Beck (1997–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Gunvald - full transcript

An investigative journalist is found beaten to death in his home, where the fingerprints of a notorious criminal debt collector are also found. The murdered journalist has been threatened ...

-Did you think I had forgotten about you?
-Risto, fuck. Relax...

-Why aren't you paying?
-You'll get your money!

-I haven't seen any money!
-I swear!

I'll pay!
You get twice as much!

Don't do it! Stop, don't do it!

-Look at me! Look me in the eye!
-I swear!

Look me in the eye!

You have one week.

What the hell...

It will be fine. All right.

...Styrmansgatan 14 B...

-What happened?
-Unfortunately I can't tell you.

-I'm going to visit a friend here.

-Jakob Wivel.
-Wait, I'll call somebody.

-What's that Gunilla?

Not much.

-When did he die?
-Between one and two hours ago.

-Did you find something?
-There's no question about that.

-The question is whose fingerprint is this.
-Yes, exactly.

There's a woman here who
wanted to see Wivel.

I know that I...

I just talked to him a few hours ago.

-What were you talking about?
-That we...

We had a meeting.
We have several projects underway...

-How was it you knew each other?
-We're colleagues.

-But he's also a friend of mine.
-Do you know if he had any enemies?

-Was there anyone who wanted to hurt him?
-No, I don't know...

We're journalists.
We get threats all the time.

Do you know anything about the threats
that Jakob received?

Yes, it might be...

..right-wing extremists or people
who didn't like guys like him.

-Because he was a Jew, you mean?

-How long will you be gone?
-I'll be home on Friday.

-What is this Conference about?
-Medical Technology.

-You think so?

-Well. Yes, it will be fun.

I'm worried about Vilhelm. I don't
like him to stay by himself for so long.

-No, that might not be so good.
-Since he brings home a lot of friends.

Couldn't he stay here?

-Do you mean it?
-Absolutely. Of course.

-That's fantastic.
-It'll be fun.

-She's sleeping again.
-This apartment is fantastic.

-We just started looking.
-No, we've looked at least thirty.

We could wait until Emma leaves home,
so we can stay here.

-I already saw the apartment once.
-We're going to the extra showing tomorrow.

-What time?
-5 pm.

-I'm working.
-Can't you leave a bit earlier?

The plumbing was upgraded, right?

He was beaten.
Probably with bare hands.

Otherwise, the injuries would've been worse.

-A power cord around the neck, then?
-He died from asphyxia.

It was loosely wrapped,
so it took a while.

-Maybe that was the intention?
-That allows you... know well enough what happened.
Pure speculation.

It doesn't take an evil person- commit evil acts.
-That's almost a philosophical question.

Living people interest me too, you know.

Well, I thought maybe we could...

-You'll send me the report, then?
-Don't I usually do that?

Of course, I was just... Sorry.


-What was his name?
-Risto Kangas.

Swedish citizen, age 45.

He was in the victim's apartment.

-How do you know that?
-Several of the fingerprints are his.

What do we know about him, then?

He did two years for extortion and
has a suspended sentenced for assault.

Find out everything you can about him.
I'm coming in. All right.

-How did it go?
-I thought it would go better.


Be right back.

How are you?

-What are you gonna do after high school?
-I want to study abroad.

-Though that will cost of course, so...
-It's okay.

Isn't high school enough.

And you would know, you mean?

I've made up my mind.

I'm getting out.
I'm just finishing some stuff.

I just have one more thing to do.
That's my life.

My story.
I've been through a hell of a lot.

Have you seen "Easy Money"?

It brought in millions.
First the book, then the movies.

And that's nothing compared to my life.
Do you get it?

First I get out,
then I'll tell everything.

-Then I'll have money for your studies.
-That sounds good.

I get it.
You've heard this before.

I've got a guy on this. A pro.

You thought I would write it myself,
or something?

-So didn't Zlatan do that.
-And that went pretty well.

-Are you sick?
-No, hell.

I've just got fucking phlegm
in my throat.

Yes, I've gotta go too.
I'm going home.

I want to clean up the apartment.
I've had a burglary. Damn it!

I've been bugging them to fix
the lock on the main entrance.

Junkies go in and out whenever
they want.

He was lucky that he wasn't
there when I got home.

-Next time I'll clip the bastard.
-Or you could call the police.

Then you could call the insurance company.
If you are starting a new life now.

-Can I see you again soon? Tomorrow?

Yes, I do have to sleep. Breakfast?

Then you can hear a bit more about the book.

-Even though you don't eat breakfast.
-I'm starting now.

Jakob Wivel was an investigative journalist.
Beaten, strangled.

The apartment was ransacked,
like a burglary. Lacking threat information-

-but he wrote about
gay rights-

-and immigration issues,
so he was hated.

-And a Jew?
-Yes, in addition.

He reported no threats,
so that isn't our main focus.

-Was he gay?
-Not openly in any case.

Divorced since 2012 and has no children.

-Can you tell us a little about Risto Kangas?

Convicted of extortion and assault and his name
comes up in a series of investigations.

-He works as a debt collector.
-One of the worst, it seems.

-Several of the fingerprints are his.
-Address? Phone number?

There are a few numbers that
I haven't had time to check, but...

-...his home address seems to be real.
-We'll monitor it. Relatives?

A son, Adrian Nilsson. He lives with
his mother, who has sole custody.

We'll hold off on them for now.
This witness, Solveig Andersson?

She heard screams from the apartment and
saw a man running down the stairs.

Gunvald and Oskar. You go
talk to her and see if you-

-can get a better description.

-What? Now?
-If you don't have anything better to do.

-Well, then.

-Have you talked to her yet?

-Call me if there's anything.

-Really great of you to do this.
-Anything else I can do for you?

Next time it'll be me covering for you.

-Oskar, Come on.
-Okay, we'll talk later.

-I'm with her.

What do you think?
This could be converted into a child's bedroom.


Magnus Murl?f.
Is that one that you talked to?

"Magnus Murl?f, married to Anna Murl?f,
who was a close friend of the victim"-

-"said that the police routinely
ignore threats against journalists."

"It also happened to my Anna."

Who is this clown?


-That isn't anyone I spoke to.
-It's speculation from an eyewitness.

That said, I haven't spoken
to any journalists.

How about that debt collector, then?
What's his name? Kangas?

We're looking for a phone number,
We're monitoring his apartment...

Then we have to hope that it's him.


-Sofi Eriksson.
-Martin Beck.

He's alive, but the situation is critical.
The bleeding in his head-

-was quite extensive,
on both sides of the meninges.

-Is he alive?
-They've just operated on him.

-And he'll make it?
-Unfortunately I can't answer that.

-You have to fucking know if he...
-They're doing everything they can, Oskar.

I'll be back when I know more.

Gunvald Larsson was shot-

-when he went to question
Solveig Andersson-

-who may have seen Jakob Wivel's killer.

Although she was shot when they found her
and was dead when the ambulance arrived.

Our colleagues who were on surveillance will
help us in the search for Risto Kangas.

He is regarded as the prime suspect.
All leave is suspended until further notice.

-Have we searched his home?

It produced nothing,
except that he had been robbed.

We are still watching his apartment.

After all, normally the investigations
would be transferred to another unit.

But now Martin has convinced me
that you can handle this professionally.

And I trust Martin.

Hey, glad you called.

There is one thing I don't understand.
Why did Gunvald visit the witness alone?

-He wasn't supposed to.
-He offered to do it himself.

And you just let him do it? Amazing.

That is easy to say when you're
sitting at your desk.

But out there where we work
you don't know could happen.

That's why you need a partner with you.

You wouldn't know because
you're not a real cop.

-What are you grinning about?
-Oskar, please...

A colleague was shot! Now it's extremely
important that we stick together-

-and row in the same direction
and remain calm. Is that understood?

-Is that understood?!
-I feel extremely focused.

You should write a report, Oskar.

We'll see if the internal investigation
shows why you weren't there.

It was me who asked Gunvald
to go there alone.

I promised Petra to go to
that fucking showing.

Damn it to hell.

-Now we get the bastard.


Oskar. We received a tip about
a girlfriend of Kangas.

Lorena Estay.

Can you go and talk to her?
She might know where he is.

The address is there at the bottom.

Yes, damn. This too...

Vilhelm? Hey.

-Hey. What can I help you with?
-We are looking for Lorena Estay.

-We just want to talk to her.
-I'll tell you what.

If it's related to drug use she goes out.
We have zero tolerance.

It's important to engage in close collaboration-

-...with all the authorities...
-Stop bitching, where is she?

The police want to talk to you.

We can handle this ourselves.
We need to get hold of Risto.

-Do you know where he is?

Stop kidding around.
Risto Kangas, where is he?

-Me and Risto aren't together anymore.
-And you haven't spoken to him?

-Where's your phone?

-A policeman was shot.

You protect the guilty
you're one of them, too.

-I have no idea...
-I hope you report what you're earning... show your pussy to strangers.

-Do you want it or what?
-Find your phone now!

Let's see.

-I told you so.
-We're keeping this.

You haven't gotten any in a while?

We have private shows too!
Maybe that's something for you?

We need to get this phone to forensics.
They might find something.

-What the hell are you doing?!

-That wasn't okay!
-Oh, yeah....

-You were asking about Risto.

If you don't say where you heard it,
I know where he usually hangs out.

The News: A woman was found shot to death
at her home tonight in Stockholm.

An officer was seriously wounded
in the same incident.

His condition is believed to be critical.
He was in the woman's apartment -

-to interview a witness regarding
the murder of journalist Jakob Wivel.

There was no comment on a possible
link between the murders.

A truck has driven off
the road on E18...

-Are you hungry?
-No, I had a burger.

You can take my bed.
There are clean sheets in the closet.

-Where are you sleeping, then?
-I'll take the couch.

I have to go.
A policeman has been shot.


-Will he be all right?
-We don't know.

His sister is at the hospital,
so I'm going there now.

-You need anything else?
-It's all right

We are from the police.

-Risto Kangas, is he here?
-I don't know who he is.



-Risto Kangas, has he been here?

Isn't it better if they get to choose
whether they want sugar in their coffee?

This is a private club.
We are a cultural association.

It's only for their own use.

-Risto Kangas. Do you know where he is?
-No clue. Who that?

-When did you see him last?
-It was several weeks ago.

-He doesn't play.

-He comes to meet people.
-What people?

The people he works with.

-On contract?
-That sort.

If Risto pops up
I want you to call me. Okay?

Hop in.

-The police were here.
-I saw.

-What the hell is going on?
-What did they want?

-They think you shot a cop.
-Damn it.

-Did you?
-Did they mention Wivel? The journalist?

-We have to lay low for a while.

-Don't talk to the police again.
-They'll be back.

-Go away somewhere.
-Okay. With what money?

Go to Ibiza
or fucking anywhere.

-Are you still a little in love with me?
-Just do as I say.

-Have you seen the doctor?

-Oh, and what do they say?
-Make sure you leave right away.

Take care of yourself.

I didn't hear you come in.

-Where have you been?
-I was working.

-Have you heard anything more about Gunvald?

Where are you going?

-Back to work. Where is my blue bag?
-In the closet.

-Will you answer if I call you later?
-I don't know. I can't promise anything.

How was it that Gunvald was alone?

Shouldn't there always be two when
you are out on things like that?

There's an ongoing investigation
about how it happened...

I'm asking you.
Aren't you the boss?

Why was he alone?

He may never be able to...
speak again...

...or walk.

He may have serious brain damage.
They don't know.

I don't know what to hope for.

I think you should go now.

Of course.



-Adrian... It's been a little difficult.

I forgot about it actually.
But I'll call you after everything...

-...has calmed down.
-Is this you starting new life?

I'll talk to mom about
us going away-

-someplace together,
just you and me...


We should probably go back and and try to
figure out why Jakob Wivel was murdered.

Ayda, why don't you contact
his colleague Anna Murl?f?

She might have more to say now
that she has slept on it.

-Have you spoken with Kangas' son?
-I got hold of his mother.

According to her, Kangas has
very little contact with his son.

-Talk to him anyway.
-I would remind you of the importance...

...of everyone doing their utmost,
for us to close this case.

The newspapers are calling us all sorts of things.
This isn't fun for any of us.

Fight on now,
and we'll get the bastard.

This is particularly important
when it comes to a colleague.

Oskar? There is a high probability
that you both would've been shot.

-What do you mean?
-If you had also been there.

It wasn't the first time
He was out on something alone.

-I just wanted to say that.

That was an apology, right?

-I think so.

-Hello, Anna.

-Magnus Murl?v. Anna's husband.
-Martin Beck.

-I'm with her for support.
-Yes Yes.

We'll find a place where you can
wait a while for us.

-I can't stay with her?
-That isn't very appropriate. Follow me.

No. I don't recognize him.

-You've never seen him with Jakob?
-I never met Jakob's friends.

-How is it that?
-We didn't have that kind of relationship.

-How close were you to each other anyway?
-We were colleagues.

Yeah, I know, but...

-How well did you know him?
-I admired him.

Jakob was very good at what he did.
Incredibly ambitious.

Jakob got a few threats along the way,
but he never reported anything.

It's useless. You become thick-skinned
after a while as a journalist.

-Hello. Could I ask something...

-Shouldn't my wife have a lawyer?
-Only if she's a suspect.

-She's all alone in this
-Courtroom Assistance is only for those affected.

-I think she is affected.
-It probably wouldn't take this long.

May I ask you a personal question,
out of curiosity?

What was it that made you
chose this profession?

-Was your father also a police officer? In the military?
-No, neither the police or military.

If you have a strong bond with an
authoritarian role model, it is often-

-the case that you follow
that person's footsteps.

It doesn't have be a father.
It may be an older brother too.

I don't remember my father.
He was executed before I was one.

However, I have a brother.

But he has Down's syndrome
and isn't particularly authoritative.

And I'm not a cop either.
I'm a social worker.

And you were a psychologist,
and how did that go?

Were there other reasons
he was having difficulties?

Did he gamble?
Did he have private loans and debts?

He had no financial problems.

-He was very careful with that stuff.
-No connection to crime?

-Even from a distance, so to speak?

He mentioned that he wanted
to write a biography.

It would be some kind of depiction
of society's dark side.

-About who?
-I don't know.

Jakob was very secretive.

Almost on the verge of paranoia.
I couldn't even touch his computer.

He always used to joke...

...that he would have to kill me
if I used it.

We haven't gotten hold of his
computer or phone.

-Well, that's strange.
-We primarily want to get hold of his computer.

And then we have Tina Sellstedt
who came here from SAPO.

-She looked into the threats to Wivel.
-Is that where we should focus our efforts?

Where do you want to put the gunpowder, then?
Where do you think? Three deaths!

The press writes that we are
groping in the dark.

-Two dead. One seriously injured.

-The top brass has serious doubts...

...about the appropriateness of
your unit investigating this.

But I can vouch for you.
You understand, Martin?

-Do you understand that, Martin?
-I understand.

Forensics analyzed Wivel's clothes.
In addition to the blood they found traces of urine.

-Yes, sometimes it happens.
-It was mostly on the shirt.

Somebody pissed on him.

Unfortunately there's no DNA in urine.
It says nothing about saliva?

If you can think about urinating on someone,
then you could spit too.

-Could you look into that?
-I'll check it out.

In Wivel's case threats came exclusively
from right-wing extremists.

It's generally against journalists,
but the challenge is to assess-

-whether they are organized
or just a few lunatics.

Like Breivik?

Since Breivik we have increased surveillance
of right-wing extremists.

-Sorry. Did you get hold of Kangas' son?
-He wasn't in school.

Not at home either,
and we haven't got hold of his mother.

-This is Tina Sellstedt from S?po.

Go ahead and continue, Tina.

We have a list of the threats to Wivel
that are worth looking into.

I suggest that you start with this guy.

Linus Karlsson, 26,
a resident of Upplands V?sby.

Do you know a journalist
named Jakob Wivel?

Please answer into the microphone.

That isn't a name I recognize.

-Anyone other than your mother living with you?

"You will drown in your own blood,
jewish pig."

"Stop writing about us patriots,
maybe you'll live."

"We know where you live.
We know your entrance code."

"Soon you'll get Swedish steel
through your carotid artery. "

-That isn't something I wrote.

Was it your mother, then?

Wivel's home address has been posted
on various national forums.

-From your IP address.
-It was probably hacked.

-By who?
-Communists? AFA pigs?

-Hell if I know.
-Where were you two days ago in the afternoon?

-Just answer the question.

I was at home.
I have a business to attend to.

-Is there anyone who can testify to that?
-My mother.

You called Jakob Wivel the whoremonger.

-He was fucking that Chinese whore.

She's that other PK journalist.
Her name is Anna Murl?f, I think.

You didn't know that?

Put down the bags.

Put down the bags.
Keep your hands where I can see them.

Key under the flowerpot?
Damn, are you losing your touch?

-What do you want?
-Take out the gun.


Sit down.

What should the book's title be?
"Snitch", right?

-What are you talking about?
-Author? It looks like that's not happening.

Although it wasn't you who did the writing?

When I heard that some journalist was
asking questions about me...

I wondered what the fuck is going on.

Then I learned that he was sitting there
writing a fuckin' book-

-together with you,
of all fucking people.

-That makes me really pissed off.
-I didn't say a word about you.

Still, he wanted to know what I've done
and not all in the context of possibility.

Though we were clear that
it wasn't appropriate.

Right, Rodney?

But we still have one problem left.

All your bullshit is written down
in his computer. And it was stolen.

-How do you know that?
-Rodney knows that Wivel was telling the truth.

-I guess the cops have it.
-Then would my ass be sitting here?

-That doesn't sound good.
-I didn't mention the armored car robbery.

Why would I do that?
I wasn't involved.

Neither was I.
But he seemed to believe it.

I'm pretty sure that was exactly
what he wrote in his computer.

-But I don't have it.
-No. I believe you.

We went to your home and looked,
as you may know.

But since you caused this,
now you get to it clean up.

What should I do?
I don't know where it is.

Just be sure to find it.

In order to ensure that you
make a real effort-

-I have acquired a little insurance.

Yes. Yes, show him.

-Goddamn, Jonas!

-What the hell are you doing?!
-Sit down!

Sit down. There we go...

You have two days.
Then we snuff the kid.

The situation remains critical.

But with each passing day the chance
that he will survive increases.

You said that you would try to
bring him out of the coma?

If there aren't any complications,
it may become necessary in a few days.

Is there anything I can do?
Should I talk to him?

-Does it make a difference?
-It couldn't hurt.

-Hello. Thanks.

I brought your fleece, too.

That was sweet.

-Are you taking care of yourself.

-Is it all right with Emma?
-Eating and shitting, as usual.

Have you thought more about the apartment?

-I can't think about that now.
-I know, but how high should we go?

-I'll take care of the bidding.
-I can't fucking think about this now.

But Oskar!

Sit perfectly still
and say nothing-

-...then I won't hurt you.
-What do you want from me?

Jakob and I were writing a book.
Did you know?

-Did you know?
-He never mentioned any names.

He just said that he writing
something about a...

-A gangster?

Do you know if the police have
found his computer?

I liked Jakob. A good guy.
A friend. Do you understand?

I didn't kill him.

The police are also looking for the computer.

Thank you.

Magnus? Magnus?!

It seems that Kangas is looking
for Jakob Wivel's computer.

-Can you trace it?
-I can call an old friend.

-What kind of a friend?
-He isn't doing anything criminal. Nowadays.

Call him.

So you haven't received
any computers at all?

No, I don't know what it looks like,
but please call if anything pops up.

-Can I help you with something?
-Yes, how do I use this?

Martin, this is Nille. Nille,
this is Martin Beck, our boss.

Nille is going to help me
find Wivel's computer.

-Oh, and you work as...?
-I am a security consultant.

I see. What are you going to do?

There's a chance if it has a tracking program
and the computer is online.

-Don't you need a password?
-Yeah, right

Most people use the same one everywhere
and some pages are easy to hack.

Call if you find anything. Jenny and I
are going to talk with Magnus Murl?f.

No, I can't say that I knew Jakob.
We met a few times.

But then I was usually
"Mr Anna Murl?f", so to speak.

-What was Anna's relationship with Jakob?
-They were colleagues.

-What did she think about him?
-Capable, I think. They were colleagues.

Did they spent much time together?

Excuse me, but it's pretty obvious
you want to know if I thought-

-that Anna had a sexual relationship
with Jakob. She didn't.

We have a stable relationship.
It's my fault we don't have children.

Biological reasons.

But we have plans to adopt.

The fact that you didn't ask directly shows
that you don't believe your own theories.

Where were you Monday afternoon?

Why are you asking that?

A course in Falun.

Psychodynamic therapy
from a relational perspective.

Very interesting. I can heartily
recommend it, even for laymen.

I have no trouble whatsoever understanding
why Anna was unfaithful.

-If she was.
-He's damned snooty, anyway.

-Would you go into therapy with him?

Oh, who is this handsome stranger?
Damn, you've gotten big and strong.

-Are you going to be a boxer?
-No, I play football.

That's good. Don't start boxing.
It's hard enough to keep track of-

-port and starboard without getting
a lot of blows to the head.

Someone actually went eight rounds
against Skofteby-Bengtsson.

In 1955, I think it was.
Since then, I can't tell time.

-It's half past five or something.
-Half past five? Really?

I would have guessed eight.

-Are you staying with Martin?
-Yes, my mother is away.

Well, you...
Yes, is Martin very busy right now?

You heard about Gunvald, right?
It's hopeless.

-Who is taking care of you, then?
-I'm fine by myself.

"Said Mowgli to Baloo."

-High score?

The computer is online.
I have him.

-Okay. What are you doing now?
-I have to find out where it is.

I'll call Martin.

It's Ayda. Yes?

Turn off the engine.

How did you get it?

Anna had a key.

In order to water his flowers
while he was away.

-Why did you steal it?
-To see what he wrote to her.

I checked her computer first.

-But she doesn't save anything.
-Jakob, then?

Nothing that I've been able to see.

How confident are you that
they had a sexual relationship?

You touched on it yourself.
Even I can see how close they are to each other

-What did Anna say?
-She denies it, of course.

Did you ever confront Jakob with your suspicions?

No, I didn't think that would change anything.

-And did you threaten him?
-No, and I didn't kill him.

When were you in his apartment?

Last Monday.
I knew he would be playing tennis.

If I had known that someone was going
to kill him later, I wouldn't have done it.

The cops are looking for you.

Yes, thank you. I know.

It would be good if you stayed away from here.
Until things have calmed down.

I wish I could do something for you.
We haven't heard anything.

-Are you telling the truth now?
-Yes, of course.

You see... if I find out,
you know more than you told me...

Then you are dead.

Thanks for the coffee.

Yes. Two cards.

-Hey, Grandpa.

Hey, Martin. Good thing you arrived.
The kid's in the process of ruining me.

Do you want a shot?

-That isn't okay.
-It's apple juice, officer.

But don't tell him anything,
maybe some chicks are coming later.

I bought us some food.

-You want to play a hand?
-No, I have to work.

-How's Gunvald?
-He's unchanged.

-Born lucky.

-He takes after his grandfather.
-I hope you're right.



I can explain! Please, Anna!


Unfortunately I have nothing new-

-to report on Gunvald.

The doctors say like before,
the situation is stable, but critical.

-Is that all they said?
-Yes. So...

You told me the guy at the gambling club
had met with Kangas?

Yes. Costas Karypidis.
He claims that Risto-

-is looking for his son
who disappeared.

His mother hasn't seen him since
the day before yesterday.

But apparently he sleeps over
at a friends sometimes-

-so she hasn't been worried.
Until now.

Ayda, have you heard anything from
forensics about Wivel's clothes?

Not yet.
I'll call and hunt them down.

The fact that we haven't resolved this
as quickly as we would have liked-

-means we can't keep everyone working
simultaneously. We need to rest too.

Otherwise, we'll start making mistakes.

Ayda, could you organize a sensible
work schedule for us?

Good... All right, thank you for now.

Oskar? Wait.

This internal investigation...

There won't be one.
I've managed to avert it.

You couldn't know what would happen.

Your absence is considered
something unimportant.

So what happens now?

You need to stay out of trouble,
because they're watching you.

Thank you.



Hello? Are you okay?
I'll take care of this, man.

-Be strong, Adrian. Okay?

Good boy. Where are you?

Can you say something?
Can you hear me?

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

-We agreed to one week.
-Put away the knife.

Should I get help?

What the hell are you doing?
And you go to the toilet.

If you get help, I'll kill him!

Karpinger has kidnapped my son.
Where are they hiding him?

-No idea!
-You worked for him!

-That was a long time ago!
-Six months ago!

-You cunt, give me an address!
-I have no idea!

An address now! Otherwise, you die.

Thank you.

-Were you asleep?

You don't need to apologize to me.

-What did Petra say, then?
-About what?

Whether you are one of those present
and wonderful fathers?

We were role playing. I'm a caveman.

-Lindgren here.
-I hear you.

-We have probably found Risto Kangas.
-Where are you?

-Citizen Square.
-Citizen Square?

Medis! We can be there in five minutes.

He went into S?derhallarna market hall
ten minutes ago.

-Where are special operations, then?
-They will be here any minute.

Okay, I'll take over.
He is on his way out.


Take it easy, I'll follow him.

Police, back off!

-He always disappears.
-Take it easy.


Stop! Police!

Move! Move!



Move! Move!

Where did he go?!
We are the police, where did he go?!

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

-We lost him.

-What's that?
-A book. Or rather a draft.

It's from Jakob Wivel's computer.

He was working on a biography of Risto Kangas.

I haven't had time to read through it all,
but it says a lot about-

-the armored car robbery
in 2008 in Tullinge.

-Was Kangas involved in that?
-Not according to him...

...but he describes details which
weren't discovered in the investigation.

Who was convicted for it?

-Rodney S?derlund.

Several other defendants were acquitted.
Among others Jonas Karpinger.

Jakob Wivel asked a few individuals
to verify Kangas' information.

Could Karpinger have gotten wind of it.

-Martin, can I speak with you?
-Of course.

In private, please.

What the hell is going on here?

Oskar Bergman opened fire in Citizen Square.
Why would he do that?

-Didn't you know? Damn! Oh my God!
-Why did he shoot...?

How the hell should I know?!

I supported you.
I vouched for you!

But now this has gotten out of hand!

You're fucking emotionally involved!

Klas, listen to me!

So, here we have the star himself?

Are you really going run around
with that in here?

Meeting in the case room.
Tell everyone.

It's like this, guys...

The investigation into the murder of
Jakob Wivel, Solveig Andersson...

...and attempted murder
of Gunvald Larsson...

...has been transferred to another unit.

-I don't believe it!
-We have been working under Klas' authority.

Even though we were investigating a crime
against a colleague.

-Now I believe that confidence has been exhausted.
-When does this start?

From now on. You must gather all case information
and give it to Ayda.

Those of you who have overtime,
may take time off in lieu it now.

Yes, you heard right. Get started.

I believed that surveillance
was about to lose him.

You are suspended until further notice.


Sorry for being such a...
I don't know...

-I love you.
-I love you.



-You hear me!

Where do you think this picture was taken?

-No clue.
-It looks like a garden house.

There's a skateboard ramp anyway. There.

-Are you sure?
-I think so.


-I found the computer with a fence.
-I knew you would fix this.

-When Adrian is free, you'll get it.
-It doesn't work that way

You know it too.
Come on, I'll kill the kid.

I'll text you the address.

-What happened?!
-Ventricular fibrillation.

I'm defibrillating.

Get clear of the bed, I'm defibrillating.

Hello, yes.

Ayda, I would like you to help me
with something.

Would you check if there's a skateboard ramp
in any of the allotment areas?

-Yes. Okay.

There is one .
On the hill above Tanto.

-What are you going to do?
-I think Kangas is hiding there.

-You need to call special operations.
-It isn't our investigation anymore.

-No, and that's why you need to call them.
-What's going on?

Martin believes that Kangas
is hiding in Tanto.

-I'm coming with you.

Your father is coming to get you soon.
Isn't that good?

-Down there on the right.
-Oskar! Take it easy.

-Police! Show me your hands! Down on your knees!
-Come out!

On the ground! On the ground!

On the ground!

Give me an hour and I will
come in on my own.

-You're not going anywhere, you son of a bitch.
-Where are you going?

-Hello, yes?
-It's not him.

Forensics rang. You were right.

There is saliva that doesn't
belong to Wivel on the shirt.

-Did they match it?

Rodney S?derlund who robbed the
armored car we talked about.

I see. Thank you.

-It's not him.

-Who were you going to meet?
-One hour, then you'll get what you want.

-Who the hell is it, then?
-I'll testify against anybody.

I'll tell you everything I know,
just give me an hour!

Does Jonas Karpinger have your son?

Tell me where they are,
then we'll go there.

How long will it take to get
hold of the right computer?

-At least a couple of hours.
-I'm already late.

-Special operations is on the way.
-You don't get it, huh?

They'll shoot him!
I know Karpinger, he won't hesitate!

-I'll go in. Give me the computer.
-It won't work that way.

-Give me the computer!
-Isn't it better if we ...

After him!

Cover him!

I'll take the back.



I have the computer!

Come forward!

Where is Adrian?

Where is Adrian?


Take it easy, Risto.

-Do you think I'd try to cheat you?
-Where is Adrian?

Where is he?

The kid is fine. Isn't that right, Adrian?
There's nothing wrong with you.

I'm okay.

-Fine. Okay.
-Give me the computer.

-Release Adrian first.
-That isn't happening, you know that.

I have the computer. Let him go.
Okay, that isn't necessary. Okay.

Put it down.
Put it down, I said!

-Back off!
-Let him go.

Back off!

It's the wrong computer!
He's trying to cheat us.

-What you take me for?
-Listen to me.

-I know where it is.
-You think I'm stupid?!

I know, I swear.

No, no, no! Kill me instead!
Shoot me! Karpinger!

Kill me!
Shoot me, Karpinger! Kill me!

No! Shoot me, damn it!

This is how it works
if you try to fuck me!


Down on your knees! Down on your knees!
Down on your knees!

-Down on your knees! Down!

Oskar, it's over now!


On the ground.


Are you okay?


"Every profound sorrow..."

"...has lost the object of joy."

"Don't lose it's direction."

"Don't let sorrow forget it's purpose."

"Sorrow is the deepest honor
that joy can obtain."