Bedlam (2011–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Cohabitants - full transcript

I'm only going as far as the 62.

What's taking you up north?

A girl.

Do you want to listen to something else?

'Police are warning road users
to be on their guard tonight,

after the discovery of a third roadside
body in the area within a week.

Police are appealing for witnesses...'

I'd better stop and call the missus
Tell her what I want for supper.

You're dead.

Shepherd's pie tonight... Did you hear me?

What's that, mate? I said: you're dead.

You might not know it yet, but you are.

One week ago, there was a crash.
The other guy drove away.

You weren't so lucky.

Get out. I know you're angry. Get out!

You want to take it out on someone.
I just want to get home to my wife.

She wasn't so lucky, either, mate.

Was it just three you killed,
or are there more the cops haven't found?


Look! Look at it.

Look at it.

Your wife's waiting for you.

She's just not at home.


Grade-two listed exterior.
Highest-spec refurb inside.

And an incredible setting.

Well, we're actually down to the last few.


OK. Well, if you change your mind,
my name's Kate.

Feel free to call me back.

Thank you.

You thought I'd forgotten.
No, I didn't doubt you once, Dad.

It's beautiful. Where did you get it?

Here. The builders found it in the walls.

So, basically, it was free?

Well, if you rented more apartments,
I could spend more money on you.

I just think people struggle to get
past the idea of living in a old asylum.

It's what it is now that matters.

I thought you were
going out tonight

Yes...I was.

Well, happy birthday, love.

Don't forget to lock up on the way out.

Night, Dad.

Bloody builders!



Kate! Ryan, you scared the life out of me!

I've been looking for you.
Sorry. I couldn't get away.

You left me alone with
Molly and Zoe all night.

There's only so many chats
about horoscopes I can have.

Zoe's there? I knew you'd be thrilled.

You'd better have got me a good gift.

Zoe drank it. Oh, she's dead!

At last! Hi.

Does that mean we can finally go into town?

Oh, lovely to see you too,
Zoe Love the bow.

Oh, thanks. I'll let the
guys know we're on our way.

Oh, thank you. That is lovely.

My dad got it for my birthday.
Well, got it free off the builders.

Ah, at least he remembered.
Because you reminded him.


Don't slope off.

I don't do clubbing.
Tell him he has to come out.

Why are you so bothered? Ah,
like I can't guess


Take the glasses off -
he'll be at least a seven.

He could be an eight.
You'd still have no chance.

Am I not an eight?

I'm just saying: I don't
think he's that into girls.

Well, I'm glad you've got
it all worked out for him.

Well, if you're that bothered, make a move.

No, I can't. Why?

Because he's my flatmate. If he
knocks me back, I'll be too
mortifie to ever leave my room.

If you do nothing,
you get nothing.

Zoe's waiting. She's got
friends we're meeting.

Zoe's got friends? Huh!

You go and meet her. I'll get changed
and try and twist Ryan's arm.

Glasses off. What for?

Cos I'm your landlady.
It's in your contract. Small print.

You wouldn't be able to read it.

OK now?

Kate... They don't suit you.

Come on. Come and see. Kate...!


See? You should
wear your contacts.

What's wrong with my glasses?

What's this all about?
I know you've thought about it.

Might as well get
it out of the way


Am I not your type?

It is my birthday.

That graveyard gives me the creeps.
I blame the Thriller video.

But what sort of hospital
has its own graveyard?

The sort that doesn't want people asking
questions about how its patients died.

Bad things happened here.
That doesn't just go away.

You know that feeling like you're being
watched? I get that all the time here.

Oh, my God! What?

Wait here! Molly...?

Kate, is this... Are you messing with me?

Kate! Kate!

Jed! Get off!

Leave him alone!

What the hell are you doing here?

I thought you were in trouble.
Who is this, Kate?

I'm her cousin. You're not my
cousin We're not even related.


How long's he staying here for?
I don't know, do I?

What's the matter with you? Nothing.

Morning, guys.

Some birthday, huh?

For a moment, I thought
this was gonna be awkward

What's up with the windows?

Did you turn the radiators on?
They're scorching.

I haven't touched them. Don't look at me.

Jed? No.

I can take a look. I've done some plumbing.

Would you mind? Contract plumbers
are an absolute nightmare.

So, I could buy you breakfast at the
caff and you could start after that

Sounds good. Thanks.


I've got something for you.

I can't accept that.
No, take it. It's just so you.

I know you liked it.

Right. I've got to go.

Kate...Kate, about last night...

I'm sorry, Ryan.


I mean, you don't really want me, do you?

I shouldn't have done it.
You deserve so much better.



So, how long have you been out? Yesterday.

You didn't...escape or anything?

Well, it's not prison. My God. You escaped.

Are you still on medication?
Are you taking your medication?

I was discharged from hospital.
OK? I'm well.

OK. So...

Does that mean you don't...

..see them any more?

I said I'm well.

Hey. You know I asked you
to look at my laptop?

Yeah. It's fine now. Fixed itself.

Computers don't fix themselves. I did it.

You're a star.

Are you OK?


I'm cool.

You know, if he intends to stay here,
we've got to put up a united front.

I don't know. It might be kind
of nice having him around.

Oh, God!

Anyway, Jed staying is never gonna happen.

How did you work that one out?
Because it's obvious

he's got issues, mental problems,
whatever you want to call it.

And they're not the sort of family
who can deal with stuff like that.

So, they ARE cousins? Jed's adopted.

Kate reckons it's this massive stroke
of bad luck that he landed on them.

Why? What's wrong with him? He sees ghosts.

Bedlam Heights? Did Uncle
Warren come up with that?

Well, it sounded better than The
Hospital For Idiots And Imbeciles.

And you think I'M the sick one?

It was our family's building.
Dad wanted it back

and he wanted it to be something good.
I agree with him.

Even after it ended
the way it did?

Don't you think you'd better... No,
I'm not going home, Kate.

What's at home for me?

What's HERE for you?


I know I've upset people in the past.
I know I've upset you, and...

Don't flatter yourself.

I can't be responsible
for you, Jed

Well, I need somewhere
to stay, so..

Jed... Just for a couple of days.
Look, it's not gonna happen. OK?

Why? What are you frightened of?

Look...I need to be here. OK?


OK. Just for a couple of nights.

And that's it.


Come to see my building, Jed?
I assume it's the building. Nothing else.

I didn't get your Get Well card, Uncle.

Must have got lost in the post.

Your mum's been on the phone. Yeah?

Wants you to put me away again, does she?

She was talking me out of it. She
doesn't think it was doing you any good.

I'm sure she's right.

Like you've ever paid
attention to what Mum thinks

Well, at the end of the day...
you're family.

No, I don't want that. Take it.

You'll be gone before we know it.

Any problems, any voices in
your come to me.

I'm better now, Uncle Warren.

God! Sorry. Is this bothering you?

No, it's fine. You keep banging away.
I mean, sorry. You know what I mean.

Where are all my postcards
from your travels, Mol?

Nobody sends postcards any more. Right.

So, you're not working today?

No. I'm between
jobs at the minute.

Lucky you. Mmm.

So, what's the problem?

Probably a crap boiler
installed by a cowboy.

You know what a
cheapskate Warren is

Yeah, it slipped my mind
when I signed the contract.

He must be charging you loads for this.

Well, Kate pretty much covers it for me.


So, are you planning on... Yeah,
I'll be gone soon.

Oh, no...I don't mind you staying.

Whatever she says.

I could use someone else to
help me keep an eye on her.

Well, I don't think Ryan's too
keen on the idea, to be honest.

He's having a hard time at the moment.

It's coming up to a year
since his brother died.

What happened?

He drowned.

What happened to your neck?

I'm dating the Boston Strangler.


I got my necklace caught in the sink.
Nearly drowned.


Are you all right?

About your brother, I mean.


What are you gonna do on the day?

Go to mass with Mum.

Probably spend the day together.
It's easier that way.

That smells good. I hope so.

There's beer in the fridge, Jed.

Sorry about last night.

To be honest, I think you did me a favour.

Turned up before I made an
even bigger dick of myself.

Cheers. Yeah, Kate's done some
prett stupid stuff in her time.

So, what's it like living here?
What do you mean?

Well, you know Kate's
granddad ran the asylum? Yeah.

And that they shut them down.

Abuse of patients. What, Kate's granddad?

Mmm. Reckoned it had gone on for years.

Did he go down for it? No.

He died before they could get him to court.

Oh, my God. So, why the
hell would they come back?

At least YOU can cook.
It's delicious. Thank you.

I'll be after you for seconds.

So, Mol, how was the job interview?
I turned up. That's about it.

You didn't say you were thinking
of going travelling, did you?

Just because you've never been anywhere that
doesn't have a beach next to the hotel...

Mol's been everywhere.
Vietnam. Hippy trail.

Job centre. Ha-ha

She can do a mean henna tattoo.

Well, it's more than I got.

Not really going travelling, are you,
Mol? You're just putting it out there?

You brought it up. It's just,
you've fallen on your feet here.

I mean, it's luxury.
Why would you want to leave?

Well, you never know who
you might bump into at 3am.

We can't all live like nuns, Mol.

I don't care what you do.

I don't. I just would really
like, for once, not to have to
pick up the pieces afterwards.



Right. I'm gonna go for a drink.


Hi, Emma. Is Zoe in? Have you seen her?

No, I just wondered if she
fancied going for a drink.

What, has she not been in touch at all?

No. Have you not heard from her? No,
not since yesterday evening.

She said she was going
into town with someone.

Yeah, me. We were waiting for my flatmate.

Right. And did she talk about
how the rent was due today?

Do you think she's OK?
You know what I think?

She's done a runner before
I could chuck her out.

OK. Well, if I hear anything...
Don't bother.

Quick drink. Yeah. Strange.

Zoe never got home last night.

Zoe's gone? Oh, and there was me
thinking the night had ended badly.

It's like she just disappeared.

She's only been away for
one night. Away where?

I left her outside.
Said I'd only be a minute.

She's probably crashed
out on someone's floor.

She said she felt like
she was bein watched.

The whole thing's really weird.
I don't like it.

She'll be fine, Mol.



How long are you gonna be?

What's the matter? Are you all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Has Kate said something? What's she said?




Ryan's brother - what happened? What?

Did he drown in the canal?

How did you know that?
Was it an accident or what?

Why are you getting so hung up on this?

I'm not. It's like when we were kids
and that woman down the road died.

You went on about her husband
putting rat poison in her soup.

Well, he had. He was just a nice
old man who'd lost his wife.

It was ant poison, actually, cos
rat poison makes your guts
explode. That was the other guy.

I don't scare as easily as I used to.

So, if I said there were
two ghosts in this flat

and one of them wants to do serious
harm but I don't know why, you
wouldn't take me seriously?

You're so easy to wind up, Molly!

Hello. I have a reservation
under the name of McAllister.

I asked for a specific table.

I was just passing. Were you following me?

Who are you waiting for? No-one.


It was the last time I saw my brother.

A year ago, at this table.

The day he died.

I'll leave you to it.
Well, he's not sat there, is he?

So you might as well.

Do you want a beer?

Great at sport. Went to uni with Kate.

Got a first.

Nightmare little brother.

We don't know why he
went down to the canal.

Probably a bit pissed.
Took the wrong way home.

They followed him.

I don't know why they kicked his head in.

They said they didn't mean him
to drown, but they let him.

Acquitted of murder. GBH.

Eight years. Probably out in four.

The bereavement councillor asked
me to write a letter to him.

Leave it at the
place where he died

I just bloody did it, as well.

I felt like a right idiot.

As if he's going to read it.

Do you see ghosts?

Did Kate tell you that?
Something like that.

Is it true?

Kate talks a lot of crap.
You can tell me. I'm not like her.

I'll listen to you.

Another beer?

And she was how old? Oh,
I don't know. Nine.

She hasn't changed. She said I coul stay
here cheap, if I installed
Broadband for her,

cos she went to uni
with my brother

She didn't say it would take three months!

Yeah, she's a one-off.

You too. Why? You see things. Ryan, look...

I saw how you were in that bathroom
It was like you were having a fit.

Could you speak to him? My brother James. doesn't work like that.

Well, how does it work?

Cos there's stuff I never said.

Oh, no.


What's the matter? It's got nothing
to do with your brother. What?

It's not to do with your brother.
What about him?



You just want this, don't you?

We didn't take it from you.

No-one's keeping you here. You're free.

You can go now.

Kate, come on.

It's all right.

You mustn't fall
asleep in the water

It's OK.

Kate...what happened?

Oh, come here.

Shhh. It's OK. You're OK.

You were talking to someone.

But I couldn't see anyone.

She was a patient.

They ducked her underwater
to drive out a spirit.

What was wrong with her?
Probably fancied someone she shouldn't,

and her husband got her put away.

What did you mean... You said...
I don't just see ghosts, Ryan.

I see how they died.

How did you know I was in trouble?



I know you don't want to go.

I just wanted to make sure you were OK.

And I guess you are.

Am I?

You bastards!

There were patients kept
down here till the 1950s.

Well, one of those patients is back.
He's fixated on Molly's new mate.

Leave me alone!

If she's locking up the car,
what i someone doing in the front seat?

See you at six tomorrow.

The ones that come back want someone hurt.

How do I know my brother hasn't come back?

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