Beck (1997–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Den gråtande polisen - full transcript

The police is under heavy media pressure after fatally shooting a 14-year-old boy. A demonstration against the violence gets out of hand and the police have to take further blame

You shot Tamaz!
You shot Tamaz!

The police are the killer!

No! Let go!

Let go!

The police are the killer!
The police are the killer!


Karim! Put the helmet back on.
- They're right.

We're just getting worse.
This is going to hell.

Karim, look at me.
- I can not.

Turn off.
A ride will be arranged for you.

The police are the killer!
The police are the killer!

Get down! Get down!

Look for that devil!
- Fucking pig!

Good morning.

Good morning.
- Hey.

Will you come along or will you stay
to sit with pacifists?

Stop it.

Which miracle "pacifists"?
Is it because they are protesting?

Just kidding. Take it easy.

You sound worse than him.

If we lived in a society
where it does not react,

that the police shoot the unarmed
At 14, I would be worried.

So do I, but I just mean ...

Is it wrong to be a pacifist?
- No.

Police shot, internal investigation
investigates, the Prime Minister will give speeches ...


You saw those fire bombs. Who is it
was the woman who burned her face?

Maria Modén. I didn't know him well,
but we said sometimes.

How is he now?
- I check.

She is in intensive care at the hospital.

Third degree burns
face and hands.

The police are not the only ones doing the wrong thing.
- Have I claimed anything else?

Josef, couldn't you do it?
now something sensible?

You have no investigation now,
but I can arrange something to do.

Was that a promise?
- No, it's a threat.

Good morning.

- Did I say something?

He's short on the news,
If you want to see.

Who? Martinko?
- No, Martin.

I understand.

Welcome, Klas Fredén,
Chief of the Stockholm Regional Police.

The police are now being severely criticized.
How do you defend yourself?

First, I feel compassion
To the family of Tamaz Aghari.

What has happened is very unfortunate.

But in yesterday's demonstration
the police just did their job.

According to witnesses, you used bars
peaceful protesters.

The video sent to us shows ...

We can watch it together now.

I warn the most sensitive viewers.

What is shown here?

Here's how it all goes
goes very smoothly,

until one of the activists attacks
and harm one of the police.

And before the author fled and others
protesters blocked police,

we had to use
some means of force -

to be able to manage the situation
and to arrest the author.

But you didn't succeed.
- Yes, he's still free.

Of course we will try to find him
as soon as possible.

Attack on the judiciary
this is a serious crime.

It just feels so ...

... unfairly.

There are a lot of bad cops.

But Maria is one of those who ...

... really wanted to
just help people.

He was supposed...
He wanted because of me ...

No damn ...

If I hadn't flinched, he wouldn't have ...

Do you remember anything else that happened?

It's really good you came here, Karim.

We are starting to have time to stop now.

Will we see a new time next week?

Do you have a duty of confidentiality?
- Is.

Or not then,
in the event of a serious crime.

Is there anything else, Karim?


Now Emma wants
that I go out every night

so that you can act as a babysitter.

- Is not it?

But listen, if I get curious now,

so how about fertility treatments
is going well

Oskar, I'm tired of talking about it.


You know what it's like to live
with a person taking hormones?

This is the style of the fourth attempt.

Has it gone to hell again?

No. But the point will probably go away.

What? Is it...

Is there a problem with my sperm?
You can say yes.

They used to be fresh,
but maybe they are lazy.

No, they're still doing well, Oskar.

Okay, but ...
So what is it about?

I just...
- What?

I just don't know if that's right.
- What?

With linen.

But you are
having children, right?

I don't know if I love him.

Love and love ... What the hell?
No need to love.

Well, it's your life.
Your life.

Still, don't rush now.

Maybe you have it now
a lot of emotions of all kinds -

and you forget what you should feel.

So consider it now,
then there will be nothing ... annoyance.

I promise to consider.
- Okay.


The police are now graduating
have to experience -

a completely different future
than when we graduated.

Now there are gangs and brutal violence
and terrorism and ...

And recently has appeared
also betraying the support of the general public.

It wasn't better before, Sverker.

You just have a bad memory.

The 70s was no picnic.

Of course not. But modern society
is much more polarized.

That's just it.
You should use it here, Martin.

Make another small investment in the fall of your life.

I'm not that old now.
- Of course.

But old enough to avoid
from a stack of unsolved murders.

Can I think about it for a couple of days?
- Think for as long as you need to.

You should meet
your grandchild more often.

That could be one reason.
- Absolutely.


Do it properly.

Let go, Kullgren! Properly!


After all, it succeeded.
- What then?


I can't just let go
if he is armed.

If a person is armed,
movement must be restricted ...

Are you okay?
- I am.

What the heck...

About. Okay...

How hard do I make it then?
- It depends on the situation.

You don't press very much,
so use all your weight.

All right, I understand

You'll get along for a second.
Go on. Momentum!

Get up. Why are you resting?
- May I breathe for 10 seconds?

Soon you will get a taste of this.

Shut up...

Let's take it again.
- Could you leave me alone?

It is not racist to say that children
should be better kept in line.


So what should be done?
Will the police be abolished?

We shouldn't shoot so hard.

Just wait
when you find yourself in a tight spot.

Against a 14-year-old!

William! Do you want a ride?
- What are you doing here?

I just talked a little with Sverker.
- Principal? Didn't you fall asleep?

He's so ... That's a great car.

Hop on. Let's go to town.

Can Rebeck come too?
- Butter. Just picked up.

Rebecka, come on.

It looked a little cold to wait there.
- Yeah, it's a little calcified.

What the hell is going on?

... others are protesting
blocked the police,

when we had to
use force -

to manage the situation ...

Shut up, Britt-Marie! Do not bark!

It's just a bus.

What the hell is going on here? What?

Are you sure,
we won't take you home all the way?

This is very good. Thank you.

Hey, baby.
- Hey.

- Succeed.

Just like that.
- Are you taking me home now?

Of course. Do you still live ...


Beck on the phone.

Where? Solnassako?

How many?

Hey. What now?

He had to be on that bus.

No damn, Martin ...
Do you really want to do that?

- All right.


Roads E4 and E20 are closed.
Technology is coming to the scene.

No damn, this is ...

Didn't anyone survive?
Oh damn ...

I've seen it all, but this ...

An act of terrorism or gangs?

Bergström is ready in a few hours
to be released. Then we know more.

Who was the first to be there?

The two largest zeros in the police force,
Kristiansson and Quantum.


Steinar and I toured
with them last spring and ...

I got the transfer for them after work
From Norrmalm to Solna -

sometimes 7 to 8 years ago.

One factor escaped,

because they prefer
homed a young man -

"opposition to official authority".

The murderer escaped -

and shot two more men,
who had to prove in court.

Then Kristiansson and ...
- Quantum.

Ulf Kvant and Ellinor Kristianssson,

here are my colleagues
Alex Beijer and Josef Eriksson,

which you have apparently met
even earlier.

Did you investigate this mess?
- Yes.

So probably service again
to these enrichers of culture.

Ulf, stop ...
- Seven people have died.

Could we take this seriously?

Of course.
What do you need to know?

Where were you when the alarm came?
- We happened to drive past it.

We saw the bus standing in the middle
the road, so we stopped to look.

Did you understand how bad the situation was?

It was pretty clear
that something illegal had happened.

There was blood ... everywhere.

And did you then call for help?

Not right away.

Everything happened quickly.

To pick up the handset
takes a few seconds ...

Kristiansson noted the victims.

He wanted to sound the alarm.

But I estimate
that the act of terrorism could continue.

Someone might still be alive.

I decided we would evaluate
the situation itself -

and we would intervene if necessary.

Ulf believed the perpetrators were perhaps
still alive, so we explore the bus.

And what did you find?
- Everyone was...

Yes, everyone was dead.

Listen ... "Authors"?
You said "authors."

Why do you think there were several factors?

We saw him leave
motorcycle when we went there.

Two men in black clothes.
They looked like Protestants.

Maybe you mean activists?

Protestant means
something completely different.

This is Sebastian Öberg.

And here is Karim Sorhani, 37 years old.

Also the police. Did you know him?
- We do not.

Four hits:
neck, chest and abdomen.

Aorta torn, two vertebrae.

We will know more after the opening.
But you already see the formula.

The shooter was not an amateur.

All the victims have died
relatively quickly.

Two police officers, three students.
- It's no coincidence.

Kostoko? About that dead boy
and breaking up the demonstration?

This is an exception. Sven Dahlberg.

He had been shot
with the same weapon as others -

but also with another weapon.

The distance was also shorter.
This is an exit wound.

Like execution.

Why has he been shot in the shoulder?

A total of 32 shots.
- No sack.

More than one chest.
So were there two shooters?

At least two guns.

Are there any footprints?
- The situation is shown here.

Your colleagues stored everything.

They believed
that the attack was still ongoing.

Adrenaline certainly flowed.

At least they did
damn mess.

Really amateurish. And another
also emptied the contents of his stomach.

I understand that too.

I'm just wondering
that in the event of a terrorist attack,

it is strange that no one has signed up.

"If"? After all, it is now completely obvious.

The entire police force must be warned.

No. If rumors start spreading in the police,
that this is a targeted blow,

which may be associated with demonstrations,
it creates a terrible hassle.

Listen ... Do you recognize that man?


That beard. Age crisis.

En. Who the hell is he?

I do not really know.
I've only seen him before.

From the police?
- Is it visible on top?

He shows
but you look like a postman.

Oskar Bergman, Homicide Unit.
This is Jenny Bodén.

- Can it be greeted properly?

- Hey! Are you gorgeous.

What is the name of it?
- Britt-Marie.

You've probably heard
what happened yesterday.

I noticed something was wrong.

Britt-Marie immediately bounces up,
when someone drives past this.

It barked on both buses
that police car.

Did you hear the shots?
- Sure sure.

What about the sound of a motorcycle?
- At least I don't remember.

Kristiansson and Quantum. Look.

But then ...
Is that a topic of bragging now?

So what do we have? Criminal-
place, witnesses, road cameras?

There is almost nothing there.

The nearest camera is two kilometers away
away, and there are many forest roads.

In addition to Kristiansson and Quantum
there are no eyewitnesses,

except it shots heard by hubby.

We know about shooting without witnesses.

Yes, but if anyone heard ...
- It's of no use to us.

Listen ... We have it now
facing a difficult task.

Despite the searches
there is no information on the factors.

So far, we are looking
motive for the victims.

Salman Bedouri, bus driver.
Sven Dahlberg, Attorney at Law.

Karin Sorhani, police.
Viktor Palmgren, police.

Sebastian Öberg, a police student.
Martin Sundell, a police student.

And Josefine Svensson, a police student.

Lawyer Dahlberg, who was shot
with a different weapon, emerges.

Right. Different type of projectile and
shooting angle. You check it out.

Is there any background information?
- He was a defense attorney.

He defended the Södertälje network
members. I can send the information.

Would there be a bus with cops
shot just because of him?

No. And the bus driver and the students are
an equally unlikely target.

Then let's look at our colleagues.

Viktor Palmgren was a police chief
and also worked at a police school.

Karim Sorhani belonged to the city patrol -

and went to the police school
apparently to meet Victoria.

Both were involved
on a demonstration mission.

Was Sorhani involved in the patrol
where did that woman burn?


I can check it out.
It may have some connection.

Good. Who is Viktor Palmgren
Closest relative?

Wife, Stine Palmgren.
- You talk to him, Josef.

Find out why they were on the bus together.

Well, let's get started.


So ... I'm just reading here
Quantum and Kristiansson report.

I don't really know what to say.

"It simply came to our notice then
exiting motorcycle, -

probably 500 cubic feet. "

"There were probably two of them on board
non-nordic man -

aged 20 to 30 years.
All three blacks. "

"Even though it was dark,
the undersigned noted,

that the motorcycle driver
there may have been a piercing in the rectum. "

They then clarified that nose.
So they meant septum.

Oh my God...

- Vilhelm!

Can we talk about one thing?

Börje Järnlund, two years ago.
This seems to be the picture of the year then.

So did you see him at the murder scene?

Today. There was quite a lot there
group, but so ...

It felt strange that he was there
mourning the police.

Why? Because he opposes the Nazis?
Most of them are opposed.

Yes, but if you want to know,
what's going on on the left ...

Among the protesters
there is also violence.

Police hatred is very common.
If anyone is at the center of it all, -

so is he.

Yes, I want to talk
with this Börje Järnlund.

So. Good, Vilhelm.
- Thank you.

Listen, may I come along?

Then to talk to Järnlund.
About the same in terms of training.

Did you think you would get raisins from a bun
because of your grandfather?


Hey! Jenny Bodén.
- So you called?

Nice to have you come here like this.

Elsa Wallin. Welcome.
- Thank you.

I went through all his clients.
All Lost Stuff and ...

Of all the things I consider dangerous -

one is already dead and three are in prison.

This, of course, could have been
send someone for it -

but he's in isolation, so ...

Sven was a damn fair guy.
He treated everyone well.

We don’t know if Sven was the actual target.

Maybe he just was
in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It's wonderful to hear that.

Sorry. Is this weird?
- No.

Can I offer something?
- No thanks.

I think I need whiskey myself now.

Are you sure you don't want anything?

The level of consciousness varies.
- All right.

Many people think of him.

I'll wait here until he wakes up.
- All right. Hey.

All right, all right.

In our midst
there is no organized police hatred.

"Autonomous Left"
means exactly that.

Hundreds of small groups and people who
are not organized in any way.

There are anti-racists, anti-racists
and anti-capitalists.

But no, we are not violent.

Most of you.

There are idiots everywhere now.
But you probably know that.

There is a picture of you
where you fight some ...

With the Nazis.

I would do it again if there was a need.

I tolerate everyone
except intolerant.

I'd love to pull
that kind of asshole in my head again.

You were at the murder scene today
and brought flowers there. Why?

Well, seven people died there.
How come?

Is there no other reason?

What kind of reason would it be?

What did you think of him?
- What impression did you get?

Pretty nice guy
but did you see his tattoo?

- ACAB, "all cops are Bastards".

- Hey.

Horrible bus thing.
- Indeed.

But it has not caused
protests and not human storms.

As long as I just make comments. But
if we make a mistake ... Oops ...

So ... Of course I'm going
for the funeral of that son.

I offer my condolences and so on.

But why was he even there?
In the area, in the middle of the night.

Where is the parental responsibility?
That's all I'm thinking about.

Do you have to talk
With Stine right now? For real?

Unfortunately, it is.
We need to know who ...

Isn't that self-evident?

Is not throwing rocks and cars
burning is no longer enough?

Now those who are already being murdered are being murdered
trying to save society.

Stine, I understand that Viktor
and Karim were classmates.

Is it true?
Were you involved in your free time?

Stine, I'm asking because
that I want to know -

why Viktor and Karim sat down
side by side on the bus.

If only you could help me
somehow quite a bit ...


I was angry with him.

I was angry because he came that way
late home demonstration.

But he just went to the bathroom
and called someone.

I asked who he was talking to.
He said that with Karim.

He is important. I feel like,
that he knows something.

Clear. Why do you think so?

That card from Karim.
And my instinct just says so.

Oskar, I left an hour ago.

I also have time to live.
- Yeah, sure.

But you're there now,
if he says something important.

Do you meet Linan? I understand
so yes in that case.

I have to take care of you
your relationship.- Yes. Listen...

But I'm here,
so no worries.- All right.

But good luck with the trip.
Or ... Yes. Let's call.

Sorry, had to. Work matters.

Maria, can you hear me?

Maria, you're in the hospital.
Do you know why?

I'm Oskar Bergman.
I'm also a police officer.

I should present
a few questions for you.

Do you know what happened?

Ka ... Karim ...

- What?

Do you want another one?
- Okay.

I just have to ...

Oskar, status update. Oskar?
- What?

- Yes.

Where's Jenny?
- I do not know.

Could you listen to this?
It's Maria Modén.

I don't really find out.

He didn't know
that Karim Sorhani is dead,

so I had to tell it, and he ...

After that, I especially didn’t get it
no longer clear from his speech.

Ka ... Karim ...

So Karim dropped something ...

"Kaxig"? Or...

I do not really know,
is there much use there.

So. I'm still trying.
- Good. Let's get started.

Josef? Viktor Palmgren?

According to the widow Viktor and Karim
knew each other -

but were not
dealing with leisure.

But when Viktor came

he locked himself in the toilet and spoke
on the phone with Karim.

The widow did not know where.

According to a psychologist -

Karim Sorhani had asked
whether he was bound by professional secrecy,

but did not say anything.

We also know that Karim
and Maria Modén knew each other.

After visiting a psychologist -

Karim went to the hospital to see Maria -

and left a card that read:
"I'll catch those bastards."

Good morning. Sorry, I slept on the bomb.

Yeah, you look ... really rested.
- Thank you.

Ayda, whether it's a motorcycle
and nothing new about those men?

No. The signs are very fragile.

But technology wants
that someone is going -

to look at the body of Karim Sorhan.

The ammunition analysis was also completed.
The shots were fired at 5.56 millimeters.

But those are different shots
are really interesting.

Two pieces of Speer Gold Dot
nine. Or...

Our official ammunition?
- Specifically.

After all, they are quite rare by the way.

It may not be possible ...
- What?

That duo.

Then when are we going to eat?


How can you even think about food?
- But ... Forget it now.

Let's go to Palmyra Kebab.
It's in Årsta.

There are big doses of hell.

Our turn will resume soon.
Wouldn't we eat here in Solna?

Yes, you can leave now.
Pizzastugan then?

At least not sushi or other shit.

I don't see how you can ... I don't
can't think of anything but ...

Shut up!

Get ready now.
You have to let it be now.

Are you going to knock now?
You think so hell all the time.

I know.

Could you not even think
for a moment, so we could eat?


What the heck...

That is what the report says.
- Then tell me again.

So you happened to drive past,
when the bus stopped on the road ...

We stopped to check it out.
The doors were open, and ...

Then we saw the motorcycle leave.

Before you ask the next question
I want you to know

that all ammunition is
in such good condition,

that they can be combined
used weapons.

Now that it's said ...

Was it one of you
for one reason or another -

fired his service gun inside the bus?


Those two idiots need to be eliminated
office immediately!

They will never come again
to work as cops!


“I felt like he was moving
behind my back, and I was scared of it. "

And then he shot!
Isn't that convincing?

When a mass murderer happens to leave
one of his victims,

Swedish police finish the act!

Damn it!

So is this Karim Sorhan's arm?

That must mean something.
- Certainly.

What’s interesting is what’s under it.

So is it a cover tattoo?
- Specifically.

It has a covered old tattoo.
It is cheaper than removing.

"All cops are bastards."

Which makes someone a police hater
to apply to the police school?

Maybe people will change.

So much?
And another city patrol.

What if that's exactly it?
- Where from?

If he was an infiltrator
and settled in the Scout Police -

to fight old friends
against. No one would doubt it.

So ... If you want
get to us,

certainly not the worst idea in the world
start from the inside.

I want to know more about Karim.

Karim Sorhani grew up in Alby.
He skated and painted graffiti.

He hung out a lot
there in Gula Villan.

Where did Alex go?
- Yes.

Guess who worked there as a mentor
at the time Karim visited there.

What, Börje Järnlundko?

Hey, Börje.

We would like to talk to you.

My wife works from home,
so I guess we can chat elsewhere too?

Of course, we can also talk in the stairwell.

Well then.
- Thank you.

- Hey.

This is Kitty.
- Maybe he can work in a small salon.

We had a lease,
which was converted into a right of residence.

Yes, we were lucky.

That's what it looks like
in this Sámi society.

Listen, one of them on that bus
of the dead police -

was named Karim Sorhani.

Here is a picture of his arm


May we see your arm, Börje?

Do I suspect anything? Do you believe
I killed seven people?

Did you know Karim?

I have no obligation
talk to you.

Why didn't you say anything last time?

I know if you have decided
to catch someone, you do.

You were working at Gula Villan then,
when Karim went there a lot.

Your tattoos are for their tism
similar. It can't be a coincidence.

Did you know Karim?

I want you to leave. If in doubt
me somewhere, arrest me.

That's it, 25.

Please. Good luck.
- Thank you.

No ... Oh damn,
now i will let this be.

Can I try once?

Knock yourself out.

He speaks Finnish.
- What?

Karim ...

Yes, Oskar?

Her mother was born in Finland.

Whose mother?
- Marian.

I recorded him in the hospital.
It was translated into Swedish.

Karim went to see him
in the hospital, and there is some video.

I can say that here it is
quite a lot of videos.

Take them all with you.

Karim Sorhan then had
hundreds of hours of video -

Kitty Österwallis,
About Börje Järnlund's wife?

He was kind of a Gula Villan
punk queen 20 years ago.

Yes, I shouldn't have
underestimate that Maria clue.

You solved it.

Martin realized it was Finnish,
so it's not my credit.

We helped each other.

The main thing is that we can get it now
forward again. Josef!

You take care of that punk queen,
so I'll take care of the police hater.

Martin, maybe you would
help little Ayda.


- No thanks.

Kitty ... Is your real name Katarina?

No, it's Kitty.
- All right.

Do you know why you're here?
- En.

I understand that you felt
Karim Sorhan pretty well.

So is it Karim?

This is the third time
when we talk to you.

And every time it comes up
some new information.

The police must react to that.

So let's start from the beginning. Did you know?
any of the 526 passengers on the bus?

I don't have to talk to you.

Sooner or later it is a must.

Let's take again:
did you know any of the bus passengers?

We both knew him,
but it has been 20 years.

How did you know him?
- We used to meet in Villan.

I played in a band.

I had a bit of a fuss with Karim.

He was more fond of me
like me to him.

What happened then?

When I started being with Börje,
Karim became jealous.

He disappeared from the scenery. Then
suddenly he went to police school.

I remember finding it very strange.

He was far too sensitive to that.

Karim said
that he would catch someone.

And that everything had been videotaped.
- Is that what he said?

I don't know, do you know anything?
from some video.

Who did he say that to?
- How come?

Is there a video?


Is it one of them Karim
old Gula Villa videos?

Do you know what I think?
That you know more than you tell.

Do not you want,
that Karim's murder will be solved?

I don't think you want to figure it out.
You don't really want that.

You trust the conflict only
to justify your own actions.

You're destroying evidence ...
- What do you mean?

Well damn, there's one video. It shows
what really happened.

So in that demonstration.

It's about what happens now,
not 20 years ago.

So what's in that video?

You should know.
I did seize it.

To cover up what happened, right?

We know the graph of the video, -

and he hides,
because he is afraid of you to die.

- Yes, police.

What is his name?
- No ...

What is his name?

Who filmed that video, Börje?
Now just enter a name.

Confiscated during the demonstration
phones need to be examined.

That graph needs to be found.

I think I know one,
who might be able to help with that.

An old acquaintance from Gula Villan.


So this is not related in any way
to those old videos?


Maybe someone could tell Ayda.

No damn it, cops. Let's get lost.
- Indeed.


No hell, Martin Beck! Satan!

Yeah yeah...

Could you be quiet there?

It's time for the last time.
- That's right.

Yeah, and really nice guests
violent monopoly.

Alex Beijer.
- Micke Gullis.

How do you feel?
- So, how do we feel?

I saw ... Do you see
that shed out there?

Will not start...
- Yes Yes.

It's the place's first outdoor hood,
built in 1976.

I made the boards,
and Martin nailed them together.

But Martin ...
- So you were ...

This was old Folkets Park.

The building was to be demolished,
but we moved here.

Yes, the house was deserted.
- Yes.

Martin, you've been missed.

Yes, but now you are inside.

- Listen, Gullis ...

I need your help.

Do you know anything about one cell phone,
which was seized -

during those riots?
And one video?

That's the video that
it's your leader, it's Fredén,

has been on TV many times,
though a cut version.

The rest has been deleted.

So what has been cut out of it?

Evidence that the police know
who threw that fire bomb.

And it was none of us.
He had been let through the lock -

and then he was also released.

Do you know who photographed it?

Now the thing is,
that everyone here -

have got more on their backs than help.


This is Tore.
- Hey, Tore.

Did you shoot that video?

So what happened?

The police knocked me to the ground
and took my phone.

Did you see that police ID number
in a helmet or uniform?

Usually you take note of it.
- I didn't look.

Would you recognize the man
if you could see a picture of him?

A woman. It was a woman.


I can't do this.
- Of course you can.

Maybe it's closing
just a good thing. You get a little rest.

I need to talk to someone.

How to chat like that?
You can chat with me.

No, that's your problem.

If you still contact me,
it will be sanctioned.

We hope we understand each other.


- Everyone.

Tomorrow is its police shoot
boy's funeral.


Are you going there
- En.

I think you should go, Martin.

They need to see you ashamed.

The regional police chief is present.
Se Freden.

He is not interested in a single piece.

The boy's relatives should see

that the police also have a human face.

I have looked at those faces
over the railing for 25 years.

Cheers, Martin.
- Cheers.

You have nothing to drink.

Yes, with liquor
must be careful.

It poisons the body.
Weakens the soul.

Buns for breakfast?
- I don't eat buns.

Ayda? The iPhone 8 we're looking for

with a cracked screen
and a picture of Marx in a shell.

Karl, not Groucho.
- I realized yes.




I brought a little snack.
Here are just ...

So none of these?

Sometimes you think about it,
that damn thing it really does.

That has chosen the right profession.
- Please do not.

You hardly want an heir too,

which does not even differ
Swedish and Finnish from each other.

Stop now. You're a really good cop.

You do not have to...
- There's nothing wrong with your genes.

I'm absolutely horrified. Okay?

I'm not ready to have a baby.

We have to start
acquiring even a dog.

Admittedly, babies don't bark every damn ...

Come with.
- What?

Something doesn't match now.


I only saw him for a few seconds
time and he had a mask ...

Will you continue with this? I must
talk to Fredén. Thank you.

Thanks, Tore.
- Thank you.

Could it be one of them?
- No.

Alex! I checked all marked
seizures of the demonstration.

Nothing matches Tore's cell phone.

So either the boy is lying or he ...

Or the cell phone was not handed over.
Good thank you.

- No, no buns.

So no. Not at all.


Had we arranged a meeting?
I'm just leaving.

Where did you get that video from the demonstration?

It's related to my investigation.

For that bushound? How?

The video was from a phone
who was confiscated in riots.

But the phone is not marked
seizure list.

That's weird.

Where did you get that video?

I see no reason to tell you that.

The video has been manipulated.
Part of it has been cut off.

Alex, I guess you don't blame me
blackout of investigative material?

I do not know. Yet. I will get back to.

Sorry I couldn't ...

It's nothing. It's not easy ...

Hi, did you find my phone?
- Not yet.

Typical. Mutsi is all the rage.

- Nothing.

- What the heck...


He was. I'm pretty sure.
- That man?

You've been saying all the time
that it was a woman.

Yes, the one who took my phone
But this ...

He dropped that bomb.
- Wait a minute.

How do you know?
He had covered his face.

Yes, first. But then one another
the police tore off his mask.

Clear. Thanks, Tore. Come.

I want Kristiansson and Quantum
numbers now immediately.

What does this mean? So assuming
the boy doesn't talk shit.

That idiot Kvant threw that bomb.
- But why?

Damn do I know?

I thought Ulf Quantum was just a joke.

Fredén's fuss stinks badly.

Nobody answers. Address?

Byälsvägen 16, Bagarmossen.

Something bothered me,
when we last visited here.

What the dog did
between shots and siren?

Nothing. That's what he said.
- Yes. Isn't that a little weird?


Think. When Kristiansson
and Quantum drove past this?

What do you want now?

Hey! Britt-Marie, hey! Come!

I have a question. You said
that Britt-Marie barks at everything.

So. Whenever someone goes past this.

When did a police car drive past this?
- It was ... before the shots.

We must now hold one.
Do you understand?

We are in the same boat.
I'm doing this for us.

But I didn't do it.
It was you, Ulf.

You shot that lawyer.
You are as guilty as I am.

But you forced me.

What don't you realize now? Huh!

If Viktor had fluttered,
Fredén would have sacrificed us immediately.

You and me...
We are not worth shit!

That's just the way it is.

I've been sitting in it for 25 years
fucking in a patrol car. Scratched!

Defended this society.
At the same time, others have made a career.

Klas Fredén, Martin Beck. Yuck.

Beck ruined our lives,
when we only work for you.

They spit on us.
But you don't realize it.

We're on the street
and we take the shit down our necks.

I hate them. I hate them!


They stood in the lock
Viktor Palmgren and Kristiansson.

Eli Kristiansson pressed Tore to the ground.

Quantum has five weapons licenses,
one of them is AK 5.

What the hell is this?

Quantum is licensed for AK 5.
He's a racer.

- We're at the witness in Solna.

So the one who has the dog. Patrol car
drove past this before the shots.

So first the bus, then the police car,
then shots -

and then all the sirens.

So there was no motorcycle.

That is, Kristiansson and Kvant shot.
- Yes. Where are you?

Quantum dwelling outside the dwelling.
We won't go inside without help.

Hell, he lives here!

Ulf please ...
Couldn't we just call someone?

You could talk to someone
and explain everything.

Are you stupid?
Who would I call?

If I go to hell,

so will he.

Police! Police!

Number one empty!

The second is empty!

Three empty!

Four empty!

Apartment secured!

He's not here, Oskar.

Police! Police!

Person on the couch!
- Stay still!

Apartment secured!

You have to stop him!
He's going to do something insane!

Where is he?
- I do not know.

He hates you all.
- We got Kristiansson.

Search Quantum.


Well, the moment has come.

They wanted him
infiltrating a demonstration.

To challenge the dispute. Attention
to pull away from a dead boy.

Who wanted it?
- Someone from above.

He didn't want to say a name.

But that burner
was his own idea.

It wasn't meant to hit anyone.

We had planned,
that he would come to a side street,

where I was waiting for an old one
with my colleague, Mr Bengtsson.

But then in his place
suddenly came Viktor Palmgren.

And he knew nothing about it.

Suddenly Uffe ran there, and I didn't
I had time to explain the situation.

Kristiansson! Kristiansson!

That boy stood there and described everything.

I took that boy's phone,
but Palmgren saw Ulf.

We tried to explain to Palmgren
but it didn't go very well.

Uffe was afraid
that he would talk about it from now on.

We then kept an eye on him.

What the hell are they up to?

When we saw him with Karim,

we thought they would
us notice.

I tried to calm Uffe,
but it was impossible.

When he gets something in his head,
his mind must not be changed.

We followed the bus past the houses.

He then forced the bus to stop.

Had he brought a gun
just in case?

He always had it with him.

I should have told you
to someone a long time ago.

I must have noticed that something
was wrong. Why didn't he tell?

Because of love.

That lawyer ...
- Ammu!

He was not dead yet.
- Shoot now, cow!


Stand up!

So I shot him then.

I guess he would be dead anyway?

Help us find Ulf.
Tell me more about him.

He hates all the cops,
who have advanced in their careers.

Beck, Freden ...

Those funerals. Hell!


The police are the killer!
The police are the killer!

Piristy, Martin.

It could have been worse.
You could have been buried.

The police are the killer!
The police are the killer!

Martin! Protect yourself!


Stay still!

Are you okay?
- There's nothing to worry about.

I wish we had good luck.

It's ... Hello?

Thank you very much.

"I tolerate everyone,
except I am intolerant. "

Something like that.

Börje Järnlund.
- Martin Beck.

I know. That's the builder of Huss.

No damn what the story is. Pretty sick.

No wonder the people lose
their faith in the system.

Where's Tore's cell phone
so really had to?

Kristiansson claims
having given it to Quantum.

Quantum, on the other hand, does not say
at least so far nothing.

But who told him to sue?

So ... That's probably not what we get
never know. Are you taking me home?

Of course.

Listen, Ville ... You're observant.
- Thank you.

Listen, I have good news.

I want your report on my table,
before you go home. Sorry.

- No thanks.

No, I can't sleep then.

Have you left Lina now?

En. Not yet.
But it must be done.

Maybe tonight.

What about my swimmers then
happens? Do they end up in the sewer?

You already have a child.
- Yes but...

Emma is already getting pretty big, and ...

It would have been nice to get on the trip.

A little sniff your baby's neck.

I've always been bothered by
how worried my mother is about me.

I know what he's like.

Suspenders, belts, cycling helmet ...

So ... But before that
I haven't even figured out -

how dangerous this job is.

It was already pretty close to both of us.

Have you come to the end of the street?

No, on the contrary.

The more I see bad cops,

the more confident i am
that I want to be a good cop myself.

And now I guess you say
how great a role model have you had?

Now? So you mean Alexia?

En ...
- Or did you think ...

- Alright.

What are you going to do now?
- I think I'm going home.

So do I. Or I'll go
somewhere and I drink a glass of wine.

- Yes. Hey.

Listen ... Isn't that a little pathetic
to drink wine all alone?

Is. But you do
you are pretty pathetic.

Thanks for the ride.

Listen ... Not again now!

I guess I have to worry about it a little bit now.

I'm already practically at home, as long as I just ...

Wait a little. What did you say?

Are you sure now?

But then ... Are you ...

So that I'm happy?

Of course I am ...
Of course I'm happy.

What did he say?

What he said?

Translation: Saara Närhi
Iyuno-SDI Group