Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Lovesick Danny - full transcript

Danny disobeys a direct order from Captain Mark when he decides to give a love poem to a charter guest. Julia calls her boyfriend, while Bobby's feelings for her grow stronger. Tiffany works harder on her stew skills in hopes of Hannah noticing. On their night off, Ben is torn between two stews, but is shocked when he finds one of them in his bunk with Bryan.

- Previously on

"Below Deck Mediterranean"...

- I cannot stand to be in
- Greece.

I hate the food.

I miss my dog.

I miss Starbucks.

- Just think you can do it.

- Thanks Mr. Robinson.

- I think Tiffany's really
- cute.

Yeah, she's weird, but she's

smart, and I like that.

- Back home I've got my own
- fashion label.

I've shown in Paris twice,

so I've been doing that

for the last two years.

- Have you ever heard of a
- Tilted Kilt?

- It's like Hooters, isn't it?

- They chartered this yacht to
- do a photo shoot.

- This is not work, bro.

- We've got to remember, no

fraternizing with the models.

- Just like the movies: wind in
- the hair, you know.

You're a tiger. Rawr!

- Danny, he's out of control.

- We've got a birthday tomorrow
- night.

- Sháá.

A cake is tricky.

I mean, I'm not a pastry chef.

- I haven't met anyone like you.

- Hey, we've got a lot of sháá
- to take care of.

- I heard you were sitting on

the salon couch chatting away

- while you're supposed to be on
- night watch going over the boat.

- I could kiss you right now.

- I've been dying to do that.

I feel you.

- I feel you too, man.

- Un-fáááing-believable.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- High five!

- Yachting is a professional
- industry, and there are

Definitely codes and rules,

and making out, yes,

- I think that's
- beyond inappropriate.

- You're so fun.

- Who, me?

Nah, I'm a boring guy.

- I know I'm doing
- something wrong here,

- But a girl like that
- and the way we're connecting

- Doesn't come along
- all the time.

- I just don't want to miss this
- opportunity.

- Huh?

- What? No, nothing like that
- happened.

- I saw.

- You didn't see anything.
- Yeah I did.

- What's between
- me and that girl

Is between me and that girl.

- Oh, no it's not.

- I still got to get on a
- Jet Ski.

- We'll you're getting on

another thing.

- Don't say that.

- Oh, did you see her?

That would take me awhile.

- I have extensions in.
- I've never like...

- Oh no, they're gonna
- be flying off. [laughs]

- It's whatever.

- They'll be flying off and

you'll be catching them.

Really, right now?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

- I just don't want
- to ruin them.

- Can they just come out?


- Hold my hair, girl.

- I'm holding something here.

What am I gonna do with this?

- Five star treatment is holding
- someone's hair extensions

- And wrapping them up
- in a napkin.

I've got your hair in here, so

remember, okay?

With a smile.

Oh, dear.

- The guests want to
- start leaving.

- Please.

Got to get ready for dinner.

- All crew, all crew, guests are

heading back to the boat.

- All right girls, I'm gonna
- take you guys back to the boat.

- Let's do it!
- Whoo!

- What's the cake for?

- The primary's birthday.

- Nice.

- Nice job.

- Hi.

- So they're gonna be in their

cabins to get ready,

- and then
- dinner's around 9:00, okay?

- Yeah.
- Sweet. Thank you.

- Give or take

a couple of hours.

- I'm gonna cover the boys in
- baby oil

- And get them to wear
- these.

- Oh my god, they don't even

know. [laughs]

Good job. I love it.

- Hannah and I are doing really
- well.

- I feel like we have a bit of a
- connection.

I quite like it.

- Whoo!

- So Jen, did you have fun
- today?

- Yeah. You?

- Absolutely super rad.

Leaning into it?

- Dude, ah.
- [laughs]

- You happy?

- I'm not going to tell Bryan

about the Danny situation

because my family is very

Italian, and if you snitch,

- you will get cemented and thrown
- into an ocean.

- I was driving the Jet Ski into

the sun and I just...


Oh, I'm so happy.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, you.

- So tonight we're doing black

dress pants, belt, and no top.

- [laughs]

- Naked sushi

for the birthday girl.

I've got bow ties for you.

- They're gonna love it.
- Yeah.

- In five star yachting you give

the guests what they want,

and if that's serving them

sushi wearing a bow tie

and no shirt,

someone's got to do it.

- [laughs]

- Wouldn't say I'm at the stage

where I could lean on Tiffany,

but I'm definitely at the stage

where I don't

want to backhand her anymore.

We're getting there.

Keep my fingers crossed.

- It's very cute.
- Yay!

- They're gonna love this.

- You ready?

You guys look amazing.

Come here.

I just need to oil you.

- Do you want to...

All over my body.

Is the oil necessary?

- No, but it's fun.

Yes, that looks so hot.

- Bobby is just so nice
- to look at.

- He's one of those men that you
- could just like

Sit with a cup of tea

and just observe,

and you'd be happy till you're

like 100.

- Disturbing sháá around here.

Goodnight, guys.

- I haven't been this excited

about my job in fáááing years.

- When the guests come up,
- you and Julia get straight down

And stock cabins, and then


Okay girls, let's rock this.

[singing and laughing]

- Birthday girl!

- So cool.

- Happy birthday! Whoo!

- Thank you.
- My pleasure.

- You can come grab your sushi

platters and get into place.

- This is all the sushi they're
- eating for nine people?

- No, there's other stuff
- coming.

Well, hello Bryan.

You look fabulous, darling.

I didn't know he had that in


- It's gonna be fun.

All: To the bottom!

- Chug, chug, chug!

- I'm really excited about the


- Come on, follow Bobby.

- Start walking down the stairs
- now.

- Dinner and a show.
- Okay, guys.

- Well, hello.


- What? Wow.

- Happy birthday.

- Happy birthday.

- Now you're gonna make me
- freaking blush now.

- I've never served guests
- shirtless,

And I'm kind of feeling like

Channing Tatum right now.

- You guys were amazing.

- Enjoy your sushi, girls.

- Thank you.

- That's tuna.

This one's salmon.

- Oh, yeah.

Cheers, lovely.

- Sashimi.

- I thought it's sushi-mi.

- For a second I almost forgot

it's Katie's birthday.

- It's really good.

I've had enough for my weekend.

- You guys were amazing.

- I enjoyed it.

- I want those boys
- in the bow ties.


They were hilarious, right?

- I can't believe they went

through with it.

- Have you got a little

something for Bryan?

- Yeah.
- [laughs]

- Bryan's a little surfer boy.
- He's fit.

He's definitely my type.

- That's interesting to know,
- Tiff.

I'm gonna have to watch the

dynamics now.

- Yo, Ben, you need help, right?

- Yes please, sir.

Time for shrimp with teriyaki.

- Yeah, let's add on this.

- Salmon and tuna are my two
- favorite to eat,

I'm just saying.

- Wow.

- What is that?

- Sushi.

- Morgan?
- We'll be right back.

- Is she okay?

- I had mentioned that she was

able to eat some fish.

I should have been more specific

on some, not all.

- She's just very spiritual.

- Okay.

- What the fááá are you talking
- about?

- I love you.

- I don't care if you're a fish
- or whatever.

Just like all the meat I've

seen and...

- Morgan's crying because of all

the fish on the table.

They had families.

- What?

- I don't care if you're a fish

or a dog, a bird,

like everything is a part of us

and we're a part of everything.

- Thank you for being true to
- yourself.

You're a beautiful person.

- I love fish.

- Wait, she's really crying?

- Yeah,

she's gone to her cabin.

- Here I am.

- Huh?

- I actually don't have any

sushi rice left.

- I'm really sorry.

- No, that's fine.

- I was under the impression

that you ate fish.

- I do, but I try to limit it.
- Okay.

I guess the drunker you get,

- the more of a vegetarian
- you become.

- I don't know why
- I'm getting like...

- Let me make you

a vegetarian dish.

- Thank you.
- I promise, okay?

- Appreciate it.
- Thanks for coming in.

- Thank you.

- Should I garnish it with

salmon bacon or fish eyes?

- No, with bacon and lamb.

- There you go.
- That was so nice.

- Tell Ben I really, really
- appreciate it.

- My pleasure.

- Mate, just give that
- to Morgan please.

- No bro, that's fáááed up.

- Go on, just be like, "Look,

Ben really feels mad about it."

- I don't like
- to see anyone sad.

- All right, bro.

- Even if you're a stranger and
- I see you crying,

I'm gonna stop and hug you

because sometimes we need that.

- Can you do me a favor?

Can you grab me the broom?

I think the broom's up there.

- As soon as I go upstairs
- I'm gonna figure something out.

- What, dude. Wait, what?

- I'm gonna go
- and start on the master.

- All right, thank you.

- Hey captain, how you doing?

- I just wanted to see how
- things went today.

- The guests had a great time.
- Crew did really good.

- I mean working between the
- interior and exterior,

- And the charter guests
- were ecstatic.


- Well, and we'll find out how
- ecstatic they were tomorrow.

- Yeah.

- I hate it when girls are

upset, like when my sister

- wanted to play tennis but she
- felt like she couldn't do it.

- She just was really getting into
- that negative thought process.

- I went out and I bought two
- tennis rackets and a ball.

- I'm like, "Come on girl, we're
- gonna play."

And that's what I do... I make

those moments.

- What is it for?

Dude, no.

- Dude, that girl...

- We got fáááing
- sháá to do, man,

- Not time to write fáááing
- poetry or whatever the...

- What is it?
- Listen dude...

- What is it?
- Tell me what it is.

- The girl was
- crying out there.

- What girl?
- Morgan.

This is me making somebody...

- We're fáááing working, dude.
- I'm working.

- No, you're not.

You're making a fáááing poem

for a chick that's crying.

- Danny's playing
- with fire right now...

- The fire that's inside me,
- and he's playing

With the fire of his job.

- It's cool, bro.

- No, it's not cool.

We got sháá to do.

- This is only gonna take a

minute... that's it.

- We're not doing it.
- You're wasting more time.

- We're working.

- Dude, you just fáááed this up.

- You got a fáááing
- shááload of stuff.

You're closing again tonight.

- I got it.

I got it.

- You want me
- to call Bryan down here?

- Call Bryan.
- I don't give a fááá.

I'm doing this.

- Hey Bryan, can you come down

to crew mess please?

- Fááá.

- Thanks for looking out.

- Always got your back.

- Cheers, babes.

- I've dated a captain,
- I've dated a first mate,

But I haven't dated a chef.

- We got sháá to do.

- This would've only
- taken a minute.

- No dude,
- we've been talking about this

All fáááing day, and

you're fáááing doing this again.

- What's the matter?

- Captain, you know what...

- I'm having a talk
- with Danny here.

- Just settle down.
- No, listen.

- You just really
- made me angry, man.

- Just relax.
- What's the matter?

- Yeah, what's going on guys?

- Okay, it's really heated
- right now.

- This is fáááing bullsháá, bro.

- Let's let Daniel talk.

- Babe, are we in it today.

- About what?

- Danny and Bobby are fáááing
- screaming.

- Morgan ends up crying

because of fish,

and so I come up with a

sweet idea... it's a little rhyme

that I just created,

and I'm gonna hand it to her.

- That is absolutely

not appropriate.

- If I give that to her

in front of everyone...

- No, no, no, no.

That's inappropriate.

- Is this something
- that's been building

Since they've been onboard?

- Yes.
- That has been building.

However, the note is not because

of the building thing.

I just wanted to be kind.

- Let's get back
- to the building thing.

What's that all about?

- It's just a connection.

Nothing happened... I'm just...

- Nothing has happened with her?

- No, Captain.

I really feel that I have made a

very big impact on this charter.

- You're bridging the gap

between professionalism

and you having a one-on-one...

- Crossing the line is a better
- way to say it.

- Right, okay,
- "crossing the line."

- Now there's not gonna be
- anymore poetry

Or connections or

anything with anybody there.

- If Captain says I'm wrong,
- I am wrong,

But I still disagree.

- We're his superiors.

He needs to know

when to shut up.

- We're here to serve them,

to keep them safe,

to entertain them,

but we're not here

to connect with them.

- So we're gonna

agree to disagree.

- I'm gonna have to agree that

you're a fáááing idiot.

Get your head out of your ass.

- I go out of my way to make the
- guests happy.

That's just what I do.

- Daniel, relax.
- I got it.

- I don't want you to freak out.
- I'm done. I got it.

- Hey, Daniel...
- Yeah, yeah.

- Come on, man, you don't walk
- away like that with an attitude.

- It's just I need some space
- for a second.

- Well, growing pains, huh?

- Are you girls still going or
- are you finished?

- I think...

I think we're done.

- Yeah?
- I need Spanx.

- Do you guys have extra Spanx on
- the boat?

- Spanx?
- Yeah.

- That we do not have.

- Like it's like underwear that
- holds...

- I know what Spanx are.

- I actually like this with
- fresh ice.

It's cute.

You don't?

- Ooh, God.

- You want to
- do something to it?

- Yeah, number 30 candles?
- All right.

- I'm hoping that these girls
- aren't expecting

Too much for this birthday cake,

but I also have a feeling

they'd probably be satisfied

with a candle in a cupcake.


- Tie this on.

[laughter and cheering]

- What is... is Danny Boy...

Is he in trouble or...

- Well, a little bit.

- I think the hormones got the
- better of him.

- He just gets so emotional,

which is annoying.

- It's not a very manly quality,
- is it?

- No dude, we got sháá to

fáááing do,

- and that's what
- fáááing pissed me off.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- It was a lovely surprise.

- Can I give you a hug?

- Yes, of course you can.

- Thank you so much.

- Absolute pleasure.

And trust me... it wasn't all me.

I'm good at bossing people

around. [laughs]

- Do you guys need me?

- We need to set up
- the sun deck.

- Okay.
- Sun deck's in shambles.

These are the days of our

Ionian Princess.

- That went really well apart

from all the crying and sháá.

- I think it's nice that I
- helped Tiffany.

It was a right mess down there.

- I'm gonna put you in cabins

with her as much as possible.

- Are we dismissed?

- Yes, sorry I forgot to come
- and tell you.

Well, you have a good sleep, and

yeah, on deck for 6:30.

- Okay.
- Sleep well.

- Good night.

- Things seem a lot better
- around here.

- I'm making
- a very conscious effort.

- I think it's much better.

- So proud of myself, smiling

and everything.

- Hey, girl.

- I got a flower.

- Here you go...
- I wanted to give you this.

- Thank you.
- I appreciate that.

- Yeah,
- but I kind of stepped on it.

- All right, I got to go.

- I don't feel good
- about disobeying

The captain's orders,

but at the same time,

- I also don't feel good
- about someone

- Taking a piece of me
- away from me.

I put my time and energy into

that poem

to make a moment for someone,

and I really, truly feel

it's the right thing to do.

- Goddamn, this night's just

been absolutely insane.

[line trilling]

- Hey, are you all right?

- Yeah, how are you?

- Everything's gravy.

- Are you all right?

- I feel sorry for Matty
- at this point

- Because I've like left him
- in England

Looking after my business,

and I miss him like crazy.

An important question:

How much did I sell?

- Well, I'm hoping she sold
- something.

- Did you see my Dad?

- Did you go to my house?

And how was my Mom?

Is she all right?

- Working on the yacht

is a big distraction

- because you're working so many
- hours and you

- Haven't got time
- to think about it.

Well I'm gonna go, Matty,

because I'm really tired.

- But I miss you, and I feel bad

since it's my fault.

- I know, it's just difficult,
- isn't it?

- All right, well, I love you.

- Talk to you soon.

Have a good week.


- So you know how I was upset

about my fish?

"When fish die they swim towards

the light.

"As they journey to the


"their souls will be

filled with delight.

So smile because everything

will be all right."

- That is so cute!

- So like what's

going on with Daniel?

- He starts writing this poem to
- give to the girl.

- "To Morgan, From Daniel."

- That's a true note-writer.

- That's insane,

like you can't do that.

- No, I know.

- Who writes poems to guests?


Ugh, it's just so weird.

- I really just tried to make

like a really cool moment,

and I really got sháá for it.

I like to create memories.

I like to create an experience.

- What you're doing is perfect.

- Team Daniel.
- Team Daniel?

- Who the fááá does this kid
- think he is?

- This is the group
- hugging it out, man.

- We're in trouble.

I was just up to sky deck.

He's talking to the guests.

- Oh, and the girls were saying
- something like,

"We're Team Daniel."

- Are you fáááing serious?

Mate, you've got to go and

pull him in and fáááing...

- You should never involve the

guests in the crew issues.

- Daniel.
- Yo.

- Can I talk to you for a
- second?

- Yeah, yeah.
- Let's go back up.

The real Daniel has stood up,

and he's pissed me off.

- Have you been talking
- to the guests

- About the situation
- that's at hand?

- No, bro.

- Okay, then why did I
- hear that you are?

- We were just talking about...
- I don't know, bro.

- I am absolutely livid
- right now, bro.

- I know. So am I.

- I don't think
- you're getting it, bro.

- I get it.

- No, I don't
- think you fáááing are.

- I've always went above and

beyond to make them smile,

so then they always come back.

They always come back.

- Our job is to polish that
- fáááing silver

And fáááing swab the deck,

not to write fáááing poetry.

- It just turned into a huge

commotion when it

could've just been like,

"Here you go."

- Walk away,
- and then you hear

Behind the door of the galley,


And then they all feel that.

They all feel it.

- You're on another level.

- You guys don't know how to
- fáááing make moments.

I'm sorry.

- He's absolutely delusional.

What is he thinking?

It's like a 12-year-old's


- Just please don't try to

change me.

- You can't let yourself do
- these kind of things.

- Yeah.

- Bring it in... bring it in.

- They can't hear anything.

- Bobby, Bobby, what's going on?

Lock that line up!

- Okay, let it go... let it go.

- You can't let yourself do

these kind of things.

- Yeah.

- You're literally that stupid?

- We explained to you in every
- single fáááing way

We possibly could

why that's not okay,

and now you went and did it

behind our backs.

You're in deep sháá, dude.

- You're done.
- Let's go, come on.

- Seriously, I'm sorry,
- but you got to go.

Don't make me push you.

- Sorry.

- I don't want Daniel to do
- anything else.

- You want to act like a child,
- you're gonna be

Treated like a child.

You really screwed up, man.

Just be prepared to face the

consequences of tomorrow, man.

Okay, yeah, goodnight.

I can't... I can't believe it.

- What happened?

And he didn't want to tell me.

- He lied to my face, and then he
- told me eventually.

- Mind blown.
- Mind-blowing.

Come on, let's go upstairs.

- You're on a yacht.

There's a captain.

He gives you orders, and you

listen to them.

It's that simple.

I don't give a sháá what you're

feeling or your emotions.

- I'm gonna go
- talk to the captain.

- Good luck.

- Well Captain, I just got some
- really disappointing news.

- What's that?

- Daniel ended up giving the

guest the poem

- after all of that
- we went through.

- Unbelievable.

- So I sent him to bed.

- In all the years I've been
- doing this,

I've never had this situation.

[knock at door]

- Hey, man.

You're not allowed

on deck tomorrow.

I told you this was nothing to

mess around with.

You are to remain

in the crew quarters.

- Sháá, man.

Really, I'm so fáááing sorry.

- Yeah,
- you said that the first time,

- And then you went
- and did that.

I'm not gonna get into right

now, Danny, I know you're upset.

- Doesn't the charter end
- tomorrow?

- Yeah.

- I can't say bye or anything?

- Nope.

I hope it was worth it.

- Got it.

- Okay.

Goodnight, man.

- Dude, I asked him like...

I'm like, "Dude, talk to me.

"What the fááá is going on?

In the last day, you're on

another level."

Danny went from this outgoing,

kind of normal guy

with a little quirkiness to

full-on Looney Tunes.

- He's not allowed
- on deck tomorrow.

- He's not gonna say goodbye
- to the guests.

I think he's gonna get canned.

But that's something the

captain's gonna decide tomorrow.

- Did you do that?

- I did that for you.

- Cool, thank you.

- You're welcome.

Julia's pretty awesome,

and I just love her quirkiness,

but she's got a boyfriend

and I respect that,

but at the same time it's hard

not to want to, you know...

- My toe.


- I would cry if that happened
- to me right now.

- What up, Jen?

- You ready for the Kilt Girl
- costume?

She'd look good in it,

like wiping down the boat

in the little kilt.

- You hear about all the drama?

- I don't really understand what
- went on.

- Daniel was being inappropriate
- all day yesterday.

He wrote a poem for the girl

upset at the fish,

- and the
- captain specifically said,

- "Totally inappropriate.
- Absolutely not."

- And he still went and did it?
- And he still went and did it.

He's an idiot.

- What an interesting little


Put him under a microscope and

study him for a few years.

- That's very funny, babes.

- So you think he'll be fired?

- Yeah, I think so.

- Really?

- It's up to the captain.

- Is he allowed in here?

- No, I want him in his cabin
- all day.

- Does that not put you like in

the sháá with it?

- It'll be fine.

It'll be fine.

- He'll be fine.

- I'm a little bit nervous
- having to rely on Jen more,

- But as a team captain I'm gonna
- try my best

To make sure she doesn't fail,

because we're a team

and we win together

and we lose together.

- This whole thing's over some

girl crying over some salmon

and him writing her a poem,

like it's ridiculous.

- If only people really knew

what happened.

- Do you want a yogurt or
- anything?

- Nah, it's not breakfast time
- yet.

- You're still drinking?
- It's Belvedere time.

- How many... there's five of you
- still on?

- Yeah... no, four for sure

didn't sleep.

- I can't believe you're still
- drinking.

- Because we're like alcoholics.
- I love it.

- And then when I got here
- I had cankles.

I was like, "What is going on?"

- Because we're a man down,
- you're gonna be

Up there by yourself.

- Jen, you're on line number two
- as usual.

I'm confident that we can handle

it without Daniel.

- Okay Bryan, we're ready to go
- up here.

- Yeah, we're already on our
- way.

Let's do this. Go!

- Oh, man.

- Fááá, it's so windy.

- Wind is picking up.

- The sooner we go, the better off
- we're going to be.

- We are just gonna go stay in
- kind of close

To the coast and sheltered.

Maneuvering and docking

a large yacht is difficult

under almost any circumstance.

Sounds good?

When the wind is up, it's even

more challenging.

When you're a man down because

you've got somebody sequestered

in their cabin,

it's even more challenging.

Just pull it all the way up.

- Copy that.

Anchor's off the floor.

- Okay, anchor's in the pocket.
- Copy that.

We're gonna blow right out of


- It's a bit windy out here.

- Ahh!
- Oi-oi-oi.

- Okay, go, grab it... grab it.
- Bring it up, bring it back.

- No, no, no.
- I'm giving you sháá.

- I'm just, you know, it's my
- mentality.

Good job.


You're gonna need another plate,


- How are you, ladies?

You're okay?

- Bit rocky, aren't we, but it's
- okay.

It's not too bad.

- Okay.

- Okay guys, I'm on the
- starboard personally.

Here we go.

- Okay, let's do it.

- Can I give this to you?
- Yeah, I'm not gonna throw it.

- I want to swing this, right?
- You're not gonna throw it.

- You're just gonna nicely... well,
- we're gonna pull next to it.

- Growing up I was super
- competitive with my brothers

And I felt like one of the boys,

so it's a little insulting

that I'm

not getting important tasks.

- Dishes are flying.
- Oh, my God.

- Well, maybe we should go


- Yeah, maybe we have to...

- I'm not moving. Nope.

- I believe we can get through
- this.

- Whose napkin?

- Bobby...

Get that bow line over there.

- Sháá.

Can you repeat that?

- Throw that heaving line now.

Get it over.

- We're having trouble hearing
- the captain's orders.

- The wind is really strong,
- and the boat's

- Getting pushed away
- from the dock.

- And it's just another element
- that we're

Gonna have to fight uphill on.

- Shackle down there.

- Let's get it out.

- I'm okay with this.

- A little breeze never killed
- anyone.

- As soon as we dock it should
- get better.

- Lock that line off, Bob.

Lock that off.

- Bobby, whenever you get some
- slack on that line, suck it in.

- Dude, I can't hear anything.
- What'd he say?

- Bring in slack when you can.

That's fine.

- Ah, Bobby, Bobby, what's going
- on?

Lock that line off!

- Oh sháá, I thought he said
- slack it.

- Let it go, let it go, let it
- go.

- Sorry, Captain, we can't hear
- you.

- Fááá.

- I don't think Danny's gonna
- get fired yet.

- I mean, I don't think it's
- enough.

- How many warnings does it
- take?

- I can't have somebody on my

team that I can't trust,

and I don't trust you.

- Dude, I can't hear anything.

- What'd he say?

- Bobby, Bobby, what's going on?

Lock that line off!

- Oh sháá, I thought he said
- slack it.

- Let it go, let it go, let it
- go.

- Sorry, Captain.

- Okay, bring it in, bring it
- in.

- That's so tight.

- It's like fáááed up.

- Let's get the winch now.
- Oh, my God.

- Stand over here
- in case this line snaps.

- You don't want it to take off
- your leg.

- Okay, we're backing out.

- We're not gonna make a normal
- berth.

- We're gonna have to go to Plan
- B.

All the dock lines are under a

lot of tension.

If one of them should part,

it could easily injure

- a crew member,
- so we can't take that risk.

We're gonna drop lines and get

back offshore.

- And regroup there, yeah?

- No, we're just gonna go
- outside here

And see what our options are.

- Okay everybody, we're gonna
- drop lines.

We're leaving the dock... can't

dock here.

- All that for nothing.
- God damn it.

What the fááá just happened


- Where are we going?

- Look at the size.

- Seems like the trenches.

- Where are we going?

I thought we already docked.

- We're going to anchor.

- We've got another tender
- that we can bring in,

And we'll see how it goes.

- This hurts us, you know.

- Not only did Morgan freak out
- with her salmon fish,

But now they have to leave the

yacht on a tender.

It's not good.

All right, port anchor.

- Port anchor prep.

- All crew, all crew,
- we will be anchoring

Outside the dock, and guests

will be leaving via tender.

- [sighs] Fááá.

- We can't dock the boat because
- it's a little bit wavy,

- So what we're gonna do is
- drop the anchor,

And we're gonna get the

tender to pick you up.

- You just get your bags ready,
- and we'll get

- The boys to pull them up,
- all right.

- Okay.
- Thank you.

- Anchor's ready to drop.

Just give me the go-ahead.

- Okay, Bryan, drop port two
- shackles.

- Okay, let's go, drop, drop.

- Let's do this.

- Watch yourself, Jen.

- All right, pocket off.

Nice, nice.

- Beating your meat again?

- [laughs] Yeah, no time like

the present.

Tiffany's cute,

and she's sweet,

and like she's the most


I kind of like ladies, is that


I'm not trying to find my alpha


- All crew, all crew, guests

departing in ten minutes.

- Thank you so much.

- Who doesn't have a towel?
- Me.

- I need to make sure that we
- have one for each person.

- Bobby, come get your shirt.

- It looks beautiful.

- Let me just do the collar
- quickly.

- No, you don't have to do that.
- Well it's done now, okay.

Go for it.

- Hey, do you have your white
- epaulet shirt?

- Yeah.

- I'm gonna need it.

- I feel like I've built a
- friendship

For a lifetime with

these ladies, especially Morgan.

- [with British accent]
- So when we go out tonight,

- I think most of us should talk
- like this.

- I want to at least hug her,

you know, and just say bye.

- We'll get through this day.

- Let's just get this over with,
- huh?

- You ready for a night out?

- I'm bummed that I'm gonna be
- missing out on

- Some flirting time with Julia
- because Danny

- And I brought girls back to the
- boat.

- Instead of going to some
- boring old restaurant,

- You'll be assigned an additional
- watch together

- When we have a break
- after this charter.

- Which means that I'm stuck

with Danny the whole night.

- I'm not too happy with Danny
- right now.

- I just want to get this thing
- over to the dock and be done.

- Yeah, me too.

- Bye.

- Lovely to meet you.

Have fun the rest of the time.

- Bye.

- Definitely.

- You got it.

- Captain Mark, oh thank you.

- This is for you... you got your
- own towel.

- Oh, I thought it was a kilt.

- It's not a kilt.

It is definitely just a towel.

- We would also like to give you
- this.

- Well thank you so much.

- Your staff was insanely


Hannah was able to prepare an

amazing birthday party for me,

food was awesome, so thank you

so much.

- Bye.
- Bye, you guys.

- Travel safe.

- Bye, girls.

- Not one of them asked,
- "Where's Danny?"

- They didn't even notice.

- Guys, you did such an awesome
- job.

I know it was weird and fáááing


- but thanks for all your
- hard work.

- No problem.

- Danny, the girls left you
- something.

I put it on your bunk.

- So cool.

I thought I'm not gonna be able

to see her or hear from her,

and then I get the note and it's


Aw, man.

- It's letting me know
- I really made

The charter great for them.

I'm just happy.

I needed that.

I needed that.

- I don't think Danny's gonna
- get fired.

Do you?

- I mean, I don't think it's
- enough.

- How many warnings
- does it take?

- He may have just been super
- horny though.

- Bryan, Bryan, Mark.

- Yeah, go ahead.

- Would you escort Danny to the
- bridge please?

- Copy that.

- I believe I'm getting fired,

which sucks

because I really

want to be here.

- You ready for judgment?
- Let's go.

- Up to the bridge please.

- I want to be successful.

- I want to take care of my
- family.

- Did you get the money I sent
- you?

- And man, I feel like I blew

it, you know?

- All right, Captain.
- Okay, thanks.

Daniel, have a seat.

- So I know you know why you're
- here.

- Tell me a little bit
- about last night,

What you were thinking or

what you weren't thinking.

- I think I...

I think I cared more

- than I should have,
- and I should've just

Been a deckhand opposed to...

How I wanted to do the note

thing at the table was right,

but everything else I think is


However, the giving of the note

I honestly thought

was the right thing to do.

- Do you still?

- No, because you
- told me not to do it,

- And that makes it that
- much more wrong.

But I'm a people's person,

and when someone's down

- and they need to be lifted up,
- that's just

The person that I am.

- That person is not

gonna be successful on yachts.

Be a Wal-Mart greeter or

something, you know?

I had higher hopes for Danny.

I honestly can't remember ever

having a crew member

getting this involved

with a charter guest.

- You know, people come to me

with deep stuff.

- So you thought you had a
- connection with

- One of them and
- that was gonna go someplace?

You just got hoodwinked.

- You know, these girls are
- professional flirts.

That's what they do

for a living.

You've lost my respect.

You've lost the respect of your

fellow crew members.

You've lost your tip.

So I hope it was worth it.

- I'm sorry, dude.

I'm really sorry, Captain.

- I can't have somebody on my

team that I can't trust,

and I don't trust you.

- I think it's best to keep it
- casual,

- And I think that's right
- up her alley.

- I'm going to bed.

- Me too... let's go.

- I can't have somebody on my

team that I can't trust,

and I don't trust you.

- I'm made for this, man.

- No you're not.

- I really, really messed up.

- See, I'm afraid that you still

believe deep down

- that what you did
- was the right thing to do,

- And that's the part that really
- scares me.

You disregarded

what was told to you,

- so now what are you gonna
- disregard next?

The really difficult part about

Danny is he doesn't

- seem to understand that he's
- done something wrong.

- I'm an honest guy, man.

- I'm not questioning your
- honesty as much

- As I'm questioning your
- integrity,

- Your ability to be trusted and
- be trustworthy.

- That's something that I want
- to be able to gain back.

I shouldn't even have lost it in

the beginning.

- Cap, you've got to let me prove
- myself.


This is where I want to be.

I don't want to

be anywhere else.

- I'll give you another chance
- on your job,

But now you've got

two strikes against you.

- You've got the situation from
- the other night...

- Bringing somebody
- back to the boat...

And now you've got this one.

- Three,
- you're definitely out of here.

- I'm very relieved that Jen

didn't tell the captain

that I kissed Morgan.

I'm super thankful.

- And I'm gonna hold you back

from the tip meeting.

- You know,
- get that out of your mind.

- You're not part
- of that right now.

- You're thinking
- about how you're gonna

Rebuild the respect of the crew.

- Yes, sir.

- We actually need Danny.

We've got a full charter season.

We need the entire deck crew.

- Prove to me
- that you're trustworthy

Or I'll send you home.

- I would much rather save
- somebody

Than have to replace them.

- I won't disappoint, Captain.

- Thanks for your hard work this
- charter, hey.

- You were awesome.
- I'm getting it.

- So what you need to understand
- with that first charter,

- I was under a lot of pressure
- and when I'm under

That much stress it's gonna flow

through a little to you girls.

- It's all good.

- I feel like a weight has been
- lifted now

- That Hannah and I are
- getting along.

- You gonna have a glass of wine
- with me tonight?

- Yes, definitely.

- You know what I mean by glass,
- though, right?

- Oh, god. [laughs]

- All crew, all crew, could we
- get together

In the crew mess for a

post-charter meeting please?

- Do you want some pit?

- No, I do not.

- I don't smell.

- Yeah you do actually.

- Let's get going before it gets
- too hot in here.

We are light one person here

right now,

and that of course is Danny.

What he did last night was

wrong, was stupid.

He just stopped thinking and

started feeling,

and that was it.

- I think there was another head
- involved.

- Yeah, he got tricked.

- There's gonna be consequences
- to his actions,

But he's still with us.

We'll give him another chance

and see what happens.

- I really respect the captain.

- Anything he decides to do, I
- stand behind him.

- But at the same time, what is he
- thinking?

- We're gonna divvy up his tip
- today.

- Wow!

- I feel bad for Danny.

- He's got a lot to learn about
- yachting.

- These guys loved us.

- 18,000 Euros.

- All right!

- $20,000 U.S.

I've got envelopes if you would

like to put some in an envelope,

then it's not just loose in


Okay, well congratulations for

another great charter.

The best is yet to come.

- Thanks, Cap.

- On a roller coaster, you go

ups, you go down.

- I think Danny
- should have been fired.

- I feel a bit sorry for him.

I don't think it's enough to be

sacked over.

- If it was my boat

I would fire him,

- not for giving the guest
- the poem,

For disobeying

Captain's orders.

That is black and white to me.

- How's your boyfriend?
- He's good.

I think he's really missing me.

He's looking after my fashion.

He has to organize everything,

getting it to a sample sale.

- Are you gonna design my
- wedding dress?

- First of all, you need to get

a boyfriend, and then...

- This is the longest I've been

single in like three years.

- Have you enjoyed it?

- I've loved it.

- Like I was with an Italian guy
- that asked my dad

For permission to marry me.

- How long were you with him
- for?

- I was with him for like 18
- months.

As soon as it hits like a year,

it's like the start of the end.

- I felt so bad
- because he's so nice,

But there was just like

something missing.

I was ten years old when my

parents separated,

so half of me

loves the idea of marriage

and would love to settle down

and have kids and do all that,

- but there's another part of me
- that just doesn't

- Really believe that
- marriage is natural.

- Don't you get frustrated like
- being away so much?

- With what?

- Like, at night.

- [laughs] I've got you in my

cabin, you know.

- I'm not like slutty, so I

don't want to bang everyone.

- [laughs] You just flirt with


- You never know.

- Okay Bryan, start hauling
- anchor chain

Whenever you're ready.

- Copy.

- Hey let's go...
- We're pulling up.

Okay Captain, the anchor's up.

- Okay, here we go.

- I'd say we're docking.

- Hannah, Hannah, Tiff.

- Go ahead.

- Is is okay if I help the
- deckies dock?

- Yes, that's fine.
- Thanks.

- I kind of see this as an
- opportunity

- For me to step my game up
- and show Captain

That I want to be a captain.

- Bryan,
- since you don't have Danny,

- Do you need an extra hand
- out here?

- Yeah, you can take this one

right here.

- Okay, places everybody,

starboard side.

- All right, let's do this once
- and fáááing for all.

- Go ahead and get your line
- ready.

- Right here, right here, right


Okay, throw that line.

- Get that fender between the

tires and the hull.

- Okay, tighten up.

Pull it in, tie it up.

- Stern's tied.

- Okay, we're all tied up pretty
- good.

- Okay, great.

- Tiff, make the lines look good
- around the cleats.

- I want you and Jen to get the
- hang-ladder right here.

I got to admit: she's pretty

good at handling the lines.

Good job, guys. Thank you.

- Daniel, Daniel, I need you on

the sun deck.

- You good?
- Yeah.

- Do you want to help me with

these upstairs?

- Have you not got any deck duties
- then?

- Yeah, I do.

- Think we're all gonna do a
- wash-down.

- Oh gosh.
- Okay, I'll let you go.

- I don't want you to piss anyone
- else off.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- ♪ My toes are on fire ♪

♪ My toes are on fire ♪

- Sup, guys?

- To me,
- Danny should've been fired,

But I'll respect

Captain's decision.

- Would you like a water?

- Just chuck it up over there,
- buddy.

- Thank you.
- And I don't hate him.

I'm just pissed off at him.

- What's up?

- Not much, girl. How about you?

- Not as much.

- You think your punishment was
- fair, Daniel?

- Words don't even describe how

fair, man.

I fáááed up the pack and pissed

you guys off.

- I'm feeling a lot better,
- but I got to

- Make you guys feel
- better, you know?

I'll regain it, man.

- I hope you do.

- Come on, have faith, man.

- I really do believe in moving
- on and moving forward,

But at

the same time, I never forget.

It's gonna take a miracle for

him to regain my trust.

I sincerely hope you get to meet

up with her one day again.

- Yeah man, me too.

- Because God knows you had to

suffer for that.

- Yeah, seriously,

you got to take it from a guy

who's dated just about every

Hooters girl in Melbourne,

- and they are all
- professional flirts.

- If that was fake, then that'd
- be a shame.


- What do you want me to do?

- Honey, just don't fááá it up.

- Okay, okay, don't look.

- First drink?

Let's have a cheers.

- To a good night.
- Cheers.

Look each other in the eye, or

you get pregnant.

- Whoa.

- It's too bad
- I'm not going out tonight

- Because I was gonna wear
- these.

- Oh, no.

- They look a bit small, Bobs.

- No, these are a perfect fit.

- Well doesn't that say a lot?

- It's a bit of a shame that

Bobby can't go out and party.

- He's such a big goober, I just
- want to laugh at him.

- Bye, boys.

- Hey, all the babes are looking
- good.

- Hell yes, they're killing it
- tonight.

- The girls are looking smoking
- hot.

- I'm bummed that I'm not gonna be
- able to go out.

- Hey just to let you know,
- we got to go into your rooms

- Just to see where like the
- flares are and stuff.

- We're checking all the safety

stuff onboard.

- You guys are going to go from
- the top of the boat

To the bottom of the boat and

identify every piece

of emergency equipment that

we've got and inventory it.

- Look at their little faces.

It's like puppies that I'm

leaving at the pound.

[both whimpering]

- So pissed.

- Let's go have a good night.

- He's my roommate.

- This thing is big.

- Really don't want tensions.

- Feel like I'm in the moon or
- something, man.

- But that's definitely gonna be
- hard.

- I have landed on a yacht.

- Let's go have a good night.

- Does anyone else hate these


- Alcohol!

When I'm working hard,

that's all I'm focused on,

but when it's time to go play,

I'll go and fáááing play.

- Can we just walk at a normal


Relax into the walk.

- I can relax.

I don't like it, but I can.

For you, I'll do it.

- Aw shucks, you're so good to


This is cute.

- I feel that we have to be a
- bit civilized tonight.

- Hello.

- Good evening.

Who's drinking red and white?

- I want red.
- I'd like red.

All: Red.

- You gonna have a glass, a
- large glass?

- I'll have a cup.

I'll have a cup.

- Feels like so much smaller
- than last time

Without the two boys.

- I feel like it's gonna be too
- tame.

- So now it's like we have to

make intelligent conversation.

- So this is sun deck right


- I can't even read half this
- stuff.

- What are these?
- Those are tents or something?

- That's a child's life vest.

I don't see it anywhere.

- This says there's supposed
- to be some kind

Of medical equipment here?

- It's not there,
- so no first aid.

- I want to give Danny another

chance because he's my roommate,

- so I really don't want tensions,
- but that's

Definitely gonna be hard.

- There's supposed to be four
- life jackets in that,

And I believe that's where the

gasoline's at.

- No life jackets, but we got

sparkling water.

- So doesn't exist, doesn't

exist, doesn't exist.

- This has got to be an old
- plan.

- Very old.

- Fááá. 5-26-2005.

- Holy cow.

- They did a refit on this yacht

in 2011.

- Man.

- This is the 2005 plan.

- What the fááá?

- Cheers, everybody.

- Are we just all sharing?

- Yeah.

- What kind of cheese is the
- saganaki?

- It is local cheese.

- Then we'll definitely get one
- of them.

A tahteeki please,

and the pork bits.

- Pork bits, that sounds good.

- Can I please get the grilled
- chicken filet?

No potatoes.

- Okay. Rice and beans?

- Yes.

- I never do chicken for dinner.

- Never?

- Not special enough.

White rice, grilled chicken,

and green beans.

I'm learning lots

about Jen's palate.

She loves really boring food.

- It's a fried cheese with a

marmalade tomato.

- Wow.

- Everything has fries.

- They're chips in England.

- Thank you.

- Ah, you've been waiting for
- that.

- Oh, it looks delicious.

- Mmm...

- You are so happy now, aren't
- you?

- You've got rice.
- Yeah.

- I feel like we're feeding a
- six-year-old.

- Man, this thing is big.

Feel like I'm in the moon or

something, man.

I have landed on a yacht.

It sucks.

I lost my crewmates' trust.

So I'm gonna win it back one

crew member at a time.

You villains!

- Okay guys, I think we need to
- get drunk.

- I'm taking this with me.

- I thought we were hooking.

- All right, you can join.

- Oh, you... we're like... now
- here we go.

- How about this awesome place?

- Here we go.

- This is fáááing awesome.

- Oh wow, look at this.

- It's called "Porn Star."

- They named a shot after me.

- I want to drink this.

- Okay, okay, calm down,
- darling.

- Do double fisting?

- Oh, my God, that's so good.

Does anyone want to try this?

- Sure.

- But lick, lick, lick, lick,

don't take it all.

- Oh-la-la.

- We got feeding going on here.

- Thanks for looking out.

- Always got your back.

- To Bobby and Danny, who are
- back on the boat.

- Cheers, guys!

- Oh, you can see it. Look.

It's over there.

- What up?
- What you doing?

- Jen, she's missing home

and I kind of wanted

to bring her up, so I found a

picture of her with her family.

I plan on doing like a doggie

towel origami,

- and I'm gonna
- take the face of this Doberman

And put it on the towel.

- I'm working on it,
- I'm working on it.

- All right, I am gonna go.

- I'll catch up in a second,
- man.

I'm kind, and the acts of

kindness that I do,

- they're not
- driven by lust.

It's just what I do.

Jen is gonna love these.

- Hannah's core is really soft

and nice,

but I'm not ready to

disclose my feelings

because I

don't know what they are yet.

- Want to dance?
- Come on.

- Fááá yeah.

- In yachting, you have to work

with these people,

- then you also
- have to have your leisure time

With these people.

- Sometimes I just want
- to go for a meal

With my boyfriend, you know.

- I don't want to talk to drunk
- people.

Sometimes I feel like the only

normal person on the boat.

- I'm having fun tonight.

Look around, Ben.

Do we have other girls that are

better than them?

No, we don't.

- We do have a very sexy crew.

- I know.

- Bryan seems to dissolve his

filter with alcohol,

and I like that.

I think it's very healthy.

- Aw, right there then.

- There's a cute guy over there.

There's a pretty guy over there.

- What are you doing?
- How are you?

- I'm super. I'm still like
- semi-sober.

- I'm fáááing sháá-faced.

- Are you?

Is that why you're so quiet?

- You're the coolest.

- I'm sure you tell all the
- girls that.

- Hey, babe, babe, babe, we
- should go back.

- Let's go... let's all go... let's
- all go.

- I need an adult.
- Oh, do you?

- I don't know.

- Ooh, Benny.
- Yes.

- I'm gonna fááá Ben.

- I just really like him.

- That's your boy.

- He's a good flirt.

I like a good flirt.

- We work with each
- other all day,

So it's nice to have that


I've dated a captain,

I've dated a first mate,

but I haven't dated a chef.

- Oh, there you are, Ben.

- Hey. Magical mystery man.

- Cheese and rice, there you
- are.

- What up, baby?
- Hey.

- How you doing, girl?

- What's up?

- Good morning, sunshine.

- Morning? It's not that late is
- it?

- Well it's after midnight.

- Aww, Jen, come here, come


- What?

- That's so cute.

Jen, oh my god, you're gonna


Look, look, look.

- [laughs]

- Now I want to cry.

- Daniel, was that you?

- Surprise! It was me.

- Thanks, now I'm gonna cry in

my room all the time.

After what Danny

did on this charter,

- I thought I would never
- even want to talk to him again,

But he definitely redeemed

himself and I know deep down

he's really nice.

- You're glowing, I love it.

I love it.

Mission accomplished.

- Thank you, Daniel.

- You're very welcome.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, girl.

- Hey.

- We've been having all kinds of
- fun.

Hannah's sweet,

but the chief steward and chef

is the hardest

relationship to work.

- Know how you like space?

So do I.

- And I've always been against

pigeonholing myself.

Plus, I think Tiffany's really

pretty actually.

You know, she surprises me.

- In my bathroom on the sink,

left pocket of my little packet.

- Gracias.

- Tiff has got a guy's mentality
- almost.

She's just like chill,

down to have fun,

- and I don't think
- she's gonna be emotional,

Which is important because it

could get messy

and you don't want to

tango with that.

- Mm-hmm.

Child's feet.

- You're a áááá if you think
- that Band-Aid's

- Gonna go on your
- little fáááing foot.

- Bryan's looking a little

better as the night goes on.

I'm going to bed.

- Get in there.

- I don't know.

I haven't decided yet.

- Ben, stop.

- What?

- Why are you telling me how to
- be?

- [giggling]

- Aw, fáááing sháá.

- Oh fááá.

- Next on "Below Deck"...

- These guys are Oklahoma


- Country-themed dance party

with line dancing

and two stepping.


Game on.

Let's fáááing go.

- Finishing strong!

- Tiffany, have you done the
- dinner checklist?

- I have not yet.

- I love you so much.

- Hey what happens in Greece
- stays in Greece.

- Thank you.

- Enjoy your night, guys.

- The up there and Danny's watching.

- I've given you so many fáááing

second chances it's ridiculous.

- Daniel, when I say something
- and ask for something,

- Can you just please say,
- "Copy. Got you."

- I didn't hear you.

- Get off your ass and get sháá


- Man, you got your tampon up
- your pussy right now, bro.

- Take it out.
- Really bro?

- Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

- For more on "Below Deck Med"