Bay Yanlis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Ezgi wants to meet with Serdar again to make up for her mistake. She asks Cansu to arrange another meeting. This time, she is determined to act correctly and influence Serdar. She needs ...

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You almost split my head.

My life, I have apologized fifteen hundred times. How can I tell from there ...

... that you enter, that you wander.

Really sorry, I'm really sorry.

Okay, okay. It's been such a night ...

... can only end up like this.

The preparations were wasted.

So actually it's not completely pointless.

-I think it's influenced by me. -That is of course.

Until you talk too much and discuss it.

Don't me ...

... don't say that you took the first step and offered to meet up!

You really can't do this.

Have you installed a wiretap device on me?

Do you think you need a device? I saw you walking out the door.

You shine. You are so beautiful that no one can say no.

If you come here alone like that, sad ...

... how can i say this is what you do ...

... because of the big fool. There is no other explanation.

You just told me exactly ...

... are you saying I am beautiful that no one can say no?

Praise or something like that, you know?

Unlike those compliments, more like what you do at work ...

... to emphasize the idiot's prowess.

-To tell him. - Okay, let's hang up. Then.

You told me about the rules.

Yes, you are also not cocky and listening.

Then I told me not to cry too. Is not it?

Okay, let's just say that happened.

Alright, share these rules ...

... do you want to help or something?

(Ozan's outside voice) So this girl must be a girl like that ...

... and he will need you so badly that he will not punish you ...

... and he doesn't want to be loved by you ...

... then it won't stick to you.

Hush, hey!

Would you like to help?

I will help you. But on one condition.

If you agree to be my girlfriend for one night.

(Emotional music)

Is she your girlfriend?

Yes, from the numbers. You will pretend to be my lover.

How, I don't understand?

There is nothing unnecessary in this matter.

You will pretend to be my lover for one night. Once.

- Who am I going to save your head from again? - From my mom.

We're going to my sister's wedding for one night.

Is that what you want in exchange for teaching the two rules?

Unless we underestimate it for two rules.

If we say it's more like making you dream ...

... she will sit still.

By the way, his wedding was in Göcek.

We'll go and come for one night.

We're hooked in eight hours, we eat, we drink.

Travel. Once.

(Cansu voice outside) He's not like the man you've met this time.

(Cansu's external voice) He's on the bed in two minutes ...

... you'll find him at the door in five minutes.

(Cansu outside voice) Don't tell me to just be alone with him.

-I can't accept. -What can I say?

Saying I can't accept means I can't accept.

I can't pretend or be a lover.

Oh, you don't trust yourself.

Sorry. Why am I not confident?

I fell in love with the role, I fell in love or something.

So, what do you think you are? Arrogant.

Alhamdulillah I have good reasons to like myself.

Yes, you are so perfect ...

... you call yourself a lover by number.

My dear, let's be clear.

My business is not finding a lover or not finding him.

It's because I don't want to have more love.

Know what I mean? This is my choice. I am not as desperate as you are.

Hopeless? -Yes.

Where did you get that I was desperate?

Oh, you are not helpless. So you dive into my terrace at night for help.

You are abusing the situation just because the two of you would help. Opportunist!

Opportunistic, am I opportunistic? Impossible.

Okay, I don't want to. Even if you accept, I don't want any help.

Oh, I am also very curious. Don't ignore it. Transgressions that come to you.

It is a mistake to ask something of you.

I understand better now why men really leave you.

Because they are all trash like you.

Watch out, don't get caught there, you will fall.


Infinite! I'm desperate. I'm not desperate or anything.

You are helpless.

Look at the situation that makes me sad

It's all because of you.



Stop blaming me. It's your fault.

You don't know the rules.

You made the first mistake with me. You treat me like you are my mother.

But if you know the rules ...

I think your biggest weakness is too naive.

You immediately believed.

This is very well intended.

It bores you after a period of time. -Exactly.

Because he doesn't know the rules.

(Ozgur) I say to you, you are desperate.

Not. Not.

-You will grow old alone. - (Ezgi) No.

- (Ozgur) You will grow old alone. - (Ezgi) No.




It is a dream.

Wonderful dream! It's a nightmare.

You're officially ruining my psychology.

But he was right, he was right, of course.

I'm officially desperate.

Why am I acting like that?

Ah Ezgi ah!

(Phone is ringing)

What's wrong mom?

Hah Ezgi, I'm going to be curious.

How was your date last night, son?

Mom, eight in the morning.

I know, I have been patient until this hour.

How is the result? -How is the result?

Please don't say it's bad for God's sake.

No, that's not bad.

That's not bad.

Okay, when did you take him to see us?

Mom, I see you once again.

Okay, but I'm really curious.

Aa, look, let's do something ...

... I'll make an appointment, okay?

Let me go see the man. The doctor.

Aa, Nevin.

Mom, male gynecologist.

Please I'll beg you, I don't want you to be so sincere.

He is a gynecologist.

Okay, okay, okay. I will tell you ...

... when will you meet again?

(Nevin ses) Look Ezgi, my daughter, grab your hand quickly.

Your worm is engaged.

Is he engaged?

-Aa, you will chill it. - (Nevin) Yes.

How do you know?

I saw him while 'stalking. And I accidentally liked him.


Don't worry, from my fake account.

(Phone is ringing)

(Phone is ringing)

(Phone is ringing)

Oh ma'am.

Vallahi I won't be able to get it, I'll say it now.

-What's wrong mom? - (sweet voice) Huh, my son.

My dear, good morning, one of your mothers.

Mom, honey, I'm glad you got called, for God's sake. I have something very important to tell you.

(Sevim ses) Don't tell me you stopped carrying your boyfriend.

Vallahi you will make me sad.

We tell everyone, baby, we will be humiliated.

(Sevim's voice) I couldn't sleep all night because of excitement, baby.

(Sevim's voice) Ayy, I'm really curious about Özgür.

How are we girls? Tell me what's gonna happen, baby.

If you just throw pictures, my son.

Mommy, I'm interrupting your words with honey now ...

... aren't you exaggerating the situation?

Boy, how long have I been waiting for this moment, do you know honey?

(Sevim's voice) But my freedom, you make me very happy because of my beautiful child.

I will see your fate before he dies, thank God, my child.

I was so upset that I couldn't see him.

(Sevim's voice) What kind of girl? Is that beautiful

(Sevim's voice) Ayy, that's good, because you like him.

What is his name?

(Sevim's voice) Ozgur.

Mommy, you will meet when you come.

Son, at least mention me, what's with that?

What's his name, son, tell me.

See, if you cheat, you will be very sad.

No mom, there is no such thing, really. Is that okay?

Just a second, Mommy. So ...

Ezgi, mother. His name is Ezgi.

(Sevim's voice) Oh, it's so beautiful, the name is also very beautiful.

Ezgi ... I love it.

Mom, apparently there is urgent work for me.

Let me finish it, I'll call you.

Okay, okay, good for you.

Greet my jewelery.

Hello Mommy, I will tell you.

- (Ozgur) Yes? -I think...

... I might overreact to you.

So does that mean you accept my offer?

I agreed to be your lover for one night.

What do you say? Instead, before the end of summer ...

... I guarantee you will get a marriage proposal.

Before summer ends? You know me best

-Is this a joke? - (Ozgur) No.

How can you be so confident?

Mom, I know the rules.

A man decides on the matter by the third meeting at the latest.

So whether he will marry or not.

If he didn't take a step in three months even though there were no obstacles ...

... give up hope. -Three months?

Trash got engaged in three months.

Besides, he has no intention of marrying me.

Huh, come to think of it, you see.

GOOD. Look now, we have to start working without wasting time.

Now that trash is getting married at the end of the summer.

I definitely have to get married before that.

So this morning you were like this ...

... pinches its tail ...

-Let's start. Let's get started, let's get started Before ...

... we need to restore the doctor to factory settings so ...

... it's going to be really hard, so ...

... it will be very difficult for us to erase the first impression.

But it is not impossible. First, identify our prey.

Yes, show me, let me see this doctor. Flower.


-Is this? -That. Don't you like him?

Easy, we'll take care of this. There is nothing in it.

He's straightforward.

-Typeless? - (Ozgur) Yes.


Okay, not very handsome. But it's charismatic and interesting.

Ordinary, ordinary. So...

... even though compared to you 'okay', you are deemed fit.

Okay, I got stuck, the distortion happened right away, okay.

By the way, I think your image was printed ten.

Look, now we speak the same language.

This is what I want. So I will be better than him.

Here she is jealous of me, falls on me, is pushed.

My dear, even Adriana Lima was deceived ...

... in this world, you shouldn't have such a big dream.

Mom, is this an obstetrician? Ayy, Ayy, Ayy!

Ignorant ...

... You won't make jokes, are you?

Say I'll do it and I'm waiting for us to be sincere first.

We will never be so sincere with you.

Deal ends, friendship ends. - (Özgür) Let's have a look like that.

Okay, that's quite openness. You weakened this business well.

A little seriousness. Let's get back to our topic.

I tell you the first thing you have to do, are you ready? Buy a notebook if you want.

I'm listening to you, no notes needed. - (Ozgur) Are you ready?

-I am ready. -You noticed?

-Come on! Are you me I tell.

I have to be in the same environment as Serdar again.

To destroy everything again, baby?

Not. This time I made a whole plan, a program.

Before the end of the summer, towards the end of the summer, I will accept applications.

It's great fun setting goals, of course ...

... I wonder if I need to be a little realistic, my Ezgici?

I'm very realistic, comfortable. Look, I told you.

A guy mostly on a third date ...

... decide whether to apply or not.

So if Serdar doesn't offer it in three months, I will be desperate.

Three months? Come on.

Of course, I haven't given you any news about bombs.

- That bastard got engaged. -What?


Well, it's been three months since you left, when did he get engaged?

I say, three months.

It is true. İlker also proposed to get married in the second month of our relationship.

I won't accept it. Pig. Ayy!

Ezgi, where do you take me to my mind?

It's been more than a year with Bizim Levent.

So what, now he doesn't intend to marry me?

However, let alone getting married, we couldn't live our relationship comfortably just listening to that girl.

-Your situation is different. -Your situation is different.

What is the difference?

Levent had a marriage that didn't work out.

She also had a daughter, she couldn't decide right away.

Look at me, let go of marriage, I'm afraid to date.

For some reason nothing affects me.

Yes Ezgi, for some reason nothing affects you.

Stop, you just left. -Yeah.

You may not want children, but what is my biggest dream?

-At least three children. -At least three children!

Large and beautiful family with at least three children.

I want to have a family and I will do anything about it.

I don't want to regret it after it's too late.

But of course I need your support for this. I can't do it alone.

I'm with you dear.

Okay okay, I'll help too.

I hope things go their way, what should I say.

Don't worry, I will never make the same mistake from now on.

Wow, at least you admit your mistake. This is also an improvement.


But I know very well the reason for your efforts.

-Do you know? -Yes.

You're reading the book I read.

Yes, yes, I must have read the book.

I know all the tactics by heart.

But of course to be able to apply these tactics ...

... I need to meet with Serdar so I can restore it to factory settings.

Interesting. You have different self-confidence.

From the book. From a book?

It must be from a book. You have to read.

Then let's call Levent and see.

When will he organize with Serdar?


Hello my love.

How is that? That also won't tell you ...

... and you found a girl you didn't want to love?

We are beloved servants of God.

Who is this girl, I am very curious. -Brother, my next door neighbor.

- (Ozan) He got up too. - (Özgür) This is coming up really well.

(Ozan) Good.

Well, are we sure you won't want to be your lover after?

We are sure, we are sure. I gave him relationship training in return for his help.

Thanks to me, I hope that she will have a lover.

(Ozan laughs)

Relationship building and you, great.

As far as I can remember, the longest affair lasted for 48 hours ...

... and you're only six hours aware of it.

Ha ha ha.

(Ozan) But that.

Isn't that great?

I do not know. Wre they?

Boss, magazines. I found all the magazines, took them.

(Ozgur) Yak.

-I'm close. - I can not see that. Finish outside.

Or the kitchen is suitable, you can finish it there too.

-Is the kitchen okay? -We just cleaned the kitchen, don't mess it up.

-There's oil everywhere. -Not.

Okay, then I'll go, burn.

By the way, boss, this is an option ...

... I think it's up to you. Is this what will happen?

Ok my dear, okay. I kissed, 'bye bye'.

On Sundays at one o'clock at the tennis club, 'lunch', then a tournament.

Sunday? Two days? - (Cansu) Yes.

I only have two days to get ready. -Two big days.



(The doorbell rings)

(Ezgi) How do I?

Are you exercising? Sorry!


Continue? Doesn't that happen?

Honey, I told you this before.

So what's the most important thing for men? Physical appearance.

-Visionless. - (Ozgur) What are the rules?

'Love' your image, hold your brain

Isn't my image sufficient for 'love'?

Here, you place comfort in the foreground.

I feel so comfortable, you seem to say I don't need a man.

Know what I mean?

When I saw you, I said "Hello, shall we meet?" I have to hear you say.

(Özgür) You seem to be saying a lot more like this, come on, double.

It didn't happen.

What we will do?

Wait for me to come.

I wish I was wearing a dress.

Isn't that too grand?

It's very emphatic, so it's super. Let me see.


-You can't find fault, can you? -No, I can't find.

There's only one thing, mine is yours now ...

... I have no doubt that he is really stupid, you know?

So with that physique, a little brain is enough for you to enslave a man to yourself.

I shouldn't have fought you.

So I'm just taking the compliments part of this talk. Don't push your luck.

(Emotional music ...)



(Emotional music)

The ponytail creates the impression that you are neglected in such a man.

It seems there are three kids waiting for you at home.

Or like you haven't showered for 10 days or something.

That's why ...

(Ozgur) Okay, now you are ready.

Then I can go out.

You don't forget what I said.

OK don't worry.

He said the same thing about the parade.

I believe that I created the world, but the world can be destroyed at any time.


I am so excited.

Your cell phone will turn on, won't it?

If you feel comfortable, don't worry.

Don't hear your phone.

I heard, I heard.

(Transferring music ...)


(Ezgi's conscience) He really knows this work.

(Levent) Chest ...

Hi, I! Ezgi?

Girl, how beautiful you are.

-Isn't that? -I think that's too much, Ezgi.

Yes, really?

Like I said, the drop model is for you. Good?

(Cansu) Let me see you.

-Ezgi, it's so pretty. - Thanks Levent.

It's very important to hear from you.

(Levent laughs)

No, honey, I think that's still too much.

I want to drink. Good?

(Levent clears throat)

Really negative.


Is Serdar coming?

No, it's not here yet.


(Emotional music ...)



-Sorry excuse me. -Watch Out!

I am so sorry.

Are you alright?

Who are you?

I want to help you because it hit you.

Am I asking for help?

Don't think every woman you see is helpless.

-I can take care of myself. -Sorry.

Go on to make your ego's gratification in another woman.

-Ego satisfaction? -Yes.

You're the one who makes the violence, the one who becomes the hero, right?

According to the woman, according to the situation ... Allah, Allah!


-Serdar has arrived. Ezgi, look ... -Oh, don't be silly.

-OK, don't stretch me. -Good, okay, okay.

(Phone is ringing)

I am coming now.

-Sir? -How are you?

Good. It just came.

You don't look stressed or anything, do you?

No, I'm very comfortable. I even smile a lot.

You said my smile is beautiful.

You will watch the game, right?

A A! He saw me laughing.

Okay, stop smiling now.

Because after a while it makes you look stupid.

Where did he disappear?

Now the cotton candy shop is talking to a woman there.

With that woman? Is this cotton candy?

(Ezgi's voice) Where do you come from ...

A A! I can't believe you are here

(Music moves)

I never thought it would come.

I can't miss this fun, can I?

You are very bad.

He locked you now, he saw you. Don't look at you.

I said don't look, why are you looking?

- Reflexively. -If I say don't look, don't look.

-OK, don't stop screaming. -Now turn around.

-What? - (Ozgur's voice) Turn around.

-You just said it doesn't look well. -Do what I say.

(Free voice) Look you in the eye for five seconds, okay?

Your appearance is not cold or sincere.

(Ezgi's conscience) One, two, three ...

... four five.

Okay, now get out of there, now, walk.

Wait a minute. Am I not looking for him to approach me?

Honey, you've heard of the chase running away now, haven't you? Not that much.

Of course I heard. I understand, I will leave now.

(Ezgi) Is he after me?

(Özgür) I think. Forgive me.

You are great.

No one has been chasing you until today, right? Admit it.

You don't know what to do when you hear a compliment, do you?

-All such ridiculous answers. - (Ozgur voice) Okay, stop there.

-Let him talk to you. - (Ezgi ses) Now, what am I going to say?

(Music moves)


Oh, hello, Serkan Bey.

Isn't this serdar?

Serdar Bey, sorry.

We also agree that we're out of the guy?


I will say how are you but you look great ...

... nothing can be said to him. -Thank you.

By the way, I'm sorry for this week, I'm too busy, I can't call you.

(Ozgur external voice) Looks like your week is busy ...

... and she'll say she can't call.

You will say why you called me in response.

How is that? You know, I offered him dinner ...

... and she said I'll call you when I'm around.

Indeed, by the way, you do such nonsense.

We want to forget this and make you forget.

Now, doesn't that make me look like a senile person? - (Ozgur's voice) Make sure, honey ...

... it's much better for us to see you like that.

(Free voice) Also, we men like women who are forgetful.

Because even after so many years have passed ...

... we're so frustrated that you don't forget any negative details.

I don't think this applies to you.

I'm sure the longest is 48 hours.

How do you know? I'm also only aware of six hours away from him.

Oh, my God. I really can't believe I got tactics from you.

My dear, let's discuss this situation again when you request a meeting.

Let's see if you will think that way.

(Transition sound)

Why are you calling me?

You know, we said we would meet, you would call me too.

-Aa, did I say that? -Yes.

I forget.

That's what I said. You take it too seriously.

I have to go to girls. I'll see.

(Music moves)


A A! My daughter is here.

What are you doing here? -I have tennis lessons, dad.

Tennis lessons? Isn't that a work day?

Yes, I can't go because I'm sick. That's why we learned my lesson today.

My mom says you might be here too.

I said I would come and have a look.

Yes, your mother said so.

Greet your mother from me, okay?

Who is this woman, father?

(Clears her throat)

Cansu, I am Zeynep.

Do we know each other?

No, we didn't meet, but I know you from your picture.

And you are much prettier than your photo.

Where did you see my photo?

I am Zeynep, Cansu's sister ...

... my hospital's public relations officer.

Since she is in charge of public relations, she keeps looking at the photos.

He looks at the photos.

- (Levent) He knows from there. -I understand, father.

My ministry will be withdrawn soon. I'm leaving, dad.

Come see here.

- Watch, okay? -GOOD. See you dad.


Isn't that Hamdi Bey, Hamdi Bey's operator?

Fix him. Hamdi Bey!

Look, I'm 17 here, my fast.

I'm not like that now, I've calmed down.

-This is pretty sweet. -Isn't that?

-Ozgur. -What?

Let's talk?

My childhood friend. It is always eternal.

-Call me, okay? -GOOD.

-You also called. -I will call.

-I fell in love, brother. -What happened?

-I fall in love. -Brothers, can I get a net just for that?

-I can't hear because of that. -I fell in love, brother!

We haven't been together for ten minutes, how can it be like that?

I don't understand, brother, this is my first time experiencing something like this.

I guess the woman in my life.

Sir, what you feel is not love.

Thanks to me for finally leaving the kitchen and seeing a woman or two ...

... your hormones are attacking.

Having been with Seçil for a year, almost ...

You can even fall in love with a cow now, for example.

-Don't give the girl that much meaning, I guess. -Impossible!

This topic is about you, okay? I will return to my colorful life.

Girls, let me introduce you to my friend. Ozan, come on.


He's a little shy, very shy. Love man.

(Clears her throat)

Honey, can you buy me a soda?

What do you mean didn't I buy it?

You girls, do you want something?


I held myself hard.

Certain. What happened?

Princess Levent has arrived.

Has he finally introduced you? -Yes!

It's not going well, as I understand it.

He introduced me as a co-worker, can you imagine?

(Together) What! Impossible!

Look what he does while I wait so he can explain our relationship.

You are absolutely right. What do you mean co-workers?

Okay, we're not saying anything he hasn't introduced so far, we respect that.

But now it's come this far. Introducing as a colleague, I don't know ...

... I think it's a little dishonest.

(Deniz) What happened?

Sorry, just a second ...

You are absolutely right.

(Clears his throat) Anyway.

(Cansu) Here he comes. I know I'll do it to him.

Yes honey, this is Sodan. I also eat lemons as you like.

-Thank you. -Greetings.

-Serdarcım. -How are you?

-Good. You? -Good.

-Hello, Ezgi, one more time for you. -Hi.

- (Serdar) Female Lawyer. - Doctor.

- My dear. -Hello Serdar Bey.

Yes, what time is the match?

There's a whole hour. I will warm up now.

Yes, the champions are clear. Who is second?


Serdar won every year without exception. It never misses.

It ripped apart what it had.

I think it will be the same this year, isn't that Serdarcığım?

We will see later. You still watch the game, right?

Shall we miss it?

Ezgi, you?

(Phone is ringing)

Oh, sorry, I'll come right now.


(Ezgi) What happened? Serdar beside me.

(Özgür) I understand.

Play with your hair now.


You look so beautiful now that I can even fall in love with you.

Is it right?

No, of course. I'm telling you to get in the mood.

Her eyes are on you now and ...

... she realizes you're talking to a guy who's complimenting you, that's why.


What are you doing? Did I make you laugh?

(Ozgur's voice) Please don't improvise.

There is a fine line between common sense and sexiness.


Now go to your friends and tell them you are done.

So let's say you're leaving. -What?

He wants us to watch the last game. Are you sure

If he says so, I am sure.


My dear, you are the 'cool' one.

I'm starting to warm up now. You're watching, aren't you?

Unfortunately. I have my own program, I have to go.

What are you talking about?

(Whispers) Tactic.

Ezgi, did something happen? Tell me if something happens.

(Whispers) Tactic.

Anyway girls, see you.

-Good luck. -Thank you.

- (Ezgi) I'll take my bag with your permission. -Of course.

Ezgi ...

I will go slowly now. Let me dress, warm.

-See you later. -Yes.

Shut up!

Shut up! Why am I leaving?

But honey, we have business with you if you say that all the time.

See if I can't get an offer to leave Serdar.

Is that an offer to leave? How old are you, 40 or older?


There was something like that before, right? Offer.

"Are you going out with me?" Where? To the tree.

Bad jokes, we laughed at them in those years.

How beautiful were those years. Is that so now?

You look, it's not clear whether you are a lover or a friend.

The relationship was never mentioned.

Thank you. By saying on our number?

Being tricked by a man who laughs at your every face and tells you two sweet words ...

... they'll be solved if your lover doesn't try to do it.

Is it our fault again?

Wow! What if you stop cheating, for example?

What if you only said nice things to the woman you would love and care about?

You talk too much. I hope when you meet the doctor ...

... you don't say much, you are a little hoarse.

It didn't work, did it? Because I'm right.

My life, there is no right and wrong in this game, there are winners and losers.

Okay. Smarty-Pants!

Isn't there a taxi rank here?

I'm home, come with me.

We will come now!

- Is this your car? -Yes.

-Please pass. -Here you go.

Your hair will be a little messy, so be careful.

Oh, I would be surprised if it didn't disappear.

Where is this belt?

This is from the waist. Let me show you.

(Music) "Oh it's never ending, it's a matter of my heart"

(Starting car)

I'm holding.

-Are you ready? -I am ready.

Wow Wow wow ...

It's burning around here!

-It's burning in here. Welcome. -We [I] love to be here.

Guest Özgür Bey is my guest. Welcome.

Haydar Haydar, let me introduce you, Mrs. Ezgi, he's become Cansu Hanim's cousin.

She will stay with him for a while. We are neighbors, with him.

Is that so?

-I'm satisfied. -Me, too.


Haydar Haydar is the security of our apartment.

It would be more accurate to say that he was in charge of the apartment.

Look, I'm close to you like a 24/7 phone for all your needs.

Out of bread, need a taxi, faucet is broken ...

... the water stops, you keep lather in the shower.

You need someone to talk to, worry about--

-Not that much. -Come, why? We are all human.

Loneliness is difficult.

Sometimes someone needs sound, breath.

Haydar Haydar, give me a cheek, we won't hold you back. Let's go.

All right, Ozgur.

I pulled this over to the other next to number six.

You too.

It's not dangerous, I like it very much.

What man are you?

(Phone is ringing)

What is it, honey?

My thoughts are stuck there. What are you doing?

Daughter, I can't believe you left. Is he kidnapped now?

What is going on?

(Cansu ses) What will happen? Serdar won the tournament ...

... received congratulations. It's full of girls.

He had dinner and then a party.

I do not believe. Is that really Cansu?

Ah, Ezgi. He says will you see me right?

(Cansu ses) So today this work is finished.

I hope he doesn't get out of here with someone.

The environment is perfect because of that.

Don't say, don't say, Cansu!

Ah Ezgi ah, you will stay there!

There's nothing more to do, honey.

Well, you were at the party, weren't you? So you live there.

You tell me what happened.

Do you think I'll stay here with Levent?

My dear, our main pleasure is at home.

(Cansu ses) I explained what you did to me today ...

... I'll ask him really badly. So I can be late.

Okay honey.

GOOD. Come on, I kissed, 'bye bye'.

Ah Ezgi ah! Why are you following his thoughts?

There you will stay!

Look at your day!

(Clears her throat)

Honey are you okay?

I'm bored, let's go.

Are you bored? What a fun time we had.

I think speaking for myself.

I can not understand.

Is there something bothering you?

(Cansu) I don't want to argue with you here right now.

Okay. If you are really bored, move on to me ...

... I hang out here for a bit, I came from behind.

Aren't we already talking like that? In case we stay with me tonight.

(He pretends to roar)

Yes, we talk like that, but we talk together.

Together, Levent.

Baby, look, let me linger here for a few hours, I'll come.

Serdar is a very sensitive child.

If we leave now, too bad, it will break.

My dear, I thought you never ruined your mood.

You can hang out here until morning.

Because I moved into my own house.

Deniz, you took me home, right?

-Of course. -GOOD.

(Levent) Baby ...

- (Deniz) You did well, let him know. - (Cansu) I guess!

She is in the mood to live with him.

This fellow did not come to give two faces to his people.

That's why you don't want to.

He's after us, right?

(Deniz) Yes, it will come.

(Deniz) Look, don't compromise even when he pleads, okay? I will go.

(Cansu) Don't be silly Deniz, that's not too much.

Let me go and have fun here all night.

I guess you have never seen girls waiting like eagles.

What if he likes someone?

Also, men's resistance is just as great as mine to lemon cheese cake.

So three minutes.

-I can never take the risk. -It's coming. Walk.

Baby baby

(Deniz) My dear, don't worry, we're going home now ...

... I'll make you great coffee, oh, like.

-From, how can I leave him here? -My dear.

Honey, come on, you took it too far.

Levent, if you don't leave the party, it will be embarrassing for Serdar.

What? Embarrassing?

(Levent) He said it would be embarrassing!

(Levent) Whatever happens, is it more important than you?

Is it worth it for you dear?

Let's go to our house.

Okay, I'll come, but only because I have to talk to you.

Shall we talk?

Of course let's talk. Let's talk at length.

Let's go now.

Deniz, I'll be going honey, bye.

Let's go.

You fall into this negative negative energy of Deniz ...

... you zoom in on things.

(Cansu) Don't be ridiculous Levent.

She's a jealous girl.

-Baby, I kiss a lot. -Levent.

The car locks itself beside him.

Sports it.

(Starting car)

(Honk sound)

Ah! What should I say to you?

Okay, there is this.

What is this? Is this what will happen?

No, who is this (bastard) surprised?

(Deniz screams) Sorry!

I know I will now.

I wonder if this car is parked here?

(Deniz) Anyway, stop, stop. I know.

I'm looking for a hammer. Hah--

(Charging warning voice)

My battery is exhausted. Right now?

No, is there anyone else? Sorry!

Very sorry.

Are you again?

Are you following me?

Look, the law has changed. If I want, I'll let you in in two minutes.

Don't drive me crazy.

Is this car yours?

There is no car, the car is not mine.

Ha. Do you have a phone

By number?

As a dear device. For search.

Okay, of course, I'll give it.

Come on.

I'll also call the tow truck. Let him come and get it.

Could there be such a disgrace? He's back on my back and far below me.

No, I couldn't leave, so I stayed here.

No, no. I know I will.

How foolish this is, for God's sake.

I am looking for. Hello?


Yes, yes. I want to report a location. The vehicle will be towed.

Yes, a maniac came and caught me. Yes.

Of course, I told you right away. 34 ...



Son, what are you saying?

Human belief doesn't come. Are you completely ignoring a car that is being pulled out?

What should I do? Whatever I do, I'll be in a state of mindlessness in my daughter's eyes.

Even though there was no vehicle in front of me when I parked my car, but ...

... tell me, if you can.

Vallahi is 'brotellom', so ...

... that girl managed to intimidate you the minute she met you.

Get well soon. So nothing can be added to that much.

Good luck in your life.

Let's take a look at the recent waves. Anyway, I'm home, see you tomorrow.

Good, come on.


Enjoy your meal.

Come over if you are available, I'll offer you something.

Of course I'm allowed.

I may be at the celebratory party right now but I'm here.

If you can be a little patient, you're actually going to celebrate, you don't know.

I am curious? I think I missed a great opportunity by not attending today, thank you.

For God's sake, what chance is that?

We can be close and be lovers today.

What a lover! I'm telling you the only thing you can get if you stay there ...

... one night stand. I don't know if that's what you want.

Don't be silly.

Then stop whining.

You will be the winner today.

How come? Tell me for God's sake.

You see you when you call.

When did you call me? He would think of me and call me when there were so many girls around today.

In fact, today is my 'day off'.

So I plan to take a little break.


- Should I go? Yes, if you will.

Look at me, yeah, I thought you were kidding.

You will keep me busy till the wedding ...

... then when you're done, I can't do it, you'll say sorry or something.

Oh, good idea.

Do not make me angry.

Please, if we can calm down.

I became big for you, big.

Get it.

Take off my eyes now, it's in your hands.

Now I can go out and get rid of him. I do less for you. Curse.

(Ezgi) From!

Oh Ezgi! Ah ah!

Look at the man you think of, girl.

Does he have any thoughts for himself so he can give them to you.

But it's over, no. There is no deal ... Cancel, I cancel.

Like we signed a contract? Are you going to force me to the wedding?

I will take care of myself, my thoughts are enough for me.

We won't hug snakes just because we fall into the sea.

Here Cansu called. Who knows what happened at that party.

If he's close to another girl, I'll kick you out the window!

I don't see your age.


Serdar called.

What am I going to say now?



May I come in?

You have entered as much as you are going to enter, what else are you going to enter.

I thought for a long time ...

... I might overreact to you.

-The name, right? -Called.

And I can't open it because I don't know what to say. What am I going to do?

My life, although I have wisdom, I can give it to you.

Your thoughts and ideas are enough for you.

Are the walls that thin? -Yes.

Our agreement was also canceled. Is that so? After all, we don't have a contract or anything, it's written.

Your words don't really believe either. So we understand that.

Oh, honey, don't be silly.

So I said it angrily.

Or of course you can take my word for it.

No, no. I understand that I will understand.

Since our agreement was canceled, I didn't interfere with anything.

Don't be silly. Look, okay, I promise.

No more nagging, questioning, nothing. Whatever you say.

- Favorite type of woman. -I think.

Like you, I even turned the damage into wax in three days and brought it to the desired consistency ...

... you still question my thoughts.

Call it temporary.

Now will you call me and tell me what to say?


Not? Look at me, if you expect me to beg, you will lick your palms.

You can't stop, can you? You can't stop being ugly for two minutes.

But you still say I won't help.

I mean, you don't have to call right now. No, don't call, no.

Didn't I call?

Not now. Because now you are handsome, attracted to you ...

... you have fun with a man. That's why you don't hear the phone.

-So we want him to think so. -Exactly.

And since you are a woman who is hard to reach ...

... you can't just go back to a call like that.

So, when exactly do I come back?

Tomorrow morning.

Is it tomorrow morning? -Yes. I'll call you tomorrow.

I'll tell you what to say, we'll talk about that later.

If you want I have to go now, I'll meet someone.

Why didn't I pick up the phone?

Aa, he called again.

What am I going to do, what should I do?

I mean, maybe something's urgent.

Don't be silly, Ezgi, what might be urgent?


Dope! Die!




Oh what?

Ozgur! Ozgur!



My eyes are closed.

I don't see, don't ever bother you.

I'm only going to ask you something for two seconds.


(Whispers) Serdar.

Serdar called, if you gave me two seconds.



I am alone.

You said maybe I'll come with someone.

It's to make you jealous.


Me? Why?


You may not realize that I am in love with you.

Are you in love with me

You told me something like I don't believe in love.

That was before he knew you.

You know, I can't get out of my head when you kiss me.

Is that so?

Are you also thinking about that moment?

Of course, because I can't remember that night exactly.

I remember every second.

Your smell ...

... a beautiful taste on your lips.

I remember everything.

(Woman laughs)

(Woman laughs)

(Song plays)

"Oh it never works, it's a problem of my heart"

(Woman and Özgür laugh)

How real it feels.

You really ruined my psychology.

Not. No, Ezgi.

Ayy, what else. Good health for me.

No, no.

(Ezgi) What's more, what a relationship. Good health for me. Am I up to him?

You fought for years, then ...

No, Ezgi. Look, don't.

Don't think of the downside as a dream, real.

He's Mr. Salah, your target is Mr. Right.

Mr. Correct.

Has it ever been for you? What we are talking about?

You try your hardest, everything will be fine.

You have goals, you have dreams.


... men in your target.


Well, now you are getting better.

It's okay, everything's fine.


-Are you still in bed? - (Ezgi's voice) Yes.

Of course, you ate all night, didn't you?


Come on, don't be nervous in the morning.

I'm on the terrace, let's have coffee. You can both contact a doctor.

Okay, here I come.



Good morning son, good morning

My place is you, do you miss me?

(Ozgur) Yes.

Yes, what am I calling and saying now?

He might want to schedule it for tonight.

He will ask if he is available. You will say I am not available.

-Again? -Again.

If you're going to nag again, I'll come in.

Yes, the weather is great for you, every night having fun with other women.

I think your goal is to get married, not to have fun.

Now that he's quiet, I can move on.

The second question might be ...

... It will be like what day you will be available this week.

You may this week too, you will give unanimous answers like I'll check or something.


Maybe this week.

Fantastic. So what days will you be available?

I really don't know.

Well, if I tell you, I look forward to seeing you.

Let me see the situation, let's communicate again.

-Why? -A A!

Hello? Are you there?

Yes I am here.

Let me see the situation, let's communicate.

As you wish.

Then ... (busy tone)


Wow! If you say goodbye, you hang up like that.

Well, you said close.

You get angry when you improvise.

Well done.

Is it embarrassing right now? I am standing in the bowl like a person.

It's okay, you'll be more valuable, you'll be more valuable, it doesn't matter.

Wow, it's worth more.

I haven't been right for years, never.


Ah Ezgi ah!

- (Ezgi) Sir? - (Cansu ses) I told you, right?

Look, Serdar met someone at the party that night. They just had a date.

Is it right?

Or did he say something to the girl, I can't wait to see you.

A A! How do you know?

I don't know, how do you think I know?

No more Ezgi, did he talk to you?

So I don't know, I thought it was me.

Ayy, I can't believe it. You tell me all the details now.

You explain it to the last detail, fast.

Now I'm starting again. Look dear.

(Ozan) All I know about that girl is her plate number.

Not only now, you know that you are crazy.

My Pablo, you tell me, kicking tires for example.

Beyond age.

So what do we do? -Okay, admit it, he's the kind of grumpy type.

Let me tell you, no one in his life for at least a year, for sure.

(Ozan) Did you say that?

Maybe, huh, so that's a bit of a human enemy too.

-A little? - (Ozan) Yes.

I think the most dangerous type of woman.

-Why? Is it because he's angry? - He's too smart.

Okay bro, I already love smart women you know.

Deniz Koparan.

-What? Hold on.

-Who is this? Yesterday's girl.

So I questioned the plate, it's Deniz Koparan's.

- Who is Deniz Koparan? Isn't that girl?

That is. Where did you get?

(Ozgur) Brother Cevval, the girl is here, work done.

Your contact is a nobody, by the way, my interview on digital is also ...

In any case, we will talk about it. You can't understand it yet, you can't think.

For two hours, you've been researching these things ...

I'm talking to you.

I searched the internet and it doesn't appear again. Name not found on license plates.

You can't think of it yet, just because I love smart women.

It will not happen.

This girl will move her finger in two days, so I'll tell you.

Take a look at his last name once, Koparan.

Only reason enough to stay away from here.

You are very biased.

- He is a lawyer. - (Ozgur) Oh, and too!

Brother, this conversation is unprecedented now. Good? We're leaving now.

You haven't seen the girl or anything, you haven't seen her name or anything.

Brother, we end it.

-Why? - (Ozgur) Why?

Brother, you are my childhood friend, you have so much sake, I don't know what ...

... we can't break you, we love you.

(Pablo) Look, honey, lawyers are bad for women.

So they're tough, hard to fool, okay?

(Pablo) Brain folds and stuff like that is interesting. The threads are different.

So you can't feel comfortable.

Friends, I don't want to be comfortable.

I am looking for a relationship where I can be peaceful and happy, that's all.

You are itchy, you say you will definitely itch

Go, call, okay, go and call the lawyer girl. Her cellphone already--

I found I found. I give.

No, no. Don't be silly, shame. What will I say?

How the weather ruined it, opened it and snatched it.

Somehow we have to meet again. Random.

You are really kidding!

I thought about that too.

Now he shares photos of the gym he visited on the internet.

Özgür Bey went to the same hall as you, Form Fit.

Maybe like a meeting there.

- Oh, one second, one minute. -Ee?

I have been saying my eye has been biting for an hour, where do I say, now he is sitting.

The gym is there.

What happened?

From the gym, aren't we sure, brother? You met at the gym.

Nothing passes between you.

No, baby, if it's just something ...

(Pablo) Is the recording coming?

One dumbbell swap, I'll give you five, give me eight.

No, brother, not really.

OK good.

Then I write to your gym, brother.

I haven't exercised in a long time, which is good.

We also have the opportunity to coincide. thanks.

Brother, get back to sports as a hobby. Keep doing it for health.

Girls are like this, so you can't play sports or anything.

Right, Pablo? Need a more business-oriented approach.

So you have to do it like us. Like us.

Just like you? - (Pablo) Yes, we are.

And let go of that purity, let go of that purity.


He spoke blankly.


(Cansu) I still can't believe that you are the one he's talking to, Ezgi.

Nothing more, Cansu!

I mean, whoever saw had received an award, he would think it was celebrated or something.

He will accept the gift, my dear, in a four-carat stone.

Don't overdo it, you don't need four carats, one carat is enough.

Not. Cancel now.


Deniz, can you stop giving off negative energy too?

Career doesn't have to be everyone's priority. So at least for now.

Okay, I didn't say anything. Don't ever argue.

Tell me. What happened last night? For example, what did Levent say?

What can you say If I introduce you to be my girlfriend ...

... he'll come home with his stuff, settle down, won't give us peace, he said.

He will get used to it and say it at the right time.

So if you look at it, I don't think it's fair.

(Deniz) When I think about it now, I am jealous of my father.

Even now I'm jealous.

I want to comment but ...

... I don't remember much because I last saw my father at the age of five.

I am also a very jealous kid, but my father is very flirtatious.

That's right, my aunt didn't cheat in the least.

Yes, do you remember Ezgi?

One time we went to my father's workplace with my mother and we raided with his secretary.

Ayy, my poor mother, how sad she is.

I also couldn't stand it and attacked my father.

He also spat in his face.

-Come on, dear. -Vallahi I do.

I do not believe.


-Serdar, how are you? -I am doing fine. How are you

Ser ... Serdar. Serdar is coming.

Ser ... Aa!

Very nice.

He saw us coming from here.

How do I look? -You look good, beautiful.

Quiet. Are you okay.

(Ezgi's inner voice) What if I said something wrong.

I am coming now.

(Both) Where's Ezgi?

- Ladies. - (Cansu) Hello.

-Good night, Doctor. - Counselor.


Ezgi went to the sink, he will be here soon.

Good. How's it going, is everything all right?

-Good. How are you? - (Deniz) It's okay.

(Dial tone)

It doesn't open. Come on.

Come on. Open Open, open.

What are you doing, Ezgi? Quiet.

You will talk to the bottom quickly.

What could be the worst?

You can handle it.

As far as I can see, we eat healthy.

Oh hello.

-Hi. How are you? -Thank you. You?

What a coincidence.

I was actually planning on coming here with you tonight.

Maybe we couldn't come with you, but we met.

This must be what they say fate is inevitable, right?

Even though we said we would talk, but then we couldn't communicate.

Are you able to manage your schedule?

So I can't manage it.

(Serdar) I guess you are busy too.

So I'm a workaholic, that's not a bad thing, but ...

... sometimes you have to make a pause for yourself.

Is not it?

However, let me leave you alone. Enjoy eating again.

-We Communicate. -See you later.

A A!

Bravo Ezgi, this is what happened. How many times have you pulled the man out because I was busy.

Luckily he thought he was a workaholic.

How good is it, how good is it?

He probably thought that he was running ten people together.

What will he think about when he finds out that I am unemployed?

There's also that right?

I need to find a job very urgent.

Honey, I've said it to many places.

We'll call tomorrow and ask again, don't worry, we'll find out.

Me, too. Don't worry, I'll look into it tomorrow.

(Phone is ringing)


Not one job, one.

Mr. Bread.

-What is wrong? -I am all right, you?

Good. God bless you.

What dating site is it? It worked.

-You called me. -Yes.

Then I saw that he was back, but I can't come back, I have a job.

Did something happen?

I met Serdar where I was going.

That's why I said to call you. Because you get angry when you improvise.

-Are you talking? -Yes, he came to me as soon as he saw me.

He insisted on making an appointment.

How that makes you the ego now. -Why does he have an ego?

Maybe that guy really wanted to see me.

Volume, you must have goldfish memory.

Didn't you insist on eating last week?

- Not moving you? -OK, reminder.

-I will say something, I hope you don't give it one day. -No, I don't.

But this time, he thought I was a workaholic because of my busy schedule.

Think about it, why are you bothering yourself?

I can not.

If I have a job.

Right, you got fired, right?

Don't say I was fired ...

... mutually terminating our work contracts.

How do you know?

I don't know much about you anyway.

After a night at that hotel.

Really, how did you get high and imprison me there that night?

You really don't remember, do you?

Maybe I want them to be obscured. Why do you keep reminding?

I want to forget, don't go in there.

Why do I still see you after that night ...

... that's also a mystery.

Could it be because the business crashed?

Come on, my job is two days.

How many days will you last, God knows that.

What to do, a deal is a deal.

Let me get the offer as soon as possible, get rid of me as soon as possible.

I work for him too, but ...

... look at the target, look at the material in one hand.

The possibilities are limited. Male doctor, you are unemployed.

All right, take me downstairs. Let me be so depressed.

I know your goal but me. You will scare me like this ...

... you will give up. Difficult, right?

I'm stuck on you because of my love.

If you hang out more often, you will go to weddings alone.

Okay, don't be mad.

(Ezgi) You also come to me.

I'm trying to find a job in two days, two days here.

(Ezgi) There is no place left where I don't send my CV. I send it everywhere.

Organizers, public relations, marketing.


(Ozgur's conscience) Lan can actually work in the new room.

(Ozgur's conscience) There's also a need, why not?

But yeah, it's all because of you, it's all.

There's a problem with the tactics you gave me.

If I didn't tell the man that I followed your thoughts and that I was busy ...

... he also wouldn't think I was a workaholic.

(Ozgur's conscience) Oh, my gosh. No, no. No, God forbid, in the same place all day long.

(Ozgur's inner voice) That's impossible.

You start screaming again, I will never hold you back.

Great job search for you.

Don't throw anything behind me this time.

By the way, you were drinking chamomile tea, did you realize?

- (Özgür) I wonder why? -It's soothing.

-Are you sure? -It balance.

So I am the backbone of the bar. What are they saying? White coins for a dark day.

- (Gizem) Isn't that? -Yes.

What we do, do we delete it properly? Very nice.

- (Ozan) How am I, Gizem? -Hum good.

-Is that good, eh, or is it okay? -I am doing fine ...

-You have an appointment! -Yes.

I'm going to see that lawyer girl. - (Gizem) Really?

When are you dating, talking?

See, that means she's not a tough girl like you say.

No, you are wrong.

- I want a job interview. -Hmm, same tactics.

You don't say who you are, you pretend to be coincidence.

-Exactly. - (Gizem) Bravo.

-All right the question. With or without a hat? - (Gizem) With a hat.

Sophisticated know what you want. I wasn't chosen, I chose style.

Get out of here.

- (Ozan) Do you need this? I took this. -No, take it.

-What, it's blazing. -Yes.

-Don't say I'm going to see that lawyer girl. -Yes, brother, bye.

I'm even late for a meeting now.

Look, I really like you, don't make that girl our lawyer, don't wrap our heads.

Are you the one who says approach with a business focus?

I said go through that channel, I didn't say get up and do business. These two are different things.

Looks like you complained a little about our old lawyer, right?

I ran, brother. Pray for me. 'See you later'.

(Pablo) Would you like to get a magnifying glass?

No Cansu, no, where!

I post CV all over the place, human courtesy turns into one.

Nothing came back.

There is no improvement in me either. So I tell everyone that comes to mind.

I call everyone I don't know.

So I told Levent too.

Levent also investigated on the one hand, but ...

... we did find it, and there wasn't time to find it.

I wasted my career years because of that shit.

(Ezgi ses) Of course, does the private sector see people's tears?

No, you are depressed, no you are depressed ...

... as if they cared.

Uf, okay honey, what do we do? We are all slaves.

(Cansu ses) By the way, don't bother, okay?

Okay honey.

-See you later. - Okay, let's kiss, 'bye bye'.


-Hello. -Hello.

-I have a meeting with Deniz Hanim. -Of course, who should we say?

Ozan Dinçer.

(Secretary) Deniz Hanım, Ozan Dinçer Bey came.

Wait, first table from left. -Thank you.

A A! Is that you, Mrs. Deniz? It is such a coincidence.

Yes, but only in movies.

You probably know who I am on my plate, right?

When you see that I am a lawyer, of course ...

No, you misunderstood.

However, when you question the plate, my hand doesn't collect the pears.

I must have questioned Ozan Dinçer.

As far as I understand, your car is not towed enough.

Okay, okay, I admit it.

I came to know who you are. But I didn't just come to see you.

I really need a lawyer.

If you keep talking a little more ...

... you really need a lawyer because I'm going to lock you up.

Dream on my collar, oh my God!

Ozan's head?

Hello but I can't get it out.

We haven't had the chance to meet. I am İrem, Lawyer İrem Çelik.

I am satisfied.

I want to give you a card right away.

- (İrem) Here's how. - (Ozan) Thank you.

By the way, I can't help but say, I'm a regular at your food.

-Very tasty. -Is that so?

I am very happy. thanks.

You are the undisputed chef of Istanbul's best restaurants.

This is a really nice place and the food is legendary thanks to you.

Thank you very much. I am very happy to hear that, thank you very much.

By the way, you may also know our boss, Mr. Ercüment.

He is one of your regulars. Ercüment Şengezer.

Yes, yes, of course. I really love Mr. Ercüment.

It's beautiful. Sure between you good, close enough.

- (Ozan) Of course we're close, huh. - (İrem) So beautiful.

(Irem) I hope he knows that you came.

If you don't agree with Deniz Hanim ...

... I will be happy to act as your attorney.

(Irem) I work with many companies serving in the food industry and ...

... for sure, I am quite experienced in this field.

Come on do it this way, come on straight to my desk, I'll help you.

(Ozan) Actually--

We agree with Ozan Bey.

After that, I took over the company's advocacy work.

Ozan Bey, come on.

Well, I am very happy to meet you.

-Me, too. thanks. -See you later.

Yes, I hope I don't accept your company law ...

... it doesn't put you in the mood.

No, no, I measured my height.

I also know why you accepted it.

Um, at least good.

(Phone is ringing)

-Sorry, I have to see this. -Sure, come on.


Yes, yes, my close friend.

Of course, he is very thorough in his work. I am sure, everything is written on your CV.

PR graduate, yes.

GOOD. Look, this is very important to me.

Okay, I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, thank you.

Sorry, I did not mean it. Is your friend looking for work?


In fact, we are looking for a public relations partner for the restaurant that we will open.

So if you're not mistaken, of course.

(Ozan) With the organization in that place ...

... we are looking for someone who needs to take care of their advertising and promotion business.

-Is that so? -Yes.

Maybe your friends will be interested.

-Of course. So of course it will be taken care of. -Super.

Yes, about the company ...



I would appreciate it if you checked the bulkhead repeatedly.

Because sideline is a big problem. Let's check it all the time, shall we?

-Bey Ozan? -Ezgi Hanim.

- (Ozan) Welcome. -We [I] love to be here.

Here we can go straight to the office.

- (man) Welcome. -We [I] love to be here.

-Good luck with that. - (male) Thank you, Ozgur.

Sir, isn't it Ozan?

He was just here. His guest came and they went to the office.

What are you doing? Sent this weekend right now, right?

-Shipping of Özgür Bey. -Super. How's the bar?

We make the changes you want. But you can still check it.

Let me see.

(Ozan) Then, if we agree to the terms, we can wish you good luck.

- (Ezgi) Good luck. -Good luck.

As I mentioned, I can only start next week.

Okay, no problem. We can only handle renovations.

I just wanted to introduce you to my colleague.

Of course whenever you want until the end of next week.

Okay, we planned it. Come on.

Teacher, this is very good. I'm looking for flaws or something, I can't find it.

(Özgür) Good.

Come on.

Then we communicated.

- (Ozan) When did you come? - (Ozgur) This is considered new.

My son, I am doing a 're-examination'. It's a really nice place.

Yes. What if I wished ... If I had known I would have introduced you before I left.

-Don't tell me I brought the lawyer here! -Impossible.

(Özgür) The meeting was not bad, because it reached the mouth.

Once calculated. - Much better answer than I expected.

-Yes, he's our new lawyer. -I wasn't surprised.

(Ozan) By the way ...

... I recruited your friend.

We're looking for someone in public relations.

Are you hiring your friends?

- Son, are you crazy? -Why?

My son, our ancestors talked about this in their time.

What are they saying? Tell me about your friend and I will tell you who you are.

They don't say that without a reason.

You may have heard this word? What if he's aggressive like the others?

What if it attacked a customer or something?

Not a boy, the girl is very kind. Naive girl, don't worry.

Also, I don't agree with what our ancestors said.

Look at you and look at me.

-Does my child like me? -We are different so here.

If you still want to meet the girl, if you want to talk, let me call her again.

Don't be vain enthusiastic. Because I became very positive towards that girl.

No, okay, if you say okay.

Your girl with a strong enough CV. No, he obviously needs a job.

(Ozan) Don't worry, I don't hire anyone to look cute.

-You look cute in any way. - (Ozan) Alright.

Isn't it now? As soon as he saw you, he understood.

It would be great if he saw it.

He understood my name as soon as he heard it.

Of course, he questioned the number plate, and when I looked for it.

But this girl is smarter than I thought, dangerous.

Of course it's great to have a lawyer like that.

There is only a situation like this, let me say it right away, let me wake you up.

-This type never mixes work and love. -What do you say?

(Ozgur) Brother.

-You said harbi? - (Ozgur) Of course, brother.

He has a thousand and one principles.

(Özgür) You squeezed it on your own leg, let me tell you.

Think about it. - (Ozan) War?

(Ezgi) Thank you. Thank you very much.

Deniz, I hope we'll celebrate for you soon too.

Girls, don't worry, I'm doing everything I can for this.

I have very little left to become a managing attorney.

My dear, I am not talking about his work alone. I'm talking about Ozan Chef.

Look at that man. How he was determined, found, came.

My life, hers is not persistence, but madness.

May he pray, I at a time I should not miss a customer.

My boyfriend doesn't look like a maniac at all.

So I saw it. On the contrary, in the meeting ...

... he looked sober, polite and very polite.

Safe Safe, I often see people love it. You know, until they influence.

Ayy, Deniz, how insecure you are with men.

I, baby, yes, I'm not safe. I have a reason for that too.

And you know this reason very well.

I also have my reasons.

But as you can see, I never lost hope.

-I also don't want to lose. - Do you still have hope?

Yes dear. Because we are women of love.

We never lost our hope.

See also, you know, we'll both get married before this year ends.

-That's what you said? -I said so, of course.

(Phone is ringing)

Look, the sign has arrived.


My daughter, but how urgent this is now the end.

Now that you've got a job, I think his opinion is as fast as possible.

Yes, he was telling the truth. You're getting impulsive now honey.

You are right.

-I open. - (Cansu) Open.


(Ezgi) Yes, yes, I am allowed.

I am doing fine

Sure, I can see my schedule.

Friday is okay for me.

GOOD. I'll see. Goodbye.

- See you on Friday. -There he is!

Come on, come on, come on.

Are you broken, huh?

Open it, why don't you open it?

(Ezgi) What happened to this key? Is it broken?

Come on, open up. Look, I'm sleepy, what's going on.

(Ezgi) Come on, please.

(Ezgi) Please.

I think it happened to you, not to the lock.

(Ezgi) Opened!

We went to dinner with my friends.

Stop, calm down.

We went out to dinner, had a great time.

Obviously it's a little.

-We congratulate me on my new job. -Is that so?

Wait a minute. Why are you so surprised huh?

what do you think? You think no one will hire me.

But you are wrong. You are wrong.

You are wrong, you are wrong!

Let's see how long they will tolerate you, we will see him.

I just laugh at you. You can't miss me.

By the way, with Serdar ...

... we made a date for Friday night. I hope you don't mind.

As long as you can leave on Saturday morning, that's okay.

(Cheerful music)

(Transferring music ...)



No, none of this happened.

I officially have nothing to wear!

Look at the shoes. You're ugly too


- (Free shopping? -Yes.

You can't find anything right, right to wear it the way you want it?

The walls are thin, right?

(Özgür) It's okay, my dear, I'm very smart.

I also found you, I know, of nothing.

-Where are you, to work? -You can't believe I went shopping too.

I need something for marriage, I will take care of it.

(Ezgi) Well, you hang out.

(Ezgi) I'm done.

You can surprise me, you have such a feature, you can do it.

-What happened? -Is this of all clothes?

Yes. Don't you like him

(Music moves)

(Ozgur) Yes, let's try this.


(Transferring music ...)



-All right, this is 'okay'. -I'm not that pretty? Admit it.

Yes, he will fall in love as soon as he sees me.

You do understand.

Do you want shoes under your dress?

Yes, that will be fine.

(Woman) Sure, I'll buy some models.

You are very nice, can you help me?

Willingly, of course.




-You look really good. -I am doing fine.

How do you expect to see?

Look, I made you so sad, I never wanted it to end like this.

But you did your best for this.

I see, you are still angry with me, and very true. I agree with you

(Ezgi) There is no point in talking about this anymore.

Congratulations, by the way. You overcame your fear of marriage in no time.

Goodbye whatever.

I hope we don't meet again.

(Soner) Ezgi!

At least we can stay friends, right?

-Friend? -Yes.

Let me be a witness to your marriage if you will! Are you kidding?

I said so you wanted it. What are you shouting?

(Ozgur) My love!

Is there a problem with my love? -Not.

We talked quickly with an old friend.

Not significant.

However. Goodbye, Ezgi.


(Cansu) “It may sound like a cliché, but it's really true.

The path to a man's heart passes through his stomach.

The woman who cooks gives the impression that she makes a good wife. "



(The doorbell rings)

Your orders, sir.

-Thank you. Good luck. -Thank you. Have a nice day.



Very beautiful. Vallahi's health into my hands.

I found the best place.


Let's get to the second item.

"Leave your personal belongings at home.

This makes him hug you and speed up the marriage process. "




Are you better

Yes. Feels good.

Also thank you for what you did in the shop.

So I would feel much worse without you.

Maybe I shouldn't interfere, but ...

... I can't stand it, I don't know.

Should we wake up?

It happened. Come on.




(The doorbell rings)

Welcome my love.

Hello dear

(Cansu) Come on.

Are you really cooking for me now?


-Wow! -Hey, yes.

I thought you didn't know how to cook.

You startled me.

You do a lot.

I see extra effort there.

I hope you don't tire yourself out too much.

You are also tired in the hospital all day.

-Oh my dear. - (Cansu) Hmm.

You know that you need me.

Cooking for you is my pleasure my love.

-Wow! - (Cansu) Hmm.

Come on.

If you want you can go and prepare our drinks.

I will wash my hands and come.

GOOD. Come on, I'm waiting for you.

Suddenly leaving the house to his cousin, cooking and so on.

What are we doing, honey? Exit!


What is this?


Do I buy women's products without knowing it? Yo.

This is Cansu's.

Ha. She sprinkled her things on the house.

It's a trap.

He will stay home.

Classic technique.

For a year he did not talk about E marriage.

What is happening right now?

Will it stop suddenly?

Ah! It will suddenly press.

Oh, my God! Huh!

What is this?

He put down his toothbrush.

This is serious business.

What is this? No, no!

I have to do something soon. Now!

I'm not ready to get married

I cannot come to such pressure.

I'm nervous.

Vallahi, I'm nervous.




Is there a problem with my love?


Maybe he's not that bad.



Oh. Health of my hands.

Oh, enjoy. Let it hurt. Enjoy your meal.

thanks. Come over if you are hungry.

So there's only pasta.

Just pasta? -But don't take it lightly.

There is bolognese sauce on it.

I'm impressed now.

Come come.

God bless you. Pretty successful.

A A! I'm in shock right now.


Where will I be poisoned, hopefully, your joke style?

Because I'm used to it. The people are waiting.

Look now, I hid it till the end of the night.

I will pretend to be drunk. You spoil the joke.

Is it true?

No, of course.

I swallowed it again.

What traits do I have if I behave the way you expect?


Do you think that's a bad thing?

So behave as expected, become normal?

Don't say bad ...

... more accessible.

So vulnerability.

Yes, sort of.

I thought I should change my course this.

(Ezgi) I seem too accessible.

My vulnerability comes from here.

So it's as if anyone knows what they want ...

... anyone can act as they see fit.


It would be very cliché but true.

If you don't respect yourself, why do other people respect you?

You must love yourself more.

You are right.

But all right, great.

I'm glad you started thinking that way.

Thank you for you.

(Ezgi) What you did today is very precious to me.

For the first time in a long time, I felt cared for.

I almost forgot this feeling.

(Ezgi) I bet you are heartless.

But you confused me.

In fact, you are a very sensitive and kind person.

(Ezgi) You are emotional.

So ...

Let me confess ...

... actually not you.

I mean, I'm like that guy because he left you and hugged me ...

I actually want revenge.

-Are you serious? Is that so? -Yes.

What kind of man are you! Do not eat!

A A! Look at the movement.

I took the risk of poisoning so as not to offend you, look what you did.

Two minutes.

He didn't come to think good things, to say good things about two minutes.

Don't be a little confused ...

... it soon became clear thanks to you. It sparkles.

However, I am full. Excuse me.

-Wake up! -By the way...

... so you squeeze the garlic.

So when there's no possibility of kissing, of course humans--

(Ezgi) Are you still talking?

-My life, I have a colorful and beautiful life. - (Ezgi) Go!

-I don't like you. - It's okay if I put poison on you!

(Ezgi) He's still talking.

-You say with respect, what did you say? - (Ezgi) Go!

Come on! Look still looking.

(Ezgi) Fainting!

(Ezgi) Stay hungry, I hope. Food for you ...

(Ezgi) It was your fault who put the food in front of you.

(Ezgi) It also ruined my mood.

(Ezgi) What kind of person are you!

(Ezgi) What an unpleasant man!

(Ezgi) Even less than what I did for you!

Rough! Scholars! Scabies!

I'm almost confused.

Really nice guy. This is Ezgi's good man.

Look at me, don't ... Have you heard? Not.

My love, everything is so delicious. Health of your hands.

Enjoy eating my dear.

It's been a long time since I cooked home cooking like that.

(Levent) I miss you.

My ex doesn't cook at all, you know?

(Levent) He doesn't even know how to make soup.

I think who doesn't know how to cook ...

... is it a woman?

Very ridiculous.

But you ... You're different, Cansu.

You are perfect.

(Levent) I feel very lucky.

(Levent) Look what I'm going to say.

Will you make me lasagna one day? I like it very much.

-Lasanian? -Yes, lasagna.

I did really well.

-What do you say! - (Cansu) Hmm.

-Vallahi? -Hey, yes.

Over here.

(Phone rings) Ah! What is this?

Have you been waiting for someone, my love? -Yo. Not.

Who is that?

(Phone is ringing)

-Sir? - (male voice) Levent Bey, your daughter is here.

What? My daughter?

A A!

-Are you sure? - (male voice) Yes.

(Male voice) She just entered the scene with her private driver.

Okay, okay. thanks.

Jeez. Zeynep is here.

We can't clean up now, baby, please.

Soon. Good?

-Come together. -Levent, okay. Take it easy.

Take it easy, okay.

Sorry, sorry.

Zeynep didn't say he would come.

"Are you home?" She says. I said I'm at home. Because I am at home.

Okay Levent, take it easy.

Take Zeynep to several places. I'll also clean and go.

Huh alright. thanks.

All right, Cansu, Zeynep is very careful.

They screw everything up.

So please make sure there are no items left in the house.

Of course, of course. I won't stop.

I'll take my belongings and call you.

Then you go home with Zeynep.

Thank you, dear.

Honey, sorry again.

(Levent) I'll make it up for you, make sure.

Okay Levent, okay.

So we're stressed enough already. Our night was also ruined.

But you'd better discuss our relationship with Zeynep as soon as possible.

Of course. Is that okay?

Of course.

(Levent) Goodbye.


What a pleasant surprise.

What surprise, dad? You called me.


Let's have ice cream.

-If I leave my bag, dad's house. -No, no. I'll do something ...

I'll take your bag. Give it to me.

Let's eat ice cream now. You're not hungry, I guess.

Yo, I'm full. My mom made me really good food.

Usually, your mom doesn't know how to cook. Amazed.


Mommy, look, you are sparkling.

Oh, is he hungry my daughter?

Is Penelope hungry?

Come. Get it.

Enjoy your meal.

I eat you, I eat

(The doorbell rings)

Cansu? Aren't you going to live in Levent?

Princess Levent has arrived.

Tell me.


-Good morning. -Good morning dear.

I made coffee, take it.


-Are you okay? -I am good, very good.

-Ezgi. -What?

Levent will speak with his daughter this week.

-Finally. Finally. - (Cansu) Yes, don't ask.

Of course he understood how sad I was.

If you see him until morning, order, sorry.

What did she do to excuse herself, I can't tell you.

I am very happy Cansu. You deserve it.

(Cansu) Yes, I am very happy too.

I can live in Levent today.

Okay honey. No problem. Have fun.

Aa, you will meet Serdar on Friday, right?

Yes. I'm enthusiastic.

Ayy, I eat your joy.

Don't get too excited. Everything will go well.

But make your preparations now, okay?

Yeah, I'll go for skincare or something today.

Ayy, skin care.

I go. I'm late for work.

Okay honey. Good luck.

Oh. I'll see.

Thank you, dear.


"Who is innocent, who is the rebel?"

"I'm pink, you're blue"

"It is fire and fairy tales"

"This love has been a day in heaven"

"I always die accidentally"

"Oh it never ends, it's my heart problem"

"Who is innocent, who is the rebel?"

"I'm pink, you're blue"

"It is fire and fairy tales"

"Oh it never ends, it's my heart problem"

(Phone is ringing)

"Oh it never ends, it's my heart problem"


(Sevim's voice) How are you son?

Good mother.

We say well we become good. How are you?

I am fine dear, what should I do, wedding preparations.

I'm dealing with it.

All will be taken. There is nothing left.

What are you doing? Nothing wrong, right, honey?

(Sevim's voice) With my bride, oh ... You came with Ezgi, didn't you?

Mother-in-law what? Hold on. What do you say? Ugh!

(Sevim's voice) Ay, okay honey. My tongue is slipping.

Maybe God made him say.

We come mother.

If nothing goes wrong, we are there together if Allah allows.

So what time do you come on Friday, honey?

Is it Friday? What's wrong on Mother's Saturday? I planned it for Saturday.

Son, look at me, will you come to your sister's wedding at the last minute?

You're right mom, okay, we're there Friday.

Okay kid, okay.

Are we leaving on Friday? -Yes.

I have a schedule on Friday with Serdar, you know? So you remember?

'So'? You cancel.

How simple it is for you, cancel.

Simple, yes.

Sorry, I can't cancel. We left after dinner.

Honey, it will be too late, it will be too late.

I explained the situation to you, right?

You told me we were leaving on Saturday. That's how we get along.

Oh okay. So you didn't cancel your promise, did you?

What if I meet for a long time.

A A! Because of you, I was pushed that far

Listen now, if I cancel, he might be mistaken.

Sorry, I can't take the risk.

thanks. Good.

If you don't cancel your appointment, I'll cancel the deal.

- (Ezgi) Don't be ugly. - After all, he's a gynecologist. You are alone.

You are alone from now on. Let's see what you can do!

(Ezgi) Look, you will see! Still talking!

Is this a piece of cake?

Wow! If you disagreed like that in the first place.

I've moved out of this house.

What are you going to do by yourself?

You will see what I can do myself.

-You talk too much. - (Ezgi) Hush!

-You talk unnecessarily. No need. -Looks still talking!

Get out of there!

Bad thing.

I have a job now.

May the devil see his face!

Hah. Sir Ozan Bey?

Oh oh!

-What happened? Are you alright? - Dad, I'm so depressed.


I'm leaving tomorrow morning, let me tell you, tell me for the wedding.

When you say I'm dating? Have you made arrangements for the girl? Is that a problem?

Brother, that won't happen with him. The complete problem is the girl.

So what would you do?

I will tell my mother the truth, what should we do?

- Honesty is a virtue. -Hmm.

He will regret it, Aunt Sevim.

I know. Nothing to do.

Why are you calling me?

You know, there's a public relations expert I just hired ...

... I want to introduce you to him. That's why.

God makes us smile now.

Huh, here.

Mrs. Ezgi, may I introduce you, my colleague Mr. Özgür.

If you love God you are now!

Good health for me. Are you getting away from me!