company.

Wow. Computers.

God, I should've gotten into computers.

- I'd have that same Hummer.
- [Chuckles] Yeah, right.

Look, guys, I'm glad you like my car,

but I think we're looking through

the wrong end of the telescope here.

You know, the priority is my baseball cards.

Of course.

Yes, now, I have a detailed manifest

of my entire collection

and asterisks next to the high-ticket items,

so it's clear which ones they're
gonna try to fence first,

'cause they're super, super valuable.

So you're gonna want to get
this list out to pawnshops,

uh, collectors, question anyone who's done

any sort of crime like this in the past.

You know, the... the usual suspects.

Uh, can I get you the list
so you can start investigating?

Yeah, you... Yeah,
if you could get us that list...

Okay, I'll... I'll print it out.

Hank Aaron, mint.
God, my signed Derek Jeter.

Willie Mays, O-Pee-Chee.

Got to breathe. Just keep breathing.

Keep breathing.

- Okay.
- I know, right?

Left the TV.

- Left the computer.
- Right.


There's something wrong with this picture.

[Printer whirring in distance]

[Flashlight clicks]


[Flashlight clicks]



Hey, it's me.

Another perfect day in paradise out here.

I'm in the pool.

Okay, call me.

[Cellphone beeps]

- Hi! How are you?
- Hey, babe. Did you get lunch?

WOMAN: I did.

MAN: You know, I think
I'm burning up back here.

Oh, really? Well, you're just in luck.

- Look what I have.
- Oh, hey, great.

Oh, yeah, you're all red back here.

Yeah. That feels good, babe.

- [Dialing]
- I told you not to

spend so much time in the sun.

You don't listen.

Yeah, it's me again.

Listen, as I speak,
not 25 feet away from me,

I'm looking at the mark.

Think Thurston Howell III
if he shacked up with Ginger.

[Chuckles] He's dripping in Gucci.

It's like I'm at the watering hole,

and I'm watching the fattest,
slowest water buffalo

expose his neck to me, and
I'm the lioness ready to strike.

[Chuckles] Come, Kim.

Join me. Join the pride.

Um, I said "lioness"

because it's the females
who do all the hunting.

Uh, just wanted to be species-accurate,

irrespective of my own sex.

It's a National Geographic thing. Anyway...

Get out here.


[Cellphone beeps]

[Lawnmower running in distance]



Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I need the number
of a law firm... Davis & Main.

Yeah, you can connect me.

[Indistinct conversations]

[Telephone rings in distance]

WOMAN: Davis & Main.

OMAR: There are a few options
on the company cars.

We can arrange a test-drive
whenever you'd like.

Company car... wow.

And there's a service that will
deliver it right to you,

wherever you want.

And if you find you're not happy with it,

it's not a big deal to change it out.

That sounds really, uh...

[Sighs] Yeah.

This is, uh, interesting.

Oh, if, uh... [Chuckles]

If this isn't to your taste,

we have a collection of art in-house

you can, uh, choose from.

Anytime you're ready,

I can put together some
samples for you to review.

I... I... No, I like this.

Good. Uh, well, any other needs
you have, I'm here to help.

Office supplies, dietary needs...

Anything special you want
stocked in the fridge?

Uh, maybe a humidifier?
Gets kind of dry in here.

Omar, I... I'm pretty low-maintenance.

Sure. Well, if there's anything you need,

I'm right outside the door.


If I think of anything.


Hey, do you think, um...

I'm just looking at this.

D-Do we get a choice of desks?

What were you thinking?

Um... is it possible, um...

Can we do... cocobolo?

Cocobolo desk? Absolutely.

I'll get right on that.


[Indistinct conversations in distance]

[Telephone rings in distance]