Beck (1997–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Moneyman - full transcript

Inconspicuous precinct officer Nordmark apparently shoots himself, but Beck, once his first partner, finds he led a secret life as lusty closet gay, the MO doesn't fit, nor does the suicide...

- Is Martin here?
- I don't know. I think so.

- Are you going up to see him?
- No.

Is there much going on?


Nice suit.


- He's got a lot on his conscience.
- And we only know about the half of it.

- Hi. How are you?
- Don't you have your own office?

- John Karlberg, from the Tax Inspectorate.
- Interesting case board...

- Why is he here?
- Tell me.

Sorry, we've got a common interest here.

- We're interested in Gavling, too.
- Yeah... And?

You may know that we've already
investigated his financial crimes.

Now we've almost got enough material
for a prosecution to proceed.

- It's pretty comprehensive.
- Get you. - Gunvald!

Gavling isn't an embezzler,
he's a butcher...

With more murders to his name
than you've got papers in your folder.

And you intend to pursue him
for tax evasion.

Or for serious economic crime,
the Chicago model.

Al Capone. 90 murders, but his indictment
was for tax fraud. That's how they got him.

But of course, you can nail him
your way, that would be better.

- We want you to come in on it with us?
- In on what?

You can assist the IRS to
obtain Gavlings accounts.

That allows us
to be seen around Gavling's neighbourhood.

The delivery was made on Saturday
just as it should have been.

- What's the problem then?
- Wifors claims it never arrived.

- He's lying?
- I think so.

- What's his star sign?
- I don't know.

- Does he have a family?
- Wife and three children.

He need to content himself
with just two from now on, then.

I've got it here. Let's see...

- There were two. A Mac and a PC.
- Were they new?

Yes. He got them two days
before he was killed. Do you want them?

Send them over to Lena Klingstr?m,
so she can take a look at them.

All right. That's it.

- How are you otherwise?
- Otherwise?

Away from the job?

OK, I shouldn't complain.

What about your new assignment?
Have you noticed any...

Sometimes I feel like I need to know
more about what I know the least about.

But most of the time
I don't need anything.

Excuse me.

It's Beck.
What? Are you going ..?

Have your waters broken?

Well, good luck, then.
We'll talk again soon. Bye.

My daughter is about to have...

- More coffee?
- No thanks.

- Are you feeling sad today?
- Inger is waiting to go into labour.

- That sounds like fun.
- Absolutely.

I hope it goes...

A calvados?

We are sleepwalkers.

- Hi.
- Hi. What have you done with ..?

I threw it out.
One shouldn't become dependent.

- How are you?
- So-so.

It's the radon.

- It's on the walls.
- There isn't any radon in the building.

Every morning you wake up with a headache
and a dry mouth and you have to pee.

I've told Bolin that he'll have
to renovate K?ken. Fancy a nip?

Beck. Yes.
How is she?

Good. Nice of you to call.

Just call.
In the middle of the night, anytime.

- Good. Give her my love.
- Is there anything wrong?

Inger's labour won't start.
She's not fully dilating. 14 hours so far.

Ah, "... as through the eye of a needle."

My boy was induced with a suction cup
after two days.

He was huge. Nearly six kilograms.
He looked like a bloated pig.

- Were you there?
- No, hell, no.

- Then how do you know...
- The phone's ringing in there as well, now.

What a life.

- A sad Prop.
- Yes.

Holy shit.

- Did you know G?te well?
- Known and recognized...

- Any relatives ..?
- Yes. He's got a father somewhere.

To think it would end like this.

Yes, he was good
at sports when he was little.

- Not like his brother.
- He's got a brother?

Yes, William.
But he died many years ago.

He worked on the banana boats
to South America.

G?te and he were not
such good friends. G?te was no sailor.

- William.
- William?

I thought it would go sour.
He wasn't cut out to be a cop...

His reading was poor because he was
dyslexic, and he was a donkey at maths.

He should have been a blacksmith
like his grandfather.

But he was very kind,
to William, when he was little.

I remember one time he went to help
a badger dog get over a fence.

It bit him in the thigh
so badly he had to have 12 stitches.

He had to have a tetanus injection.

G?te wasn't didn't take it well
when Margaret and I got divorced.

- Is there anything I can do?
- No...

Why can't you die when you want to?
When you don't want to live anymore?

Why do you have to wait to be so old?

What about Nacka?

- Nacka?
- His cat. Who's looking after it?

I'll take care of it.

Have you got any keys to the apartment?
That would speed things up.



Shot through the mouth and through
the brain. Instant death on the spot.

Semen on his pants.
Released just before he died.

A lot of alcohol in the blood stream.
The details to you tomorrow.

- Are you sure he released?
- Yes, there's semen on his pants.

How do you know that it's his? Have you
checked, or are you assuming it's his?

The time is already half past four, and
I've been at this since before breakfast.

So if you should be able
to answer all my questions...

Can you tell what kind of alcohol
is in the body?

- How did the course go?
- It was edifying.

"The signal substance in the brain often
differs amongst murderers."

Gunvald! Are you going to see Martin?

Take him the technical report on Nordmark
from last night.

- When did it happen?
- At 11pm in Skin Narvik Park.

He sat down and shot himself
with his service pistol. What an idiot.

- A Policeman.
- What has that got to do with it?

Who was he?
You knew him.

We worked together in the
national police for a few years.

Then he moved to administration.

He was correct, capable and reliable,
as far as I know.

- Not very well liked.
- Why not?

I don't know.
He didn't join in with the rest of us.

He probably felt he had to hide
his homosexuality...

Only a few of us knew about it. He almost
never spoke about his private life.

- I think he suffered because of it.
- Sure.

Sitting alone in a gay park and shooting
yourself in the head, is hardly top form.

- I don't think he was sitting there alone.
- Why not?

There are other fingerprints on the bottle,
not just his.

They could have come from anyone,
by accident...

I don't think it was his bottle.

I was at his home tonight. He's got
an extremely exclusive liquor cabinet...

Full of malt whiskey, Cognac
and a 30-year-old Cuban rum.

Fine wines, half empty liquor bottles.

Why would he drink a cheap spirit when he was
about to kill himself? He wouldn't do that.

What would you drink? Tea?


Do you think the bottle
belonged to someone else?

So why did he kill himself on a bench?

- You don't believe it was suicide?
- I don't think he was alone.

He need to have had a gay friend there
and then they left him to it.

- Possibly.
- It's down to us to find out.

Gunvald, they're down there now.

- What is it?
- I'll tell you later.

- Gavling stuff?
- Probably.

What is it?
Is it something to do with Nordmark?

No. Inger is about to have the baby,
and nobody is phoning me.

- How long ..?
- She started yesterday.

Last night there were problems.
Now they've been going on for 24 hours.

So call then.

I've tried,
but they've turned their phone off.

- Should I go there anyway?
- No, don't.

- Peter's there isn't he?
- Yes. Jo...

- So let them do it themselves.
- But what if something happened.

They'll contact you,
they'll call, right enough.

Wers?n wanted to talk to you.

So take it out.

- Do we have any more than the brandy bottle?
- Not in the technical sense.

- Do we have anything concrete on Nordmark?
- No.

It is... I've got a feeling.

- Then we should move forward very carefully.
- Why?

Public suicide in the police force
is not an everyday occurence,

and the press loves a juicy story.

And if it does turn out to be something
else we end up in the dock again.

Who are "we"?

There's something else
I want to talk to you about.

- Klingstr?m.
- Yes. She's been on a course.

On my request.
Do you know why?

She'll add more specialized
knowledge to the team.

It's not difficult.

It's considerably harder
to deal with internal group dynamics...

What are you getting at?

Lena and you. I'm not blind...
or coldhearted, although I am your chief.

I keep my eye on you and the team
in more ways than one.

If I'm wrong, I apologise.
If I'm right, we've got a problem.

- What problem?
- You know what problem.

You could get a situation where you
have to order her into danger.

And that could be difficult if you're
having a personal relationship with her.

- Do you doubt my judgment?
- No.

But you've just recovered
from a serious personal crisis.

We couldn't take another blow like that.

Not you or the team.

My relationship with Lena affects
neither you nor the department.

But this has affected me though.

Chicago model?

- He's been warned!
- Of course.

They were pretty sore.
They wrecked a cabinet looking.

What are you laughing at?

If they are raiding me,
that means they don't have enough on me.

They're trying to get enough for a charge
so they can take me in for interrogation.

That means that they've decided to
target me, and that means problems.

It's no laughing matter.

Get me some writing paper.

- Have you seen this man before?
- No.

But he's pretty. What's he done?

He's dead.

Have you talked to Leonard?

- This is a gay club.
- That's why I'm here.

- My name is Martin Beck...
- I know who you are. Are you gay?

- No.
- Too bad.

But G?te Nordmark was.

Did you know him?

- What's he done?
- Taken his own life.

When? How?
No, I don't believe...

- How well did you know G?te?
- We had a relationship for a while.

We're not together anymore,
but we were together until...

Until what?

I broke it off... or interrupted it...

I met someone else and G?te
couldn't bear it.

The result was that he... that we...

became enemies,
and he was so unhappy.

I was very cool towards him,
and he was desperate.

He sent this.

"Dear Leonard,
it's not your fault, you are not to blame."

"I love you but I can't
stand it anymore. I can't."

"You don't know what it's like to live..."

"...To live a double life and have to
lie and see people's suspicious looks."

"You know I drink too much.
I've reached breaking point, Leonard."

"Thanks for everything. Take care.
You are in my heart. G?te."

Nordmark's writing style is a surprise
His sexual orientation we already knew.

His long-term alcohol abuse is
confirmed by the autopsy.

According to his gay friend,
he was depressed for other reasons too.

The letter tells us the rest.
He'd given up.

- We have to accept it's suicide.
- Did you meet him...

We've seen his stuff,
and we found no revenge motive.

Check all the records we have on him,
Aspen, PRB, everything.

Check all his PC searches, see if
they were relevant to any of our cases.

If there any that are, I want to know when
they occurred and what files he looked at.

I still believe that...

Yes, Beck.
Right? Right.


- Did it hurt?
- She was brave. It took 31 hours.

Why did it last that long?
Couldn't they have done something?

They waited for her
She took the decision herself.

The main thing is that it all went well.

Do you want to hold him, Martin?


What'll we call him?

- "Lille Wille".
- No. Wilhelm


Yes, they wrote plenty of letters home
after they'd left. Both of them.

- They're in the drawer over there.
- May I?

No, the top one.

Take a look.

Can I borrow them for a while?
Just Gote's letters.

Is it from the gayboy?

Firstly, his name is Leonard.
Call him that.

Secondly, it's from Nordmark
to his father...

When he was on his holidays last year.

And a postcard written by Nordmark
in ?land, when he was there in the summer.

- "M?kav?r"...
- He misses out letters.

He was dyslexic.

He supposedly wrote this one
to Leonard just before his death.

Read it again.

- The same handwriting.
- But not a single spelling mistake.

This so-called suicide note
was not written by a dyslexic.

- It wasn't written by G?te Nordmark.
- It's a fake.

- So you didn't know the letter was forged.
- No.

- Can I believe that?
- Believe what you want.

How do you know that it's a fake?

When did you last see Nordmark?

It's a while ago.
A few weeks before he died.

Do you know if there was anyone
that might want to kill him?

- He killed himself.
- We don't think he did.

Do you know who he hung around with?
In what circles?

- Was he murdered?
- Answer the question.

- I don't know who he hung around with.
- You had a relationship with him.

We have plenty of relationships
but we keep them secret.

Who knew about
your relationship?

- What? Why is he there?
- Who knew about your relationship?

Get... No, I think.

- Were you fond of Nordmark?
- I was, a bit.

- "A bit?" You were together.
- Does he have to be there?

- Are you getting upset?
- How would you like it?

Do you mind
if we take your fingerprints?

We want to compare them
with some we found on a liquor bottle.

There were two different
sets of fingerprints.

One belongs to Nordmark.
The others aren't Leonard's.

Did you check them
against the prints index?

- Yes. No matches, but...
- I've checked Nordmark's searches.

Certain activities were not naturally
connected to his official duties.

- What was he looking for?
- I don't know. "Access denied".

We need to get authorisation
to go into the log files.

So we've got no idea
what he was searching for,

or what he was going to do
with what he found.

But it wasn't to do with work.
Maybe it was something private.

- Like what?
- Selling stuff? Blackmail, perhaps?

- That's not how I pictured him.
- Hasn't he changed though?

How do we get the security people to check
where and what he looked at?

If you get official
permission from Wers?n...


They've found some fresh prints in the
centre that match the ones on the bottle.

Want to check it out?
Grandpa can take care of the paperwork.

- "Access denied".
- I want you to authorise getting beyond that.

I need to find out what Nordmark
was searching for in the registers.

- Why?
- Curiosity.

- Is it to do with the suicide?
- No. With the murder.

- What's your name?
- Henrik Anckarstierna.

But I'm called Piss-Boss.

He sat there,
I just wanted to go by, but then...

- The curse was there.
- The bottle?

It was a nice free drink
and there was nothing to stop me...

So you went across to a bleeding body
and drank his liquor.

- Is that how it went?
- A drink is a drink.

Why were you over there in the first place?

I heard a shot,
and then I saw a girl running away.

A girl?

It was the other way round.
First the girl.

- And then the shot.
- Did you see the girl running from the bench?

Are you sure you heard the shot
after you saw the girl running?


How do you know it was a girl?
It was dark.

I saw her ponytail.

There are plenty of men
with ponytails these days.

Not the men I know.

- Do you do your hair with a ponytail?
- Sometimes. Why?

Why were you there?
In Skin Narvik Park?

No. I know what you're thinking.
It's just because I'm gay.

I wasn't there at all.
You just want to take me in.

I'm investigating what
I think could be the murder...

of someone you had a close relationship
with. What if we help each other?

What could you help me with?

- Protection.
- Against what? AIDS?

No, against the people who don't
give a shit whether you get AIDS or not.

- Is this where he logged in?
- Yes, according to Lena.

- Will it take long?
- Just a moment.

You know Skattevesenet's raid
on Gavling the other week, right?


- It failed. He was warned.
- It's not the first time, either.

- No, but maybe lately.
- Here it is.

"Initial investigations"?
What did he want there?

- A file.
- On who?


They say the letter's a fake.
Beck's questioned me.

When did you start to believe the police?

And they think I'm involved in
G?te's murder.

- What murder?
- The murder of...

They say he was killed. It's getting
uncomfortable, and I want to...

Listen carefully to me.

A little gayboy like you
never takes that tone with me...

Unless he wants to get his own dick
stuck down his throat.

If you so much as whisper
my name to your new friends...

Nordmark's death will seem very
peaceful compared to yours.

Go on.

If Beck's started
to look at Nordmark, so...

Then why not scare him a little.

Beck also has his weaknesses.

- Hi. I'm sorry I...
- Take it easy.

- Thank you. I fell asleep on the sofa.
- It doesn't matter.

Have you heard about Gavling?

- How much of it does it account for?
- No idea.

It doesn't necessarily tie Gavling into
the murder.

- No, but it probably does.
- How do you know?

Male intuition.

Which, unfortunately, doesn't work
that well when it comes to love.

I called and ordered in advance. There's
a small specialty of the house that they...

- It looks good.
- Thank you. The chef is left-handed.

Of France's 22 leading
chef's de Gastronomique -

-16 of them are left-handed.
We believe in it.

He's a bit special.

Wers?n thinks there's something between us.
Between you and me.

- What? Has he ..?
- He told me the other day.

He's afraid it could create problems.

- With?
- With...

He wasn't actually very clear on that.

- And what did you say?
- The truth.

That it wasn't a problem?

Exactly. That there's nothing
for him to worry about.

Is that it?

Mats, the potatoes.

- Hey, Inger.
- Hi.

How's your baby doing?


Say hello to your father for me.

It's over now.

He just stood and laughed
and said strange things.

You don't have to say anything now.
We can talk about it later.

He was so sick... nasty.
He just stood there.

- He was so sick.
- I understand.

- Where's Peter?
- He's on the way home.

- I need to go home, too.
- No. You'd better stay with me for a while.

There's not enough space at yours.

We can stay at Peter's parents.
He's called them already.

Fine. All 3 of you live there for a while.

Gunvald, can you drive them there?
I have to take care of...

Ask Banck to post someone out there
until further notice.

Come on then, I'll run you.

- Now he's gone too far. - Who?
- Gavling. - Why do you think it's him ..?

- I don't think it's him. I know it is!
- Why would he come after you?

- It's a long story.
- Tell me.

- I don't know if I can.
- If it's what you say...

Then it's about the Nordmark case,
and I think it's only fair...


It's an old case.
A nasty case.

Thursday collection by gorillas...

- The Money.
- I haven't got it.

Money. Now!

- Money.
- I haven't got any. I haven't got it!

Take the stereo.
Take the plant, damn it!

Leave the kid alone!

Leave the kid alone, damn it!

I've got no money!

Put her down! Put her down!
Bring her over here!

No! No!
Don't do it! No...

Her mother was in the apartment.

I was given the case. I caught them
and I got them convicted of murder.

It was my first case... here.

So you got them?
So what? Are they out now?

They never went to prison.

I made a mistake.

- How?
- I didn't follow the case up properly.

I thought it was open and shut,
so I threw myself into a new one.

Then I heard it'd gone to the
Court of Appeal.

They scared off the
main witness and she disappeared.

- And gorillas were set free.
- Who were they?

One was a thug called Haraldsson.
He died in a fire, later. Probably arson.

And the other's name...


- Who was the witness?
- The child's mother.

The baby's father took an overdose
immediately after the murder.

- When did it happen?
- 19 years ago.

Then the case isn't past
the statute of limitations yet.

It could be re-opened
with new evidence.

- She may have changed her mind.
- Who?

The Mother. Maybe she's braver now
and prepared to co-operate in a new case.

It's no good, Lena.

That case belongs to the past.

The murder of Nordmark
and the threat to Inger is the present.

Where are you going?


- Send your boy away.
- Jens...

- You threatened my daughter.
- Have you got a daughter?

You don't ever do that.

It's beneath your dignity
to try and threaten me, Beck.

By the way, you know the rules.
You know I keep an eye on things.

I know where people are.
Where their children are.

- I turn my gaze to them when it suits me.
- You wouldn't dare.

You've got a very short memory.

We've crossed paths before,
albeit at the appropriate distance.

It's probably benefited us both,
but now you're getting too close.

It's not good for either of us.
We're dangerous to each other.

I've never underestimated you,
On the contrary, I think.

We've counterbalanced
each other for a long time.

But, apparently, that's over now.

So there's something you should know.
We don't play in the same league.

- Don't we?
- No.

- I've got the decisive advantage.
- Really? And what's that?

If I wanted to shoot you,
I would.

- And why can't I shoot you?
- You live by other rules.

You have your morality,
and it's your biggest handicap.

I know what you are,
and you know what I am.

A primitive killer.

So banal, Beck.
And so wrong.

I'm a successful businessman...

Who can afford to buy things
you can't even spell the names of.

Your salary wouldn't pay for my toothpicks.
How does that feel?

How does it feel to throw
a baby from the eighth floor?

I was in the Skin Narvik Park.
I had a blowjob, and...

- For your own benefit?
- No.

Whose, then?

The task is a simple one.

You have a drink with your friend Nordmark.

Then you go to a bench in the park,
suck him off and then disappear.

You get 5000 for it.

The suction you can consider
a fringe benefit.

Did you hear a shot?

I heard a muffled sound
on my way out of the park.

But I didn't take any notice.
I thought it was a car.

When Gavling said G?te
had shot himself, I was doubtful.

Was it Gavling who
gave you the suicide letter?


Are you sure you're prepared to testify?

- You said you'd give me protection.
- Yes.

And besides, I hate the bastard.

Do you have the courage to testify,

A homosexual prostitute
starts a relationship with Nordmark.

He knows that he's a detective...

And he told several people,
one of whom passed it on to Gavling.

Gavling knows how to
exploit this kind of situation.

Probably he came to
an agreement with Nordmark...

He provided him with sexual services
and perhaps some financial assistance...

in exchange for information from our
records. Lena's work confirms as much.

- And that's been going on for several years?
- Probably.

Until Nordmark got cold feet
and rtried to pull out.

Or Gavling demanded too much from him.
We don't know.

It certainly went sour. Gavling
thought Nordmark was too big a risk.

He knew too much,
both about Gavling...

And about the use of the information
Nordmark got for him.

For Gavling it was obvious.
Nordmark had to be eliminated.

Using Leonard,
a thug gorilla and a suicide note.

- But that's where he missed one minor detail.
- What detail?

He didn't know
Nordmark was dyslexic.

This is all so damn sensitive, Martin.

Do we have enough evidence?

We have a witness. We have
Nordmark's computer misuse. We have...

God damn it! A senior police officer
feeding information to organized crime.

It'll involve the entire Corps, the National
police chief, the Justice Minister...

It's a fucking mess.
Don't you understand that?

- It's not my fault?
- I didn't mean it that way.

But I know what it leads to.

First a seam goes, then it's the
entire dress gone. Do you understand?

No, not quite.

No. It is not your level.

How do we handle it?

At my level we use normal police procedures.
At your level... Who the hell knows.

- How's Inger handling it?
- Pretty good, I think.

- She doesn't speak much about it.
- How could anyone do that?

Gavling is completely cold.
But what can you do?

Don't you ever get scared yourself?

For my own skin? No.
But sometimes, for those I care about.

- He could go after you, too.
- I don't think so.

If he wanted he could find you
and shoot you. You'd never know...

- Are you that anxious for me?
- Shouldn't I be?

- Do you want a cup of tea or something?
- No. What do we do now?

Yes, we should...

You need to come to the police station and
repeat everything you've told me on tape.

- And then?
- Then we interrogate Gavling.

Do I have to face him?

Not now, but you'll have
to give evidence in court.

- I can't do that if he's there.
- Then we'll make sure he's not there.

Do you think he'll be convicted?
What if he isn't?

He will be convicted this time.

- You promise?
- Yes, Leonard. I promise.

He's ice cold.

Right in front of you
in your own home.

- He's desperate.
- He's insane.

Now we've lost the main witness,
we've got nothing.

The bastard! He's escaped again.
How long can he keep doing that?

- We're like idiots. Amateurs...
- You're only thinking about Gavling.

Martin could have been killed.
It's only by luck that he isn't dead.

- Lena, we're all in shock.
- Have you requested a bodyguard?

- No.
- Why not?

I'll think about it.

Sorry, Martin.

I think we've well and truly scared him.

- The stars were right.
- Yes. March is at an angle to Jupiter.

What do you know about it?

Have a night out on me.

- Can I take ..?
- The Bentley's your 'til tomorrow.

Hello. Have you finished
your shower already?

- What the hell...
- Switch off the shower.

Hands behind your back.

- So Beck has decided to send a gorilla?
- Open your mouth.

- Does Beck know...
- Wider.

Open your mouth!

And keep it there.

You think we're all idiots, amateurs.

It's possible we are.

We're probably quite primitive.
A part of us. Unlike you, of course.

I've always admired your...

What shall we say? Your range of abilities,
in the art of liquidation.

Always a new scenario.

Although I'm too single-minded myself.
I've got my gun, my bullets...

Trying to get close enough
to aim where you know it hurts.

Squeezing the trigger and hoping
it doesn't splash any blood onto the suit.

You're wondering if Beck knows I'm here.
He doesn't.

No one knows.
It'll be written up as a gangland killing.

So, there you are, I intend to shoot you.

What's up? You seem a little afraid.

You're afraid of me.

You can see it in my eyes?

Keep the soap in your mouth.

The patholigist, Oil Lund,
prefers shots to the heart.

It gives him too much extra work
when the corpse is shot in the head.

Or was it vice versa?
Sod it.

Have you checked the allignment of the
planets for tonight? Mars across Jupiter.

That's not that good, huh?


It clicked.
What happened to the bullet.

Maybe we should turn the shower back on.

Then it's not so easy to hear the noise.

Are you ready... Mister Money Man?

- Where were you yesterday?
- Yesterday evening?

- We tried to get hold of you.
- Why?

- Wers?n wanted a team meeting...
- I was at the opera.

Why do you think it went sour?
The Gavling - Nordmark connection?

Nordmark came here
the day he died.

We went through the fence killing.

He seemed very depressed.
Quite strange, really.

- I think he'd already decided.
- To break with Gavling?

Or he'd done it already,
and knew what that meant.

- Why didn't he say anything?
- He'd have had to disclose everything then.

The connection to Gavling.
Theft from the registers.

He must have been in a state.
So what could he do?

He was going to
commit suicide anyway.

- So he let them kill him?
- Maybe.

- I've found the mother.
- Which mother?

The one that's prepared to testify.
I traced her through the old files.

She moved to Spain, but came
back to Sweden eight years ago.

Today her names Gunilla Enmark
and she lives in Fru?ngen.

What's she talking about?

After I dropped out of it,
I worked hard to forget about it all.

It's 19 years ago.

I moved down to be with
the in-laws in Spain.

- Why did you come back?
- They died.

And there's not much
to live on down there.

Why are you opening it up again?

We've been trying to nail Gavling
all these years, but without any success.

And I've never been able to forget
that it was... that it was my fault...

It was mine.
I was too scared to testify.

We should have been able to
protect you.

Now he's begun to threaten me
and my family, so I plan to...

- Can you help us...
- With a new case?


I remember you couldn't
identify the gorilla who...

Who actually did it.
Do you think you could now?

It was him.


- And you're sure of that?
- Yes.

You will, of course, get full protection.
New house. New identity. If you want it.

Are you sure you can do it?

I don't know.

Don't answer now.
No one's forcing you.

It's more of a personal appeal. I'll respect
your decision if you don't want to do it.

I don't know if I can do it,
dig it all up again.

Call me
when you've thought it through.

Let us know when you can.
We'll be waiting..

- Did you find anything?
- No.

Do you know what I hire you for?
To protect me and my home.

Amateur. My grandmother
is a better guard than you.

Have you got your gun on you?

Take it out.

It's too heavy.
Haven't you got a smaller one? Get me one.

Bring it to me. Now.

- Can the case be re-opened?
- Technically, yes it can be.

But there are complications,
there need to be new circumstances...

New evidence,
and it has to be strong.

I have a primary witness who has
information that was not given previously.

- What?
- Could that swing it? What do you think?

A witness is a start. I'll
investigate it, but I'm skeptical.

No, she's alone.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

In one day. Is the man mad?
I was acquitted.

He's got no chance.
Seriously he's really re-opening the case?

It seems so.

According to my contacts
they've started investigating whether...

But can he really do it?
Is it possible?

The risk is real.
Beck's name carries weight on the circuit.

- But I don't think he...
- To hell with him!

What is it? You seem frightened.
You're not easily rattled...

Everyone is looking for me.
Tax Collectors. Beck. Gorillas.

And we can't get
any more tip offs from Nordmark.

No, he took all those
when he took his life.

Yes, precisely.

What if they do dig up the case?

The assumption is they'll find the main
witness and that she's prepared to talk.

If they get that information...

- The mother?
- Yes.

- Yes, but I'll need a new name.
- That we can do.

And a new place to live.
Preferably in Spain.

That could take some time, but we'll try.
I'll contact the prosecution...

find out what they say about it,
and then I'll get back to you.

- She'll do it.
- Good. What now?

- I've talked to the main witness...
- I've talked to the prosecutor.

- Have you?
- It's not straightforward.

She says that someone has been making
discreet inquiries about the case.

- Who?
- She wondered if it was one of us.

"Discreet inquiries.
That bastard.

No, it's all quiet here.

I going up there.

- Where's Lena?
- Shall I get her?

What now? Where are you doing?

Get a decision from the prosecutor.
I'll be with the main witness.

Hi, Gunilla.

That's incredible.

This organization leaks like a sieve.
"Discreet inquiries".

Anyone can sniff out anything
and leak it to anyone they fancy.

It could be anyone from
Nordmark to the prosecutor.

Call Gunilla Enmark.

- She didn't reply.
- Not Responding? She's definitely home.

I'll call Banck.

We can't stop here?
Can't you do something...

I thought we'd agreed
that you'd forgotten everything.

But now suddenly you've
changed your mind.

After 19 years,
that's a bit odd, isn't it?

It's clear.

Keep watch out there.

Now you can get that big kick,
Little Gunilla...

That you dreamed about
when you were younger.

For a long time
I've wondered about this.

- Don't you know what's in it?
- What is it?

What is in the syringe, Gavling?

You said that I
wouldn't shoot you.

You daren't do it yourself.

You send your gorillas
to do your dirty work.

Shut up.

I'll take that.

Open the window.

- What are you doing?
- Open the window.

Look down.

It's a long way down, right?

And who said that he'd never wear a vest?

SEFOS will probably want to interview you,
and the press will naturally show up.

You've seen the headlines. "Martin Beck
shoots public enemy No. 1".

Our remit will probably be increased.
How are you?

Well. A little soreness in the ribs.

So we're finally rid of the bastard.

- What did Gavling mean...
- When?

When he said, I sent my gorillas?

I've no idea. He was probably
just frightened... poor thing.

Yes, it's worked out well all round.

This also means...

That Nordmark's indiscretions
won't be all over the newspapers?

- Your decision.
- Good. How do we celebrate then?

- Want to go dancing?
- Dancing? Who with ..?

With me... and my bruises. I've booked
a table in a small, intimate restaurant.

For two.

I know a fun little gay club
which is popular amongst police officers.

Fancy coming?

What the hell, why not?