Beck (1997–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Rum 302 - full transcript

A young woman is found strangled in a hotel room. The investigation leads Beck and Gunvald to Stureplan, Stockholm's nightlife and its downsides.

What is going on here? Huh?

- Take it easy. Take what you want.
- I said shut up.

Check the inside pockets.

Give me that.

- Shit.
- SOS 112.

- Police.
- How can I be of service?

I have been robbed and carjacked.
Peter Ahre.

The Royal Garden,
outside Operak?llaren.

Good morning.
You haven't unwrapped the newspapers?

- I'll take care of it. Go home and go to bed.
- Thanks.

Oops, sorry.

- The Panini of typing.
- Paganini.

Unless it's the sandwich you are referring to.
Italian violinist. Born 1782.

Is this the kind of thing you learn
in traditional media?

I can put the shoes on your laptop?

It is mainly research och data analysis
we need help with.

I'll see what I can find.
You'll obviously be given the skills you need.

Did you visit Gunvald?
Come and see our new manager.

- Gunvald Larsson.
- So it is true.

You are not afraid to get your
hands dirty. Klas Fred?n.

- Oskar Bergman.
- Hi, Klas Fred?n.

I will be playing a more active role
in the operational work.

- It's the officer in charge.
- Take it.

- Hi, Klas Fred?n.
- Jenny.

Where is it?
We'll be there.

They have found a dead female
in a hotel room. Probably strangled.

I'm buying lunch afterwards, Martin.

Klas Fred?n. Nice. Klas.

Hi, I'm Petra Widell
I'm here to see Martin Beck.

Martin had to leave.
I can leave him a message.

- Tell him I waited half an hour, in vain.
- You were supposed to meet with him?

No, I just came here
on the off chance.

I can get you a new appointment.

- I've been promised a study visit.
- Solicitor.

- Jurist.
- I promise. I'll have a word with him.

I'll ask him...

No reservation. He must have come
in off the street. Peter Ahre.

- Paid with a Diners card.
- Oskar.

Is it common for people to be
coming in wanting a room?

- Sometimes. We are close to Stureplan.
- Then you need somewhere to sleep?

- Like.
- The night porter, where is he?

He's at home, asleep.
I have tried calling him.

- He switches off his phone.
- Can you give me his number?

It's a queue.

Fred?n said he could arrange for
someone to help us.

Here is his number.
His name is Stefan Lind.

- What's going on here? Who's in charge?
- L?ner, he's below in the bus.

- Is Bergstr?m here? Is she pissed?
- Yes, a bit.

Very well.

- Here we are, interrupting.
- I've tried to make a shoeprint

People have been walking around here
like a heard of damned elephants.

And I could only hope for these
glasses to be untouched.

- There is a bag there.
- It's photographed and ready.

Ok. Thanks.
He was mugged tonight.

- The wallet stolen.
- Is it only closed off here?

Close off the entire floor
and get all the guests out.

Start emptying the closest ones.
Get someone to help you out.

- Hi.
- Denise Andersson.

- Born -97.
- She has marks on her neck.

The medical examiners assessment is that she
was strangled between five and half past five.

It looks like drugs.

She has several missed calls
from Anders.

- The last one at 05.10.
- Who will speak with next of kin?

We will.
You'll find Peter Ahre.

- Ahre?
- He stumped up for the room.

- Hi.
- Martin Beck, Police.

Are you Mikael Andersson?
Could we come in a while?

- Has something happened?
- Are you home alone?

Yes, my wife is out shopping.

- Denise Andersson, is that your daughter?
- Yes, what has happened?

I regret having to tell you
that Denise is dead.

She was found in a hotel room in town.
We believe she was murdered.


What has happened?

- Hi, Gunvald Larsson. Police.
- Caroline Ahre, dirty hands.

Nice to have someone who doesn't fear
getting their hands dirty. Bergman.

- We would like to speak with your husband.
- Sure, go ahead.

Peter, the police are here!

- Have you found the car?
- No, we want to ask you a few questions.

- Gunvald Larsson.
- Peter Ahre.

- Can we speak in private somewhere?
- Sure.

Perhaps we can talk?

- It was a fucking shock.
- It must have been awful.

But, I would like to ask a few questions
on the murder of Denise Andersson.

- Who?
- Heve you been at Hotel Ture?

- I don't understand.
- Hotel Ture, Grev Turegatan.

- Have you been there?
- No, never.

I thought we were going to
discuss the robbery.

Peter was out representing so I
didn't notice if he was late.

- You don't know when he got home?
- No, I was asleep. He told me this morning.

Well, we have separate bedrooms.
There you are.

- They are nice.
- Do you think so?

Did you paint all of them?

It is a privilege to be able to
engage in something meaningful.

You said you had a few questions.

You were robbed outside Operak?llaren.

Yes, exactly. I'll see if I
can get a list.

- It was with a delegation from China.
- They aren't exactly memorable names?

Indeed not.

I would like you to do a DNA-test.
To match to the crime scene.

What's this? I'm the victim here.

You are accusing me of
murdering a human being.

I haven't accused you of
anything... yet.

Weren't you missing Denise this morning?

She was going to the cinema
with a friend yesterday.

And then for a sleepover
then directly to the horseriding.

- I have to tell them she won't be there.
- No, wait.

We know someone called "Anders"
rang Denise.

It's her boyfriend.
They are no longer together.

He'll probably be here soon. He was going
to help me with a shelf in the garage.

Did they break up recently?

A few months ago.
He's almost part of the family.


Hi, we're from the police.

Where is Denise?

We'll throw the book
at the bastard.

- Does she paint?
- It was like an art gallery up there.

It's for charity.
Something to keep the old bags busy.

- Can I help you with something?
- We're from the police. Who are you?

- Emil Ahre.
- We have spoken with your dad.

Do you know who robbed him?

I hope you nail the bastards.
Sickening behaviour.

- You grew up out here, didn't you?
- Another time, another life.

Hearing with Anders R?nnberg.
Time is 14.02.

I have full understanding that
you may not be feeling up to it.

If you want a break
Just let us know.


Where were you yesterday?

I was working.
At a site in Sollentuna.

- I'm a carpenter.
- And then?

I went in to town to work out.
At St Eriks box & gym.

- In Kungsholmen.
- You're doing martial arts?

Some bodybuilding.
Mostly with friends.

- Then what did you do?
- I went home.

Watched TV.

Then I called Denise.
She didn't answer.

How would you describe
your relation with Denise?

We are no longer an item.

Who broke up?

She did.

According to Denises parents she said
she would have a sleepover at her friends.

But this didn't happen.

She was out partying sometimes.

- Often?
- It could happen.

But not you?

No, I've outgrown it.

I have a job to mind.

- Didn't we say three o'clock?
- My apologies.

- It's impossible to get anywhere.
- Do what I do, cycle.

It's fast and healthy.

She has probably been strangled.
The tongue bone is broken.

Damaged blood vessels in the eyes.

Nothing much in the stomach. She had
both cocaine and alcohol in the blood.

We have DNA tested 2 people.

She has had sex recently,
both anally and vaginally.

Two men in other words?

To early to tell
until I have the DNA-analysis.

It could be the same man
after recovering.

She's better looking than Oljelund.
Don't you think so?

She seems competent. Hi, darling.

I was going to put up a new hatrack
but I don't even have a drill.

- Have you time to help me out?
- Of course I have time.

- I can be there tonight.
- You're the best.

Sometimes anyway. See you later. Kiss.

Yes, kiss.

It was Inger. She wanted help
putting up a shelf.

I have a damned leaking tap.
Can you fix it too?

Three leads. Anders R?nnberg,
ex boyfriend.

Peter Ahre whose card was used
to pay for the room.

Then the guys who probably
robbed Ahre.

We have found the car in Alby
using the cars tracking system.

It's under a tarp
in a garage in Alhagsv?gen.

The lady renting the garage
is Maria Medina Puelma, 48 years old.

We are not suspecting her?

- No. Her son, Fabian Medina.
- Fabian.

According to recon, he and a 20-year old
male have been seen with the car

- What do we know about Medina?
- Car theft, exchange of stolen goods.

Yes, go on?

He hasn't yet featured
in a sexual crime investigation.

- Who is in charge of internet analysis?
- That's what we need help with.

Phone tapping? Continued recon?
Could that be an option?

First off I want to check if the
night porter can identify Medina.

I suggest we pick them up in
the police van.

Hangon. Wasn't there trouble
there some weeks ago?

Is it really wise
to barge in with buses?

You will have to go as civilians.

It doesn't matter if we dress like
Ali Baba and the 40 thieves.

Were you thinking turbans and swords?

Isn't it preferrable if I go out there
with someone and pick them up?

- They'll be high as kites anyway.
- I'm arguing collection.

With the police bus.

- Why no masquerade?
- It's pointless?

He's right.

Rather "Star Wars" than Ali Baba.

What the hell do you mean? Check this out.

Gunvald Larsson here.
We're checking if there is another way in.

Police, can you open here?
Can you? Thanks.

Show us the hands! Down, down!

What the hell.

Walk, Straight ahead. Come on.

- There there.
- Come on.

Watch your head.

When the police went to apprehend two males,
rioting started up anew.

Several cars were set on fire
and shops were vandalised.

The police don't wish to comment on
what crime the apprehended are suspected for.

- Todays harvest.
- Thanks.

- Thanks for now.
- Thanks, have a nice day.

- Police.
- Stefan Lind looking for Martin Beck.

- Putting you through.
- Thanks.

Don't worry. Great that
you got in touch.

- See you this afternoon.
- Yes, see you later. Thank you.

Oh damn.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Were you going to see Inger?

- Yes, I'm her dad.
- Come in.

Inger, your dad is here.

- Hi, Thomas.
- Martin.

- You were supposed to be here yesterday.
- Something came up.

- Not to worry. Thomas put it up for me.
- Simple, didn't even need wall plugs.

- You don't say.
- You came here in vain now.

- Not to worry.
- Hi, grandpa.

- Would you like a cup of coffee?
- No, I'm running behind.

- Got to get going.
- Nice seeing you.

- Later, darling. Kiss.
- Bye.

- There you are.
- Good morning.

- Were you evicted?
- There's no point in going home.

- You were right. Would you like coffee?
- Yes, please.

- No one was hurt, right?
- Just classical "bad boy".

Good morning, good morning.

- When will he be here?
- This afternoon.

- The night porter.
- The boys first or what?

- They are here anyway.
- Good morning.

- Ah coffee!
- Nice.

And you don't know how the car
ended up in your mums garage?

- Someone must have put it there.
- It's like this, Fabian.

We have seen you and Morad
with the Jaguar.

Our technicians are going through it.

The owner will identify you
from Kungstr?dg?rden?

- Kungstr?dg?rden?
- Where the carjacking was perpetrated.

Were you in Kungstr?dg?rden
on the night of the 17th?


I am asking about the murder
of Denise Andersson.

- He'll confess straight away.
- Do you think so?

- Have you been at Hotel Ture?
- Hotel what?

Hotel Ture? Grev Turegatan?


- Do you know who Denise Andersson is?
- No.

I'm going for a leak.

He reacted to something about
Kungstr?dg?rden. We'll check with Ahre.

I'll take the other one. I'm not
30 any more. Calm and steady.

You'll sit in on the interrogation
but I'll do the talking.

Aye aye, captain.

I'm asking you again, Morad.
Where was the car?

It would be good if you tried to answer.

Surely you have something to say?

Don't know how you want us
to handle your silence?

I'm damned well sick of it. Hangon.

You will be put away for armed robbery.
You are a murder suspect.

You don't want to make contact with the wall behind you?
You're hardly a mute, are you?

Knife wound on the larynx.
Why the hell don't we know things like that?

They've found Ahres wallet in Medinas
apartment. The Diners card was missing.

I have spoken with Klas. We can borrow
a civvy. She's reading up on it.

- Aida Setin?
- Who the hell is that?

A colleague has worked with her.
Smart as hell.

- But somewhat odd.
- Ok.

But the internet analysis and the contact with the
local authorities are most important.

- Here you are.
- Hi.

It would be terrific if you could check
things in the reconnaissance register.

- If we call and ask.
- Like some kind of secretary?

No, but sometimes there is a queue
at the communication central.

I asked for two monitors.

- To be able to work in parallel.
- It can probably be arranged.

- I asked for it.
- Ok. Do you need anything else?

Pencils with extra leads, rubbers,
paper clips, plastic binders in three colours.

- Why don't you go with Aida to the storage?
- Sure, I'll show you where it is.

- I'll brief everyone in an hour.
- I'll let the others know.

Briefing in an hour, apparently.

I have gone through the time axis
on the murder night.

Peter Ahre calls in the robbery 02.50.

02.58 he cancels his cards.

Three minutes later they try filling
the car with his Mastercard.

11 minutes after the robbery.

- Could you make it there from Kungstr?dg?rden?
- With a Jag, possibly.

I want the CCTV information
from the petrol station.

Ask Klas to check what mobile tower Peter Ahre
was connected to -

- when he reported the robbery.
Something isn't right.

The cleaning lady found
Denises body 08.10.

Alarm was raised 08.15
and we are at the scene 08.22.

The medical examiner has determined that Denise
died between five and half past five.

What throws the spanner in the works

is the Diners card used
at the hotel...

It was swiped 02.14.

- But that's before Ahre was robbed.
- So we ran this cirkus for a simple car theft.

- Armed robbery.
- No one has looked at the slips.

Bring Jenny
and go talk to Ahre.

- I want to check his alibi.
- Are they going alone?

Gunvald and I will take the interrogation
with the night porter.

Promise not to be home too late.
And you will call if something comes up.

- But there is nothing wrong with her.
- I never suggested there was.

She seems to be in control
of the situation.

I don't care if she learns the
phone book backwards.

- As long as she's a good cop.
- But she's a social worker.

It just so happens that I do consort
with people that don't carry guns.

You don't consort with anyone.


You had dinner at Operak?llaren
with a chinese delegation.

According to Gunvald Larsson you were
going to provide a list of these people.

I forgot it. I'll give it to you.

- The bill?
- No, I didn't pay.

We will request phone records -

- to confirm that you were in
the vicinity of Kungstr?dg?rden.

Because you were?

Ok. It's like this.

I wasn't at Operak?llaren.
I was with a female acquaintance in K?rrtorp.

A female acquaintance
who your wife knows?

No, she doesn't.

- You were there all night?
- Well, I did lose the car.

- So I had to take a taxi from there.
- We need to speak with your acquaintance?

- Is that really necessary?
- She could be your alibi.

You met her on the way in.
It's my secretary.

- Jenny, could you check the parking?
- But we are in a free spot.

- Just to be sure.
- Of course.

- Thank you.
- I understand if this is a sensitive subject.

- Is it ok if I smoke?
- No worries.

Peter arrived at yours around 19.
When did he leave?

It was around half past two. Then
he came back half an hour later.

He had been robbed.

- Do you see each other often, privately?
- Peter is a quite lonely person.

One wouldn't believe that.
I am too.

- But he is married.
- Have you met his wife?

Ok. I can say this. Hi.

If I had a wife and son like that,
I'd have done worse things than sleeping around.

You know the son, Emil?

Peter is a warm and intelligent
person. Emil on the other hand is not nice.

Parties around the clock with
Peters money around Stureplan.

Goes after little girls.
Not so strange with that mother though.

Well if it isn't the policeman?
Hi, Petra.

This is my friend, Josefine.

- I should have called you.
- Well, it is considered manners even if you're not interested.

We are not a couple if that's
what you think.

- I was just joking.
- We are celebrating Josefines new job.

- Great.
- Thanks.

- We have to move along. We might see each other.
- Yes, Ok. Bye.

Was there anything else regarding Emil?

If you could describe the guy
who paid for the hotel room.

- A typical Stureplan brat.
- Age?

20-25, perhaps... max.

- Was he alone?
- No, there was a girl with him.

And another guy, same age as
the buddy.

What did they look like if we were to start
with the guys? You mentioned Stureplan brat.

The guy who paid was somewhat
taller than me. Blond.

Blue jacket with seams. Jeans.

- And the buddy?
- Didn't take much notice of him.

Brown hair, a little bit shorter.

- You never checked his ID?
- I should have done.

- Because he knew the pin...
- Did he know the pin?

- We are not going to do a fucking thing.
- I can't go on like this.

- Can you calm down?
- I am calm.

You are top of your class. Another year,
and then you can start in any office.

Right? Trust me now.


- How long have you known Thomas?
- Four years.

- Four years?
- We have been going out for a month.

Indeed. And... I mean...

- He seems good?
- I think so.

He does have a shady job though.
He's a police officer.

- Is that true?
- Or else he nicked the uniform.

What district?
Sorry, I won't check up on him.

What's his name other than Thomas?
Sorry. Cheers.


The signalment we got from Stefan Lind
matches Ahres son, Emil.

Not too audacious an hypothesis
that he has borrowed dads Diners card.

- What about the other one?
- There are candidates.

- I need a better signalment.
- We have DNA-tests.

Sperm from two males.
No match with Anders R?nnberg.

- Not with Peter Ahre either.
- Then the son won't match either.

There is other evidence that can
tie him to the room.

- Gunvald, any suggestions?
- The police bus.

- I think that'll work.
- Don't you usually hang out around Stureplan?

- Well, 15 years ago.
- Who knows what clubs they frequent.

Would you like to revive old
memories? Bring Jenny along.

Hi. Did you tell mum that
you are at the cinema?

You are going to school tomorrow.
Go get your jacket.

I have to give my niece a lift home.
Go get your jacket.

You can speak with the doorman.

- What did you tell your so called friends?
- That my uncle is giving me a lift.

- Did you mention I was a copper?
- No, that would be embarrassing.

- Exactly. Did someone see me?
- Are you undercover or what?

A girl your age was murdered
so wipe off that smirk.

She came from the same clubs you frequent.
Get in the car.

- It was Denise Andersson, wasn't it?
- Did you know her?

Not exactly, but I know
who she used to hang out with.

- Who?
- Flush types.

- Same types you hang out with?
- Like.

- The likes of Emil Ahre?
- How do you know who he is?

Do you know Denise Anderssons boyfriend
Anders R?nnberg?

Boyfriend.. I didn't think she was
into that sort of thing.

- What do you mean?
- She was rather slutty.

I visited Denises parents.
The only thing they have left of her are clothes,

Some photos on the walls.
Like the ones your mum has on hers.

The quilt looks the same as the one in your room.

What happened to her wasn't
her fault. Do you understand?

It could happen to you. Especially
given the fucking scum you mingle with.

I'm sorry.

What are you going to say to mum?

I'll say you caught a late movie.

- Do you recognise this girl?
- She's here rather often.

Have you ceased checking the girls IDs?
She was 17.

- One moment.
- Were you working last wednesday?

It was Kevin Nilsson.
He's not working tonight.

I want to see your ID.

Police, get out of the car. Get lost.

- You'll call won't you?
- I said get lost. Get out of the car.

- Spread your legs.
- You don't have to get excited.

- Where are the car keys?
- In the pocket.

Ow! Police brutality.

- Here's to you.
- Cheers. Nice to have you back.

As Elizabeth Taylor said
to Richard Burton. Cheers.

This is big stuff.
But nothing beats opium.

You don't say.

During my years at sea
I tried almost everything.

What is in your glass? Juice?

I would like to say that
drugs are worse than this.

I have done so many
dumb things while drunk.

I got into a fight on the
weekend bus to G?teborg.

- I don't doubt it.
- This guy was peeling boiled eggs all the way down.

In the end I couldn't put up with it
any longer and I gave him a clout.

- They threw me off in ?lberga.
- Of all the places?

Of course, I had downed a half bottle vodka.
If I had smoked weed instead...

Then it would have never happened.
It would have been "peace" all the way.

So, as a connoisseur, what do
you think of cocaine then?

No, that's fucking crap.
It is too bloody expensive.

I'm going inside now.
There's a whodunnit I want to see.

- Just look in the mirror.
- Good night.

- No one arrested yet?
- Hi there, Martin!

- Hi there!
- I'll call when we get there.

Do you know him? What makes him tick?

- He's competent.
- He is?

- Has he done something?
- No, no.

- Good. Great.
- I've got to run. See you.

- How often do you go out?
- A few times a week.

- Doesn't that get rather expensive?
- It's all relative.

- What do you work with?
- I'm studying at the school of economics.

- To be a graduate economist?
- No, astronaut. How long am I to sit here?

Until we are finished with you.
I want you to look at a photo.

Do you recognise the girl?
Take a good look.

A good look.

I don't know. There are hundreds
of this type of chick.

- Yes.
- Can you define "this type".

- Excuse me, his solicitor is here.
- Did you request a solicitor?

- No.
- You are entitled to it.

Fredrik Mortensson.
I'm representing Emil. Dad sends his regards.

Well, Emil. Do you want Mortensson
to represent you?


Emil is suspected of
possession of drugs.

We turn a blind eye
to the blowjobs.

What's he doing here in violent crime?

- We are questioning Emil on another matter.
- Damned strange to keep him over night.

If you don't have more than that
you should let Emil go.

You'll have to call him for questioning as
usual. You can't just go picking people up.

We happen to be cops. If we see someone
taking drugs we can act.

I need a minute with my client.

Hey, ask Aida to help you put
Emils picture with eight others.

Do a photo identification with
Stefan Lind. Try to get hold of Fred?n.

Oskar. Don't run.

Interrogation with Emil Ahre continues.
Time 09:54

I want to change something.
Or rather, add something.

- That girl, I've run into her before.
- You might know her name?


- The night porter has identified him.
- Yes, he was 100% sure.

There shouldn't be any problems
to tie him to the room.

We have to speak with the doorman.

- We'll make it public.
- Slow down on that a while.

- Isn't it Indonesian casserole today?
- That's tomorrow.

Make sure to change the home page.

But of course, let's wait then.

Congratulations. I heard about yesterday.

- It was nothing extraordinary.
- Why wasn't Gunvald with you?

- He had to drop off his niece.
- It is not ok.

- To just take off like that.
- But it worked out.

He's a decent guy otherwise?
He often tests people.

- I hadn't noticed.
- Others have had a rough time.

- He is great towards me.
- Good. If not, come to me.

I have learned how to handle him.

He can be perceived as tough
och harsh.

I believe he's sensitive
deep down. Do you get me?

- Hey.
- Kevin Nilsson, is he here?

- He's on the bag down in the corner.
- Ok.

Hey, hello?

- Do you know who this is?
- Who are you?

Stop mucking about with the bag.
You choose who gets in first.

Who is rich enough to fit
your meat market.

- Of course you recognise him.
- No.

We apprehended a guest for
possession of drugs.

If we tell the right people
you'll lose your license.

Ok, it's Emil Ahre.
High society from Djursholm.

He picks up little girls
3-4 times a week.

You worked the door wednesday night?

- Yes.
- Was Emil there then?

Yes, he was. I saw when he left,
around 2 o'clock with Calle.

With his buddy, Salder I think.
And some chick.

- Denise perhaps.
- Did they seem to be under the influence?

- We sell licqor.
- He means were they high.

What the hell am I supposed to say to that?

It was nice talking to you.

- Good work.
- It's not as easy as it looks.

It didn't look easy.

- Do you want to try?
- I'll do it as a warm-up.

It feels good with some hills.
Sk?ne is flat like a pancake.

- Is that why you came up here?
- It would have been a divorce otherwise.

- Three years now.
- Bowwow and house.

- No Volvo. Cycling mostly. And you?
- Lexus, furred animal allergy.

I did support Martins decision
to use the police bus.

It is not a trifling matter
what side I choose to support.

I will try to listen more
going forward.

You are an experienced police officer
and your gut feeling counts.

- Martin is experienced too.
- We'll do this.

I apologise for not listening.


Will I see you in Kalmar? Ironman.

I thought that was for those who
are fed up with the bowwow.

Hi, darling. Sure.

We'll eat out then. I'll take care of it.
Good, kiss. Kiss, bye.

It'll have to be a quick shower
for us to have time to nab baddies.

This is Oskar Bergman,
County Criminal Investigation Division.

Exactly. Hi. Was going to let you know -

- that Beck will be able
to see you next week.

Thursday or Friday.
Preferrably AM.

10.30 on Thursday? That may work.

I'll check with him
and call you back.

Besides, I wanted to check...

If you would like to have dinner
with me some night?

Tonight? Yes, yes. No, that's fine.

Ok. Yes, I should be able to find it.

Yes, great. Bye.


- Here you are.
- Thank you very much.

- Have a nice evening.
- Same to you too.


Good morning. Did you sleep well?

- Me too.
- You have?

Good morning, sunshine!

Was there a party yesterday?

I went through the interrogations.

And the phone records.

Do your remember
that R?nnberg was training.

He had been there a long time
and knew lots of people.

It was at Sankt Eriks box & gym.
The same place as the doorman.

- I'll be damned.
- He called Nilsson the night of the murder.

He saw Denise leave the club
with the guys.

Hi, Klas. Gunilla is expecting an answer
from the local authorities this morning.

She hopes. You'll hear from me. Bye.

Fred?n is in Malm?.
What do you really think of him?

Nice shoes. That's it.

- Would you like coffee?
- Yes, please.

The fingerprints on the glasses are a match
with Emil Ahre, as are the shoe prints.

Some hair is his
and it is his sperm.

He is one of the males.

If the fathers DNA doesn't match
the sons doesn't either.

The medical examiner suggests that Peter
and Emil Ahre aren't related.

That's unarguably interesting.

We can't write off R?nnberg.

He might have known that
Denise was going out with the guys.

- It's Emils sperm.
- It isn't illegal to fuck.

We'll pick up Calle Salder
and DNA-test him.

Come along, Jenny.

Hi. Can I help...


Was it you?

- Police!
- Stop!

- How are you?
- A grey pickup, R?nnbergs construction.

- I'll call for an ambulance.
- Hold the ambulance.

- What happened to Denise?
- Call an ambulance.

- You checked in. What happened then?
- Call it, damnit!

I want you to answer, and then
you can cycle to the pharmacy.

- What happened to Denise?
- I don't know.

It wasn't me.

- Nice of you to stop by.
- Can I bring Emil?

- I want to speak with you.
- I have been looking for you.

I was going to call. I'm sorry.

- I'm wondering what is going on?
- Can I call you later?

You have a suspect.
Why are we being kept in the dark?

- I'm in a hurry.
- Mikael Andersson. Denises dad.


I'll keep in touch.
I promise to keep you updated.

- Will you call me this afternoon?
- Absolutely.

Your DNA-test doesn't match Emils.

It seems you are not
his biological father.

Yes, that is correct.

Does Emil know?

I would be grateful if he
wasn't to know.

Emil is suspected for murder
with good reason.

That's not true.

His DNA matches evidence
we have found.

- Is he adopted?
- No.

Caroline was young
when she got pregnant.

Her dad was furious.

The guy was just some holiday fling.

Carolines dad and my dad
knew each other. I proposed.

- Because your dad wanted to?
- My dad was a gambling addict.

We had lost our money.
I got access to contacts.

Caroline could stay at home
and take care of... our son.

I have really tried to
treat Emil as my own.

We have friends who have adopted.
It seems to work out.

I don't know why...

I never managed to get close to him.


Can I tell him myself?

- I'll see to it.
- Thanks.

I would like to discuss this further
when we get home.

I care about you. No matter what.

- What do you mean by that?
- I mean...

- I'll try to solve this.
- What the hell is it you are going to solve?

I'm just saying
that we are behind you, mum and I.

- Is she my mother?
- Emil.

"A clear conscience is the softest
pillow." That's what you usually say.

- You are the biggest liar.
- I have really tried.

- You haven't tried shit!
- I'm your dad.

I brought you up.

Will we start the interrogation?

- Get Mortensson here?
- Hello!

- Where did you meet Denise?
- At Pure.

- When did you leave Pure?
- I don't remember.

We have witnesses who say,
Calle Salder and Denise left Pure.

Approximately 2 AM.
Does that fit?

- Does that fit?
- You don't have to say anything.

You have been identified as the person who paid for
the hotel room with your dads credit card.

Peters credit card.

It is not for his sake you
have to tell the truth.

It's for your own.

We know you had sex with Denise.
If you didn't kill her -

- then you have everything to gain
from telling us what happened.

For your sake.

When did you leave Pure?

- Around two.
- You, Calle Salder and Denise?


- Whose idea was the hotel?
- Mine.

- Had you been there before?
- Yes.

- With other girls?
- Yes.

So you got to the hotel.
What happened then?

I don't know. Excuse me.

- You are really cute.
- He's a queer.

Just take anything. It doesn't matter.

Surely you can see he's gay.
Put in the card. I'll enter the pin.

- Are you a queer too?
- Shit.

We continued partying.
And we drank rather a lot.

Then Calle watched while we were fucking.

Didn't he also have sex with Denise?

He had had too much nose candy.
Couldn't get it up.

- Did Denise resist?
- No, she wanted it.

- What happened then?
- We made tracks.

Denise was out cold
She slept on.

She was plastered as hell.

- We are buddies for fuck sake.
- I want to take a break.

- When did you leave the hotel?
- Half past four.

- Did you look at your watch?
- No.

When I got down to the car
I ran into a parking attendant.

- She had just given me a parking ticket.
- I can check that.

Ok. Do that.

Carl Salder confirms
Emil Ahres information?

They may have been talking together.

He was eager to
tell the truth.

- We haven't seen R?nnberg?
- We have recon on the apartment.

What do we know
except for the violent tendencies?

He may have known that
Denise left with the guys.

We have to determine
if he was at home.

I need to know if his mobile was connected
to the mobile tower where he lives.

I'll take that with the prosecutor.

- Perhaps time for a house raid?
- Yes. We'll let Ahre go.

We'll bring in the night porter
and ask him if he saw R?nnberg.

- Rohypnol and steroids in the bathroom.
- Just the mouth guard missing.

- Oskar, no password.
- Check if he searched for Emil Ahre.

- He searched for the address.
- What kind of mobile did Denise have?

- What kind of mobile did Denise have?
- An iPhone.

Look for tracking software.
Mobile Spy.

Hangon. There are logon details here.

Take a picture and send it
and I'll take over.

- Whose address?
- Emils home address.

I'll call and alert him.

- Emil.
- Bergman, police.

We suspect that you may be under threat
and at risk. Have you noticed anything?

- I haven't seen anyone?
- Stay inside. We are on our way.

- Have you found anything?
- R?nnberg has tracked Denise.

- He knew exactly where she was.
- The night porter is in the interrogation room.

Send me an SMS
if you find anything interesting.

Other than the people we discussed
who were in room 302.

Was anyone else in the
lobby during the night?

- Do you mean on the whole?
- Yes. Who do you remember?

A lady checked out
early in the morning.

Other than that, it was empty.

Apart from the lady and room 302
you didn't speak with anyone?

The newspaper man stopped by shortly.

Excuse me.

Unfortunately we have to take a break.

- Would you like a cup of coffee?
- Will this take much longer?

- Milk please if it's there.
- I'll see to it.

R?nnberg has called Denise
seven times during the night, from home.

Stefan Lind says he met a female
guest and the newspaper man.

The newspaper man?

- He says the lobby was empty.
- Have you spoken with him?

Oskar did.

- Do a search on Stefan Lind.
- Looking for something in particular?

Start with similar crime,

- Can you arrange for Lind to get coffee?
- No problems.

There are no charges or
complaints against him.

I have made up a list of hotels
he has worked for.

Two women have reported that
they have been molested in their sleep.

- He was never heard?
- No.

The women were heavily intoxicated.

One of them had a feeling of
having had sex against her will.

The other woman
withdrew her complaint.

Both matters are closed now.

According to Bergstr?m, Denise was
murdered between five and half past five.

Ask Jenny to check exactly
when the newspaper man was there.

I didn't hear you come in.
Welcome home.

- How did it go?
- Were you going to tell me?


- Sorry. Emil, I can...
- Don't touch me!

Emil, I'm sorry. Emil...

Who the hell are you?


Who left you in here?

Martin? She got hold of
the newspaper man.

- Some time after five o'clock.
- The reception was empty then?

He had called to check
if someone was behind. No.


- It's taking its time.
- I am sorry.

- Something came up.
- I have to leave soon.

Interrogation with Stefan Lind continues.
Time is 15.06.

Are you working tonight?
Fridays are busy?

Yes, it is.

That people arrive at the hotel,
straight from the night club...

That's mostly on weekends?
Do you have a way of handling that?

- When they are unpleasant?
- It's a part of the job.

- Like being a police officer.
- Yes, perhaps.

This crowd in room 302.
They were rather rowdy, weren't they?

- Yes, they were.
- The girl too?

No, not exactly.

- What was she like?
- She was drunk.

- More drunk than the guys?
- Yes.

- But not particularly rowdy?
- Not exactly.

Did you leave the reception at any
time while you were on duty?

No, I may have been in the
room behind it.

The newspaper man said
that the lobby was completely empty.

I see. I might have been at the toilet.
I don't remember exactly.

At least one of the rowdy guys -

- left the hotel at half past four
in the morning.

But you never saw him?

- How can that be?
- I don't know.

I don't remember exactly.

I would like to have you DNA-tested.

To see if there is a match with
evidence from the victim.

If that should be the case, then I will
have you placed under formal arrest -

- on the suspicion of the murder
of Denise Andersson.

I don't think it was your intention
to kill her.

But she screamed, and you
had to silence her.

Perhaps you got scared.

- They said she liked sex.
- Did she?


We are here now. Lind has confessed.

- What?
- The night porter has confessed.

- Anders, get away from him!
- I'll kill him!

- Anders, it wasn't him!
- It's not worth it.

- Him and his damned buddy!
- Get away from him!

Put away the poker!
Put it away! Get away from him!

Do what I say. Do what I say.

Calm and sensible.

I'll come along in the ambulance.

Hi. What's up?

- Hey there.
- You right?

I thought if it would suit
you and Inger -

- we could meet up
and have something to eat.

We are not an item anymore.

- Why not?
- You'll have to ask Inger.

- Send my regards.
- Martin!

- What's happening this weekend?
- Nothing in particular. And you?

- Nothing in particular.
- Ok, with pleasure. Kiss.

See you monday. Bye bye!

- Where are you going?
- I thought you...

You have to hear this crazy
thing that happened.

You haven't been
thrown off the bus?

I'm not 20 any more.
A taxi driver lost it.

He threw me out at Sockenplan.

"If you have swam with your hands tied
you can stroll to Bl?sut ."


English translation: Gurra