Bay Yanlis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Asik Miyiz? - full transcript

The love game of Özgür and Ezgi, who returned from Göcek, is now over. Instead of being relaxed with the fact that the game is over and continue their lives, they both are upset. Ezgi makes...

(Generic music ...)



(Generic music)


(Elevator bell sound)

Do you need help or something

No, I'll handle it.


Then I'm horizontal.
As you know, there is work tomorrow.

Of course, it is
not possible to be late for work from the first day .

Collect your energy, get your sleep.



By the way ... I am tomorrow morning ...

... I will go to work early.

Would you like to go together?

OK. Of course.

Okay, then
we'll see you tomorrow morning.

It suits me like ten o'clock.

Shall we do something?
Let's say the first wakes up removes it?

OK. Then you are the first to wake up.

- (Ezgi) Good night.




(Emotional music)

We are now a complete couple.

(Emotional music...)




(Moving music ...)



(Moving music ...)



-Good Morning.
- (Free) Good morning.

I was just coming to you.

(Free) Me too.

-We dated at the same time.
- (Free) Yes.

What do they say in such situations?
Do they say the heart is against the heart?

They say. They always say.

They say, they say.


Come on now.


Did you change your perfume?

Hmm ... It's different.

-Is that so? Is it bad?
-No, on the contrary ...

... very beautiful.

I changed my shampoo.
Maybe it's her.

Very good.

I always use this shampoo then.

Don't always use it.


The use is here constantly.


(Elevator bell sound)

Boy, what's this?

I was devastated.

The toilets of number 18 are
blocked, Mr. Özgür.

If it's clogged, it's clogged Haydar. What to you
Is it your job?

They asked me.

We can do everything we can, thank God.

Would I hurt a beautiful lady, Mr. Ozgur?

-You say for remembrance.
- (Haydar) So.

(Haydar) So but I regretted it, of
course now ...

... not the same person in my eyes.
So it can't.

(Moving music)

(Elevator bell sound)

Sir, have a nice day.

(They breathe deeply)

Heydar was right! What did the sister do?

Yeah. What was that?

Let me smell you and balance a little.

Tell me tell me...

Are you saying enough? What are you saying?

Oh, you put your water in, right?

(Emre) I put it, this is the water.
Does not appear mu?

(Mystery) Well done, you got
a mouse as a cat.

- (Emre) Don't give me a hand.
- (Mystery) Oy ...

(Mystery) Hah, Özgür Bey is coming.

(Breathing deeply)

They came together from the first day or something.
What are we going on?

I think the game is real now.

Look at me!

What, what happened? The
girl took both your job and your love from your hands.

-Gebertirim art.
-Safe be!

(Free) Individual!

(Emre mumbles)

-Good Morning.
-Good Morning.

Good Morning.

- (Gizem) Welcome, Özgür.
-What's up? Is everything okay?

You burned ... So you burnt yourself.
It looks very good. I really like.

I hope it went well.
Good luck again.

Thanks my Gizemci.

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Ezgi.

will be in charge of public relations in our new venue .

-I am very pleased.

-Nice to meet you too.
- (Free) Emre.

Our head bartender is himself.
It's the backbone of our bar.

- (Ezgi) I'm pleased.
-Me too.

-Nice shirt.
-Thank you.

That thing is good for you too.
Anyway you're wearing it.

Because they also say strapless.
You don't know

(Emre) Well ... Now it's like ...

... we
were really looking forward to your arrival .

Especially Ms. Gizem
loved you before she knew you.

Where is the melody, the melody down, the melody up ...

had such movements like Ezgi, Ezgi ... Really.

Fortunately they met.

He even said little. So I wanted to
meet so much . Good thing you came.

Thank you so much. I am very happy.

Then I entrust Ezgi to

You introduce him / her,
you tell everything with the team and the way.

Let me look at an Ozan.
Not in the kitchen?

-In the kitchen.
- 'Okay'. I am here in case of need.

-Of course.
-Yes, sir.

Ezgi Hanım, if you wish, I
would like to order you a welcome cocktail.

-I want to taste it too.
-Sure, come on.

Come on.

(Emre) Let's let go of my arm.

We got out of there.


(Emre) By the way, the name of my work ...

... "don't be deceived into your childish innocent face."


Our labor
finds good names for their cocktails.

He also thinks it's funny or something.

I think it's funny, by the way.
So a good marketing strategy.

(Emre) Isn't it? Thank you.

(Emre) He's coming right now.


(Emre) Non-alcoholic, by the way.
I did not add alcohol.

Mm! It also tastes very good.

Özgür was right.
You are the backbone of here.

Enjoy your meal.

Anyway, my crush.
Then let's do it in that way.

The most unnecessary anyway ... Sorry.

You met our most necessary friend.

Let me
introduce you to our other service colleagues.

After that,
let me tell you a little bit about the process .


But please finish your cocktail first.

Gizem, your tongue and
palate are dry.

If you want, let me do something for you,
what I hoped, what I found.

It is also nice.

Hold your mouth here, hold your mouth!

No, why are you talking?
What are you going through?

I'm telling myself.

Vallahi 'my protello', I
'm afraid to say what happened now .

You started talking to yourself.
You fight with peppers or something.

So you've completely lost your mind.

-It's not a good trip, has it?
-Not passed, brother!

It did not pass, it was terrible bro!

(Ozan) I ruined everything, brother!


As far
as I understand , something like this happened ...

persistently throughout the journey ...

... he
asked you what did you mean or something .

You too betrayed yourself
after a point.

You feel these things about me ...

... so it's like
you're treating me like that ... answered.
-Yes brother.

That's exactly what I said.

But he squeezed me, brother.
What could I say?

So what could I say?

Very simple actually the answer.

Because of your negative experiences so far ...

... you don't really trust men, I

By acting like this, you
have developed a defense mechanism ...

... with a mild
answer , not aggressive that way ...

-I should I say that?

(Özgür) And this way I understand you ...

You would have said ... So you
would show that you have empathy .

would have given the message that I am a deep man too.

Little by little,
these messages need to be processed now.

Know what I mean?
How did you drop the knife right now ...

... he would have let his little guard

Well bro,
you're not telling me all this.

You know, brother.
My level of intelligence drops when it comes to love matters .

My head is not stepping over there.

My dear brother, I was going to say that
you don't stop.

I call
you don't talk to the girl, you go , you drive your car.

goes in one ear of you, and comes out of another.

He trapped me.

I'll say something.
What did he say when you said so?

Because I like you, I do
n't treat you like that.

He said I'm treating you like this because I have scabies . What will he say?

Oh ... Our sister is very tough.
You have to marinate it like this.

What did you say?

What am I going to say?
I did direct reverse.

here you got me wrong.

I just drooled to assume that it was never talked about. What am I going to say?

Congratulations bro.
Whatever you shouldn't say ...

... you said it all in a snap.

How do you lose a woman in ten seconds ?

-Ozan Dinçer starring.
-Of, brother.

Kidding. I've already ruined everything.

-Vallahi, I'm going to head on eggplant now.
- (Free) Ozan, calm.

First, put that eggplant
on the ground in a way that suits your professionalism .

Slowly, slowly. Take a deep breath.

Don't get it made up, brother.
Take it deep.

-I got it, brother.

I will help you. Vallahi.

How so? Is there still hope?

There is, brother, there is definitely.
If you don't break my word , if you don't screw everything up there is.

First of all,
you have to quit bad habits .

What are they?
You will stop taking care of Deniz.

This is very clear.

What happened?


Hello, I'm Ozan Dinçer.

I ordered a flower
, can we cancel it?

(Ozan) Immediately, but please.

Thank you, thank you.

(Free) Flower?

For being rejected Is that so?
-Yeah, what should I do?

I am writing your lines from now on .

You are not talking anything.
You're not doing anything.

Okay? You leave everything to me.
Me too.

Yeah. No, it won't be from me, brother.
I have you, I am 100 percent you.


Okay it s done.

-Are you available?
-We are allowed, we are allowed.

We are very permissible.

I wanted to show Ezgi the cuisine as well.

already meet our Ozan Chef, Ezgici.

Welcome, Ezgi. Good luck again.

- (Ezgi) Thank you.
-If you wiped your hand.

Our lesson for today is marinade.

Let me tell you a little bit
about the mechanism then.

-Let it be easy for you.
-Thank you.

Good luck with.

Operation is important.

Now, we
host our individual customers in our groups.

We also do organizations.

(Gizem) Now I
will tell you about them.

Yes ...

when we are very crowded ...

You ca
n't take your eyes off Ezgi, too .

What? What?

I say from Ezgi. You can't take your eyes.


Observation it. There are eyes involved.
Observation. You know ...

Now I'm looking at the first working day to see if it
can adapt or not.

Oh, say. Then from him.

-We are at the beginning of our job, brother, this.

Sure, sure.

(Male) Mystery Lady, would you look?

I'll be right back.

(Message has arrived)


Allah Allah!

Üf ...

Allah Allah!

Hasn't this phone been turned on since the evening?

My love.

What happened? Didn't you still reach Zeynep?

No. I can not reach.

Maybe his phone is broken or something.

No, I don't think so.
It does not match that much.

What, dear, will it trip you?
Little boy. Can't think of them.

She doesn't think, but her mother ...

No, this will not be the case.
Vallahi will not.

I'll do something ...

Let me tell Gözde.
Let him cancel all appointments.

-Zeynep is in tennis class.

Let me catch your exit.

Ok darling, okay.

Look, you first relax. Okay?

Because it will not be otherwise.

Because I will not be able to relax otherwise .

I need to talk and relax.

Best of. Let's.

-Come on, find out and talk right away.



Where are they?

(Crowd noise from inside)

What the hell

-Thank you so much. Thank you so much.

(Moving music)

It was beautiful. Congratulations.

(Ercüment) It was great.

Goodmorning, hello. Good Morning.

Aa, would you buy cherries, Ercüment Bey?

-No, thank you. I'm on a diet.
-All right.

-Goodmorning, hello. What are we celebrating?
-Good Morning.

Congratulations to our new customer, Denizci.

Oh, super! I'm so glad.

11 Tourism is with us now!

Mr. Ercüment, I am really happy.
We worked hard for this job.

We worked so much.
But your effort is too much in this, Deniz.

-I can't deny this.
Thank you very much.

11 Tourism from today ...

... your customer ...

... my iremci.


(Employee 1) Congratulations İrem.

- (Employee 2) Congratulations, dear.
- (Employee 1) Huge success.

Ercüment Bey,
thank you very much indeed.

So you can be sure ...

... I will never spoil your trust.

I have no doubt about that.

By the way, Deniz has a
lot of information about our customers .

You can also benefit from it.

Isn't it Deniz?

Of course! I would gladly
help İrem .

don't think I need much for now, but thanks dear.

You know.

Yes guys,
we had a great morning.

But it's over. Jobs await us.
Come on, everyone gets to work.

Yeliz, you are coming with me.

Yeah, let's see. To our job.
Come on guys.


I mean, I'm really
thinking if it could be a better day , but ...

By the way, I'm very curious.
How was the holiday with Ozan Sef?

How many more times will I say it?
I did not go on vacation with Ozan.

With Ozan?

Aa, we do not say sir anymore.

Of course you are also right.

So it would be strange for one to call his lover a bey.

İrem, if you want nonsense.
Ozan is not my lover or anything.

I get stuck, my Marine.
You don't need to get that high.

Anyway, let me go and
prepare for the case of 11 Turizm .

A lot of work. You know, some of us also
want promotions, you know.

The case does not wait. Come on 'bye bye'.

Hello, sir Cansu?

-Dear, what's up?
-I am fine, you?

(Cansu ses) Good, whatever.
I say look ...

... if we go to Ezgi at noon,
should we be surprised?

The first business day. We both eat.

OK I will come. It would be good.

Okay then. I'm on my way.

OK, see you there.

(Cansu ses) Okay dear. See you later.

My dear, now at our group dinners ...

... except for the meals here,
organization from outside ...

... we can
change our menu by agreeing with companies .

We already have
some organization companies we work outside of .

There are even a
few studies we have done with them here.

See if you like it

-It looks very nice.
-Is not it?

I was working in an organization firm beforehand.

Is that so? It's nice to have experience.
We use it.

My boyfriend. Not important.

He can't do it without hearing my voice.
He calls every second.

How beautiful.

How is your private life?

Do you have such a boyfriend or something?

(Emre) Mystery Lady.

-Sir dear.
-Can I ask a question?

We're talking business here. Later.

(Emre) It's urgent though.

-Excuse me dear. I'm coming right now.
-Please. Enjoy it.

Gizem, I was going to ask something ...

How many guests will there be?
I will also make preparations according to him.

Don't you know how many people will come?
Is that why you called me?

What do I do. She looks like a sweet girl.
I could not resist. I don't think so.

I'll kill you!

Not to come to the new place,
I will not host you here!

I'll cut your throat!
Don't stop putting stones in front of me!

I'll step on you!
We have your feet!

-Okay, we didn't say anything.
-Go back to work.

-Come on, to your job.

These are always relaxed.
Let's get them done sometime.

- (Mystery) My dear, sorry.
-It does not matter.

Where were we?

Look, about here ...


We were saying ... Your private life?

Do you have a boyfriend?

- (Deniz) Surprise!


Welcome! Where did you come from?

-We're [I'm] glad to be here!
- (Ezgi) My dear!

-Best wishes.
-Thank you.

Aa, let me introduce. Mystery.

My cousin Cansu. My best friend, Deniz.

-I'm satisfied.

-Hello, we are already meeting.
- (Mystery) Yes, yes.

We've met before.
Welcome again.

We're [I'm] glad to be here.

then take care of your guests.

I already have small jobs.

We will continue later.

OK. Thank you.
Come on, go.

Aha! Ms. Cansu, welcome.
Welcome, welcome.

-We're [I'm] glad to be here.

Put it delicately. Oh, I'll get it.

I get it.

Because there is gravity here.

What a nice surprise.

I guess my daughter. We wondered about you.
Of course we will come.

So how are you doing the first day?

Beautiful. So I'm trying to get used to it.

- Is he free here?

Ozan Chef is here too.

Moon, oh no! Never come now.

He comes and speaks for two hours. Not necessary.

Moon, you are so bad.

Are you hungry? What can I tell you?

I'm hungry like a wolf!

- Well, I will eat it too.
- (Ezgi) I'm also very hungry.

(Ezgi) Let's say it right now.

You will love it.

Welcome girls.

-We're [I'm] glad to be here.
-Hello there.

How are you?

-We are good.
- (Sea) Good.

We came to Ezgi to be good.

You did well, super.
Did you order?

Yes. Although all the dishes of our place
are delicious, but ...

I had a few favorites that I wanted them to try .

Bon appetit to you then.

Thank you.

(Emre) Boss.

By God, I was very curious.

Mr. Ozgur.

Let me take a look at ours.

(Ezgi) How was it today, was it busy?

(Deniz) So here it is.

- (Ezgi) He works hard.
- (Sea) It's annoying.

(Emre clears his throat)
Well, right?

The friends of this
now come out.

Let them come out.
There is no problem for me.

Even that curly haired Ms. Cansu.

People like him can
always come . Pleasant!

Let them not come. What are they doing dear?

And what is it to you? Unbuttoned! Go to your work, come on.


-My Chief.

Are you not always bored in the kitchen?
I wonder if ...

... if you go out and look like this

Emre, how do we get out? Look at the intensity.

(Emre) Isn't it? True.

I wonder if you go out to the garden?

I wonder if you get an air like this?
I wonder if you get a sea air?


This is it! So beautiful, very nice!

I love this move ...
Look, it's still coming out!

(Ezgi) You like it, right?

(Deniz) It was very beautiful.

Look, that's pretty cool.

(Cansu) Let me see.

Brother, Deniz is here.
Why don't you let me know?

I wonder why?

OK. What are we doing?

Ozan is here.

Come, crash now.

Don't say that.

Say hello from afar. Much enough.
Do not forget what we talked about. Okay?

So much.



Hello, we found it nice.

Enjoy your meal.

- (Ezgi) Thank you.
- (Cansu) Thank you.

-It's too short, huh?
- Well done, that's exactly the shape.

What should I do, stay here a little?
Maybe we'll meet our eyes.



(Özgür) Come on.

(Ozan) Okay.


He just
greeted us from afar and left?

Deniz, what did you do to this boy?

Yes, for God's sake, we couldn't talk.
How was the return road?

So ok, I'm telling you briefly.

It was a little airborne, and
I took the air. So much.

It has beautiful, beautiful.

That's why he
can't come to the table because of his fear .

(Ezgi) Deniz vallahi you're making a pity.

He's actually a very sweet guy if you take a chance
Maybe you will like it too.

Okay, anyway, close the subject.
It's not about me right now.

Tell me what happened. Did Serdar call,
text, talk?

Yo did not call.

I mean, even if he calls, I cannot meet.

After all, here is my first day, shame.

(Cansu) Why would it be a shame dear?
You take it out.

How hard Özgür tried to get this offer , gave your mind.

(Cansu) He'll let you out of course.

Sure dear. In fact, this is
regarded as Özgür's success in a place .


I always forget that you are my relationship coach.

How weird, is not it?
You are your relationship coach and your boss.


- (Deniz) Yesim has arrived, Yesim has come.

- (Free) Welcome.
- (Yeşim) We found it nice.

I was around, I
didn't want to pass without stopping by .

You did well.

Can we talk a little bit?
-Of course.

I guess these made a lot of trouble at the wedding , huh?

Shall I say something already?

In my opinion,
only a girl like Yeşim comes to the right of Özgür .

- (Deniz) Hello.
- (Yeşim) Hello.

They have become lovers for sure.

Because of the headline I made ...

... I'm so embarrassed to you.

Ok, it's gone.
I forgot, never mind you too.

I still
want to make up for it somehow .


let's have a nice interview about your new venue .

(Yeşim) What do you say?

Your interviews are good, but you make
a bad ending.

You are very bad.

Look, look. How they flirty.
I mean, it's a plug.

(Özgür) I'm bad, right?

- (Free) Yes.

(Phone is ringing)

Serdar is calling.

Look, melody, this time
please don't make up an excuse.

Of course, Özgür gives you permission.

(Deniz) Come on, come on.

Sure, dear, it gives. Why not give it?

-Hello? How are you my crush?

-I'm fine. How are you?
- (Serdar ses) I'm fine too.

I called you to have dinner in the evening.
What's your plan, are you available?

I am free to eat.

Super nice. If I take you
around eight o'clock then, would it be okay?


(Serdar voice) Super.
Can you give me a position?

OK, I'll give you a position.

Okay, agreed. See you in the evening.

Ll see.

-We are meeting, okay.
-Oh! Super.

-Here you go.
- (Cansu) Finally.

Then we are
doing a nice interview about the new venue to be opened .


-I'm glad to see you.
-Me too.

Ll see.

(Cansu) He's going.

You are not bad either.

Ugh! Anyway, whatever you tell me.
What did you do? Did Levent talk to her daughter?

He met her now.
He'll talk about our relationship, but ...

... still hasn't called, though.

Don't worry.
Levent has already told your daughter about you.

-Be comfortable.
- Of course, my dear, he spoke definitely.

-Isn't it?
- (Ezgi) Yes.

(Cansu) Cut it.


Do I ever lie
to you my dear girl?

So you weren't the one that Aunt Ayla saw ?

Yes daddy, it wasn't me.

My mother said she would say that.

(Cleared his throat)

Your mother knows everything very much.

But he didn't know that.

Look girl, have I
ever lied to you before ?


I am not saying it now.

I was not in Göcek, my beautiful girl.
They likened me to someone.

There was a woman next to you, father, you
put your hand on your waist.


Is it a woman?

Did I put my hand on your waist?

That's ridiculous.

Look dear,
they have compared me to someone so far ...

... I thought there was a misunderstanding
but this, this is official slander.

This is bad faith.

(Levent) How bad there
are people in this life, my daughter.

How bad there are people!

How can these people be like this?

They slandered your father, my daughter.


My daughter is done.

Look daddy ...

... please believe me, okay?

Ok daddy, I believe you.

You believe me, don't you?
- (Zeynep) Yes.

I'm your only love, isn't it dad?

Yes daddy.

You're my only love.

And don't ever
say let me turn off your phone again, don't!

Because when I couldn't reach you, I was very curious.

-My mother said that too.

Your mother got something right.

Anyways. Look, let's close this topic now.
Okay? Closed, done.

I think now
let's plan what we're going to do for the weekend together .

What do you want to do?

Let's do whatever you want, daddy.
-Is that so?

Then, then ...

... be a surprise then.

- (Levent) Okay?

(Levent) Good.

Could we get check?

Everything was
really delicious.

(Cansu) Good health to our chief.

-Is not it? Very talented.

(Cleared his throat)

So yes the food was good,
I liked it too.

AA! Have you heard? This is the first time
I hear something nice about Ozan Chef .

Exactly. The road to the heart was through the

So if our Ozan
Chief is going to conquer our Marine like this.


My life, those things are not that easy.

Anyway, let's get up.
Let's not hold you back, you have work.

No dear, okay?

Yeah. Now
let's not keep you busy on the first day of work any more.

But before you go to dinner, you
always call us, okay?

OK, I'll call.

Everything was so wonderful.

I am very glad that you like it.

They are going, brother. What should I do?

I wonder if I go to Deniz?
Staying away like that wouldn't backfire now.

How much longer can my son backfire?
He's not looking at you either.

If I said he wasn't looking, because
you acted wrong.

Listen to me, let a girl go.
It has been this way for centuries.

The one who escaped is being chased, the one being chased running
This. I did not make this rule.

Okay, okay, I've got you this time, okay.

Of course we will come often.

Good thing you came.

My lamb.

(Ezgi) My dear, be careful.

I will say something, we
did not say goodbye to Özgür and Ozan , now it's not a shame?

Ee deyin.

- (Cansu) Let's say it, right?
-Let's say.

No way! You
really know this job, brother.

Is the girl who hasn't looked at me all day
now coming here to say goodbye?

What more can I tell you?
So what can I say?

(Cansu) Hi!

Everything was really so
beautiful and delicious that you have good hands.

we go, we said goodbye to you .

Yes, the food was really good.

-Get a meal.
- Glad you like it.

will definitely bring Levent one evening .

Let Levent come, father come.
Let it add energy to our energy.

(Özgür) Always come, I wait.

(Cansu) Qatar sure, doesn't it add up?

I'll say something, by the way, did he
solve his trouble?

He had a problem with his daughter, could they
fix it?

I hope he is doing it.
They are together right now.

If not
, I'll come to get support from you.

As a relationship coach.

(Free) Sure, of course all the time.

Because Ezgi has also been so
successful ...

... so
he's going to dinner with Serdar tonight.

If that meal goes well, if
they start a relationship ...

... you have no escape from me,
look, be aware.

It goes well, it goes well.
So why shouldn't it go well?

He's ready now, he's done.

(Cansu) Isn't it?

Thanks to you, my relationship coach, thanks to you.
So your success counts.

Well, okay then. Let
us go with your permission . Come easy to you.

- (Cansu) Come on, see you.
-See you.

Ll see.

- (Ezgi) I'm kissing.
-Let's take it easy.

-See you.
- Take care of yourself, see you.

(Emotional music)

Buy it, you need it.
Maybe you want to hit your head.

You didn't pass me right now,
so you didn't make me laugh.

Are we left alone?

- (Love) My beautiful flowers.
- (Fitnat) Good morning.

(My love) Good morning.

Let go now the flower, the beetle. Come hury up.

- (Sevim) Cemal Efendi.
-I came here.

Mrs. Hamiyet, could
you make us two black coffees?

- Keep up with the leftovers.

How will
you pay my right , you my right?

-We're [I'm] glad to be here.

- I talked to Hanim Hanim.
- Who is Ma'am of Hager?

Ayol is your new yesterday.

You know, we were
going to set this little one to Özgür.

-Ha mimar olan.
- (Fitnat) Hah!

I went for coffee in the morning.

I told everything,
I said Özgür left , I said.

said it's time to meet your girl . How rejoiced!

His eyes grew like that,
how glowing his eyes!

AA! Wait a minute, Fitnat, did
he leave the free girl ? So he did not leave.

AA! Well,
I think he left after so many events .

I hope Fitnat, I hope.

(Phone is ringing)

What am I doing?

I didn't say I got a job with Daha Özgür .

Mr. Ozgur, are you available?

I am available.

I was going to ask something. May I come in?

Are you going to ask for permission for the evening?

Actually, I came for something else,
but of course there is that.

The leave I know is
asked without a plan, but.

You know right ...

You seemed too busy with Yeşim.
I did not want to disturb you.

Why would you bother?

I do not know.

I thought maybe you were talking about something special .

Yo, we weren't talking about anything special,
but let me tell you, if you were curious.

expressed his embarrassment about the headline he made ...

said he wanted to make up for it. This.

I wasn't wondering, but
I'm glad you got along.

Anyway, let me get to the main point.
My mother called, I could not open it.

they do not know that I am working with you ...

... and
I did not know what to tell him about our relationship .

will we tell the families we broke up ?

Ready to get them to the consistency,
so I think we shouldn't extend it.

Let's say we argued on the way, let's say we
broke up.


But first, let me
talk to a mother.

Because I don't know how he will react.
Let me have a look, let me know.

Okay. OK with me.

Thanks. You can go out whenever you want.

Thank you.

(Phone is ringing)

This is so.

-My mother.
- (Loving voice) Boy, how are you baby?

Good mother, how are you?

(Sevim voice) I'm not good at all,
my child, by God.

I've always been thinking about you, baby.

No, mom, why?

My beautiful son, I thought
about Ezgi ...

... I
realized that I put a lot of pressure on you, baby.

(Sevim ses) Do
n't take what I say seriously, child.

Marriage is this after all.
So it is not immediately decided, baby.

I need to think
a little , get to know a little better , kid.

So I think son,
this Ezgi is not quite the girl for you.

Do you say so? What should I do,
should I leave mom?


Of course you know my child, of
course you also know ...

... I'm a little scared of this girl, I'm a little scared

What kind of daughter is this?
I mean to you more master like this ...

... with a better educated
girl whose family we know ...

-I think you have someone on your mind, mom.
-There is!

There is, but there was.

I mean, my son, you
came to the wedding now with my child Ezgi ...

... so I
wanted to introduce that girl to you ...

... but I couldn't
introduce Ezgi because you came here .

But it does not matter. The girl is already in Istanbul.

My mother, I
do not think of leaving Ezgi or anything . Okay?

(Free voice) I
will not be able to listen to you and rush.

So I have no intention of meeting anybody else . Please.

OK baby.

Come on, I'll call you later, okay?
Okay, see you kid.

Yeah, okay mom.

No, no. And I can't leave and
wrap my mother around me.

What will we do, Fitnat, what will we do on the moon?

Gone, my niece like a rose,
gone, he is handsome.

- My niece is gone, gone, gone!

What went, where did my child go?

His handsome nephew is gone! Where did he go,
where did he go?

My child has not gone anywhere.
Will I waste it ...

... my child to the girl?

Will I allow this?
Will I close your eyes?

You won't.

-I am not!
-We do not lick!

No, besides, my child is
a child who can never come to pressure.

If I
say no, leave, leave my child now, he wouldn't listen to me.

On the contrary, he marries.

Come on think! Think, think about something.
Let's find out, what happens.

Let me overcome a shock, stop.

Let me think.

Now, darling,
we're going to make a very sneaky plan.

We will act in a planned and programmed manner ...

What do we do at ...

(Love) What?

Mr. Levent,
I postponed some of your appointments to afternoon.

-Because there are more urgent ones.
-OK, no problem.

It looks like we'll be out late today.

(Cansu) Levent Bey.

-Hi girls.

Cansu Hanım, this customer issue.

If you want, let's talk him inside.

Go ahead.

When did you come my love

Now I came and even
I was going to call you.

What did you do, could you talk to Zeynep?
What did he say?

We talked, talked.

So, it went well.

I feel incredibly guilty.

What does it have to do with you dear?

Anyway, I got it.
It was difficult at first, of course.

His mother had a great influence on the child.

-Has her mother turned off her phone?

As I guessed.

Can not hurt you. Well ...

... what did you talk about?
How could you get yourself forgiven? What did he say?

(Phone is ringing)

Sir Gözde?

Ha tamam, tamam.

My baby, my patient is here.

- (Levent) Let's talk later?
-OK honey, okay.

I'll tell you what,
I can be a little late today.

If you want to wait for me.
We meet at home.

We can meet. I will also
prepare a nice table for you.

That would be perfect.

(Cleared his throat)

(Emotional music...)


(Phone is ringing)

-What have you done?

Well, what should I do? I just came home.

Didn't you start preparing?

Let me see what you wore.

No. I just arrived
but could not prepare anyway.

Is it obvious what to wear?

I say I'll wear the
thing, we bought a red mini dress, remember?

What will you wear under it
as a shoe?

I wear my tan shoes underneath .

AA! Yes that would be great.
I like it, look, okay.

Yeah, look, that dress was pretty chic.

Yeah, I think so too.
(Phone is ringing)

- (Ezgi) Serdar is calling.
- (Cansu) Is Serdar calling?

I'm closing, we'll talk later,

My daughter, you are not ready. Turn it off, turn it off.

Come on so good, I kissed you.
'Bye bye'.

-Hello? How are you my crush?

I'm fine, I'm getting ready. Joyful?
Did you come?

No, no, I'm still in the hospital.

One of my patients called last minute,
I have to examine him.

wanted to let you know that I will be late too .

OK no problem.

By the way, I don't think it will be too long, I
'm with you as soon as it's over.

Okay, let me know as you leave.

Ok super, deal. I kiss.

Ll see.

(Emotional music...)



(Emotional music...)



(Emotional music)

Did your vehicle break down?

Get health. Is Tesla in a good mood?

Can I hear a voice?
I want to be sure.

I am kidding.
Environments that he is already used to.

Then I'm waiting for tomorrow.

Ok thanks, come easy.

You came home early.

Yes. They were going to quit Tesla,
so I arrived early and it's tomorrow.

-You are prepared.
-Yes. How is it?

Not bad.

Not bad?

What does that mean now?

So good job.
The doctor likes it, don't worry.

When the doctor says he likes it ...

you mean someone as easy to impress like him ?


So I
can only influence someone like that, right?

Like I can't impress someone like you?

So it wouldn't be that easy, yes.

Why wouldn't it be easy?

Let's say what happened.

You say I saw the best, right?

I don't like to talk about the relationships I've had, but yes.

women who are at the 'top' point have entered my life.

What are you saying next to them ?

No, I would never be such a rude ...

What are you doing?


I am not considered to be doing anything since he is not affected somehow .

Would you stop doing that?

Why is that?

Cut it out, I'm serious.

But I like it very much.

Or did you like it too? What?


(Moving music ...)


What happened? And he's not impressed, cocky!

-You sell sweat to the desert, so?

Be aware that the horn is the ear.

I saw you very confident.
Do not come back crying from food.

What's the deal?

Because when you are too comfortable, you
start talking too much.

So you lose control.
When you talk too much, you bullshit.

Very good analysis, congratulations.

Analyzing you is the easiest thing in the world.
Your outside is so much.

you think the other person is like yourself.


This is the
first and most important thing you should change . You have to distance.

(Özgür) And you
should definitely be in shopping with the other person .

When you say shopping? Can you open a little?

Think like that...

... with
our experiences over the years ...

... we get guards, we
develop defense mechanisms.

So simply
imagine that we are wearing layers of clothes.

When the other person pulls out a layer of
clothes ...

... you immediately
start undressing by lowering your defense mechanism .

are beginning to show all your heart, your inner, all your purity .

What you get so easily
starts to devalue you.

This should be mutual.

When he brings out a layer of clothes,
you should open up to him equally.

It should be your turn again on the second floor.
And it should continue that way. Until ...

... until you both get naked.

Then something becomes valuable and

And remember ...

... whoever gets undressed first always loses.

I'm losing because
I'm the first to open your heart ?

I told you, we men
don't appreciate anything we get easily .

if we consider that there is warrior in our genes .

The harder, the more valuable.


(Ezgi) How do you do this?


This is it when you are such a deep man ...

how do you manage to act superficially ?

Where did you get that I was deep?

Let me say his way of thinking, what he says .

did not find these by thinking myself . These are ...

so that I can impress women like books ...

... some sentences I have memorized.
-Good, so be it.

Also, you'll be out, so
I came on the terrace to rest my head ...

... we are telling you words again.

Don't worry I won't stay long, I'll go.
(Phone is ringing)

Sir Serdar.

(Serdar ses)
Unfortunately, I can't come.

The patient's condition
can give birth to an emergency, at any time.

Therefore, I cannot leave the hospital.
I am so sorry.

(Ezgi) I understand, it doesn't matter.
Then cancel the meal.

(Serdar ses) Yes, cancel, but
if you can , we can postpone it tomorrow.

(Ezgi) Of course, I was allowed.

(Serdar voice) Good. At least
I got some good news.

Then we're together tomorrow right?
-Okay, see you.

-Hoker, we're ready.
-Okay, let's go right now.

(Ezgi) The meal is canceled.

-You got to me again?
-Don't worry, I'll go home.

-I'm just kidding.
-I am also joking. I'm hungry.

I'm eating this.

Enjoy your meal.

Then it
doesn't mean that he ate my food behind me .

It is beautiful.


Let me have a plate.





... Dinçer.

AA! Oh, I like it!
I really liked it.

- Pull ... Stop, I have to pull back.

How messy you are, dear.
We were going to the meeting right now and ...

... we're exactly four minutes late,
do you realize?

I was supposed to send an e-mail.

I threw it, now I'm coming.

-You go.
-No honey, I'm waiting for you.

-No, go.
-I'm waiting, waiting.

- Go ahead.
-Of course.

(Message has arrived)

Did Deniz like my photo?

The sea liked my photo.

So what am I going to do now?

I also like all of his photos.
No, don't do such a thing.

At least, don't ruin it, Ozan.



I hope God did not see it.

Has he seen it?

He hasn't seen what he will see.
(Cleared his throat)

Let me see which photo of mine he liked at least.


Did he get the liking back?

Or accidentally liked it.


It must
n't have been on my profile by mistake .

It means I have my mind.

(The doorbell rings)


-Welcome my dear.
-Oo ...

What do I see?

What the hell is that beauty?


Borrowing, borrowing, borrowing ...

What's all this about?


This is what a beauty.

-Thank you.
-You took all my tiredness.

Are you very tired, let me see?

Yes, I had two surgeries today.
Let's call it an operation.

But seeing this table ...

... my energy has come back.
I'm even very energetic right now.

I'll bring the rest then.

My love, I
wonder what you talked to Zeynep today ...

... I want you to tell them all.

How it affected her mother Zeynep ...

... he was very upset and angry with me at first.
Very hard to convince.

But of course ...

... my princess could not offend her father.


Well, my love ...

... Well,
Zeynep didn't react very much when she talked about our relationship , right?

To our relationship?

Yes, to our relationship.

Levent ... Levent,
didn't you mention our relationship?


What did you say?
Did you say he was my friend with me ?

said that the person they saw was not me.

-How so?
Look at my life, you're right ...

... but I wouldn't.

Zeynep would be more upset.
He's already so sad ...

... it was so broken that I
hardly convinced the child and persuaded

I am
really glad that you could convince him but correct your relationship with him .

- I'll go Levent.

Where now?

Levent to my house.

So if Zeynep comes to her
, she won't have to lie to her again .

My life you are right, okay.

I will tell him everything
at the right time but at the right time.

Now you have
to give me a little more time for this.

I gave you enough time, Levent.

You are right.

But I just couldn't tell.

It wasn't the right time.

If I told you ...

... Zeynep,
thinking that I planted it for you ...

... he would have an attitude towards you,
can't you understand that?

On the other hand, his mother would
fill him against me.

And you were never going to be okay.

I didn't want it to be like
this , it's that simple.

I'm really tired of
listening to these now, Levent.

-I am going.
-Cansu ...



(Slammed the door)


Drop it, let it go. I collect it.
The food is from you, the gathering is on me.




It's done.

It is really nice.

He's eating chocolate, give it to me too.

It is really nice.

She is beautiful and I am ...

I mentioned his shampoo.

You still smell as good as in the morning, I



Well ... I'll buy coffee for myself.

-I want.
-You don't want it? Yes.

Let me give that.



Thanks for today's chat.

A different perspective felt good.

I'm glad to hear that.

(Message has arrived)

We couldn't meet because Serdar was out of business,
I'm at home.

(Pressing the keys)

(Dial tone)

Sir Marine.

My daughter, why don't you let me know,
I wonder here.

He just called. His job at the hospital was
prolonged, but we agreed for tomorrow night.

Good thing. I was going home too and
I wonder if I should stop by you.

-Okay dear, stop by.
- (Deniz ses) Okay, I'm coming.

Ll see.

The sea is coming, I'll go home.


(Ezgi) Thank you for the coffee and food.

-And for good advice.
- You're welcome, all the time.


Yes ...

... we
can go to work together again tomorrow if you want .

OK, okay.

-At the same hour.
-At the same hour.






Are you okay?

I am not.

Did Levent talk to her daughter badly?

He didn't talk so if he did.

What are you saying? Come.
Okay my lamb, come on.

You tell above, okay? Let's.

What am I doing?

Oh, I'm doing whatever I'm doing.

If I had stopped a little longer, I would really have
left him.

I hardly held myself.

No more Cansu, what else. Don't be silly.

Wait, I'll tell you the details.

(The doorbell rings)

Cansu ...

... I
thought you were going to stay in Levent tonight .

I will be hard on him now, dear!

We also encountered Deniz at the entrance.

You could not
go to meet Serdar , what happened?

Yes, I could not go.

-Look at me, you didn't plant Serdar right?
-No, I did not sow.

Vallahi did not sow. I even think he sowed me.

The birth of his patient had begun,
so he could not come.

My daughter, you are so prepared,
you are beautiful. So it was wasted.

Well, it doesn't matter.

We also prepared, but in
vain we prepared.

What happened to you?

Here I went to Levent. He
talked to Zeynep or something, but where ...

He also lied to his daughter.
Because I was not in Göcek or anything.

He said a lot of words to me.

I could not stand it anymore. Enough,
I'm bored, I hit the head ...

... i'm out.

I think you
do not go over Levent on this issue anymore .

Don't talk about this.

Put distance.

Don't be angry, of course, don't take any attitude.

Just let go. You need distance.

Let him say what's happening.
Let he chase you, he wonder.

The more you
fall on it , the more you ask questions ...

... it gets into a whole different mood.
No need.


...have you heard?
I hear

This is the
most logical sentence I've heard from you, Ezgi.

Cansu change focus.

need to move Levent outside of the center now .

Then I'll
assign Levent immediately, let it go.

No, don't be silly. We do not throw.

We do not change, we transform.

My crush, you
speak a lot wise today but you are telling the truth.

I agree 100 percent.
As you add more meaning to something ...

... getting meaningless
, I think.


Then not my relationship from now on ...

... I take time for myself.


Then I decided something
right now. Are you ready?

I will learn to swim.

Great idea, great.

That's it, come to me with these.
Come with such things, I swear.

teacher teaches swimming in my gym , keep in mind.

Really? Ok then I
'm just starting tomorrow.

OK, super. You made this decision,
you will stand behind it now.

No back, no giving up, no
giving up.


- (Cansu) Exactly, I'll do it.

Ezgi officially started to take your mind from you.

This change in you is

-The reason for all this is Free?
-Yeah yeah.

No, I swear Özgür is
really good at this.

Vallahi bravo.
Bravo, since he changed even you in such a short time.

When you say even me?

Okay do not get angry. I didn't say it in that sense.

I said you are more emotional like that.

No, you are right, right.

Which one will show good time.

Super decision, you will stand behind it.



Didn't sleep keep you up too?

Yes. The moon is beautiful tonight.

Let me accompany you.


Really beautiful.

Isn't it amazing?

I didn't talk about the moon, but I did talk about
your beauty.

You're beautiful.


Why are you looking away from me?

Aren't you attracted by me,
when you look at me like me?

-Free, I--
-Don't say I 'm not affected.

(Ezgi) Özgür ...

Why are you running away from me?



(Serdar) Ezgi, my dear?

(Ezgi) My darling.

I woke up you were not in bed

He couldn't sleep, so I went out for air.

We talked a little with my next-door neighbor.


Let's go inside.

(Ezgi) Come on.


Is that the neighbor? No!

Of course!

(Moving music)

What is happening to me?

(Moving music)




No, even if it's a dream ...

So it's not going to happen,
can I explain?

These are dreams that I have never seen until this age, are they going to happen?

Master, tell me, am I a little bit wrong?

What do you say to this situation?


-Good Morning.
-You too.

Did you fall asleep?

I wish I woke up

No, it has been a long time since
I woke up, I was just hanging out.

talked about going to work together in the morning .

Is that so?

-So it doesn't matter much.
-Yes. Right, I remember it now.

-OK anyway. I'll go then.

-See you.

Now it should have happened.
That's right, logic is now in effect.


What's wrong with that?

A person says sorry.

Another morning, another evening.
Is it unbalanced?

Or stop Ezgi,
don't take your sin right away.

Maybe he hasn't woken up yet.

He could not wake up.

This did not happen either.

Where is my 'selfie' stick?



-Good Morning.
-Good morning sir.

Can you get me a taxi, please?

What do you mean, right away.

Do you have a brother taxi?

No, don't send it now.
Ten minutes later ...

would be better if you send it after 20 minutes .


They said there was no taxi at the station, but it will arrive in ten minutes.

Oh! Ten minutes late, I'm late for work.

-Can I find it from the street?
-You would wait longer on Vallahi Street.

Especially at this hour,
there is a very heavy traffic.

Ok, let me wait then I'm here.

-Well. If you want do not wait standing.
-No, Thanks. I'm fine.

An americano that I can offer you , espresso ...

... milk, cappuccino, minerals on?

He was pretentious. Then I'll have a water.


Hello there.
I bought your phone from my friend Deniz Koparan ...

wanted to get information for swimming lesson .

No, not for my child, but for myself.

You have swimming
lessons for adults right?

OK, I'll call you then.

OK, see you.

Hello Levent Bey.


Hello baby
I hope I didn't interrupt your conversation?

No, it was over.

What will I tell you ...

... I came here to confess something.

I guess I'm
so used to sleeping with you .

It was very difficult to sleep alone.

What? Then do it like this ...

... Call Zeynep, come more often,
you have to stay. You sleep together.

You put it through?

Yes, but I want to sleep with you.

I have a meeting and I was late.

Look what I'll say ...

... on my way here I saw a new place.

He does vegan food.
You like such things, what do you think?

- Shall we go for lunch?
Unfortunately, I have a lot of work.

You have work

-In the hospital?
-Yoo out.



I guess I
don't need to know what your job is .

Yoo, it
's not something you need to know .

don't trip me because of yesterday right, baby?

No, I don't.

Good, good.

had a very nice program with Zeynep for the weekend .

-We will talk to father daughter.
-Oh really?

Good luck and good talk to you then.


After that,
I took a break from my education life for a while.

carried out activities in the field of air conditioning and cooling with my cousins .

I hope you
lived this life to the fullest .

I really have no regrets.

Certain. Isn't it too hot?

In fact, it is not hot, but very humid.

In such humid weather
, more fluid should be consumed and…

… We should prefer blouses with thin straps.

Not that much.
It's like blowing a little bit.

-10 minutes, didn't it?
-Then it comes now.

-God willing.
So it comes now dear.

Why are you still here?
-There is no taxi, I'm waiting.

Still? Jump.

-Come on then.
- Come now, Özgür Bey.

Get it. Let's not wait. I'm late.
You cancel the taxi.

Of course, but…

If I cancel now the man will be mad at me.
How will that work? Mr. Ozgur ...

We drank water, I think we got even.

Have a nice day. See you.

(Seagull voices)

Pablo, would you plug that in?

We plug.

What's happening in here?
But everything is taken care of except work.

Don't do that. Let me see. AA!

(Cleared his throat)

Someone is like a boss.

At first, they were late.

In other words, he is in
charge of public relations even though he is not the boss .

He's considered our superior.
So I think he can come at any time he wants.

if we consider the impact on Mr. Özgür ...

Let us know what an effect it was .


… I think Mr. Özgür likes Ezgi.

What does it have to do with it?
Not once the type.

I mean,
how many beautiful girls came and went from here ...

… Which one is here now?
-These things do not happen with beauty.

I think Ezgi is also a very beautiful girl
and she has a certain mood.

If he is successful in his job, he
will easily affect Mr. Özgür.

Let them love your taste.

Let's see if he can stay here enough to affect .

you become a different woman with a dry heart .

you know it feels like snakes are coming out of your eyes ?

Of course. Be careful so
those snakes don't hiss you.

Oh! Hissing or something silly ...

- (Ezgi) Good morning.
-Good Morning!

Oh, good morning Özgür Bey,
good morning Ezgici.

Good morning, good morning.

(Ezgi) How is it going?

Well, we did some cleaning or something.
We are in our power in our work.

What's up, Ozan?

Good, brother.
I thought I'd do some work on this week's workshop .

(Ezgi) Are we organizing a 'workshop'?

(Emre) Yes, 'Workshop'.

Ozan, on what?

On Latin food.

If you are interested,
join this week.

I would love to.

Brother, were you
able to talk to an agency about the announcement of this 'workshop' ?

They were going to prepare something.
-Yes. They're going to throw a few studies today.


While I was working
at the organization firm, I was organizing Latin nights.

So of course I don't know
if you are doing that kind of thing here but ...

… Can be very enjoyable.
-We don't.

But we can turn that into a party.
So Latin food ...

… Dances, music, cocktails…

I think it's a good idea.

So I think too.

OK, let's do it then.


Mr. Özgür,
now I understand better why you saw Ezgi Hanım suitable for this job .

how creative ideas are from day one.

So it is impossible not to be affected.

Is not it? I love the idea.
Very beautiful my crush.

Ok, very good.
We'll start right then.

First of all, we design the space accordingly.
Our costumes would also suit him.

We arrange the dancers,
the carnival atmosphere plays here.

-Awesome Awesome.
-It's beautiful.

OK. Then
I'll show you to get an idea from the work I've done before .

-We go in that direction.

Then let me start my preparations .

OK. You
prepare something suitable for the concept ...

… I also pass information to the agency.
Let's start working as soon as possible.

I have the introduction.

Ozan, as you have the menu.
You have the drinks, my Pablo.

You have the organization, Ezgi.
Gizem you help too.

Of course.

OK. Let's start then.

(Emre) Yes! Give me some ice from there.

What kind of ideas do you have about the menu?

Mystery Lady.

-Gizem Hanim.
-What, what?

In other words,
it was like they gave a fake job so that you would not be left behind.

Now I
do not know if you will send him from here or he will send you.

So we will watch and see with excitement. That?

I cut your tongue.

I'm thirsty too.
I got a little bit of a drink.

Oh! It flowed. Very good, nice.


I'll tell you what the sea is.

Now I told a few people and
I will tell you.

In the evening, I
organize a sweet, beautiful celebration dinner.

You probably wouldn't want to come, but I
mean, let me tell you anyway.

I don't understand,
why wouldn't I want to come?

I mean, you know, the
case of 11 Tourism, after all ...

... you prepared a lot, wanted so much.

So you may be broken.
Eventually it came to me.

If you say that I will not come,
I will definitely understand.

I'm iremci, no, you misunderstood me.
I never get stuck with such things.

In other words, the
lawsuit was made by the company.

It doesn't matter if you or me in this case.

I think that since Ercüment Bey gave you something, he knows something.

I am very glad that you think so.

Then let's do it in that way.
I arranged it in LaGabbia, by the way.

go together on the way out from here . How?

Sure, sure.

(İrem) Super. Ll see.

(İrem laughs)

He does it on LaGabbia for sure.
I will play my mind.


(Cleared his throat)

Can I have a black coffee?

(Cleared his throat)

One of the
organizations I have done for you before ...

... I'll show you a few photos ...

… You
speak your mind, we talk about it.

Sure, sure.

(Ezgi) Look.


Moon, I love it.
It's colorful, chirpy!

You know , I love these things too ?

I mean, it feels so good,
imagine it ...

… 'Vinyl' records, colorful flags ...

… We use tropical flowers,
hibiscus or palm leaves as flowers .

Understood. We have fun.

In addition to DJ music,
percussion guitar ...

… Percussion, conga drums…

… Wait, maracas.

Maracas? Castanets or something, we'll get you excited

Moon, very good. I love it.

Then we are
also talking about the plan to Özgür Bey.

Okay, we
start preparing for the lesson immediately.

'll go tell you then.

The moon is very excited.

Hah. I was coming to you too.

'll show you a few photos of the Latin night .

-Of course.

How are they?

It's beautiful.

Look, this is also there.

Yes. Good, these are very 'okay'.
Let's start the preparations then.

You throw them at me so
I can share them with the agency.


(Phone is ringing)

My mother is calling.

What did you do?

So I
didn't say we left because you said wait for news from me.

Yes. I thought about that a little bit too ...

What do you say if we are not in a hurry to say it ?

Why is that?

Because my mother
will try to find someone new .

Because I
got such energy from him on the phone .

am in such a state to deal with these , I have no energy.

So like that, should
we postpone it at least until the new venue opens ...

… Shall we not hurry, okay for you?

Of course.
But our mouth should be one.

Of course. Our mothers have met, they can

let's not be in a hurry to say it.

It happens. Thank you very much.

Then I'm opening now, be
quiet. Doesn't know that I'm working here.

Mommy how are you?

Hah. Ezgi, my child. I'm fine kid.
How are you?

Are you outside

Yes, mommy.
Shall I call you later?

Okay, baby.
Call me when you get home, but okay?

I have something to talk to you.

Mom, okay, but I'll
go home a little late.

I will go to dinner.

AA! To dinner? With whom?

With Özgür.

With Özgür? My daughter, God,
after all that child did to you ...

… Instead of leaving,
do you get up and go to dinner with him?

(Nevin ses) No, my daughter,
it is obvious that you will never get smarter.

Mom, can we talk later?
I'm not available at all right now.

OK, we'll talk to you.
Then I will talk at length.

Ll see.


No matter how we act,
your mom really hated me.

Let's not say hate, that is disappointment.
He loved you very much.

Mine too you.

Anyways. I think you'll be out early.
Because you said you were going to dinner.

So you can go out.

I can stay here if I have a job.

No. So you can come out whenever you want.

-OK. Ll see.
-See you.

This girl will drive me crazy!

If it goes like this, I
'll go crazy soon.

AA! What happened dear

Ugh! I talked to Ezgi, Ünal.

What was my girl doing?
Did he separate from that checkered muscle pile?

Yes, he is separated. What separation Unal?

Ugh! He was
going to dinner with the man in the evening .

Come on dear.

No no. I will
not allow this anymore, Ünal.

I will not allow my son to
lose another three years .

So if my name is Nevin,
I will not allow this.

Me too my life, me too.
Don't worry, don't worry yourself.

Oh, I can't hurt you.
Boy, let me see it with a cool water quickly.

(Phone is ringing)

Sir, dear.

Yes, yes I went and met.
I liked the hall very much.

I'll even start tonight.

Yes. Now I'm going home, I'm going
to change ...

(He cleared his throat)
Okay, dear. OK.

I will call you later.
See you later. 'Bye bye'.

Hello again baby.
Look, another idea came to my mind.

I say let's have a fish tonight ...

… Alone, by the sea,
against the sunset. What are you saying?

Sorry, I have a schedule.


-With the girls?


(Cleared his throat)

Well. Then we eat another evening.

Sure it will. I have to go out alone.

I will change my clothes.
Ll see. 'Bye bye'.

What program?

What program does he have?

Where do such mysterious situations come from?
I don't like it at all.

Mystery I'm dating.

-Okay, see you dear.
-See you.

I'm leaving.


-You are the boy Ezgi.
-I also have a program.

-Understood. With Serdar?

- (Ozan) Have fun.
-Thank you.

-See you later then.
-OK. Ll see.

In the meantime, if I have to stay, I
can cancel the meal.


-OK. Ll see.
-See you.

(Emotional music)

Handie, I'm leaving.

Unless there is an emergency, did
I have a patient referral to me?

'll call you when necessary . Ll see.

-My dear.
- Yes, what a nice surprise.

I was around,
I came to kidnap you for dinner .

What are you saying? I have a word for Ezgi,
we will have dinner together.

guess you started to like this girl quite a lot .

So what do I know,
I think sweet girl isn't it?

I mean, as if it's
not your very style.

So yes, it is
different from the women I have been with until now .

But I do not know, maybe
this is what interests me in him.

I think
what interests you is that he doesn't know what he wants.

I did not understand. What does that mean?

You couldn't have noticed it at the wedding ...

… That girl
has an interest in Özgür as much as you do.


Yesim, that is not the case and
I'm sure of that.



You were
more impressed by this girl than I expected .

Since you can be so blind.

Jade I'm not blind, I
just know the situation.

What condition?


The situation that Özgür is in love with you.

What? Is he in love?

I'm looking you got a little excited,

No dear, what excitement?

wondered where the love affair came from .

Ezgi can wait a little longer.
Can you tell me about this love affair?

You realize that Ezgi will wait.
Come sit down like this.

Pablo give me another one.

Mr. Ozgur, are you okay?


(Emre) Because
you only drink coffee at this time of the day .

Are you upset a little?

Do I burn this place?

Let's have such a small flame, let's burn it
well , let's warm up.

You know how to warm the environment?
Ozgur, okay.



You seem thoughtful.

No. I'm just a little tired.

You are tired. Gee!

did not do much today, you actually sat down, but ...

Oh, if you are tired at heart,
I don't know where.

(Emotional music)

Could it be that Ezgi was out for dinner?

If I say no,
will you believe it and leave me?

No, I will not quit.

Then I
want to exercise my right to remain silent .

Instead of you commenting on a topic …

… You are
using the right to remain silent . Beautiful.

In fact, this is
my predictions on this issue ...

... shows how true it is.

You won't be able to get me on gas, Ozan.

OK Do not talk.
But I think you are stressing in vain.

was not willing to go to dinner .

I don't think it will go away.

(Flame flashed)

Puff! The kitchen caught fire. I will go.

There is a situation, the gentleman also did
not understand.

Let us see the smell.

I do
n't understand what , right, Penelope?

What might I not understand?
As if we do not know.

Unbalanced. As the name suggests, Mr. Wrong.

Whatever I'm doing, why I'm hanging out!
I also have the mind. No need.


Do I have a fever?

There are quite a few.


I'm burning.

I am absolutely burning.

What! My face is pale.
Vallahi is faded.


My tonsils are swollen.

Swollen, of course. I am sick, I feel it.
I'm burning.

So I can't go to dinner this way.

It will be a shame.

But okay. So it's our first meal and
it should go well.

I think it shows understanding.

It shows.


-I came honey. What's up?
-I'm fine. Welcome.

We're [I'm] glad to be here. I will go to swimming lesson
and come to change my clothes.

Tonight? Here you go.

why are n't you ready tonight too ?

I am sick.

Really. I have a
fever , I feel still.

I looked at my tonsils, it was swollen.
-Let me see it here.

Isn't there?

No, fine…

Ezgi, are
you creating an excuse not to go to dinner with Serdar ?

Let it be love. Of course not.

When I feel so still, tired,
exhausted ...

... and my face and eyes are pale ...

… I said not to go, let me cancel.
Because our first meal ...

… It has to be beautiful,
I have to be energetic.

You will be very energetic.
It will be very nice, don't worry.

But just what do you have to do?

I don't drink, I don't talk much.
They are ok, I memorized.

Super. Then you
go straight to the dressing room if you've memorized it .

Come on come on. Starter starter.

I'll get ready, then. I pack it up.

Come on, energy.

Never mind, I gave up. Don't ever give it to me.
Give me coffee directly.

-Let me get back to normal.
-Yes, good news. OK.

Hush! Give that coffee. Ozgur wants.
You do one more.

It is like that.

(Emre) Shall I drink something too?

-So, put it. Let's find our joy a little.
-Of course, dear.

(Mystery) Ah, hi. Welcome.

(Gizem) Welcome, Ercüment Bey.
Your table is over there, come on.

-You can.
-Thank you.

-My sweet.
-Thank you.


(The mixer fell to the ground)

What are you doing boy, are you okay?

-What daddy?

Boy, why
are you acting like there's no gravity ? Take it.

What are you doing? Are you okay? What is this situation?

-I'm not good at all, frankly. Well…

My girlfriend's father too.
That's why I'm a little excited right now.

Does he know you?
-No, he doesn't.

-Are you sure? So he doesn't know you?
-I don't know, no.

-Do you know that you have a relationship?

No, he doesn't know.

I mean, what did you get into the tribune

He doesn't know you, you know him ...

… You are far away not at the bar.

You don't see eye to eye with the guy right now, he's
sitting with his back turned.

There is no such thing.

What are you
panicking about?

I got into a trip because of ...

... now the man is a lawyer,
this is Ercüment Şengezer ...

... the man who owns the law firm and
I was leaving in the morning ...

… I sprayed my puppeteer perfume,
mine was finished.

So that he can now understand by smell.
Because they solve the events in chains.

He'll smell it, breathe it like that ...

I felt things like going back and looking at me ...

… So I did a little bit.

What should I do? If I stay like that, will I not release my
scent, how will it be?

Pablo I
love your no- nonsense eye.

Really. Deniz is with them, look, these are
our law firm, as I understand.

(Emre) Yes.

I also go
to meet them officially while wearing a shirt .

- That day is today.
- By the way ...

Calm down too son.
Are you kidding me?

Calm down now man ...

Do you know how to hang out?
Act like the owner of the place ...

… Hold on to that weight,
I mean , you understand?

Be comfortable. So be 'cool'.
Nothing, okay.

- Protect your aura.

-Please. So what?
- Just like that--

Hisht! Okay, okay.

He kisses his daughter like that, smelling it or something,
because that's exactly what it is.

The girl is important. Having a daughter is also different.
I wish I had a daughter too. E.g…

-Hello sir, welcome.
- (Ercüment) Hello.

-Free Mr. Isn't it?

-I am also. I am very pleased.
-Me too. How are you

(İrem) We are fine. We thank you.

we said let's come to dinner with such a team .

Super. You did great.

Let me introduce my boss immediately.
Ercüment Şengezer.

-I am very pleased.

(Ercüment) I often come to this place
but we haven't met before.

(Emre outer voice) Your father is here.

Because you come in more normal,
daytime or something ...

… When things get a little complicated, I show up at

In the meantime, we started working together, you
probably know.

(Ercüment) Of course there is.
We are also very happy in this sense.

I am also very happy.

Ercüment Beys came.

Let's give these snacks to their table, okay?

Ok, chief.

So let me leave you alone,
enjoy the meals.

We really have great food.

I am here in case of need.
If you need a bar or something.

OK. Thank you so much. Thanks.

Old man, keep acting like he is today.
Okay? Don't spoil yourself. No interest.

-Okay me too. Do not worry.
-I have my eyes on you.


How are you, Mr. Ercüment?

Thank you dear. How are you?

(Ozan) I'm fine. I saw you coming,
I said hello.

(Ercüment) You did very well.

-You are also welcome. Hello Deniz.
-Hello there.

(İrem) We came here today to
have a nice celebration.

Of course we could
n't go anywhere else , right, Ercüment Bey?

(Ercüment) Not possible.

Great. We are
very glad to host you .

(İrem) Great. It's beautiful.
Our meals have also arrived.

(İrem) Ah, well, isn't this empanadas?


-What is that?
-The South American style raw pie.

(İrem) Ercüment Bey
must try it, it is legendary.

- (Ercüment) But the regime?
-Give it off.


-What is this? I do not know this.
-O, coxinha. Brazilian style stuffed meatballs.

-AA! Stuffed meatballs?

By the way, I would like you to try it,
it is very delicious.

I will take a piece despite my regime .

I think
this opportunity will not be missed, Ercüment Bey.

I really have
n't the faintest idea how I haven't tried it until now.

(Ercüment) Let me take a piece then.

Mm! Enfes.

Ozan Chief, I loved it.

I already love Latin cuisine,
and it was made by you…

… Otherwise absolutely impossible. Legend.
-Thank you. Thank you very much.

By the way
, if you are interested in Latin cuisine ...

... we're going to have a Latin night this weekend
. So I say don't miss it.

I will even
have a 'workshop' on Latin flavors before .

I am definitely coming gladly.

(Ozan) Great.
If you are interested, I say don't miss it.

I never miss it.

I write your name at the top of the list.

(The bell rang)

To the very beginning? Great. Because
I've always loved being at the top of the list .

This should not be a coincidence, then.

(The bell rang)

Ozan Chief, can you take a look?

You are needed in the kitchen, it's
burning here .

Okay I am coming. Bon appetit again.

(İrem) Thank you.

(Ercüment) Thank you, Ozancı.
Thank you.

- Burned kitchen.
-Ugh! I came.

Boy what are you doing geek

What am I doing?
I did not look at Deniz's face as you said.

Are you
sure you got me right bro, really?

Do you know how it looks from afar?

you look like you're hitting on his colleague right now.

Understood. Yes.

I did it on purpose. We talked like that.
Here Deniz is also jealous.

He was jealous. He even fell in love.

No, my dear, not that much ...

… Maybe that will happen one day too.
-Wait. Wait so.

How can you wait?

Wait. Wait this way, it happens.

Did I do something wrong again ?

I'll go to the bathroom and come back.

Now look. Look here, look without notice.

(Özgür) Look without notice,
how it will lift now.

Hah. Did you get the wind?

-I got it.

What's going on in the kitchen, brother?
Are brains burning from fire ...

… Brains leaving?
So what's going on, I don't understand.

It works by the way what you say,
so it happens, but not in this case.

Obviously, there is competition between them.
Business friendship or something.

Not here, that's what you call.

Toilet? No, I won't go.

-My sweet.

You said there was something in between, but it doesn't seem like that.


They are hiding, Ercüment Bey.

- Are they hiding?
-Of course, dear.



Let me see you.

You look so beautiful. Like a fairy girl.


Do not forget what I said, okay?

Have fun, think about your wedding ...

… Think of your wedding dress okay?

OK. Don't worry about me.
Look at your lesson.

OK. I hope I will
return safely without drowning .

Dont say it! Aaa! You scare me.
God forbid.

Do not be afraid, do not be afraid.
Come on, enjoy the night.

Come on Ezgi, you can.

Think of your wedding, white wedding dress,
everywhere is lush ...


(Took a deep breath)

You swing in your wedding dress, you are very happy ...

(Birds are tweeting)













I can not do this.

I have to cancel the meal.

I cannot ... I cannot ...

- Did you come, Haydar?
-I came, I came.

-Then I'm going.
-Thank you brother, see you.

Come on good seizures.

(The horn rang)

Welcome, welcome.

Hello there. I came to get Mrs. Ezgi.
Can you open the door?

I will let you know that you are coming.
Who shall I say?

No, no need.
I'm already calling right now.

What are you getting on?

Because of what I am with you!
What kind of question is that!

Still, let
me take a look at who you are .

Doctor Serdar Öztürk.
What will you do with this information?

Now, sir,
I have to get this information by rules .

Are you a relative or a friend?

I have never
seen such an absurd practice in my life .

Okay then, I
can't let you wait here .

Let's get the car, let's not wait.

I'm a boyfriend.

(Serdar) Are you happy?

Boyfriend, is that so?

Exactly. Not enough?
(Phone is ringing)

(Serdar) Come on, open the door.

(Serdar) Oh my God!

What to say at the last minute?

It would be a shame.
Do you have an idea?

But don't worry. It should not be a shame
and I will not go to that date.

What do you say?

(Doorbell rang)

-Surprise! My surprise beautiful daughter.

-My mom.
-I'm my beautiful daughter.

-How are you sweetie?
-We could not stand the longing for eloquence, we came.

We miss you so much,
my beautiful daughter.

However, we had just met, mommy.

But okay, baby, I'm a mother.

If mothers don't
see their children for even a minute, they will miss them, my dear.

You are right.

Ezgi, you are so beautifully dressed,
you were probably going out?

Yes, my
brother Ünal, Serda ... We were going to meet Özgür, we were going to have dinner.

But it waits longer, right?
Call him now ...

Say ... My moms came,
we will have dinner with them.

I guess you are not able to leave us here and
go to dinner ...

... isn't it my pretty girl?

(Phone is ringing)

I'm coming right now.

Nevin aren't you a little oppressive?

No darling, no.
I've never been. From now on.

We respected his decisions, but what happened?
Also this is for his sake.

-You don't do anything, okay.
-You are also right.

-How beautiful house, isn't it?

Look at the terrace.
Did you come?

I'm really sorry,
I didn't know they were coming.

I have to take care of them, as they come from out of town .

No problem.
After all, they are your family and our priority.

(Serdar ses) No problem, don't

Then I'm going.
Then we'll communicate.

-Okay, see you.
-See you.

'Bye bye'

Has La Ezgi Hanim been out?

When did Yahu get out,
when did he get in the car?


Well! You are not done!
Neither your leak is over nor your blockage!

is not clear whether we are security or we are plumbers .

-I'm not going anywhere.
-Oh, very good! Here you go.

You came astray, you are hungry.
What shall I prepare for you?

We eat on the terrace or we
can say it from the outside.

Not none, my daughter. Because you are so
well prepared ...

... then let's eat out, okay?
- (Nevin) Oley!

-Sure. Okay.
-Do I say something?

Ezgi, this is a very beautiful house.
It looks like a pretty expensive house.

It's beautiful. I
love it very much, Ezgi.

What a beautiful house Nükhet bought for her daughter.
I think we should get together a little more ...

let's buy such a beautiful house for our Ezgi .

Unal brother, don't think about me,
I'm fine.

Baby, who will I think of but you?
You are my daughter.

- Who are we working for?
-You are my dears.

Let's go now, I'm very hungry.
-Come on come on come on.

- Stop, I'm coming right away with my bag.
-Let's go.

First of all, you
need to be comfortable and not tense yourself.

Sir, this is the hardest thing.

You are very right, but you have to trust me.
I will be with you.

Shall we go to the pool?

Let's go.

(Male) Come on.

(Cansu) Ay!

-Come on you can.

My god!


That's it.



Did I get in?

(Cleared his throat)


They're a mystery all day.

Evening shows or something.

No so what are we going on? AA!

I do not like such things at all.

'I'm hanging'.

Where is he now?

(Cleared his throat)

If I called and asked where he was ...

... not now.

Won't be 'cool'.

Oh yes!

But if I call and let them
know I'm coming home ...

... then I can also
ask him where he is .

Very cuddly but I have to.

Then I'll call.

(Cleared his throat)

Let me adjust my voice.

(Dial tone)

He's knocking.

(Phone is ringing)

(Cansu) Is it my teacher?

(Dial tone)

It did not open.

He did not open.

Yes, it has come! Come on.

Disaster is coming at 12 o'clock.
Nice ... A lovely lady.

Are you okay?
-Sure, let me see.

My father-in-law is here too,
would you be interested?

-She looks like a good person, but I do not take it.
-You get out together.

Vallahi I don't have a mood today.

So I have no energy.

Why is that so?

Finish that, complete it.
I cannot concentrate fully.

-I am here.
-Okay okay.


Go ahead.

-Can you take a look at the lady?
-Sure, come on.



Thank you.

- (Nevin) Thank you dear.
- (Ünal) Thank you.

Ezgi, baby, I
want to tell you something.

You know I have
all your choices until today ...

... always respected.
-Yes mommy.

Whoever you loved, whoever you wanted,
I said okay, I loved him.

Isn't it my kid?
The day has come, we are happy with you ...

... we were sad with you,
right , my pretty girl?

Yes mommy.

But baby, your age is now

You know, now you can
build a home too ...

... it's your
age to have a child, my beautiful daughter.

Sure my daughter. Not every woman will immediately marry and have

But your mother
said that because you want it so much .

I want it, my brother, Ünal.

When we first met Özgür,
these dreams of you ...

... we
thought he was someone who could make it happen , right dear?

Of course it was like that in the beginning!

... he was very thoughtful, caring
, respectful.

Obviously in love with you.

Was Özgür like me in love?

So how exactly
did you get that?

Is it from his
actions or his actions?

From your gaze.
From the look at you.

She was
looking just like I looked at your mother .

(Nevin) My dear.

I gave it to you, just a second.

(Free inner voice) Did he go to dinner?

(Free inner voice) Should I go home and take a look?

(Free inner voice) None.

(Free inner voice) Call me?

(Free inner voice)
I need to find a good excuse .

(Ezgi inner voice) Of course!
Why did he trip me all day?

(Ezgi inner voice) That
I will go out to dinner with Serdar . Because it envied me.

(Ezgi inner voice) Of course,
he could not say not to go to dinner.

So Özgür is not in love with me?

What if?
No, what happens if he falls in love, my Ezgici?

Gee! As if love
takes care of everything.

What was his last
strange, weird attitude to you?

Nonsense speech.
Situations of jealousy. Disrespectfulness.

AA! Look what I say,
how it reacts to me!

My daughter! Oh, you've become a good
lady now!

(The phone rings)

(Nevin) Who is she? Is he free?

Do not face. Talk short, turn it off now.
I am also eating.

OK mommy. Sir?

I'm not bothering the melody, right?

Something caught on my mind about the Latin night ...

... that's why I called you.
-What stuck?

But i don't bother
If I'm disturbing ...

... so if you are eating or something, I
can close it.

-Yes, I'm eating.
-Okay we will talk tomorrow.

A-Mommy ... Hello?

Allah Allah!

Do you see that your mind is controlling the girl in your own way?

So do you think he's
controlling me right now ?

Of course my daughter. So if you are at home
or outside.

(Ezgi inner voice)
He checked me to see if I went out to dinner with Serdar .

(Ezgi inner voice) Absolutely jealous, for sure!

Look, I'm Ezgici, the
oppressive guys in the character Özgür ...

they do not give a woman happiness and peace.

Because they
are not happy and peaceful themselves .

They are the diseased types.
You better do what we say ...

... get rid of it as soon as possible.
Break up, girl.

Exactly! Exactly my daughter.
Unal is telling the truth.

Melody! My daughter, to whom am I saying!

Maybe it changes over time.
I think it sure will change.

Never! Never hold on
to such empty hopes, girl.

Also do you have time?
What have I been saying since morning?

I say biological clock.
I say ticking, ticking works.

You are right mommy.


- (Yeşim) We found it nice.

-Do you have a reservation?

Then I will not be able to help.
We are very full today.

-Aa, welcome to Jade.

-What's up How are you?
-I'm fine, how are you?

- (Free) I'm fine.
Actually I came to dinner.

Are you alone?

Yes, I was going to come with Serdar, but
he had a date with Ezgi.

Yes, I spoke, they were eating.

They got along well.
- Don't ask, they agreed, yes.

I was alone at dinner.
Maybe you can accompany me if you don't have a job.

It happens. Sure, let's eat.

-AA! İrem?

-What's up dear?
-I'm fine.

Bon appetit to everyone.

-Hello Jade.
-Hello there.

Honey, I won't hold you back,
see you later.

Ok darling, I kiss a lot.

-Enjoy your meal.
-See you.

-I leave the choice entirely to you.
-I suppose.


I'm tired, isn't it, mommy?

leave Özgür completely , right?

Look, if you do not leave
, I will not return to Bursa, I will stay in Istanbul according to him.

No, mommy, let it be love!
Okay, we will leave anyway.

Of course Nevin will leave, of
course she will.

When did Ezgi deceive us,
when did he lie?

-I wouldn't say.
- (Ünal) He does not say.

Don't let me down
, please.

Don't worry mommy.

there is no time left to talk about business from talking about heart affairs .

Baby what did you do, did
you find something?

Not much, mommy, right now.

AA! Then come on
with us to Bursa.

And you can help us a little bit ...

... and
you will be a little away from Özgür .

Mom would be very nice indeed,
I would love it too, but ...

... so when I said
nothing was happening right now, I meant something ...

... I
applied to the public relations of a new restaurant to open ...

... I'm waiting for news from them.

Is that so? Look I'm very glad.
Come on, I hope my daughter, I hope.

-God willing.
I hope but if not ...

... you definitely come to Bursa,
okay my baby?

-Okay mom, I'll come.

So what are you doing?
Will you stay tonight?

No, dear, we'll go after dinner.
This is Bursa.

We go, baby, we go.

Come on, Unal, let's get up, it's late.
-Okey Dear. Account.

-You have been beautiful. Oh!
-Good you came.


... would you plug that into a charger?

-Of course.
It's over while speaking.

Sometimes it happens.

This fragrance has never felt foreign to me.


So ...
(cleared his throat)

I bought it for my father on father's day and it was a
woman's scent.

That's why he never bored.
My perfume is gone too.

I had to squeeze it when I was dating today
because it is a busy job.



I don't know if it's because of the smell, but ...

... I loved you boy.

-I loved.
-Thank you.

forget the phone when you leave, okay?

Of course.

most delicious food I've had recently .

So our food tastes are also common.

It seems so.

I think we have
many common tastes in one of us that we have n't discovered yet .

Do you say so?

I say so.

(Phone is ringing)


Are you bringing Tesla? Okay, bring it.

'Okay'. Okay, I'm waiting, thank you.

I have to go home emergency.
They were bringing Tesla.

Okay, we'll continue at home.

'Okay', let's, okay.

Of course,
if there is no woman at home to attack me .

Here I thought of him for a moment,
I'm not sure about him.

I am kidding.

Let's go, let's go.
Let me see an Ozan.


(Free) Ozan.

I'm running, they were
bringing Tesla.

(Ozan) Okay brother.

-You get nervous in vain, let me tell you.

Has the sea not been so scabby?

There's a lot more scabies,
that's guaranteed.

... I'm not talking about Deniz.
I'm talking about İrem.

Brother, nice girl. She
looks like a smart girl who knows what she wants .

Tired of such people, do you understand?

They have no pressure, no whims.
You have a fun time.

Well, brother, what I'm looking for is
not entertainment.


So you say I will burn my head.

(Free) Go well, live love and
see what happens.

(Free) Understand if it's like in the movies.

When he
ripped the heart you fell in love with and put it in your hand ...

... you agree with me, okay?

-I'm running.
-OK, watch out.

Sir, bon appetit again,
see you .

-Thank you.
Thank you very much, goodbye.

(Emotional music)

It hasn't come yet.


-What do you drink?
Whatever you drink

Let me make coffee then.


(The doorbell rings)

Tesla, come on boy.

-Good evening.
- (Free) Good evening.

- (Yesim) My dear, dear.
-Let me see it here.

-Good Tesla, welcome.
-Son. Son.

-He missed you so much.
-I miss him too.

-Thank you so much. Good evening.
-You're welcome, good evening.

Oy, oy, oy.

My dear, come.

Come, let me love you a little, come.
-Are you hungry?

Are you hungry? Can I get you water?

Come, let me love you a little.

Go. Well, you feathered me all over!

Uff! What kind of smell is that!

Push it! I do not love you too.

Come on son, Tesla.

Come come come.

How cute, look at that.

(Jade) Come on.

Why doesn't it come to me?

It is not so much.

It gets used to over time.

Look at the tongue, look at the tongue.

Surata bak.

Could Özgür really fall in love with me?


Is he jealous of me?

I should search your mouth a little bit.

I hope he came home.


Thank you.

I love the view.

Are you a little nervous today?

No, I'm fine.

Or is it still because of the headline of your

I told you I would make up for it.


Or have you still not forgiven me?

There is nothing to forgive, we took care.

(Yeşim) So you forgive?

Let's celebrate then.

(Emotional music...)


The detailed subtitle of this series is
by FOX TV ...

It was commissioned by the Audio Description Association .

Detailed Subtitle Translators:
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- Feride Tezcan

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