Below Deck Mediterranean (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - That Was Very Greek of Us - full transcript

For the final charter, an all-male group brings their own set of demands, and an exhausted crew must struggle to keep up. After weeks of building frustration, the girls band together to ...

Previously this season on
"Below Deck Mediterranean...'"

Welcome to Greece!

- The Med is definitely
- the hub of yachting.

14, 15, 18,000 Euros.

All: Yay!

- Are we going from,
- like, screaming at me

To asking me on a date?

Oh, my God!

You touched my butthole.

I have a chance with her.

Like, holy cow.

- I've been with my boyfriend
- for two years.



- Bobby is one of those, like,
- men that you could just, like,

Sit with a cup of tea

and just observe.

- Tiffany, if only
- everyone could be

As beautifully mannered as you.

It's nice to have

female company

and not have to be

obligated to anything.

The boat is certainly not

a place to party and get drunk.

Have you ever been on a yacht?

- You can't take girls
- to the boat.

I've given you so many

f... ing second chances,

it's ridiculous.

- No, Jen.
- Your knots don't exist.

- There's no such thing
- as a "Jen knot."

Bryan is misogynistic.


I'm over him.

Let's take a picture.

- Daniel, I don't want to see
- your phone anymore, period.

- Shut your baboon face,
- f... ing ass, bro.

You're off the boat

within an hour.

- You're riding
- on these donkeys.

There he is.

An ass riding an ass.

Let's do it!

All: Cheers!


Where are you from?

- Come and join the fun!
- This is ridiculous.

- You never bring a girl
- back to a yacht.

You've been flirting with me

all f... ing season.

My boyfriend...

Is a f... ing pussy!

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

Why the f... do you care?

Let me get in trouble.

- Danny got away
- with f... ing murder,

And you guys stuck up for him,

until the last second.

So f... you, and f... you,

and f... you.

- Are you f... ing kidding me?
- Really?

What are you gonna do, Jen?

- No, are you f... ing
- kidding me?

- Punch me in the face.
- Yeah, I'll save it for this.

Do you think I f... ing care?

- You don't tell me
- to f... myself.

Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen, Jen,

it's not f... ing worth it, okay?

You're a bunch of hypocrites.

I don't care.

If you guys want me off the boat

or on the boat, I don't care.

Yeah, I f... ing do want you

off the f... ing boat.

Okay. Fine.

F... ing ridiculous.

- No, Bobby...
- It's not your fault.

No. F... that.

It's not your fault.

- Thanks, bro, for f... ing
- sticking by me.

I got your back, brother.

What the f... happened?

What the f... just happened?

Those f... ing morons.

Why the f... do those

girls even care?

That's what's pissing me off.

Because they're jelly, bro.

They're peanut butter and jelly.

- That was f... ed up.
- I'm sorry.

- Did you make out
- with the girl?

- I did.
- Did you get some tongue?

- I got some tongue.
- Did you get some titty action?

I didn't get any titties.

Awww, well, that's your bad.

Let it go.

So f... ing done.

- I just wanted to get f... ing
- laid, God damn it.

- I'm angry you're
- bringing a girl back?

Are you f... ing serious?

And Bryan was defending it.

Hey, give 'em my thanks.

Thank you. I'm sorry, guys.

He wants to say, "F... you."

You're jealous."

- Jealous? Are you kidding me?
- "You're jealous."

I got it. I got it.

He's aggressive.


Don't even... don't let him

affect you.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪


[sobbing continues]

♪ ♪

Last night was ridiculous.

Why were you getting so angry?

Why did you make out with Ben?

Shh. No one knows that.

Ben was a great kisser.

- I don't know
- what's to come of it.

- It might just be, like,
- a one night thing,

But I'm open to see

where it goes.

My head hurts.

My boyfriend is...

Is a f... ing pussy!

Oh, God.

So f... you, and f... you,

and f... you.

♪ ♪

God, what did I say to Hannah

and Julia last night?

Hey, what's up, Jen?

Did you have fun last night?

For most of it, yeah.

For most of it?


- Yeah, it got a little ugly
- towards the end, didn't it?

That was unfortunate.


Did you end up

taking that girl home?


- All I remember is, everyone
- was yelling at me,

And I was yelling

at everybody else,

all because of some

f... ing chick.

We're just trying

to protect you.

- You can't bring girls
- back to the boat.

I'm disgusted at myself.

The girls are right,

and I regret every minute of it.

Yeah, it was definitely

not the best call,

- and even though
- I was on your side...

Yeah, you vouched for that.

Bryan's clearly a hypocrite,

and it shows that the rules

don't apply to some of us.

I yelled at Jen last night.

I'm sorry, Jen.

I'm sorry for charging you.

Jen was ready to square up.

- You really need
- to apologize to Julia.

She's pissed.

You said some s...


- I really f... ed things up
- with Julia.

- She's going to go home
- to London in a week,

And I may never see her again.

Don't you love that?

Waking up in the morning...

All kinds of

"what the f... happened?"


- Well, it was a good night
- last night,

- As far as I'm concerned,
- for the most part.

Until the very end.

And, uh...

less is more for us.

So no issues last night?

We're good.


- I already miss Danny.
- I know.

We had a shot in his honor.

Good for you.

- Oh, it's up... I think
- that you put it up there.

I found one on the floor.

- I think I'm just going
- to watch a film.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I love you, too.

[upbeat music]

♪ ♪



Tiffany's a cool girl.

It doesn't surprise me

in the slightest

that there is zero awkwardness

between us right now.

- You must be
- in a good mood, right?


Can I talk to you at least?

No. Don't bug me.

I'm really sorry.

I just remember

being kind of attacked

because I was with a chick.

I can't handle somebody I care

about, like you, yelling at me,

- and calling me these
- disgusting names,

- And things like that when I'm
- trying to help you, you know?

I'm sorry, I said things

I should never have said,

and I did not mean it.

And I literally...

I felt sick to my stomach,

and I was ashamed.

I'm really sorry.

Do you want a hug?

I'm sorry.

- There's a lot of people
- that would have gone

- To the captain last night,
- after what had happened,

But to me there's

an unspoken code in yachting.

Protect your crewmates.

I feel really bad.

♪ ♪

Hannah, Ben, and Bryan,

could you all come to the bridge

for a preference sheet meeting

in five minutes?

So our last charter

of the season.

Woop. Woop.

- Chris Reed is our
- primary charter client.

Started a home brew of ginger

beer in Venice, California.

Turned it into

a publicly traded empire.

He is bringing a group of his

highest-earning salesmen

on this charter as a reward

for all their hard work.

- They probably won't
- want to get smashed

- In front of their boss.
- In front of the boss.

- Yeah, exactly.
- Great point.

Unless their boss gets smashed

and doesn't remember anything.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Um, this starts here

and ends in Naxos,

- and on the way up
- we're going to stop

And do the beach picnic

and water toys day.


Beach picnic.

So we're in Greece.

It's windy season,

but you know what?

Last preference sheet

of the season.

Bring it on. Let's go.

- Is he going to bring
- his own ginger beer?

- He's going to try.
- That's awesome.

If they can clear

customs with it.

- Last charter.
- It should be good, right?

Let's make this a good one.

- Yeah.
- Thank you, Captain.



Oh, Bobby, I can't even...

Can I please just talk

to you for a second?


I'm scared to death that

I ruined things with Julia.

I'm a dog with his tail

between his legs.

I screwed up, and I got

a lot of making up to do.

I know you hate me.

I'm really... I'm disgusted

with myself about last night.


I know I hurt you.

- From the bottom of my heart,
- I'm so sorry.

What you said

is just not true.

I wasn't jealous one bit.

- I wouldn't have cared less
- if you'd brought her on or not...

I know. I know.

But I wouldn't even mind

if you just went at me,

but to bring my boyfriend

into it is really hurtful.

As it is, it's a hard

enough situation.

My job is putting him

through a lot.

I signed up for this,

but he didn't.

Do you know what I mean?

What is in your pocket?

Oh, never mind.

I really care about you.

You've actually got a little

piece of my heart, honey.

I wouldn't even mind
if you just went at me,

- but to bring my boyfriend
- into it is really hurtful.

I know.

My job is putting him

through a lot.

I signed up for this,

but he didn't.

Do you know what I mean?

You're the last person

I wanted to hurt,

and I hurt you the most.

God, it's just all

messed up, isn't it?

I'm ashamed of myself,

and I'm really sorry.

- And I hope that
- you can forgive me

By the time the charter's over.

I just think it's going

to change things a little bit.

Do you know what I mean?

- Like, I've seen a total
- different side to you

- That I didn't even
- know that you had.

[dramatic music]

Bobby's anger is just one step

too far for me.

I totally understand.

I don't need any more friends.

It's enough.

♪ ♪

He just apologized.

I just feel so drained

right now.

- I know.
- Like, ugh.

I'm just seriously over it all.

[upbeat music]

Guys, what I'd like for you

to do is the bow area.

Just sort of clean that up.


- What time are they
- coming still?

- Noon.
- Yep. Okay.

- So we're going
- to tender them in from the...

Yeah. From this dock.

- We're going
- to load 'em on here?

Okay. Great.

♪ ♪

How are Bobby and Jules doing?


He's such a sweetheart.

I know.

- He feels so bad.
- I know he does.

It's really up to Jules now

to just forgive him, and...

It's not just for her, hey?

He was a f... ing dick to me

and Jen as well.

Yeah, I know, but I think he

was especially rude to her.


But at the end of the day,

we're rudest to the people

we love and care about, so...


- You know, it's really
- a compliment.

- Is that why you're so mean
- to me all the time?

- 'Cause you love me so much?
- It could be, baby.

It could be.

Don't bank on it,

but you might be right.

Oh, I'm tired.

♪ ♪

All crew. All crew.

Guests will be arriving

in five minutes.

Oh, let's get it done, Tiff.

Bobby, is that them?

I don't know.

Whoo, last time.

Land ho.

How sweet it is. Yeah.

♪ ♪

- Hi.
- Hello. How are you?

Welcome aboard.

David Howard.

Mark. Howard.

- Bryan.
- Bob.

Good to see you.

- I seriously don't think any
- charter could beat the last one.

Like, they were at the top

of my asshole list,

so bring on the last charter.

Let's go.

- How you doing, Bob?
- I'm Bob.

- And I also have that shirt.
- Great.


Oh, boy.

We've got some great weather.

- Got some great things
- planned for you.

- We're going to do a little bit
- of beach stuff today.

Do our barbecue.

- And have you guys ever done
- SeaBobs before?

- No.
- No.


- I've done Bob,
- but not SeaBobs.



- Well, you're going to be
- the first one.


- We'll have to get you
- a new T-shirt

That says, "I'm Sea Bob."


Okay, Hannah's going to give

you a little bit of a quick

- tour of the boat,
- and show you where things are,

A little safety stuff,

and then we will get underway.

- Thank you.
- Fabulous ship.

- Cheers.
- Nice.

Oh, this is gorgeous.

- It's the nicest place
- on board, I think.

They'll actually hang out

- wherever you put
- the liquor here.

- This is weird.
- Boxes?

- It's probably their ginger
- beers, and cups, and stuff.

Oh, yeah.

You're going to have

to watch your head.

I hate to do that.

♪ ♪

State room here.

Straight on to the master.

Well, I'm already lost.

Are we snuggle buddies?

Who, you and me?

Is there a room with two beds?

♪ ♪

No. Sorry.

Does that... does that pull out?

Let's see.


Yes, yes, oh, yes!

- Oh!
- That's what I'm talking about.

- I want to take them home,
- wrap them in a bow,

And then pull them out

- whenever anyone asks
- what Americans are like.

They're just so cool.

How are you guys,

in terms of hunger?

A little bit hungry.

We ate this morning

at 9:00, so...

- Three hours without food.
- Oh, my God.

Okay, we've got, like,

45 minutes cruising time,

so we're looking at lunch

at about 3:30.

If you need anything else,

you can come to me.


Bobby and I are up

on the forepeak.

Bring in those lines.

Oh, pull it.

He's ready.

- Okay, Captain,
- we're all free.

- Okay, great, thanks.
- What a scene, huh?

Yeah. This is beautiful.

♪ ♪

Do you know your drinks?

I know a Moscow Mule

and Dark 'n Stormy.

What about Sambuca

and ginger beer?

- I have not heard
- about that one.

Later we'll try it

and see if it works.

♪ ♪

Oh, there you are... I want to

do this fish for lunch.

It's the only opportunity

I'll ever be able to display it

as a whole.

I don't know what the f...

To do with a whole fish.

- Oh, I thought you did.
- Sorry about that.


It's pretty easy.

I mean, okay...

- Aren't you coming
- to the beach?

Okay, fine.

I'll just get driven in,

and I'll serve it for them.

- I'm just getting another quick
- bite to eat, darling.

Oh, babe, whatever you want.


[kissing noises]

That little sparkle in his eye.

He's just so loveable.


Looking fresh to death.

Oh, yeah.


I always thought

Tiffany was cute,

and I did like her,

ever since she walked

on the boat.




Can I have some

of that sauce, porfa?

- [French accent]
- The sauce is a fancy sauce.

- [French accent]
- It's a nice sauce.

Whose are these?

Probably Daniel's.

The fallen loser.

It's typical

of Bryan's character

to attack someone

- while they're gone
- and can't defend themselves.

He just brought

a lot of bad, bad juju.

And the way he would sit here,

and eat, and, like, slop, and...

Yeah, yeah.


Such a turd.

- Should we start packing
- everything away,

- And then we'll get
- the coolers ready?

- Yeah.
- These picnics, hey.

♪ ♪

Let's drop one shot

whenever you're ready.

- All right, Captain.
- Dropping one shot now.

♪ ♪

- All right, Cap.
- I got one shot out.

- Copy that.
- All hands on deck.

We just need some help packing

for the beach picnic.

♪ ♪

This is a lot of work.

They're taking care of us.

That's what they do.

- What do you think, girls?
- Can you work with this?

♪ ♪

- I thought where, like,
- that bit is.

- You know, where...
- Well, look, we'll go in.

- And then we'll go for a quick
- walk, and have a look.

Well, when we get out

everyone needs to help

- getting all this s... out
- as fast as we can.

- So what if we decide
- we want to do it over there?

- Well, then you're
- going to walk it.

- That's f... ing stupid,
- but okay.

Bryan... he's got this ego on him

that I don't even know

if he can control,

and to be honest

it's getting old.

- Pass me... yeah.
- Here, assembly line.

Okay, Bobs.

Do you need your shoes,

or are you going back?

- You need a little more creamer
- than that, or is that good?

- No, that's good.
- Thank you very much.

You going in?

- I think we're going to want
- to be dried off

Before we go to the beach.

Julia, this isn't gonna work.

It's too windy.

Their stuff's gonna fly off

the table.

- I think we should at least
- give the guests the option

Of not going ahead with this.

Mark, Mark. Hannah.

Go ahead.

- This is not going to be
- a comfortable,

Nice experience for them.

The wind is too strong,

so if you can maybe

just have a chat and gauge

- about whether they actually
- want to go ahead with this,

That would be awesome.

Copy that.

- I wouldn't want to sit
- and have lunch here.

- Got a little bit
- of current there, guys?

Oh, yeah.

Nice job.

The advance crew is in there

trying to set up,

and it is so windy that

we're just a little concerned.

- I don't want you guys
- going there

- And have food blowing
- all over you.

- So you want to just bring it
- back to the boat or what?

- We don't care.
- Whatever happens.

- We'll picnic right here.
- Okay, good.

Beautiful spot, huh?

Yeah, it's amazing.


Is this the primary coming?

- Hannah, Hannah.
- Copy.

- They're fine with
- having lunch on board.

Oh! Okay, cool.

- Thank you.
- Bryan, Bryan. Hannah.

- Could you come
- and bring the tender in?

- We're going to get this s...
- Back on the boat.

Copy that... on my way.

Beach picnic terminated.

- And this is why I said, "Let's"
- not unpack the tender yet.

"Let's go and gauge."

Three, two, one.

- It's too windy... they're gonna
- bring it back on the boat.

After all that.

After all that.

♪ ♪

Here, girls.

- We'll get this.
- You guys can go inside and...

Thank you.

♪ ♪

How long have I got?

Like, five minutes.

Five minutes?

- Yeah, yeah.
- It's not very long, though.

♪ ♪

We just want to see if we can

give you some

constructive criticism.

- What we're trying to come
- from was just,

For the future,

treat women as equals.

[upbeat music]

- Here, girls.
- We'll get this.

You guys can go inside.

Thank you.

How long have I got?

Like, five minutes.

Five minutes?


It's not very long, though.

I did actually account

for a 45-minute beach setup,

so my back's against the wall.

- I'm so sorry about the delay
- and everything.

All right.

♪ ♪


Bloody hell.


♪ ♪

- You guys can be seated.
- All right.

Wherever the windiest spot is,

put that gentleman.

♪ ♪

- Chris, would you like
- a glass of red?

No thank you, ma'am.

We are the luckiest

son of a bitches on Earth.

I mean, look at where the hell

we are right now,

and you guys have earned

every second of being here.

To you guys.

- Well, thanks for this
- opportunity, Chris.

- Yeah. All right.
- [bottles clinking]

♪ ♪

- All right.
- See how we go with that.

- Ginger and lime sauce?
- Yes, please.

- Okay, thank you.
- Dressing.



That guy can cook.

- Did they like lunch?
- Yes, they did.

Thank you, darling.

- All right, babes.
- Thanks.

♪ ♪

Just vodka and a splash

of ginger ale?


There you go.

Yeah, well, take it easy.


All crew. All crew.

- The guests are departing early
- tomorrow morning.

- We need to pull the chain
- and head back to Naxos now.

Let's go, Bobby... it's the last

anchor of the season, brother.

This anchor's in the pocket.

- Good work, Bobby.
- That's it.

- Thank you.
- [laughing]

That's crazy.

♪ ♪

It feels like we're near

the end, doesn't it, Ben?

We are, babe.

- I can't wait to go back home
- and have normality.

Of course.

How are you and Bobster doing?

He's apologized,

- and everyone was
- liquor-fueled...

- Do you know what I mean...
- That night.


- I just never thought
- Bobby had that side of him.

I don't know... to go at girls

like that... I didn't expect it.

Yeah, it was a little... I mean,

it was a lot of booze-induced...

I don't know why he personally

attacked me out of everyone.

Do you know what I mean?

- Because he has the most amount
- of feelings for you.


Bob, do a little Donald Duck.

If I can make it

to 70 years old,

and look as good as Bob,

and have as much energy as Bob,

I'd be a happy man.

[duck voice] Bye-bye.


♪ ♪

Let me slip right in here.

No kidding.

- I'm getting
- faster at this now.

- A 20-minute job
- instead of an hour.

Look at the sunset, man.

You're with the guys.

Sunset is not that pretty.

Sunset's not a guy thing?


♪ ♪


That's my job.

I know.

I hope I'm doing it right.

♪ ♪

Bryan, are you all set up

for lines and fenders?

- Yep, we're set up
- for lines and fenders.

Let's rock this s...

♪ ♪

That looks pretty safe, guys.

Fun last docking.


Did you sit in my seat?

- What are we, in high school?
- Sit down.

- Here, everybody.
- Hands together.

- Hands together in the middle.
- Hands together.

- Excuse me, wait a minute.
- One, two, three.

All: Om...


All right.

♪ ♪

So this is toro tuna

with jalapeño and sesame,

and this one is octopus

with ginger and tomato.

- Looks good. Thanks.
- Wow.


Octopus is delicious.

Oh, my God.

This is, like, awesome.

Man, just I didn't expect

to have great food.

- I expected to have good food,
- but this guy is,

Like, on a high level.

No, no, no.

High-level chef.


- What's that?
- I'll wash up.

That's okay, just do whatever.

- It's cool, it's cool.
- I'll do it.

- Don't worry.
- I'll do it.

You sure?


Julia is so sensitive

that I don't think

it's going to be possible

for her to forgive me,

and it's eating me up.

- What time would you
- like breakfast?

- 10:30.
- 10:30?

- Yeah.
- Okay. Done.

Sweet dreams, boys.

- I've never had a better
- evening in my life.

- The best experience.
- Oh!

Can I sleep out here?

Uh, yeah?

- Is that frowned upon?
- No.

Where do you want to sleep?

- Well, I was going to
- sleep up there.

- I don't want to put
- you out there.

No. Good night.

I just want to ask you honestly

what your kind of opinion

is on Bryan,

after all this?

I think that he's loyal

and he's, like,

a cool guy to go out with.

- He gets his f... ing
- psycho eyes on.

Yeah, but he... Bryan

doesn't psycho-eye me.

- I don't see it.
- I've never seen it.

- That's 'cause he's
- scared of you,

And he can't intimidate you,

because you don't have a vagina.

- The other night,
- with the crew mess

With Julia, I saw

the aggression, I saw the anger.

- I don't like...
- I don't really

- Appreciate
- the passive-aggressiveness.

Hey, hey, hey, mister.

- You are going way
- too f... ing far.

You need to chill out.

- You don't speak
- to her like that.

I'm not speaking rude.

- Now f... ing get out
- of my face right now.

- When a man treats
- women like that,

I'm not so impressed with them.

I don't respect that,

and that's something

he needs to work on.

After he's had a few drinks

I don't think he has control

over it, to be honest.

- So maybe he needs
- to figure it out.

- You know what?
- He's a kid.

He's 28 years old.

I think he's a psycho.

I consider him a friend.

I really do... I consider

Bryan a friend, you know.

Number two or number three?

No, don't worry.

He's below you.

I'm still at number one?

Of course you are, baby.

Of course you are, darling.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

How you doing?


♪ ♪


- Oh, look at this.
- Oh.

So is this Aunt Jemima's

or real maple syrup?

Oh, it's real.

Real deal.

- Guests departing
- in ten minutes.

- Do you think maybe put it
- back like that?

♪ ♪

- Had a great time.
- Thank you so much.

You're welcome.

Yeah, that was fun.

- Awesome meeting you.
- Thank you very much.

- We'll see you next time.
- As always.

I feel like this is

the best way to end the season.

Thank you very much.

- You take care of all
- these guys now.

- We've had so much fun
- with these guys.

I just... I think

they're f... ing awesome.

Chef, if your food was music,

you'd be Jimi Hendrix.

- Really? Wow.
- Yes.

- Aw!
- I'm serious.

It was just amazing.

- Well, you guys
- were amazing as well.

- You really were.
- Thanks.

- And I can talk
- on everyone's behalf.

Thanks, Captain, so much.

- You guys, thank you very much.
- Amazing boat you have.

And with that, we'd like

to give you guys a tip.

Well, thank you very much.

And I think it reflects

just how much

we loved this experience.

Greatly appreciate it.

Thank you so much, bye!

See you guys!


You heard the man.

I'm Jimi Hendrix.

Okay. Let's go.

Let's go.

♪ ♪

All crew, all crew,

tip meeting in five minutes.

♪ ♪

All: Hey.

Well, gang, we did it.

- You guys have done a great job
- this whole season.

- It's really amazing
- to see everybody

Come together, gel together,

- work together,
- look out for each other.

It's been really cool.

I think this season

has been a success,

but my relationship with Bryan

has never been good,

and it never will be.

We have really created

a charter crew, I think.

- I mean, I'd be happy
- to sail with each

And every one of you again.

Hopefully I will.

This time around we're, um...

[clears throat]

Um, probably the highest we've

gotten for this whole season.

It's 2,000 bucks a person.


All right.

Thanks for a great season.

The money I make at the fire

department doesn't compare

to what I made

working these charters.

It's hard to say "no" to that.


- What a great note to finish
- on, you guys.

There's no Danny fund.

Ended up on a donkey.


- Tonight, the owners
- made an arrangement

- For a little beach
- party afterward.

- All right.
- Oh, awesome.

- All right.
- Okay, thank you, everybody.

- Thank you, Captain.
- Thank you.

♪ ♪

Beach party tonight?

- Hopefully the wind dies
- down, dude.

Which I doubt that'll happen.

- Oh, no.
- My Red Bull!

I think we need

to talk to Bryan.

His whole attitude,

and his aggression,

and the way that he deals

with women...

- I probably would have
- hooked up with Bryan,

- But after the hot tub
- incident...

It was such a turn-off.

The guy really has some issues.

I lost all ounce of respect

- for him the other night.
- Yeah.

- You never bring a girl back
- to a yacht.

- Obviously that's all on
- your head,

- 'Cause I'm not taking
- any responsibility.

- Yeah, it is on me.
- Really?

It is on me.

- Well, I know I've had a couple
- of confrontations with him.

- You know, I didn't know if it
- was from a female point of view,

Or it's like I don't know how he

was with Danny on deck, really.

- Danny took a lot
- of the heat off me.

Why can't you be a "yes" man?

- Why do you have to be such
- a little bitch about everything

- And fight me
- on everything, dude?

- I don't care if he's
- like that with guys.

As a woman, you don't have

someone stand over you

and be that aggressive

and that intimidating.

- He should make a point not to be
- like that with women.

This is not an attack on Bryan.

It's a case of him really having

a good look at himself

and how he's managing his team.

It's much more of a educational

session, if you like.

I f... ing hate these hoses.

- Yeah?
- Bryan, Bryan.

This is Jen.


Any chance you can meet us

in the sky lounge immediately?

- Just me?
- Yeah.

- I'll start us off.
- Okay, good.

Oh, my heart's beating.

- Hello.
- Hey, what's up?

- Do you have a minute?
- Yeah.

We're not here to attack.

- We just want to see if
- we could give you, like,

Some constructive criticism

to, like, work better

with women.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

You have no idea

what you've done to my head.

- Okay, Bobby.
- I love you.

We're not here to attack.

- We just want to see
- if we could give you, like,

Some constructive criticism

to, like, work better

with women.

Come on.


- I was thinking
- about it the other day.

- The person that I've had
- the biggest fights

Out of this entire season

was myself and Ben,

but he didn't make me feel

how you made me feel

in the crew mess

that night with Jules.

[dramatic music]

- I think it could have been
- handled better

On a couple different sides.

You, in your position,

I wish you would have gotten

my back a little bit more.

♪ ♪

I think, Jen,

you felt like maybe

- Bryan's treated you a little bit
- differently to maybe

Bobby on the deck, right?

- I mean, I don't think
- it's an opinion.

I think it's a fact.

You definitely favor Bobby.

- Boom.
- Boom.

That was perfect.

You're staying here, Jen.

- You got to look
- after the tender.


Bobby's an efficient worker.

- There are things that you
- do need to work on

And I've tried to harp on many

times throughout the season.

You kind of told Bobby that

- he was allowed
- to bring a girl back.

You didn't stick up for us.

- It's not about
- the individual situations.

- That's what we're trying
- to get across.

It was the approach.

- What we're trying to come
- from was just,

For the future,

treat women as equals.

♪ ♪

Okay, well,

this has been...


- I just feel like
- you have a wall,

And any, like, opinions

handed to you,

you just shoot them down.

- So I'm not gonna lie and say
- that it feels good.

It actually feels like

we accomplished nothing.

You can tell he's not absorbing

any of the information.

He's just waiting for us

to stop talking,

and he just wants to brush

everything under the rug.

- All right.
- I'm going.

- I've never had this feedback
- before ever in my career.

I've seen first mates be way

more harsh than I ever was.

I feel like this is a bit

ridiculous, to be honest.

- Those chicks all pretty much
- just ganged up on me.

- What?
- Yeah.

What happened?

They were like, - "We just..."

"We want to give you"

some advice

on how you can talk

"to women in the future."

It's like,

"Get out of here, dude."

[driving techno music]

♪ ♪

- Let's get going.
- Whoo!

Final night out.

- You look like you're about
- to knit.


Aw, man.

This is beautiful.

Oh, great.

F..., that lit quickly.

- Captain, you've missed
- some dramas

On these nights out, hey?

Probably for the best.

- Okay, let's make up
- for it tonight.

[all laughing]


We've all had our dramas,

- but at the end
- of the day, like,

- We've all made,
- like, connections.

We got the job done.

We got the job done.

- I can't believe
- it's the end, eh?

- It is. It's gone so fast.
- Isn't it amazing?

- It really has gone
- fast for me.

Does anyone have any highs

of the season?

Yeah, of course.

Keep it short.


The highest of highs

and the lowest of lows, I think.

My highest of high and lowest

of lows was all in one day.


- I'd like to say
- a little something.

Everybody has made their own

individual contribution

to this great season,

and we've come together

- as a crew that
- is pretty amazing.

When you think of eight people

that have never met each other,

never worked with each other,

we've got a strange boat,

we all get thrown in,

and here we are.

Bryan, you've been able to keep

the whole deck department

thing together.

Everybody's experience has

really come full force here.

- I mean, that's all I can say.
- All: Aw.

- And I would like
- to thank you

- As well for being
- a great captain,

- And you really
- were a pleasure.

- It's really been
- a wonderful season.

Yes, it has.

- Okay, group hug.
- Here we go, guys.

- Big hug.
- Don't...

- Let's try not
- to burn our asses here.

[all laughing]

- I feel like I'm on fire,
- though.

It's really lovely to see

we're all leaving

on a high note.

Don't know necessarily

if it's a shame that Danny

could not be here right now.

It's probably not.

What have we got?

Jaeger and vodka.

- Jaeger bomb.
- Do we mix 'em together?

- So you're gonna do Jaeger
- and then the Red Bull.

Cheers, guys.

To a good season, baby!

[energetic music]

♪ ♪

- Actually,
- I'm gonna run out of here.

- Aw!
- You're out of here again?

Yeah, - I'm gonna get back

- So I can get the boat
- moved in the morning.

- Bye!
- I'll see you in a minute.

- I'll see you soon.
- All right, Captain.

- I'll see you back at base.
- Okay.

- Thank you so much
- for your hard work.

Thanks for your understanding.

- You girls have been
- absolutely amazing.

- Aw!
- Thanks, Mom.

- Fanny!
- Aw!

- Fanny.
- [laughing]

- Don't normally
- get along with girls,

But I feel like me and Hannah

and Julia,

we've come a long way.

Julia, we're burning

the night dresses.

Number one.

Number two.


- Number three.
- Burn!

- Burn, burn, burn.
- Burn.

- Now we're all gonna
- get lung cancer.

- I've already got it,
- I think.


Burn, baby, burn!

[laughter and chatter]

Holy cow, guys. It's over.

It's so over.

It's in the books forever.

It's in the books.

Can we have one

last snuggle tonight?

- I'm gonna snuggle
- everyone tonight.

Just be warned.

[lively music]

♪ ♪

- I'll make myself
- another drink.


♪ ♪

What's up, baby?

- Excuse me, could we
- get a drink please?

A double vodka with

Red Bull please, honey bunny.

Red Bull with vodka.

Hey, babe.

Hey, honey. How are you?

It's a little bittersweet.

I've never really felt

this before, to be honest...

- Yeah?
- On seasons. No.

Usually I'm just, like,

chomping at the bit

just so I can leave,

but now I don't feel like that.

I'm not gonna be - hanging out

With Benny in the f... ing

galley every day and...

- I know.
- Thank you very much.

- You're welcome.
- Cheers, my love.

Cheers, baby.

- I adore you.
- You know that.

I know.



I adore you.



♪ ♪

So sweet.

I'm gonna miss you too.

But, like, honey,

you know I love you, hey?

You've actually got a little

piece of my heart, honey.

I really care about you.

Well, thank you.

It's so difficult sometimes

with our positions.

- I really did want
- to be closer to you.

I really did.

- I have to, like,
- draw the line a little bit,

- And I don't want
- to get too close,

Because you kind of...

- Yeah, but we already
- are too close.

- You kind of surrender
- a little bit, you know?

- 'Cause you love me
- and I love you.


We're already too close.

- I don't think I've ever
- really felt the way

I feel about Ben for anyone

in this world, to be honest.

It's a very interesting feeling.

[romantic music]

♪ ♪

Thank you.

Pleasure, treasure.

You guys need anything?

We'll be right back.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey.

Hi, Benny.

Are you f... ing kidding me?

- I got more than just
- the tip last night.


[upbeat music]

♪ ♪


- See, I think that's fun.
- It was fun.

- It's funny.
- It's boys being boys.

- It's boys, isn't it?
- It's boys.

I'm so drunk.


I can't leave Greece without

telling Julia my feelings.

- I never want to be haunted
- by, you know, "What if?"

What if I didn't tell her?

- Why are they leaving
- the bay?

I have no idea,

- but I'm gonna take
- advantage of this.

Oh, Bobby.

It's all right.

No, it's not.

Like, I feel like I can't

even say "I'm sorry" enough.

Like, you're the last person

I would ever want to do that to

or say those things.

We've all got drunk before

and said things, like,

you don't mean or whatever.

It's fine.

You know, I felt really bad.

I still feel bad.

There's no reason to bring

your boyfriend into it,

and my actions

weren't acceptable.

I was jealous.

I'm so jealous.

I've been looking for you

for a long time.

You have no idea

what you've done to my head.

Every day I wake up,

I can't wait till you wake up.

Bobby, stop.

I love you.

I... I do.

Like, I've fallen for you

in six weeks.

- You can't throw that
- word around, though.

I don't throw

this word around.

It's your fault.


You made me feel this way.

I made you feel this way?


Okay, Bobby.

You're such a strong woman.

- You're not gonna
- cheat on him.

- You're not gonna
- be dishonest,

And that's what I've been

looking for for forever.

And I'm so jealous,

because you have no idea

how many times, like,

I've been played.

They were in love with me,

and then they throw me down,

and it sucks, you know.

- I mean, there's nothing
- I can do about it.

I'm just gonna be the guy

that loves a girl

that ain't nothing

gonna happen from it.

You know, you are, like,

such a vibrant character.

You know that.


- Well, before they come here,
- give me one last hug.

- Let's get back to the boat.
- Yeah?


Burn, bitch, burn.

♪ Ba-da-bum, ba-ba-ba ♪

Look at how drunk

Bryan is.

- He doesn't know
- when he's f... ed.

- Like, there's no point of,
- like, happy drunk

And, like, aggressive drunk.

- There's no, like,
- in between.

♪ ♪

Get your arse on the boat.

And your fanny.

- He's all right.
- Don't worry about him.

♪ Da-da, deh, - oh-eeh-oh ♪



I'm gonna get

in my pajamas.

[playful music]

[blows raspberry]

Hi, Benny.

Stop it. I'm just...

Stop it, honeybunch.


- Yep?
- Who looks more ripped?

♪ ♪


I'm gonna throw up.


- Are you drinking?
- Yeah. My wine.

I honestly can't even remember

the last time... I probably drank,

like, 3/4 of a bottle

of Johnnie Walker.


So it's kind of awkward

with you here,

'cause I can't really...

- This is kind of an awkward sofa,
- though, isn't it?

- Do you need this?
- What do you need, babe?

It's the last night

of the charter season,

and, like, you know, I really

actually kind of like Tiffany,

and, like, yeah,

it's happening.


♪ ♪


I always have hard nipples.

Oh, wow. Yours are...

Oh. Never mind.

Why not? He's cute.

I'm cute.

Should we go to bed?


[energetic music]

♪ ♪

He's not my friend.

♪ ♪


[dramatic music]


♪ ♪


♪ ♪


♪ ♪

Oh, my God.



♪ ♪


♪ ♪

You have a lot to learn

- when it comes
- to being a deckhand.

At least I don't need alcohol

to solve my problems

and escape reality.


[upbeat music]

♪ ♪


What did I miss last night?


I got more than just

the tip last night.

The tip of a dick?

From Bryan?

No. God, no.

My future husband.

- Are you kidding?
- Is that a joke?

- You had sex with Ben?
- Yes.

Did you use a condom?


- Was it good?
- Yes.

You had sex with Ben?


- I don't even know
- where to begin.


- Am I the only one who knows?
- Yes.

- I was trying to get it
- with you, babe.

You just didn't want to put out.

You're sick.


♪ ♪


How are you?

♪ ♪


Did you... what?


What happened?

Got to remember, Benny,

- I stay up way f... ing
- later than you.

I see and hear everything.

I feel good about

whatever happened.


Anyway, um...

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- Is it?
- Which one, babe?

I don't work on boats

to find a wife.

I work on boats

to travel the world

and make some good money.

Enough said.

Is that one cute?

Yeah, it's cute.

Bobby was telling me

he loved me last night.

I'm like, "Come on."

He was just... it was ridiculous.

- You know, like, when you're in,
- like, high school,

- And you've got your first
- boyfriend or something?


That's how he was saying it.

- Yeah.
- Another top change?

- Yeah, I don't know
- why this morning.

- I'm just changing my top
- all the time.

- It's not fashion parade
- getting off this boat, you know.

Hannah's changed her

top five times

in the space of five minutes.

Something's not right.

So, like, you know

I was up late last night?

Yeah, yeah.

- I was going upstairs,
- and, like...

I saw them.

Oh, no.


She wasn't even that drunk.

He was wanker wasted.

Which one, this one or this one?

That one.


That's crazy.

Where were they?

On the sofa?

- On the sofa.
- Did you see?


Tiffany's gorgeous and lovely,

but she's low-maintenance.

I know guys like Ben,

and they all get bored,

but maybe he's just not really

- at that stage
- of his life, you know?

Maybe in 5 1/2 years

he'll be ready

for a proper woman.

With Ben, I'm like,

"Ben, really?"

I knew you could,

like, stoop low.

I just didn't think

it was that low.

No. It's kind of like...

I'm going to miss you.

I'll miss you.

I'm glad I was a third stew.

I learned a lot, but honestly,

- I don't want to do
- this s... ever again.

- "Interesting."
- That's nice.

That's a good way to put it.

I'm going to go home,

get my captain's license,

try to get a job

as a mate,

learn how to drive

a boat for real,

and never have to scrub

a toilet again.

- I'll see you when I see you.
- Yeah.

Bye, baby.

[both laughing]

That was weird.

That was weird.

Let's keep it like that.

Let's keep it weird.

You know what, I'll see Ben

again in Fort Lauderdale,

and hopefully we can

keep it weird then.

All right. Take care.


Bobby! Bobby!

Give me a big hug.


- I'm going to miss you.
- I know.

I know.

I can't hold a grudge

against Bobby.

- Looks like
- I've got everything.

And I just hope he

finds the right girl,

- 'cause I'm not going
- to be the one for him.

I have to say, when you walk

in a room everyone smiles,

and that's cool.

- I'm hoping I'll find
- a single version

Of Julia out there one day.

That's how I feel about you.

- Hopefully she'll be out there
- when her and Matty break up.



- Me and Hannah have been
- through the mill

These last six weeks.

We've worked hard,

we've played hard,

- and she got a bit of a tortoise
- shell going on,

- But you know, once you crack it,
- you're in there for life.

You've been amazing, honey.

To have you backing me

up has been...

But this isn't the end.

This is not the end.

- I'm going to miss you
- like crazy.

- I'm not sure if I'll
- go back to fashion.

It's a very hard

industry to crack.

- I just need to have
- a bit of a break...

Rethink things through.

- Me and Matty need
- to set some roots

And actually live together,

- so I'm just happy
- to be going home.

♪ ♪

I come to Greece,

and I fall for someone,

and I leave empty-handed.

Our girl left.

Take care of yourself.

I'll see you again soon.

Okay, honey.

Ah, this sucks.

- Bobby.
- My brother.

- Hopefully, you know,
- when you get back

To Fort Lauderdale, you can

get me on a boat with you.

- Yeah, yeah.
- That would be sick, dude.

- I always feel
- like you have my back...

Oh, definitely.

- And that meant a lot
- to me, brother.


Have a safe trip.

Final salute, brother.

- I'll see you
- in Fort Lauderdale.

- I'll see you there, brother.
- Hell yeah.

- You be good.
- You too, brother.

I'm pretty proud of myself.

In six weeks I came on this boat

knowing nothing about

being a deckhand to,

you know... I did a pretty good

job as a deckhand.

Bye, Hannah.

Bye, Bobby.

- Thanks for being so
- f... ing awesome, hey?

You're welcome.



It was really

nice meeting you.

I've learned this charter season

to have respect for yourself,

to be responsible,

and don't take s... from anyone.


- Well, Jen...
- Time for our honest goodbye.

- No, you might not
- want to hug me.

Why is that?

Because I've given you

multiple chances

to take my name

out of your mouth,

and you continue to bash me.

Maybe I talk truths.

You said I was beneath Daniel.

No. Who said that?

And you even told Daniel that.

I can't say that I said that.

- At least my breath
- doesn't reek of alcohol,

And I don't need alcohol

to solve my problems

and escape reality.


At least my breath
doesn't reek of alcohol,

and I don't need alcohol

- to solve my problems
- and escape reality.


I'd rather end it

truthfully than fake.


- Well, then if you want to
- end it truthfully than fake...


Then you have a lot to learn

- when it comes to being
- a deckhand.

- You can't tie
- a single knot, Jen.

A single knot, okay.

Not one single knot.

- You know what?
- It is what it is.

And you are who you are.

- You've been in the industry
- for seven years.

This is how you act.

Maybe if you paid

more attention to Tiffany

than bashing me,

you'd notice the fact

that she had sex

with Ben last night.

Well, that's just weird.

What a weird thing to say.

Why would I care about

Ben and Tiffany f... ing?

- It was truly a displeasure
- meeting you

And working with you.

Honestly, whatever.

Good luck, Jen.

Go sit on a dick.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

Not everyone is going to have

the same mentality as me,

and as first officer

you've got to learn to deal

- with these
- different personalities.

This was kind of a crazy season.

- You know what?
- Both: We got through it.

And that's what matters.

And successfully.

- Made some people happy.
- I think it's a good deal.

- Thanks again.
- Okay, thank you.

- Thank you for making
- the season what it was.

- I'll see you next time.
- Okay.

- I think it's going
- to take me quite some time

- To get into
- Captain Mark's position,

- But hopefully, listening
- and growing

- Like I have been...
- I'll be there soon enough.

So I'll see you back in Florida.

- Of course.
- All right, brother.

- I'll be there.
- All right.

I practically own Florida.

You can't miss me.

- I can't wait.
- I can't wait to be part of it.

You can't miss me, mate.

All right, brother,

see you back at base.



[upbeat music]

♪ ♪

You take good care.

Yeah, you too.

I definitely feel like

this season I've grown a lot.

The learning curves

and the obstacles

that I came across

were something

that I haven't really dealt

with before in yachting.

Bye, Benny.

Bye, love.

- I'll tell you what.
- We can Skype,

- And I'll yell at you
- over Skype, okay?

- Yeah.
- Take care of yourself.

Ben does drive me absolutely

insane most of the time,

but I do adore him.

He's just so loveable.

Oh, my God, I need to learn

how to pack lighter.

You're going to be all right.

- If you have two
- really complex people,

It just confuses Ben, you know.

And Ben's confused enough.

Good luck.


I will miss Hannah very much.

We never really connected,

so that's unfinished,

and I would love

to see Hannah again.

Okay, well, travel safe.

Stay in touch.

- You too.
- Stay out of trouble.

- Cheers so much... yeah, yeah.
- Okay.

- Well, I don't know.
- I might just get in just enough.

- Just a little.
- Yeah, you know.

Just to keep it interesting.

Exactly. Thank you.

- Cheers, Captain.
- Great season.

- We conquered the hell
- out of this one.

It was very Greek of us.

[uplifting music]

♪ ♪

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