Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Episode #7.3 - full transcript



It’s so confusing.

And you guys look alike,
you’re gorgeous brunettes,

-and Natalya and Natasha.
-We’re like twins.

I’m like, it’s not fair!

Are there any of this
without cinnamon?

Do we have any of the beef
without cinnamon in?


...the courage
to keep fighting.

David, bravo.

Ooh... ah!


Twenty-seven thousand dollars.


-Shot, shot, shot.
-See ya later.

I get lost in her ----ing eyes.

I’ve got a thing
for Australians, mate.

I’m into it, but Storm’s
moustache needs to go.

No, no, no.

So, myself and Storm,
we’ve been childhood friends.

He’s had that same
moustache since he was 13.

Home, sweet, home.

-Oh what the *bleep*!

Just did a month
charter with Natasha.

We’re good friends.

I was in a long-term
relationship for,

like, four and a half years.

Now I’m single, I can flirt
with people if I want.


No, we’re not.

You’re in a cabin together
and you’ve worked together.

I want to be a couple,
but we’re not a couple.

On our last boat,

me and
Tash, we got together.

Tash asked me to keep it secret

because she was still
with her boyfriend.

But I’m struggling
with keeping it a secret.

What is he doing?

I’ve made it clear that
I don’t want anyone to know.

It’s only a matter of time

before he tells everybody
that we hooked up...


On our old boat,
me and Tash, we got on.

We got on really well.

It was immediate,
it was a flame.

It was... it was firing.

I was with my ex for, like,
four and a half years,

and when I joined my last boat

the relationship
wasn’t in a good place.

She was telling me
all this stuff,

saying that she’s not happy
with her boyfriend,

and she wanted to be with me.

I thought it was super
intimate because of,

like, how it happened.

He would pay me
a lot of compliments,

like "You look rad."

We just had
so much fun together.

She was, like, sneaking into
my room, and so secretive,

it made it more, like,
I don’t know,

more passionate
and more fun.

So, it was...
yeah, it was epic.

The first time Dave and
I hooked up, we were drunk.

I was like, "What have I done?"

Yeah, my ex has cheated on me,

but I guess it’s not
right to cheat back.

It’s not something that
I’m particularly proud of.

Two espresso martinis.

When we joined this boat,
the agreement that me and Tasha

made was that we were gonna,
like, do a week,

and then be a couple,
we’re gonna tell everyone.

She just wanted some time.

I feel like it’s
a ticking time bomb with Dave.

I think he wants
to release the secret,

but I don’t want people
to know and judge us.

It’s kinda my business.

Are you having another drink?

We about to gonna
party it up now.


Shot, shot, shot.

Oh, yes.


One of them.

Can I be the sandwich?

-Let’s get a kiss, babe.
-Can we be a sandwich?

Oh, my God!

I kiss on the lips.

Hold on, hold on...
I gotta take this phone call.

Yeah, do that.

Yeah, no, no, I’ll call...
I’ll call you right back.


I’ll call you right back.

We’re gonna drink
and dance,

Cheers, that.

We’re gonna dance!

All right, let’s go.

We’re going, we’re going.

Oh, my God, I love your toes.

-Thanks, babe.
-That’s epic!

Can we go to
a techno club, please?




Ray-Ray is, like, living
her best life right now.

She needs a pole.

Are you drinking a margarita?


Why are you sitting here
now, been far away.

Will you dance with me?



You are...

-Where’s Raygan?
-She’s dancing her butt off.

Nice and lively.

I feel like Tasha’s going out
of her way to push me away.

I don’t know...
I don’t know what’s going on.

Are we outta here?

Come on, guys.

-Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.
-I’m wasted.

Hey! Hey!

I know where I belong.
I know where I belong bro.

I’ll get in the back.

I’ll sit in the
back with Cheffy.

Is everyone in the car?


You and Dave, like, you guys
need to quit this bullsh--.

Because I was, like,
what’s going on here?

-Like, are they dating...
-Her and Dave?

Or are, like, they in a fight?

That’s when I have to come
in and say, pardon my French,

you guys just, like,
*bleep* or something.

It’s exhausting.



We are home!

Ray, are you okay, love?

All right, let’s go.

Oh, my God.

Hey, this is a big step.

Thanks, darling.

Come, sweet cheeks, let’s go.

All right, you know what,
I’m just gonna down.


Get yourself a cheeseburger.


Are you okay, princess?

Deal with drunk people enough.

-Are you all right, pal?
-I’m good.

-I’m good.
-Are you sure?

Are you sure?
Are you all right?

We’re good, buddy.

-You sure?

-You’ve proved your point.
-Are you okay?

-Yeah, I’m good.

Good, he’s gone.

You are so funny.

Obviously, you think you’re
full but you’re not.

Are you all right?
Back it up.

Back it up.

You stopped fighting...
I’m not fighting.

I’m not saying anything,
I’m just...

-I just want you...
-Go to bed.

Go to bed.

I’ll go to my room.

-Hang on, one second.
-No, don’t touch me.

I’ll go to my bed.

-Wash your hair, mate.
-You can go to bed.

Dude, I’m too old for this.
Like, I’m not hitting you.

First time I ever got knocked
out was in a Taco Bell.

I was a drunk college frat kid.

We were all young.

But A, fighting is
just exhausting;

B, do you think this
is gonna win her over?

Like, this is only gonna
make it worse, mate.

[shower running]



Are you okay?

I’m fuming.

What happened?

It’s a power move, because he
was trying to get with a girl...


Yes, and because
he’s not getting the girl,

-he’s trying to be an alpha.

-Personal opinion.

That’s 100 percent opinion.

Dave’s behavior
is just not healthy.

He’s a mess...
he’s drunk, he’s angry.

The last thing I want to do is
share a cabin with him tonight.

I just want some space.


Coming up...

Raygan, Raygan, Storm.

Where’s the bosun?

It’s okay to go out
and have fun,

but you need to bring
it the next day.



My head is spinning.

[alarm sounds]


Good morning.

I know, I completely understand
that, and I respect that.


My last night, I obviously
clearly ----ed up.

I was out of order
and disrespectful.

Now, Tash can’t
look at me in the eyes,

and how can you blame her?

Do you blame her?

I can’t blame her.

Okay. Thanks.

Top of the morning to you.

What time’d you guys get back?

At 1:30, because when you
start doing somersaults

on the dance floor, then you
know it’s time to round them up.

Were you doing somersaults?

-No, Ray.
-Raygan was?


-Cap, can I head on in?
-Yeah, of course.


All right, let’s do this,
let’s do this, let’s do this.

Yes, like...

You just throw it in and
then just give it to me.

I’ve been here for,
like, 10 seconds.

Next time you see this, this is
gonna look crisp, professional.

-See you later, babe.

Whose are these?


Natalya, Tasha.
We should meet.

Raygan, Raygan, for Storm.

Raygan, Raygan, Storm.

I wanna figure out where Raygan
is, so we can talk about...

The game plan.


So, I put this to-do list here.

We need to change out all
the flowers,

these bridge deck ones,
the main deck;

we’re gonna have
to wash the vases.

We need to do welcome
towels, welcome drinks.

Like, dude, I’m moving
all over the place,

but I’m doing nothing.

No, it’s just irritating.

Let’s just get a hose,

and then let’s just
start rinsing, and we...

I think just you and
I are gonna do it, mate.

You’re the bosun, you
should understand that

if you’re hungover or not,
you need to crack on.

What’s important
is just to be there.

Like, my sisters used
to call me their dad

when they were younger,

because their father was
just a piece of sh--.

I used to go to the father
barbeques, you know,

like where the fathers
would go to the school.

It was always weird for me,

because at the time I was,
like, 19, 20 years old.

This is a bunch of bullsh--.

Where’s the bosun?

I’m just gonna have to crack
on with the duties at hand,

because laziness
makes me frustrated.


Congratulations on being the
third stew in the laundry.

I mean, I have to literally
talk with Tash later,

because you’re gonna have to
get demoted to fourth stew.

Let me tell you
something about me...

you’ll never catch me
in that position.

I am as strong...

Literally, that was so close,
I would have died.

Have you seen the deck crew?
You seen Jason?

-He’s up on bridge deck.
-Bridge deck.

* Everyone’s falling to pieces *


Hey, man, I’m sorry
about last night, bro.

I didn’t mean to offend you
in any way whatsoever.

-Just so you know.

-Yeah, yeah,
-I know you don’t mean to.

Regardless, I apologize,

and that’s sincere,
as sincere as it goes.

-So, and I’m sorry.

No, you’re...

-I’m really sorry, man.
-I appreciate the apology.


Would you like coffee?

I’m gonna make you one.

Oh, yeah?

David, Natasha, Raygan,

let’s meet in the crew mess for
our preference sheet meeting.

Copy that.


That is the best I can do
with the equipment we have...

-Thank you.

Oh, babe.

So, where have you been?

That’s called a "hangover."

Nah... it’s alcohol.

Don’t kid yourself.

When you’re in charge
of a deck crew,

the last thing you wanna
do on the second charter

is show them
that you’re incapacitated

from your hangover.

It’s okay to go out
and have fun,

but you need
to bring it the next day.

We begin charter today.
We’ve gotta step it up.


Charter number two...

Emily Butler works
for her family’s business,

Butler and Associates.

As a real estate agent,

Emily is chartering with
some of her best friends.

This charter’s top priority
includes a bar fully stocked,

and spending sunup to
sundown in the water.

They’re also looking to have a
Moroccan-inspired sunset dinner.

That food is so good.

Yeah, Moroccan food
is super good.

-Super simple and delicious.

-One of ’em hates seafood.

You can jump here
any time there.

All the water toys
will be in the water.

Note... water sports,
water sports, water sports.

Yeah, yeah.

First charter
was a hard charter,

-getting to know the boat.

I expect you to pull
out every toy...


Everything in the
water, first thing.

Because that’ll make me mad.

All right, thank you.

Laundry, laundry, laundry.

What’s the plan, are we
just gonna do a wash-down?



All crew, all crew,
provisions are on the dock.


Beer and wines in the laz.

All right, yes, ma’am.

What’s that one, Jason?

Hard liquor.

I’ll be out in a minute.

Well, it’s definitely more
organized than last time.

The power team, the couple.

Who’s the couple?

You and Dave.

Come on, you guys are so ----ing
in love, it’s not even funny.

Why do you think that?
Don’t start rumors.

If you two don’t work out,

it’s always me
and you till then.

All right, well,
until then, I’m with you.

I hope you’re right, mate.


Okay we’ve still got space,
we’re still good.


I need to grab lotion,
I need to grab slippers.

So, I’m gonna make

Then I wanna do a pineapple
upside-down cake shot.


Captain, Raygan.

Very nice.

All crew, all crew,
get into your whites,

we have five minutes
to meet on the dock.

All right,
I’ll see you up there.

-Get everything set up.


The first charter,
it was just me and Jason.

I was all over the place.

I didn’t have time
to do a schedule,

I didn’t have time
to arrange anything.

Then this morning
I have a very bad hangover.

I understand
it’s not professional,

it doesn’t look good.

But now we actually
have the whole team.

Yes, chef next to me.

Stormy, make sure
you keep your hands

-to yourself this charter, hey?

We should have been way
more intoxicated for this.

Okay, here we go.

-Hey, guys.

-Hello, guys!

-I’m Emily, nice to meet you.
-Nice to meet you.

-Welcome aboard.

Noah, nice to meet
you, welcome.

Hi, I’m Natasha,
lovely to meet you.

All of our shoes.

Welcome aboard Motor Yacht Home.

Our chief stew, Natasha,
is gonna show you around,

-gonna show you the boat.

-Perfect, thank you.
-Love it.

Should I slip my shoes off?

Yeah, yeah.

-We have the margaritas...
-We need to keep ’em coming!

And here, a
pineapple upside-down

cake shot that
everyone must try.

-Oh, hey!
-Oh, no!

All right, so we’re gonna head
this way

to the start of the tour.

Oh, my God,
this boat is beautiful.

This is the bridge deck aft.

This is probably where you’re
gonna eat most of your meals.

And then if we head up
to the sundeck...

This is so cool.

Oh, yeah, we’ll be up here.

The amount of beers
that I’m gonna be

drinking on this deck is...


All right, so, we
can head this way.

Ooh, posh, posh.

Oh, it’s so sweet!

Here comes the luggage.

Got it?


Oh, it’s such art.

It’s all handmade,
like ciabatta,

this is rosemary focaccia,
got a feta and pine nut quiche.

Some of the chefs
I’ve had were incredible.

It’s miso-glazed salmon.

-Cajun shrimp?
-It’s a Cajun-style shrimp.


All right...
okay, thank you guys.

I feel like we make
him nervous, I like it.

Yeah, it’s all good.

But Dave is like no other chef
I’ve ever had on the planet.

Like, he is the true artist.

It’s incredible to
witness this guy at work.

I’m gonna try to keep it
smooth for you underway.

-Thank you, I appreciate it.
-Yeah, yeah.

Is there anything else
in that other van, or no?

-Oh, nice.

Less luggage than
the last people.

-So, here we have the VIP suite.

And then we have the
other two cabins down here.

It’s so nice!

Who’s in here?

Well, you’re in charge,
you tell who’s in who.

You guys can fight for it.

I’m out of it.

I can stay with Tommy,
because we’re family.

-So, we’re gonna share the twin.

-That makes the most sense.

All luggage on board.

Okay, thank you.

You guys can single up
on the bowlines.


Port side lines are in board.

And then for drinks orders?

Any hard seltzer?

I’ll just take
a glass of champagne.

Okay, all lines free,
all lines free.

Thank you.

I’ll do a Corona and
then one shot for everyone.

For the guests.

The guy?

What do you think so far?

You know what
I’m thinking, right?

You’re gonna be working
for me soon.

-I’m gonna what?
-Be working for me.

I’m gonna be your boss.

Then I’ll be your boss.


Oh, that is actually fire.

Natalya, Natalya, Tasha.

You wanna flip laundry?


And then Kyle,
give me a hand with drinks.

Copy that.

We’re all clear to go.

On the port side,
we have 12 meters.

This is a legit boat.

Port side dolphin, one meter.

This is just so beautiful.

Port side dolphin
now clear from stern.

Bow is all clear.

Thank you, Mzi, Raygan...
good job.

Thank you.


Are you going to give me
a hand with the drinks?

-Yeah, ma’am.
-All right, darling.

Okay, babe!

You wanna do the shots?


And then once you’ve done
the shots, hon,

steal the big bucket that
had the Coronas and put,

like, loads of little bottles
of still and sparkling in it.


Can you just start letting
these out?


Here we go again, guys.

It’s a beautiful day.
It’s amazing.

We’ll Titanic this bitch.

Okay, then, guys.

Let’s do it.


-Here we are, loves.


Are we doing paddleboards?

Or is that something we can
at least

ask the guests before we do it,
or do we just do it?



Cheers to the
beginning of the end.


I love this!

Let me get the Seabobs out.

-Oh, no.
-What’s up?


I don’t even know
where they charge... or how.

I never once have
unplugged anything,

so I guess I just thought
they were fueled with gasoline.

That’s my apologies, man.

Our man’s back!

-Oh sh--!
-The man of the hour.

-Thank you!
-You’re welcome.

-They weren’t on charge.
-They weren’t on charge?

Yeah, I didn’t know,
I thought these were gas.

Yeah, I didn’t even
know it was there.

I’ve only been on a boat
for, like, five days,

and it is a cluster*bleep*
right now.

And I’m getting a
little irritated,

because no
one’s leading.

Coming up...


I’ve seen how much you have

and congratulations for
staying up so long.

After this, I’m gonna go have
a look at Venice, Milan.

I’m gonna go find
a husband somewhere.

Oh, so you’re
not marrying Tash?

I’m gay as hell, babe.


I mean, I would totally.

Anchor down, let’s go
to three shackles.


Three shackles in the water.

Great, lock it down there.

Copy that.

-Good job.
-Thank you.

Cool, cool, let’s get the crane
ready, and let’s start moving.

-Do the jet-skis first?


Put that in there.

There, pop that in there,
pop that in there.

Pop this.

I am the most organized
person in my family.

I would always rearrange my
room when I’m little, and, like,

move cabinets and cupboards
and color-coordinate.

My pantry back home in Australia
is, like, plastic containers,

it’s got all labels on there,
everything’s got a home.

So, that’s why I’m, like,
I love laundry.

It’s my area, it’s my spot.

I just like to have
everything organized my way.

Explain to me what
we’re gonna do first?

We’re gonna pump this up,

then we’re gonna start
feeding that through.

Then we’re gonna
have to tie lines on.


I like to think personally
that I am

a little bit more
than green now.

I’ve gained a lot of
knowledge last year,

so I feel a lot more
confident to sort

of take more authority
in situations.


Also, with Raygan,
there’s miles to go.


Noah’s where he’s meant to be.

-He’s living his best life.

In 22 years.

I was just thinking that...
how the hell did I get here?

-Let’s go get in our swimmies.

You’re getting antsy-pantsy.

Do you guys wanna go change?


I’ll ask him if he’s already--

Good job, you.

Aw, I’m so proud of you.

I’m proud of you, too.

-You should try some of this.
-Can I?

Yeah, dip it in this.

Mm, I like this one.

-Have you eaten today?

Then eat something.

I honestly think Dave and
Tash are such a cute couple.

I’m seeing her smile and be all
dainty around Dave, ha, ha, ha.

And then seeing Dave being
so soft around her,

because he just melts
into Jell-O,

I’m like no, my sus is up,
something’s going on here.

Can you hear it,
am I going through?

Oh *bleep* man.

You’ve just gotta change it.

I did.

The derrick can be
really annoying,

because there’s different
pins and different heads

for the jet-ski and the tender.

So, you have
to change it every time.

And on this boat, the pin
doesn’t come out very easy.

It’s stuck, so you’re, like...

it can take you, like,
20 minutes,

half an hour
to actually change it.

I’m sweating like hell.

It’s taken us
an hour to do this.


Wait, I wanna get on that.
What are we doing?

We’ve got a couple
more inflatables

that we can actually...

-Mzi, Mzi, Raygan.
-Go ahead, Raygan.

It’s gonna be a while.

I’m not gonna be
jumping in right now.

Has the banana been
blown up?

No, we just finished
off the NautiBuoys.

Jason, Jason, Raygan.

The banana should
have been inflated.

Sh--’s gonna go down.

We’re putting that one out.

You told me to get
the banana boat.

This is the new one, I told you
we swapped the old one out.

-We need...

can you go help
him with the eFoil?

I’ll do the banana.

I’ll do what my boss
tells me to do.

Okay, but I’ve told you
that this went into the bow.


That’s why we swapped
the other one out.

-Where’s the other one?
-The other one’s in--

it is, where all the thing is,
it slid into the side.

-Yeah, it’s already in there.
-Got it.

Ha ha ha!

Should we go out here?

Before you get in,
let us get a ladder down.


Unless you’re okay
just stepping off.

-No, that’s fine.
-Oh, yeah, we’re fine.


They’re literally
waiting around.

For tonight, I’ll just
have to print the menu.

Give me an hour, and then
I’ll have it written.


-All right, sweet.
-I’ll be back.

Why is the passarelle
not out?

We haven’t brought it out yet.

I can see that, but obviously,

you guys need to sort this
out while we’re on the bow.

We’ve been doing
all the inflatables.

If you don’t want us
to do inflatables

and deal with the passarelle,

just tell us exactly what
order you want us to do it in.

This should always be out
before you put the toys in.

Can you move that
out of the way?

I’ll move it out of the way.

Can you put the
eFoil in the water, please,

because it’s a bit heavy.

Raygan, where’s the inflatables?

Start blowing them up.

Let’s do that now.

I’m doing it, yeah, sorry.

This one’s ready.

You got the towline for this?
No, that’s not it.

Do you remember where
you put the towline?

Is it...

I’ve never inflated this or
seen it in my life.

Oh, yeah, awesome, there ya go.

Would one of you guys like
to go for a tow on this,

on the back of the tender?

Yeah, just get it in the water.

-Everything in the water.
-There you go.

You gotta organize
your team, okay?

Yeah, I know.

It’s complete chaos back there.

-I know, I can see that.
-So, here’s what I want.

I know, I told them
to get everything out,

because we was doing
the jet-skis.

Yeah, but you were sitting
there watching him hammer that.

You should have been
back here, working.

-Yeah, I...
-I don’t need you on the bow.

Yeah, of course.

I need you back here,
managing this.


You have to organize them,

you have to give them
directives, okay?


You need that banana blown up,

and you always wanna do it
out of the way of the guests.

Yes, of course, yeah.

So, two people standing
there talking about a tube...

No, no, no, I don’t
wanna hear you complain.

-I wanna see you do your job.

-Okay, yeah, yeah.

Jason, you let Storm do that.

I’m gonna get the banana out.


You should pumping up,
where’s the...

Right there.

She’s in over her head.

What do you think I was doing?

Do you think I was just sitting
back here, twiddling my thumbs?

But you’re telling me to do

I’m getting all the
inflatables ready,

then you start bitching me
for the passarelle.

So, pick something to
bitch about me

and then go for it.

But don’t come back and say...

start nitpicking 30 different
things out of order.

Like, I’m telling you, like,
we were doing our best.



You should see your face.

What’s wrong with it?

You look super stressed-out.

Cheers, bro, appreciate it.

Laundry, laundry,

it’s your friend,
it never ends...





Dinner menu.

Octopus with cucumber
and sesame,

braised pig’s cheek,

and dessert
is a chocolate bombe.

And I’ll come up and explain it.

-Okay. Happy?

I love experimenting.

I’ve got some octopus on
the preference sheets.

There’s a few people that
didn’t like seafood,

but I don’t follow preferences.

It’s always a bit of a gamble.

*bleep* me that’s hot.

I do so much extreme stuff.

I could be in an avalanche,
or my chute’s not gonna open

when I jump out the plane,

or I do a base jump and
my cord’s gonna twist.

So, yeah, I do gamble.

Are you gonna
hop in the shower?


Tash, what am I doing?

Okay, well, we need
to set the table.


Red wine deep, okay.

We could take
out the crane.

I could swim it to
the side of the boat.

I’ll meet you there, Storm.

I definitely get my
passion from my mother.

She’d had to be fierce
because of her life.

I just remember, like,
my mom being so tired.

She’d work a full 8:00
to 6:00 job,

and then when my first
sister was born,

I was 14 or 15, the only way
my sister could sleep

is if we drove her
around in the car.

But my mum would be so wrecked
that I would have to drive her,

which is not legal at all.

But, like, I just tap
into this work mode,

and once I hit it, like, I go.

Okay, up I go.

Mzi and Jason, are you able to
please make your way to galley?


-Are we ready?
-Okay, quickly, service plan.


Me and Mzi will walk left,

Jason will be in front
of you and walk right.


And Kyle, can you check
the napkins are removed

-from the place settings?
-Sure, that’ll I’ll do.

Then run back down.


Just watch me, and when
I put my first plate down,

just go with yours as well.

Are we ready
to get this party started?


Is my face dry right here?


I’m gonna remove this,

then it’s easier for us to
put that plate down.

Here we are.

-Like, white stuff?
-Is that...

No, no, no, there’s
no white stuff.


Don’t need to put
anything on it?

-No, no, no.

-No white stuff.

-Are you ready, guys?

I don’t even know
what’s on the menu.

I’m just getting it.

The menu is in front of you.

We’re not gonna...

It’s too much to read
right now, okay?

Are they sitting
down for dinner?

Oh, I would love to!


Sit down!

Tell me about yourself,
you live in...


That’s awesome.

Cheers to that!

Bye, Captain Sandy.

Okay, twice-cooked octopus with
pea puree and sesame, okay?

To Tommy.

Here we have
the twice-cooked octopus.

I do not like octopus.

Oh sh--.

If this is good,
this guy’s amazing.

All right, you’re up next.

I mean, I wouldn’t order
it again, but it’s good.


The way he prepared it
was really fabulous,

because it can be chewy
like rubbery.

-Calamari is squid, yes?

Yummy in my tummy.

Where does this bad boy go?

Bottom drawer.

Hey, Captain Sandy.

No direction?

You know, it’s hard, isn’t it?

So, you had someone you worked
under that was very experienced,

to someone who doesn’t
have as much experience.


Mzi’s done a season with me.

He understands what
I expect from my crew.

And the bosun’s job is
to teach her deck crew.

We can stage towels, chairs,
and the shoe basket.

Malia, do you wanna put
the swim ladder in?

No, but good question.

You have to be able
to lead your team,

and that means
giving them direction.

Raygan’s not really
demonstrating leadership.

At this point, I’m just hoping
to get through this charter.

It’s a bit disjointed.

If there’s structure
and direction,

I think it could make
a bit more of a difference.

Coming up...


So tired.


What are those?

-You going down?

Sounds good, sleep well.

So, next course, pork cheek.

You’re drunk.

Oh sh--.

I’ve seen how much you
have consumed,

and congratulations for
staying up so long.

Oh, my...

Tommy, come here, come here,
let’s go for a little walk.

Come here.

I’m eating!

Oh, jeez.

Coming, Dave.

We’ve got braised confit pig’s
cheek with a sweet potato puree.

Oh, my God.

The Prunotto Barolo Italian
wine with the pork.

-This is amazing.

There’s no way this can’t suck.

Is it the best?

Oh, my God.

I’m so tired, oh.

Kyle, Kyle, Nat.

Are you able to come to
the master for a minute?

Tash, I’m going to quick to help
Nat a tiny bit in the cabins.

Thanks, Kyle.

Babe, your food is unreal.

Your drinks are unreal.

Good team, eh?


I promise you, at this point
I’m gonna close you up in here.


You’ve been here for three days

and your pussy
be throbbing already.

Shut... Kyle!

Noah, if you wake up
tomorrow without a hangover,

I’m gonna be so upset.

Oh... He’s 22!

Here we go.

-Are cabins done?

Do you wanna head down?

Good night.

Careful, guys, walking up,
because it’ll roll.

I don’t know
what you said, honey.

Oh, my God, you guys,
look at this.

Oh sh--.

Oh, yay, hello!

Oh, Dave!

How you doing?

The finale!

So, this is, like,
a chocolate ball,

and inside the ball

there’s a white chocolate
and ginger cheesecake.


So, just gonna pour some
hot sauce on the top.

Yeah, do it... whoa.

You’ve outdone yourself.

You are a stud.

This is actually
very impressive.

Thank you very much.

Yeah, majorly, yeah.

-Thanks, guys.

It is very impressive.

Aw, good work, you.

-Dinner’s done.
-Dinner is done.

It’s 12:00, I’m gonna go to bed.

-Good night.
-Good night, love.

Good night.

Back to work, mate.



Not yet!


This is where you
make the magic.


This is where
the magic gets done.



What you looking for, babe?

Noah’s down there.

Get that ----er
up here right now.

I will do, cheers.


-You off to bed, Dave?

Good night, you.

All right.

[alarm sounds]

Please don’t touch
the washing machines.

Raygan, Raygan, Sandy.

Can you meet me in the bridge?

Yeah, copy.

Oh, God.

A couple things.

I wanna see you succeed on deck.

-You know what I mean?

So, I think I need to know
what you need

to help you get organized,
you know what I mean, like...


Because when you’re organized,

that’s when you gain
the trust from your deck crew,

you know what I mean?

My suggestion to you is
that you go practice...


Practice, practice,
and put your toys

where you can get them.

I’m realizing where
I’m going wrong

and where I should be
more as well, so yeah.

But it’s not where you need to
be, it’s how you need to lead.

You have to be very
clear and concise...

-...on your instructions.

The last thing I wanna do
is tear your spirit down.

-I wanna build it up.


But at the same time, I’m here
to do a business, and I am...

I’m really struggling.

Like, no one’s being
told what to do.

Well, I think...

-I’m gonna be more...
-If you want my advice...


You need to figure out
your own weaknesses.


That’s where you’re
struggling, not them.


I walked down that
swim platform,

it was complete chaos
on that aft deck.

Nothing... there’s no...
you have no system.

-Yes, on other boats...
-Yeah. had these positions.

But it wasn’t this busy,
and it wasn’t, like...

It wasn’t...

It wasn’t horrendous,
like this boat.

Obviously, it’s a very,
very busy charter,

and a lot of toys going on.

But it’s professionally
managed, so...

-No, no, no...
-If you want...

if you want them to well...

Super-yachts don’t
work like that.

They don’t work differently.

There’s a system
in place for safety,

and that really upsets me.

So, you have this time to
show me you can do this job.

I need to be able to have
a bosun I can trust,

and a bosun
that has guest priority.

You know what I mean?

Next, on "Below Deck Med"...




Do you want help?

No, I’ve got it.

She’s pretty much completely
different at this point.

Why are you being weird?

-How am I being weird?
-You are.

It’s making me feel
absolutely worthless.

-See that?
-That weather?

-The weather.

Unfortunately, I need
to haul anchor

and head back to that dock
before the wind hits.

Three meters on starboard.

One meter...
she’s gonna hit it, man.

We’re gonna hit,
we’re gonna hit.

Jesus Christ.

This is the first
time in my career

I’ve ever hit the dolphin.