Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Skeletons in the Cabin - full transcript

The Chef and Chief Stew have an icy stand-off. The guests are disappointed when incoming weather forces the boat back to the marina. The guests pile pressure on the interior with hefty rounds of drink orders and Kyle isn't shy abo...

Previously, on
"Below Deck Mediterranean"...

Cheers to that.

We're gonna dance.

Ray was literally doing
cartwheels on the floor.

Raygan, Raygan, Storm?

I think just you and
I are gonna do, eh?


I don't care who I share with.

On our last boat, me and
Tash, we got together.

We just had
so much fun together.

I'm Natalya, nice to meet you.

I'm so excited.

Is this, like, my sister,
or is this my twin?

We're like twins, almost, yeah.

We think you're a couple.

You're in a cabin together
and you work together,

and we think you are.

Tash asked me to keep it secret,

because she was still
with her boyfriend.

I'm struggling with
keeping it a secret.

I don't want people to know.

Cheating is not
something that I'm proud of.

I wish for a boyfriend!

I've never had a relationship
longer than a couple months.

I get lost in her Goddamn eyes.

I've got a thing
for Australians, man.

Storm is super fit.

I'm into it.

Do you wanna go down...
no, I'm kidding.

Let's go.

Charter number two...

Emily Butler works for
her family's business,

Butler and Associates.

Cheers to the beginning
of the end.

- Yay!
- Yeah.

I'm a service queen
from the get-go.

I'm gonna go find
a husband somewhere.

I'm gay as hell, babe.

Where's your schedule?
I need that.

Is that 1:00 a.m.
to 2:00 a.m.?

One to 2:00 in the afternoon.

Oh, that's tomorrow.

Raygan's schedule kinda
just looks like a math problem

that just doesn't
have a solution.

Raygan, where's the inflatables?
Start blowing them up.

I am doing everything I can.

She just has to take
the ball and succeed.

I'm figuring out
everyone's weaknesses

and where I need to be more.

You need to figure out
your own weaknesses,

that's where you're struggling.

Yes, on other boats

- you had these positions.
- Yeah.

But it wasn't this busy.


Everyone works differently,
so if you want...

No, no, no. Super yachts
don't work like that.

Show me you can do this job.

Season 07 Episode 04

Episode Title: "Skeletons in the Cabin"
Aired on: Aug 01, 2022.


I need to be able to have
a bosun I can trust

and a bosun that
has guest priority.

You know what I mean?

And I'll prove myself to you.

Okay, awesome, thank you.

- Thank you.
- I appreciate it.

Thank you for the...

like, the way you helped me out
as well.

Yeah, sometimes it
could be harsh,

but it's because
I don't wanna be learning

- in front of the guests.
- Yeah, yeah.

You know what I mean?
We should already be there.

- All right, good.
- Yeah, thank you.

Awesome, thank you.

It's really hot today.

I'm ready to live my best life.

Maybe I'll go to Monaco
and find an 80-year-old

who's about to cark it.

Do it, man.

Get him wasted, get him to sign
over the paperwork to the yacht,

accidentally have a tragic death
where he falls off a cliff.

Sounds like a dream, that.

On that note, I have
to go set the table.


How you doing?

We're finished here.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

What I think would be
most important is, like,

if we just throw everything
in the water.

- Yeah.
- Like, jet-skis, tenders, toys.


- Sure.
- Before we get changed.

Happy to have a meeting.

Like, on the aft, yeah.

Good morning.

The weather is
gonna be terrible.

Morning, how are you?

Deck, deck, can you come
the platform, please?

Copy, on my way.

I'm not being grumpy.

Do you wanna know how my
day started this morning?

I woke up, I come out my cabin,
and I kicked coffee everywhere.


Why are you being weird?

- How am I being weird?
- You are.

Even though things seem
like they're in a good space

right now, deep down
I'm really struggling

with this
whole situation with Dave.

I broke up with my ex right
before stepping onto the boat,

but ever since I
cheated on him with Dave,

I couldn't forgive myself.

I just felt constant guilt.

Like, I'm so regretful.

I guess I'm just trying
to avoid Dave

from telling the rest
of the crew,

because a lot of
people have

different perceptions
of cheating.

Some people think you're, like,
the worst person in the world,

and I don't know how the crew

are gonna react towards the
situation of what's happened.

Okay, guys.

And you know how
to do the tender?

Yeah, so, I'm
good on the tender.

- Yeah?
- I can drive it.

- All right.
- Okay.

And it's just, like, I do feel
like my job is on the line.


This looks amazing.

Cheers to the
breakfast table.

I actually haven't
enjoyed these guests.

God, I hate hangovers.

Why does it have to be a
consequence for drinking?

That's such bullsh**

Noah is from an
extremely wealthy family.

He owns his own private jet
and helicopter.

Noah states, "Why drive
when a helicopter

can get you there faster?"

They probably had 15 drinks,
at least, yesterday...

at least.

Oh, yeah, I mean, think of
all the wine at dinner.



This is where you
make the magic.


I've seen you way worse.

The special...
scrambled eggs with bacon.


They go above and
beyond on their food.


Let's go swim,
that'll wake us up.

Swimming does help hangovers,
washes it away.

How many guests are up?

All of them,
they're all sat at the tables.

Are they hanging balls, babe?

We're giving them heaps of
juice, coffees and everything.

Oh, well, you gotta do what
you gotta do sometimes in life.


The lunch,
should we aim for 3:00?

- Perfect.
- Okay.

- Yeah?
- Sure.

And also, we can go over to,
like, caves for a little,

like, morning swim or a
dip as well.


All crew, all crew, that
is going to be

an 11:30 cave swim
with all guests.

Copy that.

All right, so we're gonna
do waters, beers.

I'm just gonna get some ice,

because I'm gonna start packing
the tender for the guests.


Your face is gorgeous
today, babe.

Oh my...

It's because I haven't put
my contacts in, but...

Are... ha!

Is this glass
fine for rose?

My lovely wife needs to
give me confirmation

if that's the right one.

- Oh, you.
- Yes.

Yeah, it'll do.

No, no, of course.

Why don't you come
on the boat today?

I'm gonna clean
all the cabins now.

You just wanted to get me alone.

Yeah, pretty much.


What are we doing, bro?

So, we're ready to go pretty
much to the cave and go dive.

- No, Mzi's coming with me.
- Okay.

What I'm used to
is smaller motor boats

and smaller sailboats.

And as a skipper,
I'm totally comfortable

in taking guests out,

going on little day
adventures in a small tender.

It's literally
what I love to do.

But instead, I'm just inflating
and deflating things.

I think I definitely
could be used a little more

in the tender role especially,

but I'm just gonna keep working
hard until it's my time.

So, then after they leave,
I'll start packing stuff up?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

The lunch menu...

this is the old one, right?

And then so we can do
Mexican theme after all.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I'm just really struggling with
the whole Natasha situation,

because the night before
we joined Motor Yacht Home,

Tash and I made an agreement.

When we get to a week,
we can slowly,

like, adapt this, and
then let everyone know.

This was our whole plan.

Otherwise I wouldn't have
even shared a cabin with her.

I don't care who I share with.

We're roomies?

And now I feel like
she's avoiding me.

I just can't handle
this pressure anymore.

Coming up...

Three meters, holding.

Three meters, dude?

One meter...
she's gonna hit it, man.

We're gonna hit, we're gonna hit

Ready, Freddie?

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

Let's go to the VIP cabin first.

No master?

No, just to pull up
the bed, at least.

I got you.

I think it's this one that
had the Mexican stuff.


Oh my God!

What can I get you guys?

- Is that a taco?
- It's a taco.

Oh, my God, that is so dirty.

It's a taco hat, isn't it?

All right, this is your cave

that you guys can jump in and
go and explore, if you'd like.

- Woo!
- Cannonball!

All right, everyone's in.

That's the way to go.

Can you believe
we're here right now?


I feel so spoiled.

Yeah, this is beautiful.


That's beautiful, eh?


Um... I guess I'll just
tie these down...

- Yeah.
- Secure all the stuff.

Yeah, that'd be great.

It's all around, but that.

I don't trust it.

Raygan, Raygan, Storm.

- Tender incoming.
- Copy that.

- Let's do a monkey brain.
- Yeah.

It's coming early,
swells building.

It's all right, it's a rope.

Okay, you're gonna put
your foot on there,

and then you're gonna
give me your hand.

There you go, well done.


Oh, that's so nice!

You're just so on top of it.

Hey, will you guys
sit down for a photo?

This is perfect,
you're all together!

Come on in!

Sandy, do you wanna
get in with us?


I would totally
love that, but...

- Let's do it.
- See that?

- The weather?- The weather.

Yeah, we're gonna go
back to the dock.

It's gonna be, like,
30 knots of wind.


And there are gonna be,
like, four-meter seas,

which is, like, massive.

Tonight, we're going
to the dock?



I feel really bad.

I never wanna go back to
the dock when I'm on charter.

I'm here to show
these guests a good time.

It's all about safety for me,
and it's my responsibility.

So, I have to get
back to the dock.

I wasn't expecting that.

Honestly, I'm just shocked.

Nothing a tequila
shot can't fix.

We're going back to the dock.

Can I do one of those
Corona sunrises?

Yeah, how many?

Just... well...

All crew, all crew,
we are going back to the dock,

we are going back to the dock.

Oh, my God,
Heaven help me.

- Mzi?
- Yeah?

We need to deflate all of
this sh**, dude.

We gotta hustle, people.

The wind's, like, picking up.

Floating taupe.

Natalya, Natalya, Tasha.

Go ahead.

Do you wanna get drinks order?

Copy, I'll go down there now.

Thanks, hon.

I know, that's so sh** ty.


All right, we are good to go.


Okay, sure.

I'll take one of those.

-Okay, sure, easy
-Thank you.

I'll bring a whole tray.

Raygan, Raygan, to the bridge.

Raygan, to the bridge.

What do you need?

First I'm gonna make this
Corona drink, she's just here.

And then I've gotta make a
whole tray of six spicy...

Probably eight margaritas.

- Do you want me to do them?
- Can you, actually?


Kyle, you need to smile
more in your photos.

Can you jump into the laundry?

Yeah, on my way.

So, before this you worked
on other boats, yes?

Yeah, I'm actually a
captain on smaller boats.

Oh, really?

On sailboats that's,
like, 60-foot.

Before that, I was in
corporate America.

America's a sh** show, so I
don't think I wanna go back.

- Hey.
- Hi.

So, we're gonna go side two.

I want you to be the stern

and let me know when
I'm clear to swing

from the dolphin so
I can turn the boat.

- Yeah, no problem.
- Okay.

You know, going
into this docking,

there's so many variables.

A lot of wind,
there's a current,

there's too many dolphins
all over the place,

so I have to zigzag in.

It makes it more difficult.

Deck, deck, can I have you
on the bow, please?

Copy that.


Uh-uh, my asshole burns.

My asshole's, like...

I love Tash.

I get on with females
like a house on fire.

So, we go one-on-one...

or is it oil on
a house on fire?

Tasha's gonna drive me insane
for all the right reasons,

and keep me smiling
and bubbling inside.

Need to know how...

Jeez, how many shots
have you had so far?

Can I start making
a few cocktails?

**** me!

Our plan for docking is
I'm gonna be on the stern,

so I'll have you on the bow,

because you know
what you're doing.


And obviously,
I need someone up here.

Then maybe you can
be in the mid.

- Cool.
- Yeah?

Who ordered margaritas?

I don't know, but I'll take
one if there's an extra.

Yeah, sure.

Deck crew, deck crew,
we are ready to depart.


Great, thank you.

Start hauling the anchor.

Anchor is at home,
anchor is at home.

We're headed back to the dock.

Can you get, Jason, three lines
ready on the stern, please?


And I'm just gonna
eat something.

- I haven't eaten all day.
- Yeah, no go ahead.

Oh, that looks sexy,
is that for lunch?

- Yeah.
- Hot.

Mzi, we need to start
flaking our lines out, please,

as quick as possible.

Where's Raygan?

Raygan, Raygan, Storm.

What the **** are you doing?

I mean, this is ****ing
bullsh**, dude.

****'s sake, mate.

Coming up...

I'd like to think that Dave
respects my wishes

in terms of not telling
the crew about us.

But I kind
of do feel like

Are we really going
back to the dock?

The storm's coming in, they say.

Let's just sort this mess out.

Let's move these
NautiBuoys, please.

So, naturally, if nobody's
sort of taking that position,

he will always step up.

- Raygan, you all right?
- Yeah.

What's up?


- Nat?
- Yes?

What is it?

Port... oh!

Are you okay?

I actually hate my life.

Like, this is the lowest
point in my life.

Kyle, I have to clean
this area, I cannot work.

Can I help you?

No, I've got it.

I'm gonna go pee, and then
I'm gonna start on round two.

Hey, when's lunch?

Well, we're gonna be docked
in approximately 30 minutes.

So, we should probably
wait till we dock?

That's ultimately your call.

Emily, just wait till
you get to the dock.

- Okay, I'm gonna wait.
- Fab.

I'm sending Noah home
to his mother.

I'm sending him home.

- Chef?
- Yeah?

Lunch at 4:00 p.m. on the dot.

The struggle is real today.

If you delay lunch,
it's the worst,

because then you've got the
potential of food drying out.

Then if they want dinner later,

it just carries on
through the same nightmare.

But, I mean, it's my job,
I've gotta be flexible.


Is there any more cocktails?

Can you surprise me with
your favorite drink?

Okay, you can let go.

A lot of wind, man.

Nice jacket.

Thank you, it
matches the deckhand.

That's why I put it on.

Why is my boobies
itchy right now?

Oh, thank you.

When the laundry's out of
control, I feel out of control.

Rum or...

What's in between
lunch and dinner?

So, what time would
you like dinner?

What are we gonna do?

No, but, like,
what are we gonna do?

Are we just hanging out?

Maybe get a male stripper.

- I say no.
- No!

I don't understand it.

Does that mean "let's jump off
the side of the boat?"

Do you guys wanna go sit inside?

Sure, it's a little bit windy.

So, when you come in on
stern two,

what are the lines that you
lock off when she says,

"Stop the boat?"

Cool, and then once
that's done...

Then we move on to
the next line.


We don't have... Why do...
Kyle keeps running away.

Thirty minutes.

I need to get your hot sauce.

If you guys don't order drinks,
then I'll sit here.

But when you order drinks,
I'm gonna run around.

Well, like, could you do this,
this, this, this,

and also do nothing and
come hang out with us?

Deck crew, deck crew
are you guys ready?

Thank you.

We're gonna take it
on the port lane,

because I can't see anything.


So beautiful, driving
into a place like this.

I'm very comfortable
when it comes to docking.

Like, all my life,
I've done so many dockings,

because obviously,
me being a captain

and being able to dock
a boat myself anyway.

So yeah, I've got a
chance to actually

prove to Sandy that
I know what I'm doing.

Just see if you can help.

Holy sh**

How do you even know
which one to pull?

There's that, there's that one,
there's the buoys.

We throw that out first,
which is tied to the big line.

God, you guys are studs.

Where'd you guys come in from?

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

- Where are you from?
- Indiana.

You know Idaho, then.

I'm keeping clear, yes.

And you're not allowed
to speak to each other,

because he's gotta
concentrate on me.

I won't distract.

Would you like us to
start bringing food up?


All right, we'll see
you out there.

I'm gonna go through
seven and eight.

Jesus Christ,
that's ****ing tight.

And we've got a wind on us.


Let me know when it's
clear to drive through.

We are all clear, all clear.

Dolphin, three meters
on starboard.


That is so impressive.

Like, this size of boat,
Sandy's got us.

Twenty meters to
the dock, starboard side.

Five meters on starboard side?

I'm clear?

Four meters, getting closer
to dolphin on starboard side.

Three meters, holding.

Three meters, dude?

Three meters,
dolphin coming astern.

That's not three meters,
that is one meter.

One meter, getting closer,
one meter.

One meter, one meter...
she's gonna hit it, man.

We're gonna hit, we're gonna
hit, kick ahead, kick ahead.

oh sh**

You hit it!

Three meters,
dolphin coming astern.

That's not three meters.

One meter...
she's gonna hit it, man.

We're gonna hit, we're gonna
hit, kick ahead, kick ahead.

Uh-oh... oh sh**

You hit it!

Jesus Christ.

No captain wants
to hit anything,

and this is the first
time in my career

I've ever touched anything.

Not okay.

This heaving line
is put up in between this.


- Mzi!
- Mzi, go to.

To the stern.

Make sure I got fenders out.

They did so much work,
how wonderful it is.

How cute!

Salads, salads.

All good with the fenders.

This one?

Am I clear of those buoys?

Yeah, you're clear, all clear.

Fenders are all out.

Rosé, white wine?

I'm doing seltzer.

Throw your lines ashore.

Bow spring's on.

Stern, get your lines in.


Can you get this one ashore?

Tie that down, lock it down.

Throw your lines ashore,
I don't wanna touch the dock

until you have your
lines ashore.

Okay now put this one.

Hurry, throw it.

There's urgency, yeah?

It's a bit of a sh** show.

I think the issue with the
deck team at the moment

is that there's no leadership.

It's just so frustrating,

because this environment
makes it quite difficult

to make progress.


Woohoo, crispy yum-yum!

Get the line out of the water,
pull it in fast.

Get that line out of the water.

And now pull it in,
now tie it up.

Thank you.

When you approach a dock,

you expect the bosun to have
everything in order...

all the lines in order,
the fenders down,

everything ready
to proceed to the dock.

But this was mismanaged,
lines were everywhere.

Raygan doesn't know her job.

I'm all set, you can
just work your lines.

Thank you.

It is so hot in here.

I'm cold.

No, you must be nuts, babe.

I'd lose it as a chef, then.

I have lost it.

Lost what?

I'd like to think that Dave
respects my wishes

in terms of not telling
the crew about us.

I can tell just by
looking at Dave

that it's eating
him away inside,

and that's not what I want.

I don't wanna hurt him.

It's not!

But I kind of
do feel like

I'm treading on
eggshells around him.

So, we have a blackened
cod tacos, gluten-free.

- Ooh, fish tacos!
- Yes.

Nice job, Storm.

I just wanna get...
look at the boat.

Obviously there is
a few things

that could have
been a bit better.

Did I hit the dolphin?

We only slightly touched,

and there was no damage,
so it was okay.

- Okay.
- It was okay.

Yeah, that's not
happening again.

We docked safe,
so that's the main thing.

Oh sh**, look at those ribs.

Oh, my God,
these tacos are unreal.

Food is my love language,
and this is love.


Guys, are you feeling creative?


That table.

Babe, that's 'cause
you work there.

Do you guys dip your
pizza in ranch?

Let me return back
to the Hobbit hole.

He makes so much food,
which is lovely.

Just gonna knock out these...

Hey, guess what,
I have good news.

I just got permission to take
the tender down.


That'd be awesome.

Yeah, that's good.


Deck, deck, we are going to
get the tender into the water.

Copy that.

What drinks can I get you guys
for the cooler that you want?

Yeah, that's all I care about.

- Let's get some Strongbow.
- Okay.

Let's take some, like, cider.

How were the raspberry ones,
any good, or no?

Could you just pack a
cooler box, please?

That's... I'm literally, like,
talking about it right now...

I need you to do it right now.

About what you guys
would like in the cooler.

Oh, my God.

There's structure that's needed.

Because I think on a new team,
on a new boat, in a new area,

there's so many different

that can be happening
at the same time.

I didn't pack this,
I was literally

coming down to redo it,
so I got you.

There's a pace at which you
need to do things,

so Jason coming from
his experience on his boat

to this boat, like, things
need to happen quite fast.

He's ****ing sucking his
thumb and doing...

he's packing the cooler box,

but, like, what should take
two minutes

is taking 25 ****ing minutes.

It's like I'm gonna pass out.

Just do it, just go to bed.

Just actually go to bed,
and just see what happens.

We can rotate every 30 minutes.

I just farted.

Kyle, how does it just
slip out like that?

It's one of the things
I grew up with.

Every time I laugh, I fart.

I think because the two holes
are clenching at the same time,

I don't know.

Your butthole literally
needs a plug.


- We happy?
- Yeah, you are happy.

Oh, yeah.

Mzi, I'm telling you,
if you don't follow the rules,

life gets a lot better.


Raygan, Raygan, Jason.

What should I do?

Well, you make that call, bosun.

That's your job.

The docking was a mess,

and that starts with
the bosun, the leadership.

You have to be able
to lead your team.

Where's your schedule?
I need that.

Do they know to put
the toys out yet?

We're just ready to be
in the water now.

This docking was the straw
that broke the camel's back.

This is beautiful.

- Is it cute?
- It is very cute.

Look at that city over
there, actually, though.

- I know, it's gorgeous.
- That is gorgeous.

It's so pretty.

What can I help with, guys?

The Moroccan stools,
all the buffet things,

and we need to start
setting for dinner.

Raygan, Raygan, Storm.

Tender incoming.

Just take, like, all the
fairy lights we've got up there,

all the candles, lanterns.

And I'll do the cabin turn-down.

What's gone here?

I need to get changed.


All right, guys,
let me give you a hand.

- Vodka, lychee, raspberry.
- Is this...

Shot, shot, shots!

You scared me.


Do you want me
to put that in laundry?

Yeah, okay.

My underwear.

Dude, I need a shower.

My life's just
literally doing laps.

Are these going up or down?

They're going up, please.


The guests were,
like, we want Moroccan.

I'm like, sick.

I've spent a little bit
of time in Morocco,

and I did a lot of outside
cooking there.

If I could do it properly,
I'd dig a hole in some mud

and chuck some charcoals
in there, you know?

But obviously I can't do that
because I'm on a yacht,

so I'm just gonna braise it down
in a big pot

and add the spices with the
fruit and some fresh herbs.

That's it... tagine.

Is my wife still down here?

Honey, I'm home.

I've been ****ing cooking and
cleaning and doing everything...

What are...
where have you been?

I've missed you.

You're just too distracting.

I'm not on a hunt for anyone,
but if someone, like, pops up,

I'm not gonna
say, "Oh, God, no."

But also, like, there's a whole
lot of things that come into it.

They've gotta be, like,
really cool,

they've also gotta
have a good family,

they've gotta have a really
good friendship group.

There's a whole thing to it.

Also, I've only just
broken up with my ex,

so I'm not really rushing
to get in with anyone.

I'm just happy to ride the
train, see where I'm going.

Don't leave!

My hair's a disaster.

Okay, let's rumble.

- Go time.
- Wow!

Who designs all of this?

My ass so fat.

Sorry, real quick, sorry.

Ah! ****

Where is it?


The sh** is not here.

Ing wow.

She's pretty much completely
different at this point.

When we were on our
previous boat together,

she was, like, always
coming to find me,

we were always together,
you know.

You know my hand was in the door
there, when you slammed it?

Oh, sorry, I didn't know.

I'm afraid she's
regretting everything

that's happened between us,

because she's making me feel,
like, absolutely worthless.

I've fallen in love with
someone and all I wanna do

is talk to her about it,
but I can't.

You guys wanna sit down?

I am going to die.

Wow, look at that.

Look at all the different colors
of everything, and the plating.

- Hey, guys.
- Hi, Dave.

This is the man!

- How you doing?
- Thank you.

The myth.

It looks amazing.

We've got a prawn tagine,

and then we've got some grilled
aubergine with some feta.

Then we've got
slow-roast lamb rack,

and then a nice, light couscous.

- You're amazing, thank you.
- You really are.

Thank you.

All right, enjoy, guys.
Thank you so much.

I've never had lamb,
it's so good.

Holy cow.

You're trying so
many new things.

Yeah, you guys, my mind's blown.

I can't do anything right.

You did last night.


Like, these panties, oh,
my gosh, they're actually, ugh.

Are we happy penis,
everything fine?

Did you just say "happy penis?"

- What did you just say?
- No, "happiness."

- Oh.
- Oh!


Your ears are playing with you.

Obviously, I am a service queen,

but on the interior, we all have
these excellent strengths.

Tash has great
cocktail-making skills,

Nat is excellent at laundry,
excellent at housekeeping.

I'm all for supporting the team,

but if the tip is whopping,
it will be because of us.

Goddamn, Kyle.

Happy days.

Can we eat dessert upstairs?

Yeah, I'll bring it outside.

Thank you.


Okay, come on, guys.

Oh, hi, babe,
we're ready for desserts.


They'd like to eat it on the
sundeck, so what should we do?

- Take it up to present it...
- Yeah.

- And then serve it up there?
- Sure.

This is exactly what I wanted.

What's this,
some more hippie sh**?

Yeah, sit down.

That's so pretty.

Yeah, look at this!

So, we've got white chocolate,
lime, and ginger.

And then the top

is, like, basically
a double mirror glaze.

- Do we dive in?
- Tuck in!


That just rocked my world.

Thank you, Dave.

Good night, everyone.

See you.

I think we're all
a little pooped.

Em, where are you going?

Fine, we'll go to my room.


Oh, all that type
of stuff, okay.

Today was actually
a terrible day.

I lost a day of charter.

And she's still rich.

I wanna take this pillow,
I wanna hit you so hard

across the face right now, and
hope that you go

flying there onto the pole.

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

This is my guy?

Honestly, what's going on
with my fork situation?

Hello, good morning, darling
heart of love and light.

Table looks great.

You look great.


Good morning.

Hello, how are you?

Is there any way
I could get a coffee?

What kind of coffee
would you like?

Just black.

- Oh, my gosh, it's so cute.
- Yeah.


Storm, Storm, can you
meet me on the bridge?

Copy, Captain.

Have we got a soft one?

- Yeah, right here.
- Okay.

And just one more
scrambled and salmon.

Good morning, Captain.

I just wanna have a quick chat.

That's actually the perfect way
to do it, thank you so much.

- Thank you, I appreciate it.
- Oh, you're welcome.

When I was coming in,

I touched the dolphins on
the starboard side.


Could you see down that
side of the boat?

- No.
- Okay.

So, when we cleared,
we had at least

five meters before
we'd past the buoy.


But as far as when I was
talking to you...

- Yeah.
- We were clear.

Yeah, and I love how
you took charge.

From what I've seen, you
understand how critical it is

- to get lines ashore.
- Yes.

Yeah, I just wanted
to acknowledge that.

Anytime, Sandy.

Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

All right.

He makes this toast... mm.

Is there something that you
asked for that you didn't get?


Like, I leave
clothes out everywhere...

So, are you excited to leave us?

No! I'm so sad.

This one's that end.

This one's murder to try and
find which way's which.

All right, we did it!

Change quick, because I think
they're leaving shortly.

Has anyone started
sweeping the cabins yet?

Every single cabin's done,
the master's packed,

all the guests are packed,

all the towels have been
taken, everything.

All crew, all crew, meet on
the dock for guest departure.

I haven't had shoes on in,
like, three days.

At the end of every
charter it's just, like, woohoo.

This charter's been fairly
intense for the deck crew,

so definitely keen to sink
a couple tonight.

- It's been real!
- You are a stud.

- Thanks, man.
- Thank you so much.

Honestly, it was
an unreal experience,

and you guys are all so amazing.

The only complaint
would probably be

keeping people waiting.

Before you get in,
let us get a ladder down.

They're literally
waiting around.

- Thank you, I appreciate it.
- Thank you so much, yes.

- And this is for you...
- It was a pleasure.

- Or for the crew.
- Yeah, thank you.

You're welcome.

- All right, bye!
- Bye, we'll miss you.

- Well done, team.
- You're welcome.

Ah, okay.

Ten seconds.

Are you excited for your
drinky-wink tonight?

All crew, all crew,
let's meet in the main salon

for our tip meeting.

So, charter number two down.

Deck, you guys
are finding your way.

I appreciate the amount of
work that you're putting in.

There's some things
we're still gonna work on.

This was a very
difficult docking.

It took the lines a really
long time to get across,

I know the lines went
in the water.

I actually touched
the mooring buoys.

That can never happen.

Interior, as always,

you guys did an amazing job,
so thank you.

Chef Dave, I haven't
had a chef like you

in a very, very long time.

Thank you.

Great job overall.

I gotta tell you, like,
this was a great charter.

So, with that,
this tip is $19,000...

$1,727 per person.


That's a great tip, right?

- So, cheers, everybody.
- Cheers!



Anyway, thank you very much, and
you know, enjoy your night out.

- Thanks, Cap.
- Thank you!

All right, let's break.

What's up, homie?

We're going to tag team this.


Raygan, Raygan, can you
please come to the bridge?

Raygan to the bridge.

Yeah, on my way.

Have a seat.