Bedlam (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Inmates - full transcript

Sadie Novak is recovering from a breakdown, but when she meets Jed the spark is instant and they begin a passionate relationship. Ryan finds a mysterious old woman he's seen wandering the ...

People can't get past the idea
of living in an old asylum.

Bad things happened here.
That doesn't just go away.

Do you see ghosts?

I don't just see ghosts.
I see how they died.

Trying to get me electrocuted,
Uncle Warren?

Pity they didn't give you that at
the hospital. Might be less bother.

Who's that woman?

What woman?

Sammy never came home last night.

I need to be here.


What are you frightened of?

♪ AQUALUNG: Strange and Beautiful

♪ I've been watching your world
from afar

♪ I've been trying to be
where you are

♪ I've been secretly falling apart

♪ Unseen



I am popping out for some milk.

You're enjoying this, aren't you?

Of course.

No, I mean -

You mean being a dirty bit
on the side?

Wondering if your wife knows?

Maybe even hoping she finds out.

You were supposed to be
a still life.

I won't move a muscle.

I can include you, if you like.

You serious?

I'm Jed.


You're good.'s just part of my therapy,
really but... works for me.

You've done much drawing?

Yeah, erm...

..just as part of my therapy.

You got any more?

You ever shown your stuff anywhere?

Never really had the chance.

Been ill in hospital
for a long time.


Well, it was, er...

..mental health unit.

This is my first bid for freedom.

Yeah, it can be hard
getting out of those places.

Is that the voice of experience?

Yeah. In and out since I was a kid.

But I guess they helped me
get better but...

..I felt like I couldn't breathe
in there.

Like I was trapped
and I couldn't escape.

Actually thought I was dead and had
gone to hell at one point.

Well, you're out now, so...

Yes, I am.

It feels really good.

Except I don't have any friends

I kind of scared them all away
when I was ill.

Don't suppose you wanna hang out?


You can count on me
as new friend number one.


I don't think I've ever done it
with a landlady before.

Don't think I can call myself
a landlady.

It's not like I own the place.

No, but...

..your dad does, right?

It's his baby.

I think you should tell him
to tone it down a bit.

Tone what down?
Well, the big spooky pictures

and all that bullshit about it
being in the family.

Don't you think he's taking it
a bit far? In what way?

Well...'s a good marketing ploy,
it's very original but...

Well, I just think it freaks people
Well, it's not bullshit.

My grandfather ran this asylum.

It's been in the family
for 300 years. Don't you think
that's a bit weird?

I don't care
what other people think.

I'm eating fine, Mum.

Everything's very good. Don't fret.

Course I would.

Love you too. Bye.


How did it go?

Good. Three more signed,
five maybe

Chicken feed.

We're doing the best we can.

Dad, do you think we're doing
the right thing?

Well, we got a cracking price
on the builders.

Poor sods are doing it
for next to nothing.

Even if it sits empty
for a couple of years,

we'll still make a mint in the long
run. I mean being back here at all.

Is that what Jed thinks?

No, it's nothing to do with him.

Why wouldn't it be the right thing?

I just... Doesn't it upset you?

Remind you of Granddad?

I just think you've been on edge
since we moved here. Hey.

I'm doing this for your granddad.

I'm doing it for you.

You OK?

No, I...I was...

I'm underestimating
what a big move this is.

It's gonna take a while
to get used to being on my own.
You'll get there.

Maybe I should be sharing a flat
like you.

I'd much rather be on my own.


Just... my own company, I suppose.
Just a bit easier.

Cos no-one gets it, do they?


Are you OK?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Do you, erm...

Do you wanna come over for dinner

Oh. If you don't wanna be
on your own then...

You'll like my flatmates.
They're cool.

The words 'job centre'
imply they have actual jobs.
Do not be fooled by that.

They must have had something.
Yeah, two jobs.

One in a lap-dancing club,
the other in a fish finger factory.

I don't know which one's worse.

Fish finger factory obviously.

Lap dancing's good money.

You'd do that, would you?

Well, if my circumstances demanded
I needed to.

Wouldn't you? It's not really my ba
but whatever floats your boat.

Ignore her.
She's a wind-up merchant.

Bullshit. You know I'd do it.

Like hell you would, Kate.

Oh, come on, you'd pay to watch me.

Wouldn't you, Ryan?

And what brings you here?

I've been in hospital
for a couple of years.

I had a breakdown.
But I'm all right now.

I can eat my own food
and everything.

So you two have something in common

Has Jed told you he sees ghosts?

Well...he used to.

And not just pretend.

Totally believed they're real.

You're all right now,
aren't you, Jed?

Has it occurred to you how joking
about it might make Jed feel?

He's big and ugly enough
to fight his own fights.

Why make it a fight? Why not try
showing a bit of empathy?

Good night. And...sorry.

No, it's probably my fault.

Trying to be honest about -
It definitely wasn't your fault.

Erm...good night.

Good night.


What's her problem?
She's the one that made the scene.

Well, she didn't do it by herself.
That girl did not help.

What did you think of Sadie?

Well, you know,
she seemed nice enough.

A bit full of herself.

God, yes, she was trying
way too hard.

And she was all over Jed
like a rash.

I know. I didn't even think
she'd be his type.

What, a bit screwed up
and fancies herself (?)

That's why Kate didn't like her.

Two peas in a pod.


Right, I'm off.

You're not going out?

I said I'd go to evening mass
with Mum.

But Masterchef's on in five minutes
Go on, God won't mind.


Isn't it a bit late
for a church service?

Well, us Catholics do like an
inconvenient act of worship.


I knew this would happen
from the moment I saw you.

I mean, I hoped it would happen.

You know, you're pretty great.

You're not so bad yourself.

Yeah, well...

..I need a bit of practise,
to be honest.

It's...been a while.

♪ MUSE: Supermassive Black Hole

♪ Ooh, baby, don't you know I suffer

♪ Ooh, baby, can't you hear me moan

♪ You caught me
under false pretences

♪ How long before you let me go... ♪



You all right?

Yeah, erm...I just had a bad dream.
Went to get some fresh air.


You OK now?

Who are you?

What do you want?

Hey, wait. I just wanna talk.



Where are you?


Can I trust you?

I need to know.


You can trust me.

I need your help, Ryan.

How do you know my name?

Ryan McAllister, RMC Computer

You've lived here for 14 months,
is that right?

I stole the paperwork.
I had to find out who you were.

Who are you?

I'm Grace.

I live here.

You live down here?

That's right.

Do you like it?

It's small but quite comfortable.

How long have you been here?

Oh, years. They've never found me.

Not even when they were renovating
the place. Fools.

I used to be a patient.


That's right.

What are all these?

I need your help.

Tracy in 1988.

Jane in 1986.

Catherine in 1983.


..June 1st 1984.

It was the last time I saw her.

She was my daughter.

Somebody took them
but...I never found out who.

And that's Molly's mate, Zoe.


They've taken her.

I just know they have.

It's started again.

It has to end.


You're up early.

I can't sleep.

Bad dream.

Where have you been?

Go on, spill the beans.
What's his name?

That's for me to know
and you to find out.


Sadie? You all right?

I...I slipped.


Right, better get ready
for my first day.

What's the job?

Office dogsbody. Nothing special.

Sorry, I really need to get on.
I'll speak to you later.

Do you want me to walk you there?

Oh, no, I'll be fine. Honest.


I'll, erm...see you later.





It was a friend of my dad's.

Nobody knew.

I was...


He didn't know I was pregnant.

Nobody did.

Nobody noticed.


..hiding it from everyone
was what...

..made me get so ill.

What happened to the baby?


I gave birth on my own.

On the bathroom floor.

It was...horrible and painful.

And then...

..when it came...

(SOBS) was blue
and it wasn't breathing.

It looked so tiny.

It broke my heart.

But I didn't know what to do. I...

..I was in a bad...way.

My mind was shot.

I was delirious.

So what did you do, Sadie?

I wrapped it in a towel and buried
it in a box in the garden.

And now I keep thinking
I'm seeing the box again.

I know it's the medication. I know
my mind is playing tricks on me.

You have to get out this flat, OK?

Why? It's just not good for you
to be here. Trust me.

It's...'s not that I want you to go,
all right?

That's not it at all.

But I just think you should.

I think I'm gonna go to my mum's
for a few days.

Yeah. Today, right now?


I just need to get cleaned up first

(SIGHS) Thanks for your help.

I just need a bit of time on my own


Yeah, of course.

Call me from your mum's.


Ryan, I need you to find a patient.
I've got something to tell you.

20thC, female, early twenties,
had a lobotomy. Died from it.

And she probably had a baby.
Have you seen a ghost?

Is it that girl's flat?
She's got a name.

Is that where you were?
Jesus, Ryan, give it a rest.

OK. But you're coming with me. I've
got someone to introduce you to.

I'm in a bad mood.

Bad bad or good bad?



No marks.

I said no marks. You know why.

Because she'll see.

That's the one.

And you'd have to explain yourself.

I don't trust you.

I know.

Scary, isn't it?

Just a bit.

What if I don't listen to you?

What if I was to do this?

Aagh! Kate!

You're mine now.

Not hers.

Get off me.

Get out!

Get out!









There was four girls that went
missing in a five-year period.

Then a big gap. Now Zoe.

She says it's the same thing.

Look at all this. All these girls
went missing when they were here.

She thinks they might have been
taken by someone.

Hello, Ryan.

I've brought my friend.

The one I told you about.

I...I've seen him about the place.

Ryan told me your story.
I just wanna help.

How can you trust him?

It's OK. You can trust me.

We just wanna help you.

Ryan told me you used to be
a patient here?

Between nervous breakdowns.

I never got better
until I was released.

Why do you think Zoe Fielding
was taken?

Like the other girls,
like your daughter?

Girls don't go missing from this
place for no reason.

It's strange that Bettany's back.

What's he doing here?

That's what I wanna know.

He's...Jed's uncle.

Well, he's not my real uncle.

Only adopted.

Oh, my God.

I know who you are.

I knew your dear mother.
Such a sweet woman.

She was a good friend.

I think you're mistaken.

You didn't know
she was a patient here?

She had a baby.

Died in childbirth, November 1985.

They said Caleb Bettany
took the baby away.

So that must be you.

What's the matter with you?

My mother was a patient here. I was
born here. Why haven't you told me?

It was my idea that Joan adopt you.

She could never have children
of her own, as you know.

She was delighted.

You had no right
to keep this from me.

We were gonna tell you, but when
it became clear you had problems,

I suggested we put a lid on it.
That wasn't your decision!

Maybe it wasn't
and I understand you feel angry,

but you've had a lot of troubles,

It's hardly gonna help if you knew
your mother had this...

Was cut from the same cloth.

You didn't think how I'd feel
knowing that my mother had died here

Who told you that?

The woman in the tunnels.

What...what you blathering about?

Her daughter went missing.
Like all those other girls.

What happened to them, Warren, eh?
What happened to my mother?

Listen to yourself, son.

Missing girls?

Mad old ladies who live in tunnels?

You're never out of loony bins
for long, are you, Jed?

Just like your mother.

Tell me what happened to her?

She was pregnant
when she was admitted.

In a bad way.

She died giving birth to you.
Poor cow.

Still, I'm sure she'll be
very proud of you.

Chip off the old block.

Look where you're heading, Jed.

Delusions, imagined conversations.

And now you're threatening a member
of your own family with violence.


Now take your hands off me or I'll
have you sectioned just like that.


'(BLEEP) Hi, this is Jed.
Leave a message.'

Did you know about my mother?
That she was a patient here,
that she died giving birth to me?

I didn't know that. Sorry.

You'd better not be lying to me,
Kate. I said I didn't know that.

But your dad did. Maybe he thought
it was better you didn't know.

He's trying to protect you.
You might not believe it but he see
you as part of this family.

Bullshit. I'm not part
of this family. I've never been
part of this family.

I'm just part of the freak show. And
you've been happy to play that part

You know, you Bettanys
are all the same.

You do what you want and don't give
a shit about anyone else.

Give me one scrap of evidence
to back that up.

All right. Shagging a married man.

How do you know?

It's pretty obvious, Kate.

Yeah, well...

What do you care?

I don't.

We need to go back down, speak to
Grace. Find out what else she knows.

Do you think Zoe was adopted, too?

I think Grace is right.

Has it something to do
with this place?

Everything's got something
to do with this place.

I think...we've found our ghost.

There were three deaths from
lobotomies here in the 20th century

The other two were men.
So it has to be this woman.

Elizabeth Smith, 23 years old.

Moral degradation?

She had a baby outside wedlock.

That appears to be the only thing
that was wrong with her.

They took the baby off her
and threw her in here.




Sadie, it's Jed.




Sadie, it's Jed.
Call me as soon as you get this.



(WEAKLY) Help!



Sadie, where are you?

I don't know. You've gotta help me.
Please help me.


Jesus, what's that noise?

Describe where you are.
I'm in a...I'm in a box.

A wooden box.

It's dark...

I'm scared, Jed. What the hell
is happening to me?!

It's all right, don't panic.
I'm gonna find you.



Sadie, I'm losing you.


(SOBS) It's no good.


'Hi, it's Sadie.
Please leave a message.'





I'm coming! Hold on!

Sadie, stay calm.
I'm here.



Somebody call an ambulance now!

He was alive!

My baby.

He was alive.


I'm sorry to hear about
Sadie's...unfortunate cry for help.

I hope she recovers soon.


You have got to see
what's happening outside.

Ex-patient. Used to hang around
the place apparently.

We'll do whatever you want.

Come and see.

A bad man made you do it.


You've got no right to judge me.
Well, I know he's got a wife.




What's he doing here?
I think he killed her.

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