Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Model Deckhands - full transcript

After the crew's first night off, Hannah puts her foot down when Bobby and Danny bring girls back to the yacht. Bryan attempts to smooth things over with the captain, but the boys are given their first strike. When an all-female group charters the yacht, the crew struggles to keep up with their demands. Danny breaks yachtie rule number one and drama ensues.

- Previously

on "Below Deck Med"...

- Do you know what would just
make this night so much better?

The game being shown on board.
- No way!

You move mountains.

- That's our job.
- 15,000 Euros for three days.

That's not too bad.

[upbeat dance music]

- Cheers.
- What is your name?

- Oh, Danny boy's getting
a number.

- I have no idea
what's going on right now.

- You're not
trying your hardest.

You're fáááing up at work...

I'm just trying to gauge

how it took you 4 1/2 hours
to do all that.

And then you're
walking down the street

sculling out of
a bottle of wine.

- She's absolutely shááfaced.

- Your department isn't at deck.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...

Hannah's forgetting
the hierarchy.

I am the first officer,

and on my boat, I want as least
amount of drama as possible.

- Guys, guys...

[dramatic music]

[boat horn blows]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Me and Tiffany have
had issues the past few days

- This is not the time or place
to do this.

You're absolutely wasted.
What's the point?

- I'm absolutely wasted?

You can't talk to me like that.

I don't know
who the fááá he thinks he is.

- Why should I be here?
- Oh, is it really?

- I feel like vomiting.
- All right, let's go, guys.

- I don't care what you think.
My job as a chief stew is

to have a nice fáááing
conversation, so fááá off.

- Not right here--right here?
- Guys, guys, guys, no.

- Let's go, guys.
- Come on, let's go.

- All right.
- If I may be--

- Stop.
- Relax, okay?

- Yeah, I know--I'm relaxed.
- Let her come to you.

That's fine.
Just chill.

- All right, let's go.

- It seems like
Bryan loves power.

He loves to be above people.

If he doesn't feel that,
it pisses him off.

- Let's go.
- He's drunk.

- That's not cool, though.

- Ladies, let's go, let's go,
let's go, let's go.

- You gotta maintain.
I'm maintaining myself.

- When the guests
aren't on board,

we get to enjoy the yacht
as if it was our own.

- Have we got the girls coming
with us?

- Really, the girls in
the fáááing see-through thongs?

I'm so not impressed.
- Have you ever been on a yacht?

- You can't take girls
to the boat.

It's, like, a written rule, if
you ever brought someone back,

you're fired.

- If you bring home girls
from a bar

to a yacht that is not yours,
you will be fired.

- Bye, get fired.

- Well, let's take you
for a little tour.

- Don't take them
into the guest cabins

'cause I cleaned them.

I've done the beds.
That's not happening.

I feel like I'm in summer camp
with these guys.

It's bedtime.
Good night, guys.

- Are you going to bed?
- Yeah.

- That's lame.

- You got the top deck.
We got the hot tub, girl.

What would you like to drink?
A liquor, beer...

- Okay.
My mom raised me

to respect women,
to treat them right,

so that's what I do.

Treat women right.

- Oh, my God, you got Patrón?

- Yeah, why not?
- We are in Greece.

- Cheers.
- Cheers, guys.

- You're cooking octopus?
- Yeah.

- Right now?
- Yeah.

Eat that and you won't puke.
I promise.

- How many girls on board
are not crew?

- Two here.
- Just chill, guys.

We're gonna deal with this,
all right?

- Excuse me, Hannah,
as the chief steward,

I just want to make sure, can we
bring our hookups back here?

- Bryan was sticking his nose
in my business.

his boys are running amok

and bringing girls back
on board,

which isn't allowed.

The boat is certainly not
a place to get drunk.

You know,
we try to preserve the boat

for the, uh, guests'
and owners' use.

- It's not rocket science.
Manage your people.

- Perhaps you'll provide me
with condoms and vodka.

- [laughs]

[dramatic music]

- So the girls are getting off,

- Are they?
- Yeah.

They're done.

♪ ♪

- What time's the flight?
- 5:30.

- Holy sháá, that's,
like, three fáááing hours.

- Yeah, I have to, like...
- Hey, guys.

- Hello.
- We are closing the party.

- Okay.
- So you guys can hop off

and go to bed, so...
- Okay, Roger that.

You got it.
- This is my boat, so...

- You got it, Hannah.
- Mm-kay.

I'm giving you guys
five minutes...

- That's all we need.
- And then we're...

closing the party.
- I'm not drinking this.

- You know what's
more important to me?

- [laughs]
- Oh, my God,

you're gonna drink it,
aren't you.

- No, no, no, no.

There's nothing more important
to me than my job and my career,

so ladies, that means
you have to get off.

I do not want
to make our chief stew mad.

It was excellent
to meet you ladies.

both: Yeah.
- I should have known better

bringing some random girls back
to a multi-million dollar yacht,

but I was drinking.
- Bye.

- Jasmine and Allie,
I leave you.

- Hey, how's the octopus?
- Oh, wow.

It's actually really good.
- So good.

- Course it's fáááing good.
I cooked it.

- I--huge gut.

- I'm really sorry, but
I got the girls off the boat.

- It's all good to me.
- I sent those hoes

on their way.
- I'm gone for two seconds,

what the fááá just happened?

- Was that you?
- No.

- No, Danny, did.
Not me.

- Oh, so Danny did.
- He's putting some work in.

- Let's talk outside, guys.

I'm kind of
in a hot spot right now.

I had no idea that
there was girls on the boat,

and the last thing I want is
the captain having

to concern himself
with exterior crew.

- You should have heard, Hannah.

She was like,
"You just need to leave."

She was pulling
the mama bear kind of thing.

- Don't worry,
I'll talk to the captain.

These guys are green,
but rules are rules.

At the end of the day, I'm sure
Captain will understand.

- Tripod, bro.

[both laughing]
- This is it right here, bro.

No one's gonna fááá with us.
We're untouchable.

- Everyone else is just
riding along.

- Boom.
- There, exactly.

Let's get the fááá out of here.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Was that from last night?
- Yeah.

- That looks like it felt good.
- I have no idea

what that's from.

- So what did Hannah tell you
last night?

- She just made it sound like
she's amazing

and I'm a piece of sháá.
I'm not sure

if things are resolved
between Hannah and I,

but I really don't fáááing care.

I need to be exterior.
Like, this is too much.

- Has Tiffany spoken to you
at all about last night?

- No, not at all.

- I am in a bit of
a hard situation

'cause you know
how amazing I think you are...

- Yeah.
- But I can't be playing...

- No, yeah.
- Favorites.

- Having a chief stew
with really high standards,

you know, is the norm for me.

Tiff's definitely gonna have
to step up her game

and start getting the jobs done.

- We'll try and keep the crying

to, like, two,
three times a week.

- [laughs]

- That was fun last night.

So, uh, think, uh, you're gonna
try to make a move on Hannah?

- No.
- No?

- I don't thinks he has
a gay bone in her body.

- [laughs]

Who's gonna have the first kiss?
- You're 0 for 1.

- Damn.

♪ ♪

- Captain?
- Yes?

- How you doing?
- Pretty good.

Just looking to see where we're
gonna be going tomorrow.

- Okay, great.

Uh, quick question, Captain.

I'd like to confirm your policy

when it comes to visitors
on board.

It's generally a rule, you don't
bring girls back to the boat.

It's not a big deal,
but Captain's unaware

that this happened,

and if he's gonna hear it
from somebody,

I want it to be from me.

- This is--the boat's not
a party place...

- Sure.
- So we can't really consider it

as our own home.
That's not cool

unless I know about it.

- Oh, fááá.

As a mate in trial period,

I want to be completely honest
with you,

and everything I know,
I want you to know, obviously.

You're the master of the vessel.

Last night, two females came on
after we were out.

- Really?
- Yeah.

- What time was that?
- Around 1:00.

I was unaware of it.

- So Bobby and, uh, Danny?
- Danny, yeah.

- [clicks tongue]
What are those guys thinking?

- You know, I don't want
to let down the guys.

I don't want to get them
in trouble,

but at the end of the day,

this is a reflection of me,

and my job could be at stake

trying to save their ass.

I just want you to be made aware

'cause I want to be
completely transparent with you,

so if it's okay with you,

I'd like to be the one to,

you know, break the news to them
that you weren't happy about it.

- I'll talk to them both,

and there'll be
a consequence for that.

- I'm taken back a little bit.

Uh, I didn't think
he was gonna be this upset.

- Bobby wouldn't have brought
somebody back to a firehouse

and parked her
on the fire truck.

- You're absolutely right.

It will be
a good teaching moment.

- Yes, it will for everybody.

[upbeat electronic music]

- Did you eat that octopus
last night?

- Octopus?

- You were probably busy
doing other things.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Having seen Danny in action...

- What's going on?
How y'all doing today?

- Look at this guy.
- So entertaining.

Look, as long as
the heats off me, I'm fine.

- Did you make any moves
on anyone?

- Did I?
- I have no clue.

- Um...
- You got your eye on anyone,

by any chance?
- I don't know yet.

Danny's got a lot to learn.

I'm gonna do my best
to protect him.

I'm always one for the underdog.

In my position,
relationships can kind of

screw everything up
a little bit.

- They're gonna want
more food from you.

They're gonna expect you
to cook some more.

[both laugh]

- I'm a deep guy, you know?

Anyone I talk to, I wanna
find out what they're about.

I don't want any
of that fake stuff, you know?

Give it to me real.
Give it to me raw.

- If you're gonna do it,
it has to be right, you know?

'Cause otherwise...

you're an assáááá.
- [laughs]

I don't take you
as a sweet guy, man.

I don't know.
- Right, okay,

forget the assáááá thing,
all right.

- Okay, okay, go on.

- It makes it difficult for me.

[both laugh]

[upbeat quirky music]

♪ ♪

- How're you doing, Tiffany?
- Good.

- Yeah?
How much have you done

from that list?

- I need to do the wine still.
- Yeah?

The thing with Tiffany
that I hope she realizes is

that I'm not trying
to be a bitch.

I'm just trying to do my job,

and sometimes it is my job
to be a bitch

when someone's not doing theirs.

And the cabins are all done?
- Yes.

Looks like we're sweeping
something under the rug here,

and I am okay with that.

- So and, yeah,
when you have a minute,

try and hop into one of these.
- Yep.

- Okay.

[walkie-talkie clicks]
- Bryan, Bryan, Mark.

Could you
and, um, Bobby and Danny

come on up to the bridge
for a sec?

- Uh-oh.
- Oh, God.

- Roger that.
It's not always bad

when you get called
into the wheelhouse, right?

[tense music]

- Um, the topic of discussion is

what happened after the club
last night.

I was hoping what I had said
about not partying on the boat

would sink in,
and obviously it hasn't.

I want you guys to fill me in
on it a little bit.

Danny, you'll--you go first.

- I want to take some of
the blame for that too because--

- Oh, you are.

- Coming up...

- Have you heard
of a Tilted Kilt?

- Models on the yacht.

- Oh, Cheyenne!

- She got this
"I'm a bad girl" vibe.

You know what I mean?

- What?
- Ah, here we go.

- It's so big.

- I was hoping what I had said

about not partying on the boat

would sink in,
and obviously it hasn't.

I want you guys to fill me in
on it a little bit.

Danny, you'll--you go first.

- Um, I want to take some of
the blame for that too because--

- Oh, you are.

- We, uh, went to the club,
and, um, ended up

bringing a couple guests back
on board.

They never went
inside the yacht.

It was just on the sun deck.
- 15, 20 minutes max.

- And what did you serve 'em?
- Patrón, I believe.

- So boat's liquor?

- Yes, sir.

- The whole thing is a problem.

I'm responsible for the boat...
- Yes, Captain.

- And we don't know
who these gals are.

It's just
completely unacceptable.

As a consequence to
your activities of last night,

this is strike number one.

Three strikes, you're out.

Uh, you'll be assigned
an additional watch together

when we have a break
after this charter.

You'll be assigned some duties

that will be beneficial
to everybody,

and you'll be
doing them together.

- Okay.
- Sounds good.

- Um, you guys
can go ahead and go.

Bryan, hang on
just for a second.

[door clicks open]
- Thanks, guys.

- I didn't realize that
they were drinking

the boat liquor, did you?
- I did not.

- I'm a little concerned that
Bryan doesn't know these guys,

but anybody that is
a part of your team,

reflects upon you as the,
um--as the team leader.

I'm disappointed I didn't get
a--as full a story from you

when you first told me
about this.

- Okay, I'm gonna tell you
everything that I know.

I'm gonna be completely honest
and transparent with you.

You know, I'm lucky I didn't
face any repercussions myself,

being in charge
of the deck crew,

but I gotta make sure
this doesn't happen again.

- Okay, great.
So let's carry on

and have a great charter.
- Okay.

- That was the punishment
he gave us?

To do the wat--
- [whistles]

So what do you think, guys?

- Ah, ah, dude,
I'm--I'm not worried about it.

- Sorry I couldn't do more
on your behalf.

He could have been harsher.
One day watch, no big deal.

We'll learn from it.
It's not gonna happen again.

It's just a learning lesson.
- I was just saying to him,

I don't even know
what I was thinking--

well, obviously I was wasted.
- [laughs]

- I don't know why I didn't
come to you and ask.

- That was--that was
a big fááá up.

- I don't expect Bryan
to cover for me at all.

That's my fault.
I put him in that situation

that he had to tell the captain,

and I was ready
to take my licks,

whatever my licks may be.

- Let's knock it out, guys.
- Sounds good.

- Hannah, Ben, Bryan, could you
please report to the bridge?

- Copy for Hannah and Ben.

- Have you ever heard
of a restaurant called

The Tilted Kilt?
- Yeah, yeah.

I go there all the time.
- It's like Hooters, isn't it?

- It's a sports bar.
- It's a sports bar.

- They just put one up
in Fort Lauderdale.

- Yeah, I've been to that one,

Um, but, um,
what we've got are girls

that are all waitresses
at the restaurants,

and they have chartered
this yacht,

uh, to do a photo shoot.

- Oh, I can't wait
to tell the guys.

I've done my fair share
of working charters,

but never have I had
eight smoking hot chicks

doing a photo shoot.
- As much fun as this sounds,

we've got to remember,
no fraternizing with the models.

- No staring.
- This is the den mother,

and, uh, she's gonna be
the primary client.

- So we need
to keep Katie happy.

- Interestingly enough,

they all eat the same thing
as, uh, Kate Winterhalter.

- These names are so unique.
- Presley Rhodes.

- Summer Blair.

- Maybe they're,
like, stripper names.

- Stage names.
- Stage names.

At 2:30, we've got
pick up photographer

and hair/makeup team.

It's a sunset shoot
on board the boat.

Monday, it's going to be
a beach shoot.

They're gonna want all the
water sports equipment as props.

Be professional about it.
- Sure.

- So you have to spend a day
hanging out

with models in bikinis.
- I know, this job is so tough.

- You poor man.

I'm used to high-end charters

and people with lots of money,

so it's a bit easier

when you have clientele
like this

because they don't really
know what to expect,

and they would never notice
if you made a mistake.

- Then it's the post-shoot
champagne and sushi dinner.

- Yes, sir.
- You got lots of sushi?

- No, but I know a sushi chef
down the road,

and he's got this, you know--

no, I'm just kidding.

I love doing sushi.

It's very clean,
it's very contained,

and it's impressive.

Between you and I, it's actually
not that difficult,

but let's just roll with
the whole impressive thing

right now.
- Awesome.

- Sweet, so it sounds like
it's gonna be quite

a easy-ish charter

if they're working.
- Yeah.

- Plus, they're all waitresses

- Functional kind of work thing,

- It's gonna be fun.
- All right.

- Thank you.
- Thanks, Captain.

- Thank you.
- Cheers.

- It's gonna be a fun trip.
I'm excited.

[upbeat electronic music]

- Deck team, assemble.
Deck team, assemble.

All right, so, guys, are you
familiar with The Tilted Kilt?

- Yes!
- Whoa, yeah.

- They're gonna do
a photo shoot.

[both laugh]

- Oh, my gosh.
- Check 'em out.

- Oh, Cheyenne!
Everyone of 'em are gorgeous.

Needless to say,
I'm pretty stoked

for this next charter.
I'm working out right now.

- Yo, Bobby.
- How many can you do?

- Here we go.
Here we go, babe.

Here we go.
- The guys are acting like

this is the first time
they've seen women, ever.

- She got this cute, innocent...
- She's got a innocent look.

- But "I'm a bad girl" vibe.
You know what I mean?

- Would you hang on to this,

so he doesn't take it
to his bedroom?

- I'm not--
[both laugh]

- The cool strategy if you want
a really hot girl,

you have to kind of
not really notice the girl.

Letting the girls kind of
come to you.

- Yeah, if there is
a charter guest

that wants to take it
to the next level--

- You gotta remain professional.

- What--
- Fááá me, man.

Yeah, you're gonna say something
like that and show us this.

- We're working on a yacht.
We're working, right?

We're working,
and as much as we want

to be buddy-buddy and do that,

we cannot cross that line
of professionalism.

After the whole dilemma
with the girls coming on board,

it's really important to me
that Captain can see

that I'm capable of running
a competent deck crew.

- What time on deck tomorrow?
- 8:00 sharp.

- Wolf pack, wolf pack.
- Game on.

- Come on, baby.
- Good charter ahead, guys.

all: Boom.
- [laughs]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

[Skype call rings]

- Hi, Mom.

- I miss you too, Mom.
How is everything?

The only,
uh, thing we miss is you.

- I'm the fun in the house.

My mom and dad are both
from Jordan,

but I was born and raised
in the States.

Greece is very nice,
and this is definitely different

than any of the other
yachting jobs I've had.

I really had to mature
at a young age.

My father's an alcoholic,
and I had to really step up.

I had to help pay the bills

and take care of my sisters
and my mom and my dad.

It was one of those things that
you couldn't just think about.

You just had to--you had to do.

Did you get the money
I sent you?

- Uh-huh.
I miss you, Mom.

- Yeah, come.

- I'm sorry, Mom,
I know I'm usually strong.

- With yachting,
I can still make my mom proud.

I want to make her proud.

Mm-kay, bye, Mom.

- Nice talking to you.
both: Bye.

- [smooches]

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Good morning.
Got a game plan?

- Um, I'm gonna get you
to do a lunch service with me.

- Okay.
- They're working,

so they're not gonna be here
getting smashed.

For cocktail hour,
we'll make a specialty cocktail

that is the cocktail
for cocktail hour.

- It's a weird environment when
you've got a charter like this.

It's not your normal sit down,
have a meal, and serve them.

We don't lower our standards.
We're just simplifying.

- If somebody asks, obviously,

you just make
whatever they want,

but you can kind of push them.

Make it seem
like it's all about,

you know--
we've created this for you.

- Yeah.
- It's a lot easier for us.

- You on the teak up there.
Danny, I want you to go around

and hit all the railings.
I want you to go around

and hit all the windows
with vinegar and water.

- ♪ Da, da, da,
I'll start over here ♪

- Hey, Jen, can I talk to you
for a second?

- Yeah.

- You all right?
You seem a little disconnected.

- Uh, no, it's just
I woke up recently, so...

- If you have to,
just wake up a little earlier.

- Yeah.
- You know, I want you to act

like you want to be here,
you know?

- I do want to be here.
- You do?

- I don't know if I'd--
I don't know if I would say

you're my MVP just yet,

but there's not reason
why you can't be.

- [chuckles]

I've been on over 30 boats,
and I can already tell that

Bryan's trying to overcompensate
for his lack of abilities.

I'm gonna get these windows.
- All right.

♪ ♪

- All crew, all crew, guests
will be arriving in 20 minutes.

Make sure you're in your whites,

♪ ♪

- Danny, let's go.
No time for a wank.

- Right off the bat,
they're gonna see this,

so I wanna make sure it's
looking that best that it can.

- Oh, that's strong.

- That's what
a real man smells like.

- Oh, it's so pretty.
- So cool.

- It's amazing.
- It's so big.

- What?
- It's amazing.

- The charter guests are here.

- Oh, sháá.
- It's here.

Go, go, go.
- We're coming, we're coming.

- Could you get champagne?
All the glasses are out.

♪ ♪

- Is that them?
Hula-Hoops, really?

- I'm so excited.
- Here we go.

- Coming up...

- I can't get too close
too these girls

or I'm gonna get in trouble.
- Yeah.

- [laughs]

- The more skin
these girls are showing,

the boys are
slowly losing their brain cells.

- All right, guys.

- Here we go.

[upbeat music]

- Hula-Hoops, really?

- I see extensions blowing
in the wind.

I see girls in bathing suits.
- Oh, my--oh, there's a Jet Ski!

- [laughs]
- Yes!

- It's just
a fun house of girls.

- Hi, guys.
all: Hello!

- Hi, I'm Ashley.
- Ashley, I'm Mark.

Welcome aboard.
- Hi, Bryan.

both: Nice to meet you.

- Oh, you brought
your own Hula-Hoop?

- Yeah.
- Hello, how are you?

- I'm Bobby.
Nice to meet you.

- Morgan, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Morgan.

I'm living the dream right now.

You're never gonna find
girls like this at a firehouse.

- Welcome aboard, ladies.

Hannah's gonna take you
on a tour of the boat.

We'll get all your luggage
on board,

and then we're gonna
get out of here.

- We're so excited.
- Yeah. Great.

- Thanks, awesome!

- So this is the sun deck.

Got a Jacuzzi here,

which will easily fit
all you guys.

- It's awesome.
- Whoo!

- This is the main saloon.
- Wow, this is beautiful.

- This looks like
the Titanic stairs.

- You guys are just gonna
share cabins.

- We love each other.
[both laugh]

- Share the love.
- Oh, my gosh, a bathtub.

- Oh, my God.
- Can we all fit in there?

Let's take a bath right now.

- Toast to us.
all: To us.

- I've had charters
with that amount of girls

with that amount
of hair extensions,

but they were working
in a different way, so...

- Where are you from?
Your accent is so cute.

- Yeah, are you Australian?
- I am Australian, yes.

- [gasps]
all: Aww.

- [laughs]
- Did you bring

a koala bear for us?
- Um...

- Or, like, a baby kangaroo?


- Really?

If you need anything else,
just let me know.

all: Thank you very much.
- Pleasure.

Too funny.

- [sighs]

- Yeah?
- You all right?

What was that huge sigh?
- I'm just breathing.

Let me breathe.
- All of us were standing there,

standing up straight.
This is what you look like.

- Here we go.
- Hi!

[quirky dramatic music]

- I don't do it perfectly?
- No, you don't.

- Okay.
- Jen's attitude

is kind of frustrating with me,
but I don't have time

to worry about feelings.
If I'm saying, "Pretty please,"

it's gonna look like
a weakness on my part.

You're not perfect.
- Okay.

No one has ever told me
to stand up straight

since I was 7 years old
in church.

It's quite annoying.


[upbeat music]

- Mm, that's fáááing good.

- Pick out two outfits

and then onto
the photo shoot tomorrow

where you'll have
probably more wardrobe changes.

- If you guys are ready
for lunch, we're ready.

- Oh, great, yay.
- Yeah?

- This smells good.
- It's so pretty.

- Oh, my God.
- Dibs on this whole plate.

If you don't like salmon,
I'll eat the entire thing.

- Where are you sitting?
- Once everybody's in position

let me know.
- Okay, copy that, Captain.

All right, let's do it, guys.
Let's hit it.

- One's in position.
- Bow to port.

♪ ♪

Why don't you go ahead
and drop the bow line first.

- Copy that.
Dropping bow lines now.

♪ ♪

- Captain, looking good.

- Start to drop fore rudders.
- Okay, copy that.

♪ ♪

- This looks amazing.
Thank you.

- Spoiling us.
all: Thank you!

- You outdid yourself.
Thank you.

- So we've got
a curry chicken salad,

smoked salmon,
cream cheese capers,

and fresh bread.

Cheers, enjoy.

- Would you like sparkling
or flat?

- Flat's fine.
- Sparkling?

- Oh, flat's good.
- Oh, okay.

- Does sparkling water taste
different than regular water?

- Mm, that salmon is delicious.
It's so good.

- Has everybody been
on a yacht before?

- No.
- No?

- I've been on a canoe.
- Cheers.

- Oh, no.

- Okay, Bryan,
tell me when you're ready.

- Yeah, we're ready.
We're all set up.

Go ahead and drop two
port side.

♪ ♪

- Okay, let's lock it off there
and see what we get.

♪ ♪

- Thank you.
- Thanks, girls.

- Beautiful.
- Cheers.

- Yes, thanks.
- Well, you're a happy bunch,

aren't you?

- Which outfits
do you want us in first?

- Let's do bikinis first.

- Bobby,
you put under relationship,

"With Bobby."
- "With Bobby"?

- You know what?
I'll join you.

- You're so cute.

- Hey, guys, we need you
on deck for the photo shoot.

- Hi!
- Oh, girl!

both: Summer, summer time!

- All right, you girls dressed?

- Well, you can't be.

Go stand out in the sun
for a minute.

- [laughs]

- Let's go outside.

♪ ♪

- You ladies excited?
- Yeah.

- Oh, so excited.
- Yeah.

- Are you excited?
- Oh, absolutely.


- Where are you from?
- Me?

Chicago, Illinois.
How about you?

- Kentucky.
- Kentucky, all right.

All right.
Morgan's gorgeous.

I'm gonna go,
uh, get the rest of the crew,

make sure they take care
of you ladies just all right.

You know, make sure everyone's
having a good time.

- Thank you, Daniel.
- No problem.

Stew team,
everyone's on the sun deck.

Deck team,
everyone's on the sun deck.

Just to give you a heads up.

- Hi.
- Hi-ya,

don't you all look gorgeous

in your bikinis matching.

It's amazing.

What can I get you ladies
to drink?

Can we do a big joint cocktail

[quirky music]

It's not that
these girls are dumb,

they're just a little bit slower
than what we're used to.

- Perfect.
Right, I'm on it.

- Thank you so much.
- Okay, ladies, you're welcome.

[upbeat music]

- All deck crew,
the photographer has arrived.

- Opa!

- Your name?
- Daniel.

- Yes, Danny, Panos.
- Bryan, nice to meet you.

- Panos, Bryan.
- Welcome aboard.

Hey, lady, okay.

- Hi, okay.
- Nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- Oh, boy.

- So next.
- All right.

- How you girls going?
- Good.

- Yeah?

- Sure.
- Yeah, so...

- Oh, of course.
Mum's the word.

all: Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.

So I just spoke
to the guests.

- Yeah.

- We've got a birthday
tomorrow night.

- Shite.
- [laughs]

- I'm not a pastry chef, right?

So a cake is tricky.

You know,
they're harder than everything,

and every time I make a cake,
I learn something,

so, you know,
it's not bad practice.

Who's it for?
- The head charter girl.

- For Katie.
- Yeah.

- Are you gonna make it?

- All right, so...
- Hi, love.

- Here are actually
some of the girls.

- What can I use?
all: Hi.

- Hello, girls.
all: Hi!

- How you?
Okay, you are ready?

- Oh, we're ready.
- Just a minute, I enjoy now.


- Because of my age,
I have a little heart attack.


- This is not work, bro.

[heavy bass music]

♪ ♪

- You guys are lying down
on the lounge chairs.

- Bravo.
I am moving.


- The girls were all really hot,
but none of them are my type.

If our next charter
is a lacrosse team,

then I'd be a lot more excited.

- I'm gonna do a butt shot.
Just turn around

and give me your butts.

♪ ♪

- It's just like the movies.
Wind in the hair, you know?

You just...

- You got it?

- [laughs]

This is where
the photographer goes,

"You're a tiger, rawr," yeah.

I'm in Greece.
I got sexy girls on the boat.

Thank you, Lord.
Thank you, Lord.

- Daniel, he's out of control.
- He is.

He's like a little kid
in a candy shop.

- How's it going, guys?
- Good.

- Yeah.

[both laugh]

- All crew, we are headed
to the bow of the boat now.

- Okay, fantastic.
We're standing by.

- What's the deal
with the Hula-Hoops?

Let's see your moves.
- Okay.

[upbeat music]

- All right, yeah.

You're gonna have
to show me something.

I'm gonna have to learn.

- Return and give your face
to me.

Let's go to the balloon.
- Bobby, you go help them.

- We got tons of work to do.
Where's Danny?

- Thank you.
- Very welcome.

And then...
- Oh, look at this.

- All right, there you go.
- Thank you.

- I gotta take care
of my guests.

- Give you
that karate belt look.

- [laughs]
- Wha-tah.

- Whoo.
- [laughs]

- Thank you.
What's your zodiac?

- I'm a Gemini.
How about you?

- Sagittarius, so I'm fire.
- Okay, all right.

- Ooh, I like fire.
- Yeah.

Gemini and Sagittarius is
very compatible.

- Really?
Opposites attract.

I like that.
I like that.

See, I like connections.
- I do too.

I do too.
- [laughs]

- Danny, you gotta be
kidding me.

- We have the shot.
- We're good?

All right, you're done.

- Awesome.

- Tomorrow morning we need you
at, um, Aliko Beach Dock

at 7:15.

- Do you mind telling me
the menu, darling?

- Surf and turf, baby.
- Surf and turf.

- See you tomorrow.
- [speaking native language]

- Yes, yes!
- Okay.

- Bye.
- What'd he say?

- I have no idea.

- Coming up...

- I don't know,
I like your vibe.

- We just got chewed out
by Captain a couple days ago...

Dude, we got a lot of sháá
to take care of.

And you're lounging around
like a charter guest.

- I haven't met anyone like you.

[heavy electronic music]

♪ ♪

- Guys, don't worry
about drying.

Just get all the dirt
out of the way.

Jen, you can be done.
Guys, we're up.

- If these guys want to stay up
all night chasing these girls...

- Boo-boo-boo!

- I kind of just want
to get out of here

because I'm tired of cleaning
their drool off the deck.

♪ ♪

- We're going with
a gold theme tonight.

- I think they'll like it.

- Um, I'll get you down
in the cabins.

- Yeah.
- I can do service on my own.

The guest cabins are
a nightmare.

They have so many suitcases,
and everything is everywhere.

Julia can help Tiffany,
to give her a break

and let her know
that I am supporting her.

So both you guys
smash the cabins,

and, Tiffany?
- Yeah.

- Can you get off at 9:30,

- Yeah, I'll try.
- Thank you.

Is there anything we need
on the table?

- I will.
- Food, I am so happy right now.

- Hannah, you got girls
coming up.

- Copy.
- Oh, it's so pretty.

It's very pretty.

- Okay, so, dude,
best charter evers, or what?

- Dude, they're smoking, man.
- I know.

- That's the devil's temptation
right there.

- I know, I know, I know.
- [exhales]

- It's important that
we hold that professional image.

All right,
I'm gonna leave you to it.

I'm gonna wake up,
like, super early.

Basically, you're off, but why
would you want to go to bed now?

- Yeah.
- Right.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- All right, shrimp away,
please, babes.

- Oh, my lanta.
- Wow.

- Boiling Crab status.
I love it.

- What is this?
It's black.

- Eggplant.
- That's what it is, thank you.

- Is there, like,
an appropriate way to do this?

'Cause I'm gonna eat
with my hands.

- Okay, Morgan, I have to ask.

What is going on
with you and Daniel?

- He's cool.
- Yeah?

- Yeah, he's a gentleman.

- No lie, though.

Bobby's kind of hot.

[slow funky music]

- Hey, how you doing, girl?

- Good, what's up with you?

- I'm getting tired, actually.

I've just expelled
so much energy.

- Flirting?
- How are the girls doing?

- Flirting?
I'm just being me.

I did make a really
deep connection with Morgan.

- Aww.
- She's just so cool.

I haven't met a girl
that's got that kind of energy.

Her--her vibe.

- Hey, I'm glad you're up.
- ♪ Poor little Danny boy ♪

- I need you up at 5:00.

Danny is gonna be the late guy.

- Bobby, take through the night
kind of things that you do,

- Okay.

- Give 'em the chairs,
check the anchor,

like, you know, and help out
the girls in any way.

- Cool.
- All right, good night, guys.

- Bobby, don't stay up too late.

- You doing okay?
- I guess so.

♪ ♪

- So is it a beach lunch, yeah?
- We need to pack a little lunch

to send on the tinder.

- I'm actually gonna have
to work tomorrow morning.

- How horrible.

- I've got to pay
for my sins somehow,

don't I, darling?

- "Don't I, darling?"

- Um, all right,
anything else before I go?

- No.

- Are you still working?
- No, I'm off.

- Are you tired?
- Yeah.

- I can't sleep well at night.
- Why?

- I swear, it's because
I'm not drinking before bed.

- I was considering starting
to drink before my shift.

- [laughs]

- I'm getting all
the sháá jobs.

I'm just, like, really homesick
and sad and...

- Tired.
- Extremely tired.

10% of the time,
Bryan is decent and he's normal,

but the other 90% of the time,

he's just condescending,
uptight, and aggressive.

- I wish we could
take this thing back to America.

Can we?
How--how long would that take?

- Like, three weeks.
- I should drug you all

and put it on autopilot
to America.

- [laughs]

- Did the girls mention anything
to you about Katie's birthday?

- Mm-hmm.

- Are we gonna do anything
for that?

- Sushi,
and then we're getting bow ties

for you guys
to do topless dinner service.

- Did I ask?

It's my interior, honey.


- Sure, yeah.
- That sounds good.

- I'm the kind of guy,

I gotta have a belly
full of food before I go to bed.

- Completely.
- Yeah.

♪ ♪

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

- Midnight snack time.

- Oh, whoa.
- Wow, you made it so fancy.

- Oh, it's so pretty.
- We could have totally

just eaten
out of a leftover bowl.

- Had it out of the thingy.
- You're on a super yacht.

- Aww.
- You're so sweet.

- That's what I get paid for.

- Okay, what are these peas?

- They're capers.
- Crapers--er, capers.

- [laughs]

- Hey, Cap.
- Hey.

- Think you guys are ahead
of it?

- Yep.

[wood bangs]
Getting everything ready...

for tomorrow.
- [grunts]

- Okay, see you tomorrow.
- All right.

- Thanks, Cap.
All right, I'll polish these,

if you want to put these towels
away and wipe this down.

Clean everything up.
- Cool.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


- Damn it, Danny.

Where the fááá are you?

Damn it.

- You guys came out really cool,

but you're all so much fun
and exciting.

- Yeah, and we're all
so different.

- I haven't met anyone like you.
- Really?

- No, no.
- What do you--why?

What do you mean?
- I don't know.

I like your vibe, you know?
- Thank you.

I like your vibe too.
- Do you really?

- Absolutely, it's very nice.
- [laughs softly]

What's up, Bobby?
- Dude, we got a lot of sháá

to get taken care of.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, okay.

- Good job.
- It's--it's a mess everywhere.

We gotta clean it up.
- Even if these girls go to bed,

I'm gonna stay up all night

until I get it done.
It's my job.

- Yeah, we got a long day

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I'll hug you.

- Thank you.
- All right, you too.

You have a good night.
- You too.

- We just got chewed out
by Captain a couple days ago

and you're over here
sitting on your ass

lounging around
like a charter guest,

but you're not a charter guest.

You're a deckhand
that needs to be working.

- Hey, girls.

Coming up...

I could kiss you right now.

- I'm gonna kiss you.
- So sneaky.

- [laughs]
- Un-fáááing-believable.

- Yo, I feel you.
- Mm.

[quirky music]

- Hey, girls.
- Look how happy you are.

- [sighs]
- You making fun of us

for eating?
- No, no, no.

- I eat all the time.
- No, me too.

I like to eat, but I've been,

I'll say, distracted.

♪ ♪

- What a surprise.
Danny's there.

I have noticed that
Danny is going above and beyond

the formalities
of the deckhand position.

Lap dog is the only thing
that comes to mind.

- I'm going to bed.

- I don't want to be over there.
I want to be here.

- Where?
- New experiences,

new friends...

I love who I work with.
- It's not work.

It's not work.
- I've come to connect

with these people more than,
like, my real friends back home.

- Yeah, yeah, that's so cool.
- Yeah.

- These girls are actually
staying up because of Danny.

I just want to go to bed.

Can I grab you for one second
with me?

- No, yeah, all right.

I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go.


What's up?

- Okay, I'll end it right now.

I didn't think
about that at all.

For some reason, I only thought
it was me that had to go to bed.

I thought when you were done,
you were--you were done.

That's my fáááing fault.
I'm sorry.

- It's tedious.
The first few hours were funny,

and now it's just
pissing me off.

- I do have to get back to work,
and let my teammate sleep

and all that stuff.
- And you need to help them too.

So this is a hand hug--
no, put 'em up.

- What--wait, what're we doing?
- So straight.

- Straight.
- Hand hug.

- Hand hug.
- That's a hand hug.

That's beautiful.
- All right, cool.

- Good night.
- Good night.

[upbeat electronic music]

♪ ♪

- [whistling]

- All deck crew,
the photographer's here.

- "Good morning, Vietnam!"
- Good morning.

- I'm so tired.
- I'm working on

getting the girls to the beach.
Drinks, snacks...

- I am relieved to see Tiffany
putting a bit more effort in.

- Can we start pulling lunch?
- Sounds good.

I think there's,
like, a long way to go,

but, uh, it does
relieve the pressure

off myself and Julia a bit.

- What else do we need?
- Do you have orange juice

in there for the mimosas?
- Yeah.

- Perfect.

- Kalimera. Kalimera.

[speaking Greek]

- [laughs]

- Did Daniel's earpiece break?

- Right.

- Yeah, I'm just gonna
go wake him up.

He's screwing up.
It's a maturity thing.

He's got a lot
of growing up to do,

and he's--better
get the picture quick.

Daniel, son.

Rise and shine, buddy.
- Yeah?

- All right, can you get on deck
in 15 minutes?

- You got it, bud.
- All right,

I'll see you out there.
- All right.

Like, where's my seven,
eight hours, man?

- Wake up.

- The only thing that's
motivating me right now is

those pretty little ladies
up there,

and I think they need
some assistance.

- You have a good sleep?
- I did.

- Just a little heads up,
I've got something cool planned

for tonight for her birthday.
- Yay.

Oh, good,
she's gonna be so excited.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
[both laugh]

- You look excited too.
- Oh, I'm so excited.

- These girls,
well, they're just all giddy

and, you know,
loving the experience,

but I reckon a lot of them

will not be back
on a super yacht,

so, I mean, it's good stuff.

[all laughing]
- You know, just when you think,

"It can't get any better."

- Awesome.
- Yes.

♪ ♪

- I'm up.
I'm up.

How you ladies doing
this morning?

- Working hard...
both: Or hardly working?

- Hardly.
- Hardly?

- No, I'm working.
I'm working.

- [grunts]

- Fáááing hell, what a mess.
- Yeah, under the ball one.

- Yo, hold on, they look like
they need my help, all right?

I'll talk to you ladies
in a bit.

Damn, girl, looking fine.

- Hey, I'm like, 'How are you?"
Like, "Whoo."

- Whoo.

Take a picture.

- Daniel.
- Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, coming,

coming, coming, coming.

- I don't want to see
your phone anymore.

- You got it.
- Period.

Also, I heard you were sitting

on the salon couch
chatting away...

when you're supposed to be
on night watch,

going over the boat,
and that's not cool.

This isn't
middle school summer camp.

- We offer hospitality,

and that's why we also get tips.

I just have a certain way
of doing things

that maybe someone else
doesn't do.

- Have fun and be yourself,
you know,

but I just want you
to just remain professional.

Thanks, Dan.

- Caprese salad, salmon,

and bread, yeah?

- Daniel, you want to help them
on the boat, please.

- Oh, thank you.
- Napkins, cake decorations--

don't need that, plate bowls,
serving stuff for the salad.

- Here we go.
- Bon voyage.

- What's up, Jen?

- Jen, yeah, look after
those Jet Skis, all right?

- It's always something.
[both laugh]

- Deck crew, Hannah,
their lunch is ready

to go to the beach when you are.
- [yelps]

- [laughs]

- Don't forget the lunch, eh?

- [grunts]

- Really?
- Oh, crap.

- Sháá, pull us in--I know.

- Look out, on deck.

I'm really hoping that,
uh, Julia and Tiff are able

to stop them from tripping
over their own tongue.

Good luck with your shoot.
- Waitress.

- [laughs]

- Whoo.

- Amazing.

- Let's get started.

[upbeat dance music]

- Time for fun.

♪ ♪

- This looks great.
Perfect setup.

- Thank you.

- So let me see you.

I want you to enjoy and play.


♪ ♪

- Awesome.
- Cheers.

- Wha--oh.
- Oh!


- I definitely feel like
a weight has been lifted

now that Hannah and I
are getting along.

Like, she doesn't feel like
she has to babysit me,

and I'm getting to be outside.

Got a little bit of vitamin D.

I'm in heaven.

- Good?
- Yeah.

- Everyone's having fun still?
- Yeah, um...

I can't get too close
to these girls,

or I'm gonna get in trouble.
- Yeah.

- [laughs]

- Yeah.

[quirky upbeat music]

- Do you have to do this
when you work?

- We don't have to Hula-Hoop.
- No, okay, right.

- The more skin
these girls are showing,

the boys are slowly
losing their brain cells,


- [laughing]

- Um, it's kind of--

I, uh...

Hi, Daniel.
[both laugh]

- Don't point

that towards anyone.

There you go.

[indistinct chatter]

- Girls, does everyone know
how to play ultimate football?

- Are you guys playing?
- Yeah, yeah, we'll up in a sec.

We'll join up in a sec.
- In a second, yeah.

Give us a minute.
- Julia, come play.

- I actually used to have a gap.
- Did you?

- Yeah, I had a gap and,
like, a bunch of crooked teeth.

- That's so cute.

I love getting ready
and, like, taking time

to make myself look beautiful,

- Well, I appreciate that.
- You like it?

- I could kiss you right now...
- [laughs]

- But I don't think
I'm allowed to.


- Yeah, life is pretty painful,

but it's so pleasurable too.

- Namaste.

- Yeah, I do.

I know I shouldn't
be doing this, but...

I got butterflies,

and last time I had butterflies
was, like, high school.

- So sneaky.
- [chuckles]

[both smooching]

- Shut the fááá up.
- Right back, right back.

Here you go.

- I've been dying to do that.

I'm here, girl.
- I'm here.

[both laugh]

- Un-fáááing-believable.

- Yo, I feel you.
- I feel you too, man.

- Next on "Below Deck Med"...

- How's your boyfriend?
- He's good.

I think he's really missing me.
- Don't you get frustrated,

like, being away too--
- Like what?

- [laughs]
- Bobby!

- Yes?
- Come get your shirt.

Working on the yacht,
it is a big distraction.

- Thanks for looking out.

- Always got your back.

I've dated a captain;
I've dated a first mate;

but I haven't dated a chef.

- We're fáááing working, dude.
- I'm working.

- No, you're not.
- I'm working with Ben.

You're making a fáááing poem
for a chick that's crying.

- Is this something
that's been building

since they've been on board?
- Yes.

- We're here to serve them,
entertain them.

But we're not here
to connect with them.

- You want me

to send him to bed?
- Yeah.

- Since you don't have Danny, do
you need an extra hand out here?

This is an opportunity for me.
- What's going on?

Lock that line up!
- I'm sorry, dude.

- I can't have somebody
on my team that I can't trust.

- [sniffles]
- And I don't trust you.