Bay Yanlis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Ezgi and Özgür, who last fought and canceled the deal, are shocked when they learn that they will work together. Ozan, who witnesses these moments, does not know what to do. It is very ...

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Oh oh!

-What happened? Are you alright? - Dad, I'm so depressed.


I'm leaving tomorrow morning, let me tell you, tell me for the wedding.

When you say I'm dating? Have you made arrangements for the girl? Is that a problem?

Brother, that won't happen with him. The complete problem is the girl.

So what would you do?

I will tell my mother the truth, what should we do?

- Honesty is a virtue. -Hmm.

He will regret it, Aunt Sevim.

I know. Nothing to do.

Why are you calling me?

You know, there's a public relations expert I just hired ...

... I want to introduce you to him. That's why.

God makes us smile now.

Huh, here.

Mrs. Ezgi, may I introduce you, my colleague Mr. Özgür.

If you love God you are now!

Good health for me. Are you getting away from me!

One minute one minute. Did you guys meet?

-Yes. -Yes.

Then let me introduce our new public relations specialist Ezgi.

It's a coincidence, by the way!

If you think I came here on purpose, you are wrong.

I don't think so, I'm sure.

This is when you say same taxi, same bar, next door neighborhood or something.

No, did someone hire you? You must be like an assassin.

Yes, they keep it for you. I also scold the murder weapon.

What are you talking about?

Yes, that's ridiculous. You don't kill because it's worse, you crawl!

I'll leave you alone. Just relax ... Speak up.

I will go.

Am I very curious about you!

It ends up on the grass you don't want.

It's not like ending at the bottom. It's a settlement you know, don't crumble.

Is this normal?

You appear everywhere. You are everywhere, mother, everywhere.

Wherever I look, I see you. -You also found me.

Let me remind you myself, if you are aware, you belong to my circle.

Do you think it's my fault that my cousin is your neighbor?

I didn't find this place either. Ozan Bey told a close friend of mine.

Lawyer? Lawyer is your close friend? Oh oh!

The situation is now more serious. Right and left.

Is this serious?

You make me so paranoid.

If you are so scared of me, let me out of the house.

I won't accept the job, because I don't.

That would be great.

Is that good? Are you serious?

I am very serious. The further the better.

You're doing all this because I didn't cancel my promise, right?

What you want doesn't happen!

You are not a shameless, or arrogant person, what a dirty person!

What are you doing in this situation?

Fickle, liar, unbelievable. All of this is you.

Because you didn't keep your promise and let me down.

You can't digest, can you?

You can't digest me choosing it for you.

You still think you chose between me and him, don't you?

I don't understand yet?

You are in this situation because you don't understand.

I think it's great that we canceled the deal between us.

Because if I deal with you not for three months, but for three years, you ...

... you're hopeless, no better than you, I swear.

You are a heartless pig too.

Look at you. I'd rather die alone than live like you.

I kiss a lot, take care of yourself. Slow.

Slowly dear, without breaking please. Please my dear.

Is that good you did? Look at the action, be a little woman

So what do you need? You broke it now.

- What happened bro? - What didn't happen, brother?

Please don't tell her daughter hasn't started work yet.

- He didn't start working. - Don't make a brother, let me love your eyes.

-What will I say to Deniz? No matter what you say, I love your eyes.

I wonder if there are any women you don't know in Istanbul. Let's find out, run.

I really ask. Tell them to collect them.

I beg you a lot. I'm nervous, brother.

Uff. Look at that!

We finished before we started.

So far. I will move out of that house soon. As if there is no home for me!

I will look for a job and also find a better one.

As if I need you.

Take care of your little brain to yourself. My thoughts are enough for me.

(Music moves)

(Ezgi) Straight ahead of you, straight ahead.

(Music moves)

Hello, I'm going to meet Mrs. Cansu.

Of course. He followed the corridors downstairs in the midwifery department.


We are now on the last plain. You have to take everything I say literally.

I explained the risks to you at the start. This risk is still there.

(Ezgi's conscience) What a fine white coat. Look at that charisma and confidence.

(Ezgi's conscience) Of course, that man was a doctor.

(Ezgi's conscience) Good Ezgi, very good. This time you are on the right track.

(Ezgi's conscience) Let me say hello while I'm here.

(Serdar) Everyone should do their part, leave the rest to me.


Doctor, I am taking your patient to the examination room.

Okay, thanks.

(Door closed)

(Ezgi's conscience) Öztürk. Ezgi Ozturk. Vallahi satellite.

Do you have a date madam?

I'm Serdar Bey's friend, I'm not sick.

-Who should we say? -Ezgi Öztürk. Ezgi İnal.

Well, I would be happy if you waited a little. Doctor Bey has a patient.

-When available, I'll let you know immediately. -Okay, thanks.


(Serdar) Yes.

You guys get the test I want, come right away, I'm waiting.

- (Soner) Nothing else, right, teacher? - (Serdar) No, that's all for now.

A A!

-Ezgi? -Soner!

-Are you alright? You fell really bad. -I am doing fine.

- Mom, are you okay? -I am doing fine.

I can see. I'm a doctor.


Come on, I will intervene you first. Wake up. I will handle it.

(Serdar) Come on. Slow. Are you alright?

What is wrong? You're freaking out, Soner.

Do not love. Anyone who does the same. Let's go.

(He took a deep breath in pain)

- Is it burning? -No, not much.

-Can you play it? -Yes.

Good, wrap this over there. This cold compress can be used well.

Hit this right here, okay?

So do you have any other parts of your body that hurt?


-So do you feel dizzy? The world changes when I fall, but ...

... I'm all right now. - Okay, follow my fingers.


Ok, you are fine.

What do we do next? We keep our feet firmly on the ground, right?


Yes, by the way, did you come to see me? Or...

I actually came to visit Cansu.

But I also want to say hi to you.

It's a bit noisy.

Yes, I'm glad to see you too, but I hope it's not like that.

Actually, I wanted to buy you a cup of coffee, but today I always have a patient who has an appointment.

- So you find it a busy day. -Yes, no problem. See you again.

We're together on Friday.

-Yes. -Fantastic.

Then let me finish you.

I got your bag. Slow.

-Take care of yourself. I'll see. -Thank you.

I'll see.

-Is the test out? -Yes, we understand.

Ok, come on.

-Ezgi? -Cansu.

What happened to you dear -I'm on the ground.


Ayy, so bad!

The really bad thing is that Soner and Serdar saw this.


Oh dear. Has everything happened to you?

Let's go to the cafe and tell me everything.

(Cansu) Nothing more!

I don't believe it either.

What could that shit do with Serdar?

Drug representatives came to meet possibly for work.

With that girl?

Ay Ezgi, is this not pregnant? They suddenly got engaged.

Ezgi, calm down, what have you done, honey?

Should I calm down? Cansu how can I calm down?

I haven't even managed to go out to dinner with a man yet, that man becomes a father.

Do not be sad. Maybe this is a general check, they'll get married.

It's like taking the car to the garage before buying a car.

-So yes. - Don't be silly, Cansu.

Isn't that ridiculous? Yes, right.

Shit, they came here.

(Cansu) My dear, they saw you. Ezgi.

A A! My napkin that I dropped on the floor is right here.

Remove this dirty object from your hands.

(Soner) Sorry; Can we have coffee, orange juice?


- Did you hear him say orange juice? -Yes.

She drank healthy drinks because she was pregnant.

If she's not pregnant, she'll drink coffee like us.

What does that have to do with it? Maybe he wants orange juice.

Should she be pregnant?

You wouldn't say that there was a gas sore.


Must be pregnant.

Get up, Ezgi. Get up, we're going to the park.

(Cansu) We are very, very good.

Come on, dear.


(Emotional music)

Why is he doing this to me?

Why him and not me?

I wish I knew the answer, honey.

The answer lies in that mess.

It is very painful.

No, come here. Come.

Come on, it will pass. All will pass.

(Emotional music)


You didn't hire Ezgi just because he didn't come to the wedding with you? Very ridiculous.

Ozan has had enough, you keep asking the same questions.

We come to the gym to distract us, you iron my head. Enough.

I'll ask you something. If I find a girl who is coming to the wedding with you, will you hire Ezgi?

Brother, what did I say, what did you say?

If you have such talent, then you can show off from the start.

-If you help, if you find the girl. -I wanted to help you at first ...

... but nothing comes to mind.

My head is probably moving faster now that I'm under pressure.

-What are you saying calling some girls? -Don't call anyone.

I told my mother about Ezgi. Should I lie to our women after lying?

Do you want me to speak to Ezgi? That girl also needs a job.

Brother, you stalled too much. There is absolutely no extension. You are expanding this problem too much.

Are you overreacting?

-No brother, what's the problem? -I also said that, what's the problem?

So usually you don't get angry about these things.

Instead, you make fun of him, but when it comes to Ezgi ...

So what do you have to say again?

I thought you liked Ezgi. It also breaks your balance.

I bet it breaks my balance! If I feel something ...

... why am I trying to get rid of that girl? Why don't I keep it close?

-I am crazy? -Exactly.

I told you too. In fact, I was trying to say it right.

It is not easy for you to distance yourself from women.

If you stay away from a woman, maybe as a type ...

... under three points or already married.

Since none of these are in Ezgi, there is only one answer left.

You're afraid to fall in love with Ezgi, brother.

Ozan, I'll say something. May Allah make you laugh too.

I mean, you make me laugh, and God makes you laugh.

OK, I'll just ask you one question.

When was the last time you took a woman seriously and had an ego?

Ego? Why do I take a woman seriously, brother?

-I am rocking that I don't care. -Thank you, I don't have any more questions.

Ozan vallahi you bother me. He had promised to come with me.

Maybe I get sensitive when it comes to my mother, right?

-Maybe it's reflected. -Maybe you're scared.

Brother, if I feel something, how soulful I am I ...

... should I do relationship building to find a lover?

But you broke the deal at the first opportunity. -I won't break it if it comes with me.

I do not know it.

We're not going anywhere. I'll say something ...

... you will say something. We're not going anywhere else.

Yes brother, I will always say something.

I bet you wouldn't like it if you hired him.

You really think you can convince me this way, don't you?

Brother, I won't exercise with you anymore. I will take a bath.

Okay, okay don't be mad, come on.

Take it honey.

By the way, they didn't come in, they left.

-Are you better? -I am doing fine.

It's bad to see them together, of course.

I think I'm used to ...

... but I never got used to it.

Do you know what's worst?

The closest man a few months ago ...

... that you dreamed together ...

... that you share everything ...

... the man closest to you in your life ...

... now like a stranger.

Looks like you've never been this close.


... your place will fill up soon.

He immediately grabbed the other hand.

He immediately liked other people.

The dreams we dreamed of together ...

... live with it.

What I will say now will not take your pain away, I know ...

... because I've been through something similar.

I don't know if that will be a comfort ...

... but every pain passed.

The wounds you said will not pass.

The pain that you said won't stop is relieved.

It all passes over time, Ezgi.

I have overcome all of this thanks to you.

You are with me, Deniz is with me.

You will get well too, Ezgi. Because we will always be with you. GOOD?

(Cansu) Come here.

(Emotional music)

("Zeynep Bastık - Not Uslan This" is playing)

"I'm burning ayy ... ayy"

(Transition sound) I think it's really ...

... luckily we canceled the deal between us.

Because if I deal with you not for three months, but for three years, you are a hopeless case.

... no better than you. (Transition sound)

"Rain of oil"

"I melt like wax"

"Alas I'm walking, look" (Transition sound)

(Serdar) Yes. Get the analysis I want from you, I am waiting for the bride soon.

- (Soner) Nothing else, right, teacher? - (Serdar) No, that's all for now.

(Ezgi) Ah!

(Transition sound) "This is love"

"Not afraid of God"

"Not ashamed servant"


"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow, it doesn't settle"

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

(Transition voice) You treat men like that ...

... as long as you keep going, they will treat you like nothing ...

...continued. You will always be alone.

("Zeynep Bastık - Not Uslan This" is playing)

(Ezgi's outer voice) Why is he doing this to me? Why him and not me?

(Cansu's outer voice) The answer is in that shit.

("Zeynep Bastık - Not Uslan This" is playing)

"I'm burning ayy ... ayy"

"Ayy ayy ayy so bad"

"Ayy ayy ayy ayy rain"

(Transition voice) Tutors to find a husband too ...

... I saw for the first time. I told you to buy a cat, you buy a book.

-Of, you know a lot! Look at this.

-Hh, will you let him go! Give it away! - I was just looking for a moment.

I have no bad intentions, I'll just watch. Oh, I'm the girls at home now ...

... I got your scriptures.

Too bad! (Transition sound)

"Not afraid of God"

"Not ashamed servant"

(Ozan's outer voice) I think you like Ezgi, and this upsets your balance.

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow"

"It's not quiet"

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow"

"It's not quiet"

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"


Why him and not me? Why is that?

Reply me. Of course you can't.

I gave you three years. Three!

What do I get in return?

Current state.

(Dial tone)

(Phone is ringing)

(Ezgi's voice) Parasite!

(Ezgi ses) Intestinal worms.


(Soner's voice) Ezgi?

(Soner's voice) Hello?


"Ayy ayy ayy ayy rain"

"I melt like wax"

Whatever will happen now.


Soner ...

... I want to ask you something.

I need to study ...

... otherwise, I can't continue.

Why him and not me?

Ezgi, you are an extraordinary person.

You are very kind, sacrificing, giving ...

... but there are women like that in my life.

I have a mother.

I am looking for a wife for myself Ezgi, not a mother.

Soner, I love you so much.

Everything you say is because I love you so much. It's because I love you so much.

I do not understand. Is that why I lost you?

I'm not afraid of losing you, Ezgi.

So whatever I do, it's like you'll forgive me.

You give up on everything.

This takes away my excitement over the whole relationship.

I'm bored, I'm overwhelmed, Ezgi.

In short, some of my sides are omitted.

I'm superficial trash, I can't just be loved.

(***), I am ungrateful.

I do not know what to do.

I understand, Soner. I got my answer.

Damn Soner!

"Ouch, I walked, look"

"Head for the fire, do something"

(Thunder) "This is love, not fearing God"

"Not ashamed servant"


"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow"

"It's not quiet"

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow"

"It's not quiet"

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow"

"It's not quiet"

"But you came to tell your heart"

"He walked ahead of me to the great war"

"Blow after blow"

"It's not quiet"


(The doorbell rings)


You are right. You are right.

I am a hopeless case. I have studied.

Open the door. Open it up, I will congratulate you.

You are the only man who can understand me.

Hopefully lawful for you. Halal.

Shut up, open up. Shut up!


Open the Ozgur door.


(The elevator door is open)



(Woman) What's wrong? Is he all right?

I think that's great. It looks good now. I look like this.

I think it's great.


-Ezgi. -Your ex or what?

No, my next door neighbor.

Is there someone? Let me know if you want.

Let's do it like this. So ...

... I'll take care of it. It is a sin. Let's get a taxi too.

Are you kidding?

No need for a taxi. I will go alone.

Call but later.

Search or. Ezgi, Ezgi.


-Oh, who's here! Where are you. Did you drink too much?

- (Ozgur) Ugh! -Not.

We will explode. What are you drinking? It will burn.

I swear my revenge.

Get down with men.

Be careful with his head.

It means you swore revenge. Beautiful.

I like it, that's good. Maybe...

... I wrote it on my shirt. Because it's so creative.

Or something. Also as the name of the cocktail to the menu ...

... as an example. -Is it right?

-Yes. But my patent.

- Of course, honey, not that much. -I found it because.

We don't have the conditions to collapse. Yes...

... you were soaking wet, you know right? Let's go. Let's go to his house.

Come on. Where are your keys?

-Take it out. - Stop, okay.

Come on.

Wake up.


You are right. You only understand me.

You just got it. Dammit.

Everything is dirty. No thanks.

- Correct. - (Ezgi) I have it?

... I have it ...

... I have it ... - (Özgür) Remove that key too ...

Ohh, you sit down too. Do you want a request? Let me call.


How did all these things get out of it? Take out the rabbits, at least completely.

Oh, good luck.

I've been carrying it since I was a kid.

Are you sure he brings you good luck? Like that ...

... it's not as if it brings you luck.

(Ezgi) Poop!

Come on, can't you still get the keys? Come see, let me love your eyes

-No, I can't find it. -How come?

Don't yell at me. Don't yell at me.

I won't let anyone yell at me again.

I'm sick of all of you. You are all ungrateful. All of you trash.

We started drama again.

-Let me take a look. Stop you-- -Let go!

Didn't they teach you that women's bags don't mix?

There is no. I can not find.

Are you cold, by the way? You get goosebumps.

-I was on fire. - (Ozgur) Let me see.

(Özgür) You are really excited.

Then let's move on to me. Come.

I don't bother

Will you lie here, hunched over like this, like this?

Come on. What will bother me more?

After all, you've been to my night. No longer.

Let me love your eyes Come on, wake up, wake up.

Drop your bag. Let your belongings remain. Look over there.

Get lucky. Your luck matters.

-You all messed up. -Don't do anything.



(Ezgi humming a song)

Déjà vu?

Drop my hand, my hand.

Leave my hand.

Let's change it first.

So change it. Find it, get it.


(Ozgur) Ezgi.


Come on mom, it's not like this. Come on. Come on, don't sleep wet.

Ezgi, Ezgi, Ezgi

(Ozgur) Ezgi.

Ezgi ...

I am a sinner but I haven't done this much.

Whose sigh am I living? Ezgi.

Those shoes ...

How did this come out?


Vallahi, I'm being tested.




Over here. Ezgi. Let's take the temperature. Come on, come on, come on.

Bite this one. Let's take your temperature.

(Ozgur) Did you bite?

This is lacking.

(Özgür) Let me see.

(Thermometer signal rings)

There are some. We'll handle it.

Ezgi's coming, go right. Good.

(Ozgur) Hop, great.

Come on, swallow this.

Do you drink? Do you swallow? Are you going to drink yet? Internal.

(Doorbell rings) (Ozgur) The door is ringing.

I am coming now. Let it be like that. Good?

(Özgür) Stop being a little like that.

(Open door)

Haydar Haydar.

Yes, this is our job. This is how it happened to me.

How many? What do you want to accomplish?

I have a hard time judging this unique image, Mr. Özgür.

You are right. By the way, I am very embarrassed. Kidding ...

... I also can't call the cleaning company at this hour.

This is my territory, at my door or something ...

... if anyone sees it or something, don't think I did. That's my problem.

Estağfurullah Özgür Bey. They will not disappoint you.

After all, you are a person who is fit and eating healthily.

But this guy eats whatever he finds. It does not chew at all.

My dignity, as long as we continue talking like this ...

... we continue to perpetuate it this time.

However, we must forget or even ignore it as soon as possible.

How much do you want Whatever you want?

As far as I understand, I'm not running away from this job.

Good. Then I tell you, Mr. Ozgur will accompany you ...

... I swear to God, you're okay with Mrs. Ezgi.

So I want to do something with him alone.

When do you say something? -For example...

... can it be dinner? -You think that could be?

You're right, I mean. Too many are running away. Drink'?

'Brunch'? Lunch? Breakfast?

-Tea, coffee? Mineral water? -See it's possible.

-Is it right? - (Ozgur) Yes.

I'll do my best, I don't promise.

I'll see if there's a mineral intolerance or something. I'll try my luck.

Yahu, Özgür Bey, who escapes your hands by flying.

I tolerate everything, don't worry.

Mineral water often comes to my mind. Then come easily. This is it.

I trust you Mr. Özgür.


The costumes are so 'okay'. I can understand the reason.

Why are the glasses? I don't really understand him.

(Haydar) I try not to look at the ingredients.

You wouldn't say that Kusan was Mrs. Ezgi, Mr. Özgür.

I try not to get rid of the shadows in my eyes.


Are you sleeping?


Better than now.

Go to sleep, you will have nothing left in the morning.


(Phone rings) (Tesla barks)

-Sir? - (Cansu ses) Where are you, Ezgi?

At home.

Honey, we've been knocking on the door for two hours, I forgot the key. Open.




I wasn't home.


Want a story about the night?

(Tesla barks)


The lost night doesn't end. It doesn't end.


No, no! Repentance! Alcohol definitely doesn't work for me.

I promise, I promise. I swear again ...

... I won't even put on perfume. Nothing, nothing.

(Ezgi) It didn't work for me. There is a problem.

Ahh! Die! What will I say!

Ayy, why doesn't he open this door? See, this isn't with someone inside?

Is that possible? Do not love. If that happens, we will know. Not.

You said right. He will tell us.


(Özgür) My daughter, in the morning, why are you running like a mad calf?

Look, I'll say something. Your night is a problem in itself ...

... your day is a matter of itself. You don't end

Of course, I will study the details after you.

But now I am in a very difficult situation. The girls are at the door.

(Ezgi) The girls are at the door. They called me. So I told them I was home.

Because I have to go home.

I should be at home, not here.

(Ezgi) Why am I here? Why am I not home?

You lost the key to my soul. There is no. Wow!

Have I lost my keys? Why should I lose my keys?

-Oh, look here! -Impossible!

You can't find it. How do I know? You don't make him find it, but you don't make him touch your bag.

(Ezgi) How could I not find him?

O Lord, let human suffering be withdrawn. God!

Did you check my porch? Door?

Not. What am I going to do to your porch? Head ...

... already a million. I came, I put you here.

- (Ozgur) Nothing. -Are you not ...

... or should I look for something underneath?

There must be an intention. But not for you, for myself.

Are you going to check out the terrace or is it fine to argue with me like this?

I will make.

We'll talk about this too.

Why doesn't he open it? I'm swollen.


-Is it clear? -Hungry. Thank you God.

(Ozgur) Good.

(Ezgi) Welcome.

-Thank you God. Where are you girl

I have a little stomachache.

- (Cansu) Oh, are you okay now? -I am fine, thank you.

In the evening, we will come to you too, but to the organization with Levent ...

... I have to attend.

(Cansu) Deniz is also working overtime, we can't come. What are you doing?


... I'm out a little too.

Understood. But not a little.

My crush, do your things on this belong to a man?


Look, you have a lover, are you hiding from us? Tell me now.

Aa-be in love. No, of course, what a lover!

I don't believe it, I understand.

-Do you understand? - (Cansu) Of course I understand.

Isn't that Soner's suit?

(Cansu) That's how I was, when I left Aykut.

I hid your clothes. So I kissed, kissed, sniffed and dressed.

-This. - (Deniz) Tune ...

... I swear I burned it directly.

Girl wondering are you an idiot?

You go immediately, get them out. Almost. Whatever his ...

... you found it, you took it. We will burn them all.

-Why? Because if you don't get rid of the old ...

... You can't make room for new ones. Good? Come on, starter starter.

You go, take whatever you find, put it out. We are waiting here.

Ayy .. also wearing Soner's shirt. Oh wow!

(Deniz) Now, we throw things like photos and letters down. Good?

Ezgi, honey, come on. Come on.

I guess you don't want the new ones to come?

Look, the old is gone, the new comes. Come on.

I also want to ...

Come on, come on.

(Cansu) What is it?

Our movie tickets go together.

-Look, there's a concert. - (Cansu) Ay, how cute.

Impossible. And your shopping together ...

... if you save your receipts, your invoices.

-Here. -I do not believe. Give it to me.

- (Deniz) Take it, get it, get another. -This is worse than me.

Put it over there.

Give, give, give.

Yes, it is time to give gifts.

Look at Ezgi, don't take it personally.

I guess you don't want the new ones to come? Come on.

-He never bought me gifts. - (Cansu - Deniz together) How?

I know it's ridiculous, but he always said to me, your gift is mine.

-Impossible. Dirty means. - (***)! Vallahi (***)!

It is a gift. Unskilled, loser.

However. Okay, then I'll pass. Let's move on to the clothes.

(Cansu) Come on. Give.

Look at that, carcass.

Give, give, give.

What? Give. Give me my daughter.

(Cansu) Ver. Versene Ezgi. A A!

Versene, give it. Versene.

(Cansu) Put it. He can't.

(Ocean) Okay. Yes.

Pour, pour, pour.

Pour, pour. What we are talking about? The old left, the new came.

The old left, the new came.

Let the old go, let the new come to you.

-Get it. - (Deniz) Let's see. Ohh!

- (Ezgi) Come on. -Come on, I'm on fire.

- (Cansu) Yak. - (Sea) I'm on fire.


- (Cansu) Ohh! - (Sea) Ohh, yes!

The old left, the new came.

The old left, the new came.

- (Deniz) How? -Good. I am doing fine.

Vallahi, I also feel relieved.

-How do you feel? -Extraordinary.

-Very well. that's a great idea. -It worked, I said.

- (Cansu) Take off the old, the new to come. - (Ezgi) Take off the old, the new to come.



(Phone is ringing)


Ebru will say something. Call me.

Let my mother not be with you alone. GOOD?

- (Cansu) My dear. -Thank you. I'll see.

- (Cansu) Come on, get well soon. -Good you came.

It sounds good. Burning is a great idea. Fantastic.

I'll see.


(Phone is ringing)

(Ozgur) Hello? Ebru.

Ozgur. Ozgur.

I know Ebru. Okay, I understand. Yes, my mom will be upset.

There is no way out of this. Nothing to do. We'll be sorry ladies.

GOOD. We fought. Looks like we don't have many possibilities for reconciliation right now.

What am I doing. I talked to my mother Ebru.

(Ozgur) Okay, don't disappoint your sweet soul. I will talk to him.

(Özgür) I'd be interested, don't worry. Come on 'bye bye' my dear, bye.



Come on, burn it, burn the rest. If there is a need, the shop is yours.

You know the wardrobe, the way. Go, get, burn whatever you want.

OK, I'm really sorry. You are right.

The girls thought Soner was wearing my T-shirt.

-Let the old come, the new? -You know too?

- (Ozgur) Yes. -I do not know.

However. I am so sorry.

If the girls understand that the clothes are mine ...

... they didn't just burn her clothes. They burned me too.

Right. They are already afraid, that I will love you.

Oh really?

(Özgür) I said it meant a joke.

Why? Me ...

... isn't someone to be in a relationship with?

Of course not. They completely--

Of course not. So they are very right. I have a question too.

I hope I didn't bother too much last night?

You gave, baby, you did. If you see the one next to me.

I made way for the girl. You ruined my night, so let me say it.

Did you send the girl in my face?

The bad experience we had at the hotel night with you for a moment ...

... springs to mind. "Don't let the girl suffer now," I said. I'm sorry for that girl.

By the way, it's really good. Wasted.

Because you think about that girl? I thought for a moment that good intentions or something.

Anyway, okay. I apologize for all the inconvenience you have experienced.

There is one more person you must apologize to.

- (Ezgi) Who? -Good.

-Why? -You really threw up like that. In front of the elevator.

- (Ozgur) So you go. -Is it right?

What we will do? It's not enough to thank him.

-I have to do something. - (Ozgur) You'll already be doing it.

You will drink mineral water yourself. -Why?

So. That way I can be sure.

You went on my behalf, made a pact with Haydar?

What if I do, honey? Did I personally initiate the masterpiece?

Should I clean it? Pray for me.

He wants to eat, eat with you. I made a tough bargain.

(Ozgur) I lowered it into mineral water.

thanks. Is it right.

By the way, if you see what's coming out of you. We've seen.

Do you still want to eat with you at Haydar? I have no idea.

Shut up, okay. Remind.

By the way, you just heard it now. We've seen.

(Ezgi) Okay. GOOD.

There is another topic I want to talk about.


I was wrong with you.

So, whatever the reason ...

... I shouldn't have let you down.

I should have kept my promise to you.

If you want, I want to come to the wedding with you.

And I want this not to hire me or help me.

You are right.

I didn't make that choice between you and him.

I made this choice between him and my own values.

(Ezgi) And that is a grave mistake.

Now I don't want to do that for any man.

Wow! Let me see ...

... no fire. You are nice

What do you say? Do you want me to come to the wedding with you?

-If you promised not to drink. -Promise.

GOOD. It's okay then.

I will say something. By the way, it's okay to work with me. Me ...

... I react but to see something.

Is it right? Thank you boss.

(Ezgi shouted)

Boss, then I'll call Serdar and cancel the appointment.

Are you sure Then don't come to me and carve.

If anything happens, don't tell me.

I'm pretty sure what will happen? I'll put it off for two or three days.



We contracted for a Friday night, but ...

... there has been a change in my schedule.

I have to get out of town early.

Oh really? I'm sorry to hear that.

But I was available earlier in the week.

Unfortunately. I'm going to New York on Sunday. I was gone for ten days.

(Serdar ses) I have a little holiday and a congress that I have to attend.

That's why I want to see you before I leave.

However. Nothing to do. See you when I come back now.

Of course. I really want.

Happy holidays, have a pleasant trip.

Have a nice holiday too. -See you later.

I asked you if you are sure.

You're going to be sniffing ten today right?

Make no mistake.

Let me warn you, I am just your neighbor or ...

... I am not your relationship coach. That's your boss too.

Better. If you run out of houses, this is what I'm going to catch.

Should I discuss this collaboration again?

For God's sake, you will think about it before you say it's fine with me.

It's too late now ...



Very good chicken curry.

The last one is a restaurant on the beach.

Just like that, I ate there.

-Oh really? -Yes. Wow!



... of course much prettier.

Because it's because you do it with perfect hands.

My love, you will talk to Zeynep today, can you talk?

So ... I can't speak.

(Levent) Why can't I speak?

I will speak.

So ...

I'll take it after school, I'll talk like that.

I can not talk.

Because he has a program with his mother.

-That's why I can't talk. -Understand.

So you said like yesterday.

My dear, are you thinking of talking to Zeynep?

So if you don't wanna talk -No, no.

Of course I will.

I will have the opportunity to speak soon.



("Jim Wolfe -" Can't Stop Lovin You "plays)

See that song playing.

(Levent) I really like it.

I think this snippet didn't escape.

I wonder if we dance?

What if ...

You are so bad

I know.


-Look what I said. -Ha.

I wonder if we go upstairs?

I agree.


("Jim Wolfe -" Can't Stop Lovin You "plays)

(Phone is ringing)

(Phone rings) Who is this now?

- My love is Zeynep again? -Do not love.

(Phone rings continuously) I didn't call.

So I told him not to come before I called.

Are you in or not. (Phone rings continuously)

(Phone rings continuously)

Hello, sir?

What, my daughter?

GOOD. thanks.

Then again, let me start tidying up.

Honey, I'm sorry. Look, this will never happen again.

I promise.

For not coming with him without knowing me ...

... I will speak clearly and clearly.

My love, I thought you talked to him about us.

So look, you are looking for an opportunity, this is the opportunity for you.



We got Zeynep used to coming to the door, is that good?

Let it be my dear, let it come.

My dear daughter.

I can't believe I'm getting ready to go to the wedding of a stranger.

I will also have a husband, so maybe I will be my husband, the men's team.

This is it.


I hope without any accidents.

My mom.

Vallahi felt it.

- What's wrong mom. Ezgi, how are you girl?

I'm fine mom. How are you, how is Unal brother?

We're fine, baby. Regardless, we are still dealing with cafe renovations.

Ah ah! Night is night! Isn't it over yet?

No, it's not over yet, my daughter.

Now we change the entrance to the parking lot. But that's very good, Ezgi.

Look, my husband. He worked hard, but it wasn't in vain.

Ezgi, hello. Come on the weekend, my daughter.

(Nevin) Come on, I really am Ezgici. We miss you very much, my daughter.

Look, we can't go there.

We miss Vallahi. Come on, come on, come on, come on.

Mummy, brother Ünal, I miss you very much.

But I have a schedule for the weekend.

Ah ah! With a doctor?

Did you see my daughter?

Yes, of course.

Okay, then bring him too.

Mommy not now. So it's too early for me to introduce you.


No, why can't you introduce him, I don't understand?

(Ünal ses) Don't force me, my nephew, don't sneeze too often.

Okay, okay. Come on my beautiful daughter, we kiss you.

I kissed you too. I'll come right away mommy, promise.

Unal brother.

You never felt ashamed, you lied to your mother.

(The doorbell rings)


Princess Levent has arrived.

-A A! What? -Yes.

So it happened this time, but it happened.

How many days did Levent say that I would talk and talk ...

... makes up a lot of excuses.

But this time he had to talk. -Yes, good.

-I hope it's good this time. - (Cansu) It will pass.

What are you doing, is there any joy for tomorrow?

I'm talking about eating with Serdar.

A A!

This time he sowed, right?

Of course, that's what will happen if you sow the man 50 times.

Yes, he has a job.

Ha, you made a schedule or something, you made an appointment, right?

-Yes Yes, we were dating. -Ha, great.

Ezgi, what's this suitcase, where are you going?

Go to the Exchange. My parents have also finished renovating the cafe.

They say come like that. I said, let me be prepared when the meal is canceled.

Oh, you thought well.

I wonder if I came too? Change will happen to me.

But no, let me not come.

Levent will talk to his daughter, I better stay here.

-GOOD. Can't I stay? -Yes, don't let it go.

GOOD. Let me wash one of my hands or something.

Your nose will definitely be elongated, your nose will be elongated.

Good evening, Miss Deniz. -Good night.

A A!

The file is still there, not signed.

Hello, can you call me the courier?

(Male voice) It's out, Deniz Hanim.

How is the result?

It's not doing its job, and it's out before us.

Look, this is a La Gabbia file. It must be a signature.

I need this file tomorrow, come back later.

- (male voice) Yes, sir. -GOOD.

(Phone is ringing)

-Yes. - (male voice) I called Deniz Hanim.

(Male voice) But the phone can't be reached.

What should I do? Okay, okay.

Well, Deniz.

I can stop if you want.

-Are you leaving? -Yes.

No, you didn't do much good, what did you do?

Deniz, you're starting to get paranoid, do you realize?

Look, don't be afraid of me.

(İrem) Okay, I could be your biggest competitor, but ...

... after all, work is another company, isn't it another company?


İrem Hanım, I'm calling La Gabbia again.

I say everything you say, but there are no vacancies for tonight.

- They can't make reservations. -Okay, thanks.


Now you got the files from me to set the table in place?

Oh Irem, I hope you let me know that I will arrange it. You know my lawyer.

A minute. Are you really in tune?

Of course not.


Good night.

Good night.

I'm so nervous.

By the way, the last bunch of grapes are finished.

- Welcome, Özgür. -I feel good. What's up Gizem?

-Very well. How is our energy today?

Perfect, we're full.

Some of your friends call, make a reservation.

They also ask about you.

'Good'. Don't let anyone know I'm coming.

I have some pressing matters about the new place that I need to finish like this.

(Özgür) You know I'm going to be out of town for a few days.

I can ask you for something extra when I'm in between.

Of course.

You know I'm burning with a love of duty. I'm always here.

I also want to talk to you about a new place.

'Good'. Then we'll talk when I come.


- Pablo. -Hey.

This is it.

What work happened, what are you doing again?

Dear career.

Problems that don't really worry you, don't care, move on.

I will say something. Have you moved to a new place?

As a public relations officer.

Manager, we graduate as a team, right?

After all, we are a team and we have to go.

Besides, this place is drowning me so badly, you know?

That's how I want to move to a new place, that's fine, that's good.

Aren't you drowning? That's good, worse.

-Why is that? We are a team but. -Drop dead!

You are kidding.


-Hello. -Do you have a reservation?

-Not. -Then I won't be able to help you.

Today we are full.

No, you are wrong. I have come to leave a file to Ozan Bey.

Deniz Koparan's lawyer. If you want, please go ahead.

No, I can't convey. It's outside my jurisdiction. Let me help you like this.

Let me rest for a bit at the bar, and I'll tell Ozan Bey.

Send it directly to him.

-Good. Continue.

Emre Bey, Mrs. Deniz.

(Gizem) Deniz Koparan.

He is a lawyer, a friend of Ozan Bey.

You are interested. I told Ozan Bey.

Miss Gizem.

Welcome to the bar.

(Emre) What do you want, what should I prepare for you?


Because water is just something ready.

If you want to prepare something else? Just water.

-Let me throw a lemon in it? -Not.

-Parsley? -Not.

-Basil? -Not. Just water.

Look at this too.

Don't take it off the sauce, okay?

-Chef. -Gizem.

There is someone waiting for you.

Gizem, I'm too busy. If he's not important--

(Gizem) Important.

The lawyer girl comes.

-What? -Yes here. Right behind you at the bar.


-Now, is Özgür here? -In the park.

It's not like that, put me in it, I'm not burnt.

Stop it! Your father pays!


Brother, Deniz is here. What will I say to the girl?

You might be able to say thank you for coming to say thank you ...

... or what to say, as long as you want ...

... you can say anything. You can immediately say what you did tonight.

Which I won't miss this opportunity. The girl has stood up.

What are you saying brother?

(Özgür) I say that we have resolved the problem between Ezgi and us.

How, did he start working with us?

We leave in the morning for tomorrow's wedding.

Geez, why didn't you tell me news like that?

You see me, brother, I will collect these and come to you soon.

(Özgür) There's a lot of fever, brother, in the hot kitchen for me.

Anyway, okay. Well done.

Well, Deniz might actually come to thank me today.

If you keep waiting that long, the situation can change, of course.

Yes, yes. Come on, I'm going.

Brother, tidy him up. So take off the apron.

-That's what you said? -Of course, dear.


I tell you, brother, you don't listen, you will hear something.


If you also drink the glass.

(Emre) I'm kidding.

Please don't be too nervous. This is a joke.

Sorry Deniz, I kept you waiting.

Miss Deniz.

By the way, are they offering you anything?

-Yes, I drink water. -Beautiful.

I prepared a supplier contract for the new venue.

(Deniz) I made some reports too.

-It's all on file. -Hmm.

Actually he was going to carry it via courier, but bypassed, it was on its way.

See the opportunity.

I don't understand yet?

So we are tired of you too. If you don't bother.

You're welcome.

Thanks for Ezgi, by the way.

(Ozan) What does that mean.

However, I don't take your time.

Are you leaving?

(Ozan) If you stay, drink, you will be my guest.

I am in a hurry. thanks.

Thanks again.

-Ozan. -Deniz Han.

(Emre) Official official action.

Is it working? I came to see you too. What happened?

Nothing happened, brother.

At this rate, I don't think it will happen.

You're not helping at all, brother. So many women, so many experiences.

- I'm in charge now. -What, is that a lie, brother?

So I didn't know what to say or how to speak.

I was dumbfounded in such a situation. You know me.

Vallahi 'brotellom' I tell you what you have to do ...

... but you didn't listen.

When did you say brother? I haven't heard Say it yet.

-I am telling you what to do now. -Yes.

Simple, so listen, understand and do, okay?

Now, when you meet a woman like this, all you have to do is ...

... Brother, you will run without looking back.

Brother, so many women, so many experiences.

- Is that brother? -Yes.

(Cansu) My dear, okay.

Ah ah! Calm down, found you.

Of course, honey.

(Message has arrived)


-Zeynep is missing. I will wake up now. -Hmm.

Make sure to let me know.

GOOD. I'll tell you, don't worry.

Say hello to my aunt Unal, okay?

I will say.

Have a nice trip, lamb. Sit down, don't break it.

Welcome regret.

(Ezgi yawning)

(Ezgi) Do we have to leave this soon?

I have not slept.

Wherever we look, we have at least eight hours left.

I told you to sleep early last night, right?

What should I do? I worked all night. I stand with two hours of sleep.

-You are used to it. -Of course, honey.

Özgür Bey, I think he has an adventure on the road, towards the sun to the music.

I have Haydarcı, there is. We have a long and narrow road to walk.

Don't hold us, pour water behind us, yeah.

Ezgi Hanim, have a nice holiday.

Be careful with burns.

Good cream, no bikini marks.

Happy holidays, have a pleasant trip.

Angry sand, cold water.

(Haydar) You live this life.


Shut up! He kept me in the car. I hope you use them well.

-Sorry? -Oh ah! Forgive me!

So, is there any chance that you will do something bad?

I have a question too.

Excuse me so I guess.

How long will it take?

By God, if we count you, five, usually seven, eight.

What does it mean now, if I count you or something?

You call it gas so I can finish the road as fast as I can.

No, honey, may I say something like that? So you are bored.

To think of you

-That can never be believed. -Isn't it working?


I still can't sleep.

I wish we had some coffee or something before we leave.

If this is your sleepy state, don't drink coffee and wake up.

Our path is long, it never ends.

I agree. I don't want to wake up.

Travel with you is only done in sleep.

(Özgür) You're serious, so, this form ...

... you're going to sleep, huh?

No shame! Humans make 'copilots' or something.

A A! (Music moves)

You say you will play like this. Yes, you know.

You said seven hours, didn't you?

I can talk for seven hours without stopping. When I was a child--

I'm sorry, okay. Vallahi, I'll cut it short now.

- (Ezgi) Please. -I'm so boring.

I'm playing emotional music right now.

You sleep in the light, I swear, look.

-Thank you. With awe.

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-Cansu. -I went out.

A minute. Where are you going my life, why didn't you tell me?

Wait! Wait. Let's get ready now, let's go out together.

I can't wait, Levent, I want to get out of here as quickly as possible.

Also, staying in this house last night was a big mistake.

Ah ah! Cansu, honey what are you talking about?

I don't plan to live with you anymore, Levent.

Cansu, look, honey ... You're totally fine.

But yesterday Zeynep was in a very emotional psychology.

That's why I can't explain.

Please don't talk about the same thing again.

Okay, I got it, I agree.

But please understand me too.

So it's like we're experiencing forbidden love ...

... I am really tired of secret meetings.

(Deniz) Look, at this rate, our relationship will break, Levent.

If you want to think about it, okay? Think about it.

(Levent) Cansu.

Cansu, honey!

(Transferring music ...)

Ezgi, wake up.


-Come on. - (Ezgi) Are we here?

We don't come, rest.

This is a very famous place.

You know, we come here to eat here.

Then don't be told, you're taking me to bad bad places ...

... or something, I don't know what.


-Where is this place? -Bursa Street.

A A! Walk!


Who is this enthusiastic woman? -My mom.


Ayy! How surprised is that?

(Nevin) My bead has arrived, my bead.

(Nevin) Welcome beautiful girl.

Hello, I'm Nevin.

- (Ezgi) Serdar. -Ozgur.

It has two names, ma'am.

Is that so? Then do you use Özgür?

Ozgur feels freer to me, more reflective of me.

(Nevin) Okay, very good. Bride and groom.

What a pleasant surprise. My place, you are my beautiful daughter, welcome.

(Nevin) Ezgi talked a lot about you. Ozgur, are you a doctor?

-Yes. -How beautiful.

You have made a wonderful surprise. Come on, sit down.

I will tell Unal and come. Will be very happy. I'm late honey.

-Let's go. -Late. It's beautiful.

Who is Unal?

-My stepfather. My mother's husband. -What?

You can't find anywhere else in the big Bursa, can you?

I know because your mother lives in Bursa.

I will say something. Serdar thought I was alone.

I am still there. What legs?

They called me here for the weekend.

I lied that I was doing a program with Serdar.

Oho! GOOD.

The situation is now 'okay' understood. What will I say?

Judging from your mother's energy, she thinks you are very dear to Serdar.

Now whatever you tell him, how do you make the places foam?

I didn't say anything. He likes to exaggerate.

Then we will pretend to be lovers. Is that so, can I do it right?

-Yes. -Beautiful.

We will practice until we go to my mother.

-You had fun, right? -Very. I can't say no.

So what am I going to do after you?

How did I introduce Serdar to my mother when I started a relationship with Serdar?

Don't ever introduce Serdar, in my opinion.

If it was Serdar, it wouldn't be me now, without looking back ...

... get into his car, keep going.

So, what does he talk about you a lot? Zero charisma.

Look at her mother here, take your daughter.

Don't talk to my mom! A A! What you said to me is not enough!

(Ünal) Who came here? Dear girl, welcome.

- Welcome, honey, welcome. -Unal brother.

- (Nevin) Look. -Doctor.


Not that far, let me see. Welcome.


(Ünal) Come on, sit down.

(Nevin) Gosh.

-Girl, girl. -I wish you had informed me beforehand.

So we've prepared something.

Unalcığım, children are shocked, how beautiful it looks.

Jeez. His mother's daughter is his mother's daughter.

My nephew is like this. He likes surprises like that.

Yes, yes. They look like mother daughter.

Look, we need to talk man to man about this.

I have some tips for you.

Ah ah!

I will only say one thing, you will agree. Seeing it like this ...

... not quite like mother and son, I need a thousand witnesses.

I thought it was more like this sister.

You are very sweet. I guess I am a brother in this situation, right?

-Of course. - (Ezgi) Love, mother.

Oh, let me enjoy a little.

Ugh! I've been depressed lately.

A A! Don't say that, I'm Nevinci, so we've talked about this before.

Okay, okay. Friends, look, treasure your youth.

So getting old is not as beautiful as it seems.

Take a walk, have fun, fall in love, oh how beautiful.

I always tell Ezgi. He went to worms and mourned for three months.

How important is three months for a woman, right?

Ayy, Ozgur, your specialty is gynecology, right?

-Yes. - (Nevin) Okay.

(Nevin) Now I'm going to ask you something.

Mom, what do you need on vacation? -Aa, what do you mean on vacation?

I have found the expert, of course I will ask. May I ask?

Of course. Please ask.

-I'm in this egg-freezing business-- -No mom anymore!

What? My daughter, is there an embarrassment between doctor and patient, aa!

Okay, one day I'll talk to you separately.

-We are so hungry. - Okay, okay.

Is that so? We'll be completing it soon, don't worry.

(Ünal) Wait for me now.

Brother Unal, do you have eggs? I'm a little desperate.

And mine is fresh. It's out today.


-I hope you make sausages too. -Smoke.

Everything was so good, so delicious ...

... By the way, your place is very nice. I like it, I like it a lot.

We are always waiting for friends, this is yours.

-Yes, always come my baby. - Here we come, Mom.

(Nevin) Have a look, now let's take a picture of this moment okay guys?

Come on, let me see.

That is how it is. Let me see my hand.

A A!

What's the formality guys?

Even if you are holding hands, hug each other.

Our Mommy is fine like that, embarrassed now.

-Because my kids are afraid of you. -From me?

Is it okay guys, what are you afraid of?

Hugging and kissing is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Is there anything better than this? Is there anything good but love?

-Let me see, wait. - (Nevin) Come on my love, come on.

(Nevin) Ayy .. it's beautiful.

Yes, good. It was so beautiful, my friends.

Ozgur, do you have any social media accounts?

(Nevin) Now I'll label all of us, and you share.

No, Mom, Özgür doesn't like such things at all, isn't he Özgür?

Don't use it. -Is that so?

It's not very selfish, I don't really like it.

Oh I'm the same! How much do we have in common, doctor.

I didn't like him at all, but thanks to my Nevinci we insisted, we were hungry.

Wow! He didn't say I couldn't.

Okay, okay. Then I share with all of you.

Mom, how nice it is to sit comfortably, forget it.

Headmaster. Well, I didn't share it.


I see you like this and I know you from somewhere but ...

... maybe we've met you before?

(Nevin) You are no stranger to me.

I thought if I had met someone like you before, I would remember.

It's not too cute either, looks like I saw you somewhere.

(Nevin) Your face is so familiar.

Oh okay.

Have you ever interviewed a newspaper, magazine or something?

Because I never miss health news, right?

-I always read. From there. -Maybe, yes.

Look, how do I know, I caught it fast, see?

Let me go to the bathroom and come right away.

(Nevin) But our pictures are very beautiful.

- (Nevin) Look, baby, look. - (Özgür) No, I ...

- (Nevin) Look, it's beautiful. - (Ozgur) Oh yeah

(Nevin) Ezgi's head is out like this here.

(Nevin) I wish we'd made sausages, why don't you think about it?

- (Ünal) So it doesn't smell. - (Nevin) Good, okay come on.

Oh. Are you full, honey?

I'm full, mom. Thank you, everything is very good.

-I'm my bead. -Valla we ate very well ...

... but now let's build with your permission.

(Ünal, Nevin) Aa!

But why did you just come? Our path is very long.

Is that high, doctor what height? This is where you call Istanbul.

No, we're going to Göcek, to my brother's wedding.

(Nevin) Aa!

Look, look, look, why didn't anyone tell me this?

Yes mother, why didn't I mention it? I forgot, I'm sorry.

I hope that's not our job either. We usually hang out with Unal right away.

-We love adventure. -Will be fun.

Oh my dear - Wait a minute, we won't move right away.

We waited a little while because we have a surprise for you.

-We are preparing for a trip. - (Nevin) We're preparing runners, come on.

-You won't be bothered. - (Nevin) No people.

(Nevin) Let's put one of the pickles. Is there any apricot jam left?

But they fit perfectly. They are so cute, I really like them ...

... so people talk to them.

My language dissolves, I tell everything at a glance.

I have noticed.

Mom, I'll come again, don't worry.

Come on, girl. Dear Ozgur, this is a small gift from us for your family.

(Nevin) All organic, handmade okay?

- (Ünal) Bring it, my son. - (Nevin) Come on, run.

Look, this runner, you eat on the street.

Thank you my brother Unal, thank you very much.

Give our love to your family, wish happiness to your sister, help us.

- (Nevin) Mushroom on your head, baby. -My mother!

Mom what, what? I wish you well, what will happen?

Sir, you are very elegant, thank you very much.

Ezgi, can you help me, open the door?

(Ezgi) I will open it, my dear.

-We always complement each other like this. -Always.

You are so cute, they are so cute.

On the way he peels fruit for me. - (Nevin) Very good.

- Sir, nice to meet you. -Me, too. Goodbye dear.

See you mom, brother Ünal. I'll call you.

- (Nevin) Okay honey. - (Unal) Come on, no accident, no problem.

(Nevin) Moon, how good is their relationship. My beautiful.

Shit, I love that kid. So handsome.

I like it too.

He's also bringing the girl to meet his family right away, okay?

Look, that guy's seriousness was clear from the start.

Imagine they just met, holding the girl's hand ...

... for his sister's wedding. Good work.

Unal, I hope my daughter's face finally smiles.

What am I going to do for you tonight? Mushroom paste is your favorite.

-God! Come on, come on. You're back, come on.

If you tell me everything, I wish you had reached our childhood or something.

Well, I don't know what you said, what you didn't say. We were caught off guard.

In spades.

The real bomb, you wake up in a big city, pick my mom's place.

Ozan is highly praised here, so ...

... that's a very compliment, because it's a very successful, famous place ...

... so I came across his suggestion.

Wow! Don't look, I'm proud too.

That means we are quite famous.

They can't be as many as you.

Mr Wrong.

What should you do now, why did you take it?

What if I do. You pray to my mother that we haven't been caught.

That woman almost remembers you.

He describes you pretty well.

(Ezgi) It's officially registered that you are Mr Salah.

But there is one thing I don't understand.

What do you mean when you say that my preferences concern me?

Do you really think that these are the things I say?

Is it right. All my answers have been changed ...

... neither of this I said.


Say I suffer the wrath of a girl.

God knows what you did to that girl.

It's just a good idea of ​​revenge. I hold it, I wrote this somewhere.

And what revenge.

Oo, you have a terrible dream.

Disgrace, yes, there was it, I passed, I didn't do much.

My biological mother has gripped me.

The woman was very sad when she read that I don't believe in marriage or love like that.


Is that the reason you are looking for a lover?

If I don't do it, he will find it, he won't.

What? What are you doing?

I can see how clearly it falls into my hands now.

Look at the weather.

-Smile. -I don't really think about the weather.

It's too late now.

Not when I'm close to you ...

... so before I go too far, I wonder if I hand it back to your mother?


- (Sevim) Hamiyet. -Come, Madame.

(Sevim) Did you check out the children's room?

(Hamiyet) I am ready, I prepare everything is fine.

Let everything be okay. -Okay, let me see again.

(Sevim) Where are they?

Mommy, brother, it took us midday to come, he said, almost.

Look at me, he said we were coming right? Are you sure, he didn't say I came?

He says yes ma'am we will come, we will not come!

I believe. How many more times will you ask?

What can I do, baby, I'm afraid. Don't be embarrassed at the last minute.

Happy ...

... you can't stand up and tell someone, can you?

I told an aunt Fitnat, and that was enough.

He reported to the seven heirs. Özgür came up with his words.

Caller caller. My phone hasn't been silent since morning.

- That unconscious woman. -Is that for sure?

-How bad is it. He did it. -Yes.

Do you want them to marry out of spite?

God's will. If this girl is according to my heart ...

... I will do whatever I can to get them married.

I hope it will suit your heart.

(Female) Thank you very much for your interest, Ms. Cansu.

- (Cansu) What do you mean get well soon. - (woman) Thank you very much.

(Clears her throat)

Hello baby I wonder if we have coffee while I'm on break?

I'm not resting alone, Levent.

Don't do it, honey. See, my mind is always on you, my head is busy.

I just had surgery, accidentally changed the gender of the patient.

-If you want relief, Levent. - Okay, I'll admit it's a little overboard.

But I made a silly joke so we can warm up.

You see, my patient's life is in danger because of you.

Ah, this is the smile I'm looking for.

Now this smile comes to you, what did I do for the weekend ...

... I can explain the surprise.

I have other plans for the weekend myself.


Is that so?

Good. That is good.

I'll take Zeynep to the farm hotel.

Yes, the thing the pedagogue suggests. It feels better telling it in such an environment ...

... that's more true.

From what, where are you going? So on the weekends.

-I, uh ... - (Levent) What?

- (Cansu) Well ... -What, what?

(Cansu) Alright ...

That was considered the moment we arrived.

I was aware and joy surrounded me. I hope I won't break my face.

Wait a minute, let's find out if there is such a possibility.

Of course I don't know, of course I've never done anything like that.

Honey cake, have a girlfriend ever you ...

... he didn't introduce his family like that?

I can't be offended by you, for God's sake? Didn't he also introduce the worm?

-Not. -Ah those people.

Look, this is a measure of how serious a guy is, for example.

In other words, if a man intends to marry, he will never renew it, he will introduce her to his mother.

I know.

I already know, the years were wasted.

Why didn't you meet me before?

Can my Lord have mercy on me?

We don't know, maybe he pity me.

Look at me, don't leave your mother and me alone. You won't stop, will you?

In fact, I wrapped you around my mother's head ...

... I have plans to listen to the good head but ...

... I hope that my unscrupulous sentence doesn't take me away from me now.

It didn't disappoint my dream. So I don't know, I'll check it out.

But look, if my mom realizes that we are lying ...

... will never forgive me. -Don't stretch me. More stretch.

Look, I get worse when you stretch me like this.

I can't play the role, I don't know what to do.

OK, calm down. You don't have to pretend like that, just be yourself.

I'll say it, but you're not completely normal either.

Let's do it like this, on the bright side, when my mom gets to know you ...

... you see the head ...

... My son, maybe I wonder if you are single all your life.

This is confusion, right? Isn't that great?

That is. I wonder if you pulled right?

Because as far as I understand from your energy, you want to go alone.

Joke. Look, when my mom got to know you, I really meant it now ...

... will love you when he gets to know you.

Though, I chose a great person like you who would be proud of me.

I thought it was true that I was exaggerating in vain.

(Özgür) Here we come. Yes.

-Get the peach. -GOOD. Brother Kemal!

(Kemal) My lion! Welcome, Ozgur!

We miss.

(Ozgur) Take a hand, let's get a suitcase or something.

- (Özgür) Come back, I have this. - (Kemal) Is it there? GOOD.

(Özgür) Hush, where's my mom? Mom!

- (Ezgi) Stay with me. - (Ozgur) Mother!

- (Sevim) My son is here! - (Ozgur) Come on too.

- (Sevim) My son is here. - More stringent!

- (Sevim) Welcome. - (Ezgi) Hello.

-Ezgi. - (Sevim) Ezgi.

How are you? - (Sevim) How beautiful you are.


This is for you. - (Ozgur) We're 'full'.

Thank you so much, why are you bothering, baby?

No, honey, what a pain. On the way, we stopped at Özgür in Bursa ...

... beside my mother, my mother prepared everything for you. All own production.

How elegant people are. They make me very happy.

-Come on? -Stop, okay come on ...

... we prepared your room, what did you do, did you stay together?

No, we won't stay.

So even though there are hotels nearby ...

... I won't bother you at all. Let me stay there.

Oh, okay, honey?

This is a very big house, of course I will not allow it.

-GOOD. - (Sevim) Come on. Come on.

Come on from the left, I'll show you.

(Sevim) I like it.

(Sevim) He passed the test.

(Loves) See, if she agrees to stay in the same room I swear ...

... he didn't stand a chance. -Mama, one minute one goal.

Hope I like it. Girls legs are also beautiful.


(Ozgur) Come on, daughter.

(Ezgi) I thought I could never let my nervousness go away, I'm fine.

You are very good, you play small, you play clean.

Does he love me? - (Ozgur) Yes.

Yes, this is our pink pink room.

This is your pack of luggage.

-I hope you're comfortable. -We will do it now.

-What, no tip or what? -The service?

No, honey, come on. Come on to your mom.



Ezgi, I am ready, I will go to my mother, how are you?

- (Ezgi) I'm ready too, I'm coming. -Great.

You must be a woman, manners.

On duty.

If we too go to my arm.

- Are we done for today? -We will jump.

(Ozgur) Printing.

(Sevim) Today is my day off. Hamiyet leave them, bring everything.

- (Hamiyet) Okay, I brought everything. - (Sevim) What's in the kitchen ...

... whatever we do, baby.

As it turns out, you will destroy your son from day one.

My beautiful son misses his mother's food.

I'll give him a bite of it all.

A A! Bite the dessert, hey!

I said bite, it crossed my mind. Your brother really likes marble desserts.

Let's do it tonight.

(Ozgur whispers)

They come.

Moon, look at this. How they look good, look at this.

I like this girl.

Oh, ma'am, what have you done, 112 kinds.

I'm too tall to wrap the leaves now, let me create a sensation about that.

Let it hurt my son.

I miss you all. Well, this place is general, complete.

I really miss all of you.

Come on, there's no future if I don't get married.

Son, you are all grown up and married now huh?

I'll ask you something.

-Are you happy? -Very.

Because I want to hear this answer all the time.

Even if there is a 'Terso' situation, I am always with you, you know that.

- (Ebru) I know my brother. - (Sevim) Okay guys.

Ezgi, get out of there honey, come on. Too late, go to Özgür, my son.

(Sevim) Let me sit like this, oh.

How nice it is.

My mom, surprise, today, we are alone.

No confusion as such, nothing. That is interesting.

Isn't that great? We are all together as one family.

I want you to have enough. Tomorrow, girlfriend is here too ...

... I said come early for him. Otherwise, we can't be alone.

Thank you very much, you make me very happy.

-You really think very well. thanks.

We really love it here. Thanks again for calling.

Oh, what does that mean, my beloved?

From now on, this place is considered your home too.

My friends, I didn't tell anyone that you were early.

If not, you know Fitnat, come on, this house will be abundant.

-Do not I know, disputes Fitnat. -Four eyes waiting for Ezgi.

Well, he never believed that he would come.

It's such damage. What's the matter, sir, after the news of Özgür appeared in the magazine ...

... suddenly your lover appears ...

... no sir, you will be alone at the last minute of your sister's wedding.

If he's not shy, he'll say he's lying for you, baby.

This slander is wise.

Of course you are nervous. Stressed child.

What's the matter, Fitnat he spoke blankly.

Of course, honey. So now he's here ...

... he will be ashamed to see you like that.

Oh my daughter, what is not ashamed to seek in her.

What a surprise!

(Woman laughs) You never expected that, right?

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Lover!

Your eyes are bright! Who's coming!

(Woman) My handsome nephew is here. Welcome my dear.

Honey what are you doing, are you okay, when did you come?

One by one! We happened in succession ...

... after you say how are you, wait, I will answer.

Let me say I'm fine, let me say how are you, let's continue like that.

-GOOD. -Let's see, let's try.

-How are you? - (Ozgur) I'm fine, how are you?

(Ozgur) Look at this shape, are you all right?

I saw you and got better. Is this our daughter our bride?

Slow, come or whatever happens, stop. My girlfriend, take it easy.

Ezgi, I am happy.

I love too. I am more than that, come on, sit down, baby.

Vallahi Sevimciğim, we read the news in these magazines or something--

(Sevim) Wait a minute, Hamiyet, give service. You have to bring it, honey.

No matter how happy you are to come to the table, your mother-in-law will love it too.

Did you know that we despair like that?

-News in magazines or something-- - (Hamiyet) Welcome Mrs. Fitnat.

(Fitnat) Thank you dear, health in your hands.

When the news appeared in the magazine, I was free, we were desperate, but ...

... Thank you very much. Mommy became very upset, regained consciousness and passed out.

But he is right. So doesn't she want to see her wits as a mother?

-Children don't want to see? - (Ebru) My crab.

Now the interviewer has changed his answer.

My brother didn't say things like that. Relax.

Aa, is that right? I never trusted them anyway.

What is much cannot catch your eye. Who is this evil eye?

I wonder who?

Geez, so?

How long have you been together?

-How long? Six months. Eight months.

Six or eight?

Let my love be love. So it chased me for two months.

We have been together for six months. Eight months total.

-I have a straight harness for two months. -Ezgi? Are you chasing someone?

Mix up the mess. I don't have my old madness anymore, okay.


He found a girl like Ezgi, of course he would run.

(Sevim) You will see people running, not people running.

Is it like this in our day? Well, kids are my husband ...

... slept at the door for six months to have a cup of tea with me.

- My father changed. -Look at dad.

Girls' homes are the naz houses of our time.

Past. But you don't know this, Fitnat.

Oh, why don't I know?

(Sevim) Ayol, when Burhan got engaged to someone else, you ran to him.

Oh, no sir, nothing like that, you remember wrong. He was separated.

Did my life start a little like Alzheimer's? I'll take you to the doctor.

However. Who are you dear, is your family here?

Are they rich, what do they do, what do they do, do you work?

Let my crabs feed them first. Press a little stop.

They will feed, honey, what is it. Hayriye, I told your aunt.

Now he's telling everyone, putting everyone together, we can't talk.

(Fitnat) She was very curious, she asked everything and spoke.

While we are ready, let me simply ask my question, oh let me relax.

-Yes dear-- -Oh, Ezgi what time?

Oh, for a moment I forgot, that just popped into my mind. Ezgi wake up!

Oh, we're hanging around here, Ezgi, get up, walk, we're so late.

(Consecutive conversation)

- (Love) My son, wait a minute! - (Ebru) It means you have your job.

-This Fitnat caught us. Let's calm down for two minutes.

-Come on, jump. Are we using machines?

-Exactly. -Wait.

(Ezgi) No one.

- (Ezgi) Bas. Where? -Tobacco.

- As far as you can. -Wise.

-Come on, Mrs. Cansu. -Thank you.

-Aunt. - (Nevin's voice) Hello.

-How are you girl? -I am fine, aunt, how are you?

I'm great.

(Cansu) Can I have coffee?

Auntie, I'm looking for Ezgi, I can't reach. Is that with you?

I'm thinking of coming to Bursa for the weekend.

How nice, come along. But Ezgi's been out a long time, honey.

- When you say expressions? -This is Ezgi with his girlfriend.

Only Cansu, that boy has as much as you say.

So handsome. So we love it.

When you say boyfriend, which girlfriend are you talking about, auntie?

(Nevin ses) Which boyfriend will be my daughter, here I am talking about doctors.

Did they come with Doctor Serdar Bey?

(Nevin ses) They want to visit us when they go to their family wedding.

(Nevin) Cansu, look, because this girl is also in the family ...

... so things got really serious. I am very happy. Hello?

Hello? Is there a problem my daughter?

No, Auntie, it doesn't matter.

I called Ezgi, I kissed you, good-bye, okay?

Aa, why did he call, why did he hang up?

Ezgi, what are you confused about?



I can't reach it, no.

(Transferring music ...)

(Music moves)

(Ozgur) Neither adventure, nor adventure.

This is it.

(Özgür) Not as much as you feared, right?

-There is no. That is fun. -Super.

What are we doing now

Come on.


If you are aware of it, I tried to go as far as possible by boat.

Wow! Do you see Fitnat's abilities?

-Which one is yours? -That.

Is the captain here?

(Ezgi) Sorry, sorry. I always ask. Of course you do.

Let's take you through Pasarella.

-Oo, we took it off. - (Ezgi) Please.

- (Ezgi) Hold me. - (Ozgur) Don't hold it back.

(Ozgur) Okay.

Let's get rid of this.

I'll make you drink.

(Ezgi) You know this job.

(Özgür) So this is teamwork.

Ah Ezgi ah!

Levent ...

What did Levent do? Can you speak to Serdar?

Can she talk to Ezgi today?

No, and the most interesting part is ...

... You told me that Serdar canceled the meal.

-Yes. - However, it was Ezgi who canceled the meal.


Yes. He lied to you about it.

Do not love.

There is no secret between us and Ezgi.

There is definitely work in this. No, this isn't normal at all.

I wouldn't know that much.

(Levent) Did you talk to Deniz? Maybe he knows something.

Yes, you said it right, you were right.

Honey, I have to go out to get Zeynep.

-Okey honey. -Tell me if you hear anything.

I'll call.

(Phone is ringing)

-Mir, Cansucuğum? -Baby, are you there?

I'm going to a meeting, but say, I'm listening.

(Cansu ses) Did you speak with Ezgi today?

Not. I spoke last night. He will go to Bursa.

Lost. She goes ...

... When I couldn't reach Ezgi, I called my aunt and she said that Ezgi had left.

Ezgi? A minute. Who did he go with?

How can I know? My aunt said Serdar.

-Serdar is also at the hospital. -What?

-Cansu what are you saying? I'm shocked now - (Cansu ses) What about me?

Look Cansu, now I have to close. They are waiting for me.

GOOD. When is your work finished?

He found an hour.

Then I'll go somewhere close to you, sit there and wait for you.

GOOD. You throw me to me, I will come.

See you again.


(Transferring music ...)

(Özgür) Okay, I found a solution.

Obviously, when you get on the ship, you are quiet like this.

(Özgür) We go to Istanbul by boat like this.

How beautiful, comfortable, swollen.

In silence.

I'm the one that's tensed. What is this?

Sir? Did you say something?

I said the knife didn't open its mouth. What is wrong?

Don't you miss my crystal voice?

I never thought I would say yes to that.

We made it cheap. We almost got caught.

Yes. I forgot to take my aunt into account.

How can someone not take that aunt into account?

We have to be ready. For example, if he asks how we met ...

-Who will ask. -Yes he asked.

-Our mouths must become one. -Yes. Let's be clear.

Now, we take the same taxi at the same time. That's how we met, right?

Yes. Look, we can use this.

You could say we met in the taxi.

But of course, we need to change the rest completely.

GOOD. We took the same taxi at the same time.

It's okay there. Let it be like this ...


(Music moves)

(Ozgur external voice) You are very impressed by my good looks.

(Sounds outside Ozgur) You don't know how to get out of a taxi. So, you don't want to.

Not. I think it should definitely be ...

... you take a taxi. From my beauty ...

... you are very impressed with my height, my roses, my face ...

... you can't come down.

(Music moves)

Let's see yourself with a dream. Alright so be it.

You like this idea.

Then, how?

Then you say in a very polite voice ...

Mom, I apologize a lot.

(Özgür) I know, driving the taxi is yours now, but ...

... as you know, there is a lot of rain outside.

You will appreciate that it is very difficult for me to find a taxi now.

Can I accompany you if you don't mind?

That can happen.

You are very elegant indeed. Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

(Male radio voice) Good morning, good morning, good morning.

(Male radio voice) We are expecting daily sun protection.

(Male radio voice) We're facing the rain.

(Male radio voice) Suddenly, shocking, unexpected.

(Male radio voice) Just like love.

(Özgür) Just like love.

Sudden, unexpected, shocking.


I'm talking about love.

(Male radio voice) Yes, as you can see, our topic today is love.

(Male radio voice) What do you think there is such a thing as love?

I never believed until now, but now I am.

There is such a thing as love. There must be.

Ugh! What is that?

I hate myself now, I'm cold.

Do not say that. You are very sweet.

Is that sweet? I think I'm a loser now.

What's more? So you fell in love with me at first sight.

How can you be a loser?

Okay, never mind.

I fell in love with you at first sight in the cab but that's it.

So if they don't ask again.

Kismet now. We'll see.

Also, we don't know anything about each other.

I know your mother's name, okay, but what's your father's name, how many siblings do you have?

(Ozgur) My father's name is Nevzat.

Five years ago from a heart attack ...

Good luck.

thanks. -Thank you.

Your father?

My parents separated when I was very young.

I was five years old when I last saw my father.

I don't remember much.

By the way, women who don't have a healthy relationship with their father ...

... we know that they also cannot be successful in their personal life.

The living proof stands in front of you.

(Özgür) But we'll sort it out.

We will definitely surpass you and what do we do?

I don't think your personal life is going well.

You know, mister is wrong. What's your trauma?

Trauma? ME?

Nonsense. Where are you getting traumatized now?

There must be a reason for being this way.

You say.

Isn't there? I know. Tell me quickly.

Okay, yes, you are telling the truth, you are right.

You are not wrong. I also experienced trauma.

But mine was born.

Is it genetic? I know.

Like yes. So ...

... my father is very handsome.

As a result, I was also born very handsome.

Now the people are handsome, healthy and energetic ...

... so when you have all these superior qualities ...

... want to share it with others.

Do you think it's unfair to all the other girls if I'm satisfied with one girl?

I was wondering if you could really be a mess.

Okay, I went a little too far. I'm dirty but not that much.

We've only been talking seriously for two minutes.

Okay, okay. Frankly, I don't know whether I was traumatized or not.

I do not think so. I have never experienced such a big event.

It hurts me, hurts me ...

... nothing breaks my heart. So I don't remember.

Maybe my trauma is that I never experienced trauma.

That's a paradox.

Of course, of course.

Well, have you ever been in love?


So if love really exists ...

... it didn't hit me.

He's probably not that fast.

Maybe, but it's also not my choice, which is speed or something.

Say life flows like that by itself.

Working the nightlife might be effective in this.

Look, this is your choice.

I thought you could avoid responsibility?

Yes, can.

As is clear from my name, I like freedom a little. (* Ozgur in Turkish means free)

Certain. Exactly.

I wish your mom named him Mahmut or something.

(Music moves)


Hello and welcome. Do you have a reservation?

I don't have a reservation. It develops spontaneously.

-This. How many people are we? -We are two people.

Fantastic. Then let's take you to the park.

The garden feels a bit crowded. Is there a quieter place?

It happened. Then the bar, if that suits you.

-Fantastic. -I. Continue.

(Gizem) Emre.

Welcome to the bar. What do you want?

(Cansu) Something calm down, please.

Something quiet.

At times like this, I prefer quiet things, you know?

- (Cansu) Very good. -This is very nice.

(Music moves)


- (Deniz) Hello. -Hello.

-I wonder if there's no other restaurant here? - (Vale) No, sir.

Ok, thank you.

(Deniz) Cansu! Cansu!

- (Gizem) Ms. Deniz, welcome. - (Deniz) Hello.

(Gizem) I'll tell you right away.

No, no, there's no need. Because my friend is here. He even waited for me at the bar.

- (Gizem) Is that so? - (Deniz) Yes.

Sure, come on. Let's do it like this.

-Cansu! -What happened?

If you need anything, let me know.

Thank you, thank you.

That is how it is.


What are you doing here?

Why? What happened?

(Gizem) My Head.

Yours has arrived. Lawyer girl.

Is the lawyer coming?

(Gizem) Yes. He came to eat with his friend.

My daughter, did you choose this place on purpose?

-Did he ask me? -Of course, dear. He asked you first.

GOOD. I come.


Your water. Come on.

So I found your chef's place in the big city?

(Deniz) Don't keep calling that your chairman.

Boss Ezgi or something.

Stop where? Let me meet

Don't be silly!

You don't need a hundred eyes. Actually, I think we should get up and go somewhere other than here.

Don't be silly Deniz!

Is that happening? Maybe a good man.

Maybe you will have a very good relationship. How do you know?

My dear, are we here to talk about me? Not!

Who are we talking about? Ezgi.

- Search (Sea). -OK, okay.

(Phone call tone)

Not. Not. Unreachable. Where is it?

I wonder who?

(Deniz) Ah Ezgi ah!

Oh, did you make coffee?

-Because I'm a really good friend. -You are amazing. Thank you very much.

Do you want to take control?

- (Ozgur) Come on. -No, I can't do it. Not.

You won't be able to do it? Joyful? Make.

Could there be something you can't do?

(Ozgur) For God's sake, please.

I truly say it with all my sincerity and sincerity.

Do you know what my philosophy is?

If anyone can do anything, I can too.

He is very ambitious.

And crazy. You are crazy? Will my hands be steering?

Sorry, hold on a second. I put you in the role now.

Come on, put on that hat.

-Is it OK? -That looks good.

Well worth it.

Yes, hold on.

You were born for this, made for this.

The hand is made for steering.

-That's what you said? -Yes.

(Emotional music)

We endured the hardest.

Is this the hardest?

The hardest thing is always taking the first step.

(Emotional music)

- Let's go speed a little? -Let's go. From here?

(Ozgur) Yes. At the same time, you push them forward a little.

Very well. Pull a little.

I told you I won't be given the wheel.

(Transferring music ...)

Let me take some more. It's really fun this time.

Where are they? Do you want to call?

My goodness, my dear, sends Ozgur's message.

He says we will eat outside, don't wait for us.


I wonder why?

Should we go to where they eat?

What are you saying, Fitnat? Is that happening?

(Sevim) That's surprising.

Why not?


(Fitnat) They cannot place group seating in this wide garden.


Hamiyet dropped everything, neat on the outside.

I'm swollen. That woman raised me.

I've become a drum, come on.

My aunt hasn't left yet, right?

Not. Everyone left, only one was left, didn't leave.

Wow! I thought he was waiting for my brother to come back you know?

I told you honey. They won't come, I said they'll eat out at night.

Maybe it's gone now.

That's a very good idea. Why didn't you think about it beforehand?


Girls, let me go now. I will come again tomorrow.

What is this? How cute, tiny.

Yesterday I sent it.

Oh, Miss. Sevim, gifts and so on.

Very elegant person.

Look, they send handmade natural products from their shop.

Little merchant.

I will own my world like you, I will donate the shop to you as a gift.

Where's the goose coming.

What were the words of the aunt?

Never mind, honey. Yengen thought everyone was like him.

Let there be love, my love.

Oh, nevermind.

We saw a girl next to Özgür, what difference does it make who they are?

Did you call to say thank you at least?

Is that appropriate?

It won't match if you don't call the real one

This human had sent something small, small, but ...

... if you don't call, they think you don't like it.


You also talk about dating events on the phone.


Let me speak to Özgür.

(Fitnat) Geez. Talk to talk, talk to Özgür.

Married Ozgur in five years.

Let me think about it. If he has a grandson in three years.

(Fitnat) We're much younger after all.

My dear, things don't work that way.

How do you think I married my son?

(Fitnat) If we leave this to them, oho! We hope for more.

Anyway, I'm leaving.

(Fitnat) Can you carry my pregnant mother's bag?

(Cansu) He didn't reply to the message either.

-Welcome. -We [I] love to be here.

-Hello. -Hello.

Incidentally my friend chose the meeting point here.

-Of course, dear. -Is that so? What a coincidence.

(Deniz) No, really. He really chose this place.

I don't want you to think I chose on purpose.

I see.

Yes, yes. My choice.

By the way, Cansu is Ezgi's cousin.

Is that so? I am very happy. Ozan me too.

Nice to meet you too.

I'm not saying it's my lonely cousin ...

... is very good at public relations and marketing.

(Cansu) I think you're going to do great things in the new place you're about to open.

(Ozan) We think so too. We thank you.

When it opens a new ...

He said new places to open.

-Did you hear the sound? -I cant hear. What sound

The sound of your dreams falling into the water.

Is that so? Let me throw you, you fall too.

(Emre laughs)

So if you ask me, Mrs. Gizem, you deserve it, but ...

... too bad for you.

Honey is very 'affectionate'. Look at your work.

So we are happy of course but ...

... That's a little thanks to Deniz Hanim.

It's a little difficult if I don't hear the phone calls that day.

Isn't it luck?

By the way, I think Ezgi will start next week, right?

He said something like that.

Yes. Let them come back from out of town, it will start.

- Are they spinning? - Are they spinning?

They went to Göcek with my partner.

-A miracle? -A miracle?


Sorry who's your partner

(Music moves)

This is where I say.


It's beautiful.

I wish I had come prepared. We're going to swim.

-Yes. - (Ezgi) In clothes?

You've showered before.

Now he is different. Don't confuse him.

Or let's do it like this ...

Not! Not!


What are you doing, maniac?

Oh, okay! It's okay, calm down.

Calm down what? I'm almost dying.

Are you dying

Come over here. One second. Do you think I'll let something happen to you?