Better Call Saul (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Marco - full transcript

Jimmy seizes an opportunity to reconnect with an old friend; Chuck adjusts to a new way of life.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

It can't be done.

You sure about that?

There's a trick, huh?

There's gotta be. This guy wouldn't
put money on it unless there's a trick.

I'm telling you, it can't be done.

So you give up?

Yeah. All right.

Let's see it.

- Wait, what?
- No way.

- Show me that again.
- Sure. You got another 20?

Screw this.

Don't go away mad.

Oh, hey, guys.
You wanna buy a Rolex?

Whoa, whoa, hold on.
How much for that cheap piece of crap?

- Look what the wind blew in.
- Hey.

Holy crap. Jimmy, my man.
I said you would beat the rap.

- Hey, Merna. Set him up.
- No thanks. I'm good.

No, go on. He don't mean it.
You just got out of jail. Come on.

You're not gonna have a drink?
That'll be the day.

Settle down. I'm in a rush.
My brother's outside in a taxi.

- The meter's running.
- What, Chuck's outside?

Tell him to pull that broomstick
out of his ass and get in here.

No. We got no time.
We're catching a plane.

I came here to say goodbye.

I'm moving to Albuquerque,
New Mexico.

Mexico? You skip bail?

New Mexico. You know, like Bugs Bunny
and the Road Runner.

Okay, yeah.
What are you gonna do there?

I'm gonna work at his law firm,
like in the mailroom. To start, anyways.

Now you're talking crazy. You just got
out of jail. Now you wanna go back?

- Working for him, that's all that is.
- Marco.

I was done, you understand?
I didn't beat the rap.

Chuck flew in and saved my ass.
It's time to make some changes.

Hey. Listen to me.
You're Slippin' Jimmy.

What do you got to change, huh?

Everything. It's time to grow up.

- Yeah, according to who? Chuck?
- The same goes for you, man.

You want to spend the rest
of your life on that stool?

I mean, come on, Marco.
Look at yourself.

All right, that's him. I gotta hit it.

- Jeez. His master's voice.
- Really?

Come on. Go outside. Tell Chuckles
that you got some business you forgot.

- Marco.
- Come on.

You gotta have one last blowout.

We'll do the watch thing again.

But maybe we'll pull that tar-money
scam you were talking about.

Get some girls.

- I made a promise.
- Yeah, you made a promise.

But it was... What do you call it?
under duress.

Look, he got you out of jail, okay?
But he's your brother.

- I mean, what else is he gonna do?
- Marco. Listen to me, all right?

Chuck's not making me do this.

He's giving me an opportunity
and I'm grabbing it.

Gee, it's like watching Miles Davis
give up the trumpet.

What? What does that even mean?

It's just a waste, is all I'm saying.

Look, I'm gonna fly out there.
I'm gonna get settled.

And I'll call you, okay?

All right, Jimmy.

Hey, have a safe flight, all right?



What's up?

Just waiting to talk to Howard.

Can I ask about what?

I'm taking your advice.
I'm giving the case to HHM.


The fact
that Chuck doesn't want me here...

...has something to do with it.

I'm so sorry.

- Why didn't you just tell me?
- I just...

I didn't want you hating
your own brother.

How'd you find out? Did Kim tell you?

I figured it out on my own.

It's about time, right?

I brought the Sandpiper stuff with me.
It's down in my car.

I figure your guys
could do the outreach.

If any of those geezers
don't wanna sign with you...

...just give me their names,
I'll talk them into it.

You know, Jimmy,
I never wanted it to go this way.

- If it had been up to me, we would have...
- Howard, I get it.

Your brother's very important
to the firm.

Sorry I called you a pig fucker.


We owe you some money, don't we?

The of-counsel fee.

I think we discussed 20,000.

That and whatever the common-fund
proceeds of Sandpiper...

...ultimately adds up to,
you'll receive 20 percent of that.

Should be a very nice payday for you
when it comes.


I've got something for you too.

It's a shopping list for Chuck.

He's doing better,
but he still needs deliveries every day.

I think he'd be more comfortable
with someone else doing it.

I see.

You don't have to do it personally.
It just needs to get done.

It's pretty straightforward.
The ice is a pain in the ass.

But he needs it. I usually sneak
into a motel and fill a garbage bag.

But you can have whoever you hire
just buy it.

Most important thing
is the newspapers.

The New York Times.
The Wall Street Journal. They're a must.

There's a newsstand on Eubank
that has both of them at 6 a.m.

Which is good. He's an early riser.
The Albuquerque Journal gets delivered.

But somebody still has to bring it in
for him.

You've been doing all of this
every day?

For over a year?

- You'll take care of this?
- Absolutely.

I'll get it done and done right.

I always liked you, Jimmy.

I used to call you Charlie Hustle.

Yeah, I remember that.

I'm sorry I yelled at you.

That was nice.

You sure you're all right?

- It's not a crime to let it out.
- There's nothing to let out.

Chuck's a sick man.

That's no excuse.

He's my brother.
He thinks I'm a scumbag.

There's nothing I can do
to change that.

What else is there to say?

Wow, that's mature.

Dalai Lama's got nothing on me.

O-64. As in "Oh, to be 64 again."


All right. Next up, we got N-32.

N as in "Nancy Reagan,"
First Lady with a lot of style.

Anybody else seen
Hellcats of the Navy?

All right. No winners yet?

Okay. Here's B-2.

Just like the B-2 bomber,
the Stealth.

Probably one taking off
over at Kirtland right now.

We would never know
because it's stealthy.

Still no winners?


Here we have...

...B-4. Another B.
How about that. As in:

"Before too long,
we're gonna have another winner."

No? Nobody? Okay.

All right.

And here comes...

Hey, it's our old friend B. B-12.

B as in...

B as in...


Benedict Arnold
betrayed the United States.

Still no winners?



Here it is.

Oh, what are the odds?

Four B's in a row. That's...


B as in...

B as in...



B-7. Seven brides for seven brothers.

I'm sure a lot of you have brothers.
It's not like mine though.

Any winners yet?
Take another look, okay? I'll wait.

I'm gonna say if it's another B,
we could have a real problem here.


Hey, it is another B.

B-5, as in:

"Boy, this B thing is really
starting to tick me off."

B as in "battleship."
B as in "bourbon." B as in "Belize."

Beautiful place, so I've heard.

I would love to go there, but let's face it,
that's never gonna happen.

None of us is ever leaving
this godforsaken wasteland.


Scratch that.

Moving on?

I mean, what is it with this place?

It's like living
inside an Easy Bake Oven.

I mean, look out that window.

It's like a soulless, radioactive
Georgia O'Keeffe hellscape out there...

...crawling with coral snakes
and scorpions, and...

You ever see the movie
The Hills Have Eyes? It's a documentary.

God forbid, your car breaks down,
you have to walk 10 steps.

You have melanoma the size of a
pineapple where your head used to be.

So you ask, "Why?" Why, if that's
how I feel, why do I live here? Why?

Excuse me.

- Are you gonna read that number?
- Yeah. I'm gonna read your number.

It's another B.

It's another freaking B.
Of course. Why not? Why not?

And the next number...

Quick question. Who here knows
what a Chicago Sunroof is?

Anybody? You, sir? No? Okay.

True story. Back home,
there was this guy named Chet.

Now, Chet was a real asshole.

He might have owed me some money.
He might have slept with my wife...

...before she became my ex-wife.
The details don't matter.

Suffice it to say, I was wronged.

All right. So one summer evening...

...I was out having a few drinks,
one or two, maybe three.

You get the picture.
And who do I see? Chet.

He drove up and he double-parked
outside a Dairy Queen...

...and went in to get some soft serve.
Now, Chet drove...

And this will give you an idea...

...of exactly what kind
of a douche bag this guy was.

Drove a white pearlescent BMW 7 Series
with white leather interior.

So I saw that thing
and I had had a few, like I said.


...I climbed up top and I may have...


...through the sunroof.

Not my finest hour, I'll grant you that.

But that's what a Chicago Sunroof is.
Now you know.

It's a real thing. I didn't make it up.

I'm not the first person to do it.
There's a name for it.

Guy wanted some soft serve,
I gave him some soft serve.

I did not know that his children
were in the backseat.

There was a level of tint on the windows
that I'll maintain to this day...

...was not legal
in an Illinois licensed vehicle.

But somehow, that's on me, I guess.

Who leaves two Cub Scouts... a double-parked car
with the engine running?

Come on.

Now, Chet was connected, see?
Like Cicero, connected.

So usually I'd be looking
at malicious mischief...

...public intoxication,
disorderly conduct, maybe.

But he's got the DA saying
indecent exposure.

Calling me a sex offender. What?

One little Chicago Sunroof,
and suddenly I'm Charles Manson?

And that's where it all went off the rails.

I've been paying for it ever since.
That's why I'm here.

I don't...

You know what?

Any of this stuff you want, come get it.

Kitty-cat notebooks for everybody.

- What can I get you?
- Old Style.

- Make it two.
- You got it.

- What happened to Merna?
- Merna?

She's doing all right.
She's my stepmom.

She don't come in much anymore.

Tell her Slippin' Jimmy says hello.

- Slippin' Jimmy?
- She'll know.

I'll tell her. That'll be 5.50.


You gorgeous hunk of a man.

How long will you keep me waiting?

Wake up, you fat son of a bitch.

Bought you a beer.


In the flesh.

- Come here.
- Hey.

So I'm not dark enough for you, huh?

No, I'm just saying,
I don't see any colour.

I mean, 10 years in a desert,
you should look like...

...Anthony Quinn
in Lawrence of Arabia.

they paid me in golden treasure."

"Yet, I am poor.
Because I am a river to my people."

Hey, I'm Irish, okay?

I spend my time staying out of the sun.

Speaking of pale sons of bitches,
how's your brother doing?

Chuck's fine.

Still working for him?


What about you? I mean,
besides falling asleep on a bar... 4:00 on a Wednesday afternoon.

- Lake Michigan Standpipe? What's that?
- My brother-in-law owns the company.

Hold it. You got married?

No. No. No.
My sister Angie's husband.

- So, what the hell's a standpipe?
- You know what a standpipe is.

- I don't think so.
- The fire department comes.

Stick one end of the hose
on the hydrant...

...the other on the standpipe.

Water goes out the standpipe,
through the sprinklers.

And then douses the flames.
It's important stuff.

- So that's what a standpipe is, huh?
- Well, it's a dry standpipe.

- There's also the wet standpipe.
- What's the difference?

I don't know if I could explain it
to a layman.

Excuse me. How's your mom?

She passed away
about three years ago.

That's too bad. A great lady.

- Yeah.
- From Wisconsin, right?


The funeral out there?

No, it was here.


Yeah, well, we were only
in town for a few days, so...

You're in town, you didn't look me up?

Chuck was in the middle
of a big case.

And we couldn't stay around. So...

- Can I get you guys anything else?
- I'm good. Want anything?

Your change here for you.

- Hey.
- Thank you.

How's my Cutlass running?

Gets me around.

Well, it's a classic.

A little bodywork, a paint job,
really be something.

So, what you gonna do
while you're here?

I don't know.
See the sights, you know?

Catch a Cubbies game
from the bleachers.

Get a hot dog at Henry's.


All right.

I'm gonna see them tomorrow.

Yeah, both of them.


Okay. Bye.

Is he a regular?


You're buying. I'm selling.

All right, then.

All I'm asking is that you take a look.

I'm sorry, buddy. No offence. I'm just...
You know, I'm not interested.

Come on, man.

What's it gonna hurt to take a look?
It'll take you two seconds.

All right. All right.
Show me what you got.



You see it?

I see a Kennedy half-dollar.

Which way is he facing?

JFK is facing left.


Which way is he supposed
to be facing?

Right. He's supposed
to be facing right.

Okay. So why is this one facing left?

November 22nd, 1963.

Kennedy is assassinated, right?

The whole nation goes into mourning.

They start naming everything
in sight after him.

The mint wants in on the act.

So in '64, they decide
to change the Lincoln half-dollar...

...into the Kennedy half-dollar.

When they design it, they put
Kennedy facing right, facing east.

Just the way they had Lincoln.
You know why?

East symbolizes the dawn.

That's why pretty much every grave
everywhere faces east.

You know, so the spirit
of the dead person faces the sun.

So that thing. It's a burial thing.

But there's one technician
in the Denver mint, right?

This guy, he believed
in the New Frontier...

...Camelot, the whole deal.

So the assassination,
it just destroyed him.

When he sees that coin
with Kennedy facing east...

...facing the American past,
it pissed him off.

And so he went rogue.

Without telling anybody,
he flipped things around... that Kennedy was facing west
towards the New Frontier, the future.

Now, the mint struck about 3000 of these
before they figured it out.

They canned the guy.

About 1000 of them
made it out into general circulation.

They managed to get most of them back,
melt them down.

But there's still 200 plus
floating around out there.

What's that? I didn't catch that.

I didn't say anything.

You mind, buddy? We're having
a private conversation here.

This one's not in perfect condition.

But on the open market,
I'd say it's worth 6 or 800 bucks.

- Eight-hundred dollars?
- Yeah.

I'm hard up so I'll take $100 for it.

You want me to give you
$100 for a half-dollar?

I want you to give me $100
for an $800 coin.

Yeah, I don't know, man.

I'm gonna go drain the snake.
Think about it.

This guy's playing me, right?

- Definitely.
- Slick son of a bitch.

You know, I should...

You know,
I know this guy on Wabash.

Coin dealer, a friend of my uncle's.

Hey, Joey, can I use your phone?
Local call.

Keep it short.

Let's see.

I'm gonna call this guy.

When he tells me this is a scam,
know what I'm gonna do?

I'm gonna call the cops.

And get this scumbag thrown in the can.
You're my witness, okay?

Facing west.

My hairy ass.


How you doing?
Yeah, it's Alvin, Dave Tanner's nephew.


Yeah. That's right.

Hey, this is gonna sound
like the beginning of a bad joke.

But I'm in this bar, and I got this guy
spinning this cock-and-bull story...

...about this 50-cent piece
he's trying to sell me.

He says... He says Kennedy's supposed
to be facing west or something.



- At the tone, the time will be 5:11 p.m.
- Yeah.

That's what he said. Denver.

Jesus, no kidding?

Look. Listen. I gotta go. All right.
Thank you. Yeah, I owe you one.

Thanks, Joey.

- So, what'd he say?
- Yeah, he didn't really know much.

I'll tell you what. I'll give you $50 for it.

Fifty dollars?
I'm taking a bath at $100.

All right. Okay. Look.
I got like $64 right here.

It's an $800 coin, okay?
I'm not gonna sell it to you for $64.

If you wait for me, I'll get you 100 bucks.

I don't know.

Hey, buddy. I got 75 bucks right here.

Hey, I... Sorry. I need a hundred.

Hey, slick, nobody's talking to you.

Mind your own business, okay?
Come on.

Cash money, $80.

Look, if you give me a chance,
I'll be back with $100...

- How long will that be?
- I don't know. Catch a train. Come back.

This guy was getting ready
to call the cops.

- No, I was not.
- Why would you?

- This guy is making shit up.
- Hey, I got 110 here.

- Sold.
- No, no, no.

- This guy's got the cash.
- Don't do that.

- Take care of that. It's history there.
- Hey, you can't do that.

- Money talks. You lost. It's over.
- No, it's not over.

That's crap.
Where do you think you're going?

Back off, dude.

I'll back off
when you give me the JFK back.

Call the cops.
This guy just tried to rip me off.

This guy's a liar.
I did not rip anybody off.

Yes, you did. You come back in here,
your ass is grass. I got friends, buddy.

You hear me?
You double-dealing bastard.

I got friends!

You are so beautiful.

Hey, everybody. Next round's on us.

All right. You listening?

Can you keep a secret?

Yeah. Absolutely.

Okay, his name is Idi Abbassi.

He's 27 years old.
He's a Nigerian prince.

He's worth, conservatively,
$400 million.

The dictatorship
of Equatorial Uqbar Orbis... detaining him
on trumped-up charges.

Now, the Abbassi family,
they're going crazy.

They will reward whoever helps them
get their boy back.

The hitch is
the banks have frozen their...

I'm talking Irish Sweeps tickets...

...a whole trunk full of them.

They're just sitting at O'Hare,
impounded in customs.

Now, I know what you're saying,
"So what?"

I can leave this as security.

But you got to understand,
this violin is my livelihood.

It's a valuable antique.

What do you mean it doesn't belong
to you? I'll pay 900 bucks for this.

- Cash on the barrel.
- I don't know. I hate to part with it.

- Been in my family for years.
- You can keep a secret?

- Yeah. Absolutely.
- You need a good front.

So you're gonna have the
most return on your dollars.

But I know this customs officer.

- Make it an investment.
- If the price is right.

I'm all about investments,
all about what's coming next.

Hey, kid, help me get my wife's car
out of this bad neighbourhood.

Sir, sir, could you help me?
Tell me, are these today's numbers?

Now, none of this
was strictly legal, right?

And the import taxes
would have been a killer.

He had to find a way to get money into
the country without anyone knowing.

He coated the cash
with this black stuff, vectrol paste.

And the only way to get it off
is with this special chemical.

- It's not cheap, but the upside?
- The upside is huge.

Can you keep a secret?

You know,
the guy in Dances With Wolves?

A guy like you,
who's got some money.

- Got some money to throw around.
- I know, "Who cares?"

No matter which one wins,
we're gonna get a piece.

- He's got a gambling problem.
- Nobody can come after you.

- You get the profit.
- The price is right.

It's a win-win for you.

- It's a lose-lose for everybody else.
- You tell the guy you've got a 14.

- He checks, realises...
- Why we're getting a consortium.

It's just gonna be a piece of the pie.

But you're gonna own
a full mountain range, guaranteed.

- Can you keep...
...A secret?

- Because I really...
...Really shouldn't...

Be telling you this.



You are not Kevin Costner.

I was last night.



I mean, seriously?

- Oh, Lucianne? Lucianne.
- What?

- He's not Kevin Costner.
- What? So who's this guy?

Not Kevin Costner's manager.

- Come on. Let's go.
- Okay, okay.

Come on.

Get the hell out of this dump.

So are you sure he's not a manager?

Yes, Luci, I am sure.

- He said he was gonna give me his card.
- Does this look like a manager's place?

Can I interest you ladies
in some mimosas?

At least stick around long enough
to get dressed.

- Screw you.
- If you build it, I will come.

- Luci, come on.
- Okay.


- Come on.
- That door sticks.

- Yeah, okay. I got it.
- Okay.

- Go. Go.
- Okay.

You have 15 messages.

This is Greta Muller.
I wanted to check to see if my will...

My name's Gary Albert Arnold.
I'd like to discuss making a...

Hi, Mr. McGill.
I'm calling on behalf of my mother.

She's in assisted living and...

Yes, Mr. McGill.
This is Manny Hollinger again.

- Hey, Mr. McGill.
- So, what's it gonna be today, pal?

I'm up for anything and everything.

Marco, I'm sorry. I gotta go back.


It's been great.
And I appreciate your hospitality.

But a week's gonna have to do it.
I gotta go home.

I already called in sick.

Come on, man. This is home.
You hate it out there.

What do you got to go back to?

My clients.

What clients?

What are you,
like a gigolo or something?


I'm a lawyer.


Honest to God. I do elder law,
which is like wills and estates.

- So you're ripping off old people?
- No, I'm not ripping off old people.

I'm not ripping off anybody.

Holy crap. Slippin' Jimmy's a lawyer?

No wonder you wanna go back.
I mean, you got to be king of the desert.

Driving around town
in a white Caddy making bank.

I'm not making bank.
I'm making a living, more or less.

A living?

All due respect, you're a lawyer
and you're not making bank...

-'re doing it wrong.
- I'm building something. Takes time.

You're gonna build something,
build it here.

- Lawyers in Chicago make plenty.
- I don't know what to tell you, Marco.

- Chuck's in Albuquerque.
- Again, all due respect...

...Chuck's a stuck-up douche bag.

I hate to break it to you,
but he doesn't even like you.

He's my brother.

Okay. I get it.

Family. You gotta go back.


Remember this?

The Rolex thing. Whatever happened
to the guy who used to sell us those?

Jin Kang? He got deported.
This is the last one.

I say we go for it.

- No.
- Come on. Last time, we did what, 600?

The hot streak we're on,
I bet we'd break a grand.

- I could lend you some cash.
- I don't need the money, Jimmy.

I need this.

Come on. You say you're happy
doing wills or whatever.

Good for you, man. Seriously.

But I gotta tell you,
standpipes ain't cutting it for me, man.

I got nothing, Jimmy.

Give me this.

Give me this, man.

- I can't do it.
- Come on. Give me this.

- Marco.
- Give me this. Come on.

- Listen to me.
- I'm listening.

- Hey.
- One last time. Come on.

I'm not being hypnotised.

- Okay. Come on. One more time.
- I can't do it.

- Just one more. One more.
- Hey, listen to me.

I'm listening. Come on.


- It's gotta come from the gut.
- Yeah.


Oh, that's crazy.

Just like a wolf. Go ahead.

No, deeper, deeper.

Yeah, and you do that right
at the moment of, you know, pure joy.

- Yeah.
- And it will escalate it...

- ...ten times. There's something...
- Hey.

- It's prehistoric.
- Hey. Hey. Look.

Fifty, two-hundred, four-hundred.

- Whose is it?
- I don't know.

There's gotta be 1000 bucks in here.
Somebody must have...

Oh, damn.

- Is he...?
- I don't know.

Hey, buddy, you with us?

Look, the guy's just had too many.
I say we move on.

You wanna split this?

Marco, you okay?


- What, do you know this guy?
- Hey, call 911.

Call 911.


I need an ambulance.
My friend's having a heart attack.

We're in an alley southeast
of LaSalle and Shermer.

No, I don't know.
He was like this when I found him.

Hey, hold. Marco?
Marco you with me? You with me?

- I screwed up.
- No, you did good, buddy.

Just hold on, all right?
They're on their way.

They'll be here in a minute.

- Jimmy, you know what?
- Save your breath. You're gonna be fine.

This was the greatest week of my life.


Hey, hey, hey. Hang in there. Hey.

Hey, hey. Hey, wake up, man.

Come on. Marco, buddy.




- Hey, Jimmy.
- Oh, hey, Bud.

Can I bum one?

Is that his?


- His mom gave it to me.
- I thought it looked familiar.

I figured I'd wear it today.

But I don't know.
I'm not a big ring guy, so...

Still. Could be worth
a couple of bucks.

Better head back.

See you inside.

- Hey.
- Is this Ferris Bueller?


I don't want to interrupt your big day off.
Just checking in. What are you up to?

- You know, burning down the place.
- I wouldn't expect any less.

So whatever it was,
did you get it out of your system?

- Yep, all gone.
- Good.

I want to run something by you.

The Sandpiper case,
it's getting too big for HHM.

Howard's decided to partner
with another firm.

Davis and Main, you heard of them?

- Sure, up in Santa Fe.
- Right. Well, they've heard of you too.

And they're interested.

They want to make an offer
contingent on an interview.

- They've got a partner-track position.
- Wait. What?

Partner track?
What are you talking about?

There's an office in Santa Fe
with your name on it.

Or there could be.
And you'd be working on your case.

Well, I... I don't even...

- Chuck wouldn't like it.
- Chuck has no say in this.

You wouldn't be working for HHM.

And Chuck can't tell
Davis and Main who to hire.

Why me? Is this like a tax write-off or
a charity thing? What's the angle, huh?

we've been talking to your clients...

...the Sandpiper residents.

And they ask about you
every chance they get.

I don't know what it is,
but you have a way with them.

Hey. Old people love me.

So sounds good?

Kim, I can't imagine what you did
to make this happen. Thank you.

I didn't do anything much.

And believe it or not,
Howard's been pushing this too.

Good old Howard.

Listen, we're gonna be down in
Judge Murray's court on Thursday at 11.

The Davis and Main people
will be there.

It'd be the perfect chance
for you to meet them.

Thursday at 11. All right.
I'll be there. Thanks, Kim. Really.

I'll see you then.

All the originals
need to be copied and filed.

See, I've written right here
on the box, "copy and file."

- That's to make it as clear as possible.
- Got it, Mr. McGill. Anything else?

Well, on the grocery front,
almost everything was right this time.

- Great.
- Almost.

It's a small thing, but to my taste, the
Granny Smith apples are a bit too tart.

- Those are the green ones, right?
- Right. I prefer the red ones.

But not Red Delicious.
Those are generally tasteless.

Fujis should be in season.
It's not a major issue, but...

Fuji apples. Okay.

Oh, and I'd like to try soy milk.
So maybe a half gallon of that.

You got it.

Well, thank you, Ernesto.
I appreciate your attention to detail.

Do you need to write
any of this down?

Because it's okay if you do.

You know, just to be sure.

So Fuji apples.

- Hey, Ernie.
- Hey, how you doing, man?

Good. Good. So Howard's got you
looking after Chuck, huh?

- Yeah. It's a few extra bucks, you know?
- How's he doing?

Seems okay, like usual.

I'd say we could grab a beer, but they're
waiting on paperwork at the office.

- You know how it is.
- Don't I though?

See you, Jimmy.

See you around, Ernie.

You done business with him before?


Yeah. I'll be there.

Davis and Main and McGill.

Great to meet you.
Nice to meet you, gentlemen.

It's good to meet you.


Well, that was quick. No charge.

Help me out here.

Did I dream it or did I have
$1,600,000 on my desk in cash?

When I close my eyes, I can still see it.

It's burned into my retinas
like I was staring into the sun.

No one on God's green Earth
knew we had it.

We could have split it 50-50.

We could have gone home
with $800,000 each, tax free.

Your point being?

Why didn't we? What stopped us?

I remember you saying something
about doing the right thing.

I don't even know what that means.

You want to know
why I didn't take that money?

Is that what you're asking?

Yeah, that's what I'm asking.

Me, personally,
I was hired to do a job. I did it.

That's as far as it goes.

Yeah. Well, I know what stopped me.

And you know what?

It's never stopping me again.