Beck (1997–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Öga för öga - full transcript

In this film Beck and his team are trying to find a serial killer, whose victims are spread all over Sweden. An obvious connection is that all the victims are women, and they were all in ...

Sara Molinder, 42 years old, married,
three children, school teacher.

Found in a car park
at 11pm yesterday.

Shot in the back of the head with a single shot.
No visible sexual interference.

-Was she murdered where she was found?
"It's too early to tell.

-Where are her eyes?
-Well, they're not here, anyway.

they've been cut out.
there's apparently a trend for that.

Palsson in Trelleborg called in a case of
a female whose eyes were removed.

-On Wednesday.

-Do you want me to look for something specific?
-Her eyes.

Martin! Ingegerd Wahlstrom
attended a union meeting in the evening...

-went for a pizza in the centre of Trelleborg

-Was found dead in his bed 8:20...

Injected with potassium chloride, cardiac
collapse, the balcony door broken down.

Who the hell has parked in my space?!

-400 Kr in fines! What have we got here?

-Is there a connection?
-The eyes were removed.

-Where is Lena?!
-She's got her period.

Banck and J?der have found the taxi
Molinder took. She was alone.

-What was she doing in an empty garage?
-Hookers tend to go there.

-Was she a prostitute?
-No, not a junkie, either.

Ask Oljelund to look for semen
- Outside of your body.

-Have you met someone else?
-Does it matter?

This is so predictable.
I get shitty, and you...

You don't need me.

I've got to go now.

If I have, what then?
Met someone else, that is.

Gender age......... mutilation

And only three days between. I've asked
Trelleborg to keep the lid on it.

-Bridge opening?

-Are they?
"We believe there's a connection.

-Do they've a connection to each other?
"They lived 70km from each other.

"There could be a link all the same!
-And you know more than us.

-Someone wil have to go to Trelleborg?
-Not me.

Really? And it's up to you?

"I've met a guy.

-Did you think I was gay?
-No. That would be fun!

-What does he do?
"That's a typical question from you!

-Don't you want to know about his dad, too?
-What does his dad do, then?

He's dead.

-Are you in love?
"he's a journalist on TV.

-How old is he?

he's 24. His name's Peter.

-Mike was 24.
-Are you sad?

"Sometimes, when I want to be.
-What 's that mean "want to be"?

Sometimes I need
to wallow in guilt.

"But you won't understand that.

Ever thought of looking for sex?
-for sex?

-Why would I?
-Is it itchy feet?

-My sex life is none of your business.
-You haven't got one.

-What do you know about it?
-I can see it in your eyes.

Now, Silence of the complainants, sounds,
and allays the tears flow.

To life and immortality-invited

-Is a man of God through death.

Then, warmed by the eternal light...

And cared for happier times...

-Body is beautified the gravel...

And no more death or suffering.

In a church in Sundsvall.
Carotid artery severed.

-Do we need to go up there?
-Can I stay at home?

-What is it with surfittan?
-Should I buy the tickets?

-What do we do now?
-Keep it quiet.

For how long?

Gunvald, all hell will break lose
once it gets out.
-The longer we keep it in-house the better.
"It could be dangerous for the public.

Since when have you cared about that?

-What is it?
-Who's going?

How are you?

She also worked as a
telephone counselor.

Cantor found her. He came with an
electrician to install a fan.

-You want to meet them?

-Was she a victim of...?
-She was a virgin.

I don't get how they can
determine that. She was 42 years old.


-Do you remember Hoof Lake?
Disgusting case.

It's sad that we always meet
in these circumstances.

-Why have you come here?
-The victim...

Anita Forge.

She's the third victim of
the single perpetrator - we think.

-I don't know for sure.
"Only the killer knows that.

No one else needs to know about it.

It won't be easy to keep it secret?

They've already been here and poked about.
Murder is of much greater interest here than where you come from.

But we can keep the details
secret for a while.

The thing with the eyes...
Do you think there's a serial killer?

Three is a series of murders.

And there'll be more if we don't...
find the link.

"It's Martin. Am I disturbing you?

-You didn't answer. How are you?
-Where are you?

-Scandic in Sundsvall.
-What does it look like?

Illa - same age,
no sexual abuse.

And the eyes?

-Are you staying long?

-You don't want to talk about how you're feeling?

All right. Sleep well.

-Hey! That was a long time...

-Stig has moved out.
-Then I understand.

"it's finished.

"He blamed my job.
"That sounds familiar.

-Are you sad?

-How long were you...?
-Five years.

"It's a long time.
"I thought he was the right man.

Maybe he'll come back.

-How long have you been living alone?
-Solo, for a while now...

Inger stays with me occasionally.
-She doesn't count.

Then it's a few years
it's useful, helps you discover what you lack.

-You miss your wife?
-No, damn it! But...

We'll talk about it another time.

-Was she single?
-Yes, and innocent.

-Was there any semen on the body?
-No. Why would there be?

There are psychopaths who masturbate
on their victims after they've killed them.

-Do we have anybody in mind?
-This is a lunatic at work.

First he injects a dead bride
in Trelleborg

-then shoots a teacher in Stockholm

And slaughters a salvation army sister
in Sundsvall five days later...

-But no lead that connects any of them.

-A madman! What else could it be?
-Something else entirely.

Get Sundsvall Trelleborg
to send their report directly to me.

"We can't lie low any longer!
"I'll decide that.

-Don't we lose momentum by holding back?
"Not now while we've still got a head start.

Once we release it we'll spend half our working hours on speculation...

-From amateur detectives and fortune tellers!

And all the time the killer gets
information from the media.

Let's look at the video?
Go on, then!

Labelling, bar code scanning,
inventory management, cash registers.

All the same computerized system.
it's the future, Axel.

-Isnt it cumbersome to tune in?
-No, no one's complained.

Free computer courses
staff included.

After two weeks even an idiot
could handle this. What do you say?

Do we have a deal?

it's a damn good price!
Here you have my hand on it.

-You never give up, Mogren!
"That's what the wife says.

Have we got anything that
links a known offender?

Not at this time.

Your way of conducting this investigation
makes it difficult for us.

-Why don't we use the media more?
"It would be unwise to involve them at this point.

It would tell the murderer that we know
there's a link and he could then change his tactics.

-What would he do then?
-What would you do?

-I'm not a serial killer.
-Exactly. Try to think like one.

He either backs off or he becomes desperate.
If he stops altogether, we lose him.

Then maybe he'll strike again in about two or
three years - after we've shelved the case.

If he gets desperate, then anything could happen.
We need to keep the media well away for now.


there's somebody named Sidsj?.
Where can I take it...?

-Hey! Have you ordered?

Round Two!

-Why do we never eat supper these days?
-we never did.

Bullshit! You wear me out.

-What's going on?
-What do you know and what do you
want to know?

I know you have three unsolved murders
on your desk.

Sundsvall, Trelleborg, Stockholm.

-How do you know?
-Is there a connection?

-Why are they all on your desk then?

We'll go with it anyway.

Three women of similar age, all murdered
it's enough for us to publish.

-You'd publish unfounded speculation on a serial killer?
-For example.

-Unless you have other information?

it's a sensitive investigation
where the smallest mistake could cost more lives.

You've got your job to do, I've got mine.

Do you know the victims' identities?
Will you print them?

photo and name.

-Have you got the family's permission?
-All rights reserved.

Tell me now... Is there a connection?


Have you done a deal with a
Journalist? Can we trust him?

No, but it gives us extra time.
He didn't release the victims' identity.

-In exchange for what?
-Continued good contacts with me.

-Why are you acting alone?
-What do you mean?

You take care of the investigations,
I'll manage the media.

"Are we agreed on that.
-In principle. yes.

I can't have my staff talking to
journalists behind my back.

From now on, I take care of
all the contacts with the media.

Remember that every word
coming out of here...

-will be studied by a mass murderer
looking for new victims!

Thanks for the reminder.

-Congratulate me then, it's my birthday today.
"There are, no doubt, many who will.

-How old?
- 42 And feeling it.

What can you do?

Have you been through
all the church records?

Not everything,
but she's safely in 20th place

The tax authority file
of divorces, births and stuff.

How do you know where she
came from?

It came out of an interrogation.

Sure, talk is a big part of village life.

All three were from here.

-Have you found something?
"I think it starts here.

Evelyn Gimberg, Anita Forge,
Karin Lofj?rd...

Yvonne Karlsdotter,
Ingegerd Wahlstrom, Sara Larsson...

who married Molinder...

Same class? Jens!

Do you know where the others are today?

Evelyn Gimberg... Karin Lofj?rd...
Yvonne Karlsdotter...

-Just Evelyn.
-Where is she?

-Do you want some?
-Where's Evelyn?

She killed herself.

-Last autumn.

it's a tragic story. She was
married to young Anders, - Anders L?kare.

But he drove himself to death.

Evelyn was pregnant.

She was so distraught she threw herself
from a rock after the funeral.

-What rock?
-At the entrance. There's a leap.

It's a tragic story.
The child was also killed.

-Did anyone investigate it?
-We did our job.

Can I see the report?

"Why are you interested in her death?
"It was a suicide.

-Have you got the report?
-Why is Stockholm interested...?

Three women have been murdered,
all three born and bred right here!

-So you think we missed something?
"It's a possibility.

Give her the file.
She's welcome to examine the evidence.

We had a suicide at the weekend.

A spotty youth shot himself in the mouth.
What's your opinion on that?

Both eyes were removed, apparently .

The whole body was in a state of advanced decay.

There are plenty of eels in the inlet,
so it was bound to be badly damaged.

-So you assumed it was the eels ...?
-Not assumed - noted.

We're not so up to the minute out here.

Are there any pictures of the body?
We need to see them.

Are you a necrophilliac?

Please, we booked two single rooms?

-Have you tried the hostel?
-No, and we're not going to.

We only have the one single room left.
Are you sure you can't share?

What a place!
Calvados in plastic cups...

There are worse things in life.

It's weird...
Four killed, all were in the same class at school.

Three, Gimberg might have been suicide.

-with her eyes removed?
"Like they said, it could have been eels.

Gimberg was the first.
She could have triggered the whole thing.

Yvonne Karlsdotter, Karin Lofj?rd.

Two left alive.
-We don't know.

So, we're chasing an unknown killer...

-Who, at any time is likely
to kill another two women?

"We know one thing, at least.
-The killer was in this class.

Him and his motive, both.

God damn it, it must be boring!
Rushing around selling computers...

You get to meet people.
Beautiful young girls sometimes.

-Haven't you got a family?
-Not here in Vetlanda.

Come and sit down.

"I should go home now.
-It's only eleven.

-There's no need to rush off.
-don't touch me!

"I don't want to!
-Don't play hard to get.

Fucking pig!

Yvonne is married
and lives in Vetlanda.

-Karin Lofj?rd lives in Stockholm.
Find the Vetlanda number.

-Isn't that uncomfortable?
-No, not at all.

We could share the bed, you know.
Top to Tail.

Why did you become a cop?

I studied criminology
in college...

-Then I saw an ad for
the Police Academy.

-What did you do when you qualified?
-Went to the Berlin Wall.

-To serve with border troops.

-Then I met Stig.
-Have you heard from him?

Yes. He was at home,
he was picking up his bike.

-Is it still the same...?
"I miss him.

I don't know how long
it'll be like this.

-Until you meet someone else.
-Is it the same for you?

Turn the light off now.

Hello? Hello.



they've got the address and phone number
for Yvonne Karlsdotter.

-Where does she live?
In Vetlanda.

Mrs Smith?

Martin Beck, detective.
Are you alone?

-Yes. Has something happened?

Stay where you are, a police patrol
is on its way. They'll explain it all to you.

Ask a neighbour to come over.
And then lock yourself in!

The patrol was on the scene eight minutes
after you alerted them.

In that time he managed
cut out the eyes.

You told her to lock the door.
Yet there was no forced entry.

Maybe he had a key.

She might not have had time to lock the door,
before he got in.

"He was waiting on the stairs.
"He heard the call.

Ice cold. He continued even though he knew
the police were on their way.

Have you seen this?

Name and photo ....

-How did they find out?!
-Relax, they're just doing their job.

They know that it's probably the same man,
but nothing about the same class at school or about the eyes.

"It could be good for us.

Now, the killer knows that
we know Karin Lofj?rd...

-Is the only one left.
He may not dare to attack her.

Or vice versa. He might enjoy
doing it in front of our very eyes.

-Why can't we find Lofj?rd?
-She's not at her address.

She's moved away,
but no one knows where to.

And the boys in the class?

Two dead, one lives in Greece

And one is wheelchair bound.
All the others have an alibi.

That leaves only one
who have had the opportunity.

Nils-Mogren, a data vendor.

-Can you confirm that it's a sex murder?

-Is there a connection between the victims?
-Yes, they're all dead.

When the killer strikes again?

Do you know why the prosecutor has requested
changes in the investigation?

-Are you going to be replaced?

Has the prosecutor requested changes?

No. we've discussed the investigation,
passed the ball back and forth.

-Why don't we have anything on Mogren?
"We'll talk to him.

-Why are you prejudging him?
"we haven't a thing to go on.

-Why didn't he just take off?
"he's still a suspect.

-What's he doing now?
"He under surveillance around the clock.

-Banck here. We've lost Mogren.

We're on Odin Street. He was obscured by a bus.
We've called for reinforcements.


So you're Martin Beck, huh?
My name is Erik Aronsson.

I was in that class.

Why haven't you spoken to me?
Because I'm sitting in a wheelchair?

-Is there anything you'd like to tell us?

-Do you live in ?sthammar?
At ground level ... a fucking dungeon.

Good thing as you're in a wheelchair.

What the hell else could I live in?
The whole village is, of course unemployed.

-Do you know who the killer is?
-No. Do you?

-Want some?
-What is it?

-Bolt ..... - yeast, sugar and water.
-No thanks.

You knew Jon Anders?

Yes ... not just the scandal?

-What scandal?
-Haven't you heard?

-What kind of scandal?
-Forget it.

Was Jon-Anders involved
in a scandal?

There were some rumours.
But that's 25 years ago.

-What kind of rumours?
-That he was involved in something.

Live with his parents?

-How did you get that scar?
-Are you curious?

At Kiviks market. Martha Black
hoisted me up into the roof in a noose...

... head-down, tied the rope
to a chair and sat on it.

Then she placed a machete under
my skull. She read her poetry out loud.

She told the audience
that if someone coughed or laughed...

-she'd get up from the chair,
and then...

-What happened?
-Someone coughed, the bastard.

-Do you read poetry?

It shows.
If you did you'd know who the killer is.

-You should talk with Elin.
-The teacher?

-Are you playing patience?
-No, I'm reading the cards.

You have a great sadness.

-Did you keep your class all the time?
-For six years.

-Do you recognize him?

there's little Nils Mogren.
He was at the funeral.

-What funeral?

He knew Jon-Anders as an adult?

What a question to ask!
How should I know?

-Tell me more about that class.
-I don't remember.

My memory has become so weird.

I only remember the things
I'd prefer to forget!

-Do you want a caramel?
-No thanks.

Do you know anything about a scandal
at around that time?

-involving Jon-Anders.
-Best to let the past stay buried.

All the victims were in the same class at school.

Police are searching for the alleged killer
amongst the boys in the class.

I'd soon finish off that damn profession for good!
-Lofj?rd rents a house in Sollentuna.

There was no one home,
and I didn't have a warrant.

You went in anyway?!

Wers?n's just talking to the prosecutor now.
The house is being guarded.

-What about Mogren?
"He travels around the country.

It's possible he could have been at the
murder scene at the right time.

"we've found Lofj?rds address.
"We'll go in as soon as we get a warrant.

Mogren was in the Vetlanda region
at the time of Svensson's death...

In northern Sweden, when Anita Forge was...
-And when ?sthammar Gimberg died.

-Did you see the papers this morning?
"Now he knows as much as we do.

He knows more.

"He knows if Lofj?rd is alive.
Or cut up in a bathroom somewhere.

A woman looking for Martin.

My name is Karin Andersson.
I saw on TV about the murders...

I called Lofj?rd before.
I was in the same class as...

-Why haven't we heard about you before?
"I've kept myself hidden away.

-In my summer cottage. I was too scared!
-Sit down.

I read in the newspaper about the murders...

And I recognised the names
from ?sthammar.

"I thought I was being followed.

It was like someone was spying
on me. It was very unpleasant.

-Why didn't you call the police?
"I hid myself.

Then I realized it was a stupid thing to do
so I came here.

I see.

We'll need to ask you some
questions. Can you cope with that?

I understand you're shocked.

We're trying to find out
what the offender's motive is.

We believe it's related to
something that happened during his school days.

Do you know of a scandal
from that time?

-Involving Jon-Anders?
-Yes. What was that about?

I don't know... People said he
could have abused someone.

It was never proven.

-Have you asked him about it?
"he's dead.

-Was he m...?
-No, he died in a car accident.

Do you have any idea who it was
he could have abused?

-people said it was Eric's sister.
-Erik Aronsson?

But it was hushed up very quickly.
If it was true...

-Why wasn't the silence ever broken?
"I don't know.

Jon-Anders father was a municipal President.
It was because of that, maybe.

-Can I get a glass of water?
"We'll go out into the corridor.

Have you had contact
with any of the boys in the class?

-Do you think it was one of them?

-Who do you think?

I barely remember them.

-Do you remember someone called Mogren?
-Nils, huh...? Yes.

-What do you remember about him?
"It was so long ago...

He was a loner, quite thick.
It was probably because...

-Now I remember!

It was on Valentine's Day.
We made cards in class.

Nils sent one to all the girls,
but he didn't get one himself.

We followed him
out into the corridor.

He sat there ... just crying.

Just think how wicked people can be!

-Aronsson didn't mention his sister.
"It could have been still sensitive.

And Lofj?rd wasn't sure
that it was her.

We have the class photo from the eighth grade.
Five of the girls on it are now dead.

-Five? But on TV they said...
"She killed herself last autumn.

Evelyn Gimberg.
We now think that was also murder.

-For the same...?

But why? Do you know who it is?

We think we know,
but we can't get to him yet.

Maybe he's scared, now
because you know it's all about our class.

There's still a risk.

"He probably won't dare to expose himself to discovery ....
He could come after me?

He won't be able to.
You'll be fully protected.

You're married with two children?
And you grew up in ?sthammar?

Oh! I've read about the murders.

"But why should I...?
"We ask the questions, you answer.

-Do you remember Karin Lofj?rd in your class?

Well... Very vaguely.

-Do you know what her is name today?
-Why would I know that?

-Do you know where she is?
-No idea.

-What have I...?
-You travel a lot.

It's part of my job.

-Have you met anyone recently from that time?
-Not for many years.

Why were you at
Jon-Anders funeral?

Because... Evelyn wanted me to be there.

We were in a relationship
for almost seven years.

It was long before
She met Jon-Anders.

How did Evelyn die?
-She... She drowned.

You already know that.
It was a terrible tragedy.

-How well did you know Jon-Anders?

-Who was it he molested?
-Molested? When?

When you were at school. Don't you know about it?

-Strange. It was a big scandal.

-And you knew Jon-Anders...
"We didn't socialise.

-You didn't hang out with him?

Why not?

There were six girls in your class.

-Five of them are dead.
"I've read about it.

Do you think it's me?

-Is it you?
"Because I was in that class?

"Right now, we talking to you.

"We may well wonder.
-Why not?

he's no serial killer.

-Do you like working in the team?
"I want to listen to the interview.

-You seem to be a little worried - any problems?
-I just look after my data.

Absolutely! But I know how easy
it can be to lose your way in a team ...

Beck is a maverick,... Gunvald
is Gunvald but you are a sensible woman.

I know it's not easy;
I want you to know, you have my support.

we've investigated your work routes.

You've were at all the places
when the murders occurred there.

I haven't killed anyone.

"But you had the opportunity.
"It doesn't make me the murderer.

-How would you describe your relationships with women?
"I'm married.

"I didn't ask about that.
-Do you like their eyes?

Why would I kill four girls
out of my old class?

Because you didn't get a single card
on Valentine's Day.

What do you think?

I was also teased at school,
but I don't kill people.

For what?
..... For what?

-What were you teased at school for?
"I had so much cock.

He doesn't seem worried.
Plus, he's pretty normal.

-Family, job, friends...
-Psychopaths have an alter ego.

"We released him for nothing.
-No, now he feels safe.

-What is it?
"I think it's too easy!

We're fixed on it being someone in the class.
Why does it have to be?

There may be another connection
between the girls.

Maybe they went to the same riding school,
ballet classes .... ?sthammar is a small place.

It could have been their swimming teacher,
supply teacher or anyone.

-The motive, then?
"I don't know...

The only motive we've got is pretty weak,
even ridiculous - bullying.

"it's not.
"We may not be thinking deeply enough.

Martin and I are simple-minded.
What the hell are you saying?

Lena's right! It doesn't have to be someone from the class.
- Thanks

-What the hell is she up to?
-She's a bit fragile right now.

So what do we do with Mogren,
Given we are so simple-minded?

-We wait.
-You think he'll dare to show himself?

He needs to prove himself.
A serial killer will not stop.

Maybe he won't risk it,
if he feels pressured.

Maybe we should feed something
into the press...

"We'll take the diving certificates.
-Who's 'we'?

Me and Peter. We're going to the
Great barrier reef and doing some deep sea diving.

-Isn't that dangerous?
-You always have to worry!

Inger's going to start deep-sea diving.
That much?

It reminds me of Leon Ribotti,
He dived in Japanese waters.

east of Kuirilerna, 8,513 meters.

-What happened to him?
"He stayed down there.


Can you and Peter help me
with a question?


I want to leak some information out into
the media.

-It sounds suspicious.
"I'm just using you as whistle-blowers.

"I don't like being exploited.
-Think of this ....

Five women have been killed.
We'd like to take down the killer.

-What do I get for it?
-A snorkel.

A trip to the Great Barrier Reef?

Local TV wants to interview me
The serial killings.

-Can I give them anything?
-The media is your department.

We need to agree on something.
I can't go in there empty-handed.

Don't go then, we haven't got anything.

-Can I say where we stand?
-Preferably not, we've released Mogren.

"he's no longer a suspect.

It's Eric. I'm not home now,
but speak after the beep.

It's Martin Beck in Stockholm.

I want to talk to you.

I'd be grateful if you could call
me on the police number, which is...

Mum has passed on.

I need to buy a book on line.

Thomas Danzig - "Spoken
development and higher mathematics ".

Have you noticed that I'm talking through my
teeth? You have to come with me.

You put one grain in the first box
and then double it for each subsequent box.

When you get to box 64
you can grow wheat in eight years.

they've figured it out on the pc.
I'll send it to my daughter.

-Do you have a daughter?
-Daniel - it's a son.

-How old is he?

-Do you think he'll understand the book?
"He has a lifetime in for that.

I wrote him a note: "At the beginning, it seems
simple, but later it'll be damn hard. "


She was 91. When she was 85 she sat with
my brother and me and played poker.

She came down the stairs
and did some funny dance moves.

She wrote a short letter;
As a shopping list, then she died.

She said nothing!

She just did the dance by the steps
and went back up.

My brother is still talking about it.

We were happy to smuggle the girls,
we shouldn't have lied.

We needed to be honest.

-Are you coming to the funeral?
"I don't think so.

What a stupid answer!
Will you or won't you?

-Will you send the book, then?
-it's closed.

Fucking excuses! Mum is dead!

Have a drink then,
Otherwise, I'll start crying!

-Can I go in a suede jacket?

I haven't got one.

The police are said to have focused on
people from the old class.

Is the killer one of the boys?

-Do the police suspect someone?
-I can't answer that.

-Have you interviewed any of the boys?
-No comment.

Is it true that it is being considered removing your dept. from the investigation?

-Is it true?

What the hell is this?

-In ten minutes you'll be blind.

I've got a still in the bathroom.
Are you going to report me?

-Do you think it will work?
"I don't know.

"It depends on his mental state.
"He's a madman.

-In that case he'll strike again.
-I get over there.

Who's watching Lofj?rd?

J?der. I'll relieve her tonight.
I haven't got anything better to do.

Still the same situation?

it'll pass.

-Is it hard?

It can't be easy for yourself.

it's as if he's infringing
on my life.

As if he's violating me.

it's not at all certain
that he'll try anything again.

"He could well be too frightened.
"It's possible.

Unfortunately we don't know
how long he'll wait ...

Until he feels safe enough to come after me?

-You aren't going to move in?
-Would you have anything against that?

In this case, I'd rather have
a male police officer.

Gunvald here...
He's coming out, I'll hang on.

Hello! A six vodka & lime, please.

Hello... Hello!

Can I buy you a drink?
Is it safe?

What's your name?

Hello! What's your name?

"I'll try to get Aronsson.
-Is he there with his sister?

What if Jon-Anders
did molest her?

We may have discounted Aronsson
too easily, he's not even been questioned.

His handicap could be a great way
to get close to victims.

Stop now, Gunvald. What has it got to do
with the murdered girls?

Maybe it'll turn out it has.

Yvonne Smith lived
on the third floor without an elevator.

-He carried his wheelchair on his back...?
-Fucking wiseacre.

Concentrate on Mogren.
What's he doing?

"He's tippling wine and counting eyes.

Is that Elin?

This is Martin Beck
from the police in Stockholm.

Show me your ID card?

Forgive me for interrupting. I'm trying to find
Erik Aronsson.

-Erik Aronsson.

-Do you know where he might be?
-Do I know him?

One more thing...

This scandal

Was it something to do with Aaron's sister?

Aronsson hasn't got any sisters.

-Are you sure?
"He had no siblings at all.

Thank you very much then. Goodbye.

Jens, get me the class register.

-Yes. It was good tea.

Have some more! I'll get on with some washing There are cakes in the kitchen...

Have you got the key to the bicycle cellar.

Can you come over with it?
Send it, then!

Fine. Goodbye.

Sorry! I thought...
I heard a bang.

I chased out a neighbour's cat;
It just about scared me to death.


"We are getting a bit overwrought.

-Can you have a glass of wine when you're on duty?
-Sorry, no but you have one.

-You think he'll dare to come here?
-Not really, he knows that we know.

But he might not know
that you've found me.

"I love this music!

-Have you ever been married?
-Well... you could say so.

Though not formally.
We exchanged rings with each other...

-On a beach in the Philippines
and pretended that we were married.

Can police officers make a marriage work?
it must be very hard with a job like that?

That's what the men say, and that's how they prefer it.
Though it's probably not the job to blame...

-What then?
"I don't know.

Men are always going to find it difficult to live with
strong and independent women.

they're unable to cope with that kind of competition.

-Does that sound vague?
-Yes... No, I understand.

My boyfriend left me because he
didn't think that I needed him.

Didn't you need him, then?

"Need" is a strange word.
Everyone needs someone.

"I need to use your toilet.
-To the right above the stairs.

We're sitting outside Mogren's.
How are things with you?

I called before,
but it was busy. Yes, goodbye.


-Karin? Do you have any headache tablets?

There's some Alvedon in the bathroom.

I just came on the...

I forgot it was there.
I was going to store it safely away.

Wahlstrom, was injected with...
-Potassium chloride.

I knew that it wouldn't last!
- Karin!!

-How did you work that out?
-Lofj?rd lied about Aaron's sister.

Plus, she vanished
immediately after the scandal.

She wasn't on any school photos,
But she was on the School Register.

I was twelve years old when I was
placed in foster care in ?sthammar.

?sthammar is a very small place -
stamort on earth!

Want to know what happened?


-Give me the gun.
-Want to know what happened?!

"I guess it was hard for you.
"It was easy, I lied.

They all believed that my mother was an air-
hostess and my dad worked in the U.S.A.

Until the priest whispered in a few ears some facts about my mother...

-That she was a drug addict and my father was in an institution.
From then on I was fair game.

They let him keep on doing it
for over an hour!

-Would you have taken that?
"I don't know. I think...

You wouldn't have taken any of that shit!
Give me your gun!

Out of the way, dammit!

Then after, the school closed,
they just sat there...

All those pretty little pussies
in their beautiful dresses...

And their proud mothers.
All the lovely colours.

-Who do you think got the blame?!
"I don't know.

A whore might just as well blame herself?!

Especially if she accuses
the mayor's son!

Who do you think would believe me?!
How scared you look... Are you afraid?

Not one of the girls...

-Ran and told what happened.
All of them were as silent as a brick wall.

I cut out their eyes.

You know what I thought I'd
cut out first? Their tongues.

I got pregnant
with the ...... I disgusted myself.

I had an abortion
by a fucking quack...

Who tore out half my womb.

Do you know who
I was going to kill first?

My mother. But... she was already dead.

She put me into foster care.

I found her and told her
I'd been raped.

"Welcome to the club," she said.
Then she died.


You need help.
You've had your revenge now.

"I can understand that...
-You understand nothing!

"I couldn't stop it.
It's easy to say that now.

"I should have...
"We did the best we could.

"We came too late!
"There were only eight eyes in the jar...

"It could have been the eels after all.
-She might not have killed Gimberg.

Well, it was her.

She killed her.

She saw the newspaper reports
by chance...

A car accident
in the vicinity of ?sthammar ...

Where a person had died.

It was... Jon-Anders.

She decided to...

To go to his funeral
and enjoy the moment.

She saw Gimberg there ...

Pregnant by her rapist.
And, she was married to him.

Lofj?rd himself couldn't have children
because of the abortion.

She was in shock.

She followed Gimberg up the rock
to talk to her.

She was furious...

So that's how it started...

If we hadn't been so simplistic in our thinking,
we might have got her in time.
She was right in front of us.

We thought wrong.
We assumed that it was a man.

-Why did you say nothing to me?
-What do you mean?

How could you let me sit there
when you knew it was her?!

How could you lie to me on
the phone?

-Please, Lena...
You told me shit!

I did what I thought was best.

-Why did you say nothing, then?!
-What else could I say?

I had three options. Either
I could tell you it was her...

And expect you to take her on your own,
which was extremely risky.

-Or I could ask you to wait for us.
-Why didn't you?!

You would have had to carry on normally
without giving yourself away ...

-Even though you knew
she was a mass murderer...

-Which I also thought was too risky.
Therefore, I said nothing.

Plus, I knew
that you're out of balance right now.

-That was during your dignity.
"He made a correct assessment.

-Shall I drive you home?

I think I need a drink.

Then I know the perfect place.
Alcohol and music...

You like to dance?


-Did she die?

She was thinking about shooting Lena;
But she repented.

And shot herself instead?
In the mouth.

-Could we have been able to prevent it?
"We did the best we could.

And it wasn't enough...
I've read through the report again.

According to the paperwork Gunvald was watching
Mogren's house as late as this evening.

-Is that true?

Because of what you told me,
I confirmed to the media...

That Mogren was no longer a suspect in the investigation. Was that not actually the case? - No

Have you and I got a
communication problem?

... or did you manipulate me for your own ends?

Either way, I want to make two things crystal clear
for you. In the first place...

-Never do it again, ever.
And secondly ......?