Beck (1997–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Vägs ände - full transcript

Three brutal murders are committed in a house in a quiet suburb. The victims are a former police officer, his wife and their 10 year old son. The Beck group takes on the case and find that ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Honey, we're home!
The training was set.

Pick up after yourself. ROCKO!
Now you down and picks up ...


'Check back with a progress report.'

We will next weekend.
We'll bring dessert.

As soon as we have come in order
you are very welcome.

We can meet with us.
-Absolutely. I check with Petra.

Good, I need socializing
where alcohol is included.

-Walk around. Go up there.
-Hello to you too.

That's Rickard Birgersson.
-The Rickard Birgersson?

Shot with three shots.
The maid found the body.

He was a policeman. Stopped for a few years
late. Worked as a security consultant.

You can come down now.

His wife and son came home,
encountered g?rningsmannen-

-flydde to downstairs
and where they were liquidated.

Why do not they ran out?
They were well panic.

-One Or more perpetrators?
Everything we have secured suggesting one.

An offender
that does not leave witnesses behind.

I watch what he was working on this.

Find out all about his finances.
Jenny and Oskar questioning neighbors.

Steinar came up to me later.

Richard was one of us. This case
has the highest priority. Do you understand?

Obvious. all murders
have well-highest priority?

Everything that happens,
everything new that tillkommer-

-It will report directly to me.

There was talk about Birgersson
before retiring.

-That He used foul means.
How ugly he played?

There were no reports
that did not lead anywhere.

You, Steinar.

You did not do your shooting test.
-I'll do it.

If it happens to you something
and you have not done it ...

-... I have responsibility.
-lnga problems, it dissolves.

The boy was shot
with a shot from behind.

He died before the mother
who was shot in the same way.

On Rickard Birgersson one hand
during naglarna-

-there skin fragments
which may be the killer.

And then this ...

A bleeding in the throat that I do not know
how it has arisen.

Martin ...
I will take a leave of absence.

Yeah. Has something happened?

That is the problem,
that nothing happens.

Could you take a leave of absence?
Being away for half a year?

-It Depends ... Where?
-First To the Easter Islands.

Then South America and on up.

It sounds like a trip you should
have done when you were younger.

Is it ever too late
with new impressions?

To talk about something else
than the bullet holes and the cut surfaces?

Get away from the dead bodies.

Both at work and in private life.



Neat. Agreed.

That is not approved.

-Hello. Hovland.
Are you Norwegian of Martin Beck?

Mats Sylvander. Are you working with the murder
on Birgersson and his family?

We got along well, but we met
not after he had finished.

Why did he?

He imported bulletproof glass
and sold on. Served well better.

-Did His enemies?
-All Police have well-enemies?

Was there anyone who thought
that not everything had gone right for?

We worked with the Serious Organized

They blow not
with ugly practices.

Not that you had done something wrong, but
someone psychopath may feel aggrieved.

The brothers Wredin. Check them out.

Jens Wredin and his brother John
sold cocaine.

This was in 2005-2006,
The business grew, everything went good-

-until Jens shot a competitor
and got lifetime.

Where will Rickard into the picture?

The guards at Kumla says
Jens several times SA-

-that there is a bullet waiting
the cop pussy outside the walls.

-A Bullet for what?
-Br?derna States ...

... That a large amount of money disappeared
when Birgersson made a search.

And it gets better.

Last fall Johan sat inside
for drug offenses.

He came out last week.

Do we have him in the DNA registry?

For that Rickard had abrasions
under the nails.

No, he received a shorter sentence.

The house is alarmed,
doors are s?kerhetsklassade-

-windows burglar-proof. It means
Rickard invited m?rdaren-

-or was intvingad under threat.

Maybe it was John who figured download
the money disappeared.

So it went awry
when the family came home.

We take him in.

Where were you ...

-... Between 14:00 and 16:30 yesterday?
-What happened then?

Do you know who Richard Birgersson is?
-The Slaughtered pig.

-How Do you know he's dead?
-Have You been on Ubuntu?

I am suspicious of anything?
Should I contact a lawyer?

We know you are damn tough.
That you do not talk.

But a boy of ten years
has been murdered.

Not even you think it's okay.

At 14,00, I had airtime
with his brother.

There you can check up, correctional
intercepts all calls.

Then I was with mum
to 16,15,

-Alibit Is too good to be true.
-I Have nothing to do with the murder.

Sadly for the family,
but Birgersson was a pig.

He did not play nicely.

Your brother said
that a bullet waiting for Rickard.

Have I ever heard.
-Your Brother, yes.

He claims that it lost money
the arrest and Rickard ...

When a exsnut is shot
are you concerned about the money.

How much was that?

Where did they come from?
-What does it matter?

It would facilitate
if you could give a DNA sample.

Then you arrest me first.
It may well you do now?

No. But you complicate
investigation work.

I really hope so.

Do you know one thing?
If Rickard had been cop

-had he become your worst nightmare.

-His Alibi, check it out.
Who was Richard's boss when it happened?

What the hell, you think of that?

If Rickard took 700000
they had served on drugs

-so well there a motive?

Torsten Nyblom was Rickards manager.

It is terrible
it has happened.

How was he as a police officer?
-Effective. Power.

But there was a conflict between us
which involved methods.

-Rickard Truly ...

... To put pressure on the criminals.
As a manager, I wanted to curb it.

-Did His enemies?
-During His time as a police officer absolutely.

-Br?derna Wredin?
-Among others.

I heard Johan.
We'll check his alibi.

Is he in custody?

Rickard put away his brother
lifetime. Now he had to pay for it.

700000 is said to have disappeared in connection
with the arrest.

Johan and Jens claim it.
There is no evidence that it was true.

-Is There anybody threats against you?

I will retire in six weeks.

The last 15 years I have frayed
chair and Patat in the garden.

She hung up his jacket.
She did not know that the killer was here.

Rickard tries to overpower him
while fleeing.

It would have been natural
to run out. But they ran into.


What the hell is this?

-It Was not enough.

Take it easy now.
-Sv?rfar Want virre the coffee.

They come to visit.

See you tomorrow.

-Listen To Petra for dinner.

'What are you doing? This is the third
time, new number every time. '

'You must give me some time. Hello?'

-Godmorgon, Oskar.
-Godmorgon, Hello.

-Are you sick?

It's Emma.
Is she sick?

No. Not only that she woke up
at thirty.

She did not wear
their vinyl sheets.

I pray every night
that it will not rain.

-Do You have compiled yesterday?
-I will. Unless you want to ...?

I can do that, no problem.

Hey! Oskar Bergman here.

I was going to check if you have received up
something of weapons from yesterday.



Besides Rickards has forensikerna
found the fingerprints of all weapons

-from a known criminal.

Rafael Santos.

I recognize him.
Halloween robbery, four years ago.

Robberies in H?gdalen.

Three days later
found two of the robbers murdered.

Santos shot them after the robbery
and disappeared with 6,3 million.

As for the weapons used in the robbery?

-When Santos shot his cronies ...

... What was it for weapons?
Can you take out the murder investigation?

No. It is safety rated,
I can not access it.

I want to talk to police
that was when the investigators.

Can you find out who it was?
-I'll see.

A lot of stolen weapons with Santos
fingerprint. What do they do there?

-Rafael Is married to Maria Santos.
-Get Out as much as you can about her.

The brothers Wredin, what do we do with them?

You and Oscar talk
with John's mother about the alibi.

You and I will find a link between
Birgersson and Santos.

-Hello Maria! May we come in?
-Rather not.

-We Will not be long lasting.
It applies Santos.

-Have You heard from him?

It has come into money
to your account.

Around the 20000 every time. Payments
from various banks in Europe.

And? What was I supposed to do?
Take the money and burn them?

I do not know who they are from.
-Santos Want well help you.

Do I need to talk to you about it?

We're investigating a murder, there are
connections between Santos and the victim.

I will not help you bust my husband
for something he has not done.

Has he called you?

Has he written?
He can never come back.

-Never Meet our son or me ...
-So He has written?

Do you know who this is?

Why are you asking?

He was murdered in his home
two days ago.

Do you say that Santos
murdered cops?

How do you know he was a cop?

That's all he has written
in four years.

Go away.

See you.

Johan has been out one week
and you're on him already.

Answer the question
so we leave him alone.

He was here just before three
and left here at four.

Can anyone else attest to that?
-Yes. Bonnie and Clyde.

-What Is it?
-My Cats.


Johan has just come out. We can not
get to have some time for ourselves?

You know what your sons are doing?
It is no coincidence that we are here.

If anyone knows my boys
it's me.

If you want to help Johan
you say the truth.

Johan did not shoot him.
He was with me when it happened.

I have the name of the investigator.
-How nice. Give me his number.

He is in the subject area.
It was Klas peace.

You chased Santos four years ago
for robbery and murder.

Now we found a link between
him and Rickard Birgersson.

Former police officer who has
illegal weapons. Does not look good.

-With Santos fingerprints.
-In Addition.

Do you have any idea
why the weapons were there?

Where Santos has escaped?
Where he was last seen?

What he found after the robbery?

-You Must have found something.
-Sorry, He disappeared.

-L?mnade Not a trace behind.
-In These.

The last was sent from Karpathos
August 24 last year.

Contact the local police.
If we are lucky, it's something.

I do not think it helps.
Nothing works in Greece.

I sent a postcard to Mom
and it took 12 weeks to arrive.

Why was the investigation

One of the consequences
when an investigation it-gets

-is that you can not talk
about the cause.

How's it going with Johan Wredin?
-Mamman Gives him an alibi.

But we have an eye on him.

-Sorry, what did you say?
-Martin, What is it?

Forgive me, but ... This
the investigation does not feel good.

-K?nns Someone Investigation good?

When you catch the perpetrator
and the victim's family will have peace.

-It Can not this time.
That's not what I'm worried about.

But what you will find crap
a former colleague.

What are you gonna do?

We have an eye on Johan Wredin.
Now I find Santos.

And you? Now we order something good.

It was a good idea.

Thanks. And thanks for
a nice, cozy evening.

It is I who should thank.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-Keep, Torsten!
But hey, Martin.

I'm thankful
you could take the time.

if I can be of help.

Rafael Santos? I know who it is.

I thought you wanted to talk
Rickard Birgersson.

It seems that Richard had
some form of involvement with Santos.

Do you know anything about that?

-Maria Santos. Do you know who it is?
Yes, it is his wife.

She knows who Richard is. How are the
can come out. What do you think?

She reported Rickard for assault
which she later recanted.

I know who he is
but we have not met.

How was it that you reported him
for assault when your husband disappeared?

-There Is probably no notification?
Where you afraid of Richard?

Mary, you do not need to be there

Rafael, he ...

He worked for the police.
He was Birgersson's informant.

Everyone would like to put a bullet in
his head if it came out.

-To End it was unsustainable.
-What happened?

He wanted to jump off. Rickard
forced him to continue.

Why did not you tell this
four years ago?

Rickard sought me.
He was intimidating.

He wanted to know
on Santos had told me something.

I lied, then he hit me.

I went to the police. After
I was attacked by two men.

If I knew came out, would
my son involved in an accident.

What he did as an informant?
He was selling guns to criminals.

So he got the contacts. Then helped
he police put them there.

He told me everything when
Richard forced him to continue.

Then he blamed for two murders.

The problem is that only the police who were
contact person knew his identity.

In this case
it would be murder victim.

Santos wanted to jump off,
Richard forced him to continue.

He saw only one solution:
Take raw prey and escape.

Why did he kill
his companions?

Perhaps they had understood
that he was the informant.

Rickard pressed Santos to take greater
risks, in the end, it was not.

He had to kill them
for that self die.

He came back
to take revenge on Richard?

He shone for robbery and two murders,
he would take that risk?

The investigation is security classified
so I can not answer that.

This explains why it is so.

If Santos was a paid police informant
who carried out a robbery and dubbelmord-

-is it not so good if it came out.

She does not want to hear
that her husband was a simple r?nare-

-As has murdered two stuck
with the change and let her down.

Then she blames on us instead.
Any progress with the brothers Wredin?

Go to Kumla and questioning Jens Wredin
instead of chasing ghosts.

You are informed about why we are here?

I heard you were interrogated brother
if the pig was shot.

-Didn't Birgersson what he deserved?
Yes, I believe in karma.

I had a lot going on.
The shops ran good.

Apartment on the south,
my girlfriend was pregnant.

I would meet a colleague.
He was stoned, intimidating.

I had no choice,
it was self-defense.

Rickard Birgersson picked me
minutes afterward.

As if he had a crystal ball.
He played fulspel.

Therefore, here I am
and has nothing left out there.

-So Why should I talk to you?
We believe that Rickard took your money.

Think? It was he.

It lost money from every
fucking search warrant he did.

Do you know that person?
-Why are you asking?

I will not help you
to find him.

When you - as you say - acted
in sj?lvf?rsvar-

-so you were arrested with the murder weapon.
How did you get it?

If you help us, we can emphasize
your brother from the list of suspects.

Santos. He ordered up the weapon.

Thank you for wanting to cooperate.

Santos. I have been thinking
he can keep the house.

Many believe he is dead.
I thought so too until now.

What made you change your opinion?
-That You are asking questions about him.

No one can disappear
after a robbery and double.

Birgersson helped Santos.

Why would he do that?
Why I sit here?

To Santos worked for
that fucking pig.

You're here because you have murdered
a person. Just because.

Why he thought that Santos was dead?

He said he had talked
with his brother for questioning.

All calls are intercepted well
and recorded?

I arrange a transcript.


I'm a little busy,
you can not just say what it is?

She does not say where she is. Not worth
she is, where she is. Not a word.

How long has she been gone?
-Two Days.

Without you heard anything?

She reminds so damn much about you.
Secrets throughout.

She has a disgusting crap dude
named Arich. He does drugs.

He's not good.
Take it easy now.

She's your daughter, too, do something.
What do you want me to do?

-Check up that Arich!
I can not go into the registry ...

Remember this when she was found dead.
She needs you now - his dad.

She needs you now!
-Now You get the hell give you!

I moved here
to be with her more often.

I'm here now.

I found this in her room.

I do not even know what it is.
Ecstacy, Spice or some shit.

-Help Us now, Steinar.
I'll solve this.

-Yes it is true.

We have seen once. I am married
Gunilla, Rolf called me.

Yes exactly. What did you want?

I followed my wife yesterday
to a restaurant.

-There She met you.
Yes, we must work together.

-On The evenings, the pub?
-It happens.

Or maybe in your home?

It was a few weeks ago,
then she had grocery bags with them.

Are you following Gunilla?
If you're watching her?

Gunilla want a divorce. After 26 years.

I hope it does not depend on you.

Hey, it's a father again. Call as soon
you hear this, mother is worried.

So am I. Hug, bye.

Who says Santos
was an informer for Rickard?

You did not know about it?

Who gave you that information?
-Maria Santos, Santos wife.

Is she trustworthy?

But you...

Many say that Rickard
did not play fair play.

He could go in hard.
-How far?

Rickard found that some criminals
you could just put dit-

-with their own methods.

-Tjenare! Huh, what do you drink?


I only drink green tea.

I have started working out at the gym.

Lift weights. Green tea makes
that you do not get sore.

We can work together.
I hardly think so.

-Then We can fit on each other.

helping each other
with the last situpsen or so.

Then we can stand out here in the summer

You, there are tools we can take.

It is illegal.

There is a limit
what the state should interfere.

If you feel better
a syringe in arslet-

Shall hell no authority
put a stop to it.

You may live for ten years.
Thirty if you start exercising.

How to live those years
is your business.

-Good night.
You start training tomorrow, huh?

Think not, Martin!
Let your body decide.

Yes, Oskar?
-Spanaren Lost Johan Wredin.

He was 'drittfull'.
Northug was 'drittfull'.

It's not the worst. He was
on the way to play poker.

There, gentlemen.

No, I will pay.
-It is my turn.

Hello, yes? Hey. What? Keep?

This shit is useless,
worst crap I've bought.

It's my boss, I take it tomorrow.

Do you know that you have done right?
-Steering wheel?

Will you feel it? To the
Overall, are you a good person?

-I hope so.
You have not sacrificed anything on the road?

What do you mean?

When I started and Rickard
I was convinced rebuilding

-that we made the world better. But...

I'm not proud of
what I did.

I destroyed my marriage.
I hear nothing from my sons.

It was as if it never happened.
Family and children. Do you have kids?

I have three. A 16-year-old with my ex
and two small now.

I have a good relationship with everyone.
That was why Rickard stopped.

He wanted your life,
it did not work when he was a policeman.


Why do you think
Rickard was murdered?

Rickard was a fucking mystery.
Difficult to come near.

I really do not know.

Before he left, he was involved
in an assault.

You know what I'm talking about?
By Maria Santos.

What happened?

I said yes to a beer,
not to be interrogated.

I just want to arrest the killer.
I with, but not at the expense ...

... That you smear Rickard.
Do you understand?


The money will be returned. Rickard
away so you can fix it.

I had nothing to do with it.
-lngen blows us, not even a cop.

-What happened?
I was robbed by someone thug.

I did not see when he flew at me.

-What are you doing here?
You forgot your phone.

I saw that someone was following you.
Are you okay?

-Klarar You home?

No problem.

-Did You recognize him?
No, I only saw him from behind.

It may have been a killer.
-Take Into Johan Wredin again.

He's missing.

Mats says it was an attempted robbery
but that is not true.

Why not? You saw nothing.

According to the prison, the brothers did not
talked about your questioning of John.

-Not for airtime.
-Then He has a mobile at the institution.

They may check his cell.

We must interrogate Mary. If Santos
here he contacted her.

Why would he do that?
They have children together.

Focusing on the brothers Wredin instead.

No. Steinar right.
We need to talk to Maria.

Yes do it.

You and Oskar keeps an eye on the mats.
Take the help of the span.

Do you think he knows we're here?
It's not us he's looking for.

-How is your family?

Everything is top?

Before, you talked about Emma and Petra

-Now You say nothing.
-It's Great. What should I say?

Petra will leave me.

And it is ... What should I do?

My daughter, she ... I do not
talked to her in a week.

I do not know what to say.

Tell her you love her.
The children need to hear.

It is Petra you should talk to.

So, absolution.

-Sushi Or kebab?

-Hello! We want to talk to your mother.
-She's not home.

-Where is she?
-Sa Her where she was going?

Are you the police?
-Yes we are.

I can not talk to cops
for mom.

-What are you doing?
-Jenny's Me, I'm a police officer.

We'll talk to Luke, then you can
continue to blast the world to pieces.


Come on, Jens. Come along.

Raise your arms. Thanks.

So she did not say where she was going?

When she went? You do not know?

Can you call and ask where she is
and when she comes home?

So we go then.

Hey, old man!
I'll be home in an hour.

-What are you doing?
- 'I'm meeting someone.'

- 'I'll be home in an hour.'

She was supposed to meet someone?


What have you got?
That's Maria Santos car.

The driver's door was open.
The perpetrator has gone forward

-It has occurred scuffle
then he dragged her to his car.

-Have You found her cell phone?

Why do you do this?
Why am I here?

I hurt yourself if you do not tell
what I want to know.

-Where is he?
-I do not know.

You know he was working for the cops?
He put away his friends.

Santos is worth protecting, do you?

Maria, tell us where he is.

Otherwise, I take your son too.
Then he crawls enough forward.

I do not know where he is.
I do not know.

I do not know where he is!
I do not know, I say!

I looked up the robbers
as Santos killed.

Birgersson had nothing with them
to do, there are no links.

And Mats Sylvander?
-No. But I found this.

Mats interrogating a Karin Power
in connection with a drug bust.

He arrested her for drug possession
and held her for 72 hours.

-Sounds Not it strange?

Mats grabs a Stureplan Girl when he
working with organized crime?

This was two months before Halloween-
robbery and double murder.

Karin Str?m were together
with one of the robbers.

Where is Steinar?
-He does not respond.

We start without him.

Nothing on the site suggests
Mary subjected to serious violence.

We assume that she's alive.
-Nan Suspected offender?

Mary is sitting inside with
a lot of information about Santos.

-Not only do we want to find him.
If we ever find him.

What about postcards?

Police in the Greek islands
is not as effective.

He's not there.
If he ever been there.

Maybe it was someone else
who wrote the postcards.

Thanks for last.

Are you going to exercise shoot?

I have a month on me.

-Karin Power. Do you know who it is?

She was together with one of the robbers
that Santos should have shot.

I thought you were investigating the murder
my colleague.

Why grabbed her?
-I do not remember.

It was probably in a larger context.
-Santos Was Rickards informant.

You take out one of the robbers girlfriend
before the robbery was committed.

-What are you looking for?
You pushed her, right?

Got her to tell
what she knew.

Not only did you know about
everything Richard did.

You were involved in everything too.

you knew
Santos would carry out the robbery.

I do not understand what you're talking about.
Good luck with the shooting.

-This Tell you until now?
I thought it was strange.

Where did this happen?
-Outside My port.

It is very different from Rolf.
Confronting that way.

What has he said to you?
-Not a word.

-Beter Himself as if nothing has happened?
-lnget has happened between us.

And yet, he stands and waits for me
outside my port.

Yes, we've talked about it.

I have said it is.
That we're friends.

We are colleagues.

Gunilla, I do not
get involved in your divorce.

There was no hit on the DNA
during Rickards nails.

Missing is not a photo here?
You do have a daughter?

She is 15 or 16, Lina something.

Got busted for drug possession

-What is it that you want?
It feels good not good, huh?

I ask a lot of questions
about your personal life?

That's right.

If you have specific questions
concerning the murder of Rickard-

Are you going to ask them
to whom it May concern.

As long as you can not prove
your theories about informat?rer-

Are you going to keep you very far away
from Mats Sylvander.

Santos fingerprints
on all weapons Rickard had.

His wife and son are killed
and Maria is kidnapped.

Food know hell of a lot more
than what he says.

Now we do not understand each other.
Do not go near Mats Sylvander.

It's an order. Is that understood?

Is that understood? Good.

Come with me now. I have
some good news to tell.

Martin! Rickard had a million reasons
to kill Santos.

It is no coincidence that he ended
police when Santos disappeared.

But you, Klas we hold off
the thought process so far.

Jens had Wredin
a cell phone in his cell.

He has called a prepaid number
seven times last week.

Among other things, 25 minutes after the murder

Can we tie Johan to the number
we have them.

Talking on the phone
is hardly a crime.

The phone was one kilometer
Rickards from home.

Which would mean
he was not the mother.

Jens dialed number
after our visit to the prison?

-When Were you there?
-lg?r morning.

Yes, ten minutes after
that you had gone.

Of course it's Johan.
Jens told of Santos.

Where's the cell phone now?
-It Can not triangulate.

Johan has kidnapped Mary.

My son was with me all day.
Claiming someone calling me a liar?

Do you know where he is right now?
-No. What has he done?

I can unfortunately not go into it.
-The Same show every time.

You are asking a whole lot of questions
but you have no answers.

Had you been more helpful
it would have been different.

You stop worrying.

My sons live their own lives
without regard to me.

I think you should start to worry.

Your youngest son is about to commit
a big mistake.

-Thank you for coming.
Yeah, now I'm here.

Mom is worried.
She's always worried.

This time I think
she has good reason.

Considering what she found
in your room.

It was not mine.
-Not there?

I kept them for a friend.
-Your New boyfriend? Arich.

Bad Mom you check him out?

This kind of thing, you should stay away from.
Do you understand?

You know what they contain?
What it does to your brain?

I take no, I've promised.
She does not believe me.

I do not want to live with her.
Are you going to live on the street?

No, I want to stay with you.

-Can I have that, or?
We live four to a three.

-Heidi Is in the midst of his master ...
-So Then there will be nothing?

I did not say.

Your new life means more
than unsuccessful fucking me.


Why would John Wredin
abduct Maria Santos?

He thinks she knows
Santos was located.

-How can I help you?
-You Mapped brothers Wredin.

Do you remember anything
who can help me?

No. I'm sorry, Martin.

I think Santos is dead
but I will not get anywhere.

Santos was Rickards informant.
Perhaps you have already understood.


Should we sit?

When Santos disappeared
I was convinced rebuilding

-that he had stuck with the money.

I think Rickard
waited for robbers.

Shot them and made it look
as if Santos had disappeared.

-made He get the money?

Maybe also
to Santos wanted to pull out.

He knew too much
if Rickards business.

Now if Rickard killed Santos
Who killed when Rickard?

Do you recognize me?
You know who I am, huh? Look at me!

Please let me go,
I say nothing to the police.

If you do not know where Santos is
he may know that you are no more.

You, I want to apologize to you.
-For what?

I will not give you advice on
how you manage your family problems.

It is quiet. You are right.
I'll talk to her.

Do it right away. Now.
You need to see your daughter.

-Yes, I will. But not now.
It's just to do it.

I must prepare myself.
-Call Now.

If you start thinking
you start to hesitate.


Stand so that he does not see you.

Hey, it's me.
- 'What do you want now, then?'

-We Need to talk.

Damn. I can not talk.

You must rest now.


That's Steinar! Can I come up?
-Yes do it!

What are you doing here?

I'm sorry.

You lie, you bastard! You're lying!

What the hell happened?

I drove by,
heard shots and went inside.

While standing on the other side of town
and talk to your girlfriend.

-No ... Yes, but ... we have a problem.
-It's my fault.

It was my decision
and I take full responsibility ...

A sharp situation occurred
and you did not carry arms.

You exposed yourself to a huge risk!
-I Do not carry arms.

-For Twelve years ago I shot a guy ...
-I know.

You have internal services
until you have passed the shooting test.

-F?rh?r You Mats?

I want to join.
His version does not.

He shot at me,
I returned fire.

Had not Mary sitting there so had
I put a bullet in the shoulder at him.

How was it that you went there?
-To The summer cottage?

Jens bought it seven years ago
as a gift for his mother.

Why did not you tell it?
What would I have told?

-To John could be there.
It was not him I was looking for.

Why did you go there?
-To check if Santos was there.

Santos? Why would he be there?

I can not go into it at this time.

It is important information
for the investigation.

The inquiry?

I saved the life of Maria Santos
and struck Rickards killer.

Am I suspected something?
We just want to know what happened.

You came into the house, Johan shot
and you returned fire.

Yes, it is good there.

-How fast?
Bam. Bam.

I was there
when the shots were fired.

What I heard was more:'Bam.'
Then went the seconds-20

-and then 'bam' again.

Maybe I took shelter. screened
and fired. What does it matter?

20 seconds is what it would take me
sliding Johannes

-Go to the body,
turn, aim ...

... And fire the weapon
towards where I was standing.

You are right. Nine seconds.

What are you talking about?

Many thanks to you could
come down. Really.

What were you doing?
I know what I heard.

What are you trying to prove?
Think about your theories leaking?

Get hold of someone crazy
and migrates from idiot to idiot?

I do not see Steinar nearby
Mats Sylvander. Understood?

You never saw him shoot
and it is a problem.

We can compare the DNA with Mats
hudfragmenten during Rickards nails.

He never goes along with it.
Then we have to arrest him.

And we can not at present.

Not near Sylvander.
Did you hear?

What did Mary?
-Not much. She are set out.

She remembers nothing. Neither when Mats
came in or who shot.

Or how far it was
between shots.

If Martin asks
I've gone for the day.

We have to take everything from the beginning.

If the killer did not want revenge
but were looking for something specific.

Something that would have been
in that room.

We'll go through the brackets again.

Can you fix up the current list
from technical? Where is Steinar?

I'll call Klas Fred?n!

I'm here to apologize.

-Ber You apologize?
I have had so completely wrong.

About everything. Santos lives.
You saved his wife.

And I'm a fucking idiot.
That is all.

This was not really for you,
but I...

May I offer you a glass?


Have a seat.

They told me that the technical
seizure list requested out last.

-By who?
-Mats Sylvander.

He called and asked
what is sent to forensikerna.

He was particularly interested in
computer, mobile, backup Files-

-and USB sticks.

Proper medical report.

Hello, Ms.
That the injury in the cervical Rickards

Could it have arisen
when he tried to swallow anything?

A USB memory.

Can you open him
and watch for? Thanks.

Oskar, go to the right medicine.

-Is The investigation closed down now?

Or, tomorrow we will know
if the postcards are counterfeit.

But it is a waste of time.
Why would they be falsified?

Martin believes that Rickard shot Santos,
took money from r?net-

-and all got to believe
Santos stuck.

It does not sound credible.

But you know how Martin. Bowl.

Santos was ice cold.
He could blend in.

Never lost control.
Therefore, he was never arrested.

-One more?
-Yes please.

No, do not skimp here now.



So it was Rickard
who forged the postcards?

Yes. But Richard was a family man.
He had written more than three.

It is more logical that it was some
who gave a damn their children.

Are you going on vacation?
Yes, I need some rest.

-After Your harassment.
-Sorry, Sorry. I understand.

You know what I think?
I believe that Santos wanted out.

He wanted to stop being Rickards
errand boy. And he would get it.

First, he must help you
taking a few muggers.

How did you shoot and Rickard all.

Klas has forbidden you
to come near me.

You came here anyway. Pushed on.

I felt threatened and shot you.


It was so close you stood Rickard
when you shot him.

Then his wife. And his ten-year son.

Now you've made a fool of you!
I will sue you!

What the hell are you doing?
-Griper You for drug possession.

You have no search warrant
so the money can not be used.

This is enough to arrest you.
Then we take a DNA sample.

He bought something from a shady person,
I followed and arrested him.

-With Drug.
-I Do not believe a word.

Blood tests, to see if he is under the influence
and we get his DNA.

He had left the country,
disappeared for good.

Now we can hold him indefinitely.

-How did it go?
-Rickards Last meal.

Your part.

And Mats?
-Tr?ffade Him an hour ago.

Your informant, how much does he know?

Too much, huh?

Had not he helped us, you had
not been able to help your daughter.

Do not drag her.


-Good morning. You look tired.
We've been working all night.

What have you been up to?

Rickard blackmailed
Mats Sylvander and Torsten Nyblom.

It was not as Johan Wredin
murdered Richard and his family.

Rickard had filmed Torsten and Mats.

If he did not get money
film would leak out.

They wanted to talk Rickard rebuke
but he refused.

Mats, dammit.

Then came Richard's wife and son home.

Pick up after yourself. ROCKO?



You think you know someone.

I want the full report

One more thing.

Mats Sylvander was told Santos
has been in four years.

Your inquiry concluded
Santos was guilty of murder.

He was not.
Rickard and Mats did the killing.

Crude change was split in three.
Torsten did their part.

You did not do your job properly,

I'll see
Mats says it all.

He will not do.
Do you know why?

For he will protect himself.

He does best by protecting
those who stand over him.

Rickard killed his informant
who wanted to jump off.

Did you know that Santos worked
as a police informant?

Your inquiry had been able to demonstrate
three corrupt police officers.

What do you want me to do?
-Beg?ra Farewell. Take your responsibility.

It would have been nice.
I have a new service, Martin.

In a week I will assume
as head of the Homicide Squad.

I can live with the decision
I have taken.

Gather your pictures
and get out of here.

If you had done your job

-so did not Rickard, his wife
and his son have been dead today.

What has happened?

You would help me, you promised.

I could have lost her
because you do not care about your own daughter.

What has happened?

Apartment Party.
She has someone crap.

The neighbors called the police who found
her on the balcony completely gone.

Promise nothing that you can not keep.

My little old woman.

Then follow you home to me.
Home to us.

Do you want that?