Bedlam (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Driven - full transcript

Molly becomes concerned when her friend Leah falls victim to a horrifying series of events. Jed soon realizes there are supernatural forces at work, and when Kate discovers Leah might not ...

(# Helen Shapiro: Walking Back To Happiness
plays on radio)

(Woman) I don't want to see you.

No. It's over. Stop calling me!


(Music continues)

(Turns off engine)




(Molly) Does he look like a serial killer?
(Ryan) He's got teeth missing.

No, that's just a shadow
and look, he's musical, guitar lessons.

Everyone says they're musical.

Have you used the photograph
of you as a bridesmaid?

Yes, it was the only decent photo I had.

(Both laugh)

Why not have a sign saying
"husband required immediately"?

No wonder you haven't had replies.

I've had four replies in three days,
thank you very much.

- And out of four you picked...him?
- Yeah!

(Both laugh)

- Morning.
- Weren't you leaving?

You've been leaving
for about six months, Molly.

Oh my God, Shane MacGowan alert.

Really? I thought only the sad
and desperate did dating sites.

Thank you. It's just people
are always going on at me

because I never make the first move,

I wait for things to happen and I'm lazy.

- I never said "lazy", or did I?
- Anyway, I'm not really doing it.

I'm just doing it for a laugh,
or until I get a better offer.

Could you be any more obvious?

Don't take forever in the bathroom,

I've got to get ready for another
very busy day of freeloading.

You should get some clothes on,
you're starting work at nine.


The handyman job.
You need to pay me for the room.

Oh, you mean the cupboard.

Yes, but in some developments
that would be classed as a studio apartment.

I'm not really planning
on staying that long, just till I...

- Until I get things straight.
- Until then, I could use your help.



(Door closes)

Bad news, mate?

Yeah. Sorry.


(Cat meows)

(Laughs) Don't wish me luck
or anything, George.

(# Walking Back to Happiness plays on radio)

(Turns off radio)

You don't like being stuck in do you?

- (Meows)
- Sorry. Indoors cat now.

(# Walking Back To Happiness
plays through headphones)

Did you see me
bring that in from the car?

(Kate) One letter in every window,
big new advert.

- "Last few available."
- Last few dozen, more like.

You're so funny.

So is that all you've got to challenge
my many and varied skills?

That's all I'm allowed
to give the work experience kids.

(Warren) What you two up to?

Signs in the windows, like we said.
Jed here is going to put them up.


- Is he?
- I've given him the job.

Don't think I'm letting him stay rent-free?

I thought it was
only going to be for a few days.

No one's said anything different, did they?

- Leave the signs.
- Dad, I've told him the job was his.

Get down to the car park.
Lights are out. Check the fuses, eh?

Not trying to get me electrocuted, are you,
Uncle Warren?

A pity they didn't give you some of that
at the hospital, you might be less bother.

(Woman) Argh!

(Engine fails to start)

Leave your lights on?

(Sighs) No. Definitely not.


Well, I don't think so.
I, I don't know. Yes, maybe.

I do forget where I've parked the car
at least three times a week.

- You're gonna need jump leads.
- Haven't got time.

I'm starting a new job today.
I'm so late already.


- I'll Have to cab it.
- Er, your handbag?

Oh. Oh, God!
My head's all over the place.

I guess I was a bit spooked last night
because the lights were out in here.

- They were?
- Yeah. I thought someone was sort of lurking.

Well, I work here. I might be able
to check the CCTV just in case.

Yeah, great.

You don't by any chance
know the number of a mechanic?

If I get a chance, I'll do it.

- Oh no, I didn't mean...
- It's fine, don't worry.

Wow, thank you.

Erm... Oh, God, I'm so late.
I'm Leah, by the way.

- Jed.
- Nice to meet you, Jed. Thank you.

Your keys.

- Ah!
- See ya.


(Metal scraping)



(Repeated banging)

(Phone ringing)

Do you have
the feasibility study for phase two?

Er, I should do.

(Secretary) Bedlam Heights.
Can I help you?

- Right.
- Where did these come from?

Er, her parents, I think.
Asked if we could put some up.

She is a friend of Molly's.


And it has been nearly a week.
I don't see the harm in...

What's it going to look like,

showing tenants around a building with these
plastered everywhere?

All right.

She's probably round her boyfriend's.
So she hasn't phoned mummy and daddy.

So what?

TV's not that bad
that you'd rather watch this.

What happened the other night?
It wasn't a joke, or a con, or whatever?

I'm trying to do a job here, Ryan.

If you got rid of the ghost,
why did you come back?

Not your company.

You see ghosts?
You see how they died?

Look, I was tired, all right?
I'd had a couple of drinks...

Holy shit!

- Rewind, rewind.
- All right.

(Ryan) There.

You got that excited over some static?

Firstly, you don't get static
on a digital camera.

Secondly, that wasn't it. Watch.


Warren paid half price for a crappy CCTV system,
is what I'm seeing.

If she's locking up the car what is someone
doing in the front seat?

(Ryan) What is that?

(Answer message) Hi, Zoe here.
Please leave a message and I'll get back to you.

- That's ?40, please.
- And, for yourself.

Thank you very much.

(Both laugh)

'Scuse me!

(Man) Cheers.

- Thank you. Cheers.
- No problem.

Ah! He had like two hundred quid,

I mean he must be loaded
or I wouldn't have...

It's fine, I'm a believer in karma.


(Molly sighs)

Were you waiting for someone?

Yeah. Some bastard. You?

Don't like sitting
in the former loony bin by myself,

and first month's wages aren't in yet, so...

- You live in Bedlam Heights?
- Yeah.

We're neighbours then. I'm Molly.

- Leah.
- Nice to meet you.


You wouldn't let a neighbour drink
a large amount of shots by herself, would you?

- Absolutely not.
- Good. 'Scuse me!

(Birds chirruping)

- (Jed) I haven't had a chance to fix it yet.
- Oh..h. Oof.

I can't get the bus.
I'll end up puking on the other passengers.

Here, let me have a go.

- Rough night, was it?
- (Sighs)

Do you know Molly?
Lives on the second floor?

Yeah, just a bit.
She hasn't surfaced yet either.

Oh, you're that Jed.

I didn't realise, cos she said you were cute.

Yeah, well, like I said,
I haven't fixed it yet, so you may...

(Engine starts)

It's fine. Ha.

- It should go into a garage...
- I'm mega late. I've got to go.

Coffee won't charge four quid a cup by itself.

See ya. Thanks, Jed.


(Engine stalls)

(Engine fails to start)


Oh, crap!

Oh, crap!


- Aah.
- You all right?


- She could have been killed.
- I've apologised and I said I'll get it fixed.

What more do you want me to say?

Maybe leave me the keys again,
let me take another look at your car?

- The car's fine. It doesn't need looking at.
- I know, but it broke down again,

so if I can't fix it, let me take it into the garage.

No, I don't want it in a garage.

I mean, I can't
really afford that now anyway.

- It could be dangerous.
- Jed. She said the car's fine.

- (Sighs) Sorry for all this.
- No, not a problem.

Are you going in to work today?

No, too late.
I already pulled a sickie.

After struggling out of bed with a hangover
which you caused, by the way.

Er, you were the one ordering shots.

(Leah laughs)
Bad influence on each other, I guess. Thanks.

So does that mean
you don't have any plans?

(Molly) You deserve a bit of down time
after what you've been through.

You told me about it last night,
do you remember?

(Leah) Oh, Molly, I was so drunk. It's nothing.

(Molly) It's not nothing!

Your boyfriend was hitting you
and you walked away,

that's really brave,

but you don't have to do it all by yourself.

His name's Daryl.

I met him when I was nineteen.
Swept me off my feet in this club.

We liked a laugh, a drink,
a good time, you know?

But we'd get drunk and argue.

It took me a while to realise
I was one of "those" women.

Is he looking for you?

He doesn't know where I am
but the car's his.

He's probably reported it stolen,

so as soon as I take it anywhere
they'll report it and he'll find me.

(Kate) Cup of coffee, Ryan?
(Ryan) No thanks, nearly finished.

Hard at work as ever, Ryan?

Who's that woman?

(Warren) What woman?

Well, I've seen her hanging round before.

- What woman?
- She was there a second ago.

I'd say you've been working too hard,
except for it's obviously so untrue.

(Ryan) You know, I have other clients
other than you, you know?


Have you, have you had breakfast yet?
It was two-for-one at the caff.

Ryan buys two breakfasts
and doesn't eat them both himself?

Am I still asleep?

You look like
you haven't been asleep for two days.

You say it like it's a bad thing.


This isn't to butter me up before you tell me
you don't want Jed staying?

I think it's a good thing,
you're letting him stay.

I need someone to protect me from
the advances of my amorous flatmates.

They just won't stop jumping on me.

- (Ryan) Lee Weathers is up for parole.
- The guy who killed your brother?

They want me to do this
victim personal statement.

About how his murder affects you.
How his release would affect you.

Just tell them how you feel.

How I feel?

Like I'm in the water myself.

All the time.

Like I'm sinking.

- Say that, then.
- Yeah.

What I say could keep him in prison,
maybe for years.

Ryan, prison is too good for him.

Someone should do to him
what he did to James. End of.

(Screams) You took them away.
You bastards!


(Drops his bag and keys)

- What?
- Do you even know what you're doing?

(Grunts) Enough to know there's nothing
actually wrong with it.

What's that?

I've been doing some research.
History of the building.

(Jed sighs)

You know there were patients
kept down here till the 1950s?

- I thought it might mean something.
- Yeah, well, one of those patients is back.

He's fixated
on Molly's new mate for some reason.

You don't know why?
But you said you had these visions...

I only get flashes, Ryan, hints.
Never the full picture.

- What if you can't work out why?
- Then I don't know how to get rid of him.

There are other ways of finding out.

Some of the records are archived online.
Lots were destroyed, but you never know.

(Sighs) What if I said
I needed to find out about a patient

who'd slashed his own throat down here?

Maybe '50s, early '60s?

I can do that.

(# Walking Back To Happiness on radio)

(Clears his throat)

(# Walking Back To Happiness)

Do you want your pay docked or something?



It would have been better if I had asked
the work experience kid.

You've missed a window.

(Molly) Oh, my God, only one new message
and it's from a guy in Nigeria.

And you're trying
to get me to sign up for this?

- My heart's not really in it.
- (Leah laughs)

And why's that? Like I can't guess.

- What?
- Oh come on, you so fancy Jed.

Er, I so do not.

- Can't kid a kidder, mate.
- Shut up!

Sorry, am I interrupting?

Leah, glad I caught you.

Erm, I was doing some checking up
and I realised your rent is overdue?

Yeah, sorry, waiting for payday, so...

You know, I didn't realise
Leah wasn't your actual first name.

- It is.
- Really?

It's just there was a question mark over your
credit history

and when I checked up
it came back as Kerry.

I think someone
must have made a mistake somewhere.

I just need to check
if Jed's finished with the car.

He has.

(Engine starts)

(# Walking Back To Happiness)


Oh, God. Oh, God.

(Screams and coughs)

(# Walking Back To Happiness)



(Strains, cries out)

You're getting way too involved
with this girl, Moll.

She's going through a rough time.
How about a little sympathy?

How about you stop letting her
walk all over you?

You don't know anything about her.
She's lying about her name.

Because she's scared of being found, all right?

Just back off.

Fine. You know who your friends are.


(Approaching footsteps)

Finally caught you with your fingers in the till?

- They were here about that girl.
- Zoe?

She's not good for my investment, your friend.

She's not my friend.
Maybe I should speak to them, though.

- What have I just said?
- It's just that she was at my flat.

I don't want them speaking to you or anyone.

I don't want rumours going round.
We can't afford it.

- If something's happened to her...
- Which we don't know.

If it has, isn't that more important?

Why did you say she's not your friend?

Cos, I dunno. She was annoying.

It'll be a lot more annoying
if she puts us out of business.

(Ryan) William Mackay.
(Jed) What?

"Suicide, self-inflicted throat lesions,

"admitted for depression, anxiety,"
but that's it.

- No case notes, nothing.
- Anything else?

Erm, name, date of birth,
address, date and cause of death.


- Yeah.
- Let's go, come on.

(Ryan) I don't know if coming here
is the best idea.

I have the spare keys
to a nice little run-around.

But you can't just...

This is the only way I can find out how
to protect Leah.

If I can go to Mackay's house
I might be able to see something.

The ones that come back
they want someone hurt, don't they?

- Sometimes, yeah.
- What about my brother?

How do I know he hasn't come back? How do I
know he doesn't want something sorting out?

You got that address?

Seven Armstrong Close.
Do you think she'll mind us taking her car?

Less than she'd mind being dead.

(Satnav) You have reached your destination.

- You sure this is Mackay's old address?
- Looks like it's been empty for years.

- So can you see my brother?
- Ryan, I can't do what you're asking me.

- The things I see, are never good things.
- I'll take that chance.

I've been asked by friends before.
I've done it sometimes.

They're not my friends any more.

I just want to know if he can let go.
If he thinks things are sorted.

Well, maybe he can't do that until you let go.

(Children coughing)

(Sobbing) Everything's all right.
Mummy's going to make everything all right.

- (Children cough)
- She loves you so much.



(Ryan) What have you seen?

- His wife.
- Whose?

Mackay's wife.

She killed herself and took their kids with her.

- They put him away and while...
- Sorry, I don't understand.

He was blaming the staff.

What if he was committed
because they thought he was the risk?

The whole time he knew it was her
but he couldn't convince anyone.

And he was right.
Oh shit, the kids.

OK, he's got a problem with cars obviously,
but why Leah's?

I don't know.

Something's made him decide she's gonna pay
for what happened to him.

You're pushing yourself a bit hard.

Lot of frustrations in my job.
Customers who want big discounts for a start.

(Laughs) I went easy.
I could have taken a lot more off you.

- Oh yeah? Why didn't you?
- You're a neighbour.

Never know when I'll be popping in
for a cup of sugar.


It's Sean, right?

- Mm.
- So how are you settling in?

Yeah. Yeah. I love the place.
I do have a few complaints though.

Oh, yeah?

Well, first of all, how am I
supposed to focus on my training

if you're in here distracting me all the time.

Well, if I see you in here again,
I promise I'll steer well clear.

Well, actually, I was gonna see
if you fancied training together.

You know, share each other's motivation.

Shouldn't you
be sharing motivation with your wife?

I'll be here from six every morning,
if you change your mind.

See you at six tomorrow then.

(Children chattering and laughing)

(Satnav) You have reached your destination.

- I thought I'd set it for home.
- Yeah, you did.

(Satnav) You have reached your destination.

This car's hit something.

This is why he's after Leah.


(Whispers) George?

Oh my God, George!

Oh my... (Sobs)

(Inhales deeply)

Vet, put me through to a vet.

No, I don't care which!

Get you sorted, George,
you're OK, you'll be OK.


Yes, it's my cat, he's erm...

He looks like,

Iike he's been run over.

I don't know if he's breathing.

No, he's, I...
No, he's in my apartment.

He can't get out,
it's the third floor.

He can't get out!

He can't get out. Sorry.


Leave me alone!

I didn't mean it to happen!
Leave me alone!

(Printer whirring)

Hey, guys.

Here you are,
give this to your new mate.

Sorry. My cat George, he's died.

I'm sorry to hear that, Leah.

Or Kerry, is it?

That was old me.

There's no Kerry any more.
Is that what you're annoyed about?

No, I'm more annoyed about this.

Tell me this wasn't you?

Leah, just tell me.

It was the night I left.

We had a fight like
we'd never had before. Both pissed.

I said stuff I shouldn't, he went off on one.

Started hitting me, kicking me
in the stomach, in the back.

I thought he was going to kill me,

so I took the clothes on my back and I left.

And you took the car,
even though you'd been drinking?

I feared for my life.

I didn't even know where I was going,
I just drove.

And I was just starting to feel OK.

I had the radio on. They were playing
Walking Back To Happiness.

It wasn't my fault,
they just came out of nowhere.

I did stop.

I got out and I checked they were OK,
they were.

You left them?

I'd have got sent down.

And why should I when it was his fault, Daryl's.

I thought they'd be OK,

and then I saw the paper the day after.

You left them there to die.

I'm paying the price every day, Molly.

I can't get them out of my head.
I hear that song everywhere.

(Sobs) My mind's playing tricks
on me, I'm going mad.

I just needed a friend.
You said I could tell you anything.

No. Not this.

I'm not a bad person. I'm not.

Were you ever even in an abusive relationship
or is that all a lie too?

Molly, it's true.

If you don't tell the police,
I'm going to have to.

So that's it, is it?

I'm not your little victim any more?

I don't make you
feel good about yourself any more?

I just need to get some things.
Then I'll go to the police.

Jed, you're the only one that can help her.

You want me to put myself at risk
for someone like that?

We can make sure she does the right thing,
but we can't leave her.

- She deserves all she gets.
- You've got a responsibility.

- Says who, Ryan?
- OK, she left someone to die.

But that's not you.
I don't believe you could do that.

- If it was the guy who killed your brother?
- What?

If you knew he'd pulled him up for air
just so he could push him back down again?

If you knew he'd told his mate
to video it on James's phone?

You said you couldn't.

I went down to the canal two days ago.

(Jed) I should have known it was a bad idea.

It wasn't a robbery.

It wasn't an argument,
it was just for laughs.

If they hadn 't broke his arm
he might have got himself out.

- He had no chance.
- You could be making this up.

Think that, if you want.

You're not, are you?

I'm sorry.

I wasn't going to tell you.

I know you want me to,
to say that there was a reason,

or there were words James never
got to say, but I can't.

He's dead because it was something to do.

This Weathers could have changed
his mind at any time, but he didn't.

Did you see James?

Now, I mean.

Is he still here?

No. No, he's gone.

You want me to help Leah?

Would you help if it was the man
who killed your brother? Weathers?

They have to live with
doing the wrong thing.

We don't.

(# Walking Back To Happiness plays)


No, no, no, no!

(Cries, song starts again)

(Screams) Oh, shut up!

(Leah screams, music plays)

Oh, please, just stop.

I didn't mean for it to happen. (Sobs)


Have you seen Leah?

- Yeah, I was just...
- Where is she?

- She's gone to the police.
- How do you know that?

Tell me she hasn't gone for the car.

Who's there?


(Breathes rapidly)

(Engine fails to start)

Oh, God.


(Coughs and sobs)

(Jed) Leah!

Get down!

(Leah gasps, coughs)

(Jed) You have to call the police, Leah.

- Call them.
- I can't.

- (Jed) Do it, do it now.
- (Leah sobs)

(Jed) Leah, call them.

(Leah) No.

- (Jed) Do it.
- No.

- Call them.
- (Ryan) Leah, the kids had family.

- They have a right to know.
- Call the police.

Hello. My name is Kerry Cole.

You're looking for me
regarding an accident on Tandem Street.

It was this month, the third, I think.

I hit someone, but I didn't stop.

I know I should have come forward
but I panicked, I didn't know what to do.

I'm sorry. Yes, OK.
Where do I have to go?

All right, I'll be ready.

(Disconnects call)

(Knocks on door)

Wondered if
you could look at this for me?


"To whom it may concern,

"I have thought a lot
about how I would feel

"if Lee Weathers was released.

"I believe that he will always be in a prison.

"A prison of his own making."

- Ryan.
- Go on.

"Despite this,
he took my brother's life away.

"If he is freed, and I see him on the street,

"I... I think that I would kill him myself.

"I want him to stay in prison forever.

"I want him to rot there."

I think it's what James would have wanted.

(Police radio communication)