Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Con-Text Is Everything - full transcript

Bobby finally finds romance, but tensions build between him and the primary guest. Hannah and Bugsy air their grievances and Lauren must choose which side she's on. Hannah and Bugsy air ...

- Previously this season on

- Previously this season on
"Below Deck Mediterranean"...

- Everything about this place
is just gorgeous.

- Three, two, one!

- I'm actually
back to do this again.

- I'm not a micromanager,
but I do observe.

I don't want stuff all over the
salon tomorrow when I wake up.

Fold those towels up
and give me that trash can.

- We could get so much more done

if we all put in the
same amount of work.

- Hannah has been
absolutely lazy all season.

I don't feel like
you're pulling your weight.

- Okay.
- How are you?

- Nice to see you.

- This season, I'm here to work.

And if I find love,
that's a bonus.

You f---in'
throw me under the bus.

You did it with Lauren
when we were in New York.

- Can we just like leave what

happened in New York
in New York?

- You guys are f---in'
playing games.

Thanks for your support, Lauren.

Why don't you go f--- Ben?

- Jerry is a
repeat charter client.

- I'm taking
the crew out tonight,

and we'd love to have a few
of your crew members join us.

- I matched on Tinder
with the charter guest.

- Wow.
- She's a weapon.

- Wow, it's really good.

- Thank you.
- Thank you so much, guys.

I really hope you enjoyed it.

- This guy is good.

- Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about.

- I am spending more time
with Adam

and spending a
little more time with Wes.

- I'm pretty sure
Wes is moving in on Malia,

and I'm not too happy about it.

- Are you getting all
f---ing tense?

- Oh, whoa!
- No, no, no, no, no.

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna drown
in the next f---ing

soup I serve
out of f---ing boredom.

I gave you a hard time about the
food that you were sending out.

- Got onions all in it.

- I've never wanted anything
more than I wanted Malia.

She was distracting.

- I'm starting to understand
a little bit more

how this girl
has affected Adam.

I know that she was texting you

while she was making
out with Wes on the bridge.

- I can't let her
get away with all that.

At least I can say my piece,
and I can sleep better at night

knowing I tried to put
an end to someone's charade.

That girl is a f---ing liar.

The texts go on and on and on.

[horn blares]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Hey, man.
It's been on my mind.

I mean I'm sure you've noticed,
dude, I've been pretty blue,

basically ever since our
little scuffle in Dubrovnik.

I honestly don't care what's

gonna happen
between the two of you.

But you need to know
that the girl is a f---ing liar.

And I've got plenty of proof.

- All right.

- Yeah, it's just been weighing
on my shoulders, honestly.

'Cause I like you, man.
We hit it off in the beginning,

and this thing, for lack of
a better term, got in the way.

And she's a heartbreaker.
The night that you two did the

wheelhouse thing,
I did some cross-referencing.

Dude, she was
minutes--I mean read that.

3:45 a.m.
that watch.

Talking about going
back to her hotel room.

I mean the texts go on
and on and on.

I don't want to see
anything happen to you the

way it happened to me.

- Just stay away
from that one.

- All right, buddy.

- Thanks dude, appreciate it.

Because I feel like
I know who she is,

but then there's
this other side I don't know.

I've been burned in the past,
so I have to protect myself.

- Hey, really,
I'm sorry about everything, man.

And I hope you
make the right call.

[knock at door]
- Room service.

- Oh, nice.

Thank you. That looks--
- Schmick?

- Yes.

- Schmick shirt
for a schmick man.

- Good job, thank you.

- Pleasure.

To have a second stew
come up and give me a lecture

about my work ethic,
it's very insulting to me.

- I feel you've
been a lousy chief stew.

- Okay.

If you want me to show you
what hard working chief stew is,

let's go, honey.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- I'm slowly getting drunk.

- I can tell.

- Nothing like starting
the last day

of charter
by waking up at 4:00 a.m.

- You'll be fine.

- Do you need me
to arrange

transport to
the airport for you?

- Yeah?
- It's been fun.

- It's been an absolute treat.

- I feel completely in
the middle of all of this.

Hannah is my friend,
she's my chief stew.

Bugsy's also my friend, and they
hate each other's living guts.

- Turn downs of
the season are done.

- [laughs]

♪ ♪

- Adam?
- Yep?

- Just to confirm with you,
entrée four, two starter knives,

main entrée knife--

- Yeah, and then crockery,

we're gonna need
those little square rammies.

With everything that's happened
these past few days,

I just want
this dinner finished.

Done, get the f---
out of my way.

- So we're aiming for 8:30.
Is that okay with you?

- Yeah, that's fine.

Get her over with.

- Hey, Hannah?

- Yes?

- Can we arrange for somebody
to give Paula a ride

to a store where
she can buy some shoes?

- Yeah, of course.

Deck crew, deck crew.

- Go ahead, Hannah.

- Do one of you guys mind
escorting three of the girls

to a shoe shop just up the road?

- Yeah, yeah.
Bobby'll do it.

- There's perks to
shopping with girls.

They try stuff on,
they show it to you,

they're modeling for you.
It's hot.

- Hannah?
- Yes?

- You're a better
chief stew this year.

- Yeah?

- You're more friendly.
You're more lovable.

You're just--you're awesome.

- Yeah, ah that's good.

- Yeah.
- Are we ready to go?

- Hey, make this an in and out
shopping experience.

- All right.

- All right, here we go.

- Ladies, over here.

- All right, I'll see
you guys in a little bit.

- Bobby,
you could've done your hair.

- So it's 8:10.
What do you think?

Like in an hour?
- He's very, very

adamant about
having dinner at 8:30.

- He's gonna sit down
and have a dinner by himself?

- Aya! Aya!

- Look at this,
I'm like--I can't really

complain about this right now.

- They probably
went to get running shoes.

- Oh my God.
- [laughs]

- Hey, we're gonna use
the restroom really quick.

We'll catch up with you.

- Do they know
where we're going?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. They do.
- Yeah.

- I can't wrangle six people.

I'm responsible for you guys.

- I thought you were security,
not a babysitter.

- Want me to
carry your purse for you?

- Really?
- Oh yeah.

That's how I do it.
That's why I'm here.

- You can't let
them go do anything.

It's like herding cats.

- Bobby, Bobby. Hannah.

- I'm gonna walk around.

- Uh-oh. Okay, now
we're doing a super split here.

You guys are a handful.

- I am. Are you?

- Yeah.

- I like it all.

- This is getting ridiculous.

- You can't live with 'em,
you can't live with 'em.

- What's for dinner anyways,
because we are starving, Hannah?

- I know, I'm sorry.
I'm just waiting for them to--

- That's okay.

- What's your E.T.A., Bobby?

This is basically a lesson on
how not to treat charter guests.

Match on Tinder,
not return at the time I've told

you, and have the
primary charter guest waiting

to have his dinner served.
Good work, Bobby.

- I'm tired of
waiting for these girls.

- Two guests
approaching the boat now.

- Hey, welcome back.

- Oh, get over here.

Where are the rest of the girls,
are they coming, or--

- We lost them,
so we don't know.

- We've got two coming on now.

- All right, so as soon as
they get here, start serving.

- So I think we're
gonna start service without

the other two guests.

- Did you get some shoes?

- All right.

- You're such a cutie,
it's killing me.

And you're leaving tomorrow.
What the hell?

- We're waiting
for dinner, Paula.

- Are you getting ready for
dinner, or just gonna sit down?

- I'm gonna sit down.
- Thank you.

- You're welcome.
There you go.

- Where are the
rest of the girls?

- We got separated.

- Who was responsible for them?

- Bobby.

- Why did Bobby
leave two girls behind?

♪ ♪

- Ooh, that man is pissed off.

- Perfect.

I love serving
pissed off guests.

- Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.

- Make sure one of these
three goes to Jerry please.

- Yeah, of course.
- Wow.

- For your first course,
you have a shrimp cocktail.

- The sauce.

- If you had to pick
between the chef or Bobby,

who would you pick?

- Well of course, Bobby.

- Why Bobby?

- I don't know. Why are
you asking me these questions?

- What do you like
about Bobby?

Bobby's not doing too
good in my book right now.

- Wow.
- Jerry might say

he's the only one that counts.

- I like you, Hannah.

- Okay, copy. Thanks.
- Gonna hand you a knife.

- This might be the
cutest thing I've ever seen.

- I'm gonna stab Bobby
with that little one in the eye.

Hello! Dinner's ready.

- Oh, hello everyone.

- How do you pronounce this?

[speaking foreign language]

- Don't worry about that.

Just say
it's a potato croquette.

- Goat cheese potato croquette.
- Goat cheese.

- Okay.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

- There you go.

So this course is a goat's

stuffed croquette on
a bed of mesclun leaves. Enjoy.

- Hannah.
- Yes?

- Can you have the captain
come talk to me, please?

- Okay.

[knock at door]
- Sorry.

Our guest is--I think he's

really unhappy about something.

- No commenting when
I talk to the captain.

- Captain.
- How's your dinner?

- Coming up...

- You two need to
work out your own problems.

Why would you drag me into it?

- What do you mean
"work out my problems"

when I
wasn't even present?

- Don't take the second stew job
if you want to be chief stew.

- This

- And later...
- You deserved better.

- You can't have a relationship
built with no trust.

- Yep.

- F--- off.

♪ ♪

- Captain.
- How's your dinner?

- I'm sorry to wake you up.

- Oh, no.
It's okay.

- So, I'm a little
disappointed with Bobby.

- Really?

- He lost those two and
then he left these two behind,

and I was okay
with the Tinder thing,

but then he took Paula out
on a little Jet Ski ride today.

- Okay, all right.

- He's been
maybe taking my role.

I want Bobby on
anchor watch tonight.

- He'll be on passerelle watch.
- I'm not going.

- You're not going
if Bobby doesn't go?

- Yeah, you're being unfair.

- All right, well
Bobby's staying in the boat.

So you can sit in the boat with
Bobby, if you want.

Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Where's Bobby?

[men shouting and gagging]

- No! Ew!

- What is going on?

- She sprayed
us with Poo-Pourri.

- Why are you pissing Jerry off?

- I can't tell
five--six grown women to stay--

- You left--you
left two behind?

- No, they scattered.

- He feels like that
you're taking his role.

All right,
you're on passerelle watch.

- Okay, you got it.

- Pain in the ass or not,

they're still our guest,
and we have to do our very best.

You should go take a nap now.

- Oh,
I'm not going to sleep now.

- Kay, sauce and go.

- Thank you.
Oh, this looks so good.

This is rib eye with asparagus

and sautéed spinach.

♪ ♪

- What time would you like
to head out?

- How about like in 15 minutes?

- Okay, I'm going to
go and rally the troops,

'cause we're leaving
in 15 minutes.

- Yeah, yeah.

I'm left to stay back and clean

all the glasses and plates,
which is really fun.

Not really.

- Thank you.

- Enjoy.

- [laughs] Thanks.
[incoming text message sound]

- Paula, are you going to bed?

- Yes, good night.

- All right, good night Paula.

Decision made.

- Did you buy that here?
That jacket?

- Yeah.

♪ ♪

- Let's have some fun tonight.

All: Cheers!

- It's all right.

- Hey, bud.
Let's have a chat real quick.

- All right.

- I just want you
to understand.

I'm cool with you having fun
and being a cool guy, but I mean

you don't know if Dean or I are,
you know interested in Paula,

or interest--you know,
want to date her.

And so to me, it crossed
the line a little bit.

And I just want you to know
that I'm a little

but I still love you.

- All right.

- And I want you to
come out with us, so go change.

- Oh gosh.

- Go change.
- All right.

- And you're
leaving your phone here.

- All right.
- And don't--Hey.

Don't you be
texting Paula right now.

- You got it.
- All right.

- He's separating Paula and I.

If you like her,
then why wouldn't you just

have her with you and
leave me back on the boat?

- I'm not gonna let her
and Bobby stay on the boat

together if we're all out.

- Yeah, understandable for sure.

- So I'm just
gonna bring him with me.

- Okay, perfect.

- Motherf---er
just called me out

for something that
was his f---in' idea.

- Bobby is pissed.

- I don't blame Bobby for being
pissed off, but he has to go.

- I didn't know
she was on Tinder.

- I'm sorry, but I f---in'

matched with this chick
on a dating site

before she got
on this f---in' yacht.

I didn't know who the f---
she was.

- You need
to--you need to chill out.

I feel bad for Bobby,
but you know what?

The line is crossed,
and Bobby should know better.

Especially after what was going
on between Hannah and Jason.

- I don't want to make things

for my crew members,
so I just gotta be fake to this

dude and just get this night
over with as fast as I can.

- Bobs, keep a strong face.

Just messes everything up.

♪ ♪

- I guess we're
going to that bar up there?

Come on in, girls.
You guys know what you want?

- Hey, that tequila, there.

- Cheers, Jerry.

- Cheers, Hannah.

- Hey-o!
- Bobby!

- Yay!
- All right!

This guy got me here.
Thanks, brother.

I'm sorry about everything.

- We all make mistakes.

That girl will
make any guy weak.

One rose for each girl,
you keep that.

- Thank you.

- No, no, no.
Him, him, him.

- Thanks. Thank you.

- All right, guys.
Let's roll.

- Come on.
Join in.

- So let me show you the
best way to get into a club.

- You don't need to do that,
I already looked after it.

- Nice.

[dance music]

- Being out with Jerry's crew,

it's a lot of work,
but despite what Bugs thinks,

I am actually one of the best
chief stews in the industry,

and this last charter,
I'm gonna prove it.

So in this club...

- You all right, man?

- Knowing about these
text messages, it does hurt.

It sucks to know
that that was going on.

♪ ♪

- Come on, Bobby!

♪ ♪

- Whoo-hoo!
- Oh.

♪ ♪

- The cage dance was
like pure "Magic Mike" action,

like I'm sure Bobby's dreams
are coming true right now.

- Bobby!

- Oh, my god.

- Let's get moving.


- All right, we made it.

- Okay, I'm going to my
room to get my swim suit on.

- Okay.
- Hot tub.

- You're coming
in the hot tub, right?

- I--maybe.

- Bobby!
- Yeah?

- You bring those
girls in the hot tub or no tip.

- You got it.

[whimsical music]

- They're off to bed.

Jerry is beyond wasted.

- There's Jerry.

- Oh, f---. Is he asleep?
'Cause he's not moving.

- Go, go, go, go.

- He's asleep.

- What about if
his mouth goes under?

We're gonna have to savegonna have to save him.

- Oh my God.

- So if there's one thing I've
learned in the yachting

industry, people that drown in
hot tubs don't leave good tips.

Come on, Jerry.

you're gonna have to get out.

- I'm coming down.

[water splashing]

Mm, hmm.

- I gotta put all these f---ing
clothes on.

- Good night.
Have a good watch.

- Do you know if
the car is here, Wes?

- Yeah, car's here.
- It is. Okay, cool.

- Hey, how you doing?
Good morning.

- Tonight was a disaster.
I'm sorry.

- You don't have to be.

- Good night.

[light music]

♪ ♪

- Good morning.

- Let's kill this last day.

- It's like three more hours.

- I can't wait.
- How was it last night?

Did he let up on you, or...
- More or less.

- Well, the good news is,
today is the last day.

- It's over!

- Wakey, wakey.
We gotta get packed.

- Oh my goodness.

- All crew, all crew.
Let's line up in the main salon.

- Ugh, last time we
have to wear our epaulets.

- All right, let's roll, people.
Let's get off this boat.

- Thanks so much for coming.
- Thanks so much for coming.

- Of course.

- Appreciate it.
Travel safe home.

- Hope to see you guys again.

- Jerry, good seeing you again,
brother, take care.

Have a safe flight.
- Bye, Jerry.

- I'm gonna miss you.

- Take care of yourself.

- Have a great trip back.
- Thank you.

Appreciate it.
- Thank you.

- Captain, it's been a pleasure.

And I want to show my
appreciation with this envelope.

Sometimes the actions of one
have consequences for the many.

- Coming up...
- I knew Adam from before.

- Oh really?
Anything happen then?

♪ ♪

- Captain,
sometimes the actions of one

have consequences for the many.

That's not how I roll.

I'm taking good care of you.

- Thank you.
- Little something for you.

- And keeping with tradition,

I've got a nice little
MVP tip for somebody here.

We're gonna
call this the MVP tip.

Daniel-san, get over here.

You are the boat's
MVP this trip, my man.

- Oh, man.

- Hopefully this season,
I'll be Hannah's favorite

charter, because you
win the MVP tip, honey.

- Thank you.
[cheers and applause]

- With that,
we're off, so, thanks guys, bye.

- Bye, Jerry.

- Whoo!

- I'm gonna split that tip, so--

- You don't have
to do that, darling.

- No, I know don't have to,
but we all worked, so--

- Here you go, Malia.
- Thanks, Hannah.

- Oh thank you so much.

- Like my mom told me,
keep your friends close,

and your enemies closer.

- All crew, all crew.

Let's meet in the main salon
for our final tip meeting.

So here's our
last and final tip.

And that amount is $20,000 tip
- Nice.

- And then Hannah's sharing

That's a total of $24,500.

- What?

- $24,000 per person?

- $2,200 a person.
- Yay.

- The best tip of our season.

- Yeah.
- Whoo!

- Thanks, Sandy.

- I am so glad we got
the highest tip of the season,

and I'm just glad it's over.

- We're gonna flip the boat.

Oh yeah, and I'm gonna
take you all to dinner.

- Whoo!
- All right, Cap, all right.

- We can go now.
We can get out of these clothes.

- Yes! Forever.

- Yeah, well I don't know about
forever, but for this boat.

- I couldn't have
done it without you.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- [sighs] I'm so happy
this season is over.

Getting that MVP tip was such
a big like f--- you f---.

- What's up, girl?

- How was that praise?
Excellent chief stew?

- My priority is the guests.

Priority ain't f---ing being
friends with you, sweetheart.

- What does
that stand for again?

- Most Venomous Personality.

- One more little time
getting ready in the mirror.

♪ ♪

- Oh, Cap. Looking lovely.

- Food and booze.

- It's pretty cool up here.

- Wow!
Look at this place.

This is amazing.

- Adam's in his element.
He's like, "Oh, yeah."

- This is real cooking, people.

- Selfie time.

- Yeah, that sounds awesome.

- Grappa?
- Oh, this is strong.

- And goodbye to the night.

- Yay!
- Oh.

All: Cheers!

- I want to make a toast.
- I want my drink.

- With every challenge that we
faced, we came through shining.

And cheers to you.
- Cheers.

- Cheers.

♪ ♪

- Bread looks amazing.

- That's what I'm talking about.

- I'm going for it.
Sorry, guys.

- It's really good.

- Free range.

- Hey, listen, everyone.

I want you to go out and have
fun, because you deserve it.

Then don't wake me up.

- If someone said to me,
you know you can work with

Captain Sandy again,
I'd jump at the opportunity.

She's easy-going, she's funny,
and she's so laid-back.

I mean, if she was any
more laid-back, she'd fall over.

- Good night.
- We'll miss you.

- Make it back, take care.

- Well.

- Go get a drink.

- It's green!

- Now, in Croatia,
we say, "Zivjeli."

- Zivjeli!
- Zivjeli to Croatia!

- Whoo!
- Cheers.

- It's pretty.
- [shudders]

- There it is. Whoo. Ugh.

- Do you want to have a chat?
- Yeah, sure.

- So I guess I just
wanted to kind of touch base

after your confrontation
on the bridge the other day.

I guess I just found it
interesting that you said that I

wasn't pulling my weight
as a chief stew,

when I've had like
zero guest complaints.

- This is how I feel.

- You think you and Lauren

worked harder
than me this season?

- Yeah.

- I like the gold.
Can always count on Bugs.

Ladies, I got risottos ready
to roll, get in here please?

- Do you mind just quickly
just clearing the crew mess?

Can you go and unpack the
starboard board cabin for me?

I'm kind of wondering
why Bugs thinks that she would

be a better chief stew than me.

It's more than
putting knives and forks down.

If you've been
feeling this for that long

and you told me two days ago--

- No, it's a build-up.
It's a build-up of stuff.

- So you're pulling sh--
out of the air.

- It's me pulling sh--
out the air

when the entire crew
feels the exact same way.

They've witnessed it.

- Well, like with the iPad,
you kind of left it a bit late.

- Okay.
Thank you very much.

- Wow, it's Ching-Ching.

- Wes, can I talk to you?

She came to confront me about
her confronting her about chief

stew, and I said, "Yeah,
you're a lousy chief stew."

I've had four girls
beneath me at provision.

I've done cabins.
I've done that. Are you cooked?

- Yeah.
- You wanna smoke?

- No, that is crazy.

- Look, let's go
have a smoke for a minute.

- You know exactly.

- Apparently you've
been talking so much sh--

about me according to Bugs.

- Bugs said that?
- Yeah.

Like, "Oh, you think you have
a good relationship with Lauren?

You should hear all the sh--

she talks about you."
- Really?

- Hmm.
I'm like--

- She's been trying to
brainwash me to be against you.

- Do you want to go inside?

- I was just touching base with
Lauren about all the sh--

she's been talking about me.

- You know what
you've been saying.

- Tell me.

- You've been saying that
Hannah's not been pulling her

weight, She doesn't help with us

when we're doing cabins,
and this and that.

- I'm on service.

- And she could
be doing a lot more,

and she makes you clean the
bar when you're doing something.

- At the end of the day,
haven't said anything.

It's kind of annoying that like,

we do a majority
of her work.

- Oh,
you're only noticing this now?

- We could get so much more done

if we all put in
the same amount of work.

That I value her friendship over

whatever she
does as my chief stew.

- Then that's fine.

- Let's be honest, the
only person I'm going to talk

to after this charter is Hannah.

- End of the day,
I'm not gonna lie about

something that I've heard.

- I'm just saying
like don't drag me into

whatever issues you two have.

- I'm not dragging
you into anything.

- Like, you two need to
work out your own problems.

Why would you drag me into
it when I wasn't even present.

- What do you mean
"work out my problems"?

- Don't take a second stew job
if you want to be chief stew.

- I'm walking away
from this conversation,

because this is childish
as sh--.

- I just don't like
seeing my good friend like this.

- You know what I
haven't done in a long time

is a good old like
flip cup or beer pong.

- In the main salon.

- Hey, Malia.
Want to go for a walk?

- Yeah.

- So how you feeling now
that this whole season's over?

- How you feeling?

- I'm exhausted.

You know, Adam came to me,
to warm me about the

person you are kind of thing.

And he actually went straight
back that to anchor watch.

That night he went all
the way back to the time post,

and just, like, went into
details about how

like you guys are
planning to meet up afterwards.

But that was the first time
I really understood by reading

those messages that you guys

actually did have
something together.

- Yeah, I think, kinda.
- Yeah.

- The truth is,
I knew Adam from before.

- Yeah. Kinda.
- Oh really?

♪ ♪

- You know,
like, I knew Adam from before.

And I think that's
why he's a little upset.


Adam and I met at
our yacht certification

courses three weeks
before we joined the yacht.

We decided it would be best to

just keep it a secret
from the crew.

- Oh, really.

And anything happen then?

- No.

- We met at the STCW,
and we fooled around--

- Wow.

- And we tried to
keep it hush hush.

- He's a completely different
person than what I thought.

Like his spitefulness,
and then his drunkenness.

He's not the kind
of guy I would be with.

- Yeah.

- I've enjoyed
getting to know you.

And yeah.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Are you?

- Yes.
- Oh goodness.

- Will I see you after this?

- There's definitely a chance.

Get out of heres.

On your marks, get set, go.

Thank you.

♪ ♪

- One more day.

- Oh my God,
they're like a married couple.

- You're a gentleman.

- Me?
- Yeah, a little bit.

- Really? Really?
A little bit?

- My brothers
tell me one thing:

be with a boy that knows
how to treat women, you know?

- Chivalry is not dead.

- You're not my boss anymore.

- This is true.

- That's going there.

- You came back.
I got my tomato soup rocking.

- Look good,
feel good, eat good.

- Who the f---
gets tuna pizza?

- [groans]

- Adam,
come have a drink with me.

It's just me, myself,
and a bottle of champagne.

What am I gonna do?

- Finish it.

- I mean, they're gonna
give me sh-- either way.

- Yeah, they're gonna
totally give you sh--.

- I really like Wes,
but I was watching him here,

and I'm like "This
makes me want to throw up."

- There's a lot of action
happening on the main deck aft.

- Oh yeah.
It's our two faves.

- It's particularly difficult,
and we kept it under wraps--

but you know we met
before we even got here,

in our STCW.

- You did your STCW together?

- Uh-huh.

- Oh, yep.

Now we got it.

- They'd hooked up
before they joined the boat.

Then she basically
hooks up with him again,

then starts cheating
on him with his roommate.

I'm kind of understanding
why this guy

got so f---ed up in the head

He probably joined the boat
thinking this was the time

that him and Malia
were gonna get together,

cement their relationship,
and instead she's playing

tonsil hockey in the
bridge with her boss.

- There was an
instant connection there.

- You know what?

The Adam that I met
and knew before this,

he's not the same person.

Knowing you for four days,
says "I love you."

- He said he loves you?

- Yeah, after four days.

- How can you say that
about someone

when you've just met them?

I think there's definitely
a history there with Adam and

Malia, and I think
there is more to the story.

There's always a little
doubt in the back of your mind.

Like, what really did happen?

- And then as soon as I had
feelings for Wes, it was like...

- Next level.

- I feel like an idiot.

Sh--, you know,
I'm smarter than that.

I'm older than that, and I've
got better judgment than that.

- She fooled everyone.

- Now she's about to f---in'
make Wes cry.

- Like I thought I liked him--

- Oh, there's a hug.

- It's so warm in here.

- Good night, girls.

- Good night.
Sleep well.

- Why is it
always a nice day f---in'

day we go?

- Hey.

- Hola.
- Can I talk to you for a sec?

- I'd rather not.

- All right, well you're going
to hear what I have to say.

- Kay.

- In the beginning, Adam,
I liked you.

You were this cool surfer dude,

and as the weeks went by
and I got to know

the real Adam,
my feelings changed.

- Clearly.

- Was it wrong for me to keep

texting you and
leading you astray?

Yeah, it was.

I was intimidated to call
you out, and tell you

I lost feelings for you.

The way you've treated me
and like your

blatant mean side to you
is something I don't respect.

- So you're
making a good decision.

- Yeah.

- And my biggest regret
is not telling you earlier,

because then Wes and I
could've just been fine.

- Yeah, well it sounds
like you guys will be great.

Her coming to me on the
last day to just lash out on me,

it just sort of proves
to me she was in the wrong.

And she knows it, and this
is just her last ditch attempt

to make herself feel better.

I have zero respect for you,
and that explains everything.

- It's a mutual feeling.

- Well, there you go.

Wasn't meant to be.

- F--- off.

- Coming up...

- Malia and I had
a physical relationship.

- He pulled me aside
again this morning

to have
another conversation.

- What'd he say?

- Talking about your past, and

you guys were physical
before and everything.

- What?

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Compact!

Holy cow,
feel the density of this.

- Oh my God.

- You leavin'?

- We're out, boy.
- All right, brother.

- We done the sentence.

Honest to God, this group
are like my family,

and now the fact
that everyone's going

their separate ways
is heartbreaking.

Love ya.
- Bye, Max!

- Take care of yourself. - See
you guys.

It's been emotional.
- Hey, give me one more hug.

I'll see you again soon, man.

This season wasn't easy for me.

I felt like an outcast,
and if it wasn't for Max,

I probably would've
left the boat.

- Thank you, nice to meet you.
- You too.

- I'm gonna head home,
assess my sort of situation,

just see where I end up.

But honestly,
all I'm thinking about

is getting home to my chick.

And I'm never gonna
forget my bromance with Bobs.

[bones crack]

[bottle smacks, thuds]

- [snorts]

- Hannah banana.

- [laughs]
- Mwah.

- I love you.
Thank you for guiding me

this season
and being my friend.

I couldn't have done it
without you.

- Thank you for
working so hard, sweetheart.

- I'm gonna cry.

I learned that although
I am a people pleaser,

it's literally impossible
to please everyone.

- Bittersweet, isn't it?

- I know.

I wish I could
take my own advice.

Bye, Bobby.
- Bye.

- It was interesting.
- Yeah.

- I don't remember
verbatim what she said to me.

- Thanks for
your support, Lauren.

Why don't you go f--- Ben?

- Oh my God.

- Yeah, I'm sure I'll
see you around.

Bye, "Sirocco."

- How's packing going?

- Nearly there, bro, I think.

Except for the stuff
that's in the washing machine.

I have to wait for that
to do it.

- Wes, before we go, man--
- Yeah.

- I just gotta
say one last thing.

- Yeah.

- On an honest level--
- Go for it.

- Malia and I had a physical

before this started.

We hooked up before this,
before the boat.

- Yeah.

- You know, it just explains
why it gets to my heart.

It gets to my mind.

- Yeah.
- It explains why we had

the situation we did once
she showed an interest in you.

- I knew obviously that there
was something between you guys,

we just started to like each
other, and I took it as it came,

and I know she was obviously
texting you the same time that

we kind of found our chemistry,

but at the same time, we
never chatted about what we had.

And we weren't
exclusive or anything,

so I can't blame her for it.

But I do see that it was--she

was definitely
keeping up with two people.

- Wes, you and Adam
both kissed me tonight.

- I realized that this is
why you have these boundaries.

You can't mix
business with pleasure.

And it just creates
a scene where it hurts.

At the end of the day, like,

yeah, sure I really dig her
and everything,

but after this,

I'm leaving.

- We had a chance to be
good friends,

and this rotten thing

got in the way of it,
- Yeah.

- All right, and I don't
want you to feel the way I feel.

Still doesn't really--yeah.
- Come here.

- Give me a hug.
Keep it real, dude.

I really appreciate it.

And I'm sorry
about all this, all right?

- It happens, bro.
Still need to get my f---in'

laundry out
the washing machine.

- Come say bye to me.

- Okay.

- You know, I don't know if
you really accepted my apology

with the whole Jason thing.

It was f---ed up.

- Bobby,
when I get pushed to the limit,

something closes down.

And it f---ing killed me
when you did that,

because I was like "Bobby,
I've not done anything to you."

- All I know is, I don't
want anything bad between us.

- I will always have like
a piece of my heart for Bobby.

And I may be
a f---ing hard bitch,

but I am always,
always there for my friends.

It's been real.

- It's been real fun.

I do feel bad for
everything that happened.

I'll definitely be friends
with Hannah,

but I don't think
it'll be the same

as it was
before the season.


- Bobby.
- [laughs]

I know, oh my God.

- Travel safe, yeah?
- Yeah, you too man.

- Thanks for such a good season.

- I'm just gonna take
these two to the aft deck.

- Can I get a hug?
- Yeah.

- I really enjoyed
working with Bugs.

We pulled this off together
in so many circumstances.

I relied on her,
and she relied on me,

and you need to be chief stew,

- He's going.

- I'm sure he's not
going to say goodbye.

Like he's not
that kind of a guy.

He's not a man.

- I gotta go.

Hannah and I
genuinely hated each other.

And now we
genuinely like each other,

so it's pretty amazing that
people can come full circle.

Bye, Hannah.
- Bye.

- Sandy.
- No.

- Time for me to go.
- You can't go.

- Best captain I've ever had,
on so many different levels.

And I probably would've cracked
a bunch if it weren't for you

coming in the galley
with a big smile.

Thank you so much, Sandy.

I look forward to seeing you.
- Stay in touch.

- I look forward
to seeing you again.

- Definitely.

- Yeah I've learned
1,001 lessons here

this season
in the Mediterranean.

But if there's one thing that

I could take away
from this season,

above all else, is
that I need to read the f---ing

preference sheet.

- Hmm.

Guess no goodbye.

Damn it.


Mystery. He's gone.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Pulled me aside again this

and had
another conversation.

- What'd he say?

- Talking about your past and

that you guys were
physical and everything.

- What?

♪ ♪

- He pulled me aside
again this morning

to have
another conversation.

- What'd he say?

- Talking about your past,

and that you guys were
physical before and everything.

- What?

- It is what it is.

- For him to
bring things up again--

- Yeah.
- Just like shows his character.

At least you're a good guy.

Every time when Adam
has a chance to

be a stand-up guy,
he takes the low route.

He's doing it
unfortunately in a way

that's going to hurt Wes more.

- Bye, Hannah.
Have a safe trip home.

- Yes, you too.

- And take care.

- Yes, you too.
- Bye.

Maybe if we actually
didn't cross paths working

so closely together,
we could've been friends.

But we're not.

- This goodbye is
exactly what it should be.

A simple, "Ciao, see you later."

And honestly f--- off.

- Bye, Wesley.
- Cheers, friend.

- Bugsy!
- Bye, girl!

- It's not goodbye,
it's "I'll see you later."

- See you later.

- I'm packed and ready
to hit the South African soil.

- I'm taking off.
- You are?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

- Mm-hmm.

Interesting season.
- Yeah, definitely.

- Hannah and I just don't know
how we feel about each other.

We really liked each
other in the beginning.

[both laughing]

It's just awkward.

Bye, Hannah.
- Take care.

- Do you want to come up here?

- Yeah.

- It's been tough, hasn't it?
- It has.

- Might come across as you

playing myself and Adam
and whatever.

- Well, I wanna say
sorry to you,

because it's--either way,
you deserved better.

- Yeah,
I mean it's--it hurts sometimes,

and it's hard sometimes.

But at the end of the day,
it was my conscious decision,

and I stand by it.

You gotta stick with
what you believe...

- Yeah.
- And I've done that.

- I'll see you soon.

- I can't change what happened
to Adam and Malia on the boat.

I can't change what happened
to myself and Malia on the boat.

But I know right now is,
I'm with Malia.

Yeah, she's an amazing girl.

And it'd be awesome to actually
be able

to explore what we have
further away from "Sirocco."

If it's going to be,
we'll make it happen.

But if it isn't, so be it.
We had a good run.

- [sighs]
Goodbye, "Sirocco."

- It's my time to leave.
- Aww.

- Thank you so much
for the season, Cap.

I really had a lot of fun,

and it's really been
a learning experience.

- I've enjoyed
every minute with you.

- Thank you, Captain.

- Wes is an amazing asset
to any vessel.

I'm really proud of him.

- Hi, Sandy.

- Hannah.

Oh my God.

- Thank you so much for just
like changing my mind about

not only female captains,
but captains in general.

I will never forget you.

- Ditto. I love you too.

I've been in the business
a long time.

I've had a lot of
chief stewardesses.

I've never had one like Hannah.

She did the best she can do.

That's all I can ask for.
Ciao bella.

- Ciao, ciao.

This charter season, I feel
like the people I trusted

and liked at the beginning
were my enemies at the end.

And then the people I
didn't like at the start,

are my friends at the end.

I kind of feel like I just
need to go and get a whole bunch

of therapy now and work out
what the hell just happened.