Beck (1997–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - Invasionen - full transcript

The bodies of two buried men are found and despite persistent attempts, they cannot be identified. When another man is murdered they discover new evidence that soon leads them to an Islamist terrorist cell.

I got you! You are dead!
-Yes, Yes. Help me up.

Oh shit.

It is enough now.
It does not work anymore.

Not after what happened last time.
It's you who does not understand.

I can no more.
I will notify you.

Jamil! Welcome.
What can I do for you?

I want my money.
We need our money.

You are right.
I owe you money.

Come with me. You must wait here.

-Ow As hell.
-Rusty? It's age.

-Rather An old war injury.
-First And Second World War?

No temp so at least two days.

-Probably Crusher year at the temple.

-case Or stroke?
He had sand and asphalt in the wound.

Possibly a case.
Blunt trauma, large force.

All bone chips during 1 cm.

Can anything identify him?
-Not Directly.

Several coins from the East, a receipt
from Tallin ferry and this.

What is it?
-There Have been washed a few times.

- "Festservice."
That's maybe something for you?

-You Fill well in even years soon.
-How Did you know?

It is not just the dead
I'm interested in.



I opened the.


I need not be afraid of.
I just saw that it was the police here.

Who are you?
I've workshop here. Janne.

Do you have ID?

Do you know the owner here?
It's not my kind directly.

If you go back to your local
we'll talk with you in a moment.

Can I take a folder?
Yes, if you have gloves.

Ibrahim Khayed.
It seems to be the victim.

"Rent furniture and porcelain from us.
Best prices. "

Ulla Nilsson looks very pleased.

Here's how nice you can also get it
on your special day.

Who was here first? We hope
this is not your footsteps.

Two different shoes, big size,
has hovered around the victim.

That's a lot of blood.
-Yes, But the blood is concentrated.

What kind of knife?
-A Letter knife, probably from here.

-Something More?
Track, the battle over the place.

Nothing indicates burglary.
Ser untouched out

the warehouse and in
the residential part.

-We Get to box it here too.
-As Soon Bergstrom is ready.

Should we talk to the neighbors?


B-20. Sat in a 142nd.

There is a direct current pace, you
see well? It ended with the B-18.

Dad had a P-1800.

Sat in a P-1800. Thus B-18.

My colleagues thought
that you had something to tell.

When I told him about the burglary
no one cared.

I was nedsparkad.
They were three of them.

What is it that has happened?
Have you seen someone unfamiliar area?

It is a damn LEGWORK.
Only foreigners, Muslims.

The invasion has begun.
You know that, right?

-Do You have a license for it?
-Of Course as hell I have.

-That There is no gun cabinets.
-If You have it under surveillance ...

Uncharged, with a substantial
portion Divorced from the weapon.

I stick to the rules.
Unlike them.



-Grabben Be called Tomstad.
Yes, if you want him being bullied.

His name Tomstad.

-If It will be a girl, then?
-Gun Course.

Ibrahim Khayed found dead in his
business premises, presumably murdered.

Forensic science has just received
his body.

We have the fingerprints of several
people in the room and in the car.

-No Has anyone hit.
I have sent them to Interpol.

Do you know anything more about the victim?

Ibrahim was 53 years old. Come to
Sweden from Jordan in 1984.

Started the company Festservice 1997.

They rented out crockery and furniture
for parties and everyday life.

The white van outside
is registered to the company.

Is he punished?
Not that I can see.

I have requested lists
for Festservice landline.

We have requested images
from surveillance cameras.

Unfortunately no
covering our area.

The nearest is
a few blocks from there.

We got some pictures of Jamie,
Generator man.

Stop. Enlarge the place.

Did you get it, Ayda?
-The Belongs to the company Adamantum.

The witness, then? Generator man?

He had much to say about
Muslim takeover-

-As apparently be paid
from Festservice.

Do not we something about it
he does it.

Has he done it?
He's full of shit.

Moreover, he goes on crutches.

How long was he there?
He arrived there after 23:00.

He has not seen any
get in or out.

Technical says that tire tracks in
forest matches the Fiat outside.

Then maybe there is a connection.

Could it be drug related?
Internal disputes?

No drug has ever heard of
neither Ibrahim or Festservice.

What if there is something in it
Janne says?

That there are links to
an Islamist networks?

We know too little.
Go through the material.

-I'm Going to forensic.
-Martin, You have a minute?

Yes, the way you, Martin.

It's nothing big
so it's probably pretty soon.

They've been on me from above
on staff development talks.

Something like that
have not you and I had?

They would like that we have the
once a quarter.

Yes, happy are you with us?

Given that I have been here
for 26 years, so ...

Good, or ...? I write "good".

How does it work with the team?
-It Usually works well.

-Klas, I have to go.
Wait, one thing to purchase.

Here: "A police officer is a victim
person. Large workload. "

"Constant contact with violence
and other deprivation can cause stress. "

"It requires a stable mind and
a meaningful life outside of work. "

What do you say? Tell us a bit.
How ... Tell us about your leisure.

The stress I feel now-

-beror that you prevent me from
to go to the right medicine.

I understand your seat, I write on
whatever but I have to go.

We do like this, we make it easy.
You get a homework by me.

Write down the three people
that matter most to you right now.

And no one shall be a police officer.

Klas. Sure, it's going on.

I have them here, that's clear.
Two seconds.

Extinguishes for you, okay?

Martin! Can you look at a thing?

-This Is Ulla Nilsson's 60th anniversary.
-Should I know who it is?

The proceeds from this party
are entered as 63 000.

Unless this
is whipped cream cocaine, so ...

-Where Are you getting?
I rang Ulla.

She paid 4200 SEK. She has not
seen anybody invoice at 63 000th

Classical money laundering.
Then they have many strange purchases.

Large amounts of detergent.

Can you also Arabic?
I can say Ali Yousuf Boudin.

And that means?
-It Is the imam of the mosque Fittjas.

Ibrahim had a calendar
which is pretty empty.

He has written a hit
with the imam.

-Oskar, You can take it?

Generator man is doomed
for assault, twice.

Both against persons
with a foreign background.

Thank you.

Thank you. He has knocked-out teeth.
It may have occurred during a fight.

But if you look at the back teeth ...
I just want to have confirmed ...

What impetuous you are. I keep a
lecture, you just want answers.

Your lecture is safe
terribly interesting ...

It says you can safely
to all pathologists.

He has probably died
of this stab in the back.

Murder, that is. Good, thank you.

Needless murder. He was dying.

The stomach was full of cancer who had
had killed him for half a year.

Unless heart had stopped
previously. Traces of three attacks.

-Star It in his journal?
He refrained cancer treatment.

The heart is not recorded.
Typically men your age.

Good man untangles himself.

-Takes You care about you, Martin?
-Yes, I think I do.

I exercise ... walking,
try to eat healthy.

A glass of wine now and then
said to be good for the heart ...

Sorry I asked.
It's just my job, I guess.

Life is going on while
send tissue samples to SKL.

Now I will not be like that.
It's ours.


-Ibrahim Khayed, you knew him.
What do you mean, "knew"?

He has been murdered.

I knew he was sick
and had not long to live.

-What Were your contacts?
He was worried about the disease.

He had thoughts of death
and wanted to ease his conscience.

-More I can not say.
Why not?

Just as priests
I've sworn to secrecy.

As a citizen, you have a duty
To help us enforce the law.

My duty to God is greater.

Thank you.

Is that Thomas Engberg?

Martin Beck Police. Hello.

What can I do for you?
-You Have a dark gray Toyota.

-ASF 445th
-Then We'll see.

Yes, it is ours.
Who run it?

Different, we have several cars
by staff.

Do you know who drove it last Tuesday?
-We For no log.

It only takes the keys in the cabinet.
Why do you ask?

Excuse me. - Hello, yes?

I will. - I apologize.

This car was seen near
a company called Festservice.

That I know of.

The owner's Ibrahim Khayed,
Do you know who that is?

I meet a lot of people,
but not offhand.

-Thank You so long, we might hear.
-It's Just call.

Fingerprints on Festservice
belongs to this guy.

Jamil Dabajev, 27-year-old Chechens.

And fingerprints?
He tried to get into Poland in 2007.

When was the picture and fingerprints.

He has neither residence
or asylum.

I gives me the hell that our eminent
Head ring SAPO. 100 bucks.

You. Hey.
You may not squeezing the fruit.

You may not squeezing the fruit.

Do you have money? Money?

No, you're paying over there at checkout.

We have a prime suspect
the murder of Ibrahim Khayed.

And the trenched?
-It Goes slower.

-Do We if that's even a murder?
-Not Quite safe.

Do you know Tobias?

-Martin Beck.
-Tobias Helm. Security Police.

I took the liberty to call SAPO.

Jamil Dabajev available on
a Russian terrorist list late in 2008.

Someone suspect the terrorist activities.

Yes, he who had the room
opposite Khayeds.

But he seems pretty
conspiratorially laid.

We have looked at the
money laundering process.

Khayed sent money
to an account in the Sudan.

He also had contact
with the imam in Fittja.

It may be that he was a pious
Muslim. On the other hand, he is murdered.

If you add money laundering,
Chechen, Khayed and imamen-

-As can be an assignment
that has gone awry.

-Khayed Might want to jump off.
-A Terrorist cell has imploded.

Do you know what the target
of a terrorist cell could be?

We have noticed the escalating activity
and have inserted extrastyrkor-

-the government offices and embassies.

We see if the prosecutor can obtain
a request for accessory to murder.

Or an ad
because he is here illegally.

Our reconnaissance case of a murder,
we can be of assistance so ...

For our part, you are
welcome to reassure you.

We put him in the system
and see what we intercepts.

We continue to work
in parallel with you.

It is desirable to co-
in the event of operational action.

-Make Sure to find that Chechen.
-Jamil Dabajev.

If he is still in Sweden.

-Barnet Will resemble a pear.
-You Resembles a pear.


A policeman came to work today.

Why that?
I do not know.

The very suspicion of a terrorist cell
makes the situation even sharper.

The emphasis is on finding
Jamil Dabajev.

He is used to move across
borders and may have committed murder.

Talk to the border police,
Aliens Division. Turn over every stone.

Run him
the Migration Board's all registers.

Take a new turn with the witnesses
now that we have a picture.

I Do not know, hard to
tell the difference.

Because They look
alike everybody?

Some have beards and big noses.
The women do not know how they look.

When did you come here on a Tuesday night?

I was here a little over 23:00. Should you
no question about my assault convictions?

I fought back.
They tried to steal my stuff.

I defended what was mine.
I do this work you do.

We are busy
to defend the country against them.

I'm so fucking tired of people
blame their Skitliv on someone else.

-Ligg There and shut up.
I'll report you.

Because you fell on your ass?
Are you going to the club today too?

No, do not shoot!
-It's Uncharged.

And with essential part
separated from the weapon.


I retain these.
Want proof?


Ahmed! Get in.


You can not stay in Sweden.
You must leave the country.

No. I can not.
I have to make money.

Everyone at home, trust me.
They paid my trip here.

I can not.

Remember what happened to Ibrahim.

Excuse me, are you, Martin Beck?

They said it was you
one would talk to.

How can I help you?

-That Does not come from os.
-It Does not matter.

It's two steps forward, one step back.

What did you talk about?
-A Police asked if Ibrahim.

What he had said to me.

Ibrahim said
that he had cheated and betrayed.

That he is a murderer
and that many would die.

He said possibly not know how?

But he mentioned a name. Yuri.

He wrote ugly.
-Do You contents?

No, it's a letter.
Ammonium nitrate.

"God will give to those who believe a
upright life and full reward. "

"He's not the unjust friend."

-Is The Quran?
-Do It.

"You decide."
Sounds threatening.

"The man I want to tell you about
named Yuri. "

The passport is a Yuri.
What is this thing?

A letter has not been sent.
Peter Norman, Trefast.

I have something in Trefast here.

-It's Drawings from Trefast.
-The construction company?

They own properties as well.
I looked up Khayeds order.

Detergents and Chemicals
possible to manufacture explosives off.

We found a letter.

Yuri. Is he someone else
in the material?

We have a passport with that name.
Done in Kazakhstan.

He looks like the dead in the woods.
Try to get more of him.

I try to keep track of which
activities available at Trefast.

Find someone on Trefast we can talk
with who has an eye on staff.

Since I do not know who Ibrahim is
I have no idea.

Why has he drawings
of our premises?

-If You would guess?
-No Idea.

Is there a threat
we need to know.

We will contact you
if there is something you need to know.

Or if it's something we wonder about.

We need drawings
of your real estate and construction.

I ask them at the office
Send everywhere you need.

-What Are your duties?
-I Procure staffing.

I do not employ staff.

We have suppliers
even when it comes to people.


68 360 SEK. The same account?

-Nothing Message?

"Hello. Hello?"

"Who is it?"

"Ahmed, is that you?"


Would not you like it there?
Then I'll take it.

But Inger, now that you've fixed
in the hospital ...

-Are You really take on more?
Are you going to say.

There are a few evenings a month.
I could do more.

You can not imagine how many undocumented
who do not have access to care.

-Everyone Is entitled to ...
-Emergency Care, Yes.

But how many go to the health center
if they risk being expelled?

-Where Do you keep house somewhere?
I can not say it to you.

Many of them are afraid of the police.

Is not it good?

-Hey. Are you also into this?
-On What? What are you doing here?

We talked with Engberg
if a suicide.

Witnesses recognized him
as a cleaner for Adamantum.

Come ye up to something?
He denies knowledge.

It was in the middle of the night.
It was not a workplace accident.

-You Think about suicide?
-Nothing Suggest otherwise. You then?

We are just at the edge
of an investigation.

Oh well. I'm sending over a bunch
that takes care of it. Absolutely.

What was it this time?
Maybe it's your reply.

Is that your car again?
No, now we are looking for a person.

You meet a lot of people
so I was going to ask if you possibly-

-Do again that man?

-Never Seen. What's his name?
-Jamil Dabajev. He is the Chechens.

Can I keep the picture
I can ask around.

We keep it a little for ourselves
for a while.

Good luck, then.

-I Go, okay?

Wait, wait! You're Russian?

I'm from Chechnya.
Do you know an Jamil Dabajev?

No, I do not feel any Jamil.

The amount that is ordered
insufficient to an explosive device.

But with threatening letter and drawings
there is more substance.

Why would they threaten Trefast?
Why blow up a bomb on a street?

I have found the delivery address
cleaning agent.

You and Tomstad go there and take a look.
But do not go into.

Is that clear, Tomstad?

Yes, yes. Sure.

Come on.
What is it?

Who is it?
-Thomas, My boss.

I do not want you working there more.
I do not like it.

Jamil, what is it?

Today there came a police
to work again.

The manager asked about you.

-Do He that we are married?
No, I said nothing.

We need to go from here. A guy running
us by truck to Dortmund.

-How Do we get the money, then?
-It Will be all right.

How so?

-Psychoanalysis prophylactic.

Prior to giving birth.

There are four kinds of respirations
depending on what phase you are in.

All right.

You do not think women
can do it themselves?

Breathe? Giving birth?

She can do it safely,
I'm more worried about me.

-Go Not there, then.
-Of Course I have to go there.

I want to be there. I think
that it will be a nice experience.

: Fine experience?

What, you should eat the umbilical cord?

Yes, yes, it will probably be fine.

-Now It happens something.
-At last.


"It will eachother."

What's he doing?
- "Approaches to the store."

Call SAPO.

- "He unload anything on the car."
Can you see what it is?

"Now he enters again."


They started in the free port
and is heading towards the town.

There they are.

-How Do you know?
-GPS: One in Tomstad phone.

I called the task force as well.

Should we not stop him
and ask where he is going?


Hey, can I call you?

Are you kidding? Are you kidding?

Yes, I will.
Are you hurt? I will.

- "What's going on?" -We Must have
children. Petra will give birth.

- "How does it feel?"
-You Must not lose the car.

This may take a while. I ... no.

It is clear. I will.

All right. Pu ... Yes.

Upplandsgatan 33rd

-It Is one of Trefasts properties.
What's there?

A Russian company.
Looks like a travel agency.

We have a connection
to Chechnya.

Tobias Helm, where are you?
Okay, thank you.

Five minutes;
then you can your men stepping down.

-Do You want to go?
No, I will stop.

-car Drive in, should we follow?
- "Wait, the task force is headed."

"Make sure not your guys
is in the way later. "

"Wait for reinforcement, Tomstad."

"Tomstad? Oskar?"

-Oskar! Tomstad!
-They Have no coverage there.

Where are you ...? Hell.

Police, stop!

Turn around!
-The face Against the car!

-County Criminal, Tomstad Larsson!

Drop the gun! Put it down!

-Put The gun! Drop the gun!
-I'll Be a daddy!

We replace well-reports with each other
in the morning?

What the hell are you doing?
-Calm You down.

You are aiming laser at a police!
The balls bounce around!

It's pure luck that no one was injured!
I sent home Oskar.

You know what detergent would
used for? Cleaning!

Have fun,
I have a report to write.

You undisclosed stamps still your mistakes.
You write your reports in the sauna!

Sapo, talk to me!


Do you know him?

-Is It safe?

Who organizes these missions?

Khayed? Even today's driving?

How far in advance should you know?
-Nan Day. Sometimes the same day.

Ibrahim Khayed is dead,
do not you know that?


Instruction from the other side?
He said that when he was alive.

-When Was it, then?
I do not remember.

You do not remember who gave you the job?

The company that has the contract on
cleaning, Adamantum.

-It Do you know?
-It Is clear.

You do not remember when you were talking
to Ibrahim, he has been dead for a while.

Can anyone else having ordered
precisely this run?

-Well, Maybe it was.
Who then?

-Thomas Engberg.


Hey, Martin!
Do you know what it is in the stairs?

Rent. Fresh clean.
Pionika has come back.

-You Have well met her?
Yes, if you mean lady.

I did not know she was called so.
Do you know her?

Know and feel, I usually
inviting her on a punching maker.

-Bjuder You the maid to spirit?
I do not like to drink alone.

She is from Armenia. She has two
Guys like she sends money to.

Nice guys.
I've seen them in pictures.

There are so poor in Armenia
so they do not even have football there.

I sent a bunch
when she went down last.

I was thinking about buying Speedo also,
it's damn hot down there.

But then I got to see
they were manufactured there.

It would have been embarrassing
if her boys had sewn them.

-No. But you've got out of the glass.

Martin. Huh?

Can I get to have the outstanding?
I'll probably go in and lie down.

Yes, yes. Okay, Martin.

-Goodnight With you.
-Martin, See you tomorrow.

I checked further on this
with cleaner.

The missing two components
to become explosive.

No hang you for it.
It was mine and SAPO's decision.

-became A small Tomstad?
-There Was no false alarms.

There also.

Ibrahim organized rental
of undeclared work.

Bluffakturorna would hide it.

He owed
several employees money.

Ibrahim organized city tours.
Now Thomas it.

Planned Ibrahim there before his death
or Thomas participation

-and had contact with Ibrahim
contrary to what he says?


I have tried to find a connection
between Ibrahim and Adamantum.

I have ...

-I Must stand for Petra.
-Try To be present here as well.

You should see a psychologist
about half an hour.

Huh? I'm fine.
It just gets a bit much ...

You talk to somebody
when you have been shot at.

-Gunvald Were also fired upon.
-Gunvald Has been dispensed.

-Then I'm going.
-You, Oskar?

-You Knocked the door, huh?

-This Building is the same as that.
Yes, it should be.

It is a motorcycle club. Their input
Situated opposite Festservice.

It's a surveillance camera here.
-The Used apparently not.

-They Have no permit. -MC-Clubs are
not so careful with that stuff.

-I Go.
-Jenny Go there with some uniforms.

You go through surveillance tapes,

So you do not miss
Petra need to go into.

Oskar, go to the psychologist first.

We hear Thomas Engberg again.
He has a lot to explain.

What is it about?
-It Applies to your surveillance camera.

Forget it, come back
When you search warrant.

We try to bust
some Muslim terrorists.

Oh well. Come in, then.

We have a contract, you take what you
get in. The Swedes do not want to work.

Instead, take into cheap labor
without rights?

They need jobs, I need
labor. It is not trafficking.

And then you called Ibrahim?
-I Do not know who Ibrahim is.

-I Delegate stuff.
-Bullshit. You organized the job.

No cleaners appeared as one of
my employees pulled together a bunch.

Someone from Adamantum called Ibrahim
On Tuesday evening.

I delegate stuff.

I'm the boss, I do not have an eye on
who is calling whom and why.

I do not know
what half of those units.

Or where they come from?

Are we clear? Are you going to arrest me?
-No, No.

But this is a murder investigation,
You may answer some more questions.

Have Adamantum customers
construction industry? Trefast for example?

This man was found dead in the woods.

-Nedgr?vd. He worked for you?
-?terigen, I do not know.

-Do You recognize him?
-Where Do you get?

I have never seen the man.
-It Course, you have not.

The time is 11:33, the hearing ended.

-Can I go?
-Black Labor is not our table.

The part of the case we leave
to ekoroteln.

One more thing. We heard that a
of your employees killed herself.

That is correct.
But it was outside working hours.

Do you know who he was?
-No. A cleaners.

A cleaners.

-Can I go?

There was nothing we could do.
No indications other than suicide.

-Fick You up something about his identity?
-A Name. Ahmed anything.

But he has no papers.
The phone we will not go into.

Then we take a look at it.
Thank you.

Here you sit and have received
a small crafts box.

Otherwise, I have a message for you
from life out there.

-There Are wondering where you got off.
-As Gunilla says:

Life is going on while
send samples for forensic medicine.

Yes, the right medicine.

It was unusual
to hear you say Ms.

You usually do otherwise styled her
coroner G. Urst.

Her name is Ms,
I thought you understood.

I understood. More than that.

She's married.
It was Ingrid Bergman as well.

Ayda! Can you take a look at this?

A cleaners who killed herself.
It's his stuff.

-Try To life in this.
I could probably get it to wake up.

-I Do not have a PIN.
-Pin code? It was good.

I hope that you do not write
love letter to Ms on that.

What do you mean?
-In That case, Ayda already read them.

You need 40 men to,
where do you get them?

How will you get them
without Ibrahim?

If you had paid what they cost
you would have been spared this.

You could arrange it. Now ask
the police about that Yuri who died!

You have killed our best
subcontractor, and I will not ...!

What is it?

I have to go now.
Yeah, okay. Go then!

What the hell?
She is supposed to give birth.

-Do You have children working well?
She must pay, just like you.

If you want the nice house in
France, you take the risk.

If I go for this
I'll take you with me in case.

Hey! Hey, wait.

Where are you going? Want a ride?

Was he the one who jumped? Does he
have someone connection to the case?

I do not know.

It seems to die very many
around Adamantum right now.

-Sometimes Hooks you up on something.
-As I with explosive.

No, it led us to undeclared work
and all this stuff.

How's it going with Ahmed's phone?
-Interesting Stuff.

He has been called
by Thomas Engberg. Several times.

On the night of the murder,
among other things.

-I Told nothing.

They asked if Ibrahim and Jamil.

-Jamil Dabajev?
-Gift With she who cleans here.

-Dusanka, She is married to Jamil?

Damn. Do you know where they live?


-What Now?
He drives us to the hospital.

Thank you, we'll take the bus.

Who is he?
-Nan Peter from work.

I'll drive you to the South Hospital,
it feels okay?

Maybe it does not matter
which hospital? Or?

Does it not matter which hospital?

I have three children myself.
They are getting big now.

I remember how it was when they were born.
Things you never forget.

It is a memory for life.

A memory for life.

-Understand You know what he says?

-Have You hurt?

Can you you?
Here's my card, take it.

Call me if you need help.

-Thank You.
-Diaper About you.

What are you doing?
If we were to be separated.

The baby seems to feel good.
The bleeding has stopped.

-You Are not enrolled here.
I do not know.

-You Have no social security number?

You have the right to emergency care.
Come back when the baby comes.

What does it cost?
-You Do not have to pay.

Until your baby will we recommend
others in your situation to go here.

Do you want a card?

It actually cost 20 SEK
but you get it for free.

-We Have money.
-I Have no gear.

You wanted to talk to me.

Ibrahim owed you money.

Yes, salary.

And now, you should be deported?

Armenia, was it?

-Are You deported to Armenia?

And you want us to help you?

We can ensure that you get the money.
But then you must help us.

Do you understand?

What do you say about that?
-Do You want to baptize him to Stefan?

I want him to have
a Swedish name, he's Swedish.


-Jamil, Who has been there?
I do not know.

I do not want
that my child's father to lie.

I can not tell you.

That money you have ... Do you have
something with Ibrahim's death to do?

No, that's what he owed me.

We can go from here.
Start again and go to your sister.

We can not cross the border!
I do not want to give birth in a truck!

-We Have to find somewhere to stay!
Where should we look?

Somewhere in this industrial area
she said.

He has a wife too. Dusanka.

-It Will not come better right now.

The terror suspicions may well be
as written.


Yes, go and get him.

Well, Martin, it was
that thing with homework.

-three Humans.
-You Can choose your spots.

It is located there.

-Inger, It's your wife?
It's my daughter.


-A Neighbor. Switch off as you go.


The maid was sure
that she lived here.

It also they did.

I recognize her.

She cleaned on Adamantum
when I was there.

Heavily pregnant what I know.

-No Success?
-Not Jamil. Something new on Ahmed?

We found this receipt.

He was here sometimes. Bought
phone cards, brought over money.

A lot last time,
nearly 70 000th

-To Kazakhstan. The family I guess.

Was it suicide or something else?
-It Was hoping you knew.

I do not really him.

I'll take one of these too.

The family, they know that he is dead?
How would you know anyway?

We can transfer money
and leave a message.

It feels a bit hard, huh?
-S?nt Is life, Martin Beck.

You should have come earlier.
There is now full.

You may come back tomorrow.
I'm sorry.

What are you doing?
We'd call if we got problems.

Thomas Engberg called Ahmed
on the night of the murder.

-Do We come from?
-Not From the murder scene.

We need a prosecutorial decision
if we'll check his calls.

And the main suspect,

We have lost sight of him.

But Thomas Engberg running around
as if nothing happened.

Aiding and abetting the murder,
probable cause. Shall we go?

I'm not prosecutors.
We have no paper yet.

It will probably take
until tomorrow morning.

-Have You considered calling the
prosecutor? -He's On TV recording.

Television recording?
-Melodifestivalen. It is final.

It's very difficult to get tickets
to the event.

We will arrange something better later.
-Thank You.

It's quiet. I have a few mattresses
here somewhere.

What do you think?
I do not know.

-Sitter You still here?
-Yes. What is it?

Stop asking how I'm doing.
We learn to notice when the baby comes.

All right.

I come in, I have discovered things
the surveillance images.

I have submitted to the office.
No, the water went right.

-Why Did you ...?
Why not? Get in.

Then comes Ahmed
and Thomas Engberg.

Not enough time,
Jamil could not possibly have done it.

It is red here ...!

-Hell, Tomstad.
It's fun to be a police officer.

-Tell Not know how to breathe!

Oskar, breathe a little self instead.

Yes, of course. Great.

Good that you set up.

It will go well.
Breathe, Oskar. Good luck.

What is this?

Something to the kitchen perhaps?

There must be. "Kitchenware."

You know what the worst thing you are?

You're talking like hell.
Shut up just yesterday, yak-yak.

You're kidding, right?
-Of Course I do.

You've barely said a peep throughout
the evening. What is it with you?

Nothing. One need not layover
unless you have something to say.

Also, I am here to see and
learn. Then I will talk.

-What? "Late"?
-If A few years go Martin retired.

Then Tomstad Martin
and Oskar becomes Tomstad.

When will I be Oskar.

Then there's a new Jenny
as tactically shut up.

Then it is I who am Oskar.

You're kidding, right?
-Of Course I do.

You're fucking crazy.

I was going to go home now. We have gone
through it you knock after Jamil.

-Something Who can say where they went?
-Maybe. Peter Norman's business card.

They also feel each other?
Can you find out his address?

Bragev?gen on Liding?.
I live out there.

Driving, huh?
Can you drop me off on the road?

-Do You coffee?
No, I just ...

I do not know.
It was stupid of us to come here.

-The Lower Depths Was of course closed.
-To Sweden, I mean.

We had no choice.

-I Did not kill him.
-I Know.

If the police seizes me, I would
you to know.

And the child ...

Where are they?
-In The garage.

Are you home alone?
Yes, they can not fucking stay here.

What are you doing?
He knows everything.

Stop the gun away as we speak
with them, we will find a solution.

-As Ahmed? That went well.
-It May cost money.

Should you pay the police and the court?
Money is shit now.

Stay here, damn it.

The baby is on the way.

We need to hospital.
I stop, please drive her there.

The police are looking for Jamil.
Why then?

You know that, damn it!

That's right nice out here. Now we can see
not so much of course.

It is supposed to be terrible prices.

Thank you, Ayda. See you tomorrow.

Where the hell is everyone?

But what the hell ...? Check it out.

Thomas Engberg's phone records.
This issue, there and there.

It is only today. It is to
Peter Norman, construction guy.

Martin went to Peter Norman
a while ago.

Call Martin.

-Keep Up!
Please, let her go.

Sit down and shut up!
She knows nothing!

I say that it was me
who killed him.

-Please. Let her go.
-Thomas, Dammit ...!

You stand still!

Stand Still!
Please, let her go. I say ...

Shoot me. Shoot me.

-Slide Me!
-To Hell ...!

The child ...

Lower Force, Jamil.

-Jamil, Lower your weapon.
Do not move.

Take it easy. Lower the weapon.

How did you get here?

You're getting sloppy.

Hey, wait!

We know you were there
when Ibrahim was murdered.

We have your fingerprints
and picture proof that you were there.

Ibrahim owed me money.

Come on.

Peter says nothing.
Thomas talking all the more.

He says that when he and Ahmed came
to the murder scene was Ibrahim's death.

Knivad by Jamil.

He was only there to help
a paperless and so on.

Jamil has a different version. Will you
Remember skoavtrycken in the blood?

This is Jamil. There are 41 apartments.

There were only two pairs of footprints
in the blood.

What do you think
it was the size of them?

When you ask like that so,
greater than 41st

Come on in!


We just wanted to congratulate.
-It Depends on what his name of course.

She should be named Emma.

To me you will always be
small Gunsan.

-How Did it for you?
-We Should not talk shop now.

Peter and Thomas remand.
Jamil is in hospital.

It's a long story.

Yuri worked at Trefasts construction.
He fell and cracked skull.

Thomas tweaked so that Ibrahim
and Ahmed buried him.

Ibrahim threatened to reveal everything
and now they blame each other.

-Cute, Congratulations.
-Pardon, You give me a moment?

How are you?


He feels good.
I'm sorry that we shot him.

What happens to him?

We can not let him go.

We know he has not killed anyone.

But he must testify.

And then?

And ... I? We?

This is Jamil jacket.
There is an envelope in his pocket.

Do not lose it.

What was it you wanted?

I wonder if you can help me
with one thing.

You really get to say no.

Here are the last number
Ahmed rang. You speak Russian, huh?

-A Bit.
-You Do not really need.

She speaks English so I'll take it.

All right.

- "Hello?"
Hello, my name is Martin Beck.

-Pratar You English?
- "Who am I speaking to?"

Excuse me, my name Ayda.
We call from the Swedish police.

Do you know Ahmed Abadirerov?
- "It's my husband."

"Has anything happened?"

She wonders what has happened.



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