Beck (1997–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Sista dagen - full transcript

Two traffic officers on a quiet morning shift try to stop a car for speeding. When the car finally pulls over, the driver gets out and shoots at them, killing one of the officers in cold ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

Good morning.

Rafting. Have you been shopping?

I'll meet our new chief.

What does he want?

I'll anyway out and celebrate
tonight. Family dinner.

So maybe I can borrow your jacket?

I'm a little more careful who
I dress me up. Good luck.

Hell, what tough it was.
First half, completely static.

It was like watching
someone do the dishes.

Made token, exactly the same pace
throughout. Second Half same.

And then ages most unexciting
ultimately on

with a microscopically small hint
to energy in the final minutes.

I'm sorry to go on like this.
I get so upset by boring football…

I want to terminate me.
With immediate effect, if possible.

I haven't talked to
my colleagues about it

so I'd be grateful
if it could stay between us.


I just see no point
with this anymore.


You have no anxiety, huh?
-No, you know what!

"What should I do
with the rest of my life?"

There are probably some who are
dissatisfied who feel that way.

I just think it'll be nice.

I understand that it sounds strange
for someone who's new, but it's true.

Imagine being in the country more,
fix with the cottage,
take care of the grandchild…

What we eat today?
-Decide you, I'm not hungry.

You must eat if you're going
to be big and strong
so you can chase real criminals.

It's the violence you want, huh?
What's the attraction there?

Don't know, I've always thought that
that's where you can do something.

Sorry, I didn't mean that.
-It's quiet.

The traffic wasn't there
I dreamed of as a new, either.

Murder's the most serious offense.
I don't think a police officer
who works with it

can wake up in the morning
and think that it's useless.

And then I think I'd fit well.

The sinners don't seem
to have woken up.


It's 60. I'll take it.


But please friend,
now you surely give you.

No, you should call in this.

7042 here. We're behind
a gray Peugeot or Ford

as control
passed without stopping.

Taken. Do you think we put up
a HR from Vehicle Stockholm?

He has stopped. We have him.
-Like good that he may blow too.

Good. Then you come back
with further action. Over and out.

He's armed.

Out with it now!

I met Hedvall in the dining room.
He was sour. Was there fights?

No, no.

For then I want to be with.

With luck, he's shit on your hands
as peace and are out before Christmas.


You know as well as I
if you have some dirt on your hands

so are you not out from
this house. You get promoted!

Hell! Shooting in Bromma.
Two policemen.

Who is she?
-Britt Rivera.

Highway patrol on Söderort.
Would like to retire.

And colleague?
-Young guy, hit in the shoulder.

Alone perpetrator?

It seems so.
No one saw that he had company.

Do we have a description?

Adult male, medium height,
was driving a silver Ford Mondeo…

Caught in the report?
-Yes, but not as much.

She was hit by four shots.
Here, here, here and here.

Can you determine if there is
surveillance cameras around?

Oskar, check if it has come
alarm on burglary and robbery

last night or this morning,
and escapes from prisons.

Take a nationwide alert
on what we have.
- Steinar, take colleague?

So are you with me before this thing
is out there everywhere.

Your wife Britt… She's dead.
She's been shot.

Is she dead…?

-Shot? By who?
-There we don't know.

But I promise that we'll do
everything in our power

to find out.

If there are some who
would need to know about this…

…so it would be good if you
contacted them

before they hear it on the news
or see it on TV…

Can you it?

We've removed the bullet
sitting pretty superficial.

But he's lost a lot of blood.
He should rest before you…

It's very important that I
can talk to him directly.

I'd rather take your
blood pressure first.

A short while only.

Thank you.

Hey. How is it?

How did he look?

I don't know…

You didn't see him?
-Sorry. Everything went so fast,
you know…

Did you see the number on the car?

No, I didn't…

You know, we were behind him
quite some time, but…

But I remember…
You know, I tried.

Sorry, it went so fast.

Yes, hello?

We've received
images from a surveillance camera.

Okay. Well, hello.
- I'll be back.

The call came in to the
monitoring center 08.31

from the man who stopped next door.

He was fast, then
it had just happened.

Where's the witness.
This's where it happens,
but I can't fucking see it.

Well, wait…

Come on…

-MND 767.

Send it out everywhere.
Add it to the banns.

I check the owner.
-Okay, that bastard…

Let's see now. Back. Stop.

And closer. Even closer.

What the hell?

Is this the only camera?
-Only in the neighborhood.

Examine all cameras within a radius
of two kilometers.

The car's owned by a Peter Henning,
Draws road in Bromma.



If it continues at this pace
I need reinforcements.

When he died?
-It'll ask for the right medicine.

Do you think he had time
to kill police officers today?

As I said was.

It seems Peter Henning anyway.

Where have Ayda got?

He was born -74,
Swedish teacher and the history

divorced, unpunished
and no debt.

He seems to have known the
who shot him.

He has all the same
let him voluntarily.


Hello! Oskar Bergman called I,
from the police.

I just sat on the coffee. Come in.

I'm just asking questions.
-Baked I have too.

It goes pretty fast.
-Come come! Don't be shy now.

Not so bad, huh?
-No, delicious.

I doubles the butter. Otherwise it
dry, and that one can't.

No, exactly.

That said, we wonder
if you might've sett

or heard anything unusual
in the house this morning.

What would it be, then?

Yes, I don't know.
That's why I ask.

What happened?

It's been a bit rowdy
in the flat at the top.

Yikes, then!

So we were wondering if you might've
seen someone stranger in the area

outside house, in the stairwell.
Or if you've heard anything.

No, but I was hoovering the
all morning.


Did you know… do you know who live
top, Peter Henning?

He's not very pleasant.
How much I can say.

I've been up and told,
because he plays so loud music.

And when he's not been pleasant.

Otherwise, I never talked to him.
I haven't had any desire.

Do you know if anyone's visited him?
Yes, besides his children then.

Children? I've never seen him
with some children.

There I'd remembered.
It's my great sorrow

that I never got any grandchildren.

But great love, there are
I've experienced in all cases.

And I'm so grateful!
-How nice.

Wait, you'll see.
Here I have in my album.

They are my path. Have you seen a more
handsome man in your entire life?


Do you recognize this man?

Look carefully, please.

I don't think so.

Where is he?

I don't know.

Can you see if he looks like?

Sorry, but I think
that he was brighter. Who is it?

There are car owners.

I know it's hard,
but we need a description.

I want us to go through everything
that happened from the beginning.

Did you see immediately that
he was driving too fast?

Yes, and he didn't stop
when we waved him in.

So we jumped in the car
and drove after.

I really tried to see him,
but I saw nothing.

I just saw that he had
a cap on the rear-view mirror.

Do you remember how it looked?

Color? Icons? Letters?

As he stayed so said Britt
that he'd blow.

Then it happened instantly.
That he shot.

Or first said Britt that he had
a weapon and then so he shot.

That's probably why I don't had time
to see anything, because I crawled…

Because I crouched in the seat.

That's when I knew
it burnt to the shoulder.

I thought he'd arrive,
that he'd continue shooting.

Did he say something?
Did you hear his voice?

No, that is…
No, no. Everything went so fast.

I saw him
maximum of a few seconds only.

So it may've been more in the car?
You don't know if it was more?

Sorry. Sorry, but I have to…


The person we seek is
of average height, average build.

He has a bright
more than a dark appearance.

Probably between 30 and 40 years.
Traveling in a stolen car:

A silver Ford Mondeo

with registration MND 767

Peter Henning's neither called
or received any calls

late yesterday evening at 19:48
when he phoned a local pizzeria

which consistent with what
we found in his garbage.

Ayda, you can go through
that properly?

Something more?
-Children, But that doesn't seem to live there.

None of the neighbors had
someone contact him.

They had nothing to tell you about
something possible visit either.

And no one heard anything.

I've lived in one of those houses.
There was extremely responsive.

This is quite a high average age.

Obviously he has
been visited by anyone in any case.

They found several fingerprints in
apartment, but they got no hits.

And forensic are pretty sure that
he died before the Britt Rivera.

When do we know about the gun?
The bullets matches several models.

How many?
-We know only that it's a gun.

Can't get data from 'register?

We have to look for a connection
between Henning and the offender.

Nothing indicates something private
regarding the police.

It wasn't even a fraction.
Maybe he just got stressed out

of having them behind after
murder of Henning. Panicked.

But he was icy enough running
around the murder victim's car.

Yes, or amateurish.

We need to look at Henning to
understand what it is for the offender.

How does he? What does he want?
Does he have more on their list?

Are we even sure
that he was alone in the car?

Henning lost custody of
children in divorce three years ago.

It takes more than that it
is an uninterested father.

We speak with exfrun.

You and Peter Henning
divorced three years ago, huh?

Yes. I don't know what to say.

There… It feels completely unreal.

Was that a burglary or…?
-Not as it looks.

It seems rather as if he felt the
who shot him.


When did you last contact?

It must be safe
two, three months ago.

Or more. It was in the February

Williams on our son's birthday.

So you weren't particularly
close contact?

Did you know anything
about his visitation?

I'm not too familiar with
in his life anymore.

No. But you have still
children together?

Yes, but I have custody.

Yes, but he's well entitled
to meet them sometimes?

Yes, but the children themselves
haven't been so interested.

They haven't wanted….

I haven't exactly tried
persuade them, if you say so.

Sorry, you can't get
a cup of coffee or something?

Sure, absolutely.
-Can we just…?

Yes. - Would you excuse us
just one minute?

What is it?

Incredibly bad timing, but I has a
doctor's appointment in 20 minutes.

I've already booked twice.
I can't miss now.

You're not ill, Oskar?
-No, I…

-No it's OK.

It's advice. Partner therapy.

It's me and Petra.
We're trying to see…

…if we can get back together.

Yes. Go away only.
But hurry back.

Absolutely, I will as soon as I can.

So there.

How is it that you
has sole custody of the children?

Yes, Peter was well
little problem with his temper.

He was… violent.
Both to me and to the children.

But after divorce
so he was completely…

Then he'd prove the
amazing man he was.

He probably thought I'd change
me, but it was a bit late.

What happened?
-He took to end.

And I went on and so.

So you met a new man?
-Yes exactly.

As you still with?
-We don't live together, but…

Where's this now?
-I don't know. He works well.

I can't find him.
-Does he not know it happened?

What are his relations
to your ex-husband?

Micke has nothing to do here.

Mike… Mike may also have
problems with his temper.

No, he's not.

He has a gun in the bag.

No, I think not.
Get dressed so you don't get cold.

…was shot but survived
with minor injuries.

Other fatal victim is a civilian.

The candidate is
of average height, average build.

He has more light than a dark
appearance. 30-40 years old.

He was when he was seen wearing jeans

black jacket and cap,
blue or black.

I haven't had contact with Peter
on forever and I…

I don't know why
you want to meet a personal

as at all not even know him.

I don't know if it's escaped dig
but besides the murder of your ex-husband

so also a police killed.

Probably the same
offender who's at the foot

and armed, so I
requires that you cooperate.

And don't you think so you commit
a crime. Do you understand?

So, where's he somewhere?

I want to meet the children. I have
to tell the kids. They're in school.

No problem,
we can ensure that they'll hit

if you give me Mike's full name,
address and telephone number.

Paula, where's he somewhere?

Michael Axberg is 38 years old.

Have a five year old notification of
abuse, the prosecution was discontinued.

Several tours with both Tax Authority
and the Swedish Enforcement Authority.

Thank you.




Here's it!

-No nothing. Unfortunately.

Okay, good.

What do we do?
-Call Martin.

No. Nothing.
We need his home address.




Are you Mikael Axberg?

Take it easy! I've never done
anything like this before, I promise.

I didn't know what the hell
I'd do just.

Yes, I do that I get
disqualifications for this.

What the hell are you talking about?

Where were you this morning
between seven and ten?

Answer the question!
-I was at home.

Is there anyone who can prove it?

Hey. Can I help you?

I need a costume.
-Costume? Yes, hang on.

These models
works for both celebration and jobs.

Do you know what color you want?
Dark or light?

-Do you know what your size?

50? 48 maybe.

Awesome. Will there be a party today?
Will you go to a party?

-How fun. Need shirt?

White perhaps?
-Yes. And tie too.

Tie too?
Is the student receiving?

Or conclusion one might say.

Good! Are gentle and hear you.

We're content where we get
a little time in between.

And sing as you did now,
will all be overjoyed.

And Minna and Amina…

Do you want to stop and run through
your song so there is time.

Or Is it?
-The sitting.

Or what?

Good, then sits. Remember that you
go in immediately after the poem.

Yes, okay.

Check here.


Hi, it's dad here. How are you?

It's okay.

Okay. Good. You,
it's a very special day here today.

I don't know if I have time
for dinner.

So clear. Unexpectedly.

Don't say that. Listen to me, Lina.
I want to come.

Okay, but will you?

I'll do what I can.

Well. Okay.

I do what I can. Have there.


So, I…
I think this is very difficult.

Take the time you need.

I think he was narrower,
thinner as well.

But I'm not sure.

Ooops! Sorry. Sorry.

Oh, look! Neat.
So tie you fix yourself?

It's not all do.

Most people say nothing, so are the
with something bloody tangle ago. Fine.

You might be a little bigger
in his jacket. What do you think?

Should I get one?

So, huh… what the hell's this?

There's a misunderstanding. I'd be
interrogated about my business.

There'll be, but not of us. We
want to ask about other things.


Your girlfriend's ex-husband was murdered
in the morning. And after a policeman.

What then? Do you think that I…?
-I don't know.

Where's Paula? I want to meet her.
I don't believe this.

First I want to know where was the
between seven and nine in the morning.

I've said it already.
I was at home.

Can anyone prove it, we can write off
you as the prime suspect immediately.

Haven't you,
I intend to continue to issue

if you're greeted at
at the home of Peter Henning.

This's not fucking true…

Okay. I wasn't at home.

But I haven't murdered anyone.
I don't even know where he lives.

Where were you?

In a girl.

I… I was out yesterday.
I took some glass

it was late
and so I went not home.

And not to your girlfriend either?


Where do we want the name, phone
number and address of this girl.

Then I go and talk with… Isabelle.

Thank you.

Why, you again?
You haven't changed your mind?

Thank you. You didn't have it.
I was just doing my job.

Do you drink coffee with me?

No, we can't. Unfortunately.

But thank you for the flowers.
It was really very nice.

There'll görbra, this.
You may have a beautiful party.

Good luck.


How did it go with that…?

We'll see.

None on Michael Axbergs office
related to Henning.

No weapons, no mobile so far

and no car keys to someone Ford.

However, we've been here
some papers and his computer.

I was going to start going through it.
-Good, Do it.

Some tips?
-No, nothing serious. Most wacky ice.

Isabelle in Årsta confirm that
he was there until nine o'clock.

But it can be so
that she protects him.

He may well have sent
someone else too.

We'll keep him for a while.

How do we do with exfrun?
She has kids here now.

We retain her too.

Jenny Boden.

It's possible weapons. I took
a list of all of Stockholm

as licensed in Sanaa.

Oh, my God…
United States of fucking Sweden!

I've marked the
born after 1970.

Thank you.

The fingerprints of Henning's
apartment, they're his.

Can you explain why you lied to us?

Why did you say you didn't even know
Peter Henning lived?

Did you not get the girl?
Did she not know I was there?

In that case, she's lying.
-Answer the question.

Have you been there today?


Okay, I've been there but it was
a while. Along with Paula.

She wanted to get him to back off
a little. He was on the kids.

I'd like to support
to show that it was serious.

That it was hard for her.

For her? And for you.

Mostly for her.
-And when was this?

I don't know. A month ago.

Why didn't you say it right?

I thought it was bad
Paula and the kids.

Martin, can I…?

Get out.

I recognized the car
my mom has the same one.

When was this?
-At eight.

Traded he?
-Yes, a coffee and a Dajm.

Did he pay with a card?
-No, in cash. But I have the receipt.

Did he say something?
Did you talk to him?

No, nothing besides themselves…
Yes, when he'd pay then.

This is the first camera.

8.11. Then it by Henning
and before police.

20 minutes before.
-Stay there.

There he is. Continue.

That's not Michael Axberg.


The police have no trace
those who shot two traffic policemen

of which one died. According to
witnesses disappeared perpetrator

in a silver Ford
of this model.

How says Mats Hedvall, Head of
Länskriminalens violence root.

He was traveling in a stolen car,
a silver Ford Mondeo

with registration MND 767.

We want to emphasize that we're not
looking after the owner of the car.

And to all observations
of interest.

No, we don't know
how long it may've been.

But maybe we should check out
car theft in this part of town.

-On some way he took on.

If he isn't
and press somewhere.

It's a gamble,
but in his place

wouldn't I like to
take the subway.

But… Not here we stood? What?

I don't really know.

Sorry, I just remember that he had
cap and hoodie.

You have a visitor.

Excuse me just a moment.

You pour it out after all!
-So, you!


Shit, What scared I was!
-Excuse me.

Here, do you want?
-No thanks.

"No thanks, I'm wacko and
may not drink for my caregiver."

"And for that I am
so damn good looking too!"


Where did you go?
-What do you mean?

We'd eat lunch.
-Sorry, I forgot about it.

You see,
it's insanely messy here right now.

Are you working with
the police shooting?

I heard on the radio.

You, this is not a good day
to be out on the town.

It would be nice
if you took a taxi home

and phoned William
and asked him to do the same.

It would be nice
if you did it.

You lead the group.
Say you work from here.

It doesn't work that way.
Not at your work either.

It's not the same.
My colleagues won't be murdered.

It'll be good, this.
-It can't, you know.

I'll tell you something.

You won't have to worry
for me in the future.

Because I have…

I've resigned.

Is that true?

When then?

But congratulations! It's incredible!

That you do it now when you
still have the energy stuff

and not completely senile or…

Yes, but… Do you know how much
you have to look forward to?

Now we can do
hiking trip to Italy

as you've talked so much about.

Can you come?
- Hey, Steinar. Excuse.


Pick up William
as we talk later. I'll call. Okay?


This is Krister,
investigator on economic crime.

He believes that our man
at the gas station

is extremely similar
to one at his gym.

Yes, I think he works there.

I'm not entirely sure,
but he's very similar in all cases.

Good, thanks.

Where's your daughter?
And she was worried about her father?

It should really be a little

I'm too.
What about your daughter Lisa?

Lina. Well, she is
little more on track now.

Good to hear.

She's moved so now I'm
teenage father seriously.

Slightest misstep and you're
out in the cold again.

Tonight we celebrate that she
almost remained at the school
throughout the semester.

If we can sort this out then.

Large cleaning?

It's good there. You should
clean up after themselves, you.

Yes, Lina… It did people
of you also to the end.

It doesn't feel so bad, huh?
Thought so.

How. Ten to.
There's only one set left.

Stretch properly.

Ooops! Hello hello. Take
off your shoes, please.

Martin Beck police.

Steinar Hovland.

We'd have to
few questions for you.

It's about a person who can've been
seen here. Do you recognize him?

We don't disclose information
about customers.

It determines Unfortunately, not you.
And it's not a client
we're looking for.

What's he done?
-Begin by looking at the pictures.

Yes. He may've worked here as
PT indeed. Personal trainer.

Are you sure?

Nah… I'm not.
But it's very similar.

Stoffe? Staffan? Stefan something.

As he worked here?

When could it have been?
Last fall, I think.

No, last winter. A short while only.

Suddenly one day, he appeared not
play. He did not hear the signal

and impossible to obtain.
Him, you're welcome to pick up.

We're looking for him in connection
with of shootings in the city today.


Do you have the names and personal
information we'd be very grateful.

He ducked the
as soon as you looked at him.

Where did you get his information?

In the reception.


Let's see…

No, it was wrong.

Mattsson. Yes! Stefan Mattsson.

Atterbomsvägen 14.


Was he so fucking corpses?

Two people feel it.
And that's all we have.

Hey. We need Piketen
to Atterbomsvägen 14.

For a Stefan Mattson. Now.

It's open!

So, I don't know
which dress I should take.

You don't want to take
in as vomiting. Nämen…

She lives in the alternative,
don't know Stefan Mattson.

She only met him when she got
the keys

and it was over two years ago.

She doesn't recognize him at
the pictures, but she's shocked…

Yes, where you come
and told me earlier…

I was a bit taken by surprise there,

It doesn't feel like we could…

We may well talk about it?
-Not today, I hope.

When this is over.

I've thought this through
very carefully, just so you know.

I send the form
by internal mail later in the day.

I hear you, but we can
talk about it in peace?

Martin. Come on.

I checked her
rent payments, and look!

They go to an R Stefan Mattson.

What's R?
-Raymond, Apparently.

Suddenly it wasn't
world's most common names.

Raymond Stefan Mattsson,
Levertinsgatan 8.


Thank you.

What's that for anything?

Falken shooting club.


Sorry, I was just so surprised.
It's late ages.

I've thought to hear from me
but it hasn't happened.

I'm really sorry about that.

But you see, there's been so much with
everything. I haven't had the time.

It'll be fine.
-Do you think? Yes…

We hope with otherwise we'd
not be able to hold on.

One day it'll be clear enough.

I'm going away soon, but…

Do you want to come in?

I'd just made coffee.
Do you want a cup?

-What handsome you are.
Going to a party?

Well. Out here, or?

Oh, what fun. What's that?

But my God, what do I do?

Beware, so I'll just…

You can take a fresh cup
in the cabinet there.

My God, how stupid.

So you were just passing by?

Luckily I hadn't had time to go.
There's clearance today.

Takesyou milk anyway?

Oh no…

Hello, yes?

Raymond Stefan Mattsson's 36 years,
no children, has never been married.

A native of Vasteras, no
parents in life what I can find.

Seems to be the leader of
a youth team handball.

Might've been, it's old dates.

He got a job at the Stockholm Statute

but rejected a week ago.

Jobs as what?
-It's not clear.

I have a name here.
Nina Thorson, Human Resources.

Be Jenny and Oskar check it.
-Yes, Fix it.


What was his name?

Hello, Sigge. Hey!

Think he
survived New Year's party.

God, yes.
-Almost more than I did.

But you'd done
very good food. Indian.

Yes… Imagine that you remember it.

I remember everything.

I sat on the chair
and looked at the tree there.

I had much time to watch out.

You were probably the only one
who said something to me
the whole evening.

And everyone'd say something good
and something bad from the past year.

It was Peter's idea.

I told him about the handball team.
When I'd take it bad

had all gone.
It was just Peter who remained…

…To see how hard it was.

I had no real track
because I most…

…running around.

I was so surprised.
I thought we had another contact.

Yes, but that we had.
I thought that with.

But you said nothing.

At the time, I didn't actually.

But then what?

Thank you.

I do it.
I'm allergic to computers.

I'm not going in, whatever you say.

I send them.

Ayda? I think he's a teacher.
Sports teacher.

Check if he and Peter Henning
has worked at the same school.

You remember him then?
-Yes I do.

How was he?
-On the interview?

Yes, he was eager.
But he seemed pretty sure.

Where he intimidating or aggressive?
-Absolutely not. I liked him.

But I wondered if he'd be able
of having so large groups

because he hadn't felt…
strong enough.

Was that why he didn't get the job?

He had better credentials than most
seeking here.

I doubted for something
not felt a hundred.

And when I talked to
last employer

I realized he was right…

Yes, we check course
all of the applicant's references.

And why was he inappropriate?

I understand that you're disappointed.
You have every right to be there.

I've thought to hear from me
several times, but…

Why did you write on that list?


The other doesn't surprise me,
they did as the headmaster said.

But you believed that…

I said no first. I said that
I wasn't going to write on.

When I was called to a meeting
with the principal and where…

There, I was persuaded.

He talked about the atmosphere of the
school, that everyone was afraid.

Parents who called
and all the needed peace and quiet.

I didn't dare do otherwise.
I'm really sorry about it, Stefan.

And I never thought of that.
-On what?

You know what I mean.
-Saw it.

I know you were…

I know you were very careful
with the rules.

You'd never go
to the girls' locker room.

Especially not if they
keep on switching on.

And even less to try something…
It's quite…

It wasn't the first time
it was drama in the class either.

I wanted to be there.

I hadn't received
if I hadn't written on.

Or maybe, but then I had…

I'd become so ostracized
that I'd to stop anyway.

Thank you.


Sorry, but I have to make myself
in order. I'm already late.

But I love to be seen
and talk again if you want.

Can I use the bathroom before I go?

Yes, of course.

The news of the past
about the shootings

in western Stockholm. The police
are looking for a man suspected

for murdering two people in Stockholm,
one of them a police officer.

The man's of medium length,
30-40 years, Nordic appearance.

In connection with the crime
calls for also a stolen car.

A green Volkswagen Passat
with registration PWY 680.

Do you have information,
call the police or 112.

I won't say anything. I promise.

Your car… Where's the key?

What're you going to do?
-The car key.

It's located on the shelf in the hall.


Stefan Mattsson and Peter Henning
were colleagues.

Mattsson was suspended after a
notification of sexual molestation.


He tried to sue the principal and
College for defamation but was refused.

What's the school?
-Large Ängsskolan In Nacka.

Thank you. -Large Ängsskolan in
Nacka. That's where we're going.

Dear friends, welcome
to this summer finishing

on the school who've been elected to
the municipal best private school!


Ulrika, you have to get Lina.
She doesn't answer Heller

but you mustn't go on
graduation today.

I can't explain, but it can be
dangerous. You mustn't go there.

This is the one day we all
have longed so much for.

We've worked so hard
during this year

to be able to go into the net with
as good results as possible.

And it comes
perhaps most of you nines

now you're leaving primary school.

Large Ängsskolan in Nacka.
We believe that the offender should there

to avenge
on one or more persons.

They finish today. The headmaster
must be contacted immediately!


Where's the task force?
Don't have time?!

We need help with cops
to secure school

go through rooms,
put people in security

preferably without causing panic.

Move you, then!

When I stand here and look
all your faces

so I feel so proud and thankful

to have had to spend
these years with you.

I'm glad I'll get
socialize with many of the obtained

in one or two years,
beginning in the fall.

But now we ignore the fall,
it'll be summer vacation

and we welcome the choir up to
make some summer tunes.

Do you know where Karin?

En Vänlig Grönskas Rika Dräkt…

Help me…

Now caressing wind balmy air.

The fair örtesängar.

And the sun light and grove murmur.

And wave murmur among the willows.

Proclaim summer time.

His happiness and his Sommarro.

The rave birds praise.

Aren't you more?

Have you seen any?
-No, we haven't seen anybody.

Where's auditorium?!
-Don't know!


But you, O God, that makes our earth…

No. I haven't seen anybody
who shouldn't be here.

Who would it be?
-He's worked as a teacher here.

Stefan Mattsson.

All flesh is grass
and the flowers die.

And time all the while.

Only word of the Lord endureth.

What the hell?

They're in the church.
It's fully under way there now.

What church?

Get out of here. Go home.

The weight he pulls down
How it clings.

Hard to be uncertain, afraid…

Police! Drop the gun!

Drop it! Drop the gun, Stefan!

You don't want this, Stefan!

You don't wanna hurt
more people in here.

Put the gun down, Stefan.

I don't think you've done
what you're accused of.

You can obtain redress.

All here can know
that you're innocent.

That's what you want?

Then you need to put down the weapon

and not hurt more people here.

Put the gun down now.

And let all go from here
in peace.


No, no, no!

We did everything we could, Martin.

Why is it not enough?

Here. Take a little now. Bowl.

And you get nothing.
-A little I guess I can get?

I could've bought alcohol…

So everyone gets to drink
champagne, but I water?

-Hey, Dad!

What's this?
-What does it look like?

We must celebrate that
you should stop, right?

I'm feeling just a little…
-You have to eat. Hair.


Yes… Cheers, then.

God's peace in the cottage.

Will there tasting menu
or a three-course?

Well, you…
You throw in the towel now, then?

-Over and out.

Yes… You do this right, Martin.
You're not young anymore.


No, but seriously…

Martin, have you thought about
which potential

as you and I together?

Damn, we could open a casino.

Or whatever, that is.

It'll be good, you.

It'll be damn good,
Martin. I'll tell you.

It'll be fine.
I feel it in here.

You know you have my full support
of what you plan to do.

And I know that I have yours.
-Yes, you do.

It'll be damn good, Martin.